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Katsuki Bakugou has No Goddamn Chill (But It's For The Best That He Doesn't)

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A bright sun shone in the sky above U. A.’s campus. The good weather had tempted even Shinsou and Tokoyami out of their usual shadowy corners. Class 1-A had all somewhat gathered on a hill with their lunches, the different groups of the classroom clustered together with some good natured teasing shouted into the warm summer breeze. The other freshman classes were also out enjoying the sunshine, all not quite gathered around the hill but sitting nearby it. Surprisingly, besides some light ribbing between Shinsou and Monoma, there hadn’t been any arguments between the classes. Everyone was just in too good of a mood for it.


Even Bakugou had been caught smiling not once but twice. Real smiles too, not his manic battle grin. Ashido had gotten a photo of the act while he wasn’t paying attention (a nice one too!) that she knew she’d be hounded for in the evening. For right now though, everything was bright and sunny, nobody was in the hospital or going through emotional crises. Things were good. It almost felt like they were all just normal teenagers for a change, having a nice day outside.


Aizawa had been sitting by a open window, not wanting to strain his eyes in the sunlight but wanting to be able to watch over his kids all the same. He had papers to grade in front of him, but his eyes kept finding their way out the window. Across the table from him his husband smiled fondly. It took a moment for Aizawa to realize that he was smiling too. No more than the ghost of a grin, but there nonetheless. God he was getting soft. A whole year had almost gone by and he’d only expelled a single student in all that time. Still, this class always seemed to find a way to surprise him.


Just outside campus, a man with dark black hair stepped out of a car. He thanked the driver and sent the man on his way with a nice tip. It had been a long time since he’d been in this city, and even longer since he was near this school. He regarded the walls with a fond grin. Not that it had ever been his school, but he had dreamed of it once upon a time. Now though, he wasn’t here for the school, but one of the students within it. His gaze soften further as he thought of Izuku. It had been so long since he’d last seen the boy outside of photographs. Who know he’d end up getting a quirk after all, let alone make it to U. A.? Hisashi Midoriya hadn’t, but goodness that boy was always finding ways to surprise him. Now that he was on leave, Hisashi was excited to see his son again. It’d been too long since he was last able to speak with Izuku and he was sure they had plenty to catch up on.


With confident strides, he stepped forward towards the visitor’s registration area.


Across campus, Katsuki Bakugou was hunched over suppressing laughter at Kirishima's ridiculous Aizawa impression. Even he had been infected by the good mood around campus, his usual grouchy immunity not quite strong enough to resist the sunshine. A foot hit the campus pavement. Bakugou bolted upright. His good mood forgotten, eyes fixed straight in front of him, as if he’d been possessed. Shock and fear traveled through the students like a wave, all eyes turning towards the now on-alert Bakusquad. Ashido opened her mouth to ask what was wrong, but before she could, Bakugou was turning away from her. His head rotated in a smooth, robotic manner, eyes narrowing as they locked onto some prey that only he could see.


Inside Aizawa and Mic froze too, quickly searching for any signs of danger.


Before anyone else could ask Bakugou what was wrong, he was gone. As in, he had straight up jumped into the air from a sitting position and launched himself over the main campus buildings and towards the visitor’s gate. For a heartbeat, all anyone could do was try to process what the hell just happened. The whole campus was frozen in place.


Explosions sounded from across the campus and the world restarted only to devolve into chaos. In a unspoken but unanimous agreement, Class 1-A raced towards the entrance gate to find their missing classmate. Meanwhile Class 1-B focused on getting the non-heroics classes under control all while trying to get in contact with a teacher to find out if they should evacuate.


Izuku was unsurprisingly the first one to reach the fight. Or, rather, Bakugou doing his best to kill a man in a three piece suit who was dodging as best he could. Iida got there mere seconds afterwards but was so shocked by the sight of his classmate attacking a total stranger he didn’t know how to react. Luckily for both of them, Izuku did.


“Kacchan! What the hell are you doing? You can’t just atta-”


Bakugou didn’t even look up, instead choosing to continue his assault. A nasty AP shot clipped the man in the side of the arm. Much to the surprise of the rest of 1-A, Izuku didn’t react. The other teenager had gone stock still. His eyes were wide with disbelief and fear. Fixed on the man that Bakugou was fighting. As if he’d seen a ghost. The rest of the class was at a total loss for what to do. While Bakugou was prone to violence, he wasn’t going to attack someone out of the blue without a damn good reason. The fact Izuku wasn’t stopping him and appeared to recognize the man was also a pretty damn good hint that something was wrong. Still, with how Bakugou was fighting, it looked like he might actually kill the guy. So far the man had done a good job dodging, but the stranger was slowing down from exhaustion. Bakugou was only speeding up, face twisted with undisguised rage and hatred. There wasn’t even his usual manic grin from the thrill of battle, just raw anger. He shot off another AP shot, this one almost hitting the man’s legs out from under him, doing damage to his left side.


Several of the students tensed themselves and prepared to interfere. Most were hoping to calm the situation down. Uraraka, Todoroki and Ashido tensed as well, although they were all ready to throw themselves at the man. If Bakugou was this convinced the guy needed to die, and Izuku was somehow okay with it, well, they were going to do what needed to be done.


Luckily or unluckily, depending on who you asked, there was no need for the other students to get involved. Aizawa had finally arrived on the scene. Bakugou found himself caught in mid air, a familiar capture weapon wrapped around him and his explosions temporarily negated. Again, to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t whip around towards Aizawa. Instead he opted to struggle while keeping his gaze firmly focused on the man in front of him who was now sprawled out on the ground with several minor injuries.


Honestly, the thing that bothered Aizawa the most was Bakugou hadn’t said a single word this entire time. Usually Bakugou would be screaming something by this point in a battle, but his student had been deadly silent the entire attack. A single-minded focus on getting rid of this stranger that had shown up to their school. It was almost scary. Aizawa glanced between his student and the man on the ground.


“Does anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on here?”


Bakugou just growled, animalistic and vicious. As if so consumed by rage that he couldn’t form words. The man took a few more moments to catch his breath before speaking, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes.


“I have no idea! I was just trying to come visit my son! I would’ve thought I’d be able to see him without being attacked by a raging monster.”


Aizawa’s eyes narrowed, though he could hardly refute the point with how Bakugou was behaving currently. He was about to try to get more information, when Bakugou seemed to finally find his voice.


“Fucking liar! You know damn well what the restraining order says. You aren’t allowed within 3 miles of him let alone to fucking visit! Don’t think I don’t remember what you did!”


That was enough for Aizawa and about half of the students present to put things together. All eyes went to Izuku who was still standing frozen off to the side, white as a sheet and staring at the man on the ground. They had the same freckles. The same curly hair.


Protocol said that Aizawa should escort the man to the security office, file an incident report and discipline Bakugou for violent behavior.


Instead he kept his gaze on Izuku. The man was yelling out some sort of denial, but Aizawa didn’t pay him any mind. Bakugou didn’t lie, and he didn’t attack people without a damn good reason. Aizawa hated to admit it, but he trusted the boy’s judgment more than he let on. Still, he didn’t want to add any more trauma to what was already a bad situation.


“Problem child, what’s your opinion on all of this?”


Those words seem to jolt Izuku out of his shocked state, startling for a moment and looking up at Aizawa. That green gaze fell back down to the man who had just gotten to his feet, and for the very first time, Aizawa saw Izuku’s expression go dark. He'd seen the boy angry, upset, afraid, righteous, and pissed off beyond belief before. This was different. The raw, unfiltered hatred that suddenly flooded off of the normally sunny child was terrifying on another level. Only years of training kept Aizawa from shuddering. It was a few moments before Izuku spoke, a stunned silence had fallen over everyone else. His tone was dead. Filled with absolute hatred and disgust, yet totally empty at the same time.


“Give him a five second head start, then let Katsuki go.”


It was spoken relatively quietly, but everybody heard what he’d said. For once in his life, Aizawa decided that questions could wait.


Instead he started counting. The man before them, Izuku’s father, had started to yell in his defense, but nobody was paying attention to him. By the time Aizawa reached 3, he realized that the other was serious and turned to run. On 5, Aizawa released his capture weapon and Bakugou was off like a rocket. Much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t give chase past the gates of the school. The explosive teenager choose to fire off a set of rapid AP shots, two of which struck true and sent the man stumbling as he rounded a corner out of sight.


Despite everything that had happened that day, the biggest surprise was yet to come. Bakugou took a moment to catch his breath, eyes still narrowed in rage as he made sure the man was gone, and then he rounded on Izuku.


Aizawa tensed himself, ready to interfere. But rather than stomping over to pick a fight or shouting insults across the entryway, Bakugou seemed to deflate. His expression fell into something soft, like nothing his teacher had seen before. Something between kindness and pity filled his gaze to the brim, all of it directed straight at the green-haired boy who had started to shake with poorly suppressed sobs. Bakugou made his way back to Izuku, his movements slower and calmer than he'd ever been before. Carefully, with his entire class watching, Bakugou wrapped Izuku up in a hug. Murmuring soft words that nobody else could hear while rubbing Izuku’s back gently. Izuku just wrapped his arms around Bakugou in return, crying into him.


Nobody else knew what to do. Least of all Aizawa, who wasn’t even aware Bakugou was capable of being soft, let alone to Izuku of all people.


Every time he thought he understood these goddamn children and their weird history, they’d pull something like this. They must be doing it to fuck with him by this point.


Again, surprising everyone, it was Bakugou that broke the silence. His voice was still soft, at least by his standards, but clear enough for everyone to hear.


“Iida, you should round everyone else up and let the rest of the students know the threat’s gone. I’ve got ‘Zuku. We need to talk to Aizawa-sensei, probably Nezu too, just in case that bastard tries this shit again.”


It was enough to shock everyone into action, but nobody dared to speak least they break the weird spell that had come over the wonder duo of their class. Most of them were out of it from hearing Katsuki calling Izuku by his real name, or something close to it at least. Iida silently herded the class back out towards the hill where the general student population was awaiting them, Present Mic and Ectoplasm standing guard in case of escalation.


That left Aizawa standing there, staring openly as Bakugou carefully wiped the tears off of Izuku’s face and spoke to him with quiet, comforting words. Not once did he allow Izuku out of his arms, nor did Izuku seem to have any interest in releasing the death grip he had around Bakugou.


The twilight zone was real, here, and fucking terrifying.


He didn’t have any words, so instead he stood silently by and waited for Bakugou to calm Izuku down enough that he could turn to his teacher. Now his expression was split in thirds, part focused determination, part anguished sadness, and part rage. Despite the emotion filling his face, his voice was even when he spoke.


“Could we talk in Nezu’s office?”


Aizawa could only nod and allow Bakugou to slowly coax Izuku into shifting his grip so the two of them could walk together. They started on the journey into the building and towards the office without any further exchange. Izuku's sobs had quieted down until the boy went silent, while Bakugou was speaking in quiet tones intended for Izuku’s ears only.


All-Might was waiting outside Nezu's office. The hero sprung to his feet at the sight of Izuku’s tear stained face, focus narrowing down to his distressed successor.


“My boy-”


Izuku flinched back at All-Might’s shouted words, and Bakugou shushed him quickly, gesturing angrily with the hand not wrapped around Izuku. Only then did All-Might notice that Izuku was curled into Bakugou’s side. Out of pure shock, he sat back down, taking in the scene in front of him while Bakugou calmly whispered reassurances to Izuku and steered the other boy inside Nezu’s office.


All-Might was speechless, he looked up at Aizawa for answers. All Aizawa could do was shrug and follow the two into the office, shutting the door behind him.

In the end it was Bakugou who explained everything. Izuku had gone non-verbal, a side effect of his dad being around. Hisashi Midoriya was a piece of shit. As far as Bakugou could remember, he always had been, but he’d gotten worse when Izuku was diagnosed as quirkless. He’d hurt Izuku, and he’d hurt Izuku’s mother as well. In the end, Auntie Inko as Bakugou called her, had finally woken up and realized he wasn’t going to change after he’d almost killed Izuku. She'd filed for divorce and a restraining order. During that time it had come to light that the man had also committed several other crimes, theft and assault among them. The only reason he’d escaped prosecution was the fact he was a US citizen and an employee of the US government stationed in the US embassy. He still held a villain status in Japan, but the US had denied his wrongdoings leading to a complicated legal situation. Not long after the restraining order, the guy had vanished off the face of the earth. That'd been almost nine years ago. In the past he’d called Izuku once and sent two different cards, but never shown up in person before. Probably looking for fame now that Izuku had a quirk or something of the sort.


The only good part of this mess, was since Hisashi was legally a villain, and he was violating a restraining order, Bakugou wouldn’t be facing any punishment or possible charges. His defense had been a bit extreme, but Aizawa didn’t blame him in the slightest. Instead he was told by Nezu to inform the teachers of villain threats before engaging next time. Bakugou rolled his eyes, and Nezu made no further comments.


Even after the situation had been resolved, Izuku kept silently clinging onto Bakugou, and Bakugou kept allowing it. He kept talking to the other teenager in that same soft, quiet tone, guiding him carefully up out of their chairs and out of the office again. Again, Aizawa followed numbly. It was all he could do at this point.


All-Might was waiting for them outside, looking just as lost as before. This time though, Bakugou offered an explanation of sorts to both All-Might and Aizawa, a little more personal than the one he’d given to Nezu.


“His biological father showed up. The guy’s an asshat who hurt ‘Zuku and Auntie Inko and hasn’t been around in nine years, legally he shouldn’t have been back again at all. The last time he was around though….”


Bakugou trailed off to shush Izuku gently as the other tensed up, tears forming at his eyes again. Once Izuku had calmed, the explosive boy continued without so much as acknowledging the stunned looks from his teachers.


“Last time Izuku saw him, the bastard almost killed him. Auntie Inko was out at the time, Asshole hadn’t been home in two months and one of our elderly neighbour was watching ‘Zuku. She was really nice, and she knew that he was he was ‘Zuku’s dad but not that he was abusive. So when he got back, she thought everything was fine and left. We were like five or six, and I lived next door. I was home alone since my parents were only out for an hour or so. I heard a window break so I ran over and found ‘Zuku bleeding badly with that asshole on top of him. I knocked his father off him, first time I ever used my quirk to really hurt someone. Anyways, I grabbed him and took off. Got him to a hospital and stayed with him 'til they were finally able tracked down Auntie Inko. He didn’t want to be away from me for the next week. Nobody knew where the guy was or what he was going to do next, so our parents allowed it.”


Again, Bakugou took a moment to calm Izuku back down, his tone soft and soothing. Izuku had buried his face in Bakugou’s side, trying to shut out the world as a whole. Once the other was settled, Bakugou finished his story up.


“I’d helped him a few times before that when it was bad. I dunno, it just became like a silent rule. Even when I didn’t like him I sure as hell wasn’t going to let that bastard anywhere near him or leave ‘Zuku alone like this. Not after what he did. So when a card showed up from him like five years ago saying he’d see them soon, ‘Zuku showed up at my house and stayed there for a few days until cops said it was safe. Same thing for the one phone call when he was drunk and trying to threaten ‘Zuku 'nd the second card.”


He paused, lost in memories. Eyes distant and worried. It was only for a moment before he snapped back to himself.


“Anyways, he gets clingy 'n nonverbal when this happens. I know how to handle everything, and he'll be back to normal eventually. Neither of us are going to be able to make it to classes this afternoon though. Not sure about tomorrow yet. He may need another day before he can be around other people again. In the past he’s been fine as long as I’m with him, but this is the first time his dad’s been here in person.”


Aizawa found his voice at that, finally something he could actually help with.


“Of course, I’ll ask Yaoyorozu to copy her notes for the both of you and any homework can be made up later. Will he be okay to stay in the dorms?”


Bakugou nodded firmly.


“Yeah, it’ll probably be better for him than going home. I’ll give Auntie Inko a call to let her know what happened so she knows to be on the lookout too, she may come by at some point. I’ll text you updates as I find stuff out.”


Aizawa nodded in return, and Bakugou seemed ready to start the journey back to the dorms. It was only then that All-Might finally found his voice too.


“Is-I mean - My apologizes - Are you sure-”


“Take a breath.” Aizawa rolled his eyes at his fellow teacher’s stuttering even if he understood the feeling. All-Might did so, recollecting himself and thinking through the situation a little more.


“My apologies, I’m just a little bit overwhelmed with... everything. Is there anything I could do to help?”


Bakugou considered him for a moment, the one arm that was wrapped around Izuku carefully rubbing circles into the other’s shoulder. He bit his lip and glanced down at the green haired boy who still had his face firmly pressed into his side. Unwilling to even look at his mentor.


“Not right now. Right now ‘Zuku needs to hide away for a bit to recover. When he’s doing better though, you should talk with him about it. I can be there if I need to be, but I think he’ll probably want to talk to you about it on his own.”


Unsure, but willing to trust Bakugou’s judgement, All-Might nodded, and the two boys made their way out of the offices towards the dorms. Aizawa and All-Might stood in silence for several long minutes. It was All-Might who finally broke with a sigh.


“I’m not sure anyone could hope to understand what goes on between those two.”


Aizawa snorted.


“At this point I’d settle for just starting to understand Bakugou, to say nothing of his relationships. At least the problem child is straight forward, every time I think I’ve got a grasp on what’s motivating Bakugou he goes and does something like this and I’m back at square one.”


All-Might nodded his agreement. They sat in silence for a minute or so before the end of lunch bell finally rang and they had to get moving again.


Class 1-A was subdued and sullen. Even after Aizawa had let all of them know that Bakugou and Izuku were both fine and just recovering in the dorms, the class’s mood had only barely lifted.


Though in all fairness he was pretty sure it was at least partially due to shock. He was still feeling like some part of the universe had been thrown out of balance. Like something was fundamentally wrong.


Aizawa ended up stopping by the dorms not long after classes had finished. There he saw a sight he never thought he’d see, Bakugou in the dorm kitchen, cooking quietly with Izuku by his side. The other was no longer pressed against him, but they were practically joined at the hip. Bakugou was still talking in quiet tones and calling the other boy ‘Zuku. Izuku wasn’t talking yet. Apparently Uraraka had tried to engage him in conversation only for him to hide against Bakugou who’d politely (a real polite too, not just with limited cursing) informed her that Izuku wasn’t ready to talk yet, but was doing better and would be okay. Nobody had dared ask Bakugou why he was being so nice to Izuku or acting so strangely. At some point the whole class appeared to come to the same conclusions as their teachers, Bakugou and Izuku had more history than anyone else would ever be able to understand.


Aizawa left the dorms before he lost what little sanity he had left.


In the end, Bakugou texted him at around 10 pm that Inko would not be stopping by as she couldn’t leave her work, but she was safe and the police were doing an extra patrol in the area. He also thought that Izuku would be well enough for classes the next day but teachers should avoid calling on him. They had both gotten their homework done prior to the event so they wouldn’t need an extension. Aizawa thanked Bakugou for the update and told him to text if anything changed overnight. Then he stared blankly up at the ceiling for well over an hour while his husband did the same thing next to him. Usually neither of them were in bed this early but the day had been enough of a drain that they both needed the rest.


Even after a good night’s sleep, the world still was entrapped in the events of the day before. When Aizawa got to class, Jirou had swapped seats with Izuku so the other was now sitting side by side with Bakugou. The left two rows of desks had been pushed closer together so even though Bakugou and Izuku were no longer touching they were only a half a foot apart. Izuku kept his head down during homeroom, focused on writing in one of his notebooks. Every so often he’d glance up to ensure Bakugou was still beside him. Once or twice he passed the other boy a note, which was usually read and replied to either in a quiet murmur or by note. Aizawa didn’t scold either of them, and their classmates all politely pretended not to notice. Bakugou for his part seemed focused on their actual classwork. Still he’d take his eyes off the board every so often to check on Izuku. Sometimes leaning over to add something to Izuku’s notebook or give him a gentle squeeze on the arm. A move that seemed to instantly relax Izuku.


All of the other teachers had been informed of the situation and to leave the two to their own devices. Izuku remained non-verbal for the rest of the day as far as Aizawa heard. When lunch rolled around, the two stayed in the classroom together, with Bakugou waving off both his friends and Izuku’s. Izuku still couldn’t manage a verbal reply when they asked him if he was sure, but since he’d moved over to curl into Bakugou’s side as soon as the bell had rung, he’d been able to look up at them to give a nod and a shy smile.


Mic had described it like a scene out of a horror movie. Honestly Aizawa got where he was coming from.


The rest of the day proceeded in much the same way. Heroics class rolled around and they were doing paired recuse practice. Just simple dummy location and retrieval with a few minor threats. At the start of the lesson All-Might had quietly gone to check in with Bakugou who had spoken to Izuku quietly before confirming that they would be okay to take part as long as they were paired together.


Much to everyone’s surprise, Izuku seemed better once his costume was on. Or, actually, now that Aizawa thought about it, he had brightened up as soon as Bakugou had finished changing into his own hero costume. The other was still sticking right by Bakugou’s side, but at the very least he was smiling and waving at his friends when they wished him luck.


It shouldn’t have been a surprise when the two of them set the record for fastest completion for not only the class, but school wide. Not that he was telling them that last part. Neither incurred a single penalty or lost a dummy either. They had even gone second, which was an added challenge since they didn’t get to learn from their classmate’s mistakes. Once he was out in the field Izuku was able to focus himself on his task and separate from Bakugou when needed. The other still darted straight back to Bakugou’s side once his job was done, but it was more than Aizawa had been expecting. Their teamwork was impeccable, neither speaking a word and yet still communicating exactly what they needed to do with only a look. When the exercise had finished, Izuku returned right to Bakugou’s side, shying away from his friends when they tried to praise their performance. Bakugou had allowed them to fawn for a moment before gently shooing them off. There was a light blush on Izuku’s face by the time the two of them had moved to sit down together. Once they had settled in, Bakugou reached down into his backpack and pulled out a worn looking notebook that Izuku took eagerly.


Their classmates watched from a distance in stunned silence as Izuku took furious notes on everything happening during their class, all with Bakugou’s arm wrapped around his shoulder. About halfway through the session, Bakugou leaned over to whisper something in Izuku’s ear and startled the other into laughter.


The grin on Bakugou’s face was the softest smile they’d seen yet. It was also the first time anyone had heard Izuku laugh since the incident.


Outside of Bakugou and Izuku’s stellar performance, the rest of the class did poorly, despite how simple the exercise was. For once, Aizawa cut them some slack.


Again, Bakugou and Izuku spent the evening together. Aizawa heard from of the other students that they had spent both nights in Bakugou’s room. At this point he didn’t have enough emotion left in him to be shocked.


Day two was similar to the day before, though Izuku started to talk again. It was mostly his quiet muttering, and only ever to himself or to Bakugou, but it was progress. Aizawa couldn’t hear most of what he said, but it didn’t escape him that he referred to Bakugou as Katsuki. He seemed more focused in his classes and less tense. He looked to Bakugou for comfort less, though the two were still constantly close. That day they spent lunch with their friends. Since their collective friend group was too large to fit at a single table, two had to be pushed together. Bakugou was himself as ever to everyone else, pretending nothing was amiss with Izuku pressed against his side. Only leaning in to whisper something to the other teenager every now and again. Still it didn’t escape anyone how Bakugou didn’t yell once or raise his voice at all. His quirk never sparked off in his palm, and he made no snide comments towards any of Izuku’s friends who had joined his lunch group. Every so often he would also add in some commentary on Izuku’s behalf, either something that had been whispered into his ear or simply communicated telepathically. That was Aizawa’s running theory anyways.  


Aizawa and the other teachers had all taken to unabashedly watching all this play out like silent witnesses to the most interesting soap opera in history. Now that he’d hit the point of acceptance, Aizawa had to admit it was pretty funny watching the other classes try to figure out what the hell was going on or how they were supposed to react. Monoma stood up on three separate occasions, clearly planning to go pick a fight, before losing his courage and sitting back down with a shaken look.


By the time day three rolled around, Izuku was talking to others again. It was quieter than his normal tone, and he still looked to Bakugou after speaking more often than not, but his friends just seemed delighted that he was recovering. Now the two of them acted more or less normally in class and it was only during lunch and after class that they were back to walking side by side. Lunch was again an affair, but the group was more lively now that Izuku was participating. The two separated into different sparring pairs during heroics class without complaint, only to join back up right after.


Hearing Bakugou gently scold Izuku for pushing himself during training was something that Aizawa wasn’t able to comprehend let alone explain to another human being.


And then Friday hit, the fourth day since Izuku’s biological father had come by and Bakugou had almost killed the man. Aizawa woke up and felt like the world was back to the way it should be. His gut wasn’t wrong, and he came in to find Izuku and Bakugou engaged in a shouting match. It seemed that Izuku was back to being Deku and Bakugou to Kacchan. The two of them acted as if nothing had happened between the two of them over the past few days. Their classmates, as well as most of the school, once more gave up on trying to figure out what the hell was going on between them. None of them could understand how the two of them could go through something like that only to go back to being at each other’s throats only days later, as if nothing had happened.


At risk of cursing himself, Aizawa actually thought he might understand it, at least a little bit. When Izuku had been recovering and plastered to Bakugou, the others had been treating him delicately, afraid they would hurt him. The moment he and Bakugou flipped back to their fighting, everyone else had gone back to treating him normally too. Not only that, but now that he knew there was some kind of care there, it was easier to pick up on kindness hiding in the insults tossed back and forth. Not to mention although he still couldn’t hear or understand the silent conversations that they seemed capable of having, Aizawa could at least notice when they were occurring. They happened a lot.


He had almost yelled at the two for talking in class twice now when both students were completely silent and only glancing back and forth at each other. It was starting to get on his nerves. Mic just laughed at him when he tried to complain about it.  


God, he missed the days when he could just expel an entire class and not feel guilty. Oh well. At the very least his kids were okay now.


Besides, now the whole situation was resolved he had more time for his hero work. Aizawa had a villain to track down after all, and he’d wasted enough time already.