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    “Can you paint my nails?”

    Brennen looked up from his computer and grinned at his best friend.

    “Wow, have I converted you?” He teased, scooting back in his spinny-chair.

    “I just want to try it; it always looks good on you,” he replied shyly.

    “Aw, shucks, Colby,” he placed a hand over his heart jokingly, laughing when the brunette rolled his eyes. He stood up and walked over to his dresser, opening one of the smaller drawers.

    “What colour?” He asked, running his fingers over the tops of the bottles.

    “Whatever you think would look best.”

    “Alright, how about…” he picked up a light blue bottle, shaking it to make sure it hadn’t gone bad. “Blue?”

    Colby nodded in agreement, and Brennen gestured for him to come over to his bed, sitting down on the edge of the mattress. Colby sat down tentatively, holding his hands out.

    “Left one first,” Brennen decided, taking his hand and placing it on his leg. He pretended not to notice the slight flush on the other boy’s cheeks as he unscrewed the cap, tapping a bit of the polish off on the side of the opening.

    He held Colby’s hand still as he gently brushed the light colour on his nails, careful to not smudge it but wiping it away with a tissue when he did. It felt like he barely breathed until he had finished painting the last nail, smiling triumphantly when he was done.

    “What do you think?”

    Colby lifted his hands closer to his face, tilting them to see the colour better.

    “It looks really pretty,” he decided, matching Brennen’s smile with one of his own.

    “Welcome to the club, then,” Brennen chuckled, turning his attention to his own hands. “I’m gonna do mine too.”

    “Can I try?”

    Brennen looked up in surprise.

    “Yeah, of course,” he passed the bottle over to Colby, placing his hands palms-down on his thigh, fighting back an affectionate smile at the nervous look the other boy wore.

    Brennen studied his face as he cautiously ran the brush over his nails, noticing how focused he was on his task and simultaneously trying to ignore the blush that seemed reluctant to budge from his friend’s cheeks.

    He couldn’t help but smile when he looked back down at his hands, seeing the random spots of nail polish that failed to get on his actual nails.

    “Done,” Colby announced, leaning back to inspect the finish product. “Oh. It’s really messy.”

    Brennen laughed at that, pulling his hands away.

    “You should’ve seen mine the first time I tried,” he consoled him. “This is great for your first go.”

    “Okay, liar,” Colby snorted, completely catching him in his white lie. Brennen grinned sheepishly, almost running a hand through his hair out of habit before remembering that the paint was still wet.

    “I love it anyway.”