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Natalie found that ignoring the three stooges was not as easy as she had hoped it would be. For one, Malfoy, after not getting any reaction to his first attempt at befriend Harry Potter, decided that the way to do it would be through juvenile bullying. Not that Natalie noticed much of his attempts but it did become annoying being interrupted in her reading every time by a pointy blond toddler throwing a tantrum to get her attention.

And that was not only Malfoy. Ron Weasley thought it would be a good idea to keep trying to befriend her through clumsy and irritating attempts at throwing himself in Natalie's personal space, chatting up a storm about uninteresting topics like Quidditch, 'slimy Slytherins', etc. Thankfully, that was when the Ravenclaws came in handy and all Natalie had to do to get rid of that one pesky child was to scuttle between the nearest Ravenclaws and they would give the Weasley child some mean intimidating looks that made him go away like some scared rabbit.

Then, of course, there was Hermione Granger. Her way of getting on Natalie's nerves was trying to one-up her in classes – which she inevitable failed since Natalie was quite obviously and effortlessly better than her – throwing her smug, challenging looks. And when that failed at getting a rise from her, she tried to criticise Natalie's techniques, lazy ways of always doing the minimum in class – though still besting everyone because otherwise gave Natalie the mental image of her father's judging looks – and so on. At first, Natalie ignored her but even her eternal patience appeared to have limits, especially since Granger was the one among the three annoyances who interrupted her reading time more and she did it in the most obnoxious ways possible.

Thus, Natalie took to spending most of her time in the Ravenclaw Common Rooms when she was not forced to leave for classes or meals. This also put a damper on her plans to explore but she thought that the children's attempts would mellow after they got used to Harry Potter's presence so she chose to endure for the moment.

And so, time went by, Natalie went to magic classes, read magic books and experimented with magic in her spare time. Life was good. Maybe this little mishap would turn out to be a nice vacation from regular adult life after all.

Whenever she could, Natalie would bombard Flitwick and McGonagall with questions about their respective subjects. She also wanted to pick at Snape's brain but unfortunately the man was not as approachable as his colleagues.

Their first practicals turned out to be easy enough for Natalie, as she found out. For Transfiguration, she turned the matchstick into a needle on the first try and with just a simple mumble of absolute nonsensical words. When McGonagall congratulated her, she was too embarrassed to admit that she had not even bothered to learn the incantation due to pure laziness. She chose to let the woman believe that she did it perfectly.

Even Snape's class was pretty nice, if she ignored his constant subtle and not-so-subtle insults. She turned in a potion that got an actual "adequate" from the man which might as well be a standing ovation from the grumpy man.

As for Flying Class, the only other class worth mentioning… Well, Natalie refused to get on the piece of wood to fly. Flying would be pretty cool but depending on that flimsy, rickety thing was out of the question. When Longbottom broke his wrist falling from his broom, Natalie gave Madam Hooch – who had been trying to get her on the broom – a deadpanned look and decisively plopped down on the ground cross-legged, refusing to budge until they were eventually dismissed back to their dorms.

Then there was the Charms class from the book where they were taught to levitate a feather. Granger was situated at the table to Natalie's left and she used that opportunity to snidely criticise her pronunciation of the incantation and her wand movements. Since it was the first time that she had actually bothered to try them – they were part of the books so it would be fun to try it their way for once, she had thought – Natalie was pretty annoyed by the girl and so she decided to be a bitch about it.

Staring at the girl in the eyes, she pointed her wand at the feather and said flatly, "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo."

The girl opened her mouth, mostly like to criticise her again, when the feather freaking lifted from the table like a boss. Natalie, obviously, gave her a mocking smirk even as the girl gapped, because she was just as petty as an actual eleven years old apparently.

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Well done, Mr. Potter! 5 points to Ravenclaw!"

Natalie's smug smile turned into a grin as she turned to Professor Flitwick who scuttled over to her, eyes shining as he regarded her.

"On the first try too!"

Natalie wiggled in glee in her seat. Flitwick's enthusiasm was contagious and though the class was pretty easy all things considered, she had to admit that his was her favourite class.

"But, Professor! That's not true!" a voice interrupted. Granger, due to her frustration building up could not hold back her comments and her voice came out as whiny. She was used to being the best in academics; having someone who clearly did not take things seriously being better than her was too much.

"Miss Granger?"

"He did not even use the incantation properly!" the young girl was so frustrated and upset that she appeared close to tears and her words came out breathless. "He must have – he must have cheated!"

"Miss Granger!" Flitwick puffed up in indignation and bafflement. He never would have expected this kind of attitude from his student. She had appeared studious and enthusiastic in class but daring to say another student was cheating only because she could not get the same results was simply too much. Some competitiveness between classmates was good as it served as appropriate motivation but certainly not to this extent! "10 points from Gryffindor!"

"But! But! Professor he did not even use the proper incantation or the wand movements! He must have been cheating!"

Now intrigued, Flitwick turned curious eyes towards Mr Potter and asked, "Could you use the charm again, Mr Potter?"

With a small shrug, Natalie pointed her wand at the feather – already forgetting the proper wand movement – and it floated gently front the desk.

Flitwick clapped. "Wonderful! Wonderful! This is what we call advanced use of magic! Well done, Mr. Potter! 5 more points to Ravenclaw!"

Of course, Hermione Granger could not accept that Potter got it right without doing it as it was instructed. It should not be possible and what advanced use of magic? Potter was her age!

"But Professor! He did not do it correctly!"

"There is no such thing as cheating in magic, Miss Granger," Flitwick frowned at her, his cheerful demeanour turning sour as he remembered her previous words. "Class, as you can see, Mr Potter did not use the incantation or the wand movement but still made the feather float. The reason is that these are to help you to direct your magic in the proper manner to get the charm to work. This is the same thing in your other subjects. However, when you are older and more used to consciously use magic, you will be able to do it silently and without the wand movement, like Mr Potter has just shown us. Yes, Miss Turpin?"

Lisa Turpin lowered her hand and asked, "Does that mean Potter has already used the charm and that's why he can do it without the incantation and the wand movements?"

"Good question. Some wizards and witches, you will find, are more favoured by magic and thus, they find using magic much easier than other. Mr Potter is one such person. Yes, Mr Corner?"

"Is it common to find people more favoured by magic? How do we know they are favoured?"

"No, it is not so common. It is very rare to find people favoured to this extent, only one in a millennium can we find such a person. We are of course lucky to have Mr Potter among us. As how you know is through the way they tend to use magic. Those people find the use of magic instinctive, much more than ordinary people. Of course, it is no reason to be discouraged! If you work hard enough anyone can achieve their level of proficiency. Now, everyone, go on. Try to get those feathers floating."

There were some shuffling and quiet whispers as everyone started discussing what they had just learned. The Ravenclaws were not as surprised to know their Housemate was the kind of person only found in a thousand years. They had seen his constant and effortless use of magic after all.

"Now Miss Granger," Flitwick turned displeased eyes towards the Gryffindor student while everyone else went back to work, "I will speak to Professor McGonagall about your reprehensible attitude. Never before have I seen…" He huffed and puffed and went back to his table.

The little girl lowered her head, barely holding her tears at bay.

Natalie shot her a dismissive look, hoping this would be a lesson for the girl to make her stop bothering others with her nonsense. Shaking the matter from her mind, she got a book from her bag as was the norm.

As soon as the class was done, and since Charms was the last class of the day, Natalie decided to go to the kitchens for dinner. The other students were giving her too many strange looks for her to comfortably relax with a good book for dinner. With that in mind, Natalie cheerfully skipped away from class, heedless of the little girl running away in tears in the other direction after an unpleasant comment from a certain red-haired Gryffindor.

After grabbing a few snacks and stuffing them in her bag to serve as dinner from the house elves in the kitchens, she made her way back to Ravenclaw Tower which, with everyone else in the Great Hall, would be empty and quiet, perfect to relax in the common rom with her book. With her head buried in her book, she did not see the trick step… and she stepped right in… and through. With a squawk, Natalie flailed and found the whole of her lower body slipping and before she knew it, she was trapped from the waist down in the floor.

She pushed with her hands but her body refused to budge. Yep. She really needed someone else to get her out of there. Unfortunately, every other student and even the teachers were in the Great Hall for dinner. She would have asked help from any painting nearby but the corridor she was in was one not frequented as much and there was no painting in sight. Hoping someone would think to look for her when curfew approached, Natalie settled for waiting a while for help to reach her.

At least she still had her book!

With that in mind, she wiggled a bit and reached for her book that had fallen not too far during the incident. With a triumphant whoop, she dragged the book closer and opened it back to where she had reached. Grabbing her bag, she got her snacks out and settled down for the long wait.

She did not know how long it was after when an unpleasant smell reached her nose and broke her concentration. With a grimace, she wiggled her nose and looked up from her book. That was when she was made aware of the thundering footsteps coming her way and… a tall, ugly thing rounding the corner.

The look on her face would have been hilarious in any other situation. That was a troll. In the castle.

Wait, was it already Halloween?

While she was lost in her thoughts, the creature's eyes found her and with a roar, decided to rush at her.

Natalie would not have it.

With a flick of her wrist, she pointed at the troll. A jet of water flew through the air between them and hit the troll full force. The troll, bewildered, stood and blinked blankly when the water finally stopped. With another flick of her wrist, soap poured over the troll's head, soaking the creature completely. Natalie swiped her arm and brushes appeared from thin air, and the swish swish swish sound was heard as the brushes rubbed all over the troll, grime leaving as Natalie repeated the process with more water, more soap and more swish swish swish.

When the teachers found Natalie, it was to her still trapped and with a troll docilely sitting cross-legged in front of her while she used her wand to blow the water from it. Now thoroughly clean and smelling even flowery, Natalie was happily cooing at the troll as she fed it bits from her dinner.

The gasp from Professor McGonagall and the squeak from Quirrell made their presence known.

"Mr Potter – !" McGonagall grasped her chest in fright while Quirrell fainted – or pretended to – and Snape pointed his wand at the troll.

Said troll let out a growl at them and made to attack them… if not for Natalie throwing her wand at it. It hit the troll's head dead centre.

"Hey!" Natalie gave it a scolding look while the troll plopped back down with an almost sulky look. "Behave."

Snape kept his wand pointed at the oddly well-behaved and docile troll while McGonagall edged around the troll to reach Natalie.

"Mr Potter, what in Merlin's name happened here!?"

"And why are you here instead of your common room as you were ordered?" Snape glared at Natalie, eyes narrowed in dismay while securing the troll with conjured ropes in case it suddenly decided to attack. Strangely, it made no move to stop him except to visibly pout at the tiny First Year in front of it. "Did you really think in your arrogance that you can fight a troll for glory!?"

Natalie's answer was to give him a perplexed look. "I have no idea what you mean? I was in the kitchens for dinner and then on my way to my dorm… I got trapped?"

Both Snape and McGonagall stared down at the first year's trapped lower body.

"Why didn't you call for help?"

"There's no portrait near and I was waiting for someone to come look for me to ask for help."

McGonagall pinched the bridge of her nose. "There are paintings in the next corridor: you could have called for help. You could even have asked for a house elf!"

Natalie stared at her blankly. "But that would take in my reading time!"

The two Professors stared at the book spread out in front of their student, the scenario of how Potter had even found himself in this situation already playing in their minds. They had already gotten used to the boy's obsession with reading but this was even more extreme than they had expected.

Deciding not to open this can of worms, Snape turned their attention towards the most important aspect of this situation. "And what do you have to say about the troll?"

"He found me. He smelled. So, I gave him a shower."

Snape and McGonagall stared at her blankly.

"Allow me to clarify: you were trapped, a troll found you and your first instinct is not to call for help but to give the troll a shower because it smelled!?!?!?"

Natalie blinked innocuously. "It smelled really bad," she clarified.

Snape joined McGonagall in pinching the bridge of his nose. He could already feel the headache coming. "Why it did not attack you is beyond me."

"Bob is a good boy!" Natalie protested.

"You named it!!!!!!"

After the other Professors found them and Natalie was no longer trapped, she tentatively asked, "So… Can we keep him?"