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The Omega

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Chapter 1

Alec’s First Heat – An Introduction


Day 1


It was hot.  So unbearably hot.  That was Alec’s first thought as he drifted up into consciousness from a horrible night’s sleep.  He’d tossed and turned all night, feeling like his body was on fire.  Sweat soaked his tangled sheets.  As his eyes fluttered open, he groaned.  His whole body ached with a pain that he’d never felt before.  He wasn’t hurt.  Was he ill?  All he wanted was to pull his pillow over his eyes, shielding them from the blinding light coming through his bedroom window.  But he couldn’t do that.  He wouldn’t do that.  He wasn’t allowed too.  He was Alec Lightwood, a Shadowhunter for the Clave. 


Born a nephilim, angel blood ran through his veins.  It was his job to hunt and fight demons.  It was his job to seek out what went bump in the night, to protect those who were unaware of the dangers around Mclimbed out of bed.  A shower is what he needed.  A cold shower.


Midway to his bathroom he stopped.  A thick warm liquid was running down the back of his legs.  Reaching around he wiped at the wetness.  It only took a second to rewalize where it was coming from.  He ran the last few yards to the bathroom.  Looking in the mirror he took in his flushed cheeks.  Cheeks that were normally porcelain pale.  Sweat covered his brow and soaked his body.  In that moment he knew.  He knew what was happening. 


It had been three months since his eighteenth birthday. The day he had presented as an omega. He’s not just the only male omega at the Institute, but the only omega Shadowhunter.  And he was in his first heat. The wetness running down his legs was slick. 


Fear filled his belly at the ramifications as to what this meant.  The moment his heat started his omega pheromones had started increasing, increasing his omega scent.  Every alpha in the Institute could probably smell him by now.  He had to get out. He had to get out of the Institute as fast as he could. 


Stripping off his sweat soaked t-shirt and slick soaked boxers he dressed as fast as he could. Where he would go, he didn’t know.  Jeans, a faded baggy sweater, and black combat boots.  He was set.  He glanced at the clock.  It was 5:25 am.  Grabbing his stele, he quickly activated his silence, speed, and stealth runes.  Stuffing his stele in his pocket he moved quietly to the door. 


The old door creaked as he opened it.  Sticking his head out, the corridor was quiet and empty.  This was good.  Slipping quietly out of his room he ran down the corridor.  He ran through corridors, down flights of stairs, and finally reached the front door of the Institute, not making a sound.  The Institute was quiet.  No one saw him. 


He knew his parabati, Clary, would be panicked once she woke, so he had to act fast.  Pushing the heavy Institute doors open, he stepped out into a cold, brisk, winter morning.  With the doors of the New York Institute, his home, falling shut behind him he glanced back.  He was fleeing from his home.  With a heavy heart he set off at a run, not bothering to look back.


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The Omega


Day 1


Clary woke with a start.  She looked at the clock, 5:14 am.  Something was wrong.  She could feel it in the pit of her stomach, and through her parabati bond with Alec.  Fear and dread.  Those were the emotions coursing through him.  But why, Clary thought.  What could cause this kind of fear in her parabati?  Alec was the Institutes most fearless and fiercest warrior.  Nothing scared Alec, except his sexuality.  What could have happened that was so bad that it could put this kind of fear into the most fearless person she had ever known?  She had no idea, but she was going to find out. 


Slipping out from beneath her sleeping mate’s arm, she slid out of bed.  Jace stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake.  Her beautiful alpha was a heavy sleeper.  Jace was her alpha, and she was his beta.  They had mated last month, after her eighteenth birthday when she presented.  Jace was only a month older than her.  Alec was the oldest of the Lightwood’s and our leader.  Slipping into a long robe she tied it quickly and headed for the door.  At the door she stopped.  Maybe he had just had a nightmare.  He has been plagued with them since he had presented as an omega three months ago. 


Since that day everyone at the Institute had been treating Alec differently.  Like he was unworthy of being here.  Like he was no longer one of them.  It didn’t help that Robert and Maryse were awful to him, saying the most horrible things a parent could say to their child.  They seemed to take every opportunity to say the nastiest and most hateful, hurtful things.  They reprimanded him for even the smallest mistakes in training, adding extra training sessions set at a grueling pace. 


Every mistake made in the field was somehow his fault, rather he was there or not.  If he was there, it was assumed that he had failed in leading and covering his team properly, making him responsible for any mishaps or injuries.  If he wasn’t there, he was blamed for not being there.  If he had been there to lead the team and fight, nothing would have gone wrong.  He was damned either way.  Izzy, his twin sister, and I both have been outraged at Izzy and Alec’s parents for how they’ve been treating him. 


They treat him like he was no longer the best Shadowhunter at the Institute.  Like he isn’t the most skilled warrior with every weapon here.  Like he was no longer the best archer the Clave had ever seen.  He’s never once missed a target.  It was like everything he had worked for and trained for during the first seventeen years of his life had vanished in the blink of an eye on his eighteenth birthday, when he presented as an omega. 


Alphas are considered the strongest in our race.  Betas are strong, but not as strong as alphas, and omegas where considered the weakest.  Now that Alec was an omega, most of the Shadowhunters at the Institute were treating him like he wasn’t the fierce warrior with angel blood running through his veins that he was, the best Shadowhunters alive.  Like he was no longer one of them. 


It didn’t help any that when he presented, his sexuality was revealed.  Male omegas were always homosexual.  They could only be impregnated by other men.  Alec had been hiding his sexuality for years.  Only Izzy, his sister, and I had known that Alec was gay.  Now that Alec was an omega, he had been getting a lot a lot of shit and was being bullied and called nasty names by his own people, his ‘friends’. 


But Alec doesn’t tolerate bullies.  He doesn’t tolerate taunting or insults.  He’ll take on anyone in hand to hand combat.  Nobody has ever been able to beat him.  Only the four of us, me, Izzy, Simon, and Jace know that for years Alec’s been secretly taking various mundane martial arts classes and has been incorporating what he’s learned into our training.  He’s mastered every course he’s taken.  We are the best that the New York Institute has ever seen.  The best of the best.  Even the Clave has taken notice of our skills in combat.  And as for omegas being weak?  What a joke. 


Alec may be an omega, but he is stronger than any alpha I’ve ever known.  He doesn’t cower down to any alphas will, not even his parents.  Why not?  We don’t know.  But Alec is Alec, omega or not.  He was born and bred to be a strong alpha.  Having two alpha parents it was assumed that Alec would present as an alpha and was raised accordingly. 


Robert and Maryse where embarrassed and ashamed after Alec’s presentation.  That much they made clear.  They had wanted to send him away.  “Omegas are breeders, not warriors.”  But the Clave wouldn’t allow that.  He was still a person and the best Shadowhunter they had.  The problem was that there hadn’t been an omega Shadowhunter in centuries.  Not until Alec.


After the Dark War, the Clave was desperate for more Shadowhunters.  Our numbers had dwindled greatly due to the casualties.  My father, Valentine, started the Dark War.  Thankfully, Alec put an arrow through his heart.  I felt his guilt the instant that it happened.  Guilt for killing his parabati’s father.  But it didn’t matter to me.  It was actually a relief to me.  I didn’t love my father and he didn’t love me.  I felt no grief over his death and had told Alec as much.  I tried to reassure him that he had nothing to feel guilty about.  My father was a deranged monster that had waged war against us, his own people, to gain The Mortal Instruments.  He wanted to use them to raise the angel Raziel. 


In the time of Jonathan Shadowhunter, the first of the nephilim, the angel Raziel gave him the three Mortal Instruments.  Should anything catastrophic ever happen, the Mortal Instruments could be used to summon Raziel.  The summoner would be granted one wish.  Valentine was going to use that wish to kill off all downworlders.  The downworlders were made up of four species; vampires, werewolves, seelies, and warlocks.  Together the downworlders outnumbered us three to one.


Regardless, we couldn’t let Valentine carry out his plan, outnumbered or not. We might fight demons, and arrest downworlders who break the laws set out by the Clave, but they were people too.  So Shadowhunters and downworlders united to fight against him in the Dark War.  Each side took heavy losses, but the various species were now safe from Valentine and his twisted views and hatred for the downworlders. 


Alec was called a hero for killing Valentine, and for his combat skills during the battle.  He fought nonstop for over nine hours, killing more demons than anyone could count, then Valentine himself.  He battled his way through hundreds of the demons Valentine had somehow managed to release into this world.  And now Alec was afraid?  Filled with fear and dread?  No.  No nightmare could put this kind of fear in Alec.  Something was defiantly wrong.  And I was going to find out what it was.



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Chapter 3



Quietly opening the door I stepped out into the corridor.  Alec’s room wasn’t far.  Just a few doors down.  I walked quickly, stopping when I saw his door open.  Looking inside I saw that he wasn’t in bed.  Pushing into his room I quickly checked his bathroom.  He wasn’t there either.  All I saw was a pile of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and a tangled heap of linens on his bed. 


Panic started to set in.  Turning, I ran out.  Maybe he was in the training room, working out his feelings on whatever had put this fear into him.  Racing down corridors and flights of stairs I finally reached the training room.  It too was empty.  Alec was gone. 


Turning on my heel I raced back up the stairs and through the corridors I had just flown through.  As I reached Izzy and Simon’s room I banged on the door, shouting for them to get up and to come to my room.  I didn’t wait for a response, I just ran on, back to my room.  Throwing myself on the bed I started shaking Jace.


 “Jace, get up.  Something’s wrong with Alec.”  Jace groaned but didn’t budge.  “For the angel’s sake, Jace, get the hell up!” I shouted. 


“What?” Jace asked, groggy from sleep.  “Clary, what’s wrong?”  Before I could answer Izzy and Simon burst in. 


“Clary, what it the angels name is going on?  Why did you wake us at this godawful hour?”  Izzy asked, a frown on her beautiful face.  She had long black hair, silky smooth like Alec’s.  A Lightwood trait.  Izzy might be petite, but she was a badass warrior, just like her older brother. 


“Alec’s missing”.  I said.


 “What do you mean missing?”  Simon asked, wrapping his arms around Izzy’s waist.  Simon was Izzy’s mate.  Izzy was an alpha and Simon was her beta, even though he was a dork and wore ugly glasses. 


“I mean he’s missing!”  I shouted.  “He’s not in his room or the training room.  And somethings wrong.  Bad wrong.  I can feel it through our bond.” 


 “Well, let’s not panic just yet.”  Jace said, sitting up in bed.  I shot him a death glare.  “There are plenty of other places he could be.”  He went on, ignoring the look I gave him.


 “Jace is right, Clary.”  Izzy piped in.  “There are plenty of other places he could be.” 


“Like where?”  I snapped. 


“Well, did you check the kitchen?”  Simon asked.  “That’s the first place I go when I get up in the morning.  Well, after the bathroom.” 


“Simon’s right, Clary.”  Jace said, rubbing a soothing hand across my back.  “He could be in the kitchen or the library.  You know he loves it there.  Or he could be in the weapons room or up on the roof doing a little target practice.” 


“True.  I hadn’t thought of that”.  I admitted. 


“We’ll all get dressed and search the place out.  I’m sure he’ll turn up somewhere.  Don’t worry.”  Jace said soothingly. 


Ten minutes later we were all dressed and moving quietly throughout the Institute.  Simon and Izzy had volunteered to check the rooftop and library.  Jace and I were to take the kitchen and the weapons room.  We had decided to meet up in the OP’s center. 




I was pacing impatiently beside Jace in the empty OP’s center, chewing my thumbnail.  We hadn’t found Alec in the kitchen or the weapons room. 


“Stop that.”  Jace said gently, pulling my thumb from my mouth and pulling me into his arms.


 “Where is he, Jace?”  I asked.  “And where in the angels name are Simon and Izzy?” 


“We’re here.”  Izzy said, sauntering into the OP’s center, Simon trailing along behind, watching the way her ass swayed when she walked.  “We couldn’t find him.” 


“Great.  Just fucking great.  I told you.  I told you he wasn’t here!”  I exclaimed, pulling away from Jace.


“Babe, try and calm down.”  Jace said.  “Maybe he went out for a run.  Let’s go check his room and see if he left a note or something.” 


“I’ve already been to his room.  There was nothing there.” 


 “Well, were you looking for a note when you were in there?  Or for any other clues as to where he might have gone?  Like missing running shoes?  Or at his calendar?  Maybe he had an early class?”  Simon asked.


 I sighed.  He was right.  They were right.  I had just looked for him in his room.  I didn’t think to look for anything else.


 “How about we go up and take another look?”  Jace asked, squeezing my hand.  “I’m sure we’ll find something.  It’s not like Alec to just disappear without leaving some clue behind.  And it’s probably something subtle that only one of us would catch.  You know how he’s been since Maryse and Robert started in on him”. 


Jace had a point.  Ever since his presentation, Alec has had to be more discreet in his activities and with his actions.  They were, after all, watching him like a hawk, looking for any reason they could find to boot him out of the Institute.  With a sigh, I agreed. But I knew something wasn’t right.  Something was wrong.  Alec was in trouble.  I could feel it.  I could feel it through our bond. 




Three feet from Alec’s bedroom door Jace stopped. 


“What is it?”  I asked. 


“Do you smell that, Izzy?”  Jace asked. 


“Smell what?”  I asked, confused. 


“Yeah.  By the angel it’s strong.”  Izzy said. 


“What’s strong?  Someone answer me.”  I demanded. 


“I think I know what happened.”  Jace said, continuing forward into Alec’s room.  The scent inside hit him like a ton of bricks.  Izzy gasped as she stepped inside.


“By the angel.”  She whispered.


“Would somebody like to tell me what the angels name is going on?”  I practically screamed at my friends.


“Alec’s gone into heat.”  Jace said, turning to look at me.  “The pheromones in here are strong, really strong.  I’m surprised you and Simon can’t smell them.”  Being betas, Simon and I didn’t have the same sense of smell that alphas did.


“That’s why he’s so scared.  He must have realized that he had gone into heat and is terrified.  He’s never had a heat before.  This omega stuff is all new to him.  And Maryse and Robert restricting our access to anything relating to omegas in the library has left him with no idea of what to do or expect.”  I said, tears welling in my eyes.  My parabati was alone, afraid, and had no idea what to do or expect of what was going on inside him.


 “We have to find him, fast.”  Izzy said.  “He’s an unmated, unclaimed omega in heat, and he’s alone in New York.  Any species can claim him as their omega.  He probably didn’t think to take any weapons with him to defend himself.” 


“Yeah, but this is Alec were talking about.  He doesn’t need weapons to defend himself.  Yes, we do need to find him, as fast as possible, but I don’t think he’s in any physical danger, he’s a total badass in combat.”  Simon said.


Izzy spun on him faster than I could blink, slapping him hard across the face.


“Are you insane?  My brother is in his first heat.  None of us have any idea what sort of mental or physical state he’s in.  We don’t know how his heat is affecting him or his ability to defend himself from an attack.  Omegas are vulnerable when there in heat, that much we know.  We have to find him, and we have to find him NOW!”  She exclaimed. 


“Maybe we can try calling him?”  Simon asked sheepishly.


 “No, jackass, we can’t.  His phones over on the bedside table.  Clary, what are you feeling now?  Through your bond?”  Jace asked. 


Being so caught up in the search for my parabati, I had forgotten to pay attention to any new sensations coming through our bond.  By the angel, I was the worst parabati ever! 


“I don’t know.  Give me a minute.  I need to focus.”  I said. 


Closing my eyes, I cleared my mind, thinking only of my missing parabati.  His emotions hit me like a freight train.  The gut-wrenching fear hit me first.  Then a cascade of emotions rolled through me, disgust, repulsion, a sense of worthlessness, self-hatred, pain, and a need to just end it.  He was in so much physical and emotional pain. 


“We have to find him, right now.”  I said, my eyes snapping open.  “He’s in a bad place.  A really bad place.  The state he’s in, I’m afraid he might hurt himself.”  I said, voice barely a whisper.


“What?!  What do you mean he might hurt himself?”  Izzy demanded. 


I told them everything I had just felt from Alec.  Izzy gasped, tears in her eyes. 


“It feels like every nasty thing Robert and Maryse has said to him since his presentation has taken hold in his mind.  He’s a wreck.”  I said.


 “Ok, how do we find him then?  How do we find my brother?”  Izzy asked. 


“Assuming he hasn’t deactivated his tracking rune, Clary, can you try tracking him with your parabati rune?”  Jace asked. 


“I can try.”  I said.  Pulling out my stele I ran it across my parabati rune, trying to get a feel for Alec.  I got nothing.


“He must have deactivated his parabati rune.  I can’t find him this way.”  I said, tears streaming down my cheeks.


“Okay.  It’s okay.  We can still try standard tracking.  What’s the most personal thing he has?”  Jace asked. 


“His bow and quiver.”  Izzy supplied immediately.  “If he didn’t take them with him, they should be in the weapons room.” 




We reached the weapons room in record time.  I pulled out Alec’s weapons rack and found it full.  His bow and quiver were tucked in nice and neat, just the way he likes it.


“There still here.”  I said.  “Everything is still here.  He didn’t take anything with him.” 


“Fuck!  He really is out there unprotected.”  Izzy said. 


“Clary, try tracking him using his shirt.”   Jace said, tossing one of Alec’s training tanks to me.


 “Ok.   I’ll give it a try.”  Pulling out my stele again I activated my tracking rune, clutching Alec’s shirt in my fist, my mind solely focused on him.  Again, I got nothing. 


“It’s not working.  I didn’t get anything at all.  He must have deactivated his tracking rune.  I don’t know how else to find him.  He could be anywhere.”  I said. 


“And you can’t get anything else from him through your bond?  Anything that might give us any kind of idea as to where he might be?”  Izzy asked, tears about to fall for her lost big brother. 


“No.  He’s too consumed by his emotions and pain.  That’s all I’m getting from him.”  I said, my heart sinking through my chest. 


“Then there’s only one option left.  We need a warlock.”  Jace said.


Jace was right.  The only chance we had of finding Alec now was with a warlock’s help.  There’s no guarantee that a warlock would be able to find him, or would be willing to try, but it was the only option we had left.


“A warlock it is then.  Does anyone know where we can find Magnus Bane?”  I asked.


“Whoa!”  Simon said, hands up in air.  “You want to ask the High Warlock of Brooklyn, the leader of all downworlders, to help locate a missing omega Shadowhunter?” 


“Yes!?”  Izzy and I shouted as one. 


“Ok.  Just making sure.”  Simon said, backing-up, hands now raised in surrender.


“Alec is my parabati, and Jace and Izzy’s brother.  Do you really want to try this with anyone other than the best?  Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn for a reason.  If anyone can find Alec, it’s him.”  I said, glaring daggers at Simon. 


“I’m not saying it’s not worth a shot.”  Simon said meekly, taking another step back. 


“I know where to find Magnus Bane.”  Jace said.  “But his help won’t come free.  There will be a price.  A heavy one.” 


“Whatever it is, we’ll pay it.”  Izzy and I said together.


“That settles it then.  Let’s go before one of you kills Simon.”  Jace said, leading the way out of the weapons room.



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Chapter 4

The High Warlock


Day 1


Clary, Jace, Simon, and Izzy stood outside the building of The High Warlock of Brooklyn’s loft.  A cold rain had descended upon them during their trek from the Institute, leaving them soaked and shivering. 


‘If we’re cold in this’, Clary thought, ‘Alec must be freezing.  Wherever he is.  Hopefully he’s somewhere inside, warm and dry’.


“Are we just going to stand here all day or is someone going to ring the damn buzzer?”  I asked. 


Jace, Izzy, and Simon looked at me, waiting.  With a sigh I reached out, pressing the glamoured button that read ‘Bane’.  We stood there for a minute, waiting for a response.  After several minutes passed, I reached out, pressing the buzzer again.  This time I didn’t let up.


“What!?”  Someone finally barked through the speaker by the door.


“Were looking for Magnus Bane.”  I said, pushing more confidence into my voice than I felt.


“And why would four nephilim be looking for The High Warlock of Brooklyn?”  The voice said, a sneer obvious in his tone.


“We need his help.  Is this Warlock Bane?”  I asked.


“Perhaps.  What is it that you want, Shadowhunter?”  The voice asked through the speaker.


I signed in frustration.  I had already told whoever it was behind the damn speaker that we needed The High Warlock’s help.


“We need help tracking someone.  It’s urgent.  It could mean the difference between life or death.”  I said softly.


A heavy sigh came through the speaker.  “Come on up.  Penthouse.”  The voice said as the door buzzed, allowing us entrance.  Once inside we saw a dingy foyer and an elevator with an ‘Out of Order’ sign taped to the front.  Looking up, we saw flight after flight of old wooden stairs.  ‘Well, at least I was going to get a workout in’ I thought.


“This is going to suck.”  Simon said, eyeing the never-ending flights of stairs.


“You’re a Shadowhunter for angel’s sake.  Suck it up.”  Izzy snapped.  Her worry over her missing brother had her snapping at her mate.


“Well, we best get started.”  Jace said, taking the first step. 


Together we climbed flight after flight of stairs.  After what felt like an eternity, we reached the penthouse floor.  After all our training we weren’t so much as winded.  Standing in an open doorway at the top of the stairs stood a man, examining his blue painted fingernails in the light from the fixture above us.  He had caramel colored skin and chocolate brown cat eyes.  It was obvious that he was fresh out of bed as he was still wearing what looked like silk pajamas.


“What took you so long?  I’ve been standing here for ages.”  Magnus said. 


Not really.  He had only been standing there for a moment, only opening the door as they reached the last flight of stairs.  The smell of angel blood and the two alphas permeated his loft the moment they stepped into the building.  As a powerful alpha, he had an exceptional sense of smell.  Their scents only grew stronger as they ascended the stairs.


“How many flights of stairs was that?”  Simon asked.  Only Simon would think to ask such a question at a time like this.


“Twenty.” Magnus replied.  “Why didn’t you just use the elevator?  Oh, that’s right.  I put an out of order sign on it.  Well, come on in, I guess.  You can tell me about your problem.”  He said, turning on his heel he walked back into the loft, assuming we would follow.  “Mind the cat.  He doesn’t like strangers.”


Once inside we did in fact see a small white furball of a cat.  It hissed menacingly as we walked past.  In the living room he dropped down into a bright plush purple chair.  The loft was gorgeous, filled with colorful, comfortable looking furniture and décor.  It was a stark contrast to the dingy foyer downstairs.  It was beautiful and felt homey.  He obviously had exquisite taste.  Waving his hand, he gestured for us to sit.  Jace sat beside me, Simon on my other side, and Izzy on the end, the two alphas flanking us.


“So, what brings you fine young nephilim to my door at such an early hour?  You’re lucky I was already awake, otherwise you would all be hopping around like little rabbits.  Literally.”  He smirked.


“We need your help tracking someone.”  I said.


“So you’ve already said.  Please, do explain.  Quickly if you can.  I have things to do.”  He said, obviously uninterested.  My patience was growing thin.


“My parabati went missing this morning.  We’ve tried tracking him but can’t find him.  We think he’s deactivated his tracking rune and I can’t find him through our parabati bond or my parabati rune.”  I said.


“Perhaps he just wanted a bit of time to himself?”


“He didn’t take off because he wanted time to himself!”  Izzy snapped. 


The warlock’s eyebrows rose at her tone.  I had to diffuse this, quickly, before she got us thrown out before we could fully explain.


“You’ll have to forgive Izzy.”  I said.  “My parabati is her older brother.  She’s just worried…and scared.  You see, Alec is an omega.  He presented three months ago on their eighteenth birthday.”


“A Shadowhunter omega?”  Magnus asked, surprised.  “I haven’t come across one of those in some time.”


“We think that sometime during the night he went into his first heat.  All information on omegas has been restricted at the Institute so neither he or us knew what to expect or when.  I think it was his panic that woke me when he realized what was happening.  I felt this intense fear and panic through our bond.  By the time I got to his room, he was gone.  He had left the Institute.  The only reason we know what happened was because of the intense omega pheromones in his room.”  I said.


“Go on.  You said this was life or death.”  He prompted, sitting straighter in his chair.


“After we searched the Institute for him, I tried to track him every way we could.  But the emotions and pain I felt from him were horrible.”  I said.


He nodded for me to continue.  I swallowed hard, not wanting to reveal Alec’s private feelings to this stranger. 


“He was scared.  Really scared.  Alec never gets scared.  It was like everything his parents have been telling him since his presentation were racing through his head.  Things like how disgusting he was, how repulsive.  How worthless he was.  He was filled with so much self-hatred and loathing, and he was thinking about how he should just end it.  There was just so much pain, physical and mental.  We need to find him before he does something he can’t undo.  This isn’t like Alec.  He’s never been like this.  I don’t understand why he’s feeling these things.  I’ve never felt anything like this from him before.  He’s such a strong, confident, fierce, loving person.  This is not him.”


“An omegas heats are always emotional.  The first is always the worst.”  Magnus said.  “They tend to be very clingy and require constant reassurance from their mate.  They are also consumed and often overwhelmed by their body’s needs.  They require…special treatment, we’ll say.  If those needs aren’t being met, my guess is that’s the source of his physical pain, as well as some of his emotional distress.” 


“He doesn’t have a mate.”  I whispered.


“He doesn’t have a mate?”  He asked.  “Has he been claimed?”


“No.”  I said, the tears flowing freely down my face.


“Then you do have a serious problem.  This is, in fact, a life or death situation.”


“So you’ll help us?”  I asked, hopeful.


“I didn’t say that.  Tell me, why should I help you?  Your nephilim.  Shadowhunters.  Your kind treats downworlders like we’re shit on your shoes.  Why should I involve myself with this?  My obligations are to the downworld.  Not Shadowhunters.  If his feelings are as you say they are, this world will have one less Shadowhunter in it.  One may not be much, but the less of you there are, the better.”  Magnus said coldly.  His disdain for us was obvious.


“How can you say that!”  Jace exclaimed.  “We fought with you, to SAVE you and every other downworlder in the Dark War.  We didn’t have to ‘involve ourselves’.  We could have let Valentine make that wish, killing you all in an instant.  But we didn’t.  We couldn’t.  We wouldn’t.  Because we’re not made that way!”


Magnus’ eyebrows rose. 


You may not be that way.  Your friends here may not be that way.  But the Clave?  That is there way.”  Magnus shot at Jace.


“So you’re just going to let him die?  Let him go off and kill himself because he can’t control what he is or what he’s going through?  After everything he’s done, for you and your people, you’re going to do nothing?”  I asked, anger taking hold as I rose to my feet.  Izzy and Jace stood, flanking me on either side.  I was just a beta in a room with three alphas.  Two, at least, were on my side.


“And what is it, exactly, that he has done for me and mine?  Other than police the downworld like the rest of you?”  Magnus spat at me, obviously unbothered by the two alphas at my side.  As an alpha himself, it wasn’t in his nature to back down.  Neither was it in Jace or Izzy’s.


“He ended the fucking Dark War, for the angel’s sake!”  Izzy shot at him.  “He put one of his arrows through Valentine’s fucking heart!  He risked his life to save your sorry ass and everyone else like you, you heartless son of a bitch!”  She shouted, shaking with rage. 


Provoking Izzy’s temper was a dangerous thing to do.  She was a badass on a good day.  She was a badass bitch from hell on a bad one.


“Alexander Lightwood?”  Magnus asked, obviously surprised.  “We’re taking about Alexander Lightwood, The Archer?  He’s your missing omega?”


“He is.”  Jace replied, his tone sharp.


“Well.”  Magnus said.  “You should have started with that in the first place.  Of course I’ll help you.” 


“So that’s it then?  You’ll help him because of what he did, and not because he’s a person in distress?”  Izzy sneered.


“I’m willing to help him for two reason.  One, yes, it is because of what he did.  He’s a hero in the Shadow World, to both Shadowhunters and downworlders alike.  The second is because he is an omega in distress.  You don’t know what life for omegas have been like.  You have a lot to learn about omegas and their history.  For centuries they’ve been hunted down and slaughtered like animals for no other reason than for how they were born.  Now, do you have something of his I can use to track him with?”  He asked.


“I have his shirt.”  I said, pulling it from my bag. 


Reaching out Magnus snatched it from my hand.


“This should work.”  He muttered.  “Wait here.  I’ll be right back.”  He said, rising from his chair. Without a backward glance he turned leave.


“Where are you going?” I asked.  I didn’t get an answer.  Magnus Bane disappeared.




I was pacing the living room anxiously while Jace watched, worry written all over his face.  Simon was trying to calm Izzy, holding her nose against the scent glands in his neck so she could breathe in his scent.  A beta could soothe their alpha with their scent, just as an alpha could soothe a beta with theirs.  She was trembling in his arms.  From fear or anger, I didn’t know.  What felt like hours later Magnus Bane, The High Warlock of Brooklyn, walked quickly back into the room.  He was carrying a large map and Alec’s shirt.


“What’s that?” Jace asked as we all followed him across the room.


“What does it look like?”  Magnus asked, laying a large map of New York across the dining table beside the living room.  “It’s a map.”


“How are you going to find him with a map?”  I asked, curious.


“You Shadowhunters have your runes to track with.  I have magick.  If this spell works, it will show me right about where he is.” He said.


“What do you mean, ‘right about’ where he is?  Izzy asked, noticeably calmer, holding Simon’s hand in a death grip. 


“Well, people do tend to move about a bit.  It should get me within a fifteen foot or so radius of him.”  He said, ripping off a small piece of Alec’s shirt.  “It shouldn’t be hard to locate him. Not with his omega pheromones.  Now be quiet.  I need to concentrate.” 


Magnus held the small piece of fabric he had torn from Alec’s shirt between his fingers.  He closed his eyes and began to chant in some foreign language.  It sounded a bit like Latin, but obviously wasn’t.  Opening his eyes, he snapped his fingers, shooting blue sparks at the torn piece of cloth he held.  It caught fire instantly.  Repeating the chant one last time he released the burning cloth to float towards the map. He leaned forward, watching as the cloth fluttered down, watching closely for its destination.  It finally settled on a small section of Brooklyn before the flames fizzled out. 


“Gotcha, little Shadowhunter.”  He murmured to himself. 


Turning from the map Magnus snapped his fingers, dressing himself in a stylish long black designer wool button-up coat, form fitting black pants, dark boots with a small heel, and what looked like a cream-colored cashmere sweater poking from the top of the coat.


“Well, where is he?”  I asked impatiently.


“Don’t worry, biscuit.  I’m going to get him now.  I’ll get there and back faster than you can.”  He said, circling his arms to make a portal.


“But he doesn’t know you!  Why would he come with you?”  I asked


“It’s not me he ran from.  I stand a better chance of getting him back here safely.  If he ran from you once, he could do it again.”

Without another word he stepped through the portal, the portal vanishing behind him.  Once again, Magnus Bane had disappeared.




Alec stood, staring down at the icy water almost three hundred feet below him.  The waves crashed viciously against each other in the churning water.  He watched as they brutally slammed together, as his thoughts churned and crashed violently in his head.  The same thoughts and feelings were running through him, over and over again on a gut-wrenching loop.  He was a filthy, worthless omega whore.  He was a disgrace to his family and to the Shadowhunter world.  He didn’t deserve to be a nephilim.  He was unworthy of the angel blood running through his veins.   He was weak, only good for breeding.  He was a disgusting faggot, another slight against the mighty Lightwood name.  He should never have been born.  His parents no longer claimed him, no longer wanted him as their son.  They were ashamed of him.  No one wanted him at the Institute.  He was disgusting, a disgrace.  He was worthless and didn’t deserve to live.  ‘He was disgusting, worthless, a disgrace, a filthy omega, a disgusting faggot.’  All these horrible thoughts just kept churning in circles through him, sinking deeper and deeper into his heart and soul. 


He took a step closer to the edge of the ledge he was standing on, moving closer to the drop that would end his pain.  His body throbbed and ached with a pain and need he didn’t understand.  He had scratched the back of his neck bloody.  Sweat ran down his face despite the freezing January wind tunneling through the bridge and the cold, bitter rain soaking him.


“Are you sure you want to do that?”  A melodic voice asked from behind him.  “That’s an awfully long drop.  One I don’t think you would survive.”


“That’s sort of the point.”  Alec said, not bothering to look back at the man who spoke.  The man with the beautiful voice that seemed to wrap around him like a gentle caress, a warm embrace.  A man that shouldn’t be able to see him through his glamour.


“I know your hurting, Alexander.  And I know why.  I can help you, if you’ll let me.  All you have to do is climb down off that ledge.”  Magnus said gently. 


 “Why should I?  I’m nothing.  I’m just a worthless omega.  Nobody wants me.”  Alec said, still staring at the water that would end his suffering.


“That’s not true.  You are something.  A very special something.  Do you really think I would be here if you weren’t?”  Magnus asked.


“I don’t know who you are, or why you’re here.  And I really don’t care.”  Alec said, feeling a slight pull towards the man behind him, a pull that he didn’t understand.  But he did understand the thoughts still racing through his mind.  The hurtful words.  Memories of the way he’d been treated since he presented as an omega.


“If you step down, I promise that I can help you.  I can take the pain away.  All of it.  You just have to climb down and take my hand.”  Magnus said, taking a step closer to the boy on the ledge.


“I don’t want to.”  Alec said, taking the last step forward off the edge.


Magnus threw his magic out, catching Alec before he could fall, sedating him instantly.  Moving closer he pulled back with his magic, gently laying Alec’s limp body back onto solid ground.  Kneeling, he gazed upon the sleeping Shadowhunter, taking in every inch of the most beautiful face he had ever seen.  In all his 800 years he had never seen anyone so beautiful.  Alexander Lightwood was absolutely breathtaking.


Circling his arms, he started a portal back to his loft, his eyes never leaving the young Shadowhunters face.  Ever so gently he took the young Shadowhunter in his arms, lifting him from the cold, wet, concrete.  The scent of the young nephilim hit him like a truck.  The most beautiful scent he’d ever known wrapped around him, invading his senses.  He inhaled deeply, savoring the scent, before stepping through the portal, his Shadowhunter sleeping peacefully in his arms.



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Chapter Text

Chapter 5

Sleeping Beauty


Day 1


Warmth.  That’s the first thing Alec felt as he drifted up towards consciousness.  A comforting warmth that wrapped around him like a cocoon.  Not the heat he remembered from the last time he slept.  Was he sleeping?  Or floating?  He honestly couldn’t tell.  The only thing he was sure of was that he felt content, relaxed, and safe.  Completely and utterly safe.  He had never felt this way before. 


The closer he came to the surface of what must have been sleep the more intoxicated he felt by the most glorious scent wrapping its way around him, through him, into him.  It had him stirring.  It was a deep, rich scent.  A potent blend of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and musk.  It was the most delicious scent he had ever known. 


Slowly his senses were returning to him.  He could feel the soft mattress he lay on, the warm blankets covering him and the silky sheets against his skin.  A part of him wanted to just stay where he was.  He felt warm and happy and at peace with that wonderful scent surrounding him.  But he couldn’t.  He wouldn’t.  He was a Shadowhunter.  With a great effort he pushed his eyes open.


Magnus sat beside his sleeping Shadowhunter, watching as he began to emerge from the sleep spell he had cast as he had pulled him back from certain death.  He had been watching him for hours. 


The instant he had returned to his loft with the young nephilim in his arms he set straight to work tending him.  His Alexander was in very bad shape.  He had pushed past the clamoring Shadowhunters awaiting his return with their friend and brother without a word, carrying him straight into his bedroom and magically sealing the door.  He had dried Alec instantly with a snap of his fingers, shedding him of his dripping clothes as he laid him as gently as he could on his bed. 



His omega didn’t know it, but he was very, very close to death.  If that fall hadn’t killed him first the young Shadowhunter would have died in less than an hour.  Despite his heat, the young omega was critically hypothermic from his time out in the cold, rain, and icy winter wind.  He had scratched the back of his beautiful neck raw, having scratched through the skin, and tissue there.  His body was in shock.


The first thing Magus had done was heal the horrific wound on his new mate’s neck and sent a wave of warmth through him with his magic, pulling him back from the brink by a few breaths.  He had gently tilted Alec’s head back and poured his heat suppression potion down his throat, ensuring that he didn’t choke.  The potion calmed the symptoms of Alec’s heat almost instantly. 


After that it had taken him almost two hours to stabilize his young mate before he went to speak to his sister and parabati.  He had explained to them how he had found Alexander and about the condition he had been in and was in now.  They were worried for him, begging to see him, but he had refused.  He had only met his mate a few hours ago and was already extremely protective of him.  He had insisted that they wait until Alec was awake.  Reluctantly they had agreed.


During these past few hours, Magnus continued to tend to his young omega.  He sent periodic waves of warmth through the thick duvet with his magic, working to warm his Shadowhunter, as well as administering more potions for pain and additional doses of his heat suppressant while his Alexander slept.  He wanted to keep his mate as comfortable as possible as he began to recover. 


While his brain had registered the fact that Alec was his fated mate the instant he had caught his scent, the rest of his mind was still struggling to process it.  He was elated that he had finally found his mate.  He had spent more than 800 years looking for him, eventually giving up hope just over a century ago.  But in all his years, in all his fantasies and dreams, he had never imagined that the other half of his soul would be a young, eighteen year old omega Shadowhunter.  He had waited 800 years for the angel sleeping peacefully beside him.  An angel that, had he arrived mere minutes after he had, would have been lost to him for eternity, and he never would have known. 


As he sat beside him, admiring the soft curves and hard angles of his mate’s beautiful face and the flawless perfection of his porcelain cheeks and skin he couldn’t help but be captivated by his angel’s beauty.  It felt as though all the time he had spent waiting was nothing more than the blink of an eye now. 


He had found that his Alexander’s hair was as silky and smooth as it looked as he had run his fingers through it countless times.  His skin was so unbelievably soft and smooth, despite his battle scars.  And his runes were utterly breathtaking, a dark contrast to his pale skin.  He felt a deep swell of anger rise in him whenever he thought of what Clary had told him about his mate’s parents and his treatment at the Institute before he had gone in search of him.  The only thing that stopped his rage from consuming him was the delicious, mouthwatering scent coming from his sleeping omega.  A scent that seemed to be wrapping around him, through him, and into him.  That wonderful scent was all that was holding him back from the havoc he would unleash should his anger fully consume him. 


He could almost taste his mates scent on his tongue, fresh peaches, strawberries, and cream.  He knew that when the time came, his angel would taste divine.  He watched with bated breath as his Alexander’s long, dark lashes started to flutter open. 


Alec blinked once, twice, three times, taking in the dimly lit room around him.  Wondering where in the angels name he was, he turned his head to see the most gorgeous man he had ever laid eyes on sitting by his side on the bed.  He had the most beautiful caramel colored skin and the darkest chocolate brown cat eyes, eyes he thought he could fall into and get lost in forever if given the chance.


Magnus lost his breath as he stared down into his mates stunning crystal blue eyes.  Eyes so deep and blue they were almost luminescent.  He knew that he could drown in the depts of those eyes if he looked long enough and be forever happy.


Neither knew how long they gazed into each other’s eyes.  It could have been seconds, minutes, or hours.  With great effort Magnus found his voice and said, “Welcome back, beautiful.”


‘Welcome back, beautiful?’  Alec thought, staring up at the beautiful stranger with the amazing scent he seemed so oddly affected by.  He felt a blush blaze across his cheeks as his dick twitched.  Wait.  What?  Who was this man with the most delicious scent?  Where was he, and more importantly, where were his clothes?


“Um, hi.”  Alec rasped out, his throat as dry as the Sahara Desert.  Before he could utter another word, the beautiful man beside him was holding a straw to his lips.


“Drink.”  Magnus said softly.  He didn’t want to frighten his young Shadowhunter.  Shadowhunters may be trained from a young age to be fearless warriors, warriors who lived each day knowing that it could be their last, but this one was special.  For all the Shadow World this one was a hero.  He was the best Shadowhunter the Shadow World had ever known.  But to Magnus he was special for a very different reason, so very, very special.  He was his Shadowhunter.  His omega, who, just a short while ago had had his heat suddenly suppressed after trying to jump off a bridge because his omega hormones had sent him careening out of control when there was no one there to keep him grounded, to protect and look after him, to give him the physical and emotional comfort and support he had so desperately needed. 


This pained Magnus greatly.  Afterall, it was his job to do those things.  And while his Alexander’s heat symptoms were currently being suppressed by his heat suppression potion, he was still actively in heat.  His condition was still delicate, so he had to be gentle with his young mate.


Alec took a tentative sip through the straw.  As the icy cold water hit the back of his throat, he took larger slips, drinking so fast Magnus gently pulled the glass away. 


“Slow down.  It’s alright”.  He said.  “Don’t make yourself sick.  You’ve been through quite enough already.”


Alec cleared his throat, looking back up at the breathtakingly beautiful man by his side.  He seemed so familiar, but he wasn’t sure why.


“Um, thanks.  I don’t want to be rude, but who are you and where am I?  And why am I naked?”  Alec asked, trying not to stumble over the words.  His shyness was getting the best of him.  A crimson blush flamed across his cheeks and down his throat.


Magnus smiled.  His little Shadowhunter was absolutely adorable, and incredibly shy. 


“My name is Magnus Bane and you’re at my loft.  And your naked because your clothes were soaking wet and nearly frozen.  But if your uncomfortable I can easily dress you.”


“Dress me!?”  Alec squeaked, the color blazing across his cheeks again. 


Hearing the distress in his angel’s voice Magnus frowned, snapping his fingers, dressing Alec in his softest cotton sweats, thick wool socks, and a loose soft cotton t-shirt. 


“Better?”  He asked.


“Um, yeah.  Uh…who…who undressed me?”  Alec asked, obviously embarrassed, cheeks still pink.


As Magus opened his mouth to answer, Alec blurted “Magnus Bane!  Your Magnus Bane?  The High Warlock of Brooklyn?  How?  Why am I here?”  He asked, trying to push himself up in the bed.  By the angel, his body had never felt so weak.  Or hurt so bad.  It was unlike any other pain he had ever known.


“Relax, Alexander.  Everything is alright now.”  Magnus said softly, gently easing Alec back into his small mountain of fluffy pillows.  “I know you have a lot of questions, and I promise, I will answer each and every one.  Let’s just take them one at a time, okay?”  He asked, voice calm and soothing.


Alec nodded, still tense.  Magnus sighed. 


“Relax.  It really is okay.  You’re okay now.  You’re safe.”  He said, injecting a touch of alpha into his tone to try and soothe his Shadowhunter. 


Alec felt Magnus’ alpha tone caress his skin and visibly shuddered.  It sent goosebumps skittering down his spine, something that had never happened to him before.  His dick twitched again.


Magnus frowned.  He saw his omega shudder, but his alpha command hadn’t had any other effect on him.  He was still tense, almost rigid.  He should have yielded to his alpha command. 


“Interesting.”  He mumbled to himself.


There was a sudden pounding on the door. 


“Let us in, Magnus.  We know he’s awake!”  Clary shouted through the door.


“I want to see my brother, damn it.”  Izzy shouted.


“Clary and Izzy are here?”  Alec asked, bolting upright so fast it made his head spin.


“Yes, Alexander.  There here.  They’ve been here since they came to me to find you.”  Magnus said with a sigh.  “I told them they could see you once you were awake.  Are you ready to see them?” 


“Yes.  Please.  I need to see my family.”  Alec said desperately as his head stopped spinning. 


Magnus waved his hand and the door swung open.  He jumped out of the way just in time as the two girls barreled in.


“Oh Alec, thank the angel you’re okay!”  Clary said, wrapping him in a tight hug. 


Magnus didn’t miss Alec’s wince.  ‘He must still be in pain’, he thought.


“By the angel, Alec, you had better not ever do anything like that again.  You scared the shit out of us!  How could you be so stupid?”  Izzy exclaimed, pushing Clary away.  She wrapped her arms tightly around Alec’s neck, holding on for dear life.


“It’s okay, Iz, Clary.  I’m okay.  I’m sorry I worried you.”  He said, giving his little sister one last squeeze before gently tugging her arms from around his neck. 


“Worried us?  You more than fucking worried us, you dick.  You scared us to fucking death, we were frantic.”  Izzy scolded, sitting beside Clary on the bed.  “When we couldn’t find you in the Institute and Clary couldn’t track you, we were terrified.” 


“Why did you deactivate your tracking rune?”  Clary asked.  She was much calmer than Izzy.


“I didn’t want to be found.”  Alec said with a shrug.  “When I realized I was in heat I knew I had to get out of the Institute as fast as I could.  I had planned to find a place to wait it out.  I don’t know what happened.”  He said, his brow furrowed in confusion.


“You should have told someone.  Either me or Iz.  We would have helped you.”  Clary said, her tone almost reprimanding.  “I’m your parabati for the angels sake.  And she’s your sister.”


“I know.  I’m sorry.  I guess I just panicked.”  Alec said, looking each girl in the eye.  “Forgive me?”


‘He has the cutest puppy dog eyes’ Magnus thought with a smile.  ‘How could anyone possibly resist them?’ 


“I’m sorry to interrupt, but Alexander needs his potion.”  Magnus said, trying to position himself beside Alec.


“My potion?  What potion?”  Alec asked, eyeing Magnus suspiciously. 


“Your pain relief potion.”  Magnus said, holding out a small dark vial.


“Clary, Izzy, what in the angels name is going on?”  Alec asked, looking to them both for answers.  Clary looked up at Magnus. 


“You haven’t told him, have you?”  She asked.


“I haven’t had the chance.  He had barely woken up when you two started beating down the door.”  Magnus said, obviously irritated. 



“Explain what?”  Alec asked, looking at his parabati.


“Um…I think you and Magnus need to talk.  We didn’t mean to interrupt.  We just needed to see you.”  She said, climbing up from the bed, Izzy following her lead.  “Take the potion, Alec.  It’s okay.  It’ll help with your…discomfort.”  She said, obviously uncomfortable.  “You and Magnus have a lot to talk about.  We’ll just be in the other room if you need us.”  She said, both girls backing towards the door.  “Take the potion.  You’ll feel better.  You’ll understand why after you do.”  She said before ducking out the door, Izzy hot on her heals. 


Magnus closed the door with a wave of his hand, snapping his fingers to lock it. 


“Their right.  We do have a great deal to discuss.  But please, drink this.”  He said, holding the potion out to Alec. 


Alec eyed it for a moment, then looked into the warlock’s eyes.  What he saw there made the decision for him.  He took the vial and downed it. 


“Good.  That’ll help.”  Magnus said, taking the vial and his place beside Alec on the bed.


“Help with what?”  Alec asked.  An instant later he knew.  The foreign soreness and pain started to ease.


“Better?”  Magnus asked, a small smile tugging at his lips.


“Yes.  Thank you.”  Alec said, his brow furrowed again.


“Somethings troubling you.  Care to share what it is?”  Magnus asked.


“Honestly, there are a lot of things troubling me.”  He said.  “Like, why am I in The High Warlock of Brooklyn’s apartment?  How did I get here?  Why did I need that potion?”  He ticked off.


“You’re here because I brought you here.  Tell me, do you remember the bridge?”  Magnus asked. 


Alec paled and looked down, unable to meet the warlock’s eyes.  He was embarrassed and ashamed, horrified at the memory of what he had done.  Wait.  What? 


“I do remember the bridge.”  He said, voice barely a whisper.  “I don’t understand how I’m still alive.  I stepped off the ledge.”  He said, a tear sliding down his cheek.


Magnus lifted Alec’s chin with a perfectly polished finger.  With his thumb he wiped the tear away. 


“I tracked you to the bridge.  You were on the ledge.  Do you remember talking to me?”  He asked, looking Alec in the eye.


“I remember talking to a man.  He wanted me to climb down.  He said that he could help me.  But I just couldn’t.  It was like I had no control.”  Alec whispered.  “But I remember taking that last step.”


“You did.  You did take that step.  It was my magic that pulled you back.  I sedated you when I did.  You were in pretty bad shape, Alexander.  Had I not, you would be dead.”  Magnus said gently, still holding Alec’s chin.


Alec remembered the voice of the man on the bridge.  The beautiful, melodic voice, trying to talk him down.  And the pull he felt.  The same pull he felt now, only much, much stronger.  An overwhelmingly intense pull. 


“The man that I was talking with.  I felt a kind of pull towards him.  That was you?”  Alec asked.


“Yes.”  Magnus said, finally releasing his mates chin.  His Shadowhunter was beginning to put the pieces together.


Alec closed his eyes, obviously working something through in his head. 


“I felt a pull towards you on the bridge.  And I feel it a lot stronger now.”  He said, eyes still shut. 


Magnus waited, giving him time to process what he had experienced. 


“And when I was starting to wake up, I smelled the most amazing scent.  Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and musk.  I smell it stronger now.  And the scent of alpha under it.  That’s you, isn’t it?  That’s your scent?”  He asked.


“Yes.”  Magnus said.


“Why is it that I can smell you, your scent, so overwhelmingly strong, over your alpha sent when that’s never happened before?”  He asked, opening his eyes to look at Magnus.


“I think you already know the answer to that, Alexander.”  Magnus said softly, wanting Alec to work it out for himself.


“When I was waking up, I felt so relaxed and at ease, happy and safe, even though I had no idea where I was.  What happened to my heat?  Did it pass?”  He asked.


“No.”  Magnus said.  “I’ve been giving you a heat suppression potion to halt your symptoms.  The itchy neck.  The increased body temperature.  The emotional overload and overwhelming ache and need you felt, the pain.  I created it to prevent omegas from going into heat, unless they wanted to.  It’s not designed to stop a heat, but it can suppress its symptoms.  But you are still in heat, which means you’re still in a delicate disposition.”


“What does that mean?  Delicate disposition?”  Alec asked, trying to take it all in.


“It means that for the next few days you won’t be your usual self.  You will be mentally and emotionally vulnerable.  Your emotions will run high and you can become easily distressed.  You will have to keep taking the potion, along with the pain relief potion, every few hours to keep your symptoms suppressed and keep you as comfortable as possible.  But it won’t fully take it all away.”


“And if I stop taking the potions?”  Alec asked.


“Then your heat will return in full force.”  


Alec bit his bottom lip as he thought. 


“That doesn’t explain why I can smell you the way I do.  Or the way that I feel when I’m around you.”  He finally said.


“How much do you know about being an omega?”  Magnus asked gently.


“Nothing.  Just that at some point I was going to go into heat.  And all of the horrible things my parents and the other Shadowhunters told me.  About how I was nothing but worthless whore now.”


A flare of anger lit inside Magnus, but he quickly forced it down.  He was making great progress with his angel and didn’t want to frighten him now.  There was much his Alexander didn’t know about him.  ‘In due time’, he thought to himself.


“Would you like me to fill in some of the blanks?”  Magnus asked. 


Alec nodded, yes. 


“Well, first, an omegas first heat is always the hardest.  In your case it was particularly difficult because you are unmated and unclaimed.  When an omega goes into heat, it’s their mate’s job to look after them.  To give them the physical and emotional support they need.  The physical symptoms come first.  The overwhelming heat as their body temperature rises, the production of slick, the itchy neck, and an almost painful need to be touched by their mate as well as an intense craving for sex.  When omegas crave sex, they crave their mates knot.  When denied the touch of their mate or the support they need, it eventually becomes an overwhelming physical and emotional pain.” 


Alec blushed furiously, but Magnus didn’t comment. 


“It’s a mate’s job to ensure that all of their omegas needs are met.  Be it physical, mental, or emotional.  Omegas become extremely emotional during heats.  They can get clingy and emotionally needy with their mate, needing constant emotional.  Omegas can also become completely overcome by their base instincts, which is to mate.  It can be all consuming.  So it’s also up to their mate to make sure that they eat, sleep, and are properly cared for in every way.  For those five days every three or four months, an omega will go through their heat until they either conceive or their heat ends.  Do you know anything about omega pregnancies?”


“No.”  Alec said, barely loud enough to hear.


“Do you remember the pain you went through when you presented?”  Magnus asked.


“You mean the gut-wrenching, someone’s ripping my insides out, just want to die pain?”  Alec asked.


“That’s the one.  While it may have felt as if someone was ripping your insides out, you were actually growing a new organ.  A uterus.  That’s what gives you the ability to bare children.”


“Is that why my parents called me a filthy omega whore and said I was only good for breeding?”  Alec asked.


Another flare of anger flashed through Magnus.  He wanted nothing more in that instant than to burn the New York Institute to the ground.  With great difficulty he pushed it back.


“Yes.”  Magnus said.  “From what I’ve heard, your parents aren’t very nice people.  At least, not towards omegas.  Did you know that there was once a time when omegas were revered by the nephilim?” 


Alec nodded, he didn’t.


“Every alpha wanted an omega to bare them many alpha children.  Omegas can produce more children than both alphas and betas combined.  While alphas and betas usually only carry one child at a time, rarely two, an omega often carries multiples.  Twins or triplets at the least.  Many times more.  The alphas felt that the more children there were, the more Shadowhunters there would be.”


“What happened?”  Alec asked.


“That’s a story for another time.  You asked why you can smell my scent, over my alpha scent, when you’ve never been able to do that before.  Do you know why?”  Magnus asked.


“Because you’re my alpha.”  Alec answered softly.


“When did you realize it?”  Magnus asked gently, brushing a lock of raven hair out of Alec’s eyes.


“When I looked into your eyes before I drank that potion.  When did you know I was your omega?”  Alec asked.


“The moment I took you into my arms on that bridge.  The instant I felt your skin against mine and smelled your beautiful scent.”  Magnus said, almost reverently.


“Is there something wrong with me?  Do you not want me?”  Alec asked, unable to meet his alpha’s eyes.


“What?!  No.  Of course not, sweetheart.”  Magnus said, lifting Alec’s chin again.  ‘How could his beautiful mate possibly think that he didn’t want him’, he wondered.  “What would possibly give you that idea?”


“Well, you’re my alpha and I’m your omega and I’m in heat and you haven’t touched me….”  Alec said, cheeks pink with embarrassment.


“Stop right there, my sweet.”  Magnus said, looking Alec straight in the eyes.  “It’s taking every ounce of willpower that I have to not take you, to not claim you and mate you.  As much as I may want it, maybe even need it, I’ve waited a long time for you.  But you don’t know me yet, and I don’t know you.  Once we get you through your heat, we can decide what to do next.  I’d love to court you, Alexander.  To shower you with all the love and adoration you deserve.  While I may have only realized that you were my mate on that bridge, it wasn’t until I looked into those breathtakingly blue eyes of yours for the first time that I fell utterly in love with you.  One look.  That’s all it took.  And I was yours.  Understand?”


“It’s going to be really hard, you know.  I was already a gay omega Shadowhunter.  Now I’m a gay omega Shadowhunter with a warlock for a mate.  My people aren’t going to be happy that my mate is a downworlder.  It’s against Clave law.”  Alec said.


“One can always deny their mate, Alexander.”  Magnus said, his heart halting in his chest.


“I don’t care that you’re a warlock, or a downworlder.  We’re all equals in my eyes.  And it helps that you look really yummy and smell even better.” Alec said, a slight blush coloring his cheeks.  But when the Clave finds out, the penalty is death.” 


“That won’t happen, sweetheart.  I will never let anyone hurt you.  We will deal with the Clave when the time comes.  But first we have to get you better and back on your feet.  Then we’ll take it from there.”  Magnus said, cupping Alec’s cheek.  Alec leaned into the touch.  “Now, you’ve had a really hard day and are still weak and probably exhausted, but you need to eat.  Is there anything specific you think you might like?  Omegas usually crave something specific while there in heat.”


“A bacon cheeseburger?”  Alec asked.  “With fries?”


Magnus smiled.  With a snap of his fingers he conjured two bacon cheeseburgers with two large fries and strawberry milkshakes.  They ate together in silence, sneaking quick glances and peeks at each other, taking each other in.  Once Magnus was sure his Shadowhunter had had enough to eat he gave him another vial of his heat suppressant and another vial of the pain relief potion.


“Try and get some sleep, my love.  I’ll make sure your friends are tended to and are comfortable.  You need to rest.”  Magnus said, tucking Alec under the soft duvet.


“Okay.”  Alec said, he really was exhausted, his heavy eyelids fluttering closed. 


Unable to resist, Magnus gently pressed a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead, sending a wave of magic through Alec, pushing him into a much needed, deep sleep. 


Standing beside him, he watched his sleeping Shadowhunter, listening to the cutest soft little snores he had ever heard for a moment before turning to leave.  They had so much more discuss, but his angel needed to rest first.



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Chapter Text

Chapter 6


 Part 1


Day 2


Alec woke suddenly to the sound of muffled shouting.  Jace shouting.  He sat up in the big luxurious bed, rubbing sleep from his eyes.  Glancing around the room he saw nothing but jewel tones and beauty, fresh flowers in vases, comfortable looking chairs and a coffee table in front of a gorgeous emerald green hearth, and what must have priceless antiques displayed on shelves.  Soft sunlight filtered through the ruby red curtains.  He looked down at the silky linens pooled around him.  He would have sworn the night before they had been gold.  Now they were the same shade as the curtains.


Something crashed against the wall outside the door, followed by more shouting. With a heavy sigh Alec climbed out of bed.  By the angel he hurt!  With the silent, graceful steps of a skilled Shadowhunter he made his way to the door.




As Alec stepped through the door, he ducked just in time to avoid getting knocked unconscious by a flying vase of red roses.  Taking a quick glance around he saw Magnus and Jace in what appeared to be a standoff. Jace was beet red in the face, and raging, a growl emanating from his chest.  He had never seen Jace so enraged, outside of battle.  Magnus stood there calmly, watching as the goldened haired teen destroyed his home, annoyed but not obviously angry.  He hadn’t noticed Alec yet.  Izzy, Clary, and Simon sat stunned and wide-eyed on the couches.  Broken furniture and shattered glass were everywhere.  ‘By the angel, how had he slept through this?’ he thought.


“What in the angels name is going on in here?!”  Alec demanded. 


Magnus turned with the speed of a demon.  Well, technically he was half demon.


“Alexander, you’re awake.  I’m so sorry, love.  I should have thought to put a silencing spell around the room.”  Magnus said, taking a step towards Alec.


“Don’t you fucking move, warlock.  You don’t go near him!”  Jace snarled.


“Jace, just calm down please and tell me what in the angels name is going on.”  Alec said gently, trying to soothe his raging brother.  He tried to never raise his voice at his siblings.  They got enough of that at the Institute.


“What is going on here,” Jace spat, “is that this filthy warlock has latched his talons into you.”


“Woah, stop right there.”  Alec commanded. This was Alec in commander mode.   He could rival any alpha any day.  “You will NOT, and I repeat, WILL NOT speak to him or about him that way.  You know better than that.  You know just as well as I do that downworlders are not filthy.  And you yourself fought beside hundreds of them in the Dark War.  Magnus may be a warlock, but he has not latched his talons into anything.”  Alec chastised. 


Jace visibly paled at Alec’s tone, having been scolded by his older brother.  Magnus was impressed, arching a perfectly shaped eyebrow.  An omega ordering an alpha.  His mate was something to behold.


“Don’t you get it, Alec?  We came to him for help, to find you.  YOU, being the only male omega in centuries, and magically you turn out to be his mate?  You seriously don’t see anything wrong with this picture?”  Jace asked, incredulous.


Alec sighed, scratching absently at the back of his neck.  Sweat was forming on his brow.


“Hold that thought, blondie.”  Magnus commanded, full alpha.  Taking up two vials he went to Alec.  “Here, darling.  Take these.  You’re a little overdue.” 


Pressing them into Alec’s palm he gently caressed Alec’s thumb.  A shiver ran down Alec’s spine at the contact.


“What are those?”  Jace demanded.


Magnus rolled his eyes and turned with a deep sigh. 


“They are potions.  One is to suppress Alexander’s heat symptoms, the other for pain.  Without them he would be in constant physical pain and emotional torment.” 


Turning back to Alec he said.  “I’m sorry, sweetheart.  Had this little encounter not occurred I would have gotten these to you sooner, before your symptoms started to return.”


“His name is Alec.  Not ‘Alexander’.  Jace snarled.  “Only his parents call him that, and he hates it.”


“Jace, shut up.”  Alec said as he downed the first potion. 


“Jace does have a point on one thing.”  Izzy said as Alec finished the second potion.


“Yes Isabelle?  Please share.”  Magnus said cordially.  He liked his mates sister far more than his adopted brother.


“Can you see where this might seem a little odd to us that Alec would just happen to be your mate?  Omegas find their mates before their first heat.”  Izzy said.


“Oh, how little you nephilim know.  So much has been kept from you, especially you, Alexander.”  Magnus said, raising Alec’s hand to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss against it.  


Another lovely shiver ran down Alec’s spine.  Alec held back a pleasured sigh.


“A meeting encounter between an omega and their mate can happen at any time.  During a heat cycle, when the omega pheromones are at their strongest, attracting their mate.  Or before an omegas first heat, therefore triggering the first heat cycle.  Then you have situations like Alexander’s where an omega suffers through their first heat after age presentation.  Or after several heats until they find their mate.  While I do understand your concern, Isabelle, I can’t help that Alexander happens to be my fated mate.  I knew the moment that I scented him, just as he knew when he scented me, that we were meant.  Alexander and I may not know each other yet, but that will change in time.  As far as his heats, I will provide him with the suppression potion for as long as he wants or needs it.  I’ve waited over 800 years for him.  I assure you; I can wait a while longer. “  Magnus said, lifting Alec’s hand for another gentle kiss. 


Alec blushed, cheeks turning a soft pink.  ‘What was this man doing him?’ he though as a wave of foreign pleasure passed through though his body, making his knees weak.


“Perhaps we should all sit down to discuss this further.   As Jace has expressed some concerns regarding Alexander being an omega and us being mates, perhaps a little history will set all of your minds at ease.  It would benefit you greatly considering your severely lacking knowledge of omega nephilim history.”


“Fine.”  Jace conceded, dropping into a chair.  “But your going to get him killed.”  He muttered under his breath.  Magnus ignored him.


“Alexander, would you like some coffee?”  Magnus asked. 


“Alec drinks tea.”  Clary chimed.  “Earl grey if you have it.”  She said with a small smile and wink for her parabati.


“Earl grey it is then.”  Snapping his fingers, a teacup and saucer appeared in his hands, tea still steaming.  “Sugar, love?”  He asked Alec.


“Blacks fine.”  Alec said, taking the offered tea.   “Magnus, your apartment.  It’s a wreck.”  Alec said, dismayed.


“Don’t worry yourself about that, love.”  Magnus said, snapping his fingers again, returning every piece of broken glass and broken or damaged furniture back to its rightful place, completely restored.  The vase with the red roses that had nearly knocked Alec unconscious was sitting beautifully on a side table, not a petal out of place.   “Better?”  


Alec could only nod, speechless.


 “Here, come sit down.”  Magnus said, guiding Alec towards an oversized plush armchair, ensuring that his mate was settled and comfortable.  Once satisfied he took a seat of his own and began to speak.


“Before I start your true education on this matter, please, tell me what you’ve been taught.”  Magnus said, addressing the group at large.


“Other than the nasty shit we’ve heard at the Institute since Alec presented, only that there hasn’t been an omega Shadowhunter in the last two hundred years.”  Izzy answered.


“Did they tell you why?”  Magnus asked, a small frown tugging at his lips.


“The race died out.”  Jace replied sullenly.


“If that was true, how would it be possible for Alexander to present as an omega if the omega race ‘died out’ over two centuries ago?  Where did his genetic makeup come from?”  He asked the group. 


For a moment there was silence. 


“He had to have received the omega gene from somewhere.”  Magnus said.


“It could have lain dormant in one of his ancestors?”  Jace asked, honestly curious.


“Very good.” Magnus said.  “Alexander, do you know of any omegas in your family tree?  He asked.


“No.”  Alec said, eyes glued to the floor. 


“Not that either of our parents would have told us, if they even knew.”  Izzy said.


“Alexander?  Look at me.”  Magnus asked, worried that his mate might be distressed.  “Are you alright?  Your trembling, sweetheart.”


“I’m fine.  I was just thinking that all we know is what’s been said about me since I presented.  And none of it was informative or pleasant.”  Alec said, head snapping up.    


Magnus nodded, unsure.  He hesitated before he spoke again.


“Please, go on.”  Alec prompted.


Magnus eyed his mate, taking his measure.  He seemed tense.  He had stopped trembling, but otherwise seemed fine.


“We don’t have to get into this right now, love.”  Magnus said gently.


“It’s fine, really.  Please, go on.”  Alec said, pushing more confidence into his voice than he felt.


“If your sure.” 


“I am.”  Alec said, looking Magnus in the eye.


“Okay.  But we can stop anytime you want.” 


“Okay.”  Alec said, not backing down.


“Alright.  Where was I?  Yes.  I can tell you of a few omega Lightwood’s that I’ve known.  I guess we’ll start with Gideon.  Gideon Lightwood.” 


The Shadowhunters gasped, Alec dropping his teacup where it shattered on the hardwood floor.


“Alexander?  I meant it when I said that we don’t have to do this right now.  Not if you’re not ready for it.”   Magnus said, rushing to his side. 


“No.  I’m fine.  It’s just…my middle name is Gideon.  I was named after my father’s brother.”  Alec said.


Magnus gently ran a hand through Alec’s hair, trying to soothe him.  Alec audibly sighed at the touch.  Magnus watched as the tension drained from him.  ‘Hmm.  He likes this’ Magnus thought, storing the information away for later.


“When did you know him, Magnus?  Please, you have to tell us everything.”  Izzy pleaded, moving to her brother’s other side, wrapping him in a one-armed hug. 


Magnus struggled to hold back a growl.  Another alpha was touching his mate, twin sister be damned. 


With a snap of his fingers the shattered teacup was gone and a fresh one replaced it on the table at Alec’s side.  He reached out, gently brushing a stray lock of raven hair from Alec’s eyes.


“Are you sure you want to hear this now, darling?  Heat’s can make one very emotional and overly sensitive.”  Magnus asked Alec softly. 


The loft was quiet for a moment, a gamut of emotions playing across Alec’s face as he deliberated.


“I think I do.  I think I have to.”  Alec finally answered.


“Alright.  But promise me, anytime you want me to stop, if it becomes too much, that you’ll tell me.” 


“I will.  I promise.”  Alec said, leaning into his sisters embrace.


With one last look into Alec’s beautiful blue eyes he turned, returning to his seat.


“I met Gideon Lightwood a little over a century ago. The Gideon Lightwood I knew wasn’t your uncle but your great, great, great grandfather.  I met him at a ball.  He was his parent’s pride and joy.  At four years old he was an adorable kid.  Extremely smart and talented for his age.” 


“If it was a Shadowhunter ball, how did you get in?”  Jace asked.


“By invitation of course.  I was The High Warlock of the villages near Idris back then.  It was common for prominent families to invite me to elaborate affairs.  One never knew when they might need assistance that only a warlock could provide.  So why not go to the top?”  Magnus asked.


“Anyway, fourteen years later, as you can probably guess, he presented.  Not as the alpha his parents had expected him to be, but as an omega.  You must understand, female omegas were revered by Shadowhunters.  They tended to bare more children than alpha or beta Shadowhunters combined.  The more female omega Shadowhunters there were, the more Shadowhunter children there would be.  But Gideon presenting as an omega was a shock to the Shadowhunter world.   He was the first male omega Shadowhunter in over a century, as far as the Shadowhunters knew.   He was considered an oddity.  Unless you can access the deepest, darkest, most secured archives of the Clave, to the Shadowhunter world, what I’m about to tell you never happened.”


“What do you mean, never happened?”  Simon asked.


With a deep sigh Magnus looked Alec square in the eyes. 


“What aren’t you telling us, Magnus?”  Clary asked.


“Where do I even begin?”  Magnus asked himself, unable to tear his gaze from Alec.


“Please, Magnus, just tell us.  Whatever it is.”  Alec pleaded.


“Are you sure, love?  It’s going to be really hard to hear.” 


“I’m sure.  Please, just get on with it.”  Alec said, clutching Izzy’s hand in his.


With one last look in his angel’s crystal blue eyes Magnus made his choice.  His mate had a right to know.


“As I said, Gideon Lightwood was, to the Shadowhunter world, the first male omega to present as an omega in over a century.  But male omegas have existed for a very long time.  Only the Clave has kept that information from the Shadowhunter world.”


“Why?”  Clary asked, confusion in her bright green eyes.


“To the Clave, long before Gideon’s time, male omegas were seen as abominations.  Men shouldn’t be able to bare children.  They should present either as alphas or betas.  Omegas were meant to be women, a blessing from the angels to keep the nephilim population growing.  The Clave also didn’t tolerate homosexuality.  They considered it unnatural and ungodly.  Back then, Shadowhunters that were found to be gay were executed for no other reason than their sexuality.”


 Magnus took a deep breath before he continued. 


“Later, as the male omega population began to grow as more and more male Shadowhunters began to present as omegas, the Clave decided that since male omegas were so ‘unnatural and ungodly’, despite them being skilled and valuable Shadowhunters, that action had to be taken against these ‘abominations’.  They decided to execute the male omegas as well as their mates and children.  That was the start of what the downworld refers to as The Purge.  Once the Clave realized that not all male omegas had been executed, and that more had presented, The Purge continued.  The Clave then decided that instead of executing the male omegas mate along with their children, they would force the mate to watch while their family was brutally slaughtered before their eyes, helpless to stop it.  Then, the surviving mate was deruned, being forced into exile in the mundane world, where they would live everyday with the pain and knowledge that their mate and children were gone, having been cruelly taken from them.  The loss of a mate is devastating.  The loss of a mate and children was beyond torturous.” 


Magnus sighed deeply before he continued. 


“In my own opinion, as cruel as this may sound, I believe that they should have just killed them all instead of torturing the deruned Shadowhunters as they did.  As Shadowhunters, they knew what went bump in the night.  And without their angelic runes they no longer had the sight to see a threat coming.  A deruned Shadowhunter could walk right past a greater demon or an angry downworlder and never know they were there.  And if they were attacked, without their runes, they were as helpless as the mundanes they were born to protect to defend themselves.  They usually didn’t survive in the mundane world for long.  Most were captured by beings they could no longer see.  Several were taken prisoner where they were fed on by vampires craving the high of angel blood.  Others were captured and used as slaves because of their superior strength.  Those who refused to be used as slaves were usually beaten into submission, or, until the shattered bones and internal injuries became more than the body could bare and they died.  A few were just killed in cold blood for no other reason than that they were born a nephilim.  Those were the lucky ones.”


“The lucky ones?”  Izzy asked, incredulous.


“Oh yes, Isabelle.  It gets far worse.”  Magnus said.  He took a deep breath before continuing. 


“Homosexuality is not exclusive to the Shadow World.  It occurs in every species in our world, as well as the mundane world. This next part is far worse than anything the other exiled Shadowhunters endured.  Some of the Shadowhunters that were captured were brutally raped by multiple captors, sometimes repeatedly until they were inevitably raped to death.  The sexual abuse and physical trauma done to their bodies due to the horrific repeated sexual assaults is beyond words.  But in the end, all of the exiled Shadowhunters died horrific deaths.”


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Chapter Text

Chapter 6


Part 2


Day 2


Alec was as white as a sheet as he listened to Magnus’ words.  His pallor was well past his normal porcelain pale complexion.  He had no color in his cheeks and his eyes were out of focus.  He looked as if he would fall from his seat had Izzy not been holding him up.  A shocked silence filled the room.


Magnus moved to Alec, kneeling in front of him.  Holding Alec’s hands gently in his own he brought them to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to each one. 


“Alexander, darling.”  Magnus said softly.  “I think you could use a bit of a lie down. You don’t look well.   Would you like me to help you back to bed?”


Alec blinked, once, twice, his crystal blue eyes coming back into focus.  He sat straighter in his chair, looking at Magnus.


“Tell me about the children.  Surely some of them survived.”  Alec said.  “You said the omega fathers and children were killed and their mates were either murdered or sent into exile.  What happened to the children that escaped?  They’re had to have been some.  There just had to.” 


“Most of them were killed, sweetheart.  But there were a few that managed to get away.”  Magnus said.  “I think we should stop for now.  I think you’ve heard enough for today.” 


“No.”  Alec said.  “Keep going.  I need to know the rest.” 


“I really don’t think that’s wise.  I can see the distress in your eyes and the paleness in your beautiful cheeks.”  Magnus said, gently stroking Alec’s pale cheek.


“Please.  Finish it.  I have to know.”  Alec said.


“Are you sure, love?  I don’t want you to push yourself too far.”  Magnus said, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead.


“I’m sure.”  Alec said.


“Alright.  But you have you tell me when to stop.”  Magnus said, moving into a sitting position on the floor in front of Alec, hands still in his.


“Shortly after the Clave wiped out the male omega families, they decided that it wasn’t enough.  What happened next is what the downworlders refer to as The Great Purge.”  Magnus began.  “After the male omegas were ‘dealt with’, the Clave decided to start killing off the female omegas and their families as well.  The Clave didn’t want to chance the female omegas producing more male omegas than what were already presenting.  They thought that if they eradicated all of the omega families and their children the omega race would invariably die out.”


“How could the Clave do that?”  Izzy asked, outraged.  “These were Shadowhunters.  How could they do that to their own people, and nobody not know?” 


“In the beginning, they didn’t know.  The murders were covered up.  They were made to look like accidents.  Tragedies.  Omega houses were burned to the ground, presumably with the family still inside.  But later, during The Great Purge, they did know, Isabelle.  Or at least suspected.  While the Clave sanctioned the missions, the Shadowhunters that weren’t involved, began to put the pieces together.  It didn’t matter that the murders were being covered up.  There weren’t a lot of omega families.  But they knew something wasn’t right when all of the omega families suddenly started dying in some sort of tragic accident.”  Magnus said.


“And the children who escaped?”  Clary asked, repeating Alec’s question.


“They were taken in by downworlder families, mostly omega families, and kept hidden.  Believe it or not, most downworlders aren’t your enemy.”


“How did they hide them from the Clave?  Omega pheromones can be scented from miles away when in heat.”  Jace said.


“Omegas present in all the Shadow World species, not just the nephilim.”  Magnus said.  “But, as an extra precaution, wards were set up by warlocks.  I can’t tell you how many wards I myself have put have up over the years, blocking omega pheromones from detection.   Just as I did the moment that I carried Alexander through my portal.  I’ve blocked both his omega pheromones as well as your location.  As to the children that escaped, most of them did the same thing.  As they came of age, the ones that presented as omegas found mates and took their mates family name, and just weren’t listed on the family’s family tree.  Neither were their children.  Wards were placed around the family’s home to keep them all safe.  If the Clave was to discover that a Shadowhunter family was harboring an omega, it would have meant death for not just the omega, but the entire family.  And for the Shadowhunters that had omega mates, as their mates were hidden, it just appeared to the Shadowhunter world that they had just never found a mate.


As for the omegas that never found a mate, they generally stayed with the downworlder family that took them in.  Most were taken in by warlocks, as we could best protect them.  I took a few in myself, that’s when I created my heat suppression potion.  So the unmated omegas wouldn’t suffer through their heats.”


“You took them in?  The unmated omegas?”  Alec asked, unshed tears in his eyes.


“Yes, sweetheart.  I did.  Three.  In a way they were like my own children.”  Magnus said, wiping the tears from Alec’s cheeks.


“That’s why you know so much about omegas.  Because you cared for them?” 


“Yes.”  Magnus said.


“What about the omega children that didn’t present as omegas?  What happened to them?”  Izzy asked.


“That’s a good question, Isabelle.  Just because you’re born from an omega doesn’t mean that you’re going to present as one.  It just means that you will carry the omega gene.  A few of the children presented as alphas or betas.  Some mated, some didn’t.  But they were kept hidden as well.  Afterall, they were supposed to be dead.  They could no longer use their surnames without catching the attention of the Clave.  Most of the unmated ones decided to stay with the downworlder families that raised them, wanting to protect them, also wanting to remain close to their omega siblings.  For those that did find mates, they also took their mates family names as well, also being under the protection of warlocks.  It wasn’t safe for them to be out in the nephilim world.  But most all of them stayed near their omega family members.”  Magnus said.


“Can we go back for a minute?”  Simon asked.  “You said that the Clave has records of all of these murders.  All Shadowhunters and their children.  Hidden in secret records deep within the Clave.  Records that ‘don’t exist’ in the Shadowhunter world.  And that the surviving omegas either found their mates and were kept secret, or where kept by the downworlder families that took them in, with the siblings that presented as alphas or betas.  All kept hidden from the Shadowhunter world and the Clave.  Since all of these omega children were either mated or taken in by downworlders, is there any kind of record of them anywhere?”


“That’s also good question, Simon.  And the answer to that is yes.  The Clave has public records of all the non-omega Shadowhunter families and their children, the records you can easily access. They also have the records that ‘don’t exist’, records that only the highest-ranking Clave officials can access, dating back to before the first Purge and what happened after.  They don’t have records of the surviving omega children or what happened to them because they don’t know.  And to be honest, I’m not sure that today’s Clave officials even know about The Great Purge or about the records the Clave did keep about the murdered omega families.  That knowledge may have very well died out with the Clave members that have passed since the time of The Great Purge. 


But there is a book in the Spiral Labyrinth that has it all.  It contains everything, the names of the omega families that were killed and their children.  What happened to the surviving children, mated and unmated.  The names of the downworlder families that took them in.  It lists the names of the mated omegas as well as their Shadowhunter mates and families, their children and their mates, as well as their descendants.  It lists the unmated omegas, as well as the fates of the omega Shadowhunters that were presenting during the time of The Great Purge, and so much more.”


“What do you mean their fates?  The fates of the Shadowhunters that were presenting during the time of The Great Purge.”  Jace asked.


“It was all pretty much the same thing, just different circumstances.”  Magnus said.  “While the omega families were being killed, more omegas were presenting.  The Clave made quick work of ‘dealing’ with them.  They couldn’t out right go after a newly presented omega.  So they would just bide their time and wait.  Someone on the inside was always involved, but the results were the same.  The omega died, male or female.  Either by an ‘accident’ or ‘mishap’ while in the field or while on patrol.  Sometimes it would be a ‘horrible training exercise’ gone wrong.  None of them were ‘obviously’ murdered, but one by one as they presented, within a few months, they were dead.”


“You said that you’ve put up more wards over the years than you can count.  What did you mean?”  Clary asked.


“Established or recently presented omegas were dying one by one, either by various Shadowhunter activities, made to appear as accidents, demon attacks, that sort of thing.  If my understanding is correct, a Shadowhunter doesn’t take on a demon without backup.  It was noticed quickly by the downworld.  We had, since The Great Purge, started keeping records of all new Shadowhunter births and their presentation status.  And the Shadowhunters of the time were noticing as well.  After a couple of families lost their children, presumably because of their omega presentation, after everything they had come to know about Clave and their views on omegas, which the Clave could no longer hide, they started keeping their children home on their presentation day.  Several of the Shadowhunter families had friends or extended family that had an omega in their household and knew about the downworlders involvement.  If their child presented as an omega, they would reach out to whoever it was they knew for help.  Pretty much all Shadowhunter families knew what would happen if their child presented as an omega and kept the secret, for their child’s sake.  Once a child presented as an omega, a fire message would be sent to me or whoever the High Warlock in their area was.  Using a glamour in case it was a trap we would meet with the new omega and their family and once it was confirmed that they were in fact an omega, we would take the young omega and would get them to safety.  Then the family would create some story as to what happened to their child to report to the Clave.  They would tell them that they had presented as an alpha or a beta and that their child had somehow died. 


It didn’t take long for the Clave to start questioning the stories they were receiving.  After so many Shadowhunter deaths without bodies, they knew something was going on, they just didn’t know what.  But we got lucky.  Around that time, omegas stopped presenting.  At least in most Shadowhunter families.  Obviously, the hidden mated omegas continued to produce omega, alpha, and beta children that the Clave didn’t know about.  Regardless of the status of an omega family’s children, they were never registered with the Clave at birth, so they were never trained to be Shadowhunters.  The Clave was clueless.”  Magnus said.  “There were a lot of hidden nephilim that the Clave knew nothing about.  The only record of them is in the ‘The Omega’ chronicles, also in the Spiral Labyrinth.”


“There’s more.”  Alec said.  “There’s more, isn’t there?”  He asked.


Magnus hesitated before he spoke.  “Yes, love.  There is more.”


“I want to hear it.  I want to hear it all.”  Alec said, staring Magnus in the eye.


“I really don’t think that’ a good idea.”  Magnus protested.


“I don’t care.”  Alec shouted, throwing his teacup against the wall, shattering it.  “I NEED to know the rest.  I need to know what else the Clave has kept from us.  I need to hear it all!  What happened to Gideon Lightwood?”  Alec demanded.


Magnus sighed.  He didn’t want to fight with is mate, he could tell that he had already said too much, considering Alec’s condition.  He had pushed him too far.


“I think Magnus is right.”  Clary said, climbing from her seat and crossing to Alec.  She took his cheeks in her hands, emerald green eyes meeting crystal blue.  “I want to know the rest of it too.  I want to know what else has been kept from us and I want to know about who we’ve really been fighting for our entire lives.  I want to know about Gideon Lightwood.  But you’re not doing well, Alec.  And don’t even try and deny it.  I can feel it.  It’s twisting you up inside.  I can feel you and right now you are an emotional wreck.  I think it would be best to wait to hear the rest.  At least for right now.”  She said gently, kissing him softly on the forehead.


“You don’t understand, Clary.  You don’t know what it’s like.  For all I know the Clave is planning my ‘accidental’ death as we speak.”  Alec said.


“That’s not going to happen, Alexander.  I won’t let anyone hurt you.  I swear.”  Magnus said, squeezing Alec’s hands tightly in his own.  “We’re fated to be together.  Together we will do great things.”


“I know I’m only getting a fraction of what your feeling.”  Clary said gently.  “I don’t think I could handle the full force of what you’re going through.  But your strong.  You have always been strong.  Not just for us.  Not just for the Shadowhunters you’ve trained and led into combat countless times, but for yourself.  You have always been the strongest, most fearless person I have ever known.  But right now, my parabati, you need to understand and accept that you don’t have to be strong all the time.  You don’t always have to push yourself past your limits.  It’s okay to let someone take care of you for once.  You don’t have to carry all the worry and weight and burden all the time.  You need to take some time for yourself.  You need to let go.  Even if it’s just for tonight.”  She said, brushing a stray lock of hair from his eyes.


“She’s right.”  Magnus said.  “You’ve been through so much in a very short amount of time, love.  A little too much, I think.  And part of that is my fault.  I shouldn’t have gotten into this with you yet.  That was wrong of me.  For that I am so, so sorry.   More than you will ever know, but I promise that I will tell you everything.  But I just can’t right now, sweetheart.”  He said, raising Alec’s hands to his lips.


“I don’t know how to let go, Magnus.  It’s been expected of me my entire life, to take it all on, to do the hard stuff, to make the hard choices and make the sacrifices for the sake of everyone else.  I’ve always been pushed to push myself to the max, every day, to be the best at everything.  I don’t know how to take time for me, because I never have before.  I’ve never been able to.  Even when I was sick or injured, I was expected to be up and back at it way before the doctors at the Institute said I was ready.  I don’t know how to let someone else take care of me.  It’s never happened before, no one’s ever taken care of me but me.”  Alec said, tears streaming down his cheeks.


Alec’s words broke Magnus’ heart.  He had known that his mate was the best Shadowhunter in the Shadow World.  That he was a hero.  That he was the best of the best, having trained both himself and his team to be the best.  But he had no idea as to how that came to be.  And the weight of his loves words just shattered him inside.  The pain in his voice, the fear of letting go, the sound of his helplessness.  His wonderful, precious omega was most defiantly in a very delicate state and would need to be tended to carefully.  And quickly.


“I know that this is really hard for you, but I need you to trust me, sweetheart.  Like Clary said, you don’t have to be strong all the time.  It’s okay for you to let someone else take care of you for a while.  And right now, you really need that.  So what do you say, can you trust me?  Can you trust me to take care of you?  I’m your alpha, remember?  It’s my job to make sure that you have everything you need.  Can you let me do that?  Magnus asked.


With a deep, exhausted sigh Alec said “Yes, I trust you.”


“Thank you, love.” Magnus said.  Snapping his fingers three small vials appeared in his hand.


“Here.  Drink these.  They’ll help.”  Magnus said, uncorking the first bottle.  He held it to Alec’s lips, helping him swallow it.  Uncorking the second he did the same.  Then the third.  


“There now.  You’ll start feeling better before you know it.  Let’s get you to bed, okay?”  Magnus asked.


Alec nodded, moving forward in his chair.  As he tried to stand, Magnus caught him gracefully before he could fall, scooping him up into his arms.  Alec’s head immediately fell to rest at Magnus’ neck, against his scent glands.  Alec took a deep breath of Magnus’ alpha scent and instantly fell asleep in his arms.




Magnus softly closed the bedroom door behind him.  Izzy and Clary were waiting impatiently outside the door.


“How’s my brother?”  Izzy asked anxiously.


“He’s sleeping.  I gave him a sleeping draft before I put him to bed.  He should sleep until morning.”  Magnus said.


“So what happens now?” Clary asked.


“Well, I would imagine that your Institute will have noticed your absence.”


“We don’t want to go back.”  Izzy said.  “And I don’t want to leave my brother.”


“Alexander is in good hands, Isabelle.  I will take care of him.  He is my mate after all.”  Magnus assured.  “I’ll tend to his every need.”


“So we just go back to the Institute and pretend like nothing’s happened?  That we don’t know what we know?”  Clary asked.


“For now, yes.  You can not reveal any of the information that I have given you.  No one can know.  Trust no one but each other.  I know that your angry, and that it’s going to be difficult.  But for now, it’s necessary.” 


“Why?  Why is it necessary?” Izzy demanded.


“Because it could put you all in danger.  Alexander wouldn’t want that.  After everything has been revealed, we can discuss what happens next.  But there is still a lot you don’t know.”


“So what do we tell the Institute when we get back?  When they ask where we’ve been?” Clary asked.


“I would recommend that you give them a partial truth.  That once you awoke you found that Alexander was gone from the Institute.  Once you realized that he had gone into heat, you went to search for him.  Your Shadowhunters.  Your trained to be out in the field for extended periods of time when necessary, are you not?”  Magnus asked.


“We are.”  Izzy replied sullenly.


“Then tell them that you’ve spent this time in search of Alexander.  You’re his sister and parabati.  Of course you would search longer and harder.  Tell them that he has deactivated his tracking rune and you were unable to use Clary’s parabati bond to locate him.  You checked everywhere you could think of.  Finally, you decided to come back and start fresh in the morning.”


“And what about them not being able to track us?  They can trace us through our tracking runes.”  Clary said.


“I’ve copied your rune signatures and have magically been sending them out all over the city.  For the sake of appearances, they’ve been able to see you moving all over Brooklyn.”  He assured.


“You can do that?”  Izzy asked.


“Of course.  I’m not The High Warlock of Brooklyn for nothing.  But I do recommend that you get back as soon as possible as you have been gone so long.  Deactivate your tracking runes when you reach the lobby.  Don’t reactivate them until you are a good distance from here.  And don’t worry about Alexander.  I will take good care of him.”


“How will we get back?”  Clary asked, chewing her bottom lip. 


“I don’t see why you can’t come back tomorrow.  I don’t see why the Institute wouldn’t have every available Shadowhunter out searching for Alexander.  He is the Clave’s best Shadowhunter, is he not?  Would it not raise suspicion with the Clave if no one was out searching for him?  Regardless of his omega status, especially his own team?” 


“It would, actually.  The Institute should have other Shadowhunters out searching for him now.”  Clary said.


“Well then, that settles it.  I can easily copy your rune signatures again and project them all over the city again tomorrow.  They would blend in with every other Shadowhunter out searching.  Just a forewarning though.  Someone from the Institute may very well come to my door seeking assistance from The High Warlock in locating Alexander.  But not to worry.  His omega pheromones won’t be detected, inside or out.  I will go through the motions of attempting to locate him and fail to do so if necessary.  And I will instruct all the other warlocks in Brooklyn to do the same if asked.  I’ll know as soon as someone nears the building if there nephilim.  I will just have to have Alexander tucked away while there here, he’ll be well hidden.” 


“Okay.  As much as I hate it, you’re right.  I don’t want to leave my brother, but we do need to get back.  We’ll be back first thing tomorrow.”  Izzy said.


“One more thing before you go.  Clary, you will have to maintain that you can still feel Alexander through your parabati bond.  And they may ask you to keep trying to track him.  You will just have to fail at each attempt.  They have to believe that Alexander is alive.” 


Clary nodded, still chewing her lip. 


“And if they ask what I’m feeling through the bond?”  She asked.


“Tell them that you feel pain and distress, and overwhelming anxiety, but mostly pain.  Now, off you go.  The sooner you get back, the better.”


Without another word Magnus turned back to the door he had just come through and quietly slipped inside, leaving the Shadowhunters to show themselves out.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 6


Part 3


Day 3


The OP’s center was full of Shadowhunters.  Clary and the team were huddled together at the back of the room.  Maryse Lightwood stood at a podium.  She looked like an older, uptight version of Izzy with a constant scowl, her ebony hair pulled back into a tight bun.  The Shadowhunters were talking quietly to themselves.


“If I may have your attention, please.”  Maryse said, a full alpha command.


Everyone stopped and turned to face her at the podium.


“As you all know, my son, Alexander Lightwood has now been missing for three days.  He’s deactivated his tracking rune, but we still believe him to be in the city.  His parabati, Clary Fairchild, can still sense Alexander through their parabati bond.  Wherever he is, he’s in distress and is probably unable to defend himself from an attack or any other danger in his ‘condition’.  You have all done an excellent job in the search for him since his disappearance.  I must give my personal gratitude to his team, as they have been attempting to locate him from the beginning, before the rest of this Institute became aware of his absence.  They are Clary Fairchild, Isabelle Lightwood, Jace Herondale, and Simon Lewis.  I can’t thank you enough for your extensive efforts in trying to find your leader and my son.  For those of you new to us today, The New York Institute is grateful for your arrival.  While I may seem biased as Alexander is my oldest child, I feel it is imperative that we locate him and return him to the Institute as soon as possible.  Ms. Fairchild has and will be continuing to attempt to locate him through their parabati bond.  We will also continue to try and locate him through his tracking rune, should he reactivate it.  Also, as I speak, my husband, Robert Lightwood, is on his way to see The High Warlock of Brooklyn, with hopes that perhaps Warlock Bane can assist in locating Alexander.”


Whispers broke out amongst the crowd.


“Silence, please!”  Maryse commanded.


The room went quiet as all attention was returned to her at the podium.


“Thank you.  Now, you’ve all been split into teams and given your orders.  Alexander’s team will continue searching using Ms. Fairchild’s parabati bond.  You will all receive new information as we receive it.  Thank you.”  She said curtly.  Without another word she turned and left the OP’s center. 


The gathered Shadowhunters started speaking in earnest, some discussing strategy during their search, others whispering that it was a waste of resources to spend so much time and dispatching so many Shadowhunters to look for an ‘omega whore’.


Hearing the degrading words of the various Shadowhunters made Clary’s blood boil.  She stood there, seething, unable to speak.  ‘How can they think so little of him after all that he’s done’ she thought.  Sensing her distress Jace wrapped her in her in his arms, offering comfort and support.


Izzy was just as enraged as Clary.  However, she could speak. 


“Hey!”  Izzy shouted, full alpha.  All eyes turned to her.  “Anybody who has a problem helping to find my missing brother, say it now and say it loud, TO MY FACE!´  She demanded.  “My brother may be an ‘omega’, but he is still by far a better Shadowhunter than any of you.  By the angel, he trained more than half of you.  He’s the best and you all know it.  So if you have a problem with this mission, speak now and take your leave.”  She commanded with as much alpha as she could muster. 


Several Shadowhunters cringed at her command.  Simon wrapped his arms around her waist to try and calm her.  She was shaking with rage.


The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.  No one dared to speak.  They all knew of Alexander Lightwood and his skills in combat, and those of his team.  They were bad ass, and deadly when they needed to be.  They all knew that his sister, or any of his teammates, could drop them on their asses in a heartbeat without so much as blinking.  Challenging her was worse, and considerably more dangerous, than challenging Maryse Lightwood herself.


“Nobody?”  Izzy asked, voice seething.


Silence filled the room.


“Then get to it.  You have your orders.”  She commanded.


Quickly the Shadowhunters that filled the OP’s center gathered their gear and filed out in pairs, no one daring to look back at her.


“It’s alright, love.  He’s fine and you know it.”  Simon whispered in her ear.  “Just calm yourself.” He said, kissing her lightly on the cheek.  She huffed out a breath, obviously still angry.




Magnus looked down at his sleeping Shadowhunter.  The sleeping draft he had given him the night before had him still sleeping peacefully.  His angel was beautiful, especially when he slept.  He couldn’t help but gaze lovingly at his mate while he looked so innocent and pure.


Suddenly one of his wards went off.  A ward only he could hear, indicating that a nephilim was outside the building.  He had been expecting this.  His mates team weren’t due for another few hours.  Ever so gently he ran his hand through Alec’s hair, sending a gentle wave of magic into his sleeping angel, pushing him into a heavier, deeper sleep.  One that it would take some time for him to emerge from.  Leaning down he kissed his love gently on the forehead before he turned and left, magically sealing and soundproofing the room behind him.



Magnus waited a moment before answering the buzzer at the door.  He wondered who it would be, Maryse; the unloving mother, Robert; the brutal and heartless father, or some random Clave official who probably really didn’t give a damn.  He waited as the buzzer sounded again.  With a sigh he pushed the answer button.


“Who dares disturb The High Warlock of Brooklyn!”  He barked into the speaker.


“Robert Lightwood, from The New York Institute. I need your help.”  Came Robert’s voice through the speaker.


‘So it’s the brutal and heartless father’ Magnus thought. 


“And what service do you seek here?”  Magnus asked.


“I need help locating a missing Shadowhunter.”  Robert replied.


“Shadowhunters disappear and die every day.  Why should I help you with this one?”  Magnus asked, curious to hear the answer.


“Because he’s my son.”  Robert said, voice strained.


Magnus waited a minute before he replied.  He wanted Robert to stew.


“Come on up.  Penthouse.  And you’ll have to use the stairs.”  Magnus finally said, pressing the buzzer to unlock the door downstairs.


‘He sounded tired.  Perhaps he truly is worried about his son.’  Magnus thought as he waited for Robert to eventually reach the landing.  Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on his door.  Magnus was just finishing his cup of coffee. 


Walking to the door Magnus magically unsealed it before unlocking and opening it.  On the other side stood a very exhausted and disheveled looking Robert Lightwood.  He looked as if he hadn’t slept, and the bags under his eyes suggested he may have been crying.  Magnus held his pity.  He wanted to hear what Robert had to say for himself first.


“Warlock Bane.  Thank you for seeing me.  I’m in desperate need of your help.  My son is a missing omega Shadowhunter.  I beg of you, please help me.”  Robert pleaded.


“Come inside.”  Magnus said, wondering if he had perhaps misjudged the elder Lightwood.


He stepped aside, allowing Robert entrance.  In his hands he carried Alec’s bow and quiver.


“What is that?”  Magnus asked, knowing full well what it was.


“It’s my sons.  I’m sure you’ve heard of The Archer?”  Robert asked.  “My son is Alexander Lightwood.”


“I see.  And why have you brought this?”  Magnus asked, honestly curious.


“We’ve tried tracking him with every personal effect we’ve been able to find.  Short of clothing and a few photos there isn’t much.  Then I thought of this.  I can’t tell you how many times over the years Alexander has said that his bow felt like an extension of himself.  I thought perhaps it might be the strongest personal effect there is.”  Robert said, extending it out to Magnus.


Magnus took it carefully from Robert’s outstretched arms.  He knew this would be most precious to his sleeping mate.


“Tell me.”  Magnus said.  “Why reach out to a ‘downworlder’ to locate your missing son?  You said that he presented as an omega.  If memory serves, the Clave doesn’t look to kindly towards omegas.”


“I don’t give a damn what he presented as.  He’s my son and he’s missing.  I have no idea what kind of condition he’s in or what kind of danger.  The only reason that I know he’s even still alive is because of his parabati.  I need to find him and know that he’s safe.”  Robert said, voice weary and exhausted.  He appeared to be a nearly broken man.


‘Hmm…he seems sincere enough.  And looks like an exhausted father who’s been searching for his son for just over two days’.  Magnus thought.


“There are several spells I can try to use to locate your son, Mr. Lightwood.  But it will cost the Institute dearly.”


“Whatever the cost, we’ll pay it.  You have my word.  I just want my boy back.”  Robert said, tears welling in his eyes.


“Very well.  Unfortunately I can only perform one spell at a time, and I have dozens I can try.  It will take some time to try them all.  I will send you a fire message if I locate him, or, if after exhausting all measures, I can’t.  But you need to leave this here with me.  Each of my spells require a strong personal effect.  I assure you no harm will come to it.”  Magnus said gently.  He had heard the sincerity in Robert’s voice.  He truly did care about his son.


“Thank you.  Thank you so much.”  Robert said, a touch of hope in his voice.  “I’ll leave you to it then.”


Gently laying Alexander’s bow on the counter Magnus escorted Robert to the door.


“I’ll let you know as soon as I know something.”  Magnus assured.  Robert reached out to shake Magnus’ hand.  Hesitantly he returned the gesture. 


Once Robert had left, Magnus locked and magically resealed the doors.  He had a lot to think about. 




Magnus sat beside Alec on the bed, watching as his Alexander slept.  He didn’t want to wake him, his angel needed the rest.  But the others were here.


“Alexander, sweetheart, it’s time to wake up.”  Magnus said gently, stroking Alec’s porcelain pale cheek, marveling at the softness.  Alec stirred at the touch.


“Come one, love.  Open your eyes.”  Magnus encouraged.  “Your friends are here.”


Alec groaned in pain.


“I know, angel.  It’s time for your potions.  Let me see those beautiful blue eyes.”  Magnus said, lifting Alec’s hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to it.


Alec’s eyes fluttered open as a pleasant shudder skittered down his spine, eyes still fogged over with sleep.


“There you are.  Good morning.”  Magnus said, pressing a second kiss to Alec’s hand.  “I have a few things for you.  I want you to drink this one first.  It’ll help wake you up.”  He said, uncorking a small vial.


Alec tried to sit up, but pain shot through him.


“No, no.  I’ll bring it to you.  I know your hurting.”  Magnus said as Alec fell back into his pillows.  Tilting Alec’s head up slightly he put the vial up to Alec’s lips.  Alec downed the contents with a grimace.


“What in the angels name was that?”  Alec asked, nearly gagging on the potion. 


Magnus quickly pressed a straw to Alec’s lips.  Alec drank greedily.


“Sorry about that, love.  I know it has an awful taste.  But it was necessary.  Just drink and rinse your mouth out.”  Magnus said.


“I don’t think awful is the right word for that, please don’t ever give me that again.”  Alec said, pushing the water away.


“I’m sorry, sweetheart.  But the others are here and are anxious to see you.  Now for these.  These your used to.”  Magnus said, uncorking the second vial. 


This time Alec took it from him, swallowing the contents.  Uncorking the third vial, Alec did the same.


“There.  That should have you feeling better in no time.”


Alec sighed deeply.


“Is this pain ever going to end?”  Alec asked, considerably more awake than he was.


“It will.  I promise.  Just a few more days to go and your heat will pass.”  Magnus said, brushing a stray lock of hair from Alec’s eyes.  “Feel better?”


“Quite a bit, actually.  Can I sit up now?” 


“Yes.  But do it slowly.  That was a potent sleeping draft I gave you last night, and you were already exhausted.”  Magnus said, helping Alec into a sitting position.


Alec tried stretching out his arms.  His heat made him feel weak, tired, and sore.


“Missing your morning routine?”  Magnus asked, watching his mate try and loosen his muscles.


“Yes and no.  I love waking up here.  I love being near you, smelling your scent.  Waking up to that is the best part of my day.”  Alec said with a smile.  “But I do miss my early morning workouts, when it’s just me, or my early mundane classes before everyone else is up.  And I miss working out and training with my team.  Even when it does make my muscles ache and scream for relief.  It feels weird not getting a good work out in.  I also miss planning missions and hunting.”


 “Well, once your heat has passed and your fully back on your feet, I’ll build you a training room.”  Magnus said, with a small smile for his Shadowhunter.  “How’s that sound?”


“It sounds great.  You said my team is here?”  Alec asked.


“Yes.  And waiting for you.  Have the potions taken full effect?” 


“I think so.  And I think I may have made a bit of a mess again.”  Alec said, blushing.


“Don’t worry, love.  It’s just a little slick.  Nothing a quick wash won’t fix.  It’s to be expected.  Why don’t you go grab a quick shower and get dressed?  I laid out some clothes for you in the bathroom.”


Alec sighed.  He missed his own clothes, and his gear.  He missed being a Shadowhunter.


“What is it, angel?”  Magnus asked, concerned.


“It’s nothing really.  I just kinda miss some of my own things.”  Alec said.  “Not that yours aren’t great.  I just miss my own.”


“I understand, but we’ll remedy that.”  Magnus said, forward to kiss Alec’s forehead.  “I’ll be out with the others if you need me.”


“Okay.  I’ll be right out.” 


Magnus stood and quietly slipped out the door.  His mate deserved some privacy. 


With a heavy sigh Alec climbed out of bed.  He stood, looking down at the slick soaked ruby linens, slick running down the back of his thighs.  Without a backward glance, he crossed the room to the bathroom.



Alec stepped into the living room.  His family was sitting comfortably on various couches, couches that weren’t there the day before, munching on muffins and drinking coffee.  Clary was the first to notice him.


“Alec!  There you are.”  Clary said, handing her coffee to Jace.  Before he could blink, she jumped into his arms, squeezing him in a tight hug.  “We’ve been so worried about you.”  She whispered into his neck.


“It’s okay, Clary.  I’m fine.   Just a little sore.”  Alec said, gently prying her off him.


“Oh, sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.”  She said, quickly pulling back from him.  Izzy was right behind her.


“Move, parabati.  I want to hug my brother.”  Izzy said, nudging Clary aside.  She stepped gently into her big brothers warm embrace.  “I missed you so much.  I know it was just one night but it’s not the same not having you home.”


“Is it even my home anymore?”  He asked, so softly only she could hear.


“That, I honestly don’t know.”  She whispered back.  “But the Clave has sent more Shadowhunters to the Institute to help with the search for you.”  She said, letting her brother go.  “Come sit down.  Magnus made muffins and coffee.  There delicious.  But I know you’ll ruin it with tea.”  She said, tugging him towards the couches.  He had no choice but to follow.


Midway to their Alec stopped.


“Is that my bow?”  He asked, both shocked and delighted.


“Yep.  And you’ll never guess who brought it.”  Jace said, lifting his coffee mug in greeting.


Alec reached out, running his hand reverently across the one thing that meant the most to him.  A piece of himself.  He picked it up, feeling the pull of the string.  It felt wonderful in his hands.  Like an old friend.  Picking up an arrow he smoothly notched it.


“Careful with that, please.  I know that you’re an expert with it, but it is a deadly weapon.”  Magnus said, smiling at his Shadowhunter.


Alec carefully unnotched the arrow and returned it to his quiver, then carefully laid down the bow beside it.


“How did it get here?”  He asked, still awed that his most precious possession had somehow been returned to him.


“Come sit, and I’ll fill you in.”  Magnus said.


Alec walked into the new ‘living room’ and looked around for a seat.


“Sit here, darling.  It’ll be the most comfortable place for you, I made the cushions extra cushy.”  Magnus said, leading Alec to an overstuffed, comfortable looking armchair.  Beside it, on a small table, sat a steaming cup of tea and a basket of various oversized muffins.  “What kind of muffin would you like?” 


“Actually, I’m not hungry just yet, but I will take the tea.”  Alec said, hoping to placate his mate.  He didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but he had absolutely no appetite.


“Alexander, you have to eat.  You haven’t eaten since the day you got here.  That was two days ago.”  Magnus said, worried.


“I know. I guess my stomach isn’t really awake yet.  I’ll have one in a bit.  I promise.”  He said, reaching up to squeeze Magnus’ hand.


“Okay.  I’ll buy that for now.  But I’m going to hold you to your promise.”  Magnus said, giving a firm squeeze back.  He was growing concerned about his mates lack of appetite.  Omegas usually have constant cravings while in heat when they’re not mating.  ‘Maybe the suppression potion is suppressing his appetite as well.’  He thought with a frown.  “But please drink your tea.  It’s important for you to stay hydrated.”


“I will.”  Alec said, picking up the still steaming mug.


Magnus turned, taking a seat across from Alec.  He was flanked on each side by two Shadowhunters and his omega across from him, completing a circle. 


“So.”  Magnus began.  “As I expected I received a visit from one of The Heads of The New York Institute this morning.”


Alec choked on his tea. 


“Excuse me?  Run that by me again?”  Alec asked, still coughing intermittently.  “Who was it?  And why?”  He asked, anxiously setting his tea aside.


“It was your father.  He’s the one who brought your bow.  I had suspected that once all Shadowhunter methods of tracking you failed, they would come to me for assistance, being The High Warlock of Brooklyn.  I just didn’t know who it would be.”  Magnus said gently.


“My father was here?  What did he say?”  Alec asked, obviously distressed by this news.


“Calm yourself love, and I’ll tell you.  He came to me asking for help.  It was less of a ‘I’m The Head of The New York institute demanding that The High Warlock of Brooklyn bow before me and do as I ask’ and more of a ‘I’m here because I’m trying to find my missing son’.  He brought your bow for me to use to try and track you.  I stalled him of course.”


“He, of all people, wants to find me?  What in the angels name for?!  Does he want to see me murdered by the Clave or does he just want to do it himself?  I’m an embarrassment to the mighty Lightwood name, remember?  I’m a disgrace and never should have been born.  I’m not worthy of my nephilim blood.  I’m just a filthy omega whore.  He’s been nothing but cruel and hateful to me since I presented.  Was he ever warm and fuzzy?  No.  If he ever was, I was too young to remember it.”  Alec said, cheeks flushed with anger.


“Calm yourself, sweetheart.  Or this ends here.”  Magnus said, pushing alpha into his tone.  This time Alec didn’t shutter in response, he was too angry.


“Hear Magnus out, Alec.  We don’t know what dads intentions were.”  Izzy said.


“I don’t give a damn about his intentions.  Even if you set the last three months aside, Izzy, that doesn’t change a whole lot.  He’s always treated me like shit.  Pushing me, belittling me in training and in the field.  Always pushing me harder than everyone else.  You got off easy with him, Iz.  I didn’t.”  Alec said, practically taking her head off.


“Maybe there’s more to that than we know.”  Clary said, the voice of reason.  “Maybe he did push you too hard, and I’m not saying that it was either right or fair.  But look at you.  You’re the best Shadowhunter in the world.  I know your parent’s have always treated you badly, and I understand your anger.  But maybe there was a reason that he pushed you harder than everyone else.  Maybe he was just trying to help you reach your full potential.”


“That’s bullshit and we both know it, Clary, so please don’t feed me that crap.”  Alec snapped.


“Watch it.”  Jace warned, pulling Clary protectively into his arms.


“Oh for the angels sake, Jace!  Do you really think that I would hurt her?  My own parabati?”  Alec asked, incredulous.


“Right now man, I don’t know what you’ll do.  This whole omega hormone shit has sort of rattled your brains.  And your proving it now.”  Jace said defensively.


“Alright, everybody.  Let’s just take a deep breath and calm down.  Alexander, honey, come here.”  Magnus said.


“Why?” Alec asked, petulant.


“Just come here please.”  Magnus asked gently.


With a huff Alec climbed out of his chair and crossed the room to Magnus.  Magnus reached up, pulling him into his lap.  Gently he pushed Alec’s nose into his scent glands.


“Just breathe, angel.  Just breathe and calm yourself.”  Magnus said softly, stroking Alec’s hair.  Alec took in a deep breath of Magnus’ alpha scent.  With a soft sigh he rested his head on Magnus’ shoulder.  “That’s right.  Just breathe.”


With each breath Alec’s anger began to ease.  His alphas scent was wrapping around him like a warm blanket, filling him with a promise of warmth and safety.  Breath by breath his anger faded.


“Better?”  Magnus asked once he felt Alec relax in his arms.  Alec could only nod, yes.  “Good.”


“Are you alright, Alec?”  Clary asked, already knowing the answer.  She could feel the sense of peace that had passed through her parabati once he had his mates sent to calm him.  As much as it comforted her with all that had been going on to know and feel that her parabati was safe, she would be glad when his heat ended, and she could no longer feel his every emotion as if it where her own.


“Yes, Clary.  Thank you.”  Alec said softly, still nestled in Magnus’ lap.


“And you!”  Clary said, rounding on Jace.  “You should know that Alec would never hurt me.  We’re parabati.  Omega hormones or not.  He isn’t capable of hurting me, or any of us.  We’re his team.  We’re family.  Do you really believe that if a greater demon came barreling through that door that Alec wouldn’t be the first one in the line of fire, heat or no heat?  Apologize. Now!”


Jace visibly paled at this mates words.  He knew she was right.  No matter what condition Alec might be in, he would always put his family first.


“Alec, I’m sorry.  I was out of line.”  Jace said.


“It’s okay.”  Alec murmured, falling asleep in Magnus’ arms.


“Okay.  I think you’ve had enough, love.”  Magnus said, rising to his feet with Alec in his arms.  He crossed over to Alec’s chair and sat him gently back down.  “Now take a few nice, deep breaths for me.”


Alec did as Magnus asked and his head began to clear.


“What was that?”  Alec asked, still groggy as Magnus snapped his fingers, warming his tea.


“An omega is more sensitive to their mates scent while in heat.  It’s far more potent and quite intoxicating.”  Magnus said gently, handing Alec his tea.  “Drink this.  The hit of caffeine will help.”


Watching Alec sip his tea, Magnus returned to his seat. 


“Now, where was I?  Right.  Robert Lightwood came to see me this morning.  I was honestly surprised when I saw him.  Not because he was Robert Lightwood, Head of The New York Institute, but because of the way he looked as well as his demeanor.  He looked for all the world like he hadn’t slept in days.”  Magnus said, eyeing Alec.  “When I asked him why he was here, he said he needed help ‘because his son was missing’ and ‘he needed to find him to know that he was safe’.”


“Why?”  Alec asked.  “Why does he care that I’m ‘missing’ and ‘why does he need to know I’m safe’?  He’s never given a damn about my safety before.  He’s never expressed any kind of concern over any of us before.  Ever.  We’re Shadowhunters.  Danger is our middle name.  And why in the angels name do I suddenly matter?  I’m an omega, remember?  A disgrace.”


“I’m glad you brought that up, sweetheart.  I asked him something similar about your omega status and he said, and I quote, ‘he didn’t give a damn what you presented as, he just wants his boy back’.”  Magnus said.


The Shadowhunters in the room sat in a shocked silence.  Alec tried and failed to form words.  Finally, after several attempts, he spoke.


“He doesn’t give a damn that I’m an omega?  Well, he had some pretty shitty ways of showing it.  I don’t know what he’s up to, but I’m sorry, I don’t buy it.”  Alec said, dropping his head in his hands.


“I agree.”  Izzy said.  “I don’t buy it either.  You didn’t see the way Alec was treated Magnus.  Not just by the other Shadowhunters, but by our parents.  I know that they expected him to present as a strong alpha, and was trained as such, and that they were shocked when he presented as an omega instead.  But that that didn’t give them the right to treat him how they did.  To say the things they said.  He’s their oldest child and when Alec needed them the most, after his presentation, they just weren’t there.  Not in any good way.  Not in any ‘I’m worried about my son’ way.  Their up to something and I have no clue what it is, but I don’t think it’s anything good.”


“That may very well be.  Sweetheart, is there anything more you’d like to say?”  Magnus asked, aching inside at the look of heartbreak on his angels face.


“No.”  Alec said.  “But I really don’t want to hear anymore.”  He said, standing up to leave.


“So you don’t want to hear about Gideon Lightwood?”  Magnus asked.


“What does one have to do with the other?”  Alec asked with an exasperated sigh.


“Sit back down, love.  You’ll understand a lot more once you know everything.”  Magnus said.


“Fine.  Only because I want to know about Gideon.”  Alec said, dropping back into his chair. 


He wanted to leave.  He wanted to hide.  From his mate, from his family.  He didn’t want them to see him cry.  They had already seen him be too emotional and vulnerable in the last two days.  He wouldn’t show them anymore weakness. 


He was their leader.  Their commander.  He was supposed to be the strong one.  He was supposed to be strong for them.  It was his job to be caring and compassionate when need they needed him to be, it was his job to be the shoulder to cry on when they needed comfort, and it was his job to give them his unyielding support in any situation. 


Yes, he could be hard on them sometimes, but that was because he loved them.  He wanted them to be the best, not just to be the best, but because he wanted them to be safe and well equipped enough to handle anything.  He wanted them to be faster and stronger, to have skills no other Shadowhunters had ever had so they might just live long enough to grow old and have families. 


Most Shadowhunters died young.  He didn’t want that for them, so they were the ones he would learn more for, train more for, to train them for what was out there.  It was his job to teach them anything and everything he could.  He would do anything for them, but his pain and tears were his and his alone.  Just like they always have been.


“I think we should take a break.”  Clary said.  The tumult of Alec’s emotions where breaking her heart.  She may not know what he was thinking, but she knew that he was in pain.  She could feel his heartache.


“I think that would be wise.”  Magnus said, having watched the emotions play across his beloveds face.  “How about we reconvene in about fifteen minutes?”


A chorus of yeses and agreements came from the Shadowhunters.  Alec didn’t make a sound.


“Fifteen minutes then.  Feel free to help yourself to additional refreshments.”  Magnus said, climbing from his seat.


As his mates family scattered across the loft getting into Lilith knows what, Magnus went to his mate.  Stopping in front of him he crouched down, taking his angels his hands in his own.


“Sweetheart, I’m not going to ask you if you’re okay because I know you’re not.  I can only ask if there is anything I can do to help.  Is there anything, anything at all that I can do that will help you?”  Magnus asked softly.  He was worried that he had once again pushed his omega emotionally too far.  But he had had a right to know about his father’s visit.


“Is there anywhere that I can target practice?”  Alec asked, barely more than a whisper.


“You mean with your bow?  If that will help, I can find a place.”  Magnus said, relieved that his mate may have an outlet for his emotions.  “How far of a distance do you need?”


“I don’t know.  Five hundred feet?”  Alec asked. 


Magnus was momentarily shocked by his Shadowhunters request.  He knew that the Shadow World called him The Archer, and that he was the most skilled Shadowhunter alive with a bow, but that was a far greater distance than he had expected.


“Get your bow and meet me at the patio doors.”  Magnus said, bringing Alec’s hand up for a gentle kiss.


Standing, Magnus crossed to the patio doors and opened them.  He stood, looking out, trying to find the furthest target he could.  After several minutes of searching he spotted a building a little over six hundred feet away.  Magically he placed a concealed target on the side of the building.  He turned to call for his mate, but he was already there, standing behind him.


“Is that far enough, love?  I can find one closer if you would like.” 


“It’s fine.  I can see it well enough.”  Alec said, confident.


“Okay.  I’ve cast a strong glamour from here to there.  No one will see you as long as you stay within the loft.  And only we can see you shoot.  No one will know, be it downworlder, nephilim, or mundane.  Your arrows will be invisible to them.”  Magnus said, stepping to the side. 


The rest of the team had gathered around behind Alec, giving him plenty of room to move.


“This will be fun.”  Jace whispered to Clary.  “How many times do you think he will split his arrows?” 


“All of them.”  Clary whispered back.


“I can hear you talking.  Please be quiet.”  Alec asked as he notched his first arrow.  He waited while his team activated their vision runes.


Magnus was hopeful that this would cheer his mate up.  But he was also afraid that if he failed in hitting his target, it would only make things worse.  He watched as his Shadowhunter took aim and released the arrow. 


Alec took a few deep breaths while sighting the target.  The feel of his bow in his hands and his arrow ready to fly felt like home.  With one last breath he set the arrow free.


The room was silent as they watched Alec let loose the arrow that would either make him or break him today.  It flew, faster than the speed of sound and slammed into the center of the target so hard the arrow shattered.


Magnus watched his mate in awe.  Now he truly understood why the Shadow World called him The Archer.  He truly was magnificent.  His grace and confidence when he took his stance, while he notched and pulled back the arrow, was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in over 800 years.  And watching while the arrow flew through the Brooklyn skyline was mesmerizing.  Watching while the arrow struck the target dead center hard enough that it shattered into bits took his breath away.


Alec felt the weight he didn’t know he had been carrying melt away as he released the arrow.  He had held his breath as he released it, watching as it flew through the air, and released it once the arrow had struck home.  At least this heat shit wasn’t affecting his aim.  In that moment he knew, he was still a Shadowhunter, not a helpless omega.  He hadn’t lost himself.  Notching a second arrow he released it, watching as it sped through the air, hitting dead center and shattering like the one before.  He released a dozen more before he felt himself take his first easy breath in days.  For the second time that day he couldn’t have been more grateful that his father had brought his bow, whatever his intentions were.



Clary leaned over the couch and planted a loud, lip smacking kiss on Alec’s cheek.  She could feel his happiness.  He hadn’t been this happy in months.


“Clary!  What in the angels name was that for?”  Alec asked, wiping the invisible kiss off his cheek.


“Yeah!  What was that for?”  Jace asked, a low growl erupting from his chest.


“Oh hush, you.”  Clary said to Jace.  “That was a happiness kiss.”  She said to Alec.  “I haven’t felt you be this happy in ages.  And it deserves a happiness kiss.”


“Isn’t that my job now?”  Magnus asked with a smirk.  He had no problems with his mates parabati giving him an innocent kiss on the cheek.


“Sorry, Magnus.  I couldn’t help it.”  Clary said innocently.


“I’ll let it slide this time, biscuit.  But please leave future kisses to me.”  Magnus said with a smile.  Alec blushed furiously on the couch.  “Are we all ready to hear about Gideon Lightwood?”


A chorus of yeses filled the room.


“Then everybody find a seat.”  Magus said, sitting beside his angel.  He wanted to be near him when he revealed what he was about too.  “Are you ready for this, sweetheart?  It’s going to be hard to hear.”


“Ready or not, I have to know the rest.  So yes.”  Alec said.


“Alright.  But I can stop at any time if you need a break.”  Magnus said.  “But before I start, drink this.”  He said, holding a small vile out to Alec.


“What is it?”  Alec asked.


“It’s a nourishment potion.  Since you won’t eat, I have to get something into you.  Please drink it.”


“Okay.  I’ll drink it, for you.”  Alec said, taking the vile from Magnus.  Uncorking it he downed the contents.  He grimaced at the taste.  “Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as the last one you gave me.”  Alec said, handing the vile back to Magnus.


“Before I forget.”  Izzy said as she reached into her back pocket, pulling Alec’s stele out.


“Where on earth did you get that, Iz?  I thought I’d lost it.”  Alec asked, taking it from her extended hand.


“You did.  One of the other Shadowhunters in one of the search parties found it and it was traced back to you.”  Izzy said.  “I thought you might like it back.  We’re supposed to be using it to try and track you.”


“Thank you, Iz.”  Alec said, standing to pull her into a tight hug.  “I’ve been wondering where it was.”


“Your welcome, dear brother.”  Izzy said with a smile, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek before returning to her seat beside Simon.


Alec sat back down, turning his stele over and over in his hands, inspecting every inch and rune.


“You know you can’t use that, right love?”  Magnus asked.  Alec looked at him, confused.  “I don’t know much about angelic runes, just some basics, but until I know that they won’t be able to track you if you use it, it’s not safe.  Not until I can adjust my wards.  Until then you’ll have to tuck it away.  I’m sorry.”


Alec turned his stele one last time in his hands before holding it out to Magnus.


“Then you better hold onto it.  So I’m not tempted.”  Alec said, sadness in his eyes.


Magnus took the stele from his angels hand.  He hated that he was the cause of the look in his Shadowhunters beautiful blue eyes.  He knew a Shadowhunters stele was a part of them, something they never let go of.


“Don’t worry, love.  I’ll give it back to you as soon as I can.  But I have to make sure you stay safe.”


“I know.  Thank you.  Can we change the subject please?”  Alec asked.


“Yeah.  We want to know about Gideon Lightwood.”  Simon said.


“Alright.  On to Gideon Lightwood.”  Magnus said, pulling his love into his arms.  “As I said before.  I first met Gideon Lightwood a little over a century ago at a Shadowhunter ball.  He presented as an omega in 1904. He was the first male omega to present since The Great Purge.  And unfortunately in was a public presentation.  He presented at home, as most nephilim do, at an elaborate eighteenth birthday party.  At the time the Lightwood’s where a very influential family and worked very closely with the Clave, so a few Clave officials were invited to Gideon’s party.  Having two alpha parents and no new omega presentations since the Great Purge, that they knew of, they were certain that he would present as a strong, reputable alpha.  Someone that would carry on the Lightwood legacy.  Everyone was shocked when he presented as a male omega and not an alpha as expected. 


The party ended quickly after his presentation and Gideon was rushed to his chambers.  Rumors tell that his parents were frantic.  They had no idea what to do.  As with the Clave, they had no knowledge of the downworlder protection of omegas.  They were certain that their son would be killed.  A few days passed as Gideon’s parents begged the Clave and used as much influence as they had to get a reprieve for him.  After a few council meetings and several debates, it was decided that the Clave would take no action against Gideon on the condition that he not mate or have children.  He was an excellent Shadowhunter.  He was well trained and excellent with a bow.  Much like someone else we know.”  Magnus said, squeezing Alec’s hand. 


“Shortly after the decision was made, as Gideon was of age, he moved out of the Lightwood house and into a small cottage in the countryside.  He sought isolation from the other Shadowhunters that treated him much like Alexander has been treated.  The difference there was that Gideon was constantly being more than verbally attacked but physically attacked as well by his fellow Shadowhunters for being an omega.  He was excellent in hand to hand combat and usually walked away with no more than a few bruises while his attackers generally ended up in the infirmary.  But as you can probably imagine, that was not the life Gideon wanted to live.  He felt as though he was no longer able to trust his fellow Shadowhunters in training or in the field. 


He was granted permission to leave the Institute for his own safety.  So he left the Idris Institute, were the Lightwood home was at the time, into his little cottage.  One thing that you should know is that all omega Lightwood’s seem to find a fated mate.  Not long after Gideon settled into his new home, he came across his fated mate, Alexander, on a hunting trip.  Legend says that they fell in love the moment their eyes met, never haven spoken a word.  Initially they met in secret while they came to know each other, Alexander sneaking off from his Institute, so they could be together.  Once Gideon’s first heat hit, he sent a coded message to Alexander asking him to stay away until his heat passed.  At the time his heat set in he was still innocent.  But Alexander couldn’t stay away.  So he made up a story with his family and his Institute about taking a trip to Idris and that he would be gone for a few days.  He wasn’t willing to let Gideon suffer through his heat alone. 


Alexander was an alpha and craved to mate with Gideon, but Gideon didn’t want his first time to be while he was in heat.  Alexander understood and respected that wish.  But he saw Gideon through his first heat, tending to him, trying to make him comfortable and so forth.  He gave Gideon as much physical and emotional relief as he could while still honoring Gideon’s wishes.  Together they managed to successfully get Gideon through his first heat with his innocence still intact.  But after sharing the intimacy that they had during Gideon’s heat, they both wanted more.  So shortly after Gideon’s heat passed, he willingly gave himself to Alexander who then mated him. 


Gideon knew that he had violated the Clave’s decree, but he didn't care.  All he wanted was his Alexander.  But when Gideon’s second heat hit, they mated and Gideon fell pregnant.  For years their relationship remained secret.  Alexander would come to Gideon whenever he could, constantly craving his mate and their relationship.  Alexander no longer wanted to live a double life.  He wanted to stay with his mate.  That was when he told his family that he wanted to move out of the Institute and be out on his own, finding his own place and returning to the Institute as frequently as possible for training and hunting.  He was at Gideon’s side throughout as much as Gideon’s pregnancy a he could be, tending to his every need. 


As Gideon began growing bigger and bigger, larger than a normal pregnancy should be, he sought out to the nearest warlock he could find.  She is actually an old friend of mine.  She examined Gideon and with her magic determined that he was, as most omegas did, carrying multiples.  Triplets.  She is an excellent healer and to this day works as a midwife for many downworlder and omega families.  When it came time for Gideon to deliver, Catarina successfully delivered their three baby girls.  Both Gideon and Alexander were ecstatic. 


But Alexander had to spend a great deal of time away from his love and children as he was still a Shadowhunter.  He came home as often as he could while Gideon worked to raise their daughters.  As far as the Clave was concerned, Gideon was still living his life under their order not to mate or have children.  Five years later a Clave envoy passed through the countryside heading to Alexander’s Institute not far from where Gideon’s cottage was.  They saw him outside playing with his girls.  Upon arrival at the Institute word was immediately sent to Idris to inform the Council of Gideon’s transgressions.  Once Alexander found out, he rushed home to try and protect his family.  Both Alexander and Gideon were skilled Shadowhunters, although Gideon was a little rusty.  They prepared for what they knew was coming.  They were going to protect their children or die trying.  At the time no one knew who Gideon’s mate was until Alexander disappeared from the Institute. 


Three days later the Shadowhunters came.  Both Gideon and Alexander fought fiercely to protect their children but two were killed.  Alexander and Gideon were both captured.  They were severely outnumbered.  Their oldest daughter, five year old Arabella, escaped into the forest.  The Shadowhunters restraining Alexander, his friends and fellow Shadowhunters, forced him watch as they murdered Gideon, slicing him open from hip to hip, ripping out his womb, to send a message to any future male omegas not to mate.  It was unbeknownst to them that Gideon was with child.  It was with Gideon’s dying breaths that he kept screaming for Arabella to run.  Gideon was twenty-three when he died.  After Gideon’s brutal murder Alexander’s throat was slit by his own parabati.”


Alexander was trembling fiercely in Magnus’ arms.  The room was deathly quiet.


“Alexander, love, talk to me.  Tell me what you need.”  Magnus said softly, unsure how to calm or help his mate.


“He’s terrified.”  Clary whispered.  “He’s terrified of what the Clave will do once they find out about you two.”


“Don’t worry about that, sweetheart.  Your safe.  I will keep you safe.  They can’t penetrate my wards.  I promise you.  As long as we’re together, your safe.”  Magnus said, gently cupping Alec’s cheek.


“I can never go back, can I?”  Alec asked, voice trembling.


“No, angel.  You can’t.  Not until we know what today’s Clave and Council will do.  What happened to Gideon and Alexander happened over a century ago.  Times change.  As I said before, today’s Clave may know nothing of The Great Purge or what happened to Gideon Lightwood or his mate.  We know.  The downworlders know.  As I’ve said, we’ve been keeping records since before the Purge and everything after.  Everything that I’ve just told you is thoroughly documented in The Omega chronicles that was started after the Purge.  It contains everything there is to know about every omega since the Purge.  Who they are, where they live, which warlock is watching over them, enforcing the protective wards around them, all of the omegas that the Clave knows nothing about, it’s all there.”  Magnus said softly, rubbing a hand through his Shadowhunters hair, trying to calm and sooth him.


“Am I in there?  In The Omega chronicles?”  Alec asked.


“Yes, love, you are.  Just as I am now listed as your fated mate.  I didn’t know when I went in search of you that you would be my fated mate, my other half.  All I knew was that I was searching for a male omega Shadowhunter in distress.  I knew that I had to find you, to protect you at all costs.”


“But you gave us such a hard time.”  Clary said.  “You asked us why you should get involved in this.”


“You’re right, I did.  Despite my words at the time, I had every intention of finding Alexander, to protect him.  But I needed more Information.  And you gave it to me.  Now you have to take into account that I didn’t know you.  All I knew was that there were four Shadowhunters searching for a male omega Shadowhunter.  Do you understand now, after everything that I’ve told you, why I was the way I was?   Despite your words, I didn’t know your true intentions.  For all I knew it could have been a ruse.  I had no reason to believe that you were actually searching for Alexander because you loved him.  Because you’re his family.  After everything I know about Shadowhunter and omega history, do you understand why I didn’t trust you?”  Magnus asked.


“Yes.”  Izzy said, tears streaming down her cheeks.  “You try not to involve yourself with Shadowhunters because of all of the horrible things you’ve seen them do to their own people over and over again for centuries.  The omega gene didn’t die out.  It was killed off.  You had no reason to trust us.  You have no reason to trust any non-omega Shadowhunter.  Omega Shadowhunters you will seek out and protect, protect them from their own kind.  It shouldn’t be that way.  It never should have been that way.  I’m glad you found my brother.  I’m glad you’re his fated mate, because you can protect him.  You can keep him safe.  After hearing all this, I don’t know who we should be fighting for.  The Clave that kills their own kind?  The demons that we spend countless hours training for to hunt down to protect the mundanes?  Why aren’t we fighting to protect the hidden omegas from Shadowhunters?  Shadowhunters that turn on their friends and even their parabati’s.  I honestly don’t know that I want to be a Shadowhunter anymore.”


“Izzy’s right.  Who should we be trying to protect?”  Jace asked.


“I can’t answer that for you.  That’s a decision you’re going to have to make on your own.  But I do suggest that you wait to make that decision until you know more.  There’s more to this story.  This is only the start of Gideon Lightwood’s legacy.  And there’s much more you need to know, about the past and the present.  But right now my angel needs to rest.  He’s heard enough for now.”  Magnus said, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s brow.  “Let’s get you to bed, love, you need to rest for a bit.”


“Okay.”  Alec murmured.  Thoughts and emotions were running rampant through him.  He couldn’t sort them out.  The horrors of what he had just heard were racing through his mind, over and over again.  Mental images of what his own people had done to his ancestors, and countless more.  And what they might do to him had his head spinning and his stomach churning.  Gently Magnus reached beneath Alec’s knees, lifting him into his arms. 


“It’s going to be alright, love.  I’ve got you now.”  Magnus murmured in Alec’s ear.


Moving quickly he pushed the bedroom door open and carried Alec inside.  He laid him carefully on the sapphire blue linens, tucking him in with the soft duvet and satin sheet.  He could see the angst and turmoil in his angels eyes.  Snapping his fingers a vial appeared in his hand. 


“Sweetheart, I need you to drink this.  It will ease your mind and help you rest.”  Magnus said, brushing a soft lock of ebony hair from Alec’s eyes.  Gently lifting Alec’s head he held the vile to Alec’s lips.  Alec swallowed it without question.


“There now, love.  Just rest.  I’ll be right here.”  He said, taking his place at Alec’s side. 


With a deep breath Alec closed his eyes, instantly drifting off into a dreamless sleep.  Magnus took Alec’s hand in his own, kissing it softly.  ‘There is so much more his angel needs to know, but right now he wouldn’t be able to handle it.  He would break if he tried.‘  Magnus thought.



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Chapter Text

Chapter 6


Part 4


Day 3


Izzy anxiously paced outside the bedroom door.  It had been three hours since her brother’s mate had carried him inside.  It broke her heart seeing her brother this way.  He had always been the strongest of the strong. 


Before his presentation he was everyone’s go-to guy for everything.  He knew everything, he could do everything.  He was who she wanted to be when she grew up, well, the girl version.  Even though they were only separated in birth by a few minutes, it had always felt as though he was so much older than she was, that he could do so much more.


Overtime, as children, she started noticing why.  She didn’t notice at five what she started to notice at eight, before their formal training had started nine.  At five, she was playing with dolls and with the children of the other Shadowhunters at the Institute, not knowing that while she played, her big brother was sitting at a desk in the library memorizing and practicing runes from the Grey Book at their fathers insistence.  Or studying demonology, or whatever else their father had wanted him to learn. 


While she was having tea parties, he was practicing tumbling with their then training master, Hodge, in a make-shift training room in the Institutes basement.  He was never able to play when she had asked.  His days were full.  But she didn’t know that then.  The only reprieve he had ever received as a child from his constant early morning training and daily studies was sleep, yet even then she didn’t know that he was being woken up hours before her. 


During those early morning hours was when he had released his first flimsy arrow into a soft target twenty feet away, where it had struck home.  But by eight she began to notice things, like bruises on his forearms and knuckles.  Little nicks on his hands and arms.  She didn’t know that he had already long since started his weapons training. 


Back then he had always been mostly closed off and shy, but little by little, over time, she had slowly started to get him to speak.  Then one day while she was trying to get him to talk to her it just all came flooding out, like a dam had burst in him.  All of the things that she didn’t know, all of the things that she should have noticed, came gushing to the surface.  She was so angry.  At herself, at their parents, but more so at herself.  She was his twin.  She should have known.


She was so mad she wanted to punch someone; and she did actually; Jen Havens, breaking her nose.  So the next day, even though she was grounded, she was outside her brothers bedroom door at 5:05 am, waiting.  She knew their father would be inside, waking her brother.  So when her father hustled her still sleepy brother out into the hallway from his room for his daily tumbling and weapons training, she was there.  Their father had tried to shoo her off, to tell her to go back to bed, that it was too early to be up; that was the first time that Isabelle Lightwood had fully put her foot down, laying the foundation for the badass woman she would come to be. 


By the time she had finished her rant at their father, he finally just agreed to let her come along.  And it was the same the next day, the day after that, and the day after that, until their father had just come to accept her accompaniment, muttering under his breath about ‘female stubbornness’.  It wasn’t long after that it wasn’t just her waiting outside the door anymore, it was the team, the friends that she had played with at five.  Alec had always been friendly towards them, but he had never had the chance to get to know them.  But that day, that was the day he made his first friends.  And they had been inseparable ever since. 


The Institute had tried a few times after their ‘official training’ started at nine to split them into other training teams ‘so they could share their skills and knowledge”, the things that her brother had taught them, with the other kids in their class.  But her brother had, in no uncertain terms, refused.  He had gotten nose to nose with Hodge, and whoever else tried again later, and said ‘no, they stay with me’, despite their alpha commands.  They had made a pact the year before to stick together, no matter what, and her brother never broke a promise.  Her brother didn’t become their commander at fifteen like he was supposed to, he became their commander at nine when they had needed him to, to keep them together. 


At twelve he had fallen ill with severe pneumonia.  He had trained everyday as usual for days, despite our protests, until he had started coughing up blood.  That was when Hodge had carried him to the infirmary where he had spent six days receiving around the clock intensive treatment.  When he was released on the seventh day with orders of bedrest and no exertion by the doctors, he was pulled back into training on the eight day by our mother.  ‘He’s had a week’ she had said ‘that’s more than enough’.  That was the day I had come to truly hate our mother.  We had tried to go easy on him in training that day, but her brother wasn’t having it.  If he was going to train, he was going to train, and so where they.  It might have taken him three times longer to fully recover than it should have, but he was there, each day, to train with his team.  And it had been that way ever since. 


“A penny for your thoughts?”  Simon asked, startling her.  In her surprise she spun around with a quick roundhouse that he barely dodged, raising an eyebrow at her.


“Sorry.  You startled me.”  Izzy said.


“So I see.  I didn’t think that was possible.”  He said, pulling her into his arms, nose to nose.  “Your worrying about Alec?”


“Yes.  And remembering.”  Izzy answered softly, eyes sweeping the closed door again.  “How much longer do you think they’re going to be in there?”


“I don’t know, babe.  As long as he needs to be, I guess.  I don’t think Magnus is going to take ‘no’ for an answer.”  Simon said, arms wrapped tightly around her trim waist.


“He’ll be the first.”  Izzy said, her head on Simon’s shoulder.


“You were remembering when we were kids, weren’t you?”  Simon asked, planting a soft kiss to the top of her head.


“Yeah.  He was always there for us, Simon.  Always.  In training, while hunting, in battle.  He always had our backs, no matter what.  And now, he’s going through all this and there’s not a damn thing any of us can do to help him.”  Izzy said, sniffling.


“Hey, don’t cry.  The only thing that’s really changed is that now he has a mate.  And a good one.  One who obviously adores him and wants nothing more than to look after him.  Has this omega stuff thrown him through a loop since his heat started, yes.  And have we all been snowballed by what Magnus has told us about the past and the Clave, most definitely.  But this is Alec were talking about.  Nobody holds Alec down and lives to tell the tale.  Especially with a badass, sexy little sister to beat the ever-living shit out of them first.”  Simon said softly.


“Well, I did learn from the best.”  Izzy said, smiling up at her mate.  “Maybe Magnus can teach Alec a few things that he doesn’t already know.  He’s only got 800 years on him.”


“I don’t know about that.  Didn’t you know?  Alec knows everything.”  Simon said, making Izzy laugh.  “There.  There’s that beautiful smile.  I’m sure Magnus will tell us something soon.  If not, then you can beat down the door.  Deal?”  He asked, holding up his pinky.


“Deal.”  Izzy said, taking it with her own.




Magnus gently brushed a lock of raven hair away from his sleeping angels eyes.  It would be time to wake him soon.  He wanted more than anything to just let his little Shadowhunter rest.  While his mate’s family couldn’t hear what was going on in here, he could hear everything that was going on out there. 


Finally, Isabelle’s heals clicking outside the door had stopped.  He might not be a mind reader in the traditional sense, but her thoughts had been so loud it had seemed as if she were screaming them at him.  Hearing about his loves childhood through her minds-eye had angered him.  It had made him dislike Shadowhunters even more, if that were even possible, which apparently it was. 


While he had come to both like and trust his mate’s team, his family, the one he trusted most was his Shadowhunter.  The sweet, shy angel that he absolutely adored.  But in hearing Isabelle’s thoughts, he felt as though he had learned a great deal about his young omega and a great deal about the foundation on which his wonderful personality was built.  The true reason behind his adorable shyness, the protective nature for his team, and his dedication to protecting others.  Did he get a childhood?  No.  Did he know now the origins of how his love came to be the commanding hero that he was known to be in the Shadow World, yes. 


And to think that the Clave may try and harm him, after all of his hard work, his dedication to his team and to the wretched Shadowhunters he had trained and led into battle.  The same Shadowhunters that had later turned their backs on him.  And to think that they could completely dismiss his extensive and exceptional skills as a Shadowhunter, all because he was an omega?  It was absolutely, positively, unacceptable.  It was not going to happen.  Even if that meant raising The New York Institute to the ground and wiping the sacred city of Alicante off the face of the earth, so be it.  His mate would remain safe and unharmed.  He would make sure of that.


With a deep sigh he gently stroked is young hero’s cheek.  At his touch his Shadowhunter stirred.


“Alexander, sweetheart, it’s time to wake up.”  Magnus said softly.  “Come on, love.  Let me see those beautiful blue eyes.”  He said, leaning down to kiss his mate softly on the forehead. 


A pleasant tingle passed through Alec’s body.  Slowly his eyes fluttered open at the contact. 


“There you are.  Feeling a bit better now?”  Magnus asked.


Alec nodded, yes. 


He had already begun to surface when he heard Magnus’ wonderful voice and felt the soft kiss touch his skin.  He felt calmer, relaxed.  His mind was no longer racing with horrible thoughts, although his head felt a little fuzzy.  


“What did you give me?”  Alec asked.


“Just something to clear your mind and help you rest for a bit.  Did it help?” 


“I think it did, actually.”  Alec said.  “Can I get up?”


“Sit up slowly, love.  You might feel a little dizzy or lightheaded.”


Alec pushed himself up slowly, Magnus helping to support him as he sat.  Magnus was right, he did feel dizzy.


“You okay?”  Magnus asked.


“You were right.  I am a little dizzy.”  Alec said.


“Do you need to lie back down for a bit longer?” 


“No, I’ll be fine.  It’ll pass.”  Alec said, sitting up fully.


“You’ll have to be careful when you stand up.  You’ll probably be a little unsteady on your feet until your body catches up and you adjust.”  Magnus said, brushing another lock of hair out of Alec’s eyes.


“How long was I out?”  Alec asked.


“About three hours.  But it was worth it.  You needed it.”


“Are the others still here?”  Alec asked.


“They are.  Your sister has been driving me nuts pacing outside the door.  Her heals clicking against the floor for the last three hours made me want to turn her really awesome boots into fuzzy kitten slippers.”


Alec laughed.  “You know, she’s the only Shadowhunter I’ve ever known that can hunt and fight in stiletto heels.  But what can I say, she’s a badass.  But then again, so are the rest of my team.  She just does it and makes it look sexy, according to Simon.”  Alec said.


“She does have style.”  Magnus said with a smile.  “Do you want to try getting up?”


“Yeah.  I know this makes me sound like a wimp, but will you make sure I don’t fall?”  Alec asked.


“Of course.  I will never let you fall.  No matter what.”  Magnus said, pressing another kiss to Alec’s forehead.  “Never.”


Alec looked his mate in the eyes as another tingle ran down his spine at the soft kiss.  He knew, in that moment, that his alpha loved him, truly, madly, deeply, and completely, and that he would never leave his side.  And he knew that he loved his alpha truly, madly, deeply, and completely, and that he would never leave his side. 


“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”  Magnus asked, concerned by Alec’s sudden silence.


“Nothing.”  Alec said.  “It’s just…I was thinking…I wanted to tell you….that I love you.”  Alec stuttered, cheeks blushing crimson.


“I know, sweetheart.  Just as I love you.  But thank you for saying it.”  Magnus said, cupping Alec’s cheek.  Alec shuddered at the contact, making Magnus smile. 



Robert Lightwood sat behind an ornate antique desk in The Head of the New York Institutes office, a bottle of scotch at his side.  In his hand he held a photo.  A photo of Alec and Izzy, laughing on their presentation day.  The day that everything changed.  The day his precious boy’s life had changed forever.  His Alexander has been missing for three days, and his hope of finding him was waning. 


He had yet to hear back from The High Warlock of Brooklyn.  The Shadowhunters under his command had barely found a trace of his son, only his stele.  He knew his sons team were searching around the clock for their leader, his brother, his sister, his parabati, and his daughters mate.  He knew his daughters mate was the only thing keeping her grounded.  His Alexander had taught them so much.  Out of the hundreds of Shadowhunters he had dispatched, searching around the clock, none have searched harder than his sons team.  They loved him, just as he loved them. 


He wished that he hadn’t treated his son way he had.  He regretted every hateful and hurtful word he had said.  Because he didn’t mean a single one of them.  He was proud of his boy, and always has been.  Did he push him too hard?  Maybe.  But he knew that there was a chance, and he wanted him to be ready.  He pushed him because he loved him.  He loved him fiercely, as he did his baby girl. 


“You’re not still moping, are you Robert?”  Maryse asked, irritation obvious in her voice.  “When are you going to accept that he’s gone?”


“You may have given up hope, Maryse.  But I haven’t.  As long as Clary can feel him, there’s still a chance.”  Robert said, voice laced with despair.


“He should be gone.  He’s nothing more than a worthless omega.  What’s he good for now?  Being someone’s whore?”  Maryse asked.


“Don’t you dare speak of our son that way.”  Robert napped.  “He’s not just an omega.  He’s still the son we raised.  The warrior and hero he came to be.  Don’t you ever speak of him like that again.”


“Fine.  Go on.  Keep wasting vital resources in this quest to find your precious omega, a disgrace to our family name.  He doesn’t deserve to be a Lightwood and you know it.”  Maryse said, her voice laced with venom.


“Get out.  Get out of my office, you hateful bitch!”  Robert commanded, full alpha.  He was shaking with rage.  She had no idea just how wrong she was.


Maryse was taken back by her husband’s words and his command.  Without another word she turned and left, slamming the door behind her.


‘The only disgrace to the Lightwood name is you, you wretched bitch’.  He said to himself, sitting back down.  Picking up the photo again he sighed.  His children had looked so happy.  They had spent that morning goofing off.  Alexander had let his walls down, in front of others, which he never did.  Only his team truly knew him.  They had been thick as thieves since he was eight years old, and he knew his son would protect each and every one of them with his life. 


He picked up the short glass of scotch on his desk and threw in back in one go, then poured another before tucking the bottle back into his desk.  Pulling out a pen and paper he began to write.



                                                       ‘Dearest Mother,


                                                       There is no new news of Alexander.  I had hoped

                                                       that once we recovered his stele, that we would have

                                                       had better luck finding him.  I’m scared, mother.

                                                       He could be anywhere.  His parabati still says that she’s

                                                       still feeling anxiety and pain through their bond.  I’m

                                                       starting to wonder if we’re ever going to find him.  As

                                                       long as Clary can feel him, I know that he’s alive.  But

                                                       what if someone or some ‘thing’ has him?  What if that’s

                                                       the cause of this constant pain she feels?  I’m trying to

                                                       hold out hope that he’s just holed up somewhere riding

                                                       out his heat.  I just wish that I was there to hold his hand

                                                       and coach him through it.  I never should have agreed

                                                       to this charade of a marriage when I married Maryse.  But

                                                       I did what had to be done.  I wish I could be there for him.

                                                       Even the strongest of the strong sometimes need their

                                                       father.  I should have gone to him immediately after his

                                                       presentation to comfort him.  To tell him that is was going

                                                       to be okay.  But I didn’t.  What kind of father does that

                                                       make me?  We both know that I never loved Maryse.  But

                                                       I do love our children, unconditionally.  It eats at me that

                                                       they don’t know that.  Especially now, when my son needs

                                                       me the most.  I hate the lies that I must tell every day to

                                                       keep up this farce.  But until I know what the Clave intends

                                                       for him, I must continue this horrid facade.  I don’t know

                                                       what I would do if something were to happen to him.  He

                                                       would leave this world believing that his father didn’t love

                                                       him.  I’ll update you as often as I can.  I will send word

                                                       immediately should we find him.


                                                       Your loving son,




Robert folded the letter and tucked it with a few pictures inside an envelope and sealed it.  Picking up his stele he drew the fire message rune on the front.  The envelope vanished in flame.  Robert took a sip from his glass of scotch, memories of his children dancing in his head.



Finally the door to Magnus’ room opened, Magnus and Alec stepping out.


“Alec! Thank the angel.”  Izzy said as threw herself at her brother, almost knocking him down.  Magnus jumped to steady him.


“Be gentle, Isabelle.  Alexander is a bit unsteady on his feet.”  Magnus said.


“Why?”  Izzy demanded, wrapping her arms gently around her brother.


Magnus’ eyebrows rose at her tone.


“It’s okay, Izzy-diz.”  Alec said.  “I’m just not fully awake yet.  That’s all.”


Izzy punched her brother lightly in the shoulder.


“You know I hate that name.”  Izzy said, trying, and failing to scold her brother. 


“And that’s exactly why I use it.”  Alec said, an amused glint in his eyes.


Izzy just folded her arms and huffed out an indignant breath, making Alec smile.


“Come, sweetheart.  Let’s find you someplace comfortable to sit.”  Magnus said, taking Alec’s hand and leading him into the living room.


“Can I sit with you?”  Alec asked softly.


“Of course, darling.”  Magnus said, leading them towards an oversize loveseat with cozy cushions.  Alec tried and failed to stifle a yawn.  Seeing this, Magnus snapped his fingers and a steaming hot mug of tea appeared in his hands.  “Here, honey.  Sip on this.  It’s really hot and kinda strong, but it’ll help you wake up a bit.”


“Thank you.”  Alec said, taking the steaming mug from his alpha.


“Is everyone ready the hear the legacy of Gideon Lightwood?”  Magnus asked.


A chorus of yeses filled the room as everyone settled into their seats.  Alec leaned over to whisper in his Magnus’ ear.


“This isn’t going to be like the last time, is it?”  Alec asked so softly only Magnus could hear.


“No, love.  It’s not.”  Magnus said, kissing his precious mate on the forehead.  The usual pleasant tingle ran down Alec’s spine and he visibly shuddered.  Magnus smiled at his angel’s reaction.  They were going to have so much fun together, he thought.


“Okay, on with the story then.”  Magnus said, loud enough for everyone to hear.  “As I said before, Gideon’s 5 year old daughter, Arabella, fled into the forest.  The last words her father had said were ringing in her ears, her father telling her to run.  She knew that she was being followed by the same Shadowhunters that had just murdered her family.  She ran for miles, tears streaming down her cheeks, but she couldn’t stop, she wouldn’t.  She had to honor her dying fathers last wish.  So she kept running.  Once she could no longer hear the pursuing Shadowhunters behind her she stopped to catch her breath.  The only reason that she had made it as far as she had was because of her nephilim blood.”


“Question.”  Simon said, interrupting Magnus’ story.


“Yes, Simon?”  Magnus asked, annoyed.


“Where does all of this information come from?  I mean, I know facts are facts, but the details?  Where do they come from?”  Simon asked, a bit intimidated by the look Magnus was giving him.


“From the seelies.  You know that the Seelie Queen has eyes and ears everywhere.  Be it through the eyes of a butterfly or bee, or a bear stalking the woods.  They are everywhere.  A great deal of the information that we have regarding the ‘details’ as you put it came from reports from her court.  The only reason we accepted them as truth is that, as you all know, seelies cannot lie.  There was once a time when the seelies were actually allies with the rest of the downworld.  We don’t know when that changed exactly, or why.  But the rest came from personal accountings.  Anymore questions?  I prefer not to be interrupted.  It’s rude.”  Magnus said, daring anyone else to speak.  Alec just smirked at his mate.  They were going to have so much fun together, he thought.


No one had the nerve to say a word.  Simon looked as if he just wanted the couch cushions to swallow him whole.


“Good.  Back to the story then.  What young Arabella didn’t know was that the murderous Shadowhunters had not stopped chasing her, but that they had been ‘derailed’ if you will.  The Seelie Queen had seen what had happened and saw young Arabella’s plight and decided to act.  Using her magic she willed the vines of the trees to ensnarl the Shadowhunters chasing Arabella while she built a great wall of thick branches from the trees surrounding them to block their way.  By the time the Shadowhunters managed to free the themselves of the vines holding them captive, the wall was so thick and high, filled with vicious thorns, they knew there was no way through it.  The wall stretched for miles on either side of them, shielding Arabella from additional pursuit.  Part of that wall still remains.  Once Arabella had caught her breath she continued on, her heart breaking.  After several more miles she finally collapsed by a small stream, where she laid, unconscious throughout the cold winter night. 


During an early morning walk Arabella was found by a warlock friend of mine, near death from her previous exertion and her time out in the bitter cold.  Catarina had smelled Arabella’s nephilim blood and followed it to where Arabella laid, unconscious on the cold stone of the streams bank.  Word had already reached the warlocks, so she already knew what had happened to Gideon Lightwood and his family, and that one of his daughters had escaped into the forest.  Taking the small child in her arms she carried her to her home, putting up protective wards to block Arabella’s location from detection.  Once that was done, Catarina began to tend to Arabella.  Catarina is an excellent healer and Arabella regained consciousness rather quickly. 


For weeks Arabella wouldn’t speak.  Exasperated, Catarina sent word to me, asking for my help.  Apparently, I have a way with children, or so I’ve been told countless times throughout my long life.  I still remember the first time I laid eyes on Arabella.  Arabella was the first known surviving omega born child in a century.  She was a bit small for her age but had the most beautiful raven hair and crystal blue eyes, Gideon’s eyes.  I took an immediate liking to her and she seemed to take a liking to me.  I told her who and what I was and asked her if she could tell me what happened, asking why Catarina had found her at that stream.  With tears streaming down her cheeks it gushed out of her, like a dam had burst in her.  I held her in my arms as she recounted everything that had happened and sobbed her heart out. 


By the end she was mentally and emotionally exhausted, so Catarina and I tucked her into the bed that Catarina had made for her, giving her a weak sleeping draft, and left her to sleep.  Together, Catarina and I watched over her throughout the night in case Arabella woke.  Up until that night Arabella had been plagued with nightmares, the screams in her sleep being the only sounds she had made since Catarina had brought her home.  While Arabella slept, Catarina and I discussed our options for Arabella and decided that we should give her a choice.  The next morning when Arabella woke, we all sat down for breakfast and I presented to her her options.  She could either stay with Catarina in the forest, or she could return home with me.  According to Catarina, it was the first time she had seen Arabella smile.  So gathering Arabella’s meager possessions, including the doll that Catarina had made that never left her side, we portaled from Catarina’s cottage in the forest outside of Idris into my small country manor.  Arabella was the third omega born child I had taken in.  From the moment she arrived she was like the child I never had.  I came to love her and see her as if she were my own, just as she came to love me.” 


“You took her in?”  Alec asked softly, tears welling in his eyes.  “You took her in and raised her?”


“Yes, angel.  I did.  She was a light in my life, a light that I haven’t seen again, until you.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams that the love of my life would be her great, great grandson.”  Magnus said, wiping the freshly fallen tears from Alec’s cheeks.


The room was silent as everyone processed what they had just heard.  Magnus Bane, The High Warlock of Brooklyn, the leader of all downworlders, had taken in the only surviving child of Gideon Lightwood, the great, great grandmother of his fated mate.  And that Alec’s fated mate had raised his great, great grandmother as if she was his own.



Alec was stunned speechless. 


“Alexander, honey, breathe.”  Magnus said gently.  Alec blinked at Magnus’ words.  He took a breath in, not having realized he’d been holding his breath.  “Are you alright, love?”


“I think I need a minute.”  Alec said, climbing from his seat.  Quickly he made his way to the kitchen.  With his back against the wall he took several long, deep breaths.  ‘Magnus knew my great, great grandmother.  He raised her as his own’.  He thought.  Silently Magnus stepped through the kitchen doorway.


“Alexander?”  Magnus asked softly.


“You should have told me.”  Alec said.  “You should have told me before.”


Magnus stepped in front of Alec, looking his angel straight in the eyes.


“I’m sorry, love.  Your right, I should have.  I just didn’t know how you would take it.  Or maybe that was just an excuse I told myself.  I’m so sorry, love.”  Magnus said, pressing his forehead to Alec’s.  “Can you please forgive me?”


“How many more?  How many more Lightwood’s did you know?  How many people, my family, have you known that you haven’t told me about?”  Alec asked.


“A lot of them.”  Magnus said, truthfully.  “But I didn’t know.  I didn’t know that one day I would find my fated mate, my other half, in one of their descendants, and I didn’t know how to tell you.”


“What else have you kept from me?”  Alec asked, a tear streaming down his cheek.


“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Alexander.  Things that I haven’t told you yet.  Things that you’re not ready to hear.  But I will tell you everything I know about where you came from.”  Magnus said, gently wiping the tear away.


“Why?  Why am I not ready to hear them?”  Alec asked, voice barely a whisper.


“There are several reasons why, my sweet.”  Magnus said.  “You’ve just come to realize today that you love me.  Has that changed?”


“No.”  Alec breathed.


“You mean everything to me, Alexander.  I would do anything for you.  Give anything for you.  And when you’re ready I will tell you everything there is to know about me.  But you have to know, you have changed not only my life but my entire world.  I have spent centuries searching for you.  I had given up hope of ever finding a mate.  I thought I was destined to spend eternity alone.  And then you happened.  You, Alexander.  The bravest, strongest person I have ever known.  Every day you take my breath away.” 


“How can you say that?  I’ve been nothing but weak since the moment you first saw me.  I haven’t been strong or brave.  There’s nothing special about me, I’m just a weak omega.”  Alec said.


“Your wrong.  You’re so very wrong, sweetheart.  You’ve been so strong.  So very strong, and brave.  Having gone through all that you have.  Even now, when you’re at your most vulnerable, when your emotions are beyond your control, you’ve been so strong.  No other person could have done as well as you have.  The amount of inner strength you had to last as long as you did that first day, before you even got to that bridge, just goes to show how very strong you are.  And having so much thrown at you in the past few days, you’ve lasted longer than any other omega I have ever known, and I’ve known more than you can possibly imagine.  And you are special.  So very special.  Not just because you are the best Shadowhunter the Shadow World has ever seen.  Not just because you’re a hero.  But because of who you are, inside.  That’s what makes you special.  The love and dedication you have for your team.  The lengths you’ve gone through to provide them with the skills they have.  Skills no other Shadowhunter has, except you, their leader.  You are special to them.  And most of all, your special to me.  More than you could possibly imagine.  Please don’t doubt yourself, love.  Please don’t let what others have said make you feel like you are less than you are.  Because you are amazing.  In every way.  I feel blessed that you’re my mate.  You’ve pulled me out of the dark and into the light, just by being who you are.


Don’t let what you’re going through now change the way you feel about yourself, because it will pass.  In just a few days you will be your normal self again.  I know that heats are hard.  But being an omega doesn’t make you weak.  Trust me.  You are special, and wonderful in each and every way.”


Alec closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks.  Dozens of thoughts and emotions were running through his head.  He knew he loved Magnus, and that Magnus loved him.  He knew he loved his team, and that they loved him.  They were his family.  The only family to ever accept him for who and what he was.  It was unconditional.  If he could only hold on to that.  If only he could only anchor himself to that, then maybe, just maybe, he could push back the turmoil running rampant in his head.


“Tell me what you’re thinking, love.”  Magnus said, wishing his mate would open up to him.


“There are so many things.  So many things running through my head.  I don’t know how to make them stop.”  Alec said, opening his eyes.


Magnus’s heart broke at the pain he saw in his angel’s eyes.  The hurt and confusion there.


“Do you need another rest, darling?  I can give you another draft.”


“No.  No more drafts or potions or anything else.  Just tell me how to make it stop.”  Alec begged.


“I don’t know how, sweetheart.  The only thing I know is to sleep it off and rest.  But you won’t let me help you with that.”


“Can you just hold me then?”  Alec asked.


“Of course, angel.”  Magnus said, gently pulling Alec into his arms.  Alec’s head came to rest on his shoulder, Magnus’ one arm holding him firmly around the waist while the other gently rubbed soothing circles into his back. 


Alec took a deep breath, comforted by his mates embrace.  In that breathe he took in his alphas soothing scent, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and musk.  Within seconds he felt himself relax in his mates arms, his mates scent calming him, a sense of peace and safety wrapping around him.  “That’s right, sweetheart.  Just breathe.”  Magnus’ soothed, realizing that the best way to calm his Shadowhunter was with his alpha scent.  He held his angel in his arms, holding him close as his love calmed himself.


“Feeling better now?”  Magnus asked softly.


“Mm-hmm.  Can we just stay like this?”  Alec asked, finally calm.


“We can.  But wouldn’t you like to hear the rest?  About your family?”  Magnus asked.


Alec pulled back at Magnus’ words; his pupils blown wide from his alphas scent.


“I don’t know if I can.”  Alec said.  “Please tell me there’s no more surprises.”


“I can’t do that, love, because there are.  Some important ones.  And if after you need to rest, you know you can.  And you can scent me anytime you want.”  Magnus said, cupping Alec’s cheek.  He had seen the blown pupils in his Shadowhunters beautiful blue eyes and wondered if now was the time to tell him anymore.  But it wasn’t his decision to make.


“Are they going to break my heart?”  Alec asked.


“They might.”  Magnus said truthfully.


Alec took a deep breath, standing up straight.  ‘He was a Shadowhunter, an exceptionally trained warrior.  If he could battle demons and fight in demon infested wars, and win, then he could handle a few painful words’ he thought to himself.  He might not be his normal self right now, but he was a Shadowhunter and he was going to prove it, even if that meant only proving it to himself.


“I want to hear it.  I want to know it all.”  Alec said, voice strong.




Alec and Magnus walked back into the living room, hand in hand.  Izzy stood, approaching her big brother, tears in her eyes.  Reaching out Alec pulled her into his arms, wrapping her in a warm embrace.


“It’s alright, Izzy-diz.  Everything’s going to be okay.”  He said softly, planting a gentle kiss on the top of her head.  “I promise.”


“This is so screwed up, Alec.  Why did no one ever tell us?  Why did they keep this from us?  Especially after you presented.  I know our parents are awful people, but I never thought they could be this cruel. We had a right to know.  You had a right to know.”  She said, tears streaming down her cheeks, smearing her makeup.


“Your right.  They should have told us.  The important thing now is that we do know.  And we’re going to know it all.  And when we face them, we will face them with the truth.”  Alec said, wiping the tears from her cheeks.  “So no more tears, okay?”  He asked, the strong, confident, comforting big brother.


“Okay.”  Izzy said, giving her big brother one last hug.  Pulling back she sat back down with Simon, resting her head on his shoulder.


“Come sit down, love.”  Magnus said from the loveseat. 


Turning from his little sister Alec took his seat beside his mate.  Like his Izzy-diz, he made himself comfortable beside his love.


“Are we all ready to hear the rest of Gideon Lightwood’s legacy?”  Magnus asked.


There were nods and murmured yeses from the still stunned Shadowhunters.


“Okay.  As you all know, I raised Arabella as my own.  I kept her within my wards leading up to her presentation date.  Since I didn’t know her birthday, I could only estimate when she might present.  Arabella loved to play in the gardens.  When she wasn’t in the library that’s where she generally went.   One day we were out in the garden clipping roses together.  She always kept red roses in the house.  That was the first thing that Gideon had taught her to grow. 


It was then that I first scented her omega pheromones and knew that her presentation wasn’t far off.  Many don’t know this, but warlocks can scent an omega up to a week before they present.  I wasn’t sure if I should tell her or not.  I struggled with it for a couple of days and ultimately decided she should know.  So I called her out to the garden and asked her to sit with me by her roses.  That was our spot.  At first, we sat in silence.  She didn’t know why I had called her out to the garden, and I didn’t know how to start.  I started to notice her getting anxious.  She asked me if everything was okay.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I remember thinking to myself ‘my baby girl is all grown up’.  I took in her long raven hair, her pink cheeks, her youthful innocence, and those breathtaking, beautiful blue eyes.  I plucked one of her roses of the nearest bush and handed it her.  ‘Everything is fine, my Belle.  There’s just something I wanted to talk to you about.’  I said.  ‘What is it?  You seem troubled.’ She said.  ‘No, not troubled.  I’m never troubled when I’m with you.  But I fear I may not have you much longer.’  I told her.  ‘What do you mean?’ She asked.   I could hear the fear in her voice.  ‘You’re going to present soon, Belle.  In a few days time.  As an omega.’  I told her.  ‘How do you know?’  She had asked.  I told her ‘I can scent your pheromones.’ 


I could see the fear in her eyes when she asked ‘So you think the Clave will come for me?’  ‘No, no my Belle.  Not at all.  I would never let them hurt you.  Never.  You’re going to grow.  You’re going to find your mate and have children.  You’re going to make your papa a grand papa.  It’s just, once you’ve found your mate and start your own family, I won’t have you to myself anymore.’  I had said.  ‘Do I have to leave here?  Once I find my mate?  I don’t want to leave you.’  She told me, a single tear running down her cheek.  I couldn’t help but smile, even though inside my heart was breaking.  ‘Once you find your mate, and if you both decide that here is where you want to be, then you never have to leave.  I’ll build you a cottage of your own so I can see you every day.  And we can teach your babies to grow red roses.’  I’d told her.  She had been so happy when I told her that, a red rose materializing in Magnus’ hand. 


Magnus held it gently as he brought it to his nose, eyes closed as he smelled it’s beautiful scent.


“I keep them all the time.  The roses.”  Magnus said, opening his eyes, taking in the tear streaked faces of his mate and the girls.  “In the winter I grow them in the atrium.  But no matter where I am, or where I go, her roses always go with me.  This very rose grew from a cutting I took from my garden all those years ago.  And each year as they wither and die, I take a fresh cutting and plant them all over again.”


Magnus didn’t know it, but tears were streaming down his cheeks as well.


“There are only a handful of people who know of this.  Of what happened to Arabella Lightwood.  Where she went, or what became of her.” 


“Do we need to take a break, Magnus?”  Alec asked softly, taking Magnus’ free hand.


“No.  No, angel, we don’t.  This is just something that I haven’t spoken of in a very long time.”  Magnus said, offering the rose to his beautiful Alexander. 


Alec took it gently, not wanting to harm it in any way.  He understood now why there were red roses all over the loft.  They were a piece of the child he had raised.


“What happened, Magnus?  Can you tell us?”  Izzy asked.


“Of course, Isabelle.  Of course.”  Magnus said.  “As I had predicted, three days later, my sweet Belle presented as an omega.  Her presentation was much different than Alexander’s.”  He said, raising Alec’s hand to his lips for a soft kiss.  “She already had all she needed to bare children.  The only real change was the increase of her omega pheromones and her scent.  So I adjusted my wards, to hide her new scent and we waited.  Three months later her first heat set in.  I tended to her as best I could.  I would have suppressed it if that were an option.  The suppression potion can only be used after an omegas first heat to determine their natural cycle.  Some omegas go three months between heats, others four.  I had to know when to give her the potion before her next heat. 


And that’s what we did, every three months, for two years.  Then one day everything changed.  She was out in the garden, clipping roses when the most wonderful scent filled the air.  She looked up, and through my wards saw a very hansom man on horseback.  You must understand, my manor was glamoured and my external wards were twice as thick.  No one could see through, not nephilim, not downworlder, not mundane.  But he did.  I stood on the porch and watched as their eyes locked.  Him on his horse on the road and her in the garden fifty feet away.  He immediately came down off his horse and walked towards her.  He couldn’t see my manor, he shouldn’t have been able to see her, there was only one reason why he could.  He was her fated mate.  A Shadowhunter. 


His name was Robert Lightwood.  A shock, I know.  But he wasn’t a Lightwood by blood, he was only given the name at birth.  Belle was both awed and terrified.  It was Shadowhunters that had murdered her family and chased her through the winter woods, where she would have died if not for Catarina.  But she couldn’t tear her eyes from his.  He reached out a hand, right outside my ward, and I watched as she did the same.  I knew that she had met her other half, and while part of me was thrilled for her, another part was grieving because I knew that I was no longer her one and only.  Selfish I know.  I couldn’t hear what she said to him, but he nodded, and she came racing up to me on the porch.  I already knew what she was going to ask.  She wanted to invite him in.  And she wanted me with her, just in case.  I agreed to allow him passage through my wards, but warned her, should he make a single move that I perceived as a threat he would not live to see another day.  She assured me that he wouldn’t and with my heart breaking I allowed him into my home.  When I heard his name I was just as shocked as you but held my tongue.  I wanted to hear what he had to say.


He introduced himself to me as Robert Lightwood, born to Izabelle Lightwood.  He explained that his mother’s name had been Izabelle Branwell.  Her mate had died in battle, along with her father and brother, while she was with child with him.  The Lightwood’s still in Idris had taken her in and adopted her into the family.  So at birth, as she was now a Lightwood, he was given the Lightwood name. 


For two years they met in secret, whenever they could.  His love was so great for her, he wouldn’t risk her safety, so they always met at the far end of my manors grounds.  Although I liked him well enough, as he always seemed to treat her well and made her happy, I guess she didn’t want her papa too close by while they had their brief amounts of time together.  I knew that they had mated at some point.  But had no idea when.  He could mate her but couldn’t claim her.  Had he done so, his scent would have changed, and everyone would know that he had found a mate that he couldn’t reveal. 


Another year passed when she came to me and asked me to build her the little cottage we had discussed in the back gardens.  She told me that she was ready to bare children, she wanted to be a mother.  While I was overjoyed that she was going to make me a grand papa, another little piece of my heart broke.  She truly was growing up.  It’s every parent’s dream to watch their children grow and find happiness and love and build a family of their own and live out their lives, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt a little.  With each step they take, they move further away from you. 


So the next day we went out onto the grounds and she picked the spot where she wanted her cottage to be.  And with tears in my eyes I raised it from the ground for her, every detail exactly as she had asked.  I could never deny her anything.  When Robert next came, he fell in love with it, as much so as my Belle did.  There was two months left before her next heat and that night she told him why the cottage had been raised.  She told him of her dreams.  He was beyond ecstatic.  He had wanted nothing more than to marry her then and there.  But that, in the traditional sense, wasn’t possible.  While her skin could easily bare the mark of the wedded union rune, as she was a nephilim, he couldn’t be marked without risking putting her and their future children in danger.  And that was when I truly came to accept Robert Lightwood into my little family.  So we had a simple ceremony at which I presided, marrying my only daughter to the man that she loved and that I had come to trust, despite the transgressions of other Shadowhunters of the past.  I was honored to call him my son. 


It took three heat cycles before she fell pregnant.  Once she did, he was at her side as much as possible.  When he couldn’t be, I was there to tend to her instead.  The further along she got, the bigger her belly became.  She had always been petite, and her small frame gave her great pain with the weight of the children growing inside of her.  It was obvious to me that she was carrying multiples by the size of her growing belly.  So as her pains increased, I called Catarina to examine her and asked if she would midwife the children’s births.  Happily she agreed.  She was both thrilled and honored at my request. 


Since the day I took my Belle away from her cottage in the forest we had remained in touch.  I kept her up to date as Belle grew up so she was well aware of Robert and their relationship.  Catarina immediately put Belle on bedrest, insisting that she shouldn’t spend too much time on her feet.  She could easily injure herself as her small frame was not accustomed to bearing so much weight.  Three months later my Belle felt her first labor pain.  Robert and Catarina were both away.  I sent a simple fire message to Robert that just said, ‘It’s time’, and another to Catarina.  She arrived long before Robert as she was only a portal away.  Robert arrived in half the time that I had expected it would take.  He must have rode hard and fast to get to his love. 


My beautiful Belle was in labor for thirty-six hours before the first child began to crown, Robert having held her in his arms the entire time.  I knew by the look on Catarina’s face that something was wrong.  I still remember the feeling of dread that filled my stomach as Belle’s first child came into this world.  It was a baby boy, stillborn.  Belle wept for her child and wanted desperately to hold it.  To memorize his little face, but there wasn’t time.  The second child quickly followed the first and Belle had to push.  Before the child was out, Catarina looked at me with tears in her eyes.  The baby girl was stillborn.  At this Belle and Robert both wept, great, heaving sobs.  But there was no time for that.  There was still one more to go.  I murmured as many sweet nothings in her ear as I could and held her hand, pressing soft kisses to her hair.  I knew what was going to happen to my Belle.  She had lost so much blood and her breathing was strained.  I could see that her once brilliant blue eyes had turned to a softer, duller hue.  She didn’t have much time.  The look on Catarina’s face confirmed my fears.  When the final moment came, as the last child began to crown, Belle gave one final push, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl who’s cries filled the small cottage.  The child had survived.  As weak as my Belle was, she wanted to hold her daughter in arms.  With one last look at me, then Robert, and finally her baby girl, she took her last breath as her child cried in her arms. 


That was the moment my heart shattered completely, despite the beautiful baby girl Catarina laid in my arms.  She had her mother’s raven hair and Robert’s eyes.  Robert, as you can probably imagine, was devastated.  He had just lost two of his children and his fated mate.  For two hours he wept over her, never releasing her from his arms.  Once Catarina had finished cleaning and tending to the baby, it took both of us to pry my Belle from his arms.  As we sat together by Belle’s side we wept in each other’s arms.  It was the sound of the babies cries that pulled us apart.  Robert ached to hold the only tiny piece of his little family that he had left.  And once he had her, he wouldn’t let her go.  For two days he carried her in his arms, feeding her, bathing her, and holding her while she slept. 


He held her close during Belle’s burial and those of his first two children.  On the third day I had to intervene before he fell ill, and his daughter lost both of her parents.  It was hard for him to let me take her, but he knew that I was right.  So I tended to my granddaughter while her father ate and then slept.  He only had one more day before he was due back in Idris.  He had left under the guise of a hunting trip, so we had to make a plan.  Once he awoke, we sat down to plan things out.  Robert was unwilling to leave his daughter behind, even knowing that I would provide her with the best of care and that he could see her anytime. 


My heart was still in pieces as we discussed my granddaughter’s future.  We finally decided that Robert would return home with his daughter under the guise that he had found the newborn child abandoned by a stream while hunting and brought her home.  He told his family that he wanted to keep her and raise her as his own.  They were hesitant, afraid that perhaps he had stumbled across an abandoned mundane baby.  But once the Silent Brothers confirmed her nephilim blood it was decided that he could keep her.  As far as his mother knew, Robert had never found a mate and was getting older.  It wasn’t uncommon back then for Shadowhunters to not find a mate.  Destined mates could have easily passed on due to illness or injury before they had ever had a chance to cross paths with their mates.  The Lightwood’s used what little influence they had managed to rebuild with the Clave after Gideon’s betrayal to push the adoption through quickly.  Belle and Robert’s surviving daughter was officially recorded in the Clave’s records as Bella Sophia Lightwood, born in 1929, date unknown.”


The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.  Magnus looked drained.  Alec leaned into his side.


“Magnus.  Are you alright?  Is there anything I can do?”  Alec asked softly.


“No, love.  There just old memories.  Do they hurt a bit, yes.  But I’ll be fine.  But thank you for asking.”  Magnus said, giving Alec a weak smile.


“Would it help if I told you I loved you again?  Even more now after hearing this, which I didn’t think was possible?”  Alec whispered softly.


“Yes, angel.  It does.”  Magnus said, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead.  A small sob came from across the room.


All heads turned to Izzy, sobbing in Simon’s arms.


“Isabelle, what’s wrong, honey?”  Magnus asked.


“Sophia is Izzy’s middle name.”  Alec said softly.


“Oh Isabelle.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t know.”  Magnus said, climbing up and crossing the room to her.  She stood up immediately and leaned into Magnus’ arms, allowing him to hold her in a fierce hug. 


“So let me get this straight.”  Simon said.  “Alec was named after Gideon and his fated mate Alexander.  And Izzy was named after Robert’s mother Izabella?”


“Actually, no.”  Magnus said, releasing Isabelle to take her seat by her mate.  “Alexander was in fact named after Gideon and his fated mate, Alexander.  It was assumed that Robert named his daughter after his mother, when in all actuality she was named after her mother.  But Isabelle’s middle name did come from my Belle’s daughter.”


“Then were did Izzy’s first name come from?  It seems odd that Alec would be named after two ancestors and Izzy just one.”  Jace said.


“Your right.  It would be odd.  But I haven’t finished my story.”  Magnus said.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 6


Part 5


Day 3


Everyone settled back into their seats, waiting for Magnus to continue his story.  Once all were settled Magnus started to speak.


“Robert adored Bella.  From the moment she was born, she was everything to him.  He loved and cherished her and did his best to give her anything and everything she could ever want or need.  When she was little, he would spend his free time having tea parties with her and playing dress up.”  Magnus said, a small smile at the memory.  “Did he get a lot of flack from the other Shadowhunters, sure, but he didn’t care.  All that he cared about was his baby girl. 


He sent me fire messages every few days, telling me about their adventures and how it wasn’t fair that she was small enough to hide in some of the nooks and crannies of Lightwood Manor that he just couldn’t fit into to catch her.  Apparently, she thought it was funny.  He called her a cheater.  But they both had fun. 


When she was five, he took her out for her first riding lesson.  He took her out into a big field outside of Idris.  He chose this spot for a reason.  He wanted me to see her, even if it was just for a couple of hours.  He didn’t want every moment of her childhood to be relayed through fire messages.  And I couldn’t have been more grateful.  I cherished those moment when I got to see her, hear her voice, and hear her laugh.  She was the spitting image of her mother at that age.  Every time he brought her out of Idris, I was able to be there, even if I was in the shadows. 


Finally, when she turned sixteen, he brought her out into the field and set her down for a picnic.  He had decided, and I agreed, that it was time to tell her everything.  Everything about where she came from and how she came to be.  Robert called me out of the shadows so she could meet me.  At first, she was shell shocked after everything she had heard, trying to take it all in.  She looked at me for several minutes before she spoke.  ‘So you’re my grand papa’ she asked.  I told I was.  Then it was like a dam had burst inside her, dozens of questions came pouring out.  She wanted to know everything there was to know about her mother.  Details her father wouldn’t know.  Like, how she was as a child, that sort of thing. 


We talked for hours, Robert, Bella and I.  But then it started to get dark.  It was time for them to head back to Idris.  And that’s when the anger set in.  She didn’t want to go back to Lightwood Manor, not knowing what she knew.  She didn’t want to be a Shadowhunter anymore.  She didn’t want to continue her training.  She wanted her and her daddy to come home with me.  But I told her it couldn’t be that way.  Robert and I told her she had to go back.  She had to continue her training.  She needed to learn everything she could about how to protect herself because she did carry the omega gene. 


She was already a fierce, fierce Shadowhunter.  But she needed to learn everything she could, master everything she could.  It was with tears running down her cheeks that she asked ‘How am I supposed to face those people knowing that any one of them could turn on their own kind, that they could turn on their friends, their parabati, anyone, with a simple secret order from the Clave?  How am I supposed to take any order from the Clave now?  Or follow any of their commands?’  We told her she had to be strong.  That she had to be brave.  We told her that she came from Gideon Lightwood, the best of the best in his time.  We had to tell her that she was the next Lightwood Shadowhunter to take up that mantel.  She wasn’t just a nephilim or a Shadowhunter, she was, above all else, a Lightwood. The strongest of the strong.  The bravest of the brave.  So she returned to Idris with her father, a broken heart for those who had come before her, and a belly full of rage.”


At this Magnus fell silent, lost in his memories.  A minute passed.


“What happened, Magnus?”  Izzy asked.


Magnus jolted at her voice, having been lost in thought.


“Magnus, are you okay?”  Alec whispered in his Magnus’ ear.


“Yes, love.  I’m fine.  Really, I am.  I just remember her so clearly.  All of them.  Just like it was yesterday.”  Magnus said, an unshed tear in his eye.


“We can stop if you want to.  If you need to.”  Alec said, rubbing soothing circles into Magnus’ back.


“No.  I need to get this out.  And you need to hear it.”  Magnus said with a weak smile.  “So, where was I?  Yes.  We had just told Bella about her family history and she was angry.  But she was a strong Lightwood.  She took her anger and channeled it into her training.  Within six months she was the best Shadowhunter in Idris in both hand to hand and physical combat.  Within a year she had mastered every weapon.  Everyone wanted her on their team.  But she didn’t want a team.  She told me in one of her fire messages that she just wanted to be left alone to train and hunt in peace.  But the Idris Institute wouldn’t allow that.  No Shadowhunter goes out on missions without backup. 


I told her to bide her time.  She only had a year left before her presentation, then she could leave the Institute if she wanted.  There is, and never has been a law that says that once a Shadowhunter has reached age, that they must stay and serve.”


Everyone gasped at this new revelation.


“What?”  Magnus asked.  “Let me guess.  No one told you about that either?”


“No.  We’ve been raised to believe that were born, trained, we present, and continue on.  Our field training starts at fourteen.  We’re out unsupervised at fifteen.  But with Alec being Alec, we were out unsupervised after three months.”  Jace said.


“Your telling me that the Clave sent out five fourteen-year-old Shadowhunters, alone, to hunt demons at just over fourteen?!”  Magnus asked, outraged.


“Magnus, we were fighting in the Dark War at sixteen.  And some a lot younger than us.  The Clave tried to keep them in the back, reloading weapons and tending to the wounded…”  Alec said.


“But what?”  Magnus interrupted.  “Some were killed, right?  How many children were killed Alexander?  How many did the Clave sacrifice?  What happened to women and children don’t fight in wars?  Or is that just a mundane thing?”


“I don’t know.”  Alec said honestly.  “But in our world, if you can swing a seraph blade, which at fourteen, you’ve had five years of training, your expected to be able to do it, you can fight.  I’m not saying I think it’s right.  Because I don’t.  A lot of people didn’t.  Before the troops were dispatched dozens of petitions were sent to the Clave from Institutes all over the world asking that those under sixteen not be asked to fight.  Since there were so many petitions, from so many Institutes, the Clave had to take it under council.  The council members met to discuss the matter.  But the end result was still the same.  The only thing that changed was that any Institute caught hiding the younger Shadowhunters would be charged with treason, and the penalty was death for anyone suspected in being involved, including those they were trying to protect.  Shortly after, envoys were dispatched to each Institute to make sure that everyone complied.  They did a rollcall every day.”


In a fit of rage, Magnus’ eyes turned black and his body burst into flame, a blue luminescent shield protecting Alec from harm.


“Magnus?  Please, calm down.  I know your angry, but please calm down.  Calm down and talk to me.”  Alec begged.


In an instant the flames vanished.  Hearing the distress in his omegas voice brought Magnus back to the here and now.  He blinked a couple of times before his eyes turned back to their original chocolate brown.  Everyone in the loft was too stunned to speak, except Alec.


“Magnus, please.  Talk to me.”  Alec pleaded.


“I grow to hate your Clave more and more each day.  Something I didn’t think was possible.  But the more I hear, the more I hate them.  I was distrustful of your family when they came to me looking for you, Alexander.”  Magnus said softly.  “Had I known all of this…”  He trailed off.


A heavy silence hung in the air.


“Then I guess it was best that you didn’t know.”  Alec said, squeezing Magnus’ hand in his own.


“You said, when we first came to you, that you would help us because we were looking for Alexander Lightwood, after we told you we were searching for a male omega Shadowhunter.  It wasn’t until we told you who he was that you agreed to help.  It was because of who he was.  You were going to go after him because of your past and your connection to the Lightwood’s.  But you were going to go after any omega Shadowhunter, weren’t you?”  Jace asked.


“Yes.  I would have gone after any omega Shadowhunter that was brought to my attention.  To keep them safe.  But I was dead set on finding Alexander because of who he was and what the Lightwood’s mean to me.  Since the day Gideon Lightwood gave birth to my Arabella, I’ve always had a vested interest in the Lightwood’s.  They’ve always been like family, something I’ve never had before.  I’ve known of Alexander since the day he was born, Isabelle too.”  Magnus said.


“How could you….?”  Clary cut off, confused.


“I have known of every birth and death of every Lightwood since the days of Gideon.  We’ll just say that I’m well informed.  What I didn’t know was that my Alexander had presented as an omega.  That news never reached me.  Until you showed up at my door.”


“You say your kept informed.  By who?  Who tells you these things?”  Alec asked.


“In due time, love.  In due time.”  Magnus said softly, cupping his angel’s cheek.  Alec couldn’t help but lean into the touch, holding Magnus’ hand in place with his own.  Their eyes locked, chocolate brown staring into crystal blue.  Neither knew how long they gazed into each other’s eyes.  Finally, Jace cleared his throat, pulling them back to the present. 


“I think we could all use a break.”  Jace said.


After watching her brother with his mate, Izzy felt a swell of happiness fill her.  Her big brother had love at last.  Real love.  She realized in that moment that the brother she adored, looked up to, and would die to protect, loved Magnus.  Truly, madly and deeply.  And that Magnus loved her brother truly, madly and deeply.  They were meant.


“I agree.  I think I could use a break myself.”  Izzy said, rising from her seat and faking a stretch.  Everyone else followed suit.


“Come with me?”  Alec asked Magnus softly.


“Anywhere.”  Magnus said, voice barely a whisper.


Climbing up from his seat, Alec took Magnus’ hand, pulling him along behind him.  Crossing the living room, Alec pushed the bedroom door open, pulling Magnus inside.



Alec shut the door behind them. 


“What is it, love?  Are you alright?”  Magnus asked, voice full of concern.


“I’m fine.  It’s you who’s not.”  Alec said, pushing Magnus backwards to the bed.  He was forced to sit when his legs hit the edge.


“I’m fine, love.  I told you, it’s just old memories.”  Magnus said as Alec gracefully climbed onto his lap.


“I know.  Memories that you’ve been holding onto for more than a hundred years.  Memories I bet you’ve never shared with anyone.”  Alec said, running his fingers gently through Magnus’ hair.  “You’re not alone now.  You don’t have to hide things away.  You don’t always have to be strong or brave.  At least not with me.  Izzy told me that once.  That I didn’t have to hold it all in all the time.  And she was right.”  He said, pressing his lips softly to Magnus’ forehead.


Magnus sighed at the contact.  He knew that his little Shadowhunter had been holding back.  Despite the affections he had shown him, he knew that he hadn’t yet broken through his mate’s walls.  The wall that had protected his heart for eighteen years.  Only his mate’s team, his family, held his affections.  While they did know him, there was always a piece of him that had remained closed off.  Now he could see that that wall was crumbling, little by little.              


“I thought you were mad at me.”  Magnus said softly.


“I was.  Not so much anymore.  Now that I know that you’ve been watching over and protecting my family.  And that you loved them.  But fate is fate.  We were meant and nothing will ever change that.”  Alec said, cupping Magnus’ cheeks.  “I knew I loved you.  Now I love you that much more.”  He said, pressing another tender kiss to Magnus’ forehead.


Magnus sighed in contentment, wrapping his Shadowhunter in his arms.  As much as he hated Shadowhunters, he could never hate this one.  Alec pulled him closer, pressing Magnus’ head to his shoulder.


“Just breath, love.”  Alec said softly.  He didn’t know if this would work, but he had to try.  He could still feel the tension radiating off his alphas body.


Magnus took a deep breath in, comforted by his angel’s embrace.  In that breath he took in his omegas soothing scent, fresh peaches, strawberries, and cream.  Within seconds he felt himself relax in his love’s arms, his angel’s scent soothing him, a sense of peace wrapping around him.  He had never had this before.  Never felt this before.  It was beyond words.


“That’s right.  Just breathe.”  Alec soothed, now knowing that he could comfort his alpha with his scent.


Magnus took in one last deep breath before he pulled away.


“Feeling better now?”  Alec asked softly.


“Much.  Thank you, love.  How did you know that would work?”  Magnus asked.


“I didn’t.  But I thought it was worth a shot.”  Alec said, blushing.


“Are you ready to hear the rest?  About your family?”  Magnus asked, his pupils blow wide from his omegas scent.


“I think so.”  Alec said, climbing from Magnus’ lap.


Magnus missed the contact immediately.  The comfort of his angel holding him close was gone.  Alec reached out a hand to help him up.  ‘Another time’ Magnus thought to himself.



Magnus and Alec stepped into the living room, hand in hand.  Magnus wasn’t ready to let go of his little Shadowhunter yet.  All heads turned toward them.


“Are we ready to hear the rest?”  Magnus asked.  Everyone was already settled into their seats.  A chorus of yeses filled the room.


“Okay.  On with the story of Bella.”  Magnus said as he and Alec took their seats.  “As you know, Bella was listed in the Clave records with her birth year but the month and date unknown.  There were only three people who knew when she was born, her father, myself, and Bella.  On her presentation date she and her father rode out to meet me in the field where we always met.


As we waited for her presentation, we discussed what she wanted to do after she presented.  She had decided that if she didn’t present as an omega, she would stay at the Institute.  As much as she hated it, she felt it was her duty to smuggle out any other Shadowhunters that presented as omegas and get them to safety.  We discussed her strategy.  That if a Shadowhunter presented as an omega, she would immediately send a fire message to me with a time to meet outside the Institute.”


“I’m sorry to interrupt.”  Simon said.  “But how did you get so close to the Institute.  I mean, how did you get through the wards around Alicante without setting off the alarms?”


“That’s a good question.  And the answer to it is some only a few people know.  When the Clave came to the warlocks requesting that protective wards be placed around their sacred city, we obliged them for a heavy price.  What they didn’t know was that I made a small tweak in setting up the wards.  They believed that once the wards were created, no downworlder or demon or what have you would be able to penetrate them without setting off the alarms.  I left a small rift in the wards in which I could enter freely.  A door so to speak. 


When I was ‘invited’ to elaborate affairs and such I had to go through the motions of being granted entrance when I really could have just walked through the front gates without all the commotion.  But I had to maintain my secret.  You see, wards have to be strengthened and repaired every so often, sometimes having to be completely redone.  I’ve been called in a few times to do just that.  Not even another warlock can detect what I built into the foundation of the wards.  They don’t have enough power.”  Magnus said. 


“But that’s a story for another time.  And you can not reveal this to anyone.  No one knows when that little secret may mean the difference between life or death for any number of people inside that city.  Now, back to Bella.  As we were discussing her plan, her presentation started.  To her father’s delight and relief, she presented as an alpha.  He had been agonizing over this since the day she was born.  Finally, he could breathe easy. 


After her presentation we continued to discuss her plan.  She had it very well planned out.  During her time there she was able to get seven omegas out safely.  Once I got them outside the city, unfortunately, I would have to wipe the last hour or so of their memories to protect all parties involved.  Yes, I can do that.  As you can probably guess, they were confused as to how they came to be outside the city, but someone was always there to guide them to safety.  I was never seen. 


No one inside the Institute or the Clave ever figured out where the newly presented omegas disappeared to.  But there came a time when Bella had to stop.  After the eight omega presented, the Institute had strict orders from the Clave to keep guards outside their chambers until a decision was made as to what to do with them.  The men were executed immediately after presentation.  The Clave ultimately decided that the women were to be confined to the Institute to be used a ‘breeders’. 


They had no say in whom would use their bodies while in heat, they were free game.  The Institute would only allow one Shadowhunter at a time to mate with the omega while they were in heat so if they fell pregnant, they would know which Shadowhunter the child belonged to.  It’s horrific, I know.  Once a week every three to four months, what were once valuable female Shadowhunters were raped repeatedly until their heat either passed or they fell pregnant.  If they resisted, they were severely beaten and restrained, left at the mercy of the one raping them. 


Once pregnant, they were still confined to their chambers for the duration of their pregnancy until the child was born.  And once the Institute physician gave them a clean bill of health after delivery, they went right back to where they started.  They never got to see or hold their child.  It was taken from them immediately after birth.”


“That’s why my mother called me a filthy whore and said I was only good for breeding.”  Alec said, tears streaming down his cheeks.  “Of everything you’ve said, this is the worst thing I’ve ever heard.”


Magnus took Alec in his arms, holding him close. 


“I know, sweetheart.  I know.  But we stopped it.”  Magnus said, pulling back to wipe the tears away.  “We stopped it.”


“How?”  Alec asked.


“We enchanted The Omega Chronicles.  The moment a new omega presents the book always updates itself.  There’s supposed to be someone watching the book at all times, but it’s a tedious job and quite boring.  That’s my guess as to how your presentation was overlooked.  But back then, it was watched with great care and scrutiny.  Whenever a new name appeared a warlock would portal directly into the new omegas room and portal them out.  Of course, the alarms would go off, but no one ever guessed that the perpetrator was right inside the door of the omegas room.  They all went rushing to the front gates and perimeter.”  Magnus said, pressing a firm kiss to Alec’s forehead.  “Again, the downworlders stepped in and came to the aid of the omegas, offering them the safety of their homes.  Just as they had before.”


“What became of Bella?”  Izzy asked.


“Finally, it became too much. Her anger and hatred for the Clave had reached its peak.  Knowing everything that she did, she just couldn’t tolerate it anymore.  So she petitioned the Clave to grant her permission for a home outside the city.  She told them that she felt too confined in Idris.  She was the best Shadowhunter they had, she was a strong alpha, and could bare children, so they had no reason to deny her.  


The conditions were that she was to come to the Institute every day for training and that she was to be on call at all times, should she be needed.  Once her home was built, Robert petitioned the Clave to retire and live with his daughter.  He was getting older in years and could no longer go on missions or patrols.  You must remember that back then, they didn’t have the healthcare or medical resources that we have today.  So, seeing as that Robert had served dutifully his entire life, dedicating himself to the Clave, they granted his retirement request. 


About a year later Bella was in her garden, tending her roses, when the most wonderful scent drifted past her on a breeze.  There was an envoy coming to the Idris Institute, passing right by her cottage.  She dropped what she was doing and ran after it.  She ran so fast that she stopped it in the middle of the road.  The Shadowhunters driving it were shouting at her to get out of the way.  But she refused.  She had her mother’s stubbornness.  She refused to allow them to pass until she had seen all parties on board.  What she didn’t know was that a Shadowhunter within the envoy had caught her scent and was pushing his way through the other Shadowhunters.  Right about the time that Bella was going to forcefully board a man stepped out.  According to Robert, their eyes locked.  She reached out a hand, he took it, and together they climbed off board. 


Bella knew that there would be hell to pay but she didn’t care.  And neither did he.  Bella had found her mate.  She didn’t know him, but from the moment she caught his scent she loved him, truly, madly, deeply.  As it turns out, the man she took from the envoy was the whole reason that the envoy came.  Well, him and a few others.  They were being transferred from an American Institute.  Bella received a scolding from the Clave, but no more.  The Clave saw it as an opportunity.  She was an alpha and so was he.  They couldn’t wait for them to mate.  And sure enough, a year later, Bella found out she was with child.  After nine miserable months, and I say miserable because every discomfort a woman could have, she had, Robert, her mate, and I watched as a beautiful baby girl was delivered into this world.  They named her Izabella Rose.”


“That’s where I got my name.  Isn’t it?”  Izzy asked.


“Sort of.”  Magnus said.  “You got the ‘Belle’ part from your great, great grandmother.  My Belle.”


Izzy sniffled, trying to hold back tears.


“Was she a badass?”  Izzy asked.


“She is.”  Magnus said with a rueful smile.  “She gave the Institute hell from the first day.  But, as with those who came before her, she was the best.  She mastered everything they threw at her, and they threw hard.  Bella and her Michael couldn’t have been prouder.  Then everything changed.  Izabella met her fated mate about three months before she presented.  They were madly in love.  Then, to everyone’s shock, Izabella presented as an omega.  There hadn’t been an omega Lightwood since Gideon.  At least not that they knew about.  So we implemented our plan.  We formed a plan before Bella presented.  In case there was another Lightwood omega.  It was get in, get them, and get out.  Simple as that.  As we expected, the Clave locked her in her chambers and put guards on the door. 


Jason hated the part he had to play.  He had to play the role of the disgusted Shadowhunter.  He had to portray hatred and contempt.  Just long enough to be believable.  Izabella waited patiently for me to come for her, which I did.  Ten minutes after I received Jason’s fire message I was in and she was gone.  It was hours before anyone knew she was missing.”


“Back-up.”  Alec said, voice weak and complexion pale.


“Yes, angel.”  Magnus said, turning to him.  “What’s wrong, sweetheart?  Are you alright?”


Alec struggled to speak for a moment, trying to form words.


“Alec, what’s wrong?”  Izzy asked, crossing the room to her brother.  He grabbed her hand and held it tight.


“Sweetheart, talk to me.”  Magnus said, voice full of concern.


Alec took a deep breath in and out before he met Magnus’ eyes.


“You said ‘is’.  When Iz asked if she was a badass you said that she ‘is’.”  Alec whispered softly.


“He’s right.  You did say ‘is’.”  Izzy said, planting her feet.  “What do you mean, ‘is’?”  She demanded.


“I meant exactly what I said.  It wasn’t my intention to reveal it this way.  But Izabella Lightwood is still alive.”  Magnus said.


“Don’t you think that might have been the part you started with?”  Alec demanded, pushing himself up from his seat.  “Don’t you think we would have rather known about our LIVING grandmother before hearing the story of Gideon Lightwood and our entire FUCKING family tree?”  He raged; cheeks flushed with anger.  “Don’t you think we should have known that we have a living ancestor that we knew nothing about because it’s all been kept a secret!  We were told, our entire lives, that our only living relative was our father.  That most Lightwood women either died during childbirth or shortly after and that it was mostly the men that survived.  That there were only enough throughout the ages to barely keep the Lightwood line alive.  You don’t think we should have been told, about our LIVING grandmother, right from the start?!?”


Alec paced the room as he screamed at his mate, pulling at his hair.


“Our father has kept this from us, our entire lives.  And now, so have you!  You told us by accident!  Why?  Why was it kept from us?  Our entire family history since the death of Gideon Lightwood has been kept from us!  You knew them well.  All of them.  You were a part of their lives.  Each and every one.  We didn’t even know their names, or that they ever even existed.”  He said, voice starting to tremble.  “And where was your plan?  Your backup plan you claimed you had ready in case another Lightwood presented as an omega?  Where was THAT when I FUCKING presented?  Hell, you didn’t even know that another Lightwood had presented as an omega until MY TEAM, MY FAMILY, came and told you!  Do you see how FUCKED UP that is?”  Alec raged on.  Everyone flinched, even Magnus.


“Sweetheart…”  Magnus started.


“Don’t you dare try and tell me that I need to calm down.”  Alec cut him off.  “Or that this is just fucking omega hormones, because it most defiantly IS NOT.  How could you?”  He asked, the anger draining out of him, quickly replaced by heartbreak and tears.  “How could you not tell me.  How could you not tell me that I wasn’t alone?  How could anybody not know about me?  Like I don’t even exist.”  Alec said as he slid to the floor against the wall, tears of heartache and betrayal running rivers down his cheeks.


Magnus moved to his side.  All he wanted to do was comfort his sweet Shadowhunter.  He knew that he had made a huge mistake.  He had done it all backwards.  And it had hurt the one he loved with his entire heart and soul, simply because he had chosen the wrong place to start.


“There is someone who knew.”  Izzy declared; voice as hard as a stone.  “There is someone.  Robert Lightwood will never see another day.”  She said, starting for the door.


Simon vaulted over the couch in time to block her path.


“I know your angry.  About your grandmother and your father, and Alec, and you have every right to be.  But let’s look at this with a calm head for a minute, okay?  We don’t know why your father kept these things from you.”  Simon pleaded.


“Did you not see the way he’s been treating Alec since he presented?  His mother must be ashamed of him!”  Izzy shouted.


“She’s not.”  Magnus said, holding her weeping brother in his arms, whispering sweet nothings to his devastated mate.


“What do you mean, she’s not?”  Izzy asked, turning on her heels.


“There’s more to it than you know.  About your father, your uncle, and your grandmother.”  Magnus said.


“What do you mean, our uncle?  Let me guess, he’s alive too.”  She said sardonically.


“He is.  Please, sit down.  There’s not much left to tell, but it will change the entire picture for you and Alexander both.”  Magnus said, pressing a soft kiss to a now silent Alec’s head.


“Magnus, what’s wrong with him?”  Clary asked, hands clamped tight around her stomach.  She was white as a sheet and soaked in sweat, Jace holding her in his arms.  “I could feel everything from him, the pain, the anger, the heartbreak, the sense of betrayal, the feeling of abandonment.  All of it.  And now I don’t feel anything.  Anything at all.”


“He’s going to be alright, Biscuit.  His emotions, with his heightened omega hormones, were more than he could take.  His mind was so overloaded that it shut down.  He needs time.  A little time while his mind works to process everything.  The closer he gets to consciousness, the more you will feel him again.  In the meantime, I would suggest that we all take a break before Isabelle sets off to commit murder when not all of the facts are on the table, and while my angel rests.  It’s well past lunchtime.  Feel free to help yourself to whatever there is to eat.”  Magnus said, softly stroking his Shadowhunters hair.


“This is so far from not over, Magnus.”  Izzy declared.


Magnus reached beneath his mate, lifting Alec into his arms.


“I would be disappointed if it was, Isabelle.  You forget, I know the Lightwood women very well, and know what they can do.”  Magnus said as he walked past her, pushing through the bedroom door.



Pain.  A throbbing ache was the first thing that Alec felt as he pulled himself up from the depths of unconsciousness.  It was as if his entire body throbbed in rhythm to the beat of his heart.  The further he surfaced the more he realized that it wasn’t his body, but his head.  A small groan escaped him.


“Alec?” Izzy asked.


“Iz?”  Alec asked, pushing his eyes open.  She sat beside him, in Magnus’ place.


“How are you feeling?”  She asked.


“Like my heads going to explode.  Where’s Magnus?” 


“I told him to take a breather on this one.  He didn’t want to, but he finally agreed.  And he left you this.  He thought you might wake up with a headache.”  She said, holding up a vial for him to see.  “Do you want it?”


“Depends.  Do you have any aspirin?” 


She smiled as she picked up the small aspirin bottle on the bedside table and a glass of water.  Popping the lid, she handed him a few.  With a lightening pain through his skull he sat up, taking both of them.


“Iz, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  The last three days have been…”  He trailed off.


“More than words can describe?”  She asked with a small smile.


“Yeah, that.”  He said, handing the glass back.


“This is so fucked up, Iz.  I don’t know where one ends and the other begins.”  He said, rubbing gently at his temples.  “Three months ago I was Alec Lightwood, commander of the best team alive, called a hero, a title that I didn’t want, the best archer the Clave has seen in longer than anyone could remember, then I presented.  And it all went to shit.”


“You, my dear brother, are still Alec Lightwood, the best commander of the best team alive, and you are a hero, a title that you do deserve rather you want it or not.  And you are still the best archer that the Clave has ever seen, and I will follow that belief until someone shows me proof positive that there has been someone better.  Yes, your presentation was a bit of shock, but at least now we know why.  That whole Clave line about how there ‘hasn’t been an omega Shadowhunter in over two hundred years’ is total bullshit.  And now we know it.  From the time of Gideon Lightwood, every omega Lightwood Shadowhunter has been rock star, and so are you.  And don’t let anyone tell you any different.”  She said, brushing a lock of hair from his eyes.


“How can you say those things, Iz?  Yes, I may be a good archer, but other than that, I’m no better than any other Shadowhunter.” 


“Alec, how many demons and greater demons have you sent back to hell?  Yes, some of it was a team effort, meaning you saved our asses when we tried without you.  How many thousands did you save when you ended Valentine?  And don’t try and say it was luck; because we both know it wasn’t.  How many other Shadowhunters have you trained that wouldn’t be worth their salt otherwise?  Good Shadowhunters, thanks to you.  You have made a really big difference in our world.  You are special, not because you’re an omega and the fated mate to The High Warlock of Brooklyn, who seems to be pretty powerful, but because, like I said, you’re a rock star.  And were just your groupies.”  She said with a smile that spoke only of love.


“You can say it all you want, Izzy-Diz.  But that doesn’t mean that I have to believe it.” Alec said with a smile.


“Deal.”  She said, leaning in to press a soft kiss on her big brother’s forehead.


There was a soft knock at the door.


“Izzy, Alec?”  Clary asked through the wood.  “Magnus is back.  He has something to show you.”


“I guess that’s your que.”  Izzy said with a smirk.


Giving her brother a hand, she helped him out of bed.



Izzy and Alec stepped into the living room.  Magnus glanced up from what looked like a thick, ancient book.


“Alexander.”  Magnus said, laying the book aside.  He was beside his mate in less than two strides.  “How are you?  Are you feeling better?”


“Quite a bit, thanks.”  Alec said, trying to be aloof.


“Hey, look at me, angel.  I know your still upset.”  Magnus said, gently tilting Alec’s chin to look at him.  Their eyes locked, chocolate brown and crystal blue.  In that instant both knew that all was forgiven, and they could move on.  Leaning in, Magnus placed a gentle kiss to his Shadowhunters forehead.  Alec shuddered at the touch; a pleasant tingle having worked its way down his spine.  Magnus smiled to himself.


“Clary said you were back?”  Alec asked, pulling away from his alpha.


“Yes.  While you were resting, I took a trip to the Spiral Labyrinth.  Let me show you what I found.”  Magnus said, taking Alec’s hand and leading him to the open book.


“What’s this?”  Alec asked.


“This, this is this year’s book in The Omega Chronicles.  Well, last year’s actually.  You were born on October 24th, right?”  Alec nodded, yes.  “Look at the entries on October 24th of last year.”


Alec scanned the names in the book, his brow furrowed.


“This can’t be right.  I’m not in here.  Why am I not in here?”  Alec asked, confused.


“No one in the Spiral Labyrinth knows.”  Magnus said.


“Maybe an oversight?”  Simon asked.


“Not possible.  This book is enchanted.  Alexander’s name should have entered itself the moment he completed his presentation.  And before you ask, there is no way it could have been tampered with.  Only a select few warlocks have access to these Chronicles, myself included.  Only those of us that took part in enchanting it.  It’s just not possible.”


“That’s why you didn’t know that I had presented.  It never appeared in the book.”  Alec said.


“Yes and no, love.”  Magnus said, lifting Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “I should have known, regardless of this book.  No matter what you presented as.  Or Isabelle.  I have followed the births and deaths and everything in between of every Lightwood since the time of Gideon.  I screwed up.  And it will pain me for the rest of my life.  I knew you were The Archer.  I knew that you were the best Shadowhunter alive.  I knew that Isabelle was a badass warrior and about your team.  But when it mattered most, when it meant the most, I failed you.  I should have been ready on your birthday and upcoming presentation and been prepared to take action, for the both of you, and I failed.  I’m so sorry.”  Magnus said, an unshed tear in his eyes.


“It’s okay.  I don’t know why I’m not in that book.  And I don’t really care.  And people make mistakes.  It all worked out in the end.”  Alec said, cupping Magnus’ cheek.  “So let’s lay this to rest for now, okay?”


Magnus nodded, yes.


“There are still a few things that need to be cleared up.”  Izzy stated.  “Like, why in the hell where we kept in the dark.  If Izabella Lightwood isn’t ashamed of her son, I want to know why.  What?  Did she not give a shit about her grandchildren?  And why has my father treated Alec the way he has his entire life, and more so after he presented as an omega?”


“I think we should all take a seat for that one.”  Magnus said.


After everyone settled into their seats, Alec snuggled up to Magnus, Magnus started to speak.


“As I’ve already told you, within ten minutes of Izabella’s confinement to her chambers, I received Jason’s fire message.  I was in and she was out.  One thing that I will tell you is that if the last hundred plus years is any indication, all omega Lightwood’s find fated mates.  That has just been the pattern.  Why, I don’t know.  Anyway, it was hours before anyone ever realized that she was gone.  Once they had, they went straight to Jason.  They interrogated him for hours, even subjecting him to the soul sword.  We made sure that should Izabella present as an omega, all he knew was that someone would retrieve her, he wouldn’t know who, and he would have no idea where she was taken.  So he passed the soul swords test with flying colors.  All that they knew was that she had somehow vanished. 


And as much as he hated it, he had to keep up the pretense that he was disgusted by her now that she was an ‘omega’.  He was watched carefully on every patrol and mission, every move scrutinized, for a while.  Once the Clave and Institute were both convinced that he knew nothing, all was back to normal.  What they didn’t know was that each night he would send me a fire message letting me know he was ready.  Once I copied his tracking rune signature, he was able to deactivate his rune and portal out of the Institute.  As far as the Institute was concerned, he was asleep in his bed.  That was when he spent his time with Izabella.  It didn’t matter how exhausted he was from training and hunting, or from long patrols, that was their time.  And he never missed a moment of it.  As with Belle and Robert, they were able to mate, but not claim each other.  They made the most of what they had and cherished every moment.  One afternoon, several months later, everything changed for Izabella. 


There was a mass demon attack on the outskirts of Idris, terrorizing the mundanes there.  All available Shadowhunters were dispatched to stop the chaos.  Jason was killed in the battle.  He died a hero.  Izabella knew the moment it had happened.  Losing a fated mate is a thousand times worse than losing a parabati, the connection is so strong. 


As you can probably guess, she was unable to attend his rite of passing, which only made it worse.  She didn’t get out of bed for days.  Days then turned into weeks.  The only time she stirred was to use the bathroom.  After a while she became physically ill.  I sent word to Catarina to come and look her over.  We thought that maybe Catarina could get through to her while she treated whatever ailment was affecting Izabella. 


The first thing Catarina asked upon her arrival was when Izabella’s next heat was due.  Then it hit us like a ton of bricks.  Izabella’s heat period had come and gone.  After Catarina examined her, and confirmed the pregnancy, she told Izabella.  ‘I’m pregnant?’ were the first words to leave her lips since the moment of Jason’s death.  She was ecstatic.  While nothing could replace her Jason, she knew she was carrying a part of him inside of her.  A part that she would love and cherish for all the days of her life. 


Everything changed after that.  By the next day she was up and moving, albeit a little weak from her time in bed, but she was slowly becoming her old self again.  The illness we had called Catarina in for was simple morning sickness.  While she battled it throughout the remainder of her first trimester, she pushed through it.  She would only eat the best foods for her child to ensure that the baby would enter this world healthy and strong. 


When Catarina came for her second trimester visit, she was amazed at the difference between the Izabella she had first seen and the Izabella that stood before her.  During the exam, Izabella was beyond excited.  She wanted to know everything.  That was when she learned that she was carrying perfectly healthy twin boys.  Gideon Alexander and Robert Jason.”


“Our father and uncle.”  Izzy said, awed.  “But what happened?  Why was our father so cruel to us?  So cold?  And why did he treat Alec the way he has?”


“Well, that’s where it get’s tricky.  Izabella gave birth to her twins and cherished them.  But how were they going to report them to the Clave without knowing where they came from?  Children of an omega were not going to be accepted, probably killed, and without proof of new life from the Lightwood line, for all the world it would have ended with Izabella.  She had no choice but to send her boys to the Institute when the time came.  And as much as she hated it, she wanted her boys to learn everything they could to defend themselves against any form of attack. 


Otherwise her children would have to be raised in the shadows like she was living.  So she sat down with her parents and formed a plan.  Bella would claim the children as her own.  A late in life pregnancy.  So Izabella’s twins where put down in the Clave’s records as the children of Bella Lightwood and Michael Greymark.  Izabella knew that she only had a limited amount of time with her boys before she had to send them to the Institute for their training at nine.  But they already had several well trained and experienced Shadowhunters to prepare them.  They taught them to be strong.  To take no shit from anybody.  Michael is the one who coined the Lightwood phrase ‘we break noses and take the consequences’.   A phrase I hear is still in use.”  Magnus said, raising an eyebrow at this mate. 


Alec gave his most innocent look and Izzy giggled.


“It may have come up once or twice over the years.”  Jace said, a huge grin on his face.


“Mm-hmm.  Anyway.”  Magnus said.  “Both your father and uncle trained to become excellent Shadowhunters.  So much so that by seventeen the Clave was already grooming your father to be an Institute head one day.  Once their presentation day came, we were ready.  But as it turned out, they both presented as strong alphas, much to Izabella’s relief.  The Lightwood legacy would continue.  But the brothers were torn.  Neither of them wanted to leave their mother alone.  She had already lost her fated mate and for nine years had lost her children.  They felt that she had suffered enough.  An arranged marriage to Maryse was already in the works for your father.  Your uncle was willing to forgo finding love to be with their mother. 


After great debate and several arguments, they decided that during the next big battle, Gideon would fake his own death and return home to their mother, where he’s been ever since.  Of course, they came to me for help.  They knew that they couldn’t pull this off on their own.  So moments before they were dispatched into a massive battle, Gideon sent a signal to me.  He was to deactivate his tracking rune the first moment that he could, without being seen.  As soon as it was deactivated, I was there to retrieve him, using a glamour to hide myself.  I couldn’t portal him away from an active battle, so for all the world it seemed as if I was carrying a wounded soldier to safety. 


Once we got clear of the battle, I place a protective ward around him until we found a place that I could create a portal to pass us through.  Robert carried on with the fight and the Shadowhunters were victorious.  There were several dead and wounded that had to be taken back to the Institute.  When they discovered that Gideon was unaccounted for, they checked the fallen Shadowhunters.  When they couldn’t find him there, they assumed that one of the greater demons had gotten to him.  Your father had to play the role of the devastated brother.  His twin was gone. 


Izabella was furious when Gideon arrived home and he had told her of their plan.  She didn’t speak to him for two days.  On the third, she took him into her arms and wept.  One of her babies had come back to her.  As far as your father, once the Clave had thought enough time had passed for him to have overcome his grief for his brother, the final arrangements were made for his marriage to your mother. 


In a traditional Shadowhunter marriage your father wed your mother.  From what I’ve been told, hating every minute of it.  Both Maryse and your father were strong alphas and your father was already proving himself to be a strong leader.  The Clave was happy with the Lightwood’s once again.  Two years later your mother found out she was pregnant.  Your father was overjoyed, yet terrified at the same time.  A few months later it was discovered that she was carrying twins, one boy, one girl. 


While your father was thrilled, he was even more afraid.  As I’ve said, twins are very rare in non-omega families.  He knew that either of you could present as an omega.”


“That doesn’t explain why he’s already treated Alec the way he has.”  Clary stated.


“Actually, it does.  I think he knew that if one of you presented as an omega, that it would be Alexander.  He knew there was always a chance that it could have been either of you, or none at all.  But he had in his mind that it would be Alexander from early on, because of the eyes.  Every omega Lightwood had Gideon’s crystal blue eyes.”


“So that’s why he started Alec’s training so early.  The early morning sessions with Hodge.  The extra training and studies.  He wanted Alec to be prepared, in every way, just in case.”  Jace said.


“Exactly.  What may have seemed overly harsh, maybe even cruel at times, I think that Robert felt he had no choice.  He wanted to protect his son at all costs.  To give him every advantage.  Which he did.  Could he have taken a different approach, maybe.  Maybe he thought that if his son hated him enough, he would push harder, trying to please his father, to gain his love.  That I honestly can’t say.”  Magnus said, squeezing his Alexander’s hand.  “Only your father can tell you the reasons behind it all.  And one day you will have to face him, love.”


“He was so hateful.”  Alec said, barely more than a whisper.  “Not just before I presented but after.  He said such horrible things.  Cruel and vile things.  Things that no parent should ever say to their child.  And he did nothing to stop my mother.  She was so much worse.  Berating me constantly, every day, as many times as she could.  She would call me into her office just to tell me how worthless and disgusting I was.  How I should have died the moment I was born.  That I was shit on her shoes.  A disgusting faggot.  A disgrace.  A filthy omega whore.”  He said, tears flowing freely down his cheeks.


“Come here, love.  Shh, your safe from it all now.”  Magnus said, pulling his angel into his arms.  “It’s alright now.  She can’t hurt you anymore.  I swear it.  But you will have to face her too at some point.  But don’t fret.  You will be more than ready for it.  She will beg for mercy at your feet.  I promise you that.  Don’t cry, my love.  It will be alright.”  Magnus crooned, trying desperately to soothe his distraught mate.  “Come here.”  He said, gently pressing his Shadowhunters nose to his scent glands.  “Breathe, angel.  Just breathe and calm yourself.  I think were done for today.  Alexander needs to rest.  He’s already been through more than enough for one day.” 


“I want to meet her.  Isabella.  And my uncle.  I have too.  I need too.”  Alec hiccupped out between sobs.


“You will, sweetheart.  I promise.  Just as soon as your heat passes.  You’re in no condition to go anywhere while you’re in heat.  But I promise you, I will take you to her.  Isabelle too.  I know she would love to meet you both.  But we can talk about that later.  Right now, you need sleep.”  Magnus said, snapping his fingers.  A vial appeared in his hand.  Uncorking it with his thumb he raised it to Alec’s lips.  “Drink, sweetheart.  Let your mind rest.  We’ll get it all worked out.  I swear by your angel.”


Alec eyed the vial, debating.  He was so tired of potions, there were just so many of them.


“Your suppression potion is mixed in.  You need them both.  Trust me.”  Magnus crooned. 


Alec looked his alpha in the eyes.  What he saw there made the decision for him.  He nodded, yes.


“Thank you, love.”  Magnus said as Alec swallowed the potion.


Within seconds Alec’s vision started to blur.  He could hear his sister, very, very far away.  He blinked once, twice, the delicious scent of his alpha following him into darkness.


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A/N:   Before I proceed to the next chapter of this journey I wanted to offer up a little tease, work your imagination a bit.  Please read the modified lyrics below.  For all of my wonderful readers who are already up to Chapter 6 Revelations Part 5 after you have read the lyrics to this song, think back to the journey so far and see where and how it applies.  More will be revealed as this journey is laid out for you.  I really hope you enjoy the ride!

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Nothing is the same

 There's a new world Calling my name

 I can't escape this 

Our fate is beckoning 

It's beckoning

We're coming after you

 Nowhere to run

 We're coming after you

This is the hunt This is the hunt



 Mysteries unfold

All the stories 

Legends that we're told

We watch them come to life 

We come to life

 We're coming after you 

Nowhere to run

We're coming after you 

This is the hunt This is the hunt 



We live in shadows 

We live where darkness hides 

We'll go where no one goes 

We won't give up this fight 

We're coming after you 

Nowhere to run 

We're coming after you 

This is the hunt This is the hunt 



We're coming after you 

Nowhere to run 

We're coming after you 

Nowhere to run 

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Chapter 7




Not Intended for readers under the age of 18


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Day 4

Alec’s eyes fluttered open, his vision blurry and out of focus.  His limbs felt heavy and weak.  Taking a deep breath, he smelled his favorite scent; chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and musk. It invaded his senses, making him a little dizzy.  He felt strong arms wrapped around him.  His instincts were screaming at him to fight, to free himself.  He is a Shadowhunter.


“It’s alright, Alexander.  Relax.”  Magnus said softly, feeling Alec suddenly tense in his arms.  “It’s just me.”


Alec turned, his vision trying to focus on his beautiful alpha.


“Why is my vision blurry?”  Alec asked, voice hoarse from sleep.


“Don’t worry, darling.  It will pass soon.  You woke up a little earlier than I expected.  The sleeping draft I gave you last night hasn’t quite worn off yet.”  Magnus said, gently cupping Alec’s cheek.


“You kinda freaked me out.  I’m not used to being held.”  Alec said, leaning into his touch.


“I know love, but you were calling for me in your sleep.  The omega in you was reaching out for your mate, distressed that I wasn’t near you.  While the suppression potion is keeping most of your symptoms at bay, it’s no longer completely stopping the crave for my touch, just smothering it a bit.  So I laid down with you and held you in my arms.  Once you had that skin to skin contact you settled down.”  Magnus said, running a hand gently through Alec’s hair.  He sighed audibly.


“You like that, don’t you?”  Magnus asked with a smile.


“Yes.  But I never knew it before.  Not until you.” 


“I’m not surprised.  You’ve never received much affection.  You’ll come to find that there are many things that you will find pleasurable now.”


Alec froze, his body tense.  ‘Magnus doesn’t know’ he thought.


“What’s is it?  What’s wrong, love?”  Magnus asked, concerned.


Alec turned away from him, cheeks flaming pink.


“What is it, sweetheart?  Why are you upset?” 


“Because…because I’ve never done this before.”  Alec said, unshed tears welling in his eyes.


“Done what, angel?”  Magnus asked gently.


“Anything.  Any of this.”  He whispered.


“I’m not referring to sex if that’s what your worried about.  You’re an omega, love.  And you’ve found your mate.  Certain senses will be heightened now.  You will be more sensitive to certain things, like my touch.  Especially when you’re in heat.  Your body craves the contact, even if you don’t know it.  The suppression potion has just been hiding this need from you.”  Magnus said, rubbing soothing circles into Alec’s back.  Alec couldn’t help but moan.


“See?  Even the smallest things will bring you more pleasure.  But not just while you’re in heat.  You’ll always find more pleasure in many physical things, more than you ever have before.” 


“But what about sex?  I’ve never…”  Alec asked, cheeks still flaming pink.


“I know, sweetheart.”  Magnus said, cutting him off.  “I suspected that you were ‘inexperienced’.  But once you’re ready, and we can take it at your pace, it will be wonderful, I promise.”


“How did you know?  That I’m inexperienced?”  Alec asked.


“By little things.  Like the way you react and blush when I touch you.  Male omegas only present when the omega is gay, Alexander.  I knew of your sexual orientation as soon as I knew that you were an omega.  And knowing how the Clave feels about homosexuality, I had suspected that you’d been keeping it a secret for a while now.  Am I right?” 


“Yes.  Only Clary and Izzy knew, until my presentation.”  Alec said, eyes downcast.


“Hey, look at me.  It’s alright, love.  You have nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.  We’re fated mates.  We wouldn’t be fated if I wasn’t just like you.  Male omegas only find mates that match their sexual orientation.  How else would you one day become pregnant?”  Magnus asked, lifting Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “I am curious though.  You said only Clary and Izzy knew that you were gay.  Am I accurate when I assume that you’ve never had your first kiss?” 


“Yes.”  Alec said, a little breathless.


“Are you ready to change that?”  Magnus asked with a small smile.


Alec licked his lips.  He wanted more than anything to feel Magnus’ lips on his.


“I would.  But I don’t know how.”  He said, still blushing.


“Not to worry, love.  It’s really quite simple.  Here, roll onto your back.”


Alec rolled onto his back, his dick rock hard and aching.  ‘Please don’t let him notice’ he thought.


“Comfortable?”  Magnus asked.  Alec nodded, yes.  “Okay.  Here’s what’s going to happen.  I’m going to lean down and gently press my lips to yours.  Okay?”


“Okay.”  He said, tense.


“Just relax.  I want you to enjoy this.”  Magnus said, running his hand through Alec’s hair again.  Alec sighed and melted into the soft bed.  “That’s better.  I’m going to kiss you now, Alexander.”


Slowly leaning down, reaching over Alec’s body, Magnus gently pressed his lips to Alec’s.  Fireworks went off in Alec’s head.  He tingled from head to toe, every nerve ending in his body rocked by the feel of his alpha’s lips on his.  This was far more than he imagined it could ever be.  Too soon Magnus pulled back.


“More.”  Alec pleaded, a whisper of breath.


Magnus leaned back in, pressing his lips to Alec’s again, firmer this time.  The jolt of pleasure and bliss that shot through him again nearly took his breath away, his fingers curling into the sheets beneath his hand.  He was right, he knew that when the time came his angel would taste divine.


Without realizing it, Alec was kissing Magnus back.  The pleasure flowing through him was incredible.  He reached up, pulling Magnus closer to him, his arm around his neck.  Magnus sighed softly through the kiss.  Pleasure was coursing through them both, a pleasure unlike anything either of them had ever felt before.  With great regret Magnus pulled back, breathless. 


“Sorry.  Had to come up for air.”  He said, savoring the look of Alec’s just kissed lips, and the taste of him lingering on his own.  “Are you alright?”


“Can we do that again?”  Alec asked.


“Perhaps a bit later, love.”  Magnus said with a chuckle.  “Right now I need to fix your breakfast.  I want you to rest today, angel.  You’ve been overloaded too many times and you are seriously overdue for a break.  You’ll end up sick if you don’t take a little down time.  Plus, you’ve barely eaten in days.  And, you need to take there of that.”  He said with a smirk, glancing down at Alec’s erection tenting the linens.


“Do you want to help me?”  Alec asked, cheeks flaming pink again.


‘Hmm, he’s getting bolder.  Progress’ Magnus thought.


“A very, very temping offer.  But I won’t touch you, more than a kiss, until your heat has passed.  I don’t want to do anything you might regret later because of your increased hormones.  Tend to that and then try and rest. I will bring you breakfast in bed and your potions .”  Magnus said, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead.


“Just one more kiss?”  Alec asked.


“Just one.”  Magnus leaned down, pressing a quick kiss to Alec’s lips.  Alec pouted when he pulled away.  “Breakfast in bed, remember?”  Magnus asked, climbing from the bed. 


“I don’t think I’ve ever had breakfast in bed before.” 


“Well then, you should enjoy it.”  He said, leaning down to press another soft kiss to Alec’s forehead.


“If you say so.  But just so you know, I like being kissed.”


“That’s good.  Because I like kissing you.”  Magnus said with a smile.  At that he turned, slipping quietly out the door.   


In the kitchen Magnus pulled out a pen and pad of paper.  He deliberated on what he wanted to say.  He promised Robert Lightwood an answer.  He had stalled him long enough.  In this elegant script he wrote:


‘He’s safe.’


Folding the paper, he wrote ‘Robert Lightwood NY Institute’ on the front.  With a glance towards the bedroom he made his decision.  Holding the folded paper, he snapped his fingers with his other hand, sending a blue spark to the paper.  It vanished in an instant.  Taking another piece of paper, he wrote:


‘Your father knows that Alexander is safe.  No more.  He needs rest.  See you soon’.


Again, Magnus folded the paper and wrote ‘Isabelle Lightwood NY Institute’.  Holding the folded paper, he snapped his fingers with the other hand, sending a blue spark to the paper.  It too vanished in an instant.



Robert sat behind his desk in the Head of the New Yorks Institute’s office.  He looked like death incarnate.  He had no color in his cheeks, deep bags under his eyes, and an air of hopelessness around him.  A fire message appeared above his head, fluttering down towards his desk.  He reached up, pulling it from the air, his heart thundering in his chest.  There was only one person that would be sending him a fire message.  Quickly opening the note he read:


‘He’s safe.’


“Oh, thank the angel.”  Robert said, taking what looked like his first real breath in days.  “My boy is safe.  He’s safe.”  He said, clutching the note to his chest, relief coursing through him.



Magnus pushed silently back into the bedroom, an overloaded food tray in his hands.  He smiled.  His little Shadowhunter had fallen back to sleep.  Setting down the food tray he crept forward, tucking the duvet around his angel’s shoulders.  Chairman Meow jumped up beside him, curling up to sleep at Alec’s side.


“You look after him, Chairman.”  Magnus whispered softly to the white furball of a cat, scratching it softly behind the ears.  With one last look at his sleeping angel, he silently slipped back out the door.



Alec woke in pain.  A familiar pain.  Every nerve ending in his body was on fire.


‘Not again’ he thought.  He tried to push himself up in the bed, but his arms were unable to support him.  The linens were soaked and sticking to him.  “Magnus.”  He tried to cry out, the pain so intense he struggled to voice words the words.


“Yes, sweetheart?”  Magnus asked, poking his head through the doorway.  He had enchanted the room so that he could hear the faintest whisper should his mate need him.  “Oh, Alexander.”  He said, crossing to Alec in three quick strides.  Snapping his fingers, he produced two vials.  Uncorking them both he lifted his angels head as gently as he could.  Alec’s eyes were fluttering closed as he slipped towards unconsciousness.  “Alexander, I need you to keep your eyes open for me, love.  I need you to swallow.”  He said, tilting his sweet omegas head back, pouring the potions down his throat, ensuring that he didn’t choke.


“Magnus?”  Alec said softly.


“I’m right here, love.”  He said, voice melodic and soothing.  Reaching out he held a hand to Alec’s fevered brow.  Alec moaned at the contact.  “Shh.  It’s okay, baby.  I’ve got you.”  He said, lifting Alec as gently as he could into his arms.  Alec groaned in both pleasure and pain at his alpha’s touch.


Moving quickly through the room Magnus walked straight back to a beautiful master bath.


“I’m sorry, love, but I’m going to have to sit you down for a minute.”  He said, placing Alec as gently as he could on a cushioned bench beside a large garden tub.  Alec whined in protest at the lack of contact.


“It hurts.  Why does it hurt so much?”  Alec asked, looking to Magnus for answers.


“Are the potions helping?”  Magnus asked as he snapped his fingers, filling the tub with lavender scented tepid water.


“Potions?”  Alec asked as his eyes began to flutter closed again, being pulled towards unconsciousness.


“Alexander, sweetheart, stay with me.  Don’t close your eyes.”  He said, taking Alec’s cheeks in his hands.  “Look at me.  We’re going to cool you off, okay?”


Alec blinked blearily at him and fought to keep his eyes open.  With another finger snap Magnus shed Alec of his sweat and slick soaked clothes.  Lifting him gently, he slowly eased Alec into the oversized tub.  Alec sighed in relief as the cool water touched his overheated skin.


“Just listen to the sound of my voice, love.  It’s going to be alright.  We just have to get your temperature down.”  He crooned.


“This is worse than before.  Why is it worse than before?”  Alec asked, almost a whimper.


Magnus knelt at the side of the tub, soaking an oversized bath sponge with the cool, soothing water.  Squeezing it he let the water fall down Alec’s muscular chest.  And again over his strong, broad shoulders and muscular arms.


“Because, love, the last time you were out in the freezing rain of a New York winter.  It helped keep your temperature down.”  He said softly.  “Just try and relax.  We just need to let the potions take effect.”


“You smell really good.  Did you know that?”  Alec asked, his words slightly slurred.


“So do you, darling.”  He said, continuing to squeeze the cool water over Alec’s exposed skin.  His mate was built like a Greek God, his own personal Adonis.  His muscles were spectacular, his rippling six pack looked delicious.  He ached to touch it.  Even Alec’s battle scars didn’t diminish his beauty.  His angelic runes only added to it.  He ached to trace each one with his tongue.  His Shadowhunter was a sight to behold.  


“What do I smell like?  To you?”  Alec asked, words still slurred.


Magnus frowned.  His mate wasn’t improving.  Snapping his fingers again, he lowered the water temperature by several degrees.


“Fresh peaches, strawberries, and cream.”  He said.  “Are you feeling any better?” 


“No.  I want you to touch me.  Everywhere.”  Alec begged.  “I want you in me.”


“That’s just the heat talking, love.  It will pass, I promise.”  Magnus said gently.  He was aching with need for his mate as well.  It was a feeling as foreign to him as it was to his Alexander.  He needed Alec just as much as Alec needed him.  He wanted him the same way that Alec wanted him.  The need to mate was almost more than Magnus could bare.  But his mate needed him now, needed him to be strong and to tend to him.


Slowly Alec’s eyes began to droop again as his consciousness began to fade.


“Alexander, stay awake!”  Magnus commanded, full alpha.  A visibly strong shudder passed through Alec, but there was no other response from him.  Helpless to stop it, his beautiful omega slipped into unconsciousness.




Alec groaned as he began to surface from oblivion.  He had never felt so bad in his life.  In his eighteen years of training and fighting demons, and greater demons, despite countless life-threatening injuries and various illnesses, he had never felt this bad. 


“Alexander?”  Magnus asked softly.


With a great effort Alec forced his eyes open.  He tried to focus in the dim light, but his vision was too blurry.  His head pounded and he was dizzy, his stomach churning.


“There you are, love.”  Magnus said, voice soothing, melodic.


“What happened?”  Alec asked.


“You blacked out, sweetheart.  It seems that you’ve developed an immunity to my heat suppressant.  I can no longer suppress your symptoms.  I’m sorry.”  He said, pressing a cool cloth to Alec’s forehead.


“What happens now?”  Alec asked, closing his eyes, hoping it would help the nausea.


“We have no choice but to wait it out.”


“I’ve never felt pain like this.”  Alec said, forcing himself onto his side.


“Easy, sweetheart.  Make slow movements.  Moving too quickly will only make it worse.”  He said, helping Alec onto his side. 


“Why does it hurt so much?”  Alec asked, voice barely a whisper.


“Because, love, you’re an omega and you’re in heat.  Omegas have very specific needs while there in heat.  I’ve been suppressing your symptoms, but the needs were always there.  You just didn’t know it.  Now you’re feeling everything that I’ve suppressed.”  He said, pressing a fresh cloth to Alec’s fevered brow.


“How do we make it stop?”  Alec asked, voice strained.


“There’s only one way to stop what your feeling, angel.  Only some form of sexual relief will ease the pain.  Your body is craving your alphas knot.  It’s craving the feel of me inside you.  It’s screaming at you to mate.”  He said softly.


“Won’t you help me?”  Alec whimpered.


“No, sweetheart, I can’t.  You have to tend to yourself.  I won’t take your innocence away from you just because you’re in heat.  I can’t do that to you.  I won’t.”  He said, voice full of remorse.


Alec sighed, feeling defeated.  This heat was going to be the death of him, demons be damned.


“Can you lay down with me.  Let me feel you against my skin?  And maybe touch me some?”  Alec asked, pleading.


“If that’s what you need, yes.  But you have greater needs, needs that you must tend to.”


It was then that Alec noticed the hardest erection he had ever had throbbing between his legs.  He groaned at this new ache.


“It’s alright, sweetheart.  I’m your mate and your mine.  The time will come when I can and will touch you in any way that you want.  Do what you need to do to get through this.  Alright?”  Magnus asked, pulling his shirt over his head.


Alec watched as Magnus began to undress.  His breath caught in his chest.  His alpha’s body was being revealed to him, and it was the most breathtaking thing he had ever seen.  His need to be filled by his alpha ached more at the sight of his bare skin.  His Magnus was well built with a strong, toned six pack.  His arms were well muscled and looked delicious.  He lost his breath altogether as Magnus lowered his pants.   Alec took in his strong, muscular legs.  His caramel colored skin made him that much more beautiful. 


“Breathe, sweetheart.”  Magnus said, noticing that his mate’s chest failed to rise and fall.  He watched, waiting until his angel drew a breath in.


Moving around the bed he slipped under the light cotton sheet that he had covered Alec’s naked body with.  Alec groaned as his alpha’s cloth covered erection brushed against him.  His mate had stripped down to his silk boxers.  Slick poured from him at the contact, his hole aching for his alphas knot. 


“Shh.  It’s okay.”  Magnus said, laying down behind Alec, spooning him.  Pressing a tender kiss to Alec’s shoulder he ran a hand gently down his angel’s arm.  Goosebumps rose in the wake of his caress, a pleasant tingle passing throughout Alec’s body.  “You’re going to have to tend to that erection, love.  It’ll only going to get more painful if you don’t.  It’s okay to touch yourself in front of me.”  He said, encouraging.


“Won’t you do it?  Please?”  Alec pleaded.


“No, love.  It has to be you.  Do it.”  He said, injecting just a hint of alpha into his tone. 


For the first time in his life, Alec couldn’t resist an alphas command.  With a small whine he reached beneath the sheet.  As he took himself in his hand he moaned softly.


“That’s it.  Just do what feels good.”  Magnus soothed, still gently grazing Alec’s skin with his hand. 


Waves of blissful pleasure passed through Alec at his alphas tender touch.


Slowly, Alec ran his hand up and down his fully hard cock, his slit leaking a generous amount of precum.  He ran is thumb across it.  Pleasure coursed through him, pulsing in his veins.  Using his own cum as a lube he ran his hand back down his cock, moving slowly.  His breath hitched in his lungs.  It had never felt like this before.  It had never felt so good.


“Magnus…”  He whimpered.


“Shh, my sweet.  Just focus on what you’re doing.”  Magnus said, pressing soft kisses and gentle nips to Alec’s neck. 


Alec unknowingly tilted his head, giving Magnus better access.  He was bombarded with sensations, the most intense pleasure he had ever felt from his own ministrations as he slowly stroked his cock, the feel of his alphas lips, teeth, and tongue, kissing and nipping at the tender skin at his neck, followed by his hand moving across his skin took his breath away.  Overwhelming jolts of pleasure coursed through him as Magnus caressed his skin, every nip and kiss had his breath stuttering in his lungs.  It was almost more than he could bare. 


As his beautiful alpha began to work his way down his side, licking and nipping towards his hip, it made it that much harder to breathe.  Once there, he nibbled and sucked at his skin, tracing his stamina rune with his tongue.  For a moment he couldn’t draw breath from the all-consuming pleasure coursing through his body. 


“Breathe, love.”  Magnus said, tracing his tongue around the rune on his angel’s hip.


Alec pulled a breath in, his lungs working again.  He knew he was exposed before the man that would become his lover and felt no shame or embarrassment.  For the first time in his life he felt secure in who he was, and in his own sexuality.  With that newfound freedom he started jerking harder and faster on his throbbing cock, desperate for release.


“That’s right, love.  Let yourself go.”  Magnus said encouragingly as he listened to Alec’s breathing change from quick breaths to panting as he pleasured himself.


With a few more strokes Alec’s cock exploded, shooting rope after rope of warm, thick, cum into his hand and onto the sheet bunched in front of him.  The force of his orgasm was enough to make him see stars, the pleasure rocketing through him.  It was the longest, most intense orgasm of his life.  He was utterly lost in ecstasy.




Magnus stood, watching his sweet Shadowhunter sleep in the dim light, curled up beneath a light weight fresh cotton sheet.  How could he tell his mate that his orgasm had been so intense that it had knocked him unconscious?  Or would he?  He had been so adorable.  It had been wonderful watching as his Alexander overcame his inhibitions and finally became comfortable with who he was and come to terms with his own sexuality.  He had had to message his sleeping angel’s team, telling them to stay away for the next few days.  His love would need the time to ride out the rest of his heat and recover.


With a smile he walked around the bed, climbing in behind Alec, wrapping him in his arms.  Within seconds they both were sound asleep.



Alec woke with a whimper slipping from his lips, instantly waking Magnus.


“What is it, love?”  Magnus asked.  It took him a fraction of a second to register the heat coming off Alec’s body.  “It’s okay, love.  Do what you have to do.”  He said, planting a gentle kiss on Alec’s bare chest.


“Kiss me?”  Alec asked, pleading.


Sitting up Magnus reached around Alec, circling his waist.  Leaning down he pressed a gentle kiss to Alec’s lips.  One, two, three more.


“Harder.”  Alec demanded.


Running his hand up Alec’s muscular chest, Magnus pressed his lips harder to his loves.  Alec sighed through his pleasure.  The kiss was long and slow.  He pulled back, looking at Alec.


“Would you like to try something new, Alexander?”  He asked.


“Anything.  Just don’t stop kissing me.  Not yet.”  Alec said, breathless.


Magnus shifted, straddling Alec’s hips.  Alec groaned as his aching cock brushed against the back of his alpha’s silk clad ass.


“Just follow my lead, okay?”  Magnus said, rubbing both hands up and down Alec’s toned abs and chest, marveling at how firm his body was beneath him.


“Okay.”  Alec breathed, pupils blown wide with lust.


Running his hands up to Alec’s shoulders Magnus leaned in, kissing Alec gently.  Alec moaned softly, allowing Magnus entrance.  Tentatively, he slipped his tongue between Alec’s parted lips. 


Alec’s breath hitched at this new sensation.  He opened wider as their tongues met.  The kiss was gentle but passionate. 


Truly tasting his mate for the first time was far more than Magnus had expected it to be.  He already knew that his mate tasted divine, but as his tongue first touched his Alexander’s an explosion of pleasure ran through his body, goosebumps skittering down his spine as he savored the taste of him on his tongue.  He felt a slight push against his.  Turning his head slightly he deepened the kiss.


Alec waited with bated breath as Magnus ran his hands up and down abs and chest, coming to rest on his shoulders.  The contact was amazing, sending sparks of pleasure coursing through his entire body.  As Magnus’ lips pressed against his he couldn’t stop the soft moan that escaped him.  The feel of his alphas tongue slipping gently between his lips was delicious.  His already lust filled mind fogged over.  He felt every second as if in slow motion as Magnus’ tongue touched his.  His alpha tasted like heaven on his tongue.  Unsure, he gently pushed back, wanting more.  As the kiss deepened Alec felt his hands take Magnus’ firm, tight ass in his hands.  Together they moaned in pleasure. 


Magnus’ world shifted as his Shadowhunter took his ass in his strong hands, holding it firmly.  Before he could stop him, Alec slid his hands beneath the waistband of his silk boxers, molding and exploring his bare skin.  He pulled back from the kiss, panting.


“Alexander.” Magnus said, breathless.


“Please.  Just let me touch you.  Just for a minute.”  Alec panted.  “You’re so beautiful.  I just want to feel you in my hands.” 


“You’re only going to make it harder for yourself, love.”  He said, sitting up, Alec’s hands and his own boxers pressing him against Alec’s hardened cock.  He looked down into his angel’s lust filled eyes, the crystal blue sparkling in the dim light, begging him for more.  ‘He needs this’ he thought.  ‘If he needs this contact, who was he to deny him?’  “Just for a minute.”  He said, leaning back down to reclaim his Shadowhunters mouth.


Alec slid his hands up Magnus’ glorious ass and up his sides, thumbs brushing across his alphas soft skin, coming to rest at his hips.  He marveled at the feel of the beautifully toned body above him, caressing the perfect skin beneath his hands, savoring the taste of his alpha on his tongue.  The contrast between his alpha’s tight body and soft skin amazed him.


Magnus deepened the kiss, demanding his mate’s attention.  Alec’s hands held firm on his hips as he kissed back, holding Magnus firmly in place against his erection.  The kiss wasn’t soft or gentle.  It was passionate and demanding.  Together they sighed in pleasure, both breathless.


Magnus broke the kiss.  As if one they panted deeply, trying to pull air into their straining lungs.


Magnus stared down at his angel, marveling at how far he had come in such a short time.  But he knew he had to stop himself.  He knew in his heart that they had to stop, before it went too far.  He would not take his loves innocence.  ‘After his heat’ he thought.


“I’m sorry, love, but we have to stop.  This is moving too fast.  Faster than what you’re ready for.”


“I don’t want too.”  Alec said, running his hands up Magnus’ strong back.  “I don’t want to stop.”


Magnus could feel the rise of Alec’s body temperature against his skin.  His mate needed release and needed it soon.


“Come, love.  We need to cool you off.  Take a shower with me?”  Magnus asked.


“Can I still touch you?”


“Yes.  But you have to come with me.”  He said, climbing off his angel’s lap.  He could see how hard his mate was and knew it had to be uncomfortable.  


Climbing from the bed he led his love into the bathroom.


Magnus moved to the marble shower, turning the water on at a temperature that would be far too cold for almost anyone.  But for his Shadowhunter it would feel wonderful.


“Come, sweetheart.  You first.”  Magnus said, guiding an unsteady Alec in.  “I’m right behind you."


As Alec stepped into the shower he sighed in relief as six shower heads rained cold water over his head and down his body.  A shower had never felt so good.  Magnus stepped in behind him, closing the door.


“How’s that feel, love?  Is it too cold?”  Magnus asked.


“No.  It’s perfect.”  Alec breathed.


“Would you like me to wash you?”  Magnus asked, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s back.  He was freezing under the cold water, but his angel needed it, and him.


“Yes, please.”  Alec said, eyes closed as the water cascaded over him.  He leaned forward, palms pressed to the wall.  The water running down his back was heavenly.  He felt warm slick running down the back of his thighs.


Picking up a bottle of honey and jasmine bodywash Magnus filled his hand.  He knew that his omegas skin would be far too sensitive for a loofa or sponge.  He would have to wash him by hand.  Rubbing his hands together he made a thick lather.  Reaching forward he started washing circles into the top of Alec’s shoulders and upper back.  He was mesmerized by the beautiful curves and lines, muscles and ridges of his Shadowhunters body.


Alec sighed as Magnus touched his bare shoulders, gently massaging the sweetest smelling soap he had ever smelled into his skin, pleasure coursing through him at his mate’s touch.  The feel of his alphas hands as they worked their way down his back and over the runes there had him aching with need, his erection starting to throb with the need to be touched. 


Magnus worked his way down his loves breathtaking body.  He truly did have the body of a god.  Pouring more bodywash into his hands he gently rubbed at the taunt muscles in his angel’s lower back.  Alec’s breath hitched in his lungs.


“Breathe, Alexander.”  Magnus crooned.


Alec took a deep breath in and let it out slowly.  Magnus’ touch was doing something amazing to him.  Everywhere his alpha touched sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout his body.  He had never in his life imagined that he would ever feel anything like this.  Have anything like this.  He had decided long ago, when he had accepted that he was gay, that we would forever be alone, watching as his family mated and had children.  He thought he would always be the fun and doting uncle and resident babysitter.  Never had he imagined that he would find a mate of his own.  Have children of his own. 


Magnus had changed that for him.  He had never dreamed he would find the other half of his soul, a piece of himself that he never knew was missing.  As his alpha’s magic hands worked the taunt muscles of his lower back, he bit his lip to stifle a moan.  Slick was flowing thicker and faster from his aching hole.  He had never in his life ached to be filled as he did now.


Magnus rubbed small circles at the base of his love’s spine with his thumbs.  He could see the slick flowing freely from his sweet omega.  Spreading his hands wider he massaged the scented soap into Alec’s hips, just above his ass.  His beautiful, toned, perfect ass.  He ached to fill it.  The need to fill his mate and knot him had him a bit dizzy with need.  But he wouldn’t.  Not yet.  Crouching down behind his Shadowhunter, ignoring his own throbbing cock, he gently massaged circles into his angel’s firm ass, pressing a soft kiss to his lower spine where the cold water had washed the soap away.  His precious omega moaned in pleasure.  ‘Yes.  He needs this’ he thought.


Alec couldn’t stop the moan that escaped him as his alpha massaged the beautiful smelling soap in circles into his ass.  The soft kiss he had pressed to his spine sent a new shockwave of a new pleasure coursing through him, pushing his need for release even further.  He was growing lightheaded, needing a release.


“Magnus, please.  I need you to touch me.”  He said between quick pants of breath.


Magnus stood from his crouch, his throbbing cock brushing against Alec’s bare ass.  Alec moaned loudly at the soft brush of contact.


“Alexander...”  Magnus started to say before Alec cut him off.


“Please, I need you to touch me.  I can’t do it myself.  I can’t do it and hold myself up.”  Alec pleaded.


Magnus was torn.  He wanted to maintain his mate’s innocence, but he couldn’t let him suffer.  ‘Would touching him really hurt his innocence?’  He thought.


“Please.”  Alec begged.


“Alright, angel.”  Magnus said, pouring more bodywash into his hands and quickly lathering them.  Circling his omegas trim waist, he rubbed gentle circles into his angel’s firm abs.  Alec’s breath hitched.    “Just breathe, love.”  He murmured softly.


Alec fought for breath as his alpha’s hands circled just above his straining cock.  His head was spinning.


“Breathe, love, breathe.”  Magnus encouraged.


Alec struggled to control his breathing.  But it was hard.  His alpha was touching him, and it felt amazing, but he needed more.


Listening as his Alexander began to control his breathing, he slowly worked his hands down.  Alec gasped as his hand passed through his pubic hair.  Magnus knew that there was no turning back now.  His mate needed him to do this.  They needed to do this together.  Sliding his hand down the last inch he took his precious omegas throbbing cock in his hand.  It felt as if he was coming home.  Never in his 800 years had touching another lover felt this way.  It was as if his omegas body was made just for him, and him alone.  His angels cock felt perfect in his hand.  Alec whimpered at the touch.


As his alpha finally took his aching cock in his hand, he couldn’t help the whimper that escaped his lips.  He felt the world tilt on its axis, everything shifting to exactly where it was meant to be.  The pleasure of his alphas grip on his shaft was the most glorious sensation of his life.


“Shh.  It’s alright my love, I’ve got you now.”  Magnus soothed; voice melodic as he slowly started to stroke his Alexander’s straining cock.  The feel of his mate in his hand was magnificent.


Alec struggled to draw in breath as his Magnus pleasured him.  His alphas hand stroking his length with the soapy lather was stealing the very air from his straining lungs.  The pleasure was so consuming he felt it throughout every nerve.


“Faster.  Please.”  Alec asked, voice barely a whisper.


Magnus new his little Shadowhunter couldn’t take much more.  He had lasted far longer than he had thought possible.  Quickening his strokes, he jerked harder and faster on his omegas cock.


Within a few quick strokes Alec whimpered, “Magnus, I’m going to cum.”


“It’s alright, love.  Let go.”  Magnus soothed.  With one last jerk on his angel’s cock his Alexander exploded in his hand, painting the marble tiled wall of the shower white with ropes of cum.


The force of his orgasm took his breath away.  It was all Alec could do to stand as he exploded in his alphas hand.  His knees felt like jelly, barely able to support him.  Leaning his head against the cold marble walls he held on for dear life.


Watching his beautiful Alexander fall apart before his eyes, Magnus felt the world tilt on its axis, everything shifting to exactly where it needed to be.  Taking this step was exactly what they had needed in order to take the next step in their relationship.


“Sweetheart, are you alright?”  Magnus asked softly.


“Mm-hmm.”  Alec mumbled sleepily.  “Cold.”


Magnus flipped the water off and snapped them both dry.  Looking his mate over he could see how exhausted he was.  ‘He’s so drained’ he thought.


“Come on, love.  Let’s get you to bed.”  He said, gently guiding Alec out of the shower, wrapping a arm firm around his waist, holding him up.  Leading him back into the bedroom Magnus snapped his fingers, replacing the sweat soaked cotton sheets with fresh ones.  “Come lie down, angel.  You need to sleep.”


Alec crawled into the soft bed and collapsed there.  But before he could slip into oblivion Magnus’ beautiful voice pulled him back to the surface.


“Here, sweetheart.  Drink” he said, holding a small vile to Alec’s lips. 


Alec swallowed it without question.  He trusted his alpha completely. 


Before his very eyes his beautiful Shadowhunter fell fast asleep.  He was glad that he had thought quickly enough to get the nourishment potion into his angel before he gave out.  Gently he covered his magnificent mate with the soft cotton sheet.  ‘I will get food into him when he wakes up.  He has to eat.  I’ll feed him myself if I have to’ Magnus thought.  Snapping his fingers, he dressed himself in loose pajamas and sat beside his sweet Alexander, watching as he slept soundly.  He reached out, gently cupping his loves cheek in his hand.  His temperature had returned to normal, for now.


Day 5


Magnus sat on the couch, flipping through one of his spell books, hoping he would find something that would help his Alexander through the rest of his heat.  While his memory was good, when you’ve lived over 800 years and have created thousands of spells, it was hard to keep track of them all.


“Magnus?”  Alec asked from the bedroom doorway.  He was dressed in light cotton pants and a soft white tank.


“Sweetheart.  You shouldn’t be out of bed.”  Magnus said, setting the book aside.  “What’s wrong love?  You should be resting.”  He said, crossing the room to his Shadowhunter.  ‘He’s so tired’ Magnus thought.


“I woke up and you weren’t there.”  Alec said softly.


“Oh, honey, I’m sorry.  I thought you would sleep a little while longer.  I must have lost track of time.  Come, let’s get you back to bed.  You need to rest.”  Magnus said, leading Alec back through the doorway and towards the bed.  “Are you hungry, love?  I can fix a quick breakfast.” 


“No.  I just need you to hold me.”  Alec said as Magnus tucked him back into bed.


“You have to eat, sweetheart.  Are you sure there isn’t anything you want?  Anything at all?”  Magnus asked, brushing a lock of raven hair out of his angel’s beautiful blue eyes, checking his temperature at the same time. 


“I’m sure.  Please come hold me?”  Alec asked.


“Alright, love.”  He said, worry in his tone.  His Shadowhunter had barely eaten a thing in days.  ‘Maybe once his heat ends.’  Magnus thought. ‘His heat should end today.’  Snapping his fingers a small vial appeared in his hand.  “Here, angel.  Drink this for me.”


Alec lifted his head, taking the vial from his Magnus.  Uncorking the vial, he swallowed the contents.


“Scoot back a bit.”  Magnus said, sitting beside Alec on the bed. 


Alec pushed himself back in the bed, Magnus laying down beside him, facing him for the first time in bed.  He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to his alphas.  The contact felt wonderful, a pleasureful tingle running down his spine.  Magnus reached up, stroking his cheek.


“Your sleepy, love.  You need to rest.”  Magnus said softly.


“I know.”  Alec murmured.  “I just wanted you with me.”


“It’s okay, darling.  Won’t you at least try to eat something?”  He asked, scooting closer to his sweet omega, running his hand up and down his side.


“I’m not hungry.”  Alec mumbled, sighing in contentment.  The pleasure coursing through him as his alpha stroked his side was wonderful.  His touch felt amazing.  It was lulling him to sleep.


“Okay.”  Magus said, unable to hide the worry in his voice.  “Close your eyes, angel.  Try and sleep.  I’ll be right here.”  He said, pushing a light wave of magic into his sweet omega as his hand moved down his side.  ‘His next cycle will be coming soon, and he needs rest’ he thought. 


Alec’s eyes fluttered closed, sleep claiming him.  His breathing was deep and even.  Pushing just a little more magic into his caress Magnus pushed him into a deeper sleep.  He couldn’t help but watch his sleeping angel.  His little Shadowhunter was so beautiful when he slept, he looked so peaceful and innocent.  ‘One would never guess that this sleeping angel was actually a fierce warrior who spent his days and nights fighting demons and protecting mundanes from downworlders gone bad.  Presenting as an omega may have changed his life, but it would never change who he is.  He made his decision to no longer serve the Clave.  He wants to continue to train and hunt down what goes bump in the night, only for the right people.  Omega or not, they can’t take that away from him’ he thought as he stroked Alec’s cheek. 



Pleasure pulled Magnus from sleep, his eyes fluttering open.  He looked down to see his little Shadowhunter pressing quick nips and licks to his belly.


“Sweetheart?”  He asked.


“Mm-hmm.”  Alec murmured.


Magnus reached down, feeling his omegas forehead.  He felt fine.


“What are you doing, love?”  He asked.


“Just exploring.  I love your body.  It’s so soft and firm at the same time.”  Alec said, dipping his tongue into Magnus’ navel. 


Magnus couldn’t hold back the gasp that escaped him.  The pleasure coursing through him was exquisite.  ‘Where did he learn this’ he thought.


“Come here, love.”  He said.


Alec pressed one last nip to his alphas side.  He was enjoying pleasuring his Magnus.  He tasted like heaven and sin all at once.  Climbing up his alphas body he stopped, pressing a soft kiss to his alpha’s lips.


“Yes?”  He asked with a sly grin, straddling his alphas hips. 


Magnus reached down, pulling his mates shirt up and over his head, tossing it aside.


“Not fair.”  He pouted, kissing his alpha again.  “Now yours.”  He said, sitting back so Magnus could shed his own shirt.  With a finger snap it was gone.  Straddling his Magnus felt perfect.


“Now what, love?”  Magnus asked, settling back into his pillow.


“I want to touch you.  Everywhere.  Like you touch me.”  Alec said, leaning down to press soft kisses to Magnus’ collarbone.  “Can I touch you?”


“Yes.”  Magnus breathed.  His little Shadowhunter was doing things to him.  Pleasure he never thought possible coursed through him at each touch of his omega’s lips against his skin.  “But only if I get to touch you.”


“Deal.”  Alec said, running his hands down Magnus’ chest and abs.  He loved the way his alpha felt beneath his hands.


Magnus’ couldn’t help the moan that escaped him.  Everywhere his omega touched left pleasure coursing in its wake.  It took his breath away. 


Unsure, Alec ran his hands back up his alphas body, gently brushing his thumb across his nipple.  Magnus’ breath hitched in his lungs.


“Alexander.”  Magnus breathed.


Alec froze.  “Did I do something wrong?”


“No, love, you didn’t.”  Magnus said, wrapping his legs around his Shadowhunters waist.  With a quick roll of the hips his Alexander was on his back as he straddled him. 


Alec lost his breath with his mate’s quick movement.  He couldn’t help but laugh as he landed on his back beneath his alpha.


‘His mate had a beautiful laugh’ Magnus thought.  One he would never tire of hearing.  “My turn.”


“Okay.  Fair enough.”  Alec said, blushing.


“Oh how I love the way you blush.”  He said, leaning down to claim his angel’s lips. 


With a sigh Alec’s lips parted, allowing Magnus entrance.  Magnus claimed his omegas mouth in a passionate kiss, tongue demanding against his loves.  Alec moaned in pleasure as their tongues danced, pleasure coursing through him.  ‘How could a kiss feel so good’ he thought.


Magnus loved the taste of his mate on his tongue.  It was exquisite.  ‘My angel may be inexperienced in most intimate things, but he was an incredible kisser’ he thought.  With a slight tilt of his head he changed the angle of the kiss, taking it deeper.  A soft moan escaped his Shadowhunters lips.


Alec loved the weight of his alpha straddling him, pinning him firmly to the mattress.  The feeling of relinquishing control to another was foreign to him.  He had been trained all his life to be in control at all times.  But with his alpha, he knew he didn’t have to be.  He felt a taste of freedom for the first time, free from the weight of his duties, his responsibilities.  It was magnificent.  He felt as though he could breathe easy when his alpha took control.  The pleasure humming through him from his alphas kiss was decadent.  He couldn’t help the moan that escaped him when his Magnus changed the angle of the kiss, his mind fogging over with lust.  Without thinking he moved on instinct, running his hands up his alphas strong, muscular back. 


Magnus pulled back, resting his forehead to his Alexander’s.  They both gasped for breath.  He almost lost control of himself when he felt his angel relax, finally letting go a little, letting go of some of the weight he constantly seemed to be carrying.  This was his true mate.  The once shy Shadowhunter was gone.  This was his angel in his truest form, innocent and sweet, eager to learn more, to feel more.  Yet still fierce and strong and confident.  This Alexander could conquer the world.  He was more than just his fated mate, this was his future lover, his final lover, the one who would bare him children.  This was meant.  They were meant.  Over 800 years in this life and he had finally found his true purpose.  It all came down to his angel.  His own personal God.  The only God he would ever worship, for this was the one who would save him.  Together they would be unstoppable. 


Gazing into his angel’s beautiful blue eyes, pupils blown wide, he knew that his love was lost in the high of bliss.  It hadn’t taken much to get him there, taking the lead, making the first move, and letting go for the first time, along with a few kisses and a little petting, and he was gone.  It was as easy as that.  He knew that he would have to bring his angel down gently, and into sleep, but for the moment he was fine lost in the high.


Magnus paced the dimly lit room, listening carefully to Alec’s soft snores.  He couldn’t let himself soften to think about how adorable the sound coming from his sweet warrior was.  Alec had been struggling since he had come down from bliss, fighting for every breath he took.  The worry Magnus felt was bone deep for his Shadowhunter.  He had tried to get his angel to eat as he was coming down, hoping that in his blissed-out state he could get some food into him, but Alec had pushed it away.  Again and again, every time Magnus tried to get him to take a bite he turned away. 


Finally, Magnus had given up.  He didn’t want to agitate his mate while he was coming down from bliss, he didn’t want to force his hand and let Alec drop, crashing down from the high to slam back down into the here and now so hard that he could be physically or mentally injured.  The only thing he had been able to get into him had been a few sips of water, water he couldn’t keep down.  That was when this gut-wrenching deep worry for his angel had fully gripped him, this fear, when Alec had coughed the water back up and nearly choked.  He had barely gotten him onto his side in time as the contents of his stomach poured out of him, water and bile. 


Seconds after his angel’s stomach had emptied, he had drifted off to sleep.  That was when Magnus had tucked him and really started to watch.  He watched him with every sense he had on high alert.  He listened to every breath his Shadowhunter took as he struggled to draw it in.  Finally, the struggle to draw breath eased and his sweet little snores had crept in as his breathing stabilized.  Magnus knew that his omega was in trouble.  He was very close to the brink, his body’s exhaustion palpable in the air around him.


Magnus wasn’t sure how he was going to get him through his final heat cycle, and it would be here soon.  His omegas pheromones were getting stronger with each passing minute.  The pain would be pulling him from sleep anytime as it began registering in his brain, drawing him up and out of sleep. 


He was racking his brain, trying to figure out a way to stop it, to force it back so his angel could just sleep through the final hours of his heat and begin to recover.  But he had nothing.  There was no spell or potion that he could think of that would do what his sweet warrior so desperately needed.  It would happen, and it was his job to keep him alive when it did.  Or at least try to. 


The short burst of energy his Shadowhunter had had, had been short lived.  As he had come down from bliss the exhaustion and weakness he had been battling since his heat had started had finally caught up with him, wrapping itself around him until it had taken over.  And he was the one to blame.  He had known that his angel had been in a delicate disposition since that first night, had told his family as much more than once, but he himself had ignored his own warnings. 


He had thrown too much at his omega in his already delicate state.  He never should have told him about Gideon Lightwood and all that had come after.  He should have kept his mouth shut and just tended to his needs like a proper mate.  He had pushed his love into an emotional overload time and again.  The first time never should have happened, much less all the times that had followed.  He should have waited.  And the guilt was consuming him.  If his mate didn’t make it through this, it would all be on him, and he would never forgive himself. 


A soft groan escaped his angel’s lips as he stirred.  It was time.  Crossing to him he stroked his brow, the cycle had started, he was burning up.  He sat beside him on the bed, running his hand gently through his angel’s hair, trying to sooth him.  He promised himself in that moment that if his angel left this world his last thought and feeling would be pleasure coursing through him.  He wouldn’t leave this world in pain.  Every painful thought and memory would be washed away. 


His parabati must know.  She must be feeling it.  He wondered why she wasn’t pounding down his door.  And his sister, his twin.  But it was best that they stayed away.  Whatever was keeping them away needed to stay that way while he tended to his mate.  While he fought to pull him through this.


Alec couldn’t stop the groan that left his lips when the first wave of pain washed over him.  He didn’t want this.  We wanted to sleep.  His alphas soft touch pulled him fully to the surface.  He forced his eyes open to see his mate.  His alphas scent was fogging his brain, wrapping around him like a soft embrace.  Looking through his blurry eyes he saw his alpha sitting beside him.


Magnus watched with bated breath as his angel’s eyes fluttered open.  He looked into his eyes, seeing the same glassy blue that had covered his Arabella’s in her final moments.  He couldn’t let this happen.  He wouldn’t.  He knew then that his angel was too weak to tend to himself this time.  He would have to do it.  He would have to carry him through. 


Alec opened his mouth to speak.


“Shh, love.  It’s okay.  I’m here.”  Magnus crooned.


Alec didn’t understand the look in his alpha’s eyes.  He tried to ask him what was wrong, but he’d stopped him.


“I’m going to take care of you.  I promise.  Just save your strength.”  He whispered, leaning down to gently brush his lips to his Shadowhunters.  As he leaned further to press a harder kiss to his lips, he placed a hand on Alec’s chest, feeling his heart thunder under his hand, and one to his own.  Pushing his magic out, into his angel and back into himself, he knew the link was in place when a wave of the most excruciating pain he had ever felt washed through him.  He slammed his eyes closed, trying to pull himself away from it before it consumed him, forcing him to concentrate on his mate.


“It’s going to be okay.”  He whispered against his angel’s lips.


A soft sigh escaped Alec as his alpha’s lips pressed against his, a sliver of pleasure running down his spine as his alpha whispered soft words against his lips.


Magnus felt a small sliver of pleasure brush down his spine as he pressed his lips to his loves.  Running his hand slowly down his angel’s chest and abs he brushed his hand over his hardened dick.  He felt the pleasure rock through his angel at the soft caress, pushing the pain back at the notch.  With a snap of his fingers he shed him of his clothes.  He brushed his hand softly over his dick again, feeling when his Shadowhunters lungs hitched in his chest.


“Just breath, love.”  He said, taking his mate firmly in his hand, stunned when his angels pleasure shot through him.  ‘Lilith, this is what he feels when I touch him?’ He thought.  With the link in place he felt every breath his angel took, breath for breath, heartbeat for heartbeat, they were as one.  “I’ve got you.” He said as he began stroking his angel’s cock.  He had to push back the pleasure that was washing through him as he fought to concentrate on his mate.  He ran his thumb over the slit in his angel’s dick, using the generous amount of precum as a lube as he pushed his hand up and down his length, jerking him off gently.


Alec’s lungs hitched in his chest as his alpha brushed his over his dick.  He fought to catch his breath when his warlock gripped him in his hand and stroked up and down his cock, his soft words washing over him.  He couldn’t help the moan that escaped him as his breath came and went freely through his lungs. 


The pleasure of his alphas thumb brushing over the slit in dick was exquisite.  His eyes rolled back in his head as his alpha gently jerked him off.  Nothing had ever felt this good.  Nothing but pleasure ran through him, the pain he had felt was now a distant memory.  But he needed more.  He didn’t realize that the words had slipped through his lips.


“More, more.  I need more.”


Magnus fought to concentrate through the pleasure running through him as his watched his angel’s eyes roll back as he jerked him off.  He felt the pleasure straining in his own cock at his ministrations.  There was no pain left in his angel as the words ‘more’ slipped through his lips.  Climbing up on the bed he moved to straddle his love, holding himself up over his knees.  He gently pulled his legs up, brushing his thumbs across the sensitive skin at the back of his bent knees as he pushed his legs apart.  The moan that escaped his love had him doing it again, pressing harder against that sweet spot.


“That’s right, love.  Let yourself go.  Let yourself feel the pleasure.”  He said, pushing a touch of alpha into his tone.  He watched a shudder pass through his Shadowhunter as he felt him relax, his legs falling further apart.  Once he had fully opened for him, Magnus leaned in on his knees, flicking his tongue out and across Alec’s exposed perineum.  He felt his angels pleasure run through his own prostate at the stimulation.  He watched his mates breathing as he pressed on, wanting his angel to feel all the pleasure he could give him.  Spreading his loves firm ass cheeks apart, he circled his tongue around his rim, letting his angel’s moans guide him.


Alec shuddered at his alphas tone, his legs falling further apart.  He felt himself relax as he let everything he had been holding in go.  All his worries and fears left him, his mind going blank as foreign pleasures rocked through him.  His alpha was doing something to him with his tongue that he didn’t understand.  But he didn’t care.  He couldn’t stop the moans that escaped him.


Magnus brushed his tongue over his angel’s hole, watching as it clenched.  He licked it again and again, fully focused on what he was doing.  Reaching up he gripped his angel’s cock and started jerking him off at the same pace that he licked, using the leaking cum as a lube.  The taste of his loves slick on his tongue as he licked was exquisite.  More and more gushed out around his tongue, soaking the soft cotton sheets.  When his lungs constricted, he stopped, looking up at his beautiful mate as he struggled to draw in air.


“Breathe, Alexander.  Just breathe.”  He said, placing a hand on his Shadowhunters firm belly and pushing a wave of magic into him, forcing his lungs to open so he could drag in a breath.  Once he was fully satisfied with his mates breathing, he returned to what he was doing.  He felt his angel’s thighs quiver as a shiver passed through his own.  He listened to his angels panting breaths as he stroked his tongue across his perineum again, groaning as his own prostate was brushed with pleasure.  He knew as he pressed harder and harder against it that his angel wouldn’t understand the pleasure that he was feeling, but he didn’t care.  He would explain it to him later.  He jerked his dick harder and harder to match the pace of his tongue, his hand sliding easily up and down his omegas cum soaked cock.


Alec didn’t know what his alpha was doing to him and he didn’t care.  He knew his aching hole was gushing slick around his Magnus’ tongue and that his cock was pouring cum.  Each brush of his alphas tongue against his aching hole and the firm grip on his cock was exquisite.  He couldn’t stop it when his breathing stopped short.  He didn’t understand the feeling that rushed through him at his alpha’s touch on his belly, but his lungs burst open.  He gulped in air like his life depended on it. 


Each lick across his skin had him panting and his thighs trembling.  He had never felt anything like what his alpha was doing to him, licking that spot same in his inner thigh over and over, his tongue pressing harder and harder each time he licked and jerked his throbbing cock in time with his licks.  The pleasure bursting through every nerve in his body was beyond words.  He couldn’t force the words out to tell his alpha that his balls were tingling in a way he had never felt before, before his cock exploded in his hand. 


Warm cum gushed from him in torrents, coating his belly.  He lost his breath as pure bliss crashed down on him, blurring his vision as hips jerked and jerked as he came.  Darkness was closing in around him and he didn’t care.  All that mattered was the ecstasy as his mind floated, every thought drifting away as everything went black.


The pleasure his angel was feeling was beyond anything he had felt before as it passed through him in breathtaking waves.  The tingling he felt in his balls told him that his love was getting close, his orgasm about to crash through them both.  Magnus lost all thought when his angels cock exploded in his hand, spilling rope after rope of warm cum onto his firm belly, his own aching cock exploding in his pants.  His lungs constricted as his Shadowhunters breathing stopped, his vision blurring while his angel’s hips jerked again and again as he came.  He almost missed the darkness creeping in around him.  With a forced effort he pulled himself back, his mind clicking back into focus as he felt his angel slipping away.  He reached desperately for his angels cum soaked belly, pushing the strongest wave of magic he had ever released into him, forcing his lungs to open as his love’s eyes fell shut.  He used everything that he had, all his magic and his will to pull his sweet omega back from that final fall into darkness as air burst into both of their lungs as his dying angel drew in a breath before sinking into unconsciousness. 


Magnus watched his angel’s chest rise and fall.  Feeling his loves heart beating again in his chest, he could feel each breath his love took in and every beat of his heart as relief washed through him.  Once he knew for certain that his warrior was safe, and he truly was a warrior, he broke the link that bonded them.  He snapped fully back into himself, wanting nothing more than to feel his Alexander safe in his arms.  Crawling up the bed to him he didn’t bother to clean them up as he took his Shadowhunter in his arms, holding him as close as he could.  The first real thought that filtered through him was that he had almost lost the other half of his soul.  But he didn’t.  He was lying safely in his arms.  In all of his 800 years he had never felt fear like he had in those seconds that he felt darkness close in and his angel start to slip away from him.  He pressed a kiss to his loves sweat soaked forehead, brushing a lock of wet raven hair from his face as he assured himself that they were safe.  That his Alexander was safe.




Magnus watched as his angel slept soundly, too deeply for his soft little snores.  He was finally getting the rest he had so desperately needed.  How long he would sleep, he didn’t know.  He had held him in his arms until his heat finally ended and his omega pheromones faded.  That was when he had cleaned them up and tucked his angel into bed.  By then he could no longer ignore the pounding at his door.  He knew that his sister and parabati would beat it down if he didn’t let him.


His team, his family, were waiting in the next room, waiting for him to let them see that their brother and parabati, their commander, was safe and that he would be his old self again, the fierce Shadowhunter, The Archer, the commander, whatever those who needed him wanted to call him, that  he would be himself.  Alec the Shadowhunter, not Alec the omega.



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Chapter 8




Not Intended for readers under the age of 18


A/N:  Just a heads up to make reading easier, some of the more intimate parts of this chapter switch back and forth between Alec and Magnus’ perspectives.


“Are you warm enough?  Do You need another blanket?”  Izzy asked.


“It’s fine, Iz.  I’m fine.  Really.  Please stop fussing.”  Alec said.


“I most certainly will not stop fussing.  You are not fine.  You almost died!  I will fuss all I want.”  She declared with a huff.


I sighed.


“Okay.  Okay.  I get it.  Fuss away.” 


“Is there anything else you need?”  She asked.


“No.  I’m good for now.  Thank you.”


With a nod she walked away.  She and Clary had been fluttering around me all morning, from the moment Magnus settled me in on the couch.  This was the first time he had let me out of bed in the last week, and I was already exhausted. 


I knew he felt guilty about what happened, that he blamed himself.  I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve told him it wasn’t his fault.  It was no one’s fault.  Nobody knew how serious things had become, not even me.  All that really mattered was that he pulled me back.  That he saved me.  He used everything he had to save me.  But my family doesn’t see that.  My sister and parabati are still angry with him.  I tried to explain everything he had done, how far he had gone, that he had saved my life, but they wouldn’t listen. Even Jace was asking me if I was okay.  If I needed anything, which is weird.  My brother has never done that.


The first couple of days are a blur.  I remember waking up for the first time in my alpha’s arms, twenty-one hours later.  Once he had pulled me back my body had slipped into unconsciousness until it had finally let go and eased me into sleep.  Time had held no meaning.  Days and nights were of no consequence as I drifted in and out of sleep, always waking in his arms.  What once felt foreign to me was something I now cherished.  I love when my alpha holds me.  I love waking up in his arms.  For those first few days every time I opened my eyes, he was there, holding me.  He only left me when he absolutely had to, but he made sure that there was someone with me, watching over me as I slept. 


At some point, I don’t know when, he had sent a message to Catarina.  In the mundane world she was a nurse, always glamoured, but still a well skilled nurse.  After her first look at me as I slept, she started an IV, giving me all kinds of fluids. 


I would see her from time to time, when I woke, only to fall back to sleep seconds later.  My body had been completely exhausted, all of my natural reserves depleted.  I remember my last heat cycle clearly.  I remember that first wave of pain, and all the pleasure that followed.  My alpha had gone beyond what he had wanted to do until my heat had passed, but he knew it was necessary to save my life.  I wouldn’t have survived if he hadn’t intervened the way he did.  The pain of being untouched, of being denied the release I needed, would have been more than my body could take. 


He had magically linked us, something I didn’t know he could do.  With the link between us he had connected us, breath for breath, heartbeat beat for beat.  He had wanted to make sure that he knew when I was in trouble, coaching me to breathe, and when I couldn’t he would push his magic into me, forcing my lungs to work. 


It had been a battle for him too.  He had had to push past the pleasure he was feeling through the link, the pleasure he was giving me, to get me to my release as fast as possible, to monitor me and my body’s struggle.  I remember that odd rush I had felt.  Now I know that it was his magic coursing through me, forcing my lungs to open, allowing me to breathe. 


He had explained to me when I asked what that foreign pleasure was that I didn’t understand.  He had told me that the fastest way to get me to my release was by stimulating my prostate, that odd pleasure I had felt deep inside.  I remember every pleasure he had given me until those final seconds when I stopped breathing completely and was slipping away.  Once he felt it through the link, he had pushed everything he had into me, pulling me back from death.  Even my angel blood wasn’t enough to save me.


But he still blamed himself.  For not realizing sooner how weak I was, until it was almost too late.  I hated being weak.  It meant that I had failed.  Every time I got upset or agitated about it, he would take me in his arms, pressing my nose against his scent glands, until I calmed down.  His alpha scent was still intoxicating to me.  Sometimes he would hold me there until I fell asleep.


Everybody was going out of their way to keep me calm and relaxed.  Nobody wanted me to ‘strain’ myself.  I’m already tired of it.  The hushed voices outside the bedroom door, the gentle tones.  I’m not used to it.  I’ve never had it before.  It’s a foreign thing to me.  I have always been the strong one.  The rock that everyone relied on.  The one that always took care of everything, giving them what they needed.  I’m not supposed to be weak.  I not supposed to be the one needing help. 


It had been worse in the beginning.  Magnus had had to help me with everything.  He had had to wrap his arm around my waist when I needed the bathroom, in case my legs gave out.  Which happened more than once.  He was there to hold me up.  He told me he would always hold me up when I needed it, he would never let me fall, and for that I was grateful. 


Two days ago, Catarina had finally taken the IV out.  She was always gentle.  What had annoyed me from my family didn’t from her.  She wasn’t going out of her way to be the way she was.  It was just who she was, how she had come to be after centuries of tending to the sick and wounded. 


But today, the first day I’m allowed out of bed, I feel exhausted.  The constant attention, the tension in the air.  It’s too much.  I want to scream.




He was at my side in a second.  He always is now.  He’s never far away.


“Yes, angel?”  He asked.


“Can you help me back to bed, please.  I’m tired.”


“Of course, love.”  He said, helping me to my feet.  He steadied me when I swayed, wrapping his strong arms firmly around my waist.  I knew my family was watching, but I didn’t care.  All that mattered to me in that moment was that I was safe in my alpha’s arms.




Magnus tucked me into bed, as usual, helping me get comfortable.  I relished the silky soft sheets against my skin.  That’s all he used now, because he knows I love them.  I remember the starched white sheets at the Institute, and the itchy wool blankets.  Looking back, I wonder how I had ever slept on what I now thought of as my rock-hard bed.  Now I slept in luxury.


“Are you alright, sweetheart?”  He asked, brushing a lock of hair out of my eyes.


“Yeah.  I’m just tired.  As much as I love my family, their wearing me out.  The constant attention is getting irritating.  I’m just not used to it, I guess.  It feels strange.”


I knew they wouldn’t leave, and I really didn’t want them to.  After that first day my sister had gone to our father and demanded that they be pulled from active duty.  He knew that she knew where I was, and that she wouldn’t tell him, but he had granted her request without question.  He’d told her that they could take all the time they needed, or more accurately, all the time I needed.  She was the only one who had left the loft.  To make that request.  Magnus had magically expanded the loft, adding two new bedrooms to accommodate them.


“Would you like me to talk to them, love?”  He asked.


“No.  It’s fine.”


“Okay.  Do you need anything?” 


“Can you sit with me?”


“Of course, angel.”  He said, sitting by my side. 


“Can I ask you a question?”


“Of course.  You can ask me anything.”  He said, running his hand through my hair. 


I couldn’t help but relax.  For some reason it felt so good to me.  It calmed me.  Even though my heat had passed, it still sent a shiver down my spine.  The tiniest touch from my alpha still brought me pleasure. 


“Why do you call me angel?”


He sighed, taking my hand in his. 


Turning my head with a perfectly polished finger he looked me in the eye.  That was one of my favorite things.  Looking into his eyes.  I saw everything there.  Our future.  The lives we would have.  The children we would make.  I had asked him to mate me.  To make me his, but he had refused.  He said I wasn’t ready, and that my body was still too weak.  When I was stronger, he said.


“Because, love, that’s what you are to me.  I know that angel blood runs in your veins, and that you are half angel.  But that isn’t why.  It’s because you are an angel.  Everything you’ve done.  Everything you do, to help people, to save people, and everything you will do.   It’s what you are.  You are the saving grace for downworlders everywhere.  But that’s not why to me.  You’re my angel because since the moment you entered my life you’ve done nothing but save me.  You are my everything.”  He said.


I was stunned.  I didn’t know what to say.




“It’s alright, love.  You don’t have to say anything.  Just know that you are my world now, and always will be.”  He said, cutting me off.   “You should sleep.  Your tired.”


“I don’t know if I can.”  I admitted honestly.  “I can’t turn my mind off.” 


So many things were bothering me.  He wasn’t the only one who felt guilty.  My guilt was eating me up inside.  For what I had put him through.  For what I did to my team, my family.  I left them unprotected in the field.  I wasn’t there to watch their backs, to keep them safe.  It was my job, my duty, and I had failed them.  I had put my parabati at risk, leaving her vulnerable when pain had ripped through our bond, leaving her unable to protect herself during combat.  My team had covered her of course.  But it wasn’t their job.  It was mine.  I should have kept her safe.


“What has you troubled, sweetheart?”  He asked.


“It doesn’t matter.  Just stuff on my mind.”


“You know you can talk to me about anything, right?”  He asked.


“I know.  I’m just not ready to talk about it yet.”


“Okay.  Just let me know when you’re ready, I’ll be here to listen.  Would you like me to help you sleep?”  He asked gently.


I know now what he had done during my heat.  He had used his magic to ease me into sleep, more than once.  And at times, pushing me into a deeper sleep.  Sleep I had desperately needed.  Even now, when I was restless or having bad dreams, he would use it to soothe me.


“You don’t have to.”


“I don’t mind.  You know that.”  He said.




“Close your eyes, love.”  He said, cupping my cheek.


I couldn’t help leaning into his touch.  I knew he would watch over me as I slept, until he was sure that I was getting good rest at least.  Closing my eyes, I felt his hand run down my side.  I didn’t notice it during my heat, but his magic left a tingle behind.  I felt it in the wake of his touch.  Softly moving his hand up and down my side, I felt his magic sink into me.  With each pass of his hand, both the pleasure of his touch and his magic eased me closer and closer to sleep, until I drifted off, my last thought being of the feel of his soft touch.


I watched my little Shadowhunter drift into sleep.  Pushing a little more magic into him, he sighed as he went deeper, until his adorable little snores escaped.  Even after a week he was still exhausted, and the stress he was putting on himself wasn’t helping.  He was holding something in, when he shouldn’t be worrying about anything. 


I knew when he had let go.  When he had let go of some of what he had been holding in during his heat.  It had settled right back into place when he had first woken in my arms.  It had given him nightmares.  Now he was holding something else in.  It was a strain that he didn’t need.  I could only hope that he would open up to me and let me help him work through it. 


The stress he had been carrying during his heat was part of the strain that had almost killed him.  It had been so much that he hadn’t been able to eat, which, despite the nourishment potion, had only made him weaker.  Now he was holding even more in.  Something he couldn’t seem to let go of. 


I watched as his breathing became deep and even, knowing that I had pushed him far enough that it would be a dreamless, restful sleep.  A soft knock on the door had me looking away from his angelic face.


The door opened, Izzy poking her head in.


“Is he okay?”  She asked.


“He’s fine, Isabelle.  He just needs a little rest.” 


“Okay.  Just checking.”  She said before she slipped back out, closing the door.


My angel’s family had been grinding my last nerve since the moment I had first opened the door that night.  I was already exhausted and worried about my mate.  I never would have left his side had they not been about to kick down the door, which, with my wards, would have been a fatal mistake.  A mistake my angel would never have forgiven me for. 


I didn’t blame them for blaming me, for being angry.  It was my fault.  I didn’t tend to my omega properly.  I didn’t look after him as I should have.  He almost died because of me.  And knowing that ate me up inside. 


But they were distressing him, even if they didn’t know it, which angered me.  I wanted to tell them to leave.  To go back to the Institute until he was well again, but I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t.  Because he needed them.  And because I wasn’t sure the Institute was safe.  Their safety meant everything to my Shadowhunter.  They were his team.  He was their leader.  Their commander.  The one they trusted completely.  They were his family, and he was their brother.


Taking one last look at my sleeping angel, I quickly adjusted the enchantment on the room.  He wouldn’t be able to hear them, and they wouldn’t be able to hear him.  Only I would be able to hear him should he need anything.  All he had to do was speak.  Leaning down I pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, tucking the duvet around him.  Getting up, I quietly left him to sleep.




“I know you love him.  But I love him too.  He is my mate, my fated mate.  The other half of my soul.  I love him more than anything, and your either too stupid to see that or you just don’t give a damn.”  Magnus said, defeated. He looked away from the raging Shadowhunters glaring at him, tears welling in his eyes.


“Magnus, I….”  Izzy started when she saw the pain on his face.


“What in the angels name is going on out here?”  I asked, cutting her off.  All eyes turned to me, standing in the bedroom doorway.


“Alexander.”  Magnus said, rushing his side.  Ready to catch me should I fall.


“I’m fine, Magnus.  I’ve got this.”  I said, trying desperately to stay calm.  I felt my anger building at the tears and the pain I saw in my alpha’s eyes.


“That’s just it, Alec.  You’re not fine!”  Clary declared.  “He almost let you die.”


“Stop it!”  I commanded.


They all cringed back, even my Magnus.


“Stop. Blaming. Him!  It’s not his fault.  If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine!  How could he know what even I didn’t?  I didn’t know how bad it was.  That’s my fault!  That was my failure!”  I shouted.


“It wasn’t your fault, Alec.  You have to know that.”  Jace said.


“It IS my fault.  It’s my fault he didn’t know.  It’s my fault that you were alone out in the field.  It’s my fault Clary was left vulnerable, my parabati.  It’s my fault that I wasn’t there to have your backs, to watch over you, to protect you.  You were fighting demons!  An all hands-on deck mission!  Without me.  It’s my job to protect you.  You are my team.  My family.  And I failed you.  Just like I failed him.  My mate.  My alpha.  All because I’m a fucking omega.  So stop, all of you, just stop it!”  I shouted at them all.


I could feel the flush in my cheeks, not from embarrassment or shyness, but from anger.  I was tired of it, tired of it all.


“I failed all of you.”  I said softly.  “My sister, my brother, my parabati, my partner in combat, and my mate.  I failed all of you, and I’m sorry.”


I turned my back to them.  I wouldn’t let them see me cry.  I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t let them see me cry, ever again.


Seeing the tears welling in my angels’ eyes broke my heart.  I never wanted him to cry.  Ever.  Now I knew what he had been holding in.  What had been hurting him.  I reached out, taking him in my arms.


“Shh.  It’s alright, love.  Everything is alright.  Nobody is going to blame anyone else anymore.  I promise.”  I whispered.


My beautiful Shadowhunter was trembling in my arms, not from weakness but from distress.  From anger and heartache.  From pain and misplaced guilt.  He truly thought it was his fault.  He truly believed he was a failure.


“It’s alright, angel.”  I soothed, pressing him closer to the scent glands in my neck.  “Just breathe, sweetheart.  Breathe and calm yourself.”


“We have to move past this.  We have to.”  He whispered into my neck.


“We will, sweetheart.  We will.”  I crooned, wanting desperately to calm him.  “Just breathe.  Everything will be okay.” 


With each breath, I pulled in more and more of my alphas scent.  My favorite scent.  It wrapped around me like a warm embrace, an old friend, comforting me more with each breath I took.  When I got dizzy, I pulled back.


“Magnus.”  I whispered, clutching his shirt.


“It’s okay, love.  I’ve got you, just breathe.”  He whispered softly, pressing my head gently back into place. 


The dizziness quickly passed.  The more I breathed, the more I felt myself relax in his arms.  I’d stopped shaking, but I wasn’t sure when.


‘He won’t be able to take much more.’  Magnus thought.  I held him close, whispering sweet nothings in his ear as he took in my scent.  Once I felt his knees go weak, I lifted him into my arms.  I could feel his soft breath against my neck and knew that he had fallen to sleep.  I shot daggers at his family, daring them to speak.  They all took a step back.  I turned on my heel, knowing my eyes were black with rage, carrying my sleeping angel back to bed.  He had had enough.



I laid my angel down as gently as I could, trying not to jostle him.  While he had knocked himself out with my scent, it wouldn’t take much to wake him.  I had to fight to reign in my anger.  I couldn’t let him see me like this.  I had to fight the demon in me back.  Seeing me like this would only make things worse. 


Closing my eyes, I willed myself calm.  Once I was sure that the black had left my eyes, I sat beside him.  Watching him sleep was one of my favorite things.  One that I had been doing a lot of.  Running my fingers gently through his hair I pushed him into a deep, deep sleep.  One he wouldn’t emerge from anytime soon.  I had to sort things out with his family. 


He needed more than just a physical break; he needed an emotional break too.  Catarina had been right.  I shouldn’t have let him out of bed today.  He was too easily overstimulated.  It was too early for him to handle his family and they’re emotions.  But he had wanted to see them so desperately. 


I couldn’t let this happen again.  He thought it was his job to protect and take care of everybody else, but it was my job to protect and take care of him.  Somehow, I had to convince him that he wasn’t a failure.  That he hadn’t failed anyone.  That it was okay to be tired, it was okay to need someone to take care of him.  He might be half angel, but he was also half human.  He had been carrying too much for too long.  Had this not set him off, he eventually would have broken from all the weight he has been carrying on his young shoulders. 


I knew that once he regained his strength and everything wasn’t a struggle that he would go right back to being exactly what he had been before.  The strong, brave, dependable Shadowhunter.  The fierce, fearless warrior of the Shadow World.  The leader that everyone needed.  His family, the downworld, and so many more. 


But for now, he was my mine.  I needed him.  I needed him to let me take care of him, because he was my omega.  The future father of our children.  He would have to come to terms, over time, with the fact that he didn’t have to do everything himself.  But that wouldn’t be today.  He wouldn’t let it be today.


Tucking the duvet around him I leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. I settled in beside him, watching him sleep.  Hellfire and brimstone couldn’t pull me away from him, not tonight. 




Alec’s eyes fluttered open, Catarina by his side.


“Catarina?”  He asked sleepily.


“Yes, Alexander.”  She said.


“Where’s Magnus?”  He asked, rubbing sleep from his eyes.


“Getting your breakfast.”


He started to push himself up in bed.


“Alexander, wait.”  She said, pushing him gently back against his pillows.  “I wanted to talk to you.  I was hoping we’d get this chance.”


“Okay.”  He said, confused.


“Magnus has done his best to keep me in the loop.  Not to invade your privacy, but to make sure that I could help you in any way that I can.  There’s something I need you to try and understand, Alexander.”




“I realize that you’re having some trouble with things.  With what happened.  With your recovery.  And the stress and anxiety you’ve been feeling.  Magnus told me what happened last night.  You need to understand that what happened wasn’t your fault.  That needing to recover doesn’t make you weak or a failure.”  She said, brushing a lock of hair from his eyes. 


“I also understand that before all of this, you were raised to believe differently.  You were told that weakness was a failure, that it was your job, your responsibility, to be strong, to take care of everyone else’s needs.  Not just your teams, your family’s.  That’s to be expected to a degree when you’re an overprotective big brother, because that’s what you are to them.  To all of them, even Clary and Simon.  But it’s not your job to take care of everyone else, like you have been.  It’s not your job to train every Shadowhunter sent your way.  It’s not your responsibility.  Your only true responsibilities are to your family, your mate, and yourself. 


One of the many reasons that I hold such contempt for Shadowhunters, present company excluded, is because for centuries I have watched your species lay the weight of the world on the shoulders of their best and brightest.  Their strongest and most resilient.  Even when it took cruelty to make them that way.  It’s too much for one person, Alexander.  And that doesn’t make you weak or mean that you’ve failed anyone, especially yourself.”


“I was fine before.”  He said, eyes downcast.


“Before what?  Before you presented?” 


He nodded, yes.


“Alexander, being an omega doesn’t change who you are.  It’s not a weakness, which I believe that you think it is.”  She said, lifting his chin to meet her eyes.


“But it is.  You don’t understand, Catarina.  Everything was fine before.  I was fine.” 


“Where you?  From what I’ve heard, I don’t think that you presenting as an omega changed things all that much for you.  Yes, you were taking some added abuse from your fellow Shadowhunters, Shadowhunters who should have stood by you instead of turning their backs on you after all that you’ve done for them.  But you’ve always been mistreated by your parents, parents who have always treated you badly.   You’ve always been put under more pressure than everyone else.  And you’ve always had extremely higher expectations than your peers, because that was how you were raised.  And that falls on your parents, not you. 


Even as a child you were being forced to do far more than what someone so young should have to do.  You may not want to admit it, either to me or yourself, but I think that you were nearing a breaking point before you presented and before your heat started.  And going into your first heat, especially under the circumstances that you did, finally threw you over the edge.  An edge that you’ve been desperately trying to hold onto for longer than I think you realize. 


You’re a strong, amazing, gifted person, Alexander.  You mean so much to so many people.  People that would fight to the death for you, and I don’t just mean your mate or your family.  There are thousands that consider you a hero.  But even the strongest of the strong have limits.  You blame what happened to you on you being an omega and you going into your first heat.  But that’s just not true.  Your heat was just what made you finally reach your limit.  It was when your body and mind came together and said ‘Hey, I can’t handle anything else.  I need a break, before I break.’ 


But you are so strong, no one saw it until it was almost too late.  Now you’re dealing with the fallout from that.  Everyone is.  Their trying to help but this is all so new for them they just don’t know how to.  It will get better.  You will get better.  I promise.  Yes, it’s going to take some time, but you will get back to being Alexander Lightwood, Shadowhunter extraordinaire.  You just have to give yourself time to get there.”


“I don’t know how to let people take care of me.  For the first time in my life, I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know how to do what I’m supposed to.”  He said, voice trembling as he fought back tears.


“Right now, there is nothing that you are supposed to do for anyone.  Your only supposed to do for you.  But you have to let go, of everything that you’ve been told all your life.  You have to accept the fact that you were mistreated, to the point that I believe abused, and just be who you are.  You haven’t changed, Alexander.  The only thing that is different is that now you can bare children.  Yes, you’re going to have more heats, but you’ll get through them.  Magnus will take care of you.  And your family, they will help too. 


You just have to stop trying to do everything for everyone else all the time, and let others do for you when you need it.  Like right now.  I know it isn’t going to be easy.  Not with what has been ingrained into you.  But you have too, or it’s only going to get worse and take you twice as long to get back on your feet.  Even your angel blood and nephilim healing can only do so much.”


“So what?  I just sit back and do nothing?”  He asked.


“You won’t be doing nothing.  You will be recovering.  And yes, you do just need to sit back and let those who love you take care of you for a while, like you’ve done for them all their lives.  At least until you get back on your feet.  So what do you say?  Will you give it a try?”


“I guess I have to.”  He said.


“That’s not a yes, Alexander.” 


“Okay.  Yes.  I’ll try.  Thank you, Catarina, for everything.”  He said.


“There’s no need to thank me.  It’s what I do.  And please, call me Cat.  Catarina is a bit more formal than I usually like.” 


“Okay, Cat.”


A soft knock sounded at the door.


“I’m guessing that’s Magnus with your breakfast.  Come on in.”  She said.


The door opened and Magnus walked in, a food tray in his hands.


“I hope I’m not interrupting.”  He said.


“You’re not.  You know you’re not.  Did you really think that I wouldn’t recognize the enchantment on this room?”  Cat asked.


“Enchantment?”  I asked.


“You can explain it to him, Magnus.  I’ve got to head out.  I’ll be back to check on you in a couple of days, Alexander.  Magnus will give me a call if you need me before then.”  Cat said.


“Okay.  And Cat?  Please call me Alec.  Alexander is a bit more formal than I usually like.”  I said with a smirk.


“It would be my pleasure, Alec.”  She said with a smile.  “Now, I’m going to get out of your hair so you can eat.  And you have to eat, Alec.  Warlocks orders.”  She said firmly before she left, closing the door behind her.


“Good morning, love.  Did you sleep well?”  Magnus asked, setting the tray beside the bed.


“I did.  And before you ask, I’m feeling fine.” 


“That’s good to hear.”  He said with a smile.


“Do you want to tell me what she meant about the room being enchanted?” 


“How about I tell you about it over breakfast?  I have your favorites.  At least, according to your sister.”  He said as I pushed myself up to sitting.


“And those would be…?” 


“Cinnamon granola, extra cinnamon, plain fat free yogurt, sliced bananas and strawberries, a few slices of bacon with a side of earl grey.”  He said, sitting they tray on my lap.  “Was she right?”


“Yes.  She was right.”  I said, smiling at the thought of my little sister helping to make me breakfast.


“Good.  Will you eat?”


“Yes.”  I said, spooning yogurt into my granola.  “Do you want to tell me what Cat said about this room being enchanted?”


“I enchanted the room so that you wouldn’t be disturbed.  I didn’t want you to hear anyone and I didn’t want anyone to hear you, except me.  Only I can hear you outside this room.”  Magnus said, taking his seat beside me.


“I’m not sure I like that.  What if my family needs me, or I need them?”  I asked with a frown.


“Truthfully, I didn’t think about that.  All I was thinking about was you not being disturbed last night.  I can lift the enchantment now if you’d like.” 


“Please do.”  I said, growing angry.


“Okay, love.”  He said, snapping his fingers.  “I didn’t mean to upset you. I really didn’t.  Please, eat your breakfast.”


I looked down at the food in front of me.  My appetite had vanished.  Remembering Cat’s words, I picked up my spoon and stirred the yogurt into my granola.  I wanted to get better, so I was going to eat rather I wanted to or not.




Magnus sat on the couch in front of the fireplace, old books spread out around him.  A fire burned brightly in the hearth, casting shadows across the room.  He looked up, watching his beautiful Shadowhunter sleep, curled up with Chairman Meow.  ‘He looks so peaceful’ he thought. 


He had been pouring through his spell books, looking for a way to modify his heat suppression potion.  Once he determined one book was useless, he sent it away with a snap of his fingers, summoning another from his personal library in his workroom.  He had made his home library free game, and his mate’s teams were utilizing it, but his spell books he had moved into his workroom.  There were just some things that the young Shadowhunters didn’t need to see. 


He had expanded his gym, turning it into a well-equipped training room.  He had done it for his Shadowhunter, but it was also open to his family.  They had been restless being outside of their normal training routine and he was sure his love would want a place to train once he was fully recovered.   Who was he to deny the best Shadowhunter team in the Shadow World a place to train and to continue honing their skills when he had the ability to provide them with what they needed to stay the best? 


If the reports he had received from the downworld were true, it wasn’t safe for them to return to the Institute.  The Clave was desperately trying to find his angel and if they caught up with one of his family members, he could only imagine what the try would do to try and get his loves location.  What they were after, he wasn’t sure.  Were they after the omega, or The Archer?  The very thought made his blood run cold.


He would have to tell them soon that their home was no longer safe.  He would find out what they needed and summon it here.  Yes, it would set off the Institute’s wards, but he didn’t care.  ‘As long as it kept them all safe’ he thought.  As much as his angel’s family could grate his nerves at times, he was growing quite fond of them.  Their love for his mate, their unyielding loyalty, and their desire to protect him at all costs was more than a little endearing.  For that they had his respect.  And his trust.


‘I’m not going to find what I’m looking for in these’ he thought, looking at the books surrounding him. 


“Magnus?” Alec asked, looking sleepily at him, Chairman Meow sitting in his lap.


‘Hey, sweetheart.”  I said, abandoning my books.  With a few quick strides I was at his side.


“What are you doing?”  He asked as I took my seat beside him.


“Just working.  Did you sleep well?”


“Mmm.  I had the best dream.”


“About what, love?”  I asked, brushing a lock of hair out of his eyes.


“About you.  And me.”  He said, a light blush coloring his cheeks.




“I know.  I know.”  He said, cutting me off.  “I’m too weak.  I’m not ready.”  He sighed, defeated.


“Sweetheart, please try to understand.” 


“Understand what?  You were willing to touch me during my heat.  But you won’t touch me now.  Not like that.  You say that I’m not ready.  How am I supposed to ever be ready if we don’t do anything?  I understand why you don’t want to go all the way right now, because I am still recovering and your right, I’m not ready for that.  I thought I was.  But I’m not.  It’s just…how am I supposed to get ready if you don’t teach me anything?”  He asked.


I sighed.  I understood what he was saying.  And he was right.  I hadn’t so much as kissed my little Shadowhunter since I almost lost him, not more than a peck.  If I was honest with myself, I was afraid.  Afraid of hurting him.


“Your right.  You’re not going to learn if I don’t teach you.  Being intimate with someone…there’s a lot to be learned, on both sides, before moving on to sex. 


You can’t possibly imagine how honored I feel that I will be the first to mate you, and the last.  And I want your first time to be perfect.  Because it’s something that you’re never going to forget.  And that’s not going to happen if you go in blind.  So we’ll take it slow.”  I said, raising his hand for a kiss. 


“Thank you.  I miss you.  I miss your hands on me.  I miss you touching me.  I miss touching you, even if it doesn’t mean sex.  I want to know your body.  I want you to know mine.  I want to learn everything you can teach me.  I want us to be mated.  I want to be claimed.  I want my alpha to mate me, even if it has to wait a little while longer.”


I smiled, raising his hand for another soft kiss.  I was more than willing to mate him.  To become his lover.  Because I loved him.  He was my life, my everything, my future.  I wanted to give him everything he could ever want.  But claiming him was a different matter.  But I couldn’t tell him that now.


“You have nothing to thank me for, love.  I told you from the start that when the time came, we would take it at your pace.  And I miss you too.”


“Does that mean we can…pick up where we left off?”  He asked, cheeks blushing crimson.


“Yes, sweetheart.  We can.  Oh, how I love your blushes.”  I said, cupping his cheek.  “Lie back.”


He did as I asked.  Snapping my fingers Chairman Meow disappeared.


“Where’d he go?” 


“Out to the living room.  I don’t want an audience.”  I said, climbing on the bed and straddling his hips.  “I’m going to kiss you now, Alexander.”  I said softly.  Leaning down I pressed my lips softly to his.  “Open up for me, love.”  I whispered, pressing my lips gently to his again. 


When Alec sighed into the kiss, I slid my tongue between his parted lips.  As our tongues touched pure bliss shot through me.  I was rocked by it.  And the taste of him on my tongue.  ‘Will it always be like this?’ I thought.


Alec waited with bated breath as his alpha straddled his hips.  He loved the way it felt when his alpha straddled him.  His weight felt perfect there.  He couldn’t help the anticipation rushing through him as his alpha leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.  The soft brush had pleasure coursing through him.  It was exactly as he remembered.  His alphas soft words brushing against his cheek sent a shiver down his spine.  He couldn’t help but do as he was asked. 


The taste of his alpha as their tongues met was heaven.  This he could do.  This he was good at.  Teasing his alphas tongue with quick strokes and licks had his alpha moaning against his lips.


‘He never ceases to amaze me’ Magnus thought as a soft moan escaped him when his angel’s tongue teased his.  Tilting his head, he changed the angle of the kiss, taking it deeper, demanding more from his Shadowhunter as their tongues fought for dominance.  ‘He’s an excellent kisser’ he thought, not for the first time.  As he felt his angel fully relax, he ran his hands slowly up his sides, over the soft cotton of his shirt.


“Make it go away.”  Alec breathed when I broke the kiss, pressing soft kisses to his neck.


With a snap of my fingers his shirt was gone.  I knew that he wanted me to touch him.  Skimming my fingertips up and down my angel’s sides I pressed soft kisses down his silky-smooth neck.  My Shadowhunter felt exactly as I remembered under my hands.  Soft skin over firm muscles.  I would enjoy exploring them, each and every one.  I pressed my lips lightly to the rune on his neck before tracing it with my tongue.


Alec’s eyes rolled back as his alpha’s fingers ran up and down his sides, leaving a tingle in their wake.  Everywhere his alpha touched brought pleasure.  He thought that he would lose this when his heat ended.  That the pleasure wouldn’t be the same.  But it was.  His alphas tongue tracing his flexibility rune felt like pure bliss.


“I love the way you taste, Alexander.  Every inch of you.”  Magnus whispered, pressing light, licking kisses to Alec’s collarbone. 


His alpha’s tongue against my skin took my breath away.  Reaching up I slid my hands under my alpha’s shirt, running my hands from his waist to his abs, teasing him with my fingertips.


Magnus’ mind went blank when he felt his angel’s hands on his skin.  He moaned softly into his angel’s neck when his fingertips brushed across his abs.  ‘He’s going to be the death of me’ he thought, not for the first time.  Never in all his 800 years had he ever experienced pleasure like this.  Everywhere his angel touched brought pleasure.  Regaining his wits, he pressed quick nips and sucking kisses to his Shadowhunters throat.


“Make it go away.”  Alec breathed, tugging at his alpha’s shirt. 


With a finger snap it was gone, leaving his alpha’s chest bare for him.  Sliding his fingertips up his alpha’s smooth chest he flicked his thumbs softly over his nipples.


Magnus couldn’t help the moan that escaped him when his mate’s thumbs brushed over his nipples.  His angel was doing things to him, doing things no other lover had ever done before.


His alpha’s moan when he brushed his nipples made him feel bolder.


“Will you lay down for me?”  I asked.


Pressing his forehead to his sweet Alexander’s, Magnus fought to catch his breath.  ‘How could such tender touches do this much to him’ he thought.


“Yes, love.  Just give me a minute.”


Alec couldn’t help but smirk at this alpha.  Wrapping his legs around his waist he rolled with his hips, smoothly switching their positions.  He couldn’t help but laugh at the surprised look on his alpha’s face.


“If this is you at half strength, Alexander, I wouldn’t want to be on your bad side when you’re at full strength.”  Magnus said, marveling at his precious Shadowhunter.  The move had taken him by surprise, the strength and agility behind it was beautiful, almost as beautiful as his angel’s laugh.


“Shadowhunter.  Remember?”  Alec asked, a playful tease in his voice.


“Don’t worry, love.  I’ll never forget that.  Now that you have me where you want me, wants next?”  I asked.  ‘He looks breathtaking like this’ I thought, Alec’s porcelain complexion a sharp contrast to the darkened room, his runes standing out beautifully in the flickering firelight.  With a finger snap dozens of candles lit up the room.  “That’s better.  Now I can see your eyes.”  I said, taking in my angel’s crystal blue eyes, eyes filled wide with lust.  “Mmm.  So beautiful.” 


“What did you say?”  Alec whispered, snapping Magnus out of his reverie.  Magnus reached up, cupping Alec’s cheek.


“I said you are beautiful.”


Alec turned away from his alpha’s gaze, color flooding his cheeks.


“Hey.  Look at me.  What’s wrong, love?”  He asked, turning Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.


“No one’s ever said anything like that to me.”  Alec whispered, voice trembling as tears welled in his eyes, eyes cast down.


“Well you are.  You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  It was my first thought the moment I laid eyes on you on that bridge.  Don’t cry, sweetheart.”  Magnus said as a single tear rolled down Alec’s cheek.  He gently brushed it away with his thumb.  “Look at me, angel.”


Alec looked Magnus in the eye, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.


“You. Are. Beautiful.  Your stunning, gorgeous, sexy, hot, breathtaking, glorious, magnificent, decadent, cute, and one of my favorites, adorable.


Don’t ever forget that.  You are my everything.  And I’m going to tell you, every day, how beautiful you are to me, so no tears.  Because you’re going to have to get used to hearing it.”


“Magnus…I” Alec started.


“Shh, love.  I know it’s new, but it’s true.”  Magnus said, cutting him off.  Adjusting Alec on his lap he sat up, wrapping his arms firmly around Alec’ waist, holding him close.  “Please don’t ever feel insecure with who you are, angel.  Because you are wonderful.  Every part of you.  Inside and out. 


You are the most precious, important thing in this world to me.  In all my 800 years there has never been another like you.  I thought I had seen all the wonders of this world, but I was wrong.  Because I’m holding the best and brightest in my arms.”  He said, pressing his forehead to Alec’s.  “Okay?”


“Okay.”  Alec whispered.


Magnus softly skimmed his hands up Alec’s back, over the soft skin and firm muscles, from hips to torso and back again, leaving waves of pleasure running through his mate. 


Alec couldn’t help but moan at the gentle touch, relaxing in his alpha’s arms. 


“That’s it, love.  Just relax.”  Magnus crooned, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead as his eyes fluttered closed. 


Magnus skimmed his fingers up and around his Shadowhunters waist, tracing every curve and line of his firm six pack with his thumbs.  He pressed his lips softly to the side of his angel’s throat, eliciting another soft moan from his love.  Instinctively tilting his head, Alec gave his alpha better access to the sensitive skin. 


Magnus pressed soft, sucking kisses to the exposed skin of his Shadowhunters throat, his hands slowly working their way up his angel’s glorious body from his abs, massaging slow circles into firm muscles.  He didn’t miss the erection pressing into his belly.


“Magnus.”  Alec breathed, his head falling forward onto Magnus’ shoulder.


“It’s alright, sweetheart.  Let yourself feel the pleasure.”  Magnus said softly, sucking gently on his angel’s earlobe. 


Alec’s breath hitched in his lungs at the new sensation of his alpha nibbling at his ear.  Pleasure was humming through him from his alpha’s soft kisses and the firm yet gentle touch of his hands as they worked the muscles in his abs.  He knew his erection was pressing into his alpha’s belly, but he didn’t care.  He didn’t miss the fact that he was caught between two hard dicks, his own and his alpha’s.


Magnus knew that his angel was lost in pleasure when he heard his breath hitched.  He knew that was a tell now, a tell that his love was enjoying the pleasure he was giving him.  He nibbled harder on his loves ear as he slid his hands down, over his angel’s sides to his waist, coming to rest just above his boxers. 


For a moment he massaged the taunt muscles in his Shadowhunters lower back before sliding his hands beneath the waistband, firmly gripping his ass in both hands, pulling him closer, trapping his mate’s erection between their belly’s. 


“Make them go away.”  Alec whimpered as he instinctively ground his hips to his alpha’s.


With a finger snap they were both naked, pressed tightly skin to skin.


“Better?”  Magnus asked as Alec ground his hips again, pressing his leaking cock harder into him.  He knew his sweet angel was seeking friction on his dick, even if he didn’t.


“Yes.”  Alec said, breathless.


“Would you like me to touch you, love?” 


“Please.  Please touch me.”  Alec breathed as his hips ground down again.  He didn’t know what he was doing, he just knew that it felt good.


Wrapping one arm around his Shadowhunters waist and one around his back Magnus smoothly rolled Alec onto his back.  He pressed soft kisses to his angel’s chin and throat as he pulled his legs up and apart.  Rising to his knees he ran a hand down his beautiful mate’s body, taking his angel’s cock firmly in his hand as he claimed his lips.


Alec sighed and opened for his alpha when his alpha’s lips pressed firmly to his.  The feel of his alpha’s hand on his cock was perfect.  He lost all thought as his alpha explored his mouth with his tongue while tugging gently on his cock.  All he could register was the pleasure.


“Please, Magnus.”  Alec pleaded when Magnus broke the kiss.


“What, love?  Tell me what you want.”


“I…I don’t know.”  Alec whimpered.  “More.  I need more.”


“Look at me, angel.”  Magnus said, tilting Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “Keep your eyes on me.  I want you to watch and feel.”  He commanded softly, injecting a hint of alpha into his tone.


Alec shuddered at his alpha’s tone, a tingle running down his spine at the command.  He was unable to tear his gaze from his alpha’s.  He watched while his alpha bent down, pressing soft kisses down his chest to his abs, a new burst of pleasure erupting at every soft kiss.


Magnus watched his angel shiver at his command, watching him as he pressed soft kisses down his chest to his abs, shuffling down his body.  He watched his Shadowhunters pupils blow wide.  He listened to Alec’s breath hitch when he dipped his tongue in his navel before continuing down his belly.  He kissed the last few inches, stopping at the base of his angel’s straining cock, his eyes locked on his Alexander’s.


“I’m going to show you something new, love.”  He said, softly rubbing his sweet Shadowhunters inner thighs, secretly pleased when they trembled under his touch.  “Tell me you want it.”


“I want it.”  Alec breathed, fighting to draw air into his straining lungs.  The pleasure his alpha was giving him was almost too much.  He wanted to cum, badly.


“Keep your eyes on me.”  Magnus said as he took his mates throbbing cock firmly in his hand again. 


Alec groaned softly. 


Looking his angel over he saw the light sheen of sweat on his skin, the blown pupils in his beautiful blue eyes, and the rapid rise and fall of his chest.  Keeping his eyes on his mate he dipped is head, slowly licking his angel’s leaking slit, tasting his precum on his tongue.


Alec gasped when his alpha licked his dick.  A new wave of pleasure shot through him.  He had never felt anything like the pleasure his alpha was giving him as he licked across his slit, over and over again.


Magnus marveled at his angel’s reaction to his tongue on his slit.  He couldn’t help but lick it again, pressing his tongue harder against it, over and over again.  When his loves breath hitched, he pulled back, watching as he caught his breath.  ‘He’s so innocent’ he thought.  ‘Even the simplest things bring him so much pleasure.’  He watched as his angel’s eyes closed.  “Eyes on me, Alexander.”  He commanded, full alpha.


Alec’s eyes snapped open, the familiar tingle running down his spine at his alpha’s command.


“Keep your eyes on me.”  Magnus said again, watching as his mate’s eyes locked on his.  “That’s right.”  He crooned, letting is breath brush against his angel’s leaking cock.  Dipping his head again he licked it clean before taking the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive glands there. 


Using his angel’s soft moans as his guide he pressed his tongue against the vein on the underside of his cock, a sweet spot that would be new to his love.  He listed carefully as his angel’s breath hitched again, pressing harder with his tongue to the sweet spot, letting his love adjust to the new pleasure.


Alec was mesmerized by his alpha’s eyes locked on his.  He couldn’t look away when his alpha licked the cum off his dick.  The pleasure from his alpha’s tongue on his cock was making his head spin.  He had never dreamed of anything like this.  He wanted to buck his hips when his alpha took his cock into his hot mouth, but he couldn’t.  He had no control, the pleasure coursing through him was bone deep, every muscle in his body betraying him, forcing him to stay still.  He couldn’t stop the moans that escaped him as his alpha swirled his tongue around the head of his dick. 


His breath hitched in his lungs when his alpha pressed his tongue to the underside of his cock, a shockwave of new pleasure rushing through him.  He had never had someone’s mouth on his dick.  It was breathtaking.  His lungs strained to draw in air and his alpha pressed harder and harder with his tongue in a place he had never found pleasure from before when he jerked himself off.  But he remembered it now.  His alpha had pressed this thumb there during his last heat cycle.


Once he was sure that his Shadowhunter was ready Magnus plunged down on this angel’s length, taking his thick dick down his throat.  His eyes never left his loves as he hummed out his pleasure at the look in his angel’s eyes, knowing that the vibrations would rock through him, increasing his pleasure.


He watched his angel’s panting breaths as he hollowed out his cheeks as he rose up off his length, letting his cock pop free of his mouth.  ‘He tastes so sweet’ he thought.  Eyes still locked on Alec’s he took his cock back into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head before plunging back down.  He was going to give it to his Shadowhunter hard and fast.  With each quick suck up and down Alec’s cock he watched as his angel’s breathing became harsher and harsher as he pleasured him.  “He’s close’ he thought as he bobbed his head down again, sucking harder as he came back up. 


“Magnus…”  Alec panted out.  Reaching out, gripped his alpha’s hair.


Magnus’ eyes stayed locked on Alec’s as he plunged, down again and again, breathing hard through his nose so he wouldn’t break his rhythm to come up for air.  He loved the feel of his angel pulling on his hair.  He hummed out his pleasure as he bobbed his head down again.  His loves cock felt perfect in his mouth.  He felt his angel’s thighs quiver under his hands where he held his legs apart.


“Magnus..I’m going to cum.”  Alec gasped out a second before he exploded in Magnus’ mouth.                   


Magus watched as his Shadowhunters eyes slammed shut, knowing he was about to cum.  He was anticipating his orgasm before it hit, taking the hot, thick cum down his throat when he erupted.  He swallowed more and more as aftershocks racked his angel’s body, loving the taste of his loves cum in his mouth. 


When his angel finally stilled, he swirled his tongue one last time as he rose off his cock, watching closely as his Shadowhunter caught his breath.


“Look at me, love.”  He commanded, gently rubbing his angel’s thighs as he watched his mate.


Alec’s eyes fluttered open at his alpha’s command; exhaustion clear in his crystal blue eyes.


“Magnus…” Alec whispered; eyes locked on his alpha’s.


“You did wonderfully, angel.  You took it beautifully.”  Magnus crooned, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s inner thigh.  He watched as his Shadowhunter came down from his orgasm, his panting breaths evening out.


“What about you?”  Alec asked.  “Will you cum for me?”


Magnus was taken back by his mate’s request.  He had forgotten about his own throbbing cock, so focused on giving his angel what he needed.  He had done this for his sweet Shadowhunter, not himself.


“Alexander…”  He started.


“Please.”  Alec asked, cutting him off.  “Touch yourself for me.” 


How could he deny his love such a simple request?  He had planned to tend to himself after his angel had fallen asleep. 


“Alright, love.”  He said, straightening up so he could take his aching cock in his hand.


With his eyes locked on his Alexander’s he stroked his cock, his hand moving up and down his shaft, slowly jerking it, using his own precum as a lube.  He jerked faster as his angel’s eyes widened as he watched.  He would give him this.  He would give his angel the pleasure of watching him cum.


“I’m close, Alexander.  I’m going to cum.” 


“Cum on me.”  Alec said.


Magnus was too close to his orgasm to question his angel’s request.  With a few hard jerks his cock erupted, shooting rope after rope of cum onto his Shadowhunters belly and abs.  It looked beautiful on him.  He jerked himself through his aftershocks, slamming his eyes closed at the intensity of it all.  It had never felt like this before.  It had never so good.  It was the longest, most intense orgasm of his life.


Watching his alpha jerk himself off was the most beautiful thing Alec had ever seen.  His alpha had brought him so much pleasure, he wanted to see him have his own.


Breathless, Magnus fell forward, catching himself before he collapsed on his mate.


“That was beautiful.”  Alec said, cupping his alpha’s cheek.


“No.  Watching you was beautiful, Alexander.”  Magnus breathed as he caught his breath.  “It looks like we made a mess.  My cum looks wonderful on you, angel.”


“Will you do that for me again?” 


“Another time, love.”  Magnus said with a chuckle.  Pushing himself up he watched as his angel reached down, swiping a finger through the cum on his belly.  His breath caught in his chest as he watched his once shy Shadowhunter suck his finger into his mouth, sucking it clean.  ‘Lilith, that’s so fucking hot’ he thought.


“You taste good, alpha.  I want you to cum in my mouth sometime.”


Magnus was shocked by his angel’s boldness.  Shocked and thrilled.  His angel was perfect, in every possible way.  He would defiantly enjoy teaching him the art of intimacy.  Snapping his fingers, he cleaned them up, collapsing on the bed beside his love.


Taking his Alexander in his arms, he wrapped his arms around him, holding him close.


“I love you, Alexander.  You have no idea how perfect you are.”  Magnus said, running his hand through his angel’s hair.


“I love you too.”  Alec said sleepily. 


Magnus felt his heart swell in his chest at the soft words.  ‘We really are meant’ he thought, snuggling into his angel, his saving grace.  Before he could utter another word, he heard the most adorable snores coming from his sleeping omega.  His favorite sound in the world.  Smiling he closed his eyes, dropping instantly into sleep with his Shadowhunter in his arms.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 9



Magnus watched as his Shadowhunter slept soundly in his arms, the flickering firelight fading.  His angel’s nightmare had pulled him from sleep.  He didn’t know what his Alexander had been dreaming of, but it had to have been frightening to his sleeping warrior.  He had used his magic to push the nightmare back, allowing his mate to sleep peacefully, but before he had finished his parabati had been knocking on the door.  His angel’s distress had pulled her from her own sleep.


After assuring her that he was fine now, that it had just been a bad dream, he had shooed her back to bed.  He had been watching his love sleep since, waiting to see if the nightmare crept forward again, but so far it hadn’t.


His Alexander had been having nightmares since that final day of his heat.  He hadn’t yet spoken of them, to anyone, so he had no idea what was disturbing his angel’s sleep.  It could be any number of things, his near death, the guilt he felt about leaving his team unprotected in the field, especially his parabati in those final moments, and the misguided sense of failure he constantly seemed to be carrying for not knowing how serious things had become.  He knew he felt that he had failed me, which was to me, utterly absurd.


He knew that he had had nightmares after his presentation, but this was different.  Clary had said as much.  Something was eating at his Shadowhunter, but only his angel knew what. 


His sweet warrior had been wonderful in the hours before, before he had drifted off and his nightmare had taken hold.  The once shy Shadowhunter was slowly growing more confident with himself.  Bolder.  He would become an excellent lover.


He knew that his omega was inexperienced with intimacy.  But being with his sweet Shadowhunter was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before.  He’d lived a long time.  In that time, he had taken many lovers, and knew the art of intimacy well.  But when it came to his Alexander, not only was everything new to his angel, it was new to him as well.  He may be the one that knows the moves, but the experience was worlds different.  His angel could bring him to his knees with nothing more than a kiss. 


Each touch of his angel’s hands brought him pleasure like no other, each kiss more breathtaking than the one before.  No one had ever affected him like his Shadowhunter.  He could make his belly clench and his eyes roll back at the same time, with an innocent brush of his hands.


If what he had felt through the link during his omegas final heat cycle was anything to go by, which he suspected it was, their sex life was never going to be boring.  They would always be able to bring each other the most exquisite pleasures.  He knew that mating his Alexander would be more than earth shattering.  But after mating came claiming, something his Shadowhunter had asked him for, something that he would love to give him, but in the end the final decision would fall to his Shadowhunter. 


When two immortals claimed each other, not a whole lot changed.  But when an immortal and a mortal claimed each other, everything changed.  The mortal would become immortal. 


While he and his Alexander were fated mates, destined to be together, he didn’t know if that destiny was for the span of a mortal lifetime, or for an eternity. 


His angel would ultimately have to make that choice.  He could mate and be claimed by his alpha, giving him immortality, or he could continue on as he was, living and loving beside his family. 


How could he ask his young warrior to watch as the ones he loved most grew old and died?  How could he ask him to endure watching his sister, his twin, leave this world before him?  How could he ask him to suffer through the soul-shattering pain of losing his parabati, a pain that many say never fades?


Would losing his young Shadowhunter to old age someday shatter him?  Absolutely.  Would he be able to live without him?  Absolutely not.  But he would love him endlessly despite his choice.  He would stand by him, whatever his decision was.  He would cherish him for every moment that he had him.


They had yet to discuss children.  Being an omega, baring children was what his Alexander’s body was built to do.  But would he be able to do so knowing that his children would be immortal while he was mortal?  While knowing that his children would watch their father grow old and die?  It was a lot to lay on the shoulders of one as young as his Shadowhunter, one who already carried the weight of worlds, but he couldn’t stall him forever.  Eventually he would have to tell his Shadowhunter that he would have to make the choice.


Alec shifted in Magnus’ arms, a soft sigh escaping him, breaking Magnus from his thoughts.  Looking down at his sweet omega he couldn’t help but smile at the innocence he saw there, the innocent warrior sleeping in his arms, bad dreams seemingly forgotten.  He couldn’t let himself worry about what may come now, he wouldn’t.  If he did only have a mortal lifetime with his Shadowhunter, he would make the most of every moment, live in the here and now, and worry about the rest later.  Pressing a soft kiss to his angel’s brow he wrapped his arms tighter around him, willing himself to sleep, content with the knowledge that for this moment, he held his one true love In safe his arms.




When Alec’s eyes fluttered open, he felt the firm grip of his alpha holding him in his arms.  He couldn’t help but smile.  There was no better place to be than in his alpha’s arms.  He couldn’t stop it when the memory of his dream flashed before his eyes.  He slammed his eyes shut, trying to force back the memory but it wouldn’t go.  It was seared into his brain like a brand.  He had dreamt it enough times now to know that it would haunt not just his sleeping hours, but his waking hours as well.  How could he tell anyone about his dreams?  How could he tell his alpha that they would all die and that there was nothing anyone could do to stop it? 


Feeling safe in his alpha’s arms he couldn’t help but wonder if it was just a dream.  A dream that his subconscious had built, drawing from everything he had heard and learned, and most of all, what he most feared, the loss of everyone he loved and held dear. 


Was it more than a dream?  Was it a warning?  A message from the Angel, like the visions Clary had of new runes? 


He could recount every second perfectly.  He could see and feel everything clearly, as if he was still in the dream.  He could still smell the smoke in the air, taste the blood in his mouth, and hear the words of those who condemned them, those who would condemn them all to death, words spoken by people he already knew and now feared.


Fighting to push himself free of the horrible thoughts that wanted to consume him he took a deep breath of his alpha’s soothing scent.  The comforting scent of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and musk wrapped around him, invading his senses, helping to clear away the images that made him want to hide in the dark.  He couldn’t hide in the dark.  He wouldn’t.  He was a Shadowhunter.  Shadowhunters battled back what lived in the dark.  Like any other Shadowhunter, he would battle back what lived in the dark.


Slipping carefully from his alpha’s embrace he climbed from the bed.  Looking down at himself he smiled, his alpha must have dressed them sometime during the night.  It was convenient not having to hunt down clothes.  Magic certainly had its perks.


Quietly opening the door Alec couldn’t help but think of his new wardrobe.  His Magnus wouldn’t let him wear anything but the best.  He had a closet full of designer clothes that he didn’t know what to do with, even if they were his normal blacks and dark blues. 


His alpha didn’t really care for his clothes.  He had rejected them the moment he had seen them after Izzy had brought him a bag from the Institute.  His old, hole ridden, worn out jeans had been replaced.  His t-shirts had all been replaced with the softest Egyptian cotton, his boxers either soft, breathable cotton or silk, like what his alpha wore. 


He had refused to give up his cargo pants and boots.  On that Magnus had agreed to a compromise.  He could wear his cargo pants and boots until they needed ‘replacing’, but the ones she had brought had to go.  They had too many ichor stains and were too worn out.  Even his training clothes had been replaced with new high-end athletic wear.


Silently closing the door behind him, Alec smiled at the thought of all of the soft, comfy clothes that he wore around the loft.  He had never had such high-quality stuff.  He had never really seen the point in spending any more than necessary on clothes.  That was Izzy and Clary’s job.  They both had enough clothes to dress every woman at the Institute and still have all kinds of girl crap to spare.  He had always just bought what he needed; despite the number of times his sister and parabati had dragged him out shopping.  Sometimes he just bought what they picked out for them just to get them to let up. 


But his alpha wouldn’t have it.  He was adamant that his mate would have the best of everything.  Apparently after living for 800 years one new how to invest and manage money.  Money wasn’t an issue for his alpha, and now, apparently, it wasn’t an issue for him.  His Magnus liked comfort, and now, it seemed, so did he.  Now that he had had a taste of it.


Filling the kettle in the kitchen for tea, he remembered his sister teasing him when she had learned of his liking for the satin sheets his alpha kept on the bed for him.  But she had been happy that he was finally letting himself enjoy some of the finer things.


Pulling the box of tea from the cabinet he couldn’t help but shake his head at his alpha.  He had a tea cabinet.  Every kind of earl grey on the market lived in that cabinet, but his favorite was Twining’s.  Remembering the cheap tea he drank at the Institute left a bit of a sour taste in his mouth now.  Now that he had had real tea, he didn’t think he could stomach his old tea again.  His family was getting a bit spoiled too now that they were at the loft.  His alpha bought the best of everything and was always well stocked.  Alec suspected that magic helped with that.


“Good morning, big brother.”  Izzy said behind him.


He almost jumped out of his skin at the sound of her voice, he had been so lost in his own musings.


“Jeez, Iz.  Way to sneak up on someone.”  Alec said, whipping around to meet her gaze.


That was a mistake   His head spun at the sudden movement and he swayed.  She reached out, steadying him.


“Hey, careful.  Are you supposed to be up by yourself?  Where’s Magnus?”


“Am I supposed to be up by myself?  What?  I need permission now?”  I snapped, shaking my head to clear it. 


“Sorry.  I just meant, well, you haven’t really been up on your feet that much.  You’re still a little…unsteady.”  She said, releasing me.


Moving quickly, she pulled the kettle off the stove as it started to whistle.


“Sit down.  I’ll fix your tea.”


“I can fix my own tea, Iz.”  I said, willing my vision to clear of the black spots dancing in front of my eyes.


“I know.  But I want to.”  She insisted, leading me to a stool at the counter.  “Are you okay?” 


“I’m fine.  I just moved too fast.  That’s all.”  I sighed, relenting as she pushed me onto the stool.  By the angel, I hated feeling so weak.  ‘What happened to me?’  I thought.


She must have read my mind.


“It’s okay, you know.  It’s sort of to be expected that you would still feel a little weak in the knees.  You’re still recovering.”  She said, pouring steaming water into my mug.


“It’s been a week.  It’s never taken me this long to bounce back from injuries.”  I pouted, accepting the tea she held out to me.


“This wasn’t an injury, Alec.  And you’ve always pushed yourself back up before you were actually ready.  Even when the doctors at the Institute said as much.  The difference is, now you have a mate that won’t take no for an answer.”


“What happened to me, Iz?  When did I get so weak?  If this is what it means to be an omega, then I hate it.”


“It has nothing to do you with being an omega, big brother.”  She said, brushing a lock of hair from my eyes.  “And you’re not weak.  You’ve never been weak.  This isn’t an injury in the field.  You almost died.”


“I’ve almost died before.” 


“This is different.  Recovering from a field injury, even demon poisoning, this is different.”


“How?  How is it different?”


Izzy sighed, climbing on the stool beside me as I stared into my tea.


“Catarina said that during your heat, when you couldn’t eat, your body burned through all of your natural reserves.  Everything your body had stored up.  Those reserves were what kept you going, so you had nothing left at the end.  I didn’t understand it until she explained it.  Now your body is trying to rebuild those reserves while giving you what you need to get through the day.  That’s why it’s taking you so long to get better.  I don’t think you realize just how bad it was.”


“I was there, Izzy.  I know how bad it was.”


“Do you?  Do you know that your body had almost completely shut down?  Even after Magnus pulled you back, he was giving you his energy, draining his own reserves, until Catarina got here.  I didn’t know that.  Not until she told me.  After hearing that it was kinda hard to be mad at him anymore.  He didn’t just pull you back, he kept you alive until she could take care of you.  Do you remember that?  Do you remember when she got here and started those IV’s and oxygen?”


She could tell by her brother’s frown that he didn’t.


“Even when you started waking up, Alec.  Do you not remember any of that?”  Izzy asked.


“No.  I don’t think I do.”  He whispered.


“It was bad.  Really bad.  She pumped all kinds of stuff into you.  Even pure adrenaline when your heart rate dropped.  You don’t remember the mundane machine that monitored your heart and your blood pressure?”




“For two days, big brother, she was at your side.  Just like Magnus was.  Giving you everything that you needed to get you through the worst of it.  After that your body decided to cooperate and you started getting a little stronger and didn’t need as much.”  She said softly.  “Without Catarina and Magnus, I don’t think you’d be here.”


“Is that normal?  For an omega?  Is that normal?” 


“No.  They both said it’s not.  You may be an omega, Alec, but before your heat hit, which was a hard one, you were already an overly exhausted, drained Shadowhunter.  Do you remember the day before?  Thirteen hours of training and then an eight hour patrol?  You were too tired to eat and went straight to bed when we got back. 


I didn’t notice that you were struggling.  You were already in trouble.  I should have noticed.  I’m so sorry.”  She said, a tear running down her cheek.


“Hey.  Don’t cry, Iz.”  I said, pulling her into my arms for a hug.  “Please don’t cry.”


“We should have seen it.  We should have done something.  We should have helped.  We should have taken over training the other Shadowhunters.  We all know the moves that you were teaching them.”


“It wasn’t your job.  It was mine.”  I whispered, holding her close.


“You had too many jobs.  We’re your team.  We should have helped you.  Your family should have helped you.”


“Well, it’s over now.  I don’t think Magnus is going to be letting me take on too many jobs anymore.”


‘He’s right.  I won’t.’  Magnus thought, listening to his Shadowhunter and his sister talk. 


They didn’t know he was there yet.  How much he had heard, how much his sister had explained to him.  Things he didn’t want his angel to know, things he didn’t want him to remember.  He didn’t want him to remember those first few days.  ‘If those days haunt my dreams, what will they do to his?  They can never know the full truth.  They can never know that he had died.’  He thought.


Taking a deep breath, Magnus pushed those thoughts aside.  Stepping out of the shadows he stepped into the light.


“Good morning, you two.”  He said.


Alec and Izzy pulled apart, Izzy wiping her eyes dry.


“Morning, Magnus.”  Izzy said, trying and failing to hide her sniffles.


“Good morning, love.”  Magnus said, kissing Alec’s cheek.  “Are you guys hungry?”


“I already ate.  But thank you for offering.  Alec needs to eat though.  He hasn’t touched his tea.  I need to get back to training.  Simon’s waiting for me.”


“Training?”  Alec asked.


“Yes, angel.  I built you a training room.  I’ll show you after breakfast.  What would you like to eat?”


“And don’t say ‘I’m not hungry’.”  Izzy said, anticipating her brother before he could get the words out.


“Yes, please don’t.”  Magnus said, snapping his fingers to warm Alec’s tea. 


“You choose.  Dealers choice.”  Alec said, blowing on his steaming tea.


“How about we skip the high protein low carb today?  How about pancakes?”  He asked, walking around the island to the stove.  “I make excellent pancakes.”


Alec hesitated, looking at his sister for help.  He wasn’t used to that many carbs.  He wasn’t sure his stomach could candle it.  The Institute pushed healthy foods.  It didn’t matter what time it was the kitchen was always open for Shadowhunters coming off different shifts.  They all ate the same thing, and that didn’t include a ton of carbs.


Magnus could read his angel like a book.  He knew that pancakes would be a big change for his Shadowhunter.  But he needed the calories.  He needed to regain the weight he had lost.


“You need to gain a little weight, Alexander.  You’ve lost a lot in a short amount of time.  It’ll help start booting your strength and help you get back to your training.”


He knew it was wrong to use his Shadowhunters desire to train to coax him into eating.  He knew how much his angel missed it, and how restless he was without his normal routine.  But if it got him to eat more, he was willing to use that desire to get back at it to push more food on him.


“He’s right, Alec.  You do need to put a few pounds back on.  I’ll see you after breakfast.  You’re going to love the training room.”  Izzy said, leaning up to press a quick kiss to his forehead. 


“Okay, I guess.” Alec said.


“Good.”  She smiled at him before she turned and left. 


He watched her walk away, wishing he could go with her.


“Don’t worry, love.  Nephilim have faster metabolisms than any other species.  Trained Shadowhunters even more so.  You’ll burn the carbs off fast enough.”  Magnus said.  “Indulge me?”


Alec looked back at his alpha.  The hope he saw in his warlock’s eyes made him smile.


“Okay.”  He said.  He wouldn’t deny his alpha this.  Not if it was something he could easily give him.


“Thank you, sweetheart.”


Magnus snapped his fingers, everything he needed for pancakes appearing on the counter.  Picking up an egg, he cracked in into a mixing bowl.


“Can I ask you something?”  Alec asked.


“You can ask me anything, love.”


How exactly do male omegas give birth?”


Magnus was taken back by the question.  They hadn’t even discussed children, yet alone the intricacies of pregnancy and childbirth.  ‘Is this what he’s been dreaming about’ he wondered.


“Well, a long time ago they gave birth naturally.  The uterus is positioned differently in men than it is in women.  It’s how conception can be achieved and allow birth.”


Alec paled.  The thought of pushing a child out, much less multiple children, down there, was more unnerving than a dozen greater demons.


“But it hasn’t been done that way in centuries.”  Magnus rushed, seeing the panic in his omega’s eyes.  “Now days, male omega children are delivered differently.”


Alec visibly relaxed, his alphas words pushing his fear back a bit.


“Tell me.  What happens when a woman at the Institute has a difficult delivery that requires intervention?”


“Um…the Institutes doctor injects a numbing medication in the middle back and using a scalpel they take the baby out.  But it doesn’t happen often.  That’s how Izzy and I were born.  Because there were two of us, and there was…trouble.”


“What kind of trouble?”  Magnus asked, concerned.


Alec hesitated, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell his alpha this, about how he almost didn’t make it into this world.


“Alexander.”  Magnus said, setting his mixing bowl aside.  “Tell me.”


“Iz and I were both a little small.  And we were at odd positions.  Somehow Izzy’s cord got wrapped around my neck.”


Magnus’ breath stopped short.  ‘He’s here’ he thought.  ‘Everything turned out fine.’ 


Forcing himself to take a breath he picked up his mixing bowl.  He needed the distraction.


“Go on.”  He encouraged.


“My mother had a small frame, and she kept up her training until she was forced to stop, so she was smaller than most.  Now pregnant Shadowhunters are restricted from training at the start of their second trimester.  Assuming that they even want to train that long.  Most stop as soon as they find out their pregnant.  Their pulled off missions as soon as it’s confirmed that their pregnant, to protect them and the baby.  That was after my mother’s time.  Early on she was hit by a greater demon in the field and had demon poisoning.  The doctors thought she would lose us, but she didn’t.  She wasn’t allowed on anymore missions after that.”


Magnus could feel his blood starting to boil.  Slamming his eyes shut he forced the demon in him back before it could emerge, before his Shadowhunter could see it.




“Just a minute, love.”  He said, willing himself calm.  In that moment he didn’t think that he could hate Maryse Lightwood any more than he already did.  She had risked the lives of her unborn children.


“Why, angel?  Why didn’t your mother do as the others did?  Why did she go on missions when she knew she was pregnant?”  He asked, opening his eyes to look at his Shadowhunter.


“I don’t know for sure.  Izzy and I, we’ve heard rumors over the years.  Speculation.”


“What were the rumors?”


Alec wasn’t sure why his alpha was asking about this. 


“Sweetheart, I need to know.”  Magnus said when his Shadowhunter frowned.  “If your mother had complications while she was pregnant with you and Isabelle, I need to know so we can ensure that we watch out for similar complications when both you and your sister are with child.”


Alec nodded, reassured now that he knew why his alpha was so curious.


“A couple of the rumors we heard were pretty similar.  That our mother didn’t want to gain a lot of weight while she was pregnant.  That she didn’t want any baby fat after we were born.”


Magnus could feel his cooling blood starting to boil again.  ‘How could a mother be so selfish?’  He thought.  ‘How could a mother endanger her children the way his angel’s mother had?’


“And the others?”  He asked, willing his voice to be calm.


Alec hesitated, seeing the anger in his alpha’s eyes.  The rest wouldn’t help his anger at all.


“Tell me, Alexander.”  Magnus demanded.


Alec’s eyes widened at his alpha’s tone.  He’d never spoken to him like that before.  He didn’t like it.  It raised the hairs on the back of his neck.  He felt defensive, ready for an attack.


Magnus’ anger drained at the sight of his young warrior.  He hadn’t meant to snap at him.  Seeing his angel tense up like that, like he was ready to fend off a blow, was something he never wanted to be the cause of.  This wasn’t battle.


“I’m sorry, love.”  He sighed, cursing himself for putting that look in his angel’s eyes.  He imagined this was how he looked while appraising a dangerous situation during a mission.  “I didn’t mean to speak to you like that.  I’m sorry.”  He said, setting the bowl aside and rounding the island to his love, please forgive me.”  He said, cupping Alec’s cheek.


Alec took a deep breath and let it out, letting the tension drain from his shoulders.  He knew his alpha wasn’t a threat.


“Okay.”  He said softly.  “Please don’t do that again.”


His angel’s words were like a slap to the face.  The fact that he felt the need to say that, to make that request broke his heart.  He never wanted to make his mate feel this way.  His fated mate.


“I won’t.  I promise.  I am so, so sorry, love.  My anger wasn’t towards you.  Please know that.”  He said, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead.  “Please tell me the rest.  The other rumors.”


Alec hesitated.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to go there with his alpha.  The tension surrounding them was already too thick.


“I don’t think I should.”  He whispered.  “You won’t like it.”


Magnus couldn’t stop the sigh that escaped him.  If his Shadowhunter was this hesitant to tell him, it had to be bad.


“I probably won’t.  But it’s something I need to know.  Something I need you to tell me.”


“Why?  Why does it matter?”  Alec asked, looking his alpha in the eye.  “What does my mother’s actions have anything to do with my question?”


“I guess it doesn’t.  But I do need to know about any other complications your mother had during her pregnancy.  For both your and Isabelle’s safety.”


“They had to take us out, quickly because Izzy’s cord was around my neck.  Other than that, that’s all.  We were born a little small, but that was because of my mother.”  He said softly. 


“She didn’t take care of herself, did she?  She didn’t give you what you needed while she was pregnant, did she?”  Magnus asked, still cupping Alec’s cheek.


“No, she didn’t.  She didn’t eat enough, and when she did eat, she burned off what she ate training, not really leaving much for us.  Our father wouldn’t answer us when we asked.  He just got angry, but I don’t think it was at us.”


“What did you ask him, love?”  Magnus asked softly.


“If she didn’t want us.  If she tried to lose us.  If the rumors were true.”


Magnus bit his cheek, hard.  He would reign in his temper, for his Shadowhunter.  He wouldn’t take his anger out on him.


“That’s what people suspected?”


“Yes.  We were born early, and like a said, a little small.”


“How early?  And how small?  This I need to know because it’s a risk that I won’t take with you, or your sister.”


Alec pressed his hand to his alphas, holding it against his cheek.


“Just over three pounds at thirty-two weeks.  We were in the infirmary for a while.”


Magnus sighed, closing his eyes.  He had been wrong.  He could hate Maryse Lightwood even more.  And he would probably grow to hate her more and more over time.


“Magnus?  Say something.”


“What is there to say?”  He asked, opening his eyes.  “It is what it is.  I can’t change it.  All I can say is your pregnancies will be different.  As will Isabelle’s.  You will not deliver early.  Our children will not be premature or underweight.  From this day forward all Lightwood babies will be well nourished and healthy, just like they use to be.  A baby should be born at at least five pounds, Alexander.  Anything lower is extremely dangerous for the baby.”


Alec’s dream flashed before his eyes, the image of his tiny children making his stomach churn.  He wasn’t sure that his alpha would be right.


“What is it, angel?”  Magnus asked when Alec tensed.


Alec moved Magnus’ hand from his cheek, squeezing it tight.


“Nothing.  It’s nothing.  Will you finish telling me about omega births now?”  He asked softly.


Magnus sighed.  He knew with everything he had now that something was frightening his Shadowhunter.  What, he still didn’t know.  But he promised himself then and there that he would find out.


“It’s much the same as how you were born.  Instead of the mundane medication they used on your mother, magic is used.  And once the child has been safely delivered, magic is used to heal the incision.”


Alec nodded, relieved.  The thought of childbirth was a little less daunting now.


“Is that what you needed to know?”


“Yes.  Thank you.”  Alec said, squeezing his warlock’s hand again.


Magnus smiled when his angel relaxed, the relief plain as day on his beautiful face.  ‘Whatever is bothering him has something to do with our children.  ‘Perhaps this is part of it’ he thought.


“Are you ready for your pancakes now?” 


Alec nodded, yes.  He would indulge his alpha’s request, if for anything to distract him from further questions.  He didn’t need to know any more about his birth or any of what came after.  It would only anger him more.




The pancakes Alec had eaten felt like lead in his stomach, making him queasy.  He wasn’t used to such heavy foods.  But he was excited as his alpha led him down the hallway.  He hadn’t known that the loft was so big.  They passed several doors before they reached the end of the hall.


“Here we are, sweetheart.  Are you ready to see it?”  Magnus asked, smiling at Alec.


“Yes.”  Alec breathed, excitement humming across his skin.  He was about to see his training room.  The one his alpha had built for him.


Magnus tugged him through the open door.  Alec could only stare in shock at what he saw. 


The room before him was much like the training room at the Institute, only bigger.  It had everything.  Everything a Shadowhunter could possibly need, right down to the balance beam thirty feet off the floor, crossing the ceiling. 


Turning in to take in the rest of the room he realized that this was nothing like the training room at the Institute.  The layout might be the same, with all the same equipment, and then some, but what he saw on the walls took his breath away.


The entire left wall was filled with bows on display.  Several had to be precious artifacts and antiques.  Some were bows that he had only ever seen in books and pictures, and there were some that he had never seen before.  Towards the end there were the bows that were used today.  His own was on a rack, quivers of wooden and runed arrows laid out beneath it.  It was beautiful. 


Taking in the rest of the room the walls were covered with hundreds of various swords and daggers, knives of every metal, some even made of bone.  Half of the weapons that covered the walls were ancient, defiantly artifacts that would never be touched, others that would defiantly come to good use.  All of Izzy’s custom blades were easily within reach, dozens of them, as were a dozen seraph blades and seraph daggers.


“Where did you get all of this?”  He asked, breathless from the beauty of it all.


“Do you like it?”  Magnus asked, watching his Shadowhunter take it all in.  If it wasn’t perfect, he would make it perfect.


“I love it.  It’s beautiful.  Where did it all come from?”


“Some of it I had in my own private collection, some of it I tracked down.  The antiques and such.  The equipment was easy to find.  The rest came from your team.  Each time they went to the Institute they smuggled more and more out.  And what they couldn’t bring I summoned from the Institutes storage room and your sister's workshop.  Isabelle told me where it was, and I could reach it without setting off the wards.  I’m not sure why.  The door on the far end leads to her workroom.  I’ve given her as much as I can so she could keep forging your team’s weapons.  If there’s anything I missed tell me and I’ll get it here.”  Magnus said, smiling at his warrior.


“No.  It’s perfect.  I can’t think of anything that could possibly be missing.”


He watched as Jace and Simon trained on the other side of the room, seraph blades singing as they clashed.


“I’m glad you like it.  I wanted it to be perfect for you.”  Magnus said, squeezing Alec’s hand.


“Thank you.  Thank you so much.”  He said, turning on his heel to pull his alpha in for a passionate kiss.  He put as much gratitude into it as he could.  He wanted his alpha to know just how much this meant to him.


“Your quite welcome.”  Magnus breathed when the kiss ended, breathless.  His angel had caught him off guard, the kiss breathtaking in its intensity.


“When can I pick up my training?”


“Alec catch!”  Izzy shouted.


Alec spun around, catching the kendo stick that she had thrown at him from the far end of the room.  The sudden movement made his head spin, a wave of dizziness and nausea washing over him.  Magnus caught him at the waist when his knees gave out.


“You can train when you can move without risking your safety.”  She said, walking towards them.


“Was that really necessary, Isabelle?”  Magnus asked, scolding her as he carefully lowered his Shadowhunter to the floor.  “Breathe, love.  Take deep breaths.”  He said, rubbing soft circles into Alec’s back as he pushed his head between his knees.


“It was a point that needed to be made, Magnus.  After what I saw in the kitchen, he’s not ready.  When he’ll be ready, I don’t know.”  She said, crouching beside her brother.  She knew he would react poorly, she just hadn’t expected it to be this bad.  She hadn’t mean to hurt him.


Slowly Alec lifted his head to look at her, his breathing still labored and uneven.


“That was mean, Izzy.”  He said, willing his eyes to focus, wanting desperately for his vision to stop blurring.


“I’m sorry.  I just wanted you to see.”  She said softly, brushing a lock of hair out of his eyes.


“Thanks to you I can’t see.  I can’t see clearly at all.”  He said, leaning into his alpha’s chest.


“It’s okay, sweetheart.  Your vision will clear soon.”  Magnus said softly, holding his angel close, gently stroking his head as he held it to his chest.


“I think I want to lay down now.”  Alec whispered.


“Okay, love.”  Magnus said, reaching under his omega’s knees to lift him into his arms.


“No.  I can walk.  Just help me up.”


“Are you sure, angel?”  He asked, glaring daggers at his Shadowhunters twin.


“Yes.  Just hold onto me.”


“Okay.”  He said, helping Alec to his feet.  He held him tightly when he swayed.


“Just don’t go.”


“Never, sweetheart.  I will never let you fall.”


“Alec, I’m sorry.”  Izzy said, her remorse obvious in her voice.


“Forget it, Iz.  You proved your point.  Get back to training.”  Alec commanded.


She cringed back at the command.  Simon and Jace had long since stopped sparring, watching everything unfold.  The command affected them as well, forcing them to take a step back.


“And don’t do that again.”


Clary came stumbling into the room.


“Alec, what’s wrong!?  What happened?”  She asked, swaying herself. 


Jace rushed to grab her before she fell.  She had felt Alec’s distress through their parabati bond.


“I made a mistake.”  Izzy said, tears welling in her eyes.  “I hurt him.”


Simon wrapped her in his arms, but she couldn’t look away from her brother.  Magnus’ anger was still palpable in the air.


“Come on, love.  Let’s get you to bed.  You need to be off your feet.”  He said gently, leading Alec to the door.  “Move, biscuit.”


Jace led Clary away from the door so Alec could pass.  Clary shot a questioning look at Izzy.  Alec didn’t look back as his alpha led him out of the room, holding on so he wouldn’t fall.




Magnus eased Alec gently onto the soft bed, careful not to move too quickly.  As he laid his Shadowhunter back against his pillows he carefully helped Alec onto his side.


“How are you feeling, love?  Still dizzy?”


“A bit.  And my stomachs not too happy.”  Alec said, grateful when his alpha tucked the duvet around him.


Magnus frowned.  He didn’t like that his Shadowhunter nauseous.  He still remembered the last time he had gotten sick and almost choked.


“I can give you something if you’d like.  It’s used for morning sickness.”


“No.  That’s okay.  It’ll pass.”  Alec said, squeezing Magnus hand.


“Are you sure?”


“I’m sure.  Can you sit with me?”


“Of course.”  Magnus said, tucking pillows behind Alec’s back.  He didn’t want him to roll onto his back if he fell asleep, in case he got sick.  He needed to stay on his side.  “Are you tired?”


“A little bit.  But I don’t want to sleep right now.  Just rest until my head stops spinning.”


Magnus frowned, not happy that his angel was still feeling the effects of moving too quickly.  It should have passed by now.  He was glad Catarina was coming.  She wanted to check on his Shadowhunter today.


“Okay.”  He said, taking his place beside his angel.  Reaching up he ran his hand through his Alexander’s hair.


Alec sighed, relaxing as always.  He loved when his alpha did that.


Magnus smiled at his Shadowhunter.  ‘He doesn’t realize his how sleepy he is’ he thought, watching as his Alexander’s eyes drooped.


“I think you need a nap, love.  Would you like help sleeping?”


“No.  I’m good.”  Alec said, suppressing a yawn.


“Okay.  You might feel better if you closed your eyes though.  It should help any lingering dizziness.”


Alec knew his warlock was right.  It would help.  But he didn’t want to sleep.  He felt like he was always sleeping. 


Magnus knew his warrior was close to drifting off, but he wouldn’t use his magic to push him into sleep if he didn’t want it.  He would only do that when it was necessary.  There was only one thing he could do.  He gently ran his hand through his angel’s hair again, once, twice, watching as his sweet omega relaxed completely, his eyes fluttering closed.  Smiling, he brushed a lock of raven hair from loves eyes.  He waited for his favorite sound.  In less than a minute his Shadowhunter was snoring softly.




Fire.  Everything was burning.  Smoke clogged the air, making it hard to breathe.  People were screaming everywhere.  Screams that echoed in his ears.  He had lost count of the number of arrows he had let fly.  And with each one he let loose his heart broke a little more.  But he had to hold the line.  They had to hold the line, giving the others a chance to escape, to get to safety.


A ball of blue flame flew past him, his alpha fighting to stay at his side.  Dropping his bow, he pulled a seraph blade from his hip.  He got it up just in time.  The blades sang as they clashed together.  Pulling a dagger from his thigh holster he thrust it out, striking home, his attacker caught by surprise.  He went numb inside as his attacker fell, as the light faded from his eyes. 


He was killing his own kind, and it was killing him inside.  But he had no choice.  They had to hold the line.


Retrieving his bow, he let more arrows fly, side by side the blue balls of fire his alpha was throwing at his side.  Pain ripped through his parabati bond.  Clary was hurt but it wasn’t a mortal blow.  Turning his head for a split second, he saw her regain her feet, her short swords taking another life.   Turning quickly back to the fight he let another arrow fly, listening to the scream as it hit his target.  A man he once considered a friend dropped to his knees as he died.  He was tired, heart, mind, body, and soul.  But they had to hold the line.  He had to ignore the kick he felt inside.


“Alexander!”  Magnus’ voice rang in his ears, over the screams as people died.  His alpha was at his side, but he wasn’t calling is name, he was letting blue balls of fire fly.  “Alexander!  Wake up!”  His alpha commanded.


Alec’s eyes snapped open, jarred awake at his alpha’s command. 


“Wake up, love.  Look at me.”  Magnus said, catching Alec’s arm as he threw a punch.  “It’s okay.  Your safe.  It’s all right.  It was just a dream.”  He said, holding his angel’s arms down, pinning them at his sides.  “It was just a dream.”


Magnus watched as his panicked Shadowhunters eyes focused as he was finally pulled out of sleep.  It only took an instant for Alec to stop fighting him. 


Alec went limp as he stopped fighting against his alpha, gasping for breath as he met his alpha’s eyes.  His own fear was matched in his warlock’s beautiful brown eyes.


“It’s okay, sweetheart.  It was just a dream.  Your awake now.”  Magnus said softly, his eyes softening as he saw the fear leave his angel’s eyes.  “It’s okay.  You’re okay.  It’s over now.”


“Please let me go.”  Alec breathed, ashamed that he didn’t have the strength to break free from his alpha’s grip.  ‘What kind of Shadowhunter was he?  Why did he have to be so weak?’  He thought as the questions flittered through his mind.


Magnus hesitated before letting go.  He didn’t want his Shadowhunter to hurt himself anymore than he already had.  Clary’s screams had had him rushing through the bedroom door, her panic for her parabati echoing throughout the loft.  His sweet omega had had another nightmare, his fear having ripped through their parabati bond.


“Thank you.”  Alec said, rubbing his bruising wrists where his alpha had held him down.


“Alexander, please.  Talk to me.  Tell me what’s happening.”  Magnus pleaded, his own breathing evening out.


“It was just a dream.  Just a bad dream.”  Alec said, averting his eyes to the side.  He didn’t want his alpha to see the tears threatening to fall.


“Sweetheart, please.”


“Magnus.”  Catarina said from behind him.  “Please move so I can heal him.  He’s hurt.”


Magnus closed his eyes, fighting back his own tears.  He hadn’t meant to hurt his Shadowhunter, only restrain him, to protect him from himself.  He and Catarina both had heard the bone snap in his angel’s wrist when he had grabbed him.  Pinning his arms at his sides hadn’t helped the injury.


Alec’s brain finally registered the pain, his broken wrist swelling before his eyes.  He wished he had his stele.  He wished he could draw an iratze.  But he couldn’t.  Just like he couldn’t meet his alpha’s eyes.


Magnus climbed up from the bed, letting Catarina take his place.


“Alec, let me see your arm, sweetie.  I can fix it.”  She said gently.


Alec shook his head, no.  He tried to roll to his other side but couldn’t.  A mountain of pillows stopped him.


“Alec, please.  Let me help.  It will take the pain away.”


Magnus was ashamed of himself.  He had hurt his sweet omega.  He had snapped his bone.  It had to hurt.  He knew it had to.  But his angel wouldn’t let his oldest and dearest friend help.  He wouldn’t let her heal him.


“Sweetheart, please.  Let Catarina heal you.”  Magnus begged, willing his angel to do as he asked.


Alec closed his eyes before he turned.  He wouldn’t let his alpha see the tears he was fighting back.  Not from the pain, the tears weren’t from the pain, but from the dream.  The dream that gave him no peace.  It wasn’t always the same, but it always ended the same way.


He felt a soothing warmth run up his arm as the bone in wrist snapped back into place and mended.  Every muscle in his body ached.  Every part of him felt weak from exertion and strain.  He felt as if he had just come out of a hard battle.  In a way he thought had.


“Alec.  Will you look at me please?”  Catarina asked, her voice soothing, hard to resist when he felt like this.  Opening his eyes, he was surprised when a light blinded him in each eye, one then the other.  He flinched back from the blinding light, slamming his eyes shut.  “It’s alright, Alec.  I know that hurt, but it was necessary.  I had to check your pupils.”


“Catarina, is he okay?”  Magnus asked.


“Magnus, please wait outside while I finish my exam.  The others must be frightened.  You need to calm them down.”


“Tell me he’s alright.”  He pleaded.


“Please don’t go.”  Alec asked, finally opening his eyes.  “Please don’t leave me.”


Magnus quickly crossed the room to Alec’s other side, sitting beside him.


“I won’t, sweetheart.  I’m right here.”  He said, brushing a lock of hair from his angel’s eyes.  He didn’t miss how dilated his pupils were.  He lifted his Shadowhunters free hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to it.  Catarina had yet to release his other hand.


“Magnus, I need to dose him.  It won’t knock him out, just relax him.  With the way he tensed up, he has to be hurting.  It will help ease the pain.”




Before Alec’s sluggish brain could react a needle pieced his skin.  Warmth rushed through his veins.  Within seconds every muscle in him relaxed and the pain eased.  His chest loosened and his breath came and went easily.  His vision blurred but with each blink it cleared more and more.


“That’s better.”  Catarina murmured.


Magnus watched the needle pierce his Shadowhunters skin, and the way he flinched.  He watched how quickly his angel relaxed, as if a heavy weight was being lifted off of him.  He was unsure how it was possible, but his pupils dilated even more.


Sticking a stethoscope in her ears, Catarina pressed the bell to Alec’s chest.  His heart beat rapidly in her ears, the normal beat of a nephilim heart.


“Alec, honey, take a deep breath for me.”


Alec responded without thinking, drawing a deep breath in and letting it out.  He wasn’t sure what was happening to him.


“One more, sweetie.”


Catarina listened as Alec drew deep breaths in and out, his lungs clear and unrestricted.  He had fully relaxed.


“That’s good, sweetie.  Just try and relax.”  She wondered what his blood pressure would be, it takes longer to drop.  But she would find out.  “Magnus, talk to him.  It will help.”


“It’s alright, love.  Everything’s okay now.”  Magnus said softly, turning Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “There you are.”  He murmured, caressing Alec’s cheek with his thumb.


“Magnus, dim the lights.  Too much light will hurt his eyes.”  Catarina said, wrapping a blood pressure cuff around Alec’s arm.


With a snap of his fingers the lights dimmed, casting the room in shadows.  The thick curtains Magnus had left up after those first few days into his recovery blocked the sunlight out.


“Tell me he’s alright, Catarina.”  Magnus said, never breaking eye contract with his Shadowhunter.


“He’s stable.  Blood pressure is a little high, but that’s to be expected.  I’ll check it again in a bit.”


Clary opened the bedroom door, not bothering to knock.  She was deathly pale.


“Is he alright?” 


“He’s fine now, biscuit.  You should lay down.  Let Jace put you to bed.”  Magnus said, tearing his gaze from Alec to look her over.  Catarina turned as well.


“Magnus, stay with him.  Don’t let him get up.”  She said, climbing to her feet.  Reaching out to Clary she caught her before she fell.


“Come on, dear.  Magnus is right.  You need a bit of a lie down.”


“Promise me he’s alright.”  Clary said, holding tight to Catarina’s arm.  She felt as if every muscle in her body had gone soft.


“He is.  I gave him something to relax.  From the looks of it, it relaxed you too.  Let’s get you off your feet.”  Catarina said, holding Clary tightly so she wouldn’t fall.  “Jace?”  She called out the bedroom door.


He was there in a second.


“Can you carry her to bed please?”  Catarina asked, releasing Clary when Jace took her in his arms. 


Faster than Clary could blink her head was resting on her alpha’s chest.  He quickly carried her out, followed by Catarina.


“I’ll be right back, Magnus.”  Catarina said as she left the room.


“Is Clary okay?”  Alec asked, swallowing hard as he struggled to form words.  His tongue felt thick in his mouth.


“She’s fine, sweetheart.  She’s just feeling some of the effects of the medication Catarina gave you.  She’ll probably sleep for a while.”  Magnus said softly, not wanting to agitate his already distressed omega.  “I’m sorry I hurt you.  I never want to hurt you.”


“It’s okay.  I didn’t feel it break.  Not until after.”  Alec said, shifting against the pillows, trying to get comfortable.


“Hold on, love.  Let me move these.”  Magnus said, easing the pillows from behind Alec’s back so he could lay flat.


“I’m cold.”


The last pillow Magnus moved felt damp.  Pushing the blanket at Alec’s waist down he saw that his omegas clothes and sheets were soaked through with sweat.  With a snap of his fingers Alec was dressed in warm, dry clothes and he was laying on fresh, clean sheets.  He had switched the satin for soft cotton.  Alec whined at the change.


“It’s alright, angel.  I’ll switch them out in a bit.  I want you to get warm first.”  Magnus said, wrapping the thicker blanket around him.


“I hurt Clary, didn’t I?  I keep hurting her.”


“No, love.”  Magnus said, brushing a lock of hair out of Alec’s eyes.  “You just scared her a bit.  That’s all.”


“I keep doing that.  I don’t want to do that.  It’s not fair to her.”


“I know, sweetheart.  And she knows you don’t mean too, it’s just part of your bond.  Even if she does feel some of what your feeling, it lets her know that you’re okay.  And I don’t think she would trade that for the world.”  He said softly.


“It’s so different now.  It never used to be like this.  She never used to feel me the way she does now.”


“I know.  Things have been more…intense since your heat started.  But it’s been easing up since it ended.  Now she’s only feeling when your overly distressed.  That will ease up too, the more you recover.”  He said, brushing another lock of hair from his angel’s eyes.  ‘I hope this doesn’t set him back’ he thought.


“Am I ever going to get better?  Be who I used to be?”  Alec asked, thoughts of losing himself, of how much of himself was gone, flashing through his mind.  He instinctively squeezed Magnus’ hand.


“Of course you are.  I know it’s been hard.  But like Isabelle said, what you went through wasn’t an injury in the field.  It’s going to take a little time.”


“You heard that?”  He asked.


“Yes, sweetheart.  I did.  I wasn’t trying to invade your privacy, I just sort of came in as you were talking.”


“How are you feeling, Alec?”  Catarina asked as she came back in.


“How’s Clary?”


“She’s alright.  She’s sleeping.  I gave her a little nudge so she could rest.”  She said, sitting beside him.


“You can do that too?”


“All warlocks can.  Now if Magnus here would get on board and work on honing his healing magic, things would go a lot smoother.  Once you and your team get back at it, tending to you guys after battle will be much easier.  I’m sure small injuries happen during training and in the field that will require some attention.”  She said, taking his wrist in her hand, checking his pulse.  He was still in shock, but improving quickly.


“We usually use iratzes for small things.  But I don’t have my stele.  I can’t help anyone.”  Alec said softly.


Magnus wasn’t sure if his Shadowhunter was referring to their angelic runes to heal injuries, or something more.  But he couldn’t let his angel lose faith in himself.


“You’ll always be able to help them, angel.  And you’ll get your stele back.  Actually, I think your sister has something for you.”  Magnus said as something came to mind.  “Catarina, can you get Isabelle?  Ask her to bring Alec his present.  I think it might cheer him up.”


“Sure.”  Catarina said, raising a brow at Magnus.  He winked at her. 


“Present?”  Alec asked as Catarina climbed up and slipped out the door.


“Yes, sweetheart.  A very special one.  You’re going to love it.”  He said as Catarina came back in.


“She’ll be right in.  She’s gone to get it.  How are you feeling now, Alec?  Any better?”  She asked, sitting beside him again.


“Much.  Thank you.  What was that stuff?”


“A mundane medication called Ativan.  In low doses it helps people relax.”  She said, starting to take his blood pressure again.


“You use a lot of mundane stuff in what you do, don’t you?”


“When I think it’s necessary.  A lot can be done with magic, but not everything.  Mundane science has advanced a lot in my 400 years.  I would be stupid to ignore what could be very helpful just because it comes from the mundane world, and if I’m honest, a little conceited.  There are many who would reject it just because it’s mundane.  Mundanes may be oblivious to a lot of what goes on around them, but several of them are quite intelligent.  I see doctors in mundane hospitals work magic every day, in the capacity that they have.”


Alec looked at her, confused.


“They may not be like us, Alec.  They may not be able to do the things we can, but they have managed to survive as a species for a very long time.” 


“Can I come in?”  Izzy asked from the doorway.


“Of course.”  Catarina said, eyeing the black velvet box in Izzy’s hands.  She climbed up so Izzy could sit beside her brother.


“Hey, you.”  Izzy said, sitting at her brother’s side.  “You okay?”


“I’m okay, Iz.  Just had a bad dream.  A really bad dream.” 


Izzy had been worried about her brother all day.  What had just happened had scared her.  But Catarina had said that he was okay after she’d tended to Clary.  He looked okay, although a little tired.


“I’m glad you’re feeling better.  I wanted to give this to you this morning, before I messed things up.  I made it for you.”  She said, holding out the black box for him to take.


Alec eyed her as he took the box.  They never gave each other presents, except on birthdays, which was usually work related.  Weapons and the like.  He hadn’t gotten a personal gift in a long time.


“Go on.  Open it.”


Alec flipped the lid on the box.  A crystal blue stele caught the light from the beside lamp, the runes carved into the grip shown beautifully.


“I don’t understand.  I already have a stele.”


“Not like this one.  This one is untraceable.  You can use it safely.  We all have one.  Clary’s is green to match her eyes, like yours is blue.”  Izzy said, hoping desperately that her brother would like her gift.


“How?”  He asked.  “How can it be untraceable?”


“I changed the runes a little.  We’ve tried ours out.  They seem to work better than what we had before.  Do you like it?”


Alec lifted it gently from the box, feeling the weight of the cool metal in his hand.  It felt perfect.


“I love it, Iz.  Thank you.”  He said, tears welling in his eyes.


“Hey, don’t cry.  It’s supposed to make you happy.”


“It does.  It’s just…being without mine felt weird.  And even then it just…worked.  This one feels perfect.  Like it was made for me.”


Izzy laughed.


“It was made for you, silly.  But I know what you mean.  I’m glad you like it.  And I have a gift for Magnus too.”  She said, pulling another box from her back pocket.


Alec smiled.  He was happy his sister had thought of his alpha.  They hadn’t exactly had any warm and fuzzy moments.  Magnus looked surprised when she handed him the black velvet box.




“Go on.  Open it.”  She said, excitement shining in her eyes.


Flipping the lid, he looked inside.  He looked at her, confused.


“I hope I got the carvings right.  I had to look them up.”


“You did.  But I don’t understand.”


“What is it?”  Alec asked.


Magnus turned the box for him to see.


“Iz?”  He asked, confused.


“I know what you’re thinking.  Only nephilim can use stele’s.  But that one’s different.  Cat helped me find the metal.  So it’s one you can use, Magnus.  Just don’t touch the tip.  I thought it might come in handy if you ever needed to activate one of our runes.”  She said, disappointment creeping into her voice.  “You don’t like it?”


“No, I do.”  Magnus said.  “I’m just surprised.  I didn’t think such a thing was possible.  I’m honored that you would think of such a thing for me.”  He said, running his finger across the lettering.  It shown just as brightly in the light as Alec’s did.  The silver caught the light beautifully.


“What’s it say?”  Alec asked, looking at the foreign script on the grip.  Happiness fluttered in his belly, for his alpha and his sister.


“My name.  It’s an ancient demon tongue.  The first I ever learned.”  Magnus said, fully taking it his hand.  ‘It feels perfect’ he thought.


“I made a sheath for it.  Just to be safe.  I didn’t want the tip to accidently touch you.”  Izzy said, biting her lip.  “You’ve been looking after Lightwood’s for a long time.  I just thought you should have something special, as a thank you.”


“It is special.  It’s wonderful, Isabelle.  Thank you.”  Magnus said, tears welling in his eyes.  He could use this to help the one’s he loved.  All of them.  In a way he never could before.


“Your welcome.”  She beamed, happy that she could do something for her brother’s alpha.


“Catarina, where did you find the materials?  I’ve only ever seen this in Edom.”


“That’s exactly where it came from, Magnus.  It wasn’t hard to come by.  The hard part was forging it, but Isabelle managed to forge it perfectly.”  Cat smiled, thrilled for her oldest and dearest friend.  She knew how much this would mean to him.  He could have used it countless times in the past.


“That was dangerous, Catarina.  Isabelle could have been hurt.”


“I was there when she forged it.  She was perfectly safe, I swear.  I would have shielded her from any harm.”  She said, laying a comforting hand on his shoulder.  He looked at her, his gratitude shining in his eyes.


“Thank you.  Thank you for helping her.  This means more than words can say.”


“So your happy?”  Alec asked, watching his alpha carefully.


“I’m thrilled.”


“It’s the only one of its kind.  And only you can use it.  That’s why I put your name in the grip.”  Izzy said.


Magnus turned it over in his hand, inspecting the demonic symbols on the other side.  It was absolutely perfect.  She hadn’t missed a thing.


“I’ll cherish it, Isabelle.  Thank you.”  He said, honesty shining in his eyes as he looked into hers.


“We haven’t tried it out yet, but you should be able to draw runes with it too.”


“You can try it on me.”  Alec said.


“No!”  Izzy and Magnus exclaimed in unison.


“Until we know it’s safe it isn’t touching your skin, Alexander.”  Magnus said, his eyes softening at the hurt he saw in his Shadowhunters eyes.


“Simon has volunteered for the task.  It should be fine.  Clary has sketched out all of the runes in the Gray Book for you, and her own.  But I don’t think you’ll be needing her portal rune.”  Izzy said, squeezing Alec’s hand.


“You have a portal rune?”  Magnus asked, wide eyed.


“Yep.  It’s one of Clary’s.  It’s come in handy a few times.”  Izzy said with a smirk.


“You all never cease to amaze me.”  He said, carefully nestling his precious gift back in its box.  “Is there anything you can’t do?”




“Not yet.  You guys seem to be capable of everything.”  He said, closing the box.


“We’ll leave the magic to you.  It is your specialty after all.”


“Okay, everyone.  Now that that’s over I need to check Alec’s vitals again.”  Cat said, hating that she was cutting in.  But Alec was her priority right now.


“Okay.”  Izzy said.  She didn’t want to leave her brother, but she had to let Cat take care of him.  “I’ll see you soon.”  She said, leaning down to press a soft kiss to his forehead.  “Love you, big brother.”  She whispered before she pulled away.


“Love you too, Iz.”  Alec said, squeezing her hand.  With a tight squeeze back she climbed up.  With one last squeeze she pulled away.


Alec watched his sister slip silently out the door, pulling it shut behind her.


“It’s okay, love.  You’ll see her soon.”  Magnus said, his heart breaking at the pain on his Shadowhunters face.  His angel missed his family, terribly.  ‘Even though they were right down the hall, they must feel a million miles away’ he thought.


Alec sniffled, wiping away a tear as it started to fall.


“It’s always ‘soon’.  But never soon enough.”  He whispered, willing the tears back.


“Hey, come here.”  Magnus said, lifting Alec gently into his arms.


Alec couldn’t stop the sob that escaped him.  He could cry here.  He could cry in the safety of his alpha’s arms.  His alpha wouldn’t judge him. 


He’d never had this before.  This was something he’d never known that he needed, someone to lean on, not until he’d found his alpha.


“It’s alright, sweetheart.  Let it out.”  Magnus crooned, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s bent head, holding him tightly in his arms.


“I miss them.”  Alec hiccupped between sobs.


“I know.  I know you do.  But we’ll change that, okay?  We’ll make sure that you see them, as much as you want.”


“Promise?”  Alec asked, clinging tight to his warlock.


“I promise, love.”


Magnus’ heart broke for his Shadowhunter.  He knew that he had been struggling, with a lot of things.  But he hadn’t known this.  He hadn’t realized how much his angel had been hurting, being away from his family.  Family he was used to being with, all day every day.  The way they’d been for years.  It didn’t matter that they were just outside the door, or down the hall.  They weren’t with him.


“Shh.  It’s okay, love.  It’s okay.”


“Magnus, he’s straining himself.  He has to stop.”  Cat said, sitting back at Alec’s side.  “He needs your scent.”


“I don’t want to sleep.”  Alec begged, clutching his alpha’s shirt.


“You don’t have to, angel.  You just need to calm yourself.”  Magnus said gently, lifting Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “For just a minute, okay?”


“You won’t let me fall asleep?”


“No, I won’t.”  He said softly.


Alec nodded. 


“Okay.”  He whispered.  He trusted his alpha, he trusted him to do this, without letting him take too much.  Too much always made him sleep.  He didn’t want to sleep.  He didn’t want to dream.


Carefully lifting his angel’s head, he pressed it lightly to his shoulder, towards his scent glands.


“Breathe, sweetheart.”


Alec took a tentative breath of his alpha’s scent.  He felt himself start to calm as it wrapped around him.


“That’s right.  Just a few more.”  Magnus crooned, looking pointedly at Cat.


Her small nod told him what he needed to do, something he didn’t want to do.  He knew his Shadowhunter was trusting him to pull him back, but he needed to go under.  He didn’t want to betray his love, to break his promise.  He was torn. 


With each passing second Alec felt himself relax more and more in his alpha’s arms.  When his vision blurred, he pushed back, trying to free himself from the scent that would drag him into darkness.


Magnus made his choice when his omega tried to pull away.  Despite the disapproval plainly written on his best friends face he lowered his angel gently back against his pillows, drowsy, but awake.


“There now.  That’s better.”  He said softly, gently wiping the tears from Alec’s cheeks.  “Feel better now?”


Alec nodded, yes.


“Catarina, do you have something for pain?  I’m sure he’ll come down with a headache.”


“Of course.”  She said, reaching into her medical bag.  She deliberated before making her choice.  Did she really want to betray her best friend?  Did she want to lose the trust of his mate, his omega?  One who would need her in the future?  How would Alec trust her then if she betrayed him now?  He was afraid to sleep.  Afraid to dream. 


“Catarina?”  Magnus asked, watching the thoughts and emotions pass over her face.  What he saw there had him concerned, his instincts screaming at him to protect his mate.


“It looks like all I have is aspirin.  Will that work?”  She asked, pulling the bottle from her bag.  She had felt Magnus’ eyes on her, watching her.  She couldn’t lose his trust, she wouldn’t.  Helping Alec for a few hours now would only hurt them all in the end.


“That’ll be fine.”  He said, relief coursing through him.  He had been wrong.  His instincts had been wrong.  She was still his best friend.  She hadn’t betrayed them.


Alec sighed, rolling onto his side.  The side he slept on.  Magnus lifted the blankets, tucking them in around his Shadowhunter.  He wouldn’t push his angel into sleep, he had made a promise, a promise he was going to keep.  But that didn’t mean he couldn’t make him comfortable.


“Alec, sweetie, can I check your vitals now?”  Cat asked.


“Mm-hmm.  Where’s Izzy?”  He asked sleepily.


“She’ll be here in a minute.  Let’s take care of you first, okay?”


“Okay.”  Alec mumbled, fighting desperately against sleep.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 10



She had sat beside her brother, holding his hand.  They had all sat with him, talking to him, reminiscing about old times as he had fought desperately against sleep.  It had been hard seeing her big brother like that, afraid to sleep, afraid of dreams.


Being a Shadowhunter you see and do a lot of frightening things, things most of the world’s population can’t handle.  And now her big brother, the strongest of the strong, the bravest of the brave, was afraid of bad dreams?  There was no sense to it, no logic.  And Alec was the most logical person she had ever known.


While she had loved spending time with her brother, and had been promised that she would get to spend more with him until he was back on his feet and they were back to their daily training routine, it still had been hard seeing him that way.


Nobody had said anything, but the team was all thinking it.  They didn’t believe that he would ever fully bounce back from all the shit he’d been through in the last few weeks, but she did.  She had too.  And she would lay out any single one of them that had balls enough to speak the words out loud, where there was even the remotest chance that Alec could hear them. 


She had never been above breaking noses, and would gladly take the consequences, even if it was a member of her team, her family.  Because that’s what families do.  They love each other unconditionally, support each other in everything, and put foot to ass when necessary.  Yes, it would be one boot to three asses’, but she didn’t care.  Even her mate wasn’t immune.


She didn’t think Clary would ever say a word against her parabati though.  They were too close, and always had been.  Clary didn’t know it, but her brother had asked her to be his parabati because she was the smallest of them, and he wanted to protect her. 


Since his heat had started, she had been feeling a lot more through their parabati bond.  She said it was like everything she felt from him was ten times stronger than it used to be.  No one knew why.  Not even his alpha.  But day by day it was getting less and less intense.


Izzy suspected that no one had said anything because they were afraid of her wrath.  While Alec may be the strongest and the bravest of them all, and had the patience of a saint, she was the one with the shortest fuse and the one that had the ‘if you cross me or mine, bones will be broken’ attitude.


She just wished she knew what was scaring the shit out of her brother.  His alpha didn’t know, and Alec wouldn’t tell him, or her.  They had tried to get him to talk about it, during those few hours that Magnus was doing the Angel knows what in his workroom, but he wouldn’t.  All it seemed to do was agitate him, so they backed off.  She had just been happy that she had been able to sit by his side and hold his hand.  She had missed him, more than she had realized.


When he had asked about their training, and keeping up with it, they had assured him that they were staying in routine, minus hunting, so they would still be sharp when he was up and back at it.  He had let slip that he had a few new moves to show them, which, Alec being Alec, he always did.  Sometimes she thought he just made them up in his head.


As much as she had enjoyed spending time with her brother, she was relieved when Magnus came back with a potion for him.  A potent sleeping draft.  Alec had refused it until his alpha had assured him that he had put a suppressant in it, one that would prevent dreaming.  Then, and only then, had he relented.  He had already known that he was losing the battle against sleep.  What Cat had given him had been strong.


It had only taken a few seconds for the draft to knock him out.  Magnus said that the worse the fatigue the faster it worked.  She had asked him why he didn’t just use his magic to put her brother under, the way he usually did.  He’d said he didn’t want to risk doing that.  He wasn’t sure that he could use his magic to safely push him into a sleep deep enough to prevent dreams without hurting him.  And, because as he drifted up from that sleep, he would become susceptible to dreams, something Alec didn’t want.  She didn’t really understand, but she had taken his word for it. 


She did make him promise her one thing.  That he would get her brother to talk.  To talk about his dreams so they could tackle whatever it was that was eating him up inside.  He had been doing that a lot lately, holding things in, letting them eat away at him, and at some point, he was going to have to stop.


“Anybody I know?”  Simon asked, behind her.


She spun around faster than he could blink with a right hook.  He had barely caught her gloved hand before it could meet its mark.  He had been expecting it.  He merely raised his brows.


“Sorry.  You startled me.”  Izzy said.


“So I see.  I didn’t think that was possible.”


Izzy couldn’t help but laugh.  She had said the same thing to her brother that morning in the kitchen.


“Did I miss the joke?”


“No.  Just something that I said to Alec earlier.  What are you doing up?  It’s late.”  She said.


“I know.  It’s four in the morning, and you’re up, so I am too.  But seriously, is that someone I know?”  He asked, nodding at the quickly deflating heavy bag. 


Sand was pouring freely from the bottom of the bag and seams where she had busted it.  Apparently, she had been taken out her frustration on an innocent punching bag, effectively murdering it.  ‘Oh well’ she thought.  Magnus could fix it tomorrow.


“I don’t know.”  She answered honestly.


“Let me see your hands.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you hurt yourself.”  Simon said, unlacing the boxing glove he had caught inches before it broke his nose, and glasses.


With skilled movements he undid and removed the glove, unwrapping her hand.  He whistled at the bruises on her hand and knuckles.


“Did you not feel this?  Some of these are broken.”  He asked.


“No.  I was too focused on what I was doing I guess.”


“Alec again?”  He asked, eyes softening. 


He knew just how much her brother meant to her, how important he was to her, to all of them, and wanted to understand and help her with what she was going through.  What they all were going through.  Not having their commander was getting to them.


“You already know the answer to that so I’m not going to answer it.  Pass me your stele.  I’ll heal this while you work on this other glove.  Now that I’m not so distracted it is starting to hurt.”


He pulled the stele she had made for him from his pocket and handed it over.  While he worked to unlace the other glove, she used her injured hand to activate the iratze on her forearm.  The bruises on her hand and knuckles started to fade within seconds, the broken bones mending.  When the second glove came off, her hand was fine.


“Do you want to talk about it?”  He asked, winding up the wrappings she had used back up.


“Not really.  We’ve already had this conversation.  More than once.  There’s no point in rehashing it again.”


“We can ‘rehash it’ as many times as you want to babe, you know that.  I’m always here to listen.  Especially about someone as important to you as Alec.”  He said, wrapping his arms around her waist.  “We’re worried about him too, you know.”


“I know.  And I appreciate the offer for the ear.  But I really should be asking if you need to talk.  You’ve done nothing but listen to me, but I haven’t returned the favor.  I’ve been selfish.”


“No, you haven’t.  He’s your brother.”


“And your best friend.”  She said, cupping his cheek.


“To be honest, I’m not ready to talk about it yet.  But I’ll tell you when I am, okay?”  He asked.


“Okay.”  She said softly, dropping her forehead to his.  “Tell me he’s going to be okay.”


“He’s going to be okay.  Magnus will get to the bottom of whatever is going on with him, he’ll finish his recovery, and then we’ll move forward.  To what, I don’t know.  Clave or no Clave, there are still demons to fight and mundanes to protect.  I guess we’ll do that for a while until we figure out what happens next.  But how about in the meantime we take a hot shower and head to bed.”  He said, sliding his hands down to grip her ass.  She couldn’t help but smile.


“Sounds good.  I just need to check on Alec first.”


“Already did.  Magnus said he’s fine.  He should sleep through the night.”  He said between soft, biting kisses to her neck.


“Okay.”  She breathed as her eyes rolled back.  “A shower and to bed it is then.  Lead the way.”


“Good girl.”  He said, scooping her into his arms.  She couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped her.  “By the Angel how I love that sound.”


He turned, his alpha in his arms, and carried her from the training room.




Magnus made another note in his elegant script.  He had been sitting on the loveseat working his way through the thick white book for hours.  He didn’t really want this book out where it could be seen, but he didn’t want his Shadowhunter to wake up alone.  Scanning over his notes, he thought he had found most of what he had needed to know, but he knew something was missing.  He just didn’t know what.  To get what he wanted, he would have to keep digging.  There was no spell or potion for what he wanted to achieve so he would have to create one himself. 


He looked up at his sleeping omega for what felt like the thousandth time, making sure all was as it should be.  He knew when he had given his angel the sleeping draft that it would knock him out for a while, he just didn’t expect it to be this long. 


But the position was designed to do something specific.  Yes, he had wanted to suppress his Shadowhunters dreams, and give him the chance to get the rest he still needed to recover.  But looking back he realized his mistake.  When he had enchanted the potion as it brewed, he had been a little too specific. 


Instead of enchanting it to allow his Alexander to sleep peacefully, he had enchanted it to allow him to sleep peacefully until he had gained what he needed.  That one little slip-up may very well put his Shadowhunter out for days.  Until he got all of the rest he needed.  He had been needing good rest for more than a week.


So far, his angel had been asleep for thirteen hours.  After the ninth hour Magnus had drafted a new potion to counteract the effects of the first, but he wasn’t ready to use it yet.  He would give his Shadowhunter a little more time before waking him.  He did need the rest, and the sleep was a healing sleep.  That much he had gotten right.  His Alexander could possibly wake up fully recovered.  He had wanted so desperately to help his young warrior become whole again. 


He couldn’t wait to meet the Alec everyone but him seemed to know so much about.  The strong, powerful, fearless warrior.  It would be interesting to see the differences between Alexander the omega and Alexander the Shadowhunter.


Yes, he would let his Shadowhunter sleep for a few more hours.  He would use those hours to try to figure out what he knew was missing to achieve what he wanted.  Turning back to the book in front of him he flipped the page, making another quick note.


“Magnus?”  Alec asked sleepily.


Magnus snapped his fingers, the book and his notes vanishing.  Climbing up he crossed the room in a few quick strides.  He reached his Alexander just as he had pushed himself up in bed.


“There you are.  How are you feeling?”  He asked, taking his seat beside his Shadowhunter.


“Mmm.  I’m not sure yet.  Good, I think.  How long was I out?”  Alec asked, rubbing sleep from his eyes.


“Awhile.  But you needed the sleep.”  He said, brushing a lock of hair from Alec’s eyes.  “I take it you slept well?”


“I did, actually.”  Alec said, frowning.


“What’s wrong, love?”  Magnus asked, concerned.


“I…nothing.  I don’t think.  I feel different.”


“Different how, angel?” 


“I’m not sure…I don’t know how to explain it.  I feel…normal again.”


“I’m not sure what you mean, love.  Normal again?”  Magnus asked, brows furrowed.


“I…I feel like myself.  Like before my heat started.”


Magnus knew exactly what his Shadowhunter was trying to say.


“I don’t feel weak.  My muscles don’t ache.  I just feel…rested.  And like I did before.”


“That’s great, sweetheart.  I’m glad you’re feeling better.  You needed some solid rest.  Your body needed it, to finish healing itself.”  Magnus said.  His suspicions were now confirmed.  His mate wasn’t the delicate omega anymore, he had recovered.  He was Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunter extraordinaire again.


“I don’t understand.  How…?”


“Does it matter?”  Magnus asked. 


“I guess it doesn’t.  I just…feel like me.”


“I know, love.”  Magnus said, both happiness and sadness raging war inside him.  The omega he knew, the Shadowhunter he didn’t.  He was happy that his Alexander felt like himself again, he just wasn’t sure that he was ready to let go of his omega.  The omega that had needed him.  ‘Are they really any different?’ he thought.


“Magnus, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing, angel.  Nothing’s wrong.  I’ve just have a few things on my mind.”  He said, pushing his selfish thoughts aside.


“What kind of things?”


“Just…warlock things.  Something I’m working on.”


Snapping his fingers, a steaming mug of tea appeared on the beside table.


“Here, love.  It’s your favorite.”


“Thanks.”  Alec said, taking the mug with a smile.  He loved how his alpha always thought of him.


“Sweetheart, we need to talk.  Do you remember yesterday?”


“Yes.”  Alec said, hesitant.


“I need you to talk to me, love.  I know you don’t want to, but we need to talk about whatever it is your dreaming.  You were able to sleep last night because I suppressed your dreams so you could rest.  But I can’t do that forever.  Maybe talking about it will help.  And I can’t help if won’t talk to me.”


Alec stared into his tea, biting his bottom lip.  He wanted to be honest with his alpha, but he wasn’t sure he could tell him.  He wasn’t sure he could tell anyone.


“Hey, look at me.”  Magnus said gently, pulling Alec’s chin until he released his bottom lip.  He had bitten down so hard it was bleeding.  “Do you realize that you just hurt yourself?”  He asked, swiping his finger gently across Alec’s lip, wiping the blood away and healing it.  In that moment he realized what he was missing.


“No.  I guess I didn’t.”  Alec whispered.


“Please, angel.  Tell me what’s going on.”


“I don’t know if I can.  My dreams, there bad.”  Alec said, looking his alpha in the eyes.


“I know, sweetheart.  That’s why we need to talk about them.”


Alec fell silent, deliberating as he searched his alpha’s eyes.  What he saw there made his decision for him.  He could tell him.


“There not always the same.  But they always end the same way.”  He said, setting his tea aside.


“Go on.”  Magnus encouraged.


“Answer me a question first.  Do you believe in premonitions?  Or warnings?”


“I’m not sure what you mean, sweetheart.”  He said, frowning.


“Do you believe it’s possible that dreams can be warnings?  That they can show you the future?  I know that sounds crazy.”  Alec said, turning away from his alpha, too embarrassed to look at him.


“No, love.  That doesn’t sound crazy at all.  I’ve known people with that gift.”    Magnus said, tilting Alec’s chin to face him again.  “Is that what you think is happening?  That your dreams are telling you something?”


“I don’t know.  I just keep having this same dream, over and over again.  And it feels so real.  It’s like I’m really there, in the dream.  I can feel everything.”


“I can’t tell you if what your dreaming is more than a dream or not.  But I wouldn’t dismiss it.  If it feels real to you, if you truly believe that it’s really something that is going to happen, then you need to tell me, so we can make sure that it doesn’t happen.”  He said, cupping Alec’s cheek.  “Can you tell me?  You have to tell someone, love.  Or it’s just going to keep eating you up inside.”


Alec sighed, closing his eyes.  He didn’t know if he had the words to tell his warlock what he wanted to know, but he knew in his heart that his alpha was right.  He had to tell someone.


“Do you promise to keep it to yourself?  That you won’t tell anyone?  I don’t what them to know.  My team.  My family.”  Alec said, looking deep into his alpha’s eyes, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.


“I promise, sweetheart.  You can tell me anything.  I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.”  Magnus said, relieved that his Shadowhunter was going to open up to him.


Alec took a deep breath, forcing himself to say the words.


“Everyone is bound, on their knees.  My team, you, my father, and a woman and man I don’t know.  Everyone is beaten a bloody.  There’s smoke in the air, like somethings been burned.  It’s gagging.  I’m standing there, bound, in front of you.”  He said, unsure if he would be able to say anymore.


“Go on.”  Magnus prompted, knowing full well who the unknown people were, but he couldn’t tell him now.


Alec reached out, taking his alpha’s hand in his own, squeezing it tight.


“The Clave is there.  At least part of them.  People I know.  People I use to trust.  There’s Shadowhunters there.  Shadowhunters that I know.  I know them well because I trained them.  There holding us there.  There there to kill us.  To kills us all.  They start with Clary, because she’s my parabati.  They want me to feel the pain of her death.  They make me watch as someone I use to consider a friend slits her throat.  I feel the pain rip through our bond and I fall to my knees, but they jerk me back up.  They make me stand and watch as one by one they slaughter my family.  But they save you for last.  They want you to see something first.”  He said, unshed tears in his eyes.


“They make you watch as they slit my belly open, as our children fall from my womb, helpless to stop it.  I fall to my knees as the pain rips through me, from the brutal slice through my belly, from the heartbreak of watching our unborn children die in front of me.  We hear our babies cry for the first time, only to die seconds later when a seraph blade is plunged through their little hearts. 


I beg for them to stop.  I beg for mercy for my team, for you, for our children, for my father and the people I don’t know.  I beg so hard I can’t get anything else out, all I can do is cry, my heart shattered to pieces.  With my last breath I watch as they slit your throat, my last scream caught in my chest, and as the light leaves your eye’s I feel the blade at my throat, and the slice that turns everything black.”  He whispered, tears streaming down his cheeks.


“I couldn’t stop it.  Any of it.  Everyone dies because of me, because I’m an omega.”


Magnus was stunned.  There were no words for what he had just heard from his Shadowhunter.  His heart stuttered to a halt in his chest.  He had to force himself to take a breath.  To draw in air as he reached for his angel, pulling him into his arms.  Now he knew.  He knew what was terrorizing his innocent omega.  He could feel pain ripping through him, pain at every word his angel had just said.


“It’s okay, love.  It’s going to be okay.”  He whispered in his sweet warrior’s ear, holding him close, knowing in his heart that it wasn’t okay.  He didn’t know that tears were running rivers down his cheeks.


“I don’t know how to stop it.  Any of it.  And I don’t know if it’s real or just a dream.”


Magnus’ mind was spinning, racing with horrible thoughts, seeing clearly the images that had be running rampant through is Shadowhunters head, tormenting him.  He tried to fight the dizziness that was making his stomach churn. 


He couldn’t dismiss this.  This wasn’t a dream.  It was a warning.  A warning he had to heed.  Rather it was from his Shadowhunters Angel, he didn’t know.  But he had to protect him.  He had to protect them all.


He felt the ache in his arms when he released his Shadowhunter, the pain of letting him go when all he wanted to do was to hold him close.  He never wanted to let him out of his arms.  But he had to.  His angel was right.  The others couldn’t know.  No one could know.  All they could do was everything they could to thwart the future his angel had seen.


“It’ll be okay, sweetheart.  We’ll make it be okay.”  He said, wiping the tears from his Shadowhunters cheeks.


Alec reached up, doing the same, gently wiping the tears from his alpha’s face.


“Am I crazy?”  Alec asked, searching his alpha’s eyes.


“No, love.  You’re not.”


“So you believe me?”  He asked, hope shining in his eyes.  He wouldn’t be able to stand it if his alpha didn’t believe him.


“Yes, angel.  I do.”


“You can’t tell them.  They can’t know.”  Alec whispered.


He knew his Shadowhunter was referring to his family.  Over and over again he had seen them die in his dreams.  He understood why he didn’t want them to know.  He didn’t want what he had seen hinder them, undermine their abilities, causing them to doubt themselves.  He wanted them to be at their best, to stay at their best.


“I won’t, sweetheart.  I won’t say a word.  I promise.”


“I have to get them ready.  As best I can, I have to get them ready.”  Alec said, wiping a stray tear from his cheek.


“Alexander, love, it’s going to be alright.  We’ll keep them safe.  I swear to you.  We’ll keep all of them safe.”  He said, laying a hand on his omegas flat belly.  “We’ll do everything to make sure that what you’ve been dreaming doesn’t happen.  And if you see anything that seems familiar, something that strikes home, we’ll take whatever action necessary to change it.  But you have to tell me.  You have to tell me everything you see when you see it.  Okay?”


Alec looked down at his alpha’s hand on his belly, where their children would someday be.  He was promising to keep them safe.


“Okay.”  He said, laying his own hand over his alpha’s.


“Thank you, sweetheart.  Thank you for telling me.”  Magnus said, cupping Alec’s cheek.  Alec gave him a weak smile, unshed tears in his eyes.  “No more tears, okay?  It’s going to be alright.”


“No more tears.”  Alec said, gazing into his alpha’s beautiful eyes.  He saw the fear in them, and the honesty.  His alpha would give everything he had to protect the ones they loved.  As would he.




Alec walked into the training room.  Izzy and Clary were sparring, seraph blades clashing as they fought.  They were throwing hard blows at each other.  This was more than just training; this was hardcore.


“Time.”  He commanded.


Both girls stopped immediately, lowering their blades to their sides.


“Alec!  Your up.”  Izzy said, dropping her blade to the floor where it went out.  In a second she had wrapped him in her arms, clutching him tight.  “Are you okay?  How are you feeling?”


“Good morning to you too, Iz.”  He said, smirking into her hair, wrapping his arms around her, holding her close.


Breathing hard from the fight, Clary sheathed her blade as she approached.


“Your feeling better.”  She said.


“I am.”  Alec said, releasing his sister from his embrace.


“I don’t feel you the same.  It’s like before.”


“Good.  It was a bit unnerving.  For us both.  I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”  He said, pulling Izzy’s arms from around his waist.


“It’s no big.  I’m just glad you’re better.”


“What do you mean better?”  izzy asked.


“Catch.”  Clary said, whipping a knife from her belt and throwing it at Alec.  It sped through the air from the force behind it.  A foot from Alec’s face he caught it, hilt in hand.


“Clary!  Are you crazy?  He could have been hurt.”  Izzy exclaimed, rounding on Clary.


“No he couldn’t.  He’s fine.”  She said with a smile.  “Aren’t you, Alec?”


“Yes.”  He said.  “I’m fine now, Iz.  No worries.”


Izzy looked at him, confused.  Just yesterday he could barely stand.


“How?  How are you fine?”  She asked.


“Magnus.  The draft he gave me.  It wasn’t just to help me sleep or block out dreams.  He added something.  Something to speed up recovery.”


“So your good now?  You’re okay?” 


“Yep.  All good, and ready to train.”  He said, smiling at her.


“Magnus?”  She asked.


“Right here.”  Magnus said from the doorway.  All eyes turned to him.


“Is he really okay?”  She asked.


“He is.”


“And it’s safe for him to train?” 


“It is.  I do have one request though.  That you all go easy today.  He hasn’t trained in a while and I don’t want him pushing himself too hard on his first day back at it.”


“Done.”  Clary said, a huge smile on her face.


“And his runes?”  Izzy asked.


“Safe to use.  In moderation.”  He said, smiling.  Her happiness for her commander was infectious.  “I would like to speak with Clary though.”


“Sure.  Anything.”  Clary said, looking between Alec and his alpha, curious.


“In private if you don’t mind.”


“It’s okay, Clary.  He and I have already discussed it.”  Alec said, walking forward to pick up Izzy’s discarded seraph blade.  It lit up instantly.  “Iz?  Ready to give it a go.  Maybe this time you might actually beat me.”  He teased.


Izzy looked unsure.  Her brother seemed well enough, and confident enough, and his alpha had said he was okay.  But after yesterday she was still afraid.  Afraid she might hurt him.


“Come on, Iz.  I’m fine.  I wouldn’t be in here if I wasn’t.”


Izzy looked pointedly at Magnus.  He gave her a small nod and a wink.  ‘If his alpha’s sure’ she thought.


“Okay.  But were going easy.  Until I see for myself that your up to par.”  She said, taking her place across from him, pulling another blade from her hip.  It too lit up instantly.  “Swear on the Angel that if you need to stop, you’ll tell me.”


“I swear.  Now let’s get on with it.  I haven’t held a blade in weeks, I’ve missed it.”


She couldn’t help but smile.  From the looks of it, her big brother was back.



Magnus led Clary into the kitchen.  He sat down at the bar.


“Take a seat.”  He said.


Clary sat on the stool beside him.  Her curiosity was at its peak.


“I need to know if you can do something.”


“I can try.  What is it?”  She asked.


“Alec said that you can create runes.  Powerful ones.”


“I can.” 


“I need you to create one for me.  I need you to create a breaking rune.  One that will break Alexander’s tracking rune.  And yours and the others.  Can you do that?”  He asked.


Clary was unsure why he was asking.  They hadn’t activated their tracking runes in weeks.  And Magnus’ wards were hiding them.


“I can try.  But why?  We haven’t used that rune since we got here.”


“I know.  Being here, it’s not necessary.  While your tracking runes aren’t active, I’m not sure that you still can’t be tracked by having them.  The Clave can do a lot of things, and we can’t stay here forever.  I know my wards are blocking your location, regardless of the rune, I just don’t know that there isn’t something they can do when we leave here.”  He said.


“Leave here?  You mean like to hunt?”


“Something like that.  Can you do it?”  He asked.


“I can try to create something.  But what your asking will be hard.  It won’t be just a breaking rune, it will have to remove the rune completely.  That’s two different runes.  I would have to merge two runes into one.  A breaking rune and the rune the Clave uses to remove runes, when they derune a Shadowhunter.  I don’t know that rune.  I’ve never seen it.  And it’s not in the Grey Book.”


“And if you had that rune do you think you could do it?  Create a rune that would remove the tracking rune?”  He asked.


“I think so.  But it wouldn’t be limited to just that rune.  It could be used on all runes.”


“What if I told you I have the rune that the Clave uses when they derune someone and could give it to you.  With that do you think you can do what I’m asking?”  He asked.


“I don’t see why not.”  She said, confused.


Magnus opened a small leather book on the counter.  Pulling out a piece of paper he handed it to her.  It was a drawn picture of a rune.


“Where did you get this?”  She asked.


“That doesn’t matter.  How long do you think it would take to do this?”


“Not long.  But using the rune will be painful.  It’s painful when a rune is stripped.”  She said.


“How painful?”


“I don’t know.  I’ve never had a rune stripped.”  She answered honestly.


Magnus nodded, biting his lower lip.


“I need you to do this, Clary.  Painful or not, I need you to do this.”


“Okay.  I just need my sketchbook.  It may take me a few tries, but I should be able to get what you need.”  She said.


Magnus snapped his fingers, her sketchbook and pencils appeared on the counter.


“Do you have time now?”


Clary could feel the urgency coming off him.  She wasn’t sure why it was so urgent ‘but he must have his reasons’ she thought.


“I can do it now.”


“Good.  Thank you.  I’ll leave you to it.”  He said, climbing off his stool.  “Please let me know when it’s finished.  And please keep this between us for now.”


“I will.”  She said, opening her sketchbook to a blank page, her mind already working on how to create the rune.




Magnus sat on the loveseat in the bedroom.  He was looking at the fire message he had receive while his Shadowhunter had been in the shower.  The fire message with the rune tucked inside.  It hadn’t been labeled, but he thought he knew what it was for.  The message itself was simple.


‘Hide my son’


Robert Lightwood had sent a warning.  He must know the real reason why the Clave was after his eldest child and was trying his best to protect him.  Just like he had always tried his best to prepare and protect him.


His Alexander didn’t know yet the lengths his father had gone to.  To keep him safe.  To give him every advantage.  To give him everything he could to protect and defend himself and his family.  All the skills and knowledge that were made available to him, skills he had honed and taught his team.


Magnus had felt out the contents of the storage container at the address included in the note.  Once his magic had confirmed that there was no danger, no threat lurking inside, he had transported the contents into his private storage chamber hidden behind a dozen wards and protective layers in a hidden room in the loft.


He had only been partially surprised by what he had found inside.  It didn’t surprise him that his Shadowhunters gear was there, or that of his teams, and their personal effects.  But he was surprised when he opened the crates.  They were filled with what he assumed were the rest of their custom-made weapons, weapons Isabelle had crafted for them, and the dozen crates filled to the brim with thousands of his angel’s runed arrows.  And half a dozen more filled with weapons that Shadowhunters used every day.  Seraph blades, seraph daggers, short swords, extra bows, all of it. 


Everything they could possibly need.  Everything they could possibly need to wage war against the Clave.  To overthrow it.  To burn it to the ground.  Whatever they had to do to save themselves and as many more as they could.  Robert Lightwood had been preparing for this for some time, quite possibly since the moment his son had opened his eyes for the first time.


He had been surprised when he had read the most recent report from the downworld, that Robert Lightwood had disappeared from the New York Institute without a trace.  He knew very well where he had gone.  Somewhere he hadn’t been in a long time.  Somewhere he would have to take his to Alexander soon.  Maybe there father and son would make peace with one another.


He had picked apart every detail of his angel’s dream in his mind, as painful as it had been.  But he’d had to.  He had to see what details were there, and what details should have been.


In the dream his sweet omega had been very pregnant.  But if he was correct based on his loves recounting, he had also been very mortal.  An immortal would have had a protected womb, a womb that no seraph blade could penetrate, not when the father and children were both at least part warlock.


That was one thing he could change.  One thing that he could do to protect his Shadowhunter and their children.  The magic and immortality his angel would gain from him when he was claimed would protect them.  His Shadowhunter was already the best and most skilled Shadowhunter alive, the best the Shadow World had ever seen.  Add to that the magic of a warlock and he would be force not to be reckoned with. 


He knew that his young warrior wouldn’t want to leave his family vulnerable, and that they wouldn’t stay behind, not once they found out what had to be done.  They would have to be together every step of the way.  And he couldn’t fault them for it.  The most he could do would be to sit them down and give them a choice.


He wasn’t sure at first that he would be able to offer them what they would need to see this through, assuming they wanted it, but after looking through the Book of the White, he knew now that with a lot of work, and the final ingredient he could at give them a choice.  He had a feeling that he knew what choice they would make.


He needed to find out from his Alexander which Clave officials had been present at the massacre that had let loose in his mind, and which Shadowhunters.  That was where they needed to start.  But to do this, to wage this war that would save them all, they would need an army.  And there was only one place they would find the army that they needed.  An army that his Shadowhunter and his team would need to train, then lead.


His angel would have to make his choice.  He didn’t want it to be this way.  He didn’t want the impending threat to sway his young warrior’s decision, but there was no other way.  He wouldn’t rush him.  They still had time.  But not enough he was afraid.  If his calculations were correct, his Alexander’s next heat wasn’t due for another two months and twelve days.  Factoring in how far along he would have to have been for their children to be so well developed, that would give them just over nine months, unless they could change the course of things.  But he was adamant, the day his angel had dreamt of would never come.  And if they couldn’t stop it, and it did come, it wouldn’t end that way.




“Time.”  Jace called.  He had been watching Alec and saw him stumble on that last flip on the balance beam, thirty feet above him.  “It’s been six hours, Alec.  I think that’s enough for today.  Come on down.”


Alec looked down at his brother.  He wanted to do more, but his brother was right.  He was getting tired.  Six hours of training after being away from it for two weeks was pretty good.


“Okay.  I’m coming.”  Alec called.  He bent his knees for the jump.  While he landed on his feet in a perfect crouch, he had to catch himself with his hand before he fell forward.  He hadn’t had to do that since he was a child.


“I really think you should call it, Alec.  You look tired.”  Jace said, helping Alec to his feet.


Alec could feel the ache in his muscles.  He had gotten a good workout.  Now he wanted to find his alpha, and maybe take a nap.


“You did great today.”


“No.  I did okay.”  Alec said.  “Everyone went easy on me.”


“You haven’t trained in two weeks, Alec.  After what you did today, after doing as much as you did, you did great.  Six hours is great.”




“Magnus didn’t want you to overdo it, which I think you did anyway.  Tomorrow you’ll do better.  You always do.”


Alec sighed.  Again, his brother was right.


“I will call it.  Just because I want a shower.  And my alpha.”


He bent to pick up his blades.  He’d used all of their blades today.


“I got that.  You go on.”  Jace said, gathering his brother’s weapons.


Alec nodded, handing what he had already collected to Jace.


“You did do really well today.  You may not think so, but we do.”


“Thanks.”  Alec said before he turned to leave.




Magnus sat on the loveseat, making a list of what he would need.  Somehow this had become his new workspace.  He wasn’t sure how he was going to ask his Shadowhunter for the last ingredient.  But it was the most important one.  Hearing the door creek open he snapped his fingers, his notes and list disappearing.


“I hope I’m not interrupting.”  Alec said as he came in.


“No, love.  Not at all.” 


Alec nodded, chewing his bottom lip.  His alpha was hiding something.  That was the second time that day he had seen him hide his work.  ‘Maybe it’s his warlock stuff’ he thought.


“How’d training go?  You were at it a long time.”


“Okay.  It would have been better if everyone wasn’t treating me with kid gloves.”  Alec said, pulling his sweat soaked shirt over his head.


Magnus bit his bottom lip as his Shadowhunter undressed.  Something about watching a gorgeous sweaty man taking his clothes off, especially when that man was yours and had abs like a God, got his juices flowing.  The beauty of his runes were just a bonus.


Alec saw his alpha staring at him out of the corner of his eye.  He fought hard to hide a smile.  His warlock made him all hot and bothered all the time.  It was nice seeing him get all hot and bothered.  He had never gotten anyone hot and bothered before.  Slowly he lowered his pants, dragging it out as much as he could.


“I was going to take a shower.  Wash off the training and try to ease the aches from a hard day’s work.  Care to join me?”


It took a second for Magnus to come back down to earth, he had been so distracted by his angel’s perfectly sculpted body.


“Always, love.”  He breathed.


This time Alec couldn’t hide his smile.  His alpha was almost drooling.  Crossing the room, he held out his hand.  Magnus reached up, taking it.  Alec pulled him up, hard against his bare chest.  He leaned in, claiming his alpha’s mouth in a steamy kiss, his tongue sliding easily into his alpha’s mouth when he gasped at the sudden movement.  Using his hands he pulled his warlock flush to his body, holding him there.


“Look at that, I’m getting you all dirty.”  Alec breathed when he pulled back for air.  His alpha was practically molded to him.


“It looks like you are.  You’ll have to remedy that.”  Magnus said, pressing hot kisses to his Shadowhunters throat.


“I guess I will.”  He said, reaching down to grab his alpha’s thighs.  With one quick move he had his warlock off his feet with his legs wrapped around his waist, firmly holding him there with his hands.


Magnus was shocked by his Shadowhunters move.  ‘He really must be fully recovered’ he thought.  His angel had lifted him so quickly and gracefully that it took his breath away.


“Did you activate some sort of rune to do that?”


“No, alpha.  I didn’t.  Shadowhunter.  Remember?”  Alec said, laughing at the shock on his alpha’s face, his aches and pains forgotten.  “Are you ready for that shower now?”


“Lead the way.”  Magnus said, wrapping his arms around his Shadowhunters shoulders as he bent his head to press fresh kisses to his angel’s throat and jaw.




Alec carried Magnus into the bathroom, laughing as he stumbled when his alpha sucked on his neck, hard.  He was sure there would be a bruise there later.


“Careful.  I might drop you.”  Alec breathed as he sat his warlock firmly on the oversized marble counter.  The pleasure he was feeling was incredible. 


“No you won’t.”  Magnus said, hiding his smirk as he licked at what would soon be a hickey.  “Shadowhunter.  Remember?”  Snapping his fingers, the shower turned on.


“I love it when you do stuff like that.”  Alec mumbled, claiming his alpha’s lips for another breath stealing kiss.


Magnus dug his nails in his Shadowhunter’s lower back, the pleasure coursing through him exquisite.  His head spun from his warrior’s kiss, and this new side of him.  ‘Why was I worried’ he thought as he hummed low in the back of his throat.  His Alexander hadn’t changed, at least not in any way that would take away from who he was.  He was just stronger, more laid back, and more confident.  The light radiating off of his angel was almost blinding.


“Now if there was just something that could be done about these clothes.”  Alec breathed when he broke the kiss for air, pressing his forehead to his alpha’s as they fought for breath. 


Magnus smiled, snapping his fingers.  In an instant they were both naked.


“Better?”  He asked as he slid his hands down, gently caressing Alec’s ass.


“Mm.  Much.”  Alec said softly, pressing soft kisses to his warlock’s throat.  Magnus sighed, tilting his head, giving Alec better access.  His eyes rolled back from the pleasure of it all, the pulsing sensations where his Shadowhunter licked and sucked the sensitive skin at his throat; the feel of his legs wrapped down around his angel’s trim, firm waist, and the emotions thundering through him.  ‘This is the real Alexander.  And he’s my mate, my fated mate’ he thought.  Before he could blink Alec lifted him off the counter.


Alec knew that his alpha was enjoying himself, which made him smile.  He was happy.  He had never been this happy.  Yes, he was used to hard days of training.  He enjoyed them, and the time he spent with his team, his family, but he had never had anyone waiting for him.  Someone just for him, and with his warlock, his fated mate, he now did.  He had what his family already had, he had love.  And it was beautiful.  He tilted his head when his alpha pressed his lips back to that same spot on his neck.  Hoisting his warlock further up his waist, supporting him with one hand, he opened the shower door.


“It seems like someone’s back at full strength.”  Magnus chuckled when hot water came raining down on him.  His Shadowhunter was amazing.  He wasn’t exactly a tiny man, but his angel carried him around like he was a pound heavier than a doll.


“Not quite but getting there.”  Alec said, carefully lowering his alpha to his feet.  The hot water washing over him felt wonderful, ‘having his alpha there felt even better’ he thought, stepping back to admire the view.  His eyes swept down his warlock’s body, taking in every curve, every line, and all the firm muscles, muscles he wanted to explore.  He wanted to touch each one, taste each one, trace them all with his tongue.  He wondered what his alpha would taste like.


Magnus lost his breath as his Shadowhunter’s beautiful blue eyes swept up and down his naked body.  In that moment he realized that his angel had never seen this before.  Yes, he had seen him naked, but he’s never really had the chance to take him in, to see all that he had seen of his young warrior.


“Enjoying the view?” 


“Very much.  Your perfect, Magnus.  Every inch of you.  I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.”  Alec said, reverently. 


“Hmm.  That’s just the front, sweetheart.  Would you like to see the back?”


“In just a minute.  I’m not done with the front yet.”  He said, running is finger up the length of his alpha’s hard cock, from bottom to top.  He had seen his alpha hard before, but not like this, not laid out for him like a banquet.  ‘This is too good to be true’ he thought.  ‘This couldn’t be his.  This couldn’t all be for him’.


“Tell me what your thinking, love.”  Magnus asked, wondering what had his Shadowhunter so deep in thought as his angel’s fingers ran up his length.  ‘Lilith, that feels good’ he thought.


Alec didn’t know how to answer his alpha’s question.  So many thoughts were racing through his head. 


“Sweetheart?”  He asked, growing concerned.


“Are you really mine?  Is this really all for me?”  Alec asked, eyes locked on his alpha’s, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.


“Yes, angel.  I am.  And it is.  All for you.”  He said, relieved.  He remembered in that moment that his Alexander had never had a partner before, a lover.  How stupid of him.  ‘Of course he would feel a little insecure’ he thought.  “Come here, love.”  He said, pulling his Shadowhunter towards him by his perfect hips, hips he would explore extensively.  Both had runes, one he already knew, the other he didn’t.


Alec went gracefully into his alpha’s arms, relief coursing through him.  He had been afraid that he would wake up and this all would be a dream.  He’d certainly had enough of them.  He couldn’t seem to stop himself.


“Am I dreaming?”  He asked.


“No, sweetheart.  You’re not dreaming.  This is very real.”  Magnus said, smiling at his beautiful omega.  He would have to go slow, take his time.  He would go at his angel’s pace, just as he had promised him.  “Kiss me now, Alexander.”


Alec didn’t have to be told twice.  Reaching up he slid his hand into his alpha’s hair, pulling him the last few inches between them for a kiss.  It was soft.  It wasn’t gentle, he wanted to savor it.


“Magnus!  Alec!  Catarina is here!”  Clary shouted from the bedroom.


“By the Angel, why now?”  Alec muttered, pulling back when he desperately wanted to hold on.


“Be out in a minute!”  Magnus called, his stomach sinking to the floor.  He had wanted this time with his Shadowhunter.  To share this time together.  But he had forgotten Catarina was coming.  “I’m sorry, sweetheart.  I forgot she was coming to check on you.”


“I don’t need checking on.”  Alec pouted.


“I know, love.  But she doesn’t.  It shouldn’t take long.”  He said, flipping off the water.


Alec sighed.  He felt like what he thought a mundane child felt like when someone stole their candy. 




“It’s amazing, Alec.”  Catarina said, sliding the blood pressure cuff off his arm.  “You’re the picture of health.”


“Thanks, I think.”  Alec said, unsure how else to respond. 


“Here you go, sweetheart.”  Magnus said, handing Alec a steaming mug of tea.  “I put something in it for the pain.”


“Pain?  What pain?”  Catarina asked, instantly concerned.


“Just a little soreness, Cat.”  Alec said, after a sip of tea.  “Still have a couple of kinks to work out.”


Catarina looked at him, confused.


“Does someone what to tell me what in Lilith’s name is going on here?  Yesterday Alec couldn’t hold his head up.  Today he’s in perfect health but he’s sore?”


“Of course, Catarina.”  Magnus said, sitting beside his Shadowhunter on the bed.  “Alexander woke up this morning fully recovered.  And after breakfast he spent a few hours training.”


“Wait.  Back up.  What do you mean ‘fully recovered’?  And why on earth was he training?  Magnus, he could have been hurt.”


“I was fine.”  Alec protested.


“Let me explain it to her, sweetheart.”  Magnus said gently.  “After you left the other night, I gave Alexander a sleeping draft that I had infused with a dream suppressant and a restorative. 


He slept for a while and the potion did its job.  When he woke up this morning, he was fully recovered.  While I may not be as well skilled with healing magic as you are, I scanned him, and everything was as it should be.  So after discussing it, we agreed on light training.  The others were on board and didn’t let him take on too much, but that’s why he’s a little sore.  He used muscles he hadn’t used in a while.”


“That was dangerous, Magnus.  You should have called me before you let him set foot in that training room.  Did you test him for dizziness with quick movements?  Did you check his balance?"  Catarina asked, her temper rising.


“I did.  And I watched the first couple of hours to make sure that he really was alright.”  Magnus said, trying to reign in his own temper.  ‘Does she really think that I would risk hurting him’ he thought.


The first couple of hours?  How many, exactly, is a couple?”  She demanded.


“I am sitting right here, you know.”  Alec snapped.  “I can speak for myself.”


“How many, Magnus?”  Catarina asked, ignoring him.


“Six.”  Magnus answered, nonplussed.  He wouldn’t admit that he had started growing concerned with how long his Alexander had been training, and that he had been about to put an end to it shortly before he came in.


“Six!”  She exclaimed.  “Are you out of your mind?!”


“Stop it!”  Alec commanded, anger pushing more force into the command.  They both cringed back at his tone, and the power behind it.  “I. Am. Right. Here.  I’m not a child.  I was in no danger.  My team saw to that.  And if you two want to keep bickering at each other, your going to have to do it by yourselves.”  He declared, slamming his mug down on the beside table hard enough to blow out the bottom.  He didn’t so much as flinch at the flying glass.


In the blink of an eye he was up and out the door.  Magnus and Catarina sat stunned speechless, watching him go.




Another knife slammed into the cracked wooden target, splitting it in half.


“Damn it.”  Alec huffed.


“You want to tell me what’s going on, or do you just want me to put up a new target?”  Clary asked from beside him.  He hadn’t seen her come in.


“Nothing’s going on, Clary.  Just doing a little target practice.” 


“Come on, Alec.  I could feel your anger screaming at me across the loft.  Something’s got you thoroughly pissed.”  She said, crossing the room, scooping up a fresh wooden target.  “Now, if you want to fill me in, I’ll put this up for you so you can keep at it.”


Alec sighed, willing his anger to subside.  It wasn’t working.


“Catarina and Magnus.”


“I thought I heard them yelling.  Do you want to tell me what it’s about?”


“Not really.  But I know your not going to let it go.”  He said as she pulled down the broken target.


“Yep.  You know me well, so spill.”


“Catarina flipped her shit when she found out I trained today.  Magnus defended me.”  He said as she lifted the new target into place.


“That’s a good thing, right?  That Magnus defended you?”  She asked, confused.


“It would have been, if they hadn’t been talking about me like I was three years old.  Like I wasn’t even there and could speak for myself.”


Clary stepped away as the next knife slammed into the target, hitting home perfectly.


“I see.  Well, honestly my parabati, can you blame Catarina for being concerned?  I mean, yesterday you couldn’t walk without help.  Today you were doing triple backflips thirty feet off the floor on a three-inch wooden beam.”


“She didn’t know that.”  He said, scowling at her.


“I get that your upset, and why.  It was wrong of them you treat you like you weren’t there and were incapable of speaking for yourself.  But I think you should cut them a little slack.  You’ve spent the last two weeks pretty much out of it.  They were making every decision for you, because you couldn’t make them yourself.  It might take a day or two to realize that they don’t have to do that anymore.”  She said, laying a comforting hand on his shoulder.


He sighed, the anger draining out of him.


“That’s better.”  She murmured when she felt him relax.  “Something else is bothering you.”  She said, looking at the creases between his brows.  “What is it?”


“I’m not sure.  I think Magnus is hiding something from me.  Twice today I saw him snap his fingers and hide whatever he was working on when he didn’t know I was looking.  Why would he keep something from me?”


“Did you ask him?”  She asked.


“Not yet.”


“Don’t you think you should before you let it get to you?  He is your alpha, your mate.  Jace may try to keep something from me from time to time, but he always tells me when I ask.  We don’t keep secrets.  Maybe you should give Magnus a chance to tell you before you get upset without asking.”  She said.


‘She has a point’ he thought.


“It’s not fair to him otherwise.”  She said, patting his shoulder.  “Talk to him.  I think he’ll be straight with you.”


“I think your right.  I’ll ask him.  And if for some reason he won’t tell me, I’m going to need another target.”  He said, throwing another knife, listening to the solid thud as it slammed into the target.  “Is Catarina gone?”


“I don’t know.  I can go check.” 


“That’s not necessary.”  Magnus said from the doorway.  “She’s gone, Alexander.  She’s not happy with me, but she’s gone.”


“How long have you been standing there?”  Alec asked.


“Long enough.”


“I’ll leave you two alone.”  Clary said, stepping away from Alec.  As she reached the door she gave Magnus a pointed look, a look that said ‘hurt him and I’ll hurt you’.  Without a word she slipped past him and out the door.


“How much did you hear?”  Alec asked.


“All of it.  I was behind Clary in the hall.  I thought I might find you here.”


“You’ve got to stop listening to other people’s conversations.  It’s rude.”


“You make it hard, Alexander.  You’ll talk to them, but you won’t talk to me.”


“That’s not true.  I’ve told you things I haven’t told them.”


“That’s true.  But very little about your feelings.”  Magnus said, crossing the room to Alec.


“You’ve done the same.”


“I guess you’re right.  I haven’t.  I guess.. I guess I didn’t want to put more on you.  You were already carrying so much.”  He said, wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist.  “I didn’t want to add to it.  But we do need to talk to each other.”


“We do.”  Alec agreed.


“And I’m sorry about before.  You had every right to be upset.”  Magnus said, pulling Alec close.


“Did I?  You’ve had to make a lot of decisions for me.  Clary was right.  You had to, when I couldn’t make them myself.  To take care of me.”


“I will always take care of you, sweetheart.  When you need me to, but I was wrong not to let you speak for yourself.  Catarina and I both were wrong.  And for that I’m sorry.  Forgive me?”  Magnus asked.


“Always.”  Alec said, pressing his forehead to his alpha’s.  “And I will always take care of you.”


“I know, love.”


“So what now?  Will you tell me what you’ve been hiding?  Please don’t deny it.  I know there’s something.”


“I will.  I just have to finish working it out in my head.  Can you give me a little more time?”  Magnus asked.


“Promise you’ll tell me when you’re ready?”


“Promise.  I love you, Alexander.  More than anything.  Please know that, and never doubt it.  No matter what.”


“I love you too.  With all that I am.”


Magnus smiled.


“I’m going to kiss you now, Alexander.”  Magnus nosed his angel’s head up, pressing his lips to his Shadowhunters.


Alec sighed, opening for his alpha when he licked his bottom lip.  His anger and frustration were gone.  All he felt now was love.


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Chapter Text




Not Intended for readers under the age of 18


This is a HIGHLY EXPILICT sexual chapter.  If you are not a fan of hardcore smut, please read no further


A/N:  Just a heads up to make reading easier, this entire chapter switches back and forth between Alec and Magnus’ perspectives.



Alec stood in the shower, hot water cascading over him.  His muscles still ached, and the hot water wasn’t helping to ease them.  The shower door opened, Magnus stepping in behind him.


“Mind if I join you?”  He asked.


“I was hoping you would.”


Magnus smiled, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s shoulder.


“You seem tense love.”


“Not tense, just sore.  It comes with hard training.  I’m out of shape.”  Alec pouted.


“You most defiantly are not out of shape, Alexander.  Trust me.”  Magnus said, wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist.  “I can give you something to ease the pain if you’d like.”


“I thought I was immune to that.”  Alec said, turning in his alpha’s arms.


“I’ve doubled the potency and added the same relaxant I used last night.  It should help your aches and help your muscles relax without making you drowsy.  I would really like you to try it.  It would be good to know if it works.”  He said, cupping Alec’s cheek.  He pressed a soft kiss to his angel’s lips.


“I guess it couldn’t hurt.” 


Snapping his fingers, a small vial appeared in Magnus’ hand.  Uncorking it he held it to Alec’s lips.


“Drink, love.”


Alec tilted his head back, Magnus pouring the potion into his mouth.  He swallowed it quickly.  He had forgotten how bad it tasted.  Within seconds his aches started to ease.


“How’s that?  Any better?”


“Minus the taste, a bit.  I’ll let you know.”  Alec said with a grimace.


“Okay.  Turn around, sweetheart.”


Alec turned back beneath the spray of the hot water.  His alpha ran his down his back, his hands leaving a lovely tingle in their wake.  At the base of his spine his alpha stopped, pressing hard into the muscles there with his thumbs.  Alec groaned at the pleasure, and the pain.


‘Lilith, he’s tight’ Magnus thought, pressing hard into the taunt muscles of his Shadowhunters lower back.  He pressed firmly, massaging small circles into the soft skin beneath his thumbs, working to relax the muscles that had to be hurting his love.  ‘I hope the relaxant helps’ he thought.  ‘If the rest of him is as tight as this, he will defiantly need the relief’.  His angel’s groan almost had him stopping.


“Is that too hard?”


“No.  It’s perfect.”  Alec breathed.  His alpha’s hands on his skin felt like heaven.  The pressure of his thumbs against his sore muscles was bliss.  Each small circle his warlock rubbed into his back sent waves of pleasure coursing through him.


The potion was working.  He felt his body relaxing, his aches slipping away.  He reached out, pressing his palms to the cool tile walls, needing the support to hold himself up.  While his muscles may be relaxing, his cock was rock hard.  His alpha’s hands on him was more than enough to fill him with need.


“Is this normal to be this sore after training?”  Magnus asked.


“Yes and no.  I’ve just been away from it too long.  I’ve never been away from it this long before.  Shadowhunters never go this long without training.  Even after an injury.”


“You didn’t just have an injury, love.  You know that.”  Magnus said, pouring body wash into his hand.  The sweet smell of jasmine and honey filled the air, Alec’s favorite.  “Just try and relax.  We’ll see if we can’t get some of these kinks out.”


“Hmm.”  Alec mumbled as his alpha soaped his back, from his shoulders to hips.  “Where are the others?”


“Training.  They finished dinner and wanted to work off the calories before bed.”  He said, frowning.  ‘Will he be the same way?’ he wondered.  ‘Training so hard.’


“Once they have something else to do, they’ll cut back on training.  Right now, it’s keeping them occupied.  There used to hunting and patrols, they miss it.  There not use to being confined to one place.”


“You know that it’s necessary right now, sweetheart, don’t you?”  Magnus asked as he worked the soap between the muscles in Alec’s shoulders.


“Yes.  And they do too, but their still getting restless.  It’ll be easier once I get fully back into training and can show them some new moves to practice.”


“You mean perfect?”  Magnus asked with a smirk.


“That too.  Raziel, that feels good.”  Alec breathed as Magnus slowly worked his way down his spine, pressing hard into his muscles.  His alpha massaging his favorite bodywash into his muscles was heavenly.  The small bursts of pleasure beneath his skin was better.


“Can I ask you something?”


“Of course, angel.  You can ask me anything.”  Magnus said, focused on the task at hand.


“When will you mate me?”


Magnus froze, caught off guard by his question.  They had had this conversation before.


“I’m ready, Magnus.”  Alec said, turning to face his alpha.  Magnus’ soapy hands slid to Alec’s waist, holding him firmly.


“Just a few days ago you said that you weren’t ready to go all the way.  What’s that changed?”


“I think everything’s changed.  Hasn’t it?” 


“I guess it has, love.”  Magnus softly.  Images of Alec’s dream flashed through his mind.  Everything had changed.  Magnus raised his Shadowhunters hand to his lips.  Alec shivered at the soft touch.  ‘He needs comfort’ he realized.  “Are you sure?  This is something that can’t be undone.  It can’t be taken back.  You only get your first time once.”  He said, looking deep into his angel’s eyes.


“I’m sure.  I want my alpha to mate me.”  Alec whispered softly.


Gazing into his Shadowhunters breathtaking blue eyes he saw the desire there, the lust, the honesty, and mostly importantly, the certainly.


“Okay, sweetheart.  But you have to promise me, if you want to stop, if at any time you want to stop, you’ll tell me.”


“I promise.”  Alec breathed, relieved that his alpha wasn’t going to reject him. 


Magnus reached up, twining his fingers in Alec’s hair, and pulled him in for a breathtaking kiss.  It wasn’t hard or dominate.  It was soft and slow, passionate.  Alec sighed into the kiss, unsurprised but thrilled when his alpha slid his tongue between his parted lips.  It felt like heaven and sin all at once.


‘He’s ready’ was all Magnus could think as he pressed his lips to his Shadowhunters.  It was soft and gentle, sending shivers down his spine.  No one affected him the way his Shadowhunter did.  Their erections pressing together made it hard to focus, but he would force his fuzzy mind to clear, for his Alexander.  He would make his first time perfect.  He was gentle when he slid his tongue into his sweet warrior’s mouth, something he had done before, but he had never tasted so sweet.  Pleasure hummed across his skin.  


Pulling back from the kiss he pressed soft kisses down Alec’s jaw and throat.  Alec’s breath hitched in his lungs and his belly clenched.


“Breathe, love.”  Magnus whispered.  In that instant he realized that he would have to coach his Shadowhunter through this, through every step of the journey they were about to take.


His alpha’s hands in his hair when he pulled him in for a kiss made his belly clench.  His brain fogged over when his alpha’s tongue slid perfectly through his parted lips, teasing and tasting him.  He wondered for a moment how he had waited so long for this, but he knew in his heart that if he had given himself to anyone else it would have been a mistake, a mistake he would always regret.  He would never regret this.  He would never regret his alpha.  They were mates, fated mates.  They were meant to be together.  It was meant to be this way.  They were meant. 


The pleasure coursing through him took his breathe away.  He took a deep breath at his warlock’s soft words. 


“Is it going to hurt?”  He asked, pressing his forehead to his alpha’s.


“Not for a second, sweetheart.  I promise.”  Snapping his fingers, they were both clean and dry. “Come, angel.  Come to bed.”




Magnus pulled Alec gently across the bedroom.  With a snap of his fingers the bed was turned down, fresh satin linens covered it and a large thick pillow lay in the center.  Alec looked at him questioningly.


“Trust me, love.”  Magnus said softly.


“I do.  More than anything.  Can you do the silence thing?”  Alec asked, his cheeks blushing crimson.


‘Oh, how I love those blushes’ Magnus thought.


 “Of course, angel.”  With a snap of his fingers the music from the other room disappeared.  The beside lamps clicked off as dozens of candles flickered to life throughout the room.  “Come lie down.”


Alec climbed onto the large bed, unsure what to do next.  He felt naked in every possible way.  He was about to give himself to the man he loved with all his heart and soul, but he had no experience, no idea what he was doing.


Seeing the nerves in his angel’s eyes Magnus climbed up beside him, rubbing a gentle hand down his back.


“It’s alright to be nervous, sweetheart.  It’s to be expected.  But don’t worry.  We’ll go slow.  And we can stop anytime.”


“Okay.”  Alec said, feeling calmer.  With his alpha beside him, he felt more at ease.  His warlock’s eyes sparked in the candlelight.  He saw honestly there, and reassurance.


Magnus quickly stacked the beds pillows in the center for Alec to lie back on.  He wanted his Shadowhunter to be comfortable in every possible way.


“Lie back, love.”


Alec laid down on his back, his head resting on the soft pillows.  He was unsure what the large pillow in the center was for.


“It’s okay.  I’ll show you want it’s for.”  He said, following his Shadowhunters gaze.  “Lift your hips, love.”


Alec did what he was asked without question.  Magnus slid the pillow easily under him, raising his hip off the bed.


Once the pillow was in position, he straddled Alec’s hips, their erections pressing together.  Alec bit his lip at the pleasure of the contact.  Anticipation and nerves hummed beneath his skin.


“Are you absolutely sure about this, sweetheart?”


“I’m sure.  I’m ready to be yours.”  Alec said, gazing into his alpha’s eyes, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.  Magnus saw the answer to his question there.  His Shadowhunter really was ready.  But he needed to be absolutely sure.


“Swear to me.  Swear on your Angel that you’ll tell me to stop, at any time, if you want to stop.”


“I swear on the Angel.”  Alec whispered.  “Please kiss me.”


Magnus couldn’t help but oblige his sweet warrior’s request.  He leaned down, pressing his lips softly to his Shadowhunters.  His angel immediately opened for him.  As his tongue touched his angel’s pleasure rushed through them both.  He didn’t know what had come over his love, what had made him feel ready.  He didn’t know if it was fear that was pushing him to take this step, the fear of what he had seen in his dreams, or something else, but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that his love wanted this, that he felt ready for it.  And all he knew was that he had a bone deep desire to pleasure his angel in every possible way.  He would make it perfect for him.


Alec sighed into the kiss, tilting his head to take it deeper, exploring his alpha the way his alpha had explored him with every kiss before.  He held his alpha firmly by his hips, holding him in place.


Magnus hummed in surprise and pleasure when his innocent omega took control.  It was exquisite. The kiss was breathtaking, as all of his angel’s sweet kisses were.  But this was more.  Pulling back he pressed his forehead to his angel’s, fighting to draw in air.


“You take my breath away, Alexander.”  Magnus whispered as he caught his breath.


“I’m glad.”  Alec breathed, nudging his alpha’s nose up to reclaim his lips.  Pulling his Magnus closer he wrapped his arms securely around his neck.


Before Magnus could react, his omega was licking at his bottom lip, demanding entrance.  On a sigh he opened for him, letting him in without hesitation.  His mind went blank when his angel’s tongue began exploring his mouth again, his tongue flicking against his own in a new but magnificent dance.


With a moan caught low in his throat Magnus gripped his Shadowhunters shoulders.  Tilting his head their tongues danced, not a fight for dominance, just a slow dance that spoke only of love and passion. 


Alec had never felt this comfortable before.  Not with himself.  Not with his alpha.  The nerves he had first felt when he had climbed into bed were gone.  For the first time in his life, he felt completely free to be exactly who and what he was and knew that his Magnus would in no way judge him for his inexperience. 


He had felt no uncertainty or reservation when he had deepened that first gentle kiss, when he had made that first move.  Or when he had reached further, to explore his alpha’s mouth the way his alpha always explored his.  All he had felt from their first kiss on this journey had brought him nothing but pleasure, a pleasure he had never known he had always craved.  This kiss was different than any other kiss they had shared.  This was so much more.


He knew it wasn’t time, nowhere near time, but the solid weight he had felt from the children in his womb in his dreams had felt all too real, a weight he couldn’t wait to feel again.  They would find a way to protect their future children.  They would find a way to save all that they held dear.  Together, they could and would do it, because they were meant to.  But right now, this moment, was theirs and theirs alone.  Releasing his alpha’s neck, he ran his hands down his warlock’s firm back, back to his hips.  He wanted to feel out every inch of him he could reach.  He wanted nothing more than to feel his alpha’s soft skin and firm muscles beneath his hands.


Magnus pulled back from his angel’s breath steeling kiss.  Gazing into his Shadowhunters lust filled eyes he saw nothing but raw desire there, a desire to touch and be touched.  He saw the determination, and the need in the sparkling blue.


His sweet Shadowhunter was about to give himself to the first and last lover he would ever have, the future father of his children.  While he himself had more than 800 years’ experience, this was his angel’s first.  These were his first truly intimate moments, his memories to make.  He could only help him along the way.  But he had to pull back before he lost control.


“Come here, angel.”  Magnus said, pulling Alec up into a sitting position, still straddling his hips.  Neither of them could ignore the others erection, or the fact that Alec’s was stuck between them.  Tilting his Shadowhunters chin up he pressed a soft kiss to his lips.


“I love you, Alexander.  Everything that you are, everything that you’ve been, and everything that you will be, I love you.”


“I love you too.”  Alec whispered.


Magnus pressed another soft kiss to Alec’s lips, running his hands down his sides, leaving a pleasant tingle in their wake.  Gently he lowered Alec back to the pillows.  He swept his lovers beautiful body with lust filled eyes, memorizing every soft curve and line of firm muscle laid out before him, marveling at the beauty of his Shadowhunter, and his runes.  Marks made by angels, because his angel was, in fact, a masterpiece made by the heavens. 


“You have the body of a god, Alexander.  Did you know that?”  He asked, reverently.


Alec couldn’t stop the blush that flooded his cheeks.


“I can’t tell you how much I love it when you blush.  Never stop.”  He said, leaning down to press a soft kiss to the rune of the left side of Alec’s neck.  “This rune.  What does it do?”


“It’s an iratze.  Easily accessible during battle.”  Alec breathed.


Magnus traced it with his finger, pushing a small amount of magic through his fingertip.  He was going to give his Shadowhunter the most exquisite pleasure his first time, even if it drained every ounce of magic he had.


Alec gasped at the pleasure that shot through him at his alpha’s gentle touch.  His alpha’s touch always brought him pleasure, but not like this.  This was something else.  Magnus smiled at his young warrior when his pupils blew wide.


He pressed soft kisses down his angel’s throat, dipping his tongue in the hollow beneath his adam’s apple.  His Shadowhunter didn’t know all of his sweet spots yet, but he was going to find out exactly where they were.


Alec’s breath hitched when his alpha dipped his tongue into the hollow of his throat. 


“Breathe, sweetheart.”  Magnus crooned softly. 


Nudging his angel’s head up with his forehead he gently licked up across his adam’s apple before he carefully pressed a suckling kiss to it. 


Alec moaned out his pleasure.  He didn’t know what his alpha was doing, he just knew he didn’t want him to stop.


Magnus hummed softly, knowing the vibrations would rock his Shadowhunter.  Alec gasped, his eyes rolling back.  When Alec dug his nails into his hips he pulled back.


“How’d that feel?”  He asked.


“Amazing.”  Alec breathed.


Magnus smirked to himself as he pressed soft kisses to the other side of his angel’s throat.


“What’s this rune here?”  He asked, pressing a soft kiss to the rune of the right side of Alec’s neck.


“Strength.”  Alec stuttered as his alpha traced it with his finger, again pushing a small amount of magic through his fingertip. 


He was going to learn each and every one of his Shadowhunter’s runes.


Alec’s breath caught in his chest at the exquisite pleasure that rocked through him when his alpha traced his rune.  ‘Is it all going to feel like this?’ he wondered once he could breathe again.


Kissing further up Alec’s neck Magnus stopped to nibble on his Shadowhunters ear, biting gently.


Alec moaned softly.


Pulling back Magnus pressed his lips to Alec’s again, hard.  He licked his bottom lip, demanding entrance.  This kiss wasn’t soft or gentle.  He took the kiss deep, stealing Alec’s breath, fighting his tongue for dominance.  When he was forced to come up for air, he bit gently on Alec’s bottom lip, drawing out the pleasure his angel would feel.


Alec wasn’t expecting the ferocity of his alpha’s kiss.  He hadn’t expected it to be so demanding, so deep.  It stole the very breath from his lungs.  He couldn’t keep up with his warlock’s tongue and was shocked yet thrilled when he gently bit his bottom lip.  It was unlike anything he had ever felt before.  His alpha had always been so gentle with him, but now he was taking him to new heights, doing things he had never imagined before and it thrilled him.


Magnus pressed a soft kiss to Alec’s collarbone, against the rune there.


“What’s this one do?” 


“Glamour.”  Alec panted out.  “It’s a glamour.”


Magnus hummed to himself as he traced it with his finger, pushing another soft pulse of magic through his fingertip.  He knew his Shadowhunter used this rune frequently but had probably never gotten pleasure out of it.


“Raziel!  That feel’s good.”  Alec stuttered, his head spinning from the overwhelming pleasure.


Running his finger gently down Alec’s chest Magnus stopped three inches from his throat.  He pressed another soft kiss on the rune there.


“And this one?” 


“Accuracy.”  Alec said, anticipation humming along his skin.  He had caught onto his alpha’s game.


“I imagine you don’t use this one much.  Am I right?”


“Yes.”  Alec breathed.


Magnus pressed another soft kiss to the rune before leaning back.  Using his fingertip, he traced the rune, pushing a little more magic into his touch as his finger moved slowly over it, amping up his Shadowhunters pleasure.


Alec’s breath hitched at the pulse of magic that shot through him as his alpha traced his accuracy rune.  He had thought his alpha could no longer surprise him with his game.  He had been wrong.


“Breathe, love.  Take a breath.  Nice and slow.” 


Alec drew in a shaky breath in.  His cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment.  Every time his alpha did something incredible, he couldn’t seem to breathe.  He never lost his breath.  He was a Shadowhunter.


“What is it, angel?”  Magnus asked at the shamed look on his Shadowhunters face.


“Nothing.  It’s nothing.”  Alec said, unable to meet his alpha’s gaze.


“It’s something.  Tell me.”  Magnus asked softly.


Alec turned back to his alpha.  He saw no judgement in his eyes.  He could tell him anything.


“It’s embarrassing.”


“What is?”  Magnus asked.


“Every time you touch me, I can’t seem to breathe.”  Alec whispered.


“I know, sweetheart.  That’s how I know your enjoying yourself.  That’s not embarrassing in the least.  It’s adorable.”  He said, leaning down to press a soft kiss to Alec’s lips.  “Do you want to keep going?”


“More than anything.”


Magnus smiled.  His Shadowhunter was on board.  Scooting further down his angel’s body he softly licked Alec’s left nipple, sending a small pulse of magic through his tongue as he ground his hips down on his angel’s dick, applying friction.


Alec cried out, a shockwave of ecstasy shooting from his nipple to his dick.  He didn’t know what his alpha was doing when he moved his hips, but it was breathtaking.


Using his angel’s breathing and moans as a guide he sucked Alec’s nipple into his mouth, grazing it softly with his teeth and tongue.  When his warrior dug his nails in his back, he knew that he was enjoying it, so he pressed on, sucking harder, releasing another small pulse of magic through his tongue.


“Magnus, I’m going to cum.  Please don’t let me cum this way.”  Alec begged.


Magnus released Alec’s nipple, giving it one last lick before meeting his warrior’s beautiful blue eyes.


“Alright, love.  Catch your breath.”  He said, giving his Shadowhunter a chance to come down. 


He knew his angel would need a release soon.  He could feel it being pressed against his angel’s straining cock.  He could feel the amount of precum he had released.  He knew that his sweet Shadowhunter would cum more than once, but he didn’t know that.  And he didn’t want to take him too far too soon.  He wanted to make love to his sweet angel.


“It’s alright, sweetheart.  You can cum more than once.  I wouldn’t work you up just to deny you your first time.”


Alec’s eyes widened.  His alpha was full of surprises.  Maybe it was because he was a warlock.  He had never cum more than once before.


“Okay.”  Alec breathed.


“Are you ready for more?”


Alec nodded, yes.


“Relax, angel.  Enjoy yourself.”


Leaning back down he flicked his tongue over Alec’s right nipple before sucking it harder into his mouth than he had the other.  He wanted his angel to feel how sensitive they were.  Rolling the hardened nub between his teeth and tongue Alec moaned loudly.


“Your sure they can’t hear us?”  Alec panted, cheeks blushed crimson.


“I’m sure, love.”


Magnus ground down on his angel’s cock one last time, harder, before he shimmed further down his glorious body.


Alec moaned out his pleasure, reaching for his alpha’s hands. 


Magnus took them, intertwining their fingers.  He gently pinned them to Alec’s sides.  Straddling Alec’s quivering thighs he pressed slow, sucking kisses down the rest of his chest and down his belly.  At his navel he stopped, dipping his tongue deep into it, swirling his tongue, pressing a small pulse of magic through it.


Alec’s breath hitched again in his lungs.  His alpha’s tongue rocked him to the core.


“Breathe, sweetheart.”  He crooned.


Alec’s cock was leaking furiously.  It would need attention, and soon.  He pressed on, running his tongue up Alec’s belly from his happy trail to his belly button, a soft wave of magic following in its wake.


Alec moaned again the breathtaking pleasure coursing through him.  Every never in his body felt like it was lit up, begging for attention.  He reached up, curling his fingers through this warlock’s hair.  His alpha looked up, locking his eyes on his, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.  Alec’s pupils were the size of dinner plates.


“Brace yourself, love.”


Alec took a deep breath in and let it out.  He didn’t know what his alpha was going to do, but he thought he was ready.


Magnus placed a hand on Alec’s flat, firm belly.  The belly that one day carry their children.  He pushed out a strong burst of magic through his hand, enough magic to bring his lover to his release.


“Raziel!”  Alec cried as the purest, strongest, most breathtaking pleasure shot through every fiber of his being.  His eyes slammed shut as his breath stopped short.  He curled his fingers in his alpha’s hair, holding on tight as his straining cock erupted, shoot rivers of cum on his belly.  He didn’t know how long it lasted as the orgasm ripped through him.  He felt his alpha’s hand on his chest and another pulse of magic, forcing him to breathe, to draw air into his lungs.  His heart thundered in his chest as he released his grip on his alpha’s hair, so lost in the pleasure before he slowly started to come down.


“Breathe, love.  That’s it.  Just breathe.”  He heard his alpha say.  As his lungs filled with air and his heart slowed down, he was able to open his eyes, his alpha waiting.  Their eyes locked again.


Magnus looked deep into his Shadowhunters eyes, searching for any sign of distress.  All he saw was pleasure as aftershocks rocked through him.


“That’s it, sweetheart.  Just breathe and let yourself come down.”


As his breathing returned to normal his brain started functioning again.  He felt the rapidly cooling cum on his belly and thought it looked beautiful there.


“How do you feel?”


No words came to Alec’s mind.  He opened his mouth to speak but no sound came out.  What he had just felt was beyond incredible.  He had never thought such pleasure was possible.  He thought he had been ready, but he wasn’t even close.  He wasn’t even close to close.


“Tell me how you feel, angel.”  Magnus whispered softly.


He knew his Shadowhunter was alright.  He had watched him carefully; watched his breathing and knew he was in no danger when he lost his breath.  Yes, he had had to give him a little nudge, but that was just for the sake of caution.


“I don’t know the words.”  Alec breathed.  “There aren’t any.”


“Do you want to stop?”


“By the Angel no.  I want more.  Give me more.”  Alec begged.


Magnus smiled.  He knew this was something his Shadowhunter would never forget.  And he would give it to him again, anytime he wanted it.


“Okay, sweetheart.”  He chuckled.  He traced his finger across the rune on Alec’s left hip.  He didn’t know this one.


“Tell me what this one is.”


“Stealth.”  Alec breathed.


Magnus bent down, running this tongue through the cum on Alec’s belly.


“You taste like heaven and sin all at once, Alexander.  Did you know that?”


Alec shook his head, no.  His own thoughts from earlier rang through his head.


Bending Magnus pressed a soft kiss to the stealth rune on his hip before tracing it with his tongue.  When he lifted his head, he traced it with his finger, pushing a soft pulse of magic through his fingertip.  He knew his young warrior would be overly sensitive now.  He had to go gently until he fully came down.


Alec gasped when the fresh wave of pleasure shot through him from head to toe.


Ever so gently Magnus spread his angel’s legs, pushing them wide, bending them at the knees.


“Can you move, sweetheart?”


Alec nodded, yes.


“I need you to lift your hips so I can slide this further under you.  Can you do that?”


“Yes.”  Alec whispered.  He couldn’t manage anything louder now. 


He didn’t know why his alpha was asking him to do this, but he did it anyway.  With a great deal of effort, he lifted his hips, feeling his alpha push the pillow further up beneath him before he realized what he was doing.  His ass was at the edge, fully exposed.


Magnus smiled.  He knew his Shadowhunter was getting tired.  But he wasn’t done with him.  He snapped his fingers.  Alec’s stele appeared at his side.


“Activate your stamina rune, angel.”


Alec didn’t question it or hesitate.  Grapping his stele he swiped it across the rune, lighting it up instantly.  It took only seconds for the light to fade.


“Feel better?”


“Much.”  Alec said, feeling rejuvenated.


“Are you ready for more?”


“Yes.  Please don’t stop.”  Alec said.  He could speak clearly again.


Magnus pushed Alec’s legs as far apart as he could.  Lilith, he was flexible.  Shimming down further on the bed he had perfect access to Alec’s dick, balls, and ass.


Gently he licked up from Alec’s perineum to his balls, pressing a soft pulse of magic beneath his dick.  It hardened instantly.


Alec gasped, both out of pleasure and surprise.  His warlock really did mean it when he had said he could cum more than once.


“That’s better.”  Magnus murmured.


Turning his head he licked a stripe across Alec’s inner thigh, across the pleasure point that would stimulate his prostate.  He pressed his tongue harder when his Shadowhunter moaned.  With one more swipe of his tongue he gently pushed a pulse of magic into the pleasure point.  Alec’s loud moan was like music to his ears.


Alec was amazed when more pleasure pulsed through him.  He had thought that there could be no more, that he had felt it all.  But he was wrong.  When his alpha had licked his inner thigh, pure ecstasy shot through him, from deep inside.  He couldn’t hold back his moan.  He had no control over himself anymore.


Turning back to his angel’s hardened cock Magnus licked a stripe up it from balls to tip, licking the leaking precum from clean.  ‘Lilith, he tastes good’ he thought.


“Sweetheart, are you ready?  I have to prepare you now.”


“Yes, alpha.  I’m ready.”  Alec said, waiting for his warlock to look up.  When he did, he met his eyes, locking on his.  Magnus saw the desire swirling in his beautiful blue eyes, pupils still blown wide.


“Okay, love.  This will get intense, but it won’t hurt.  I promise.”


Gently caressing Alec’s ass cheeks he spread them apart.  He had promised his Shadowhunter that it wouldn’t hurt, and he was going to keep that promise.  As softly as he could he swiped his tongue over his angel’s hole, watching as it clenched.


“Relax, angel.  You have to relax.”


He waited until Alec’s muscles relaxed.  He gently circled Alec’s rim with his tongue, over and over again, wetting him.  He pressed his cheeks further apart, licking up from his Shadowhunter’s crack to his balls.


Alec gasped out his pleasure.  His alpha’s tongue circling around him was exquisite.  He had never realized how sensitive that area was.  He hadn’t meant to clench down on that first circle of his alpha’s tongue, it just happed.  But he was able to breathe through the rest, enjoying the belly clenching sensations.


“Sweetheart, this next part is really important.  I need you to try and stay as relaxed as you can.”


“Okay.”  Alec managed.  Anticipation and fear were humming through him.  He wanted this.  He wanted his alpha to make love to him, to mate him.  But he was still a little afraid, despite his alpha’s promise.


Magnus pressed his tongue to Alec’s hole, flicking his tongue over it.  He used his Shadowhunters soft moans as a guide.  Once his hole stopped clenching, he knew his angel had relaxed and was ready for more.


“Your going to feel a little pressure but it’s not going to hurt.  Just try and relax your muscles around it.  Okay?”


“Okay.”  Alec whispered, barely loud enough for Magnus to hear.


Pressing his tongue firmly to his angel’s tight channel he pushed a strong wave a magic through it as he slipped his tongue into Alec’s hole.  He felt Alec’s muscles clamp down on him and sent out another short burst of magic, forcing the tight muscles to relax.


“That’s great, sweetheart.  You did very well.  I’m going to do it again, push in a little further.”  He said when he pulled back.


Magnus placed a hand on his Shadowhunters pelvis, just in case.  He circled his tongue around Alec’s rim, waiting for him to relax before he pushed his tongue firmly back in, further this time, pushing out a soft wave of magic through his hand, relaxing the muscles instantly. 


Alec moaned loudly.


Now that his angel’s muscles were fully relaxed he pulled his tongue back out and pushed right back in, over and over, gently working the muscles in his rim, getting him ready for a real penetration.  He listened to his lover carefully as he pleasured him.  He wanted more than anything to give him all the pleasure he could.  This was his first time and he wanted it to be perfect.


There were no words for what Alec was feeling.  All he could do was moan.  He felt his legs quivering and his belly clenching at the sensations that were pulsing through every nerve in his body.  All he could do was feel.


Magnus pushed in one last time, as far as he could go, before he pulled back out.  He licked his angel from his hole to his balls, pushing another small pulse of magic under his rock-hard cock.


Snapping his fingers he lubed his hand.


“Alright, angel, I need you to focus on your breathing and keeping your muscles relaxed.  I’m going to slide the tip of my pinky in.  I have to loosen you up.”


“Okay.  Promise it won’t hurt.”  Alec whispered.


“It won’t hurt, I promise.”


He knew his Shadowhunter was still afraid.  He had taken all manners of pain in his life and had the battle scars to prove it.  But this was new to him, something he had never felt before.  He had known pain in the past, but he wasn’t going to feel it now.  If it had to be this way for the rest of his life, he would never cause his angel pain in bed.


With another snap of his fingers he lubed his angel up, from balls to crack.  He wanted this first real penetration to be easy.  Taking a deep breath he position his pinky at his omegas innocent hole. 


With his hand firmly on his angel’s pelvis he pushed a soft wave of magic into him as he carefully slid the tip of his pinky into his Shadowhunters tight channel.  The muscles clamped down instantly, trying to suck his finger further in.  His angel’s loud moans told him that he had felt no pain.  Once he felt the muscles around his finger relax he pushed in an inch, waiting when the muscles clamped down.  His finger had slid in easily.  With another soft wave of magic he slid his pinky all the way in.  When the muscles didn’t clamp down he knew he had met his goal.


“You’re doing great, sweetheart.  Do you feel the pressure?”


“Yes.”  Alec moaned.  “But it doesn’t hurt.  It feel’s good.”


“I’m going to move my finger, love.  Just try to stay relaxed and enjoy it.”


His Shadowhunter was doing far better than he had expected.  Getting pleasure from the first penetration was an excellent sign.  He should be able to open him easily.  But a hard cock was far a cry from a little finger.  He ached to fill his angel, but he wasn’t ready just yet.


Pulling his finger back gently he pushed it back in.  It went in smoothly.  Pulling his finger back, almost out he pushed in harder.  Listening to his loves moans he knew that he could do more.  Moving faster he worked to open his Shadowhunter, little by little.  After several thrusts he pulled his finger out.


He snapped his fingers, lubing Alec’s rim again.  He wanted to test his warrior.  Pressing the tip of his index finger to his lubed hole he pushed the tip in, waiting for the muscles to clench.  He was shocked when they didn’t, when his Shadowhunter just moaned out his pleasure. 


Taking a leap, prepared to push magic into it, he gently pushed his whole finger in, as far as it would go.  He waited for the muscles to clamp down on it, but they didn’t.  ‘He was meant for this, built for this’ he thought. 


Slowly he pulled his finger back, again, almost out, before easing it back in.  Using his Alexander’s cries of pleasure and panting breaths as a guide he was once again shocked when his Shadowhunter thrust against his finger, obviously wanting more.  Quickening his pace he thrust his finger in and out in time with his Shadowhunters unexpected but wonderful trusts.


Alec didn’t know what he was doing.  His moans hand turned to cries, not of pain, but of pure pleasure.  Whatever his alpha was doing felt perfect, natural.  He wanted more.  He didn’t know that he was thrusting his hips in time with his alpha’s movements inside him.


“Alexander, I’m going to put a in second finger.  I need to stretch you open, get you ready for me.  Okay?”


“Okay!  Yes!”  Alec cried, oblivious to what he was saying, so consumed by pleasure.


Magnus pulled his finger slowly out of Alec’s tight channel.


“Try to keep your muscles relaxed.  I’ll help you if you need me to.”


“Okay.  Please!  Do it!”  Alec begged, desperate for more.  He felt empty without his alpha’s finger in him.


Magnus snapped his fingers, relubing his hand and Alec’s rim.  With his hand still firm on his sweet omega’s pelvis, just in case, he eased two fingers into his Shadowhunter.  They slid in easily, the muscles of his tight channel clamping down in an instant.  Before he could ensure that he wasn’t hurting his angel his sweet omega was thrusting against his fingers. 


Utterly shocked he thrust his fingers quickly in and out of his Shadowhunter, before his channel even had time to fully relax.  Alec’s cries of pleasure, and his thrusts, told him that he could do this without hurting him.  He matched thrusting his fingers in time with the rhythm of his sweet omegas hips.


“Please!  More.  Fill me, Magnus.  I want you in me.  Please!”


Magnus looked up at his beloved angel.  His Alexander was lost in sheer ecstasy.  ‘He really wants this’ he thought.  ‘He needs it’


“Alexander, look at me.”


Alec had his eyes screwed shut, panting.


“Please!”  He begged.


“Alexander, look at me!”  Magnus commanded, full alpha.


Alec’s eyes snapped open and he visibly shuddered.


“Look at me and tell me your ready.  I’m a lot bigger than two fingers.”


“I’m ready.  Just don’t let it hurt.”  Alec panted when his eyes locked on his alpha’s, desperate crystal blue meeting blown chocolate brown.


“Okay, love.  Just keep your eyes on me and try and relax.”  Magnus commanded softly.


Alec nodded, yes.  Unable to tear his eyes from his alpha he watched as he snapped his fingers, lubing his hard dick and his own ass.  He felt the cold lube dripping down his crack.


Magnus held his aching cock in his hand, stroking it to make sure it was fully lubed.  He couldn’t tear his gaze from his Shadowhunter. 


Rubbing his cock gently up his angels crack he kept his hand firmly planted on his Shadowhunters pelvis.  He would make sure there was no pain.


“Relax, sweetheart.  I’m going to go in slow.”


Alec nodded, yes.  He couldn’t look away from his alpha.  He was mesmerized by his beauty and of what was about to happen.  He held no fear, only desire.  An overwhelming desire he didn’t understand.


Magnus lined his fully lubed cock up to his Shadowhunters clenching hole.


“Tell me your ready.”


“I’m ready.”  Alec breathed.  “By the Angel I’m ready.”


That was all Magnus needed to hear.  Ever so gently he pushed the head of his cock through his angel’s tight rim.  His channel clamped down around him immediately.


“More.”  Alec begged.  “I need more.” 


Before Magnus could react Alec thrust his hips, pulling him further into him before his muscles had even relaxed.


“Alexander stop!”  Magnus commanded, full alpha, holding Alec’s hips firmly in place, stilling him.


Alec stopped instantly, a low whine escaping him.


“Stop, Angel.  Before you hurt yourself.”  He said softly.  “Trust me to do this.”  He said, eyes still locked on Alec’s.


“Okay.”  Alec breathed.


A war was raging in Alec.  He wanted more.  He wanted to keep going.  He didn’t want to stop.  But his alpha had issued a command.  A command he couldn’t resist.  He had always been able to resist an alpha’s command before, but not his alpha’s.


“I will give you what you need.  I promise.”  Magnus said gently.  “Trust me.”


Alec could only nod, yes.


“Relax.  I need you to relax.”


Slowly Magnus felt Alec’s muscles relax around him.  Slowly he pulled back, almost out of Alec’s tight hole.  Ever so gently he pushed back in.  And again.  And again, allow his Shadowhunter to adjust to the shallow thrusts.  Allowing his tight channel to relax.


With each shallow thrust Alec moaned, his eyes locked on his alpha’s.  The feel of his alpha inside him was the most exquisite thing he had ever felt.


“That’s right, sweetheart.  Let yourself feel the pleasure.  There’s no rush.”  Magnus crooned as he pulled back and pushed a little deeper into his Shadowhunter.


Alec couldn’t stop the moans that escaped him.  This was better than before.  So much better than before.  The pleasure with each gentle thrust from his alpha was breathtaking.


Slowly Magnus pushed deeper with each thrust, an inch at a time, giving Alec time to adjust, waiting for the tight muscles to relax, hips still held firmly in place.


“Breathe, love.  Take deep breaths.”


Alec hadn’t realized that he was breathing sporadically.  He really did need his alpha to do this, to coach him through it.  But the pleasure made it hard.  He wanted more.  He wanted so much more.


Snapping his fingers Magnus lubed up Alec’s straining cocked.  He took it in hand, jerking Alec in time with his thrusts.  He knew he needed to change the angle to reach his angel’s prostate.  With a snap of his fingers the pillow supporting Alec’s hips was gone.


Alec cried out when the pillow disappeared.  The feel of his alpha in him was so incredibly different.  He didn’t think having his alpha in him could feel any better, but it did.


Magnus knew he was right at Alec’s prostate.  He could feel the swell of it against his cock.  A little bit deeper and his Shadowhunter would fully feel the pleasure.  He was almost in.  His angel was taking his length beautifully.  It felt as though his Alexander was built fit for him. 


His own pleasure since his first thrust was magnificent, unlike anything he had ever felt before.  He wanted to revel in it.  He would cherish it.  He would cherish these moments forever.  All of them.  From the moment he had led his omega to bed.  He needed his Shadowhunter as much as his Shadowhunter needed him.  He had waited so long for him.  He wanted so desperately to breed him.   To pound into him.  But he couldn’t.  He wouldn’t.  For the sake of his sweet warrior, he wouldn’t do that to him.  It was his angel’s first time.  He wanted it to be perfect for him.  They would reach that point together when the time came.  Now was not that time.


Grounding himself he thrust in another inch as he jerked his angel’s dick.  One more and he would be fully sheathed inside his Shadowhunter.


Alec cried out as his alpha’s cock brushed over his prostate, that spot he had found pleasure deep inside whenever his alpha pushed or licked in different places.  It stole the very air from his lungs.


“Breathe, angel.  Take a breath.”


Alec drew a shuddering breath in.  Then another.


Once Magnus was satisfied with his angel’s breathing, he pulled back gently and slowly thrust that last inch in.  They both moaned out their pleasure.  He had been holding his own moans in, wanting to hear his Shadowhunter.  But the feel of Alec’s tight channel squeezing his length, he couldn’t hold back.  The pleasure was beyond words, his angel was right, there were no words for this.  All he could do was take the pleasure and savor the moment.


Alec thought his heart would stop the moment his alpha fully filled him, but it didn’t.  Having his alpha filling him was more than he had ever dreamed it could be.  The pressure on what his warlock called his prostate was magnificent.


Magnus released his angel’s hips, leaning forward on his elbows so he was flush against his Shadowhunters belly, careful not to apply pressure to his chest.  Alec’s still hard cock was trapped between them.  But his angel would get what he needed.  He would get the pleasure of full penetration as well as external friction on his dick.


With his eyes still locked on his Alexander’s he started to really thrust, each thrust hitting his omegas prostate, his movements applying perfect friction to his hardened cock.


Alec cried out.  He was losing himself again in the pleasure his alpha was giving him. 


With each thrust Magnus knew he was sawing at his angel’s prostate and that neither of them would last long.  Each thrust was more intense than the last.  His head was starting to spin.  Alec reached out, digging his nails into his shoulders.


“I’m going to cum.”  Alec breathed.


Magnus pounded just a little bit harder into his angel, desperately trying to push him over that edge.  Within two hard thrusts Alec cried out his release as he came between them, torrents of cum pouring out of him.  The clamping of Alec’s walls when he came pushed Magnus over the edge.  He erupted in his sweet omega, filling him with ropes of cum.  They shuddered together through their aftershocks; Magnus still fully sheathed in his Shadowhunter.


Alec saw stars when his cock erupted, coating his belly with warm, thick cum.  He didn’t feel himself clamp down on his alpha’s cock, he was too lost in the most exquisite pleasure he had never thought possible.  He did feel it when his alpha came inside him, filling him with warm spurts of cum.  He knew in that moment that his alpha was made just for him.  They fit together perfectly.


Magnus gasped, fighting just as desperately as his Shadowhunter to catch his breath.  He saw when his sweet angel’s eyes began to focus and knew that he was coming down.  He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to his Shadowhunters lips. 


The muscles in his arms where screaming where he had been holding himself up over his sweet warrior.  With a great effort he pushed himself back onto his knees, gently easing himself out of his omega. In that moment he knew what he had already suspected.  His Shadowhunter was made just for him.  They fit together perfectly.


He watched as his angel finally came down from the high, his panting breaths evening out, in sync with his own.


“Alexander, are you alright, sweetheart?”


“Yes, alpha.  I’m perfect.”  Alec said, gazing into his alpha’s beautiful brown eyes.  “Thank you.  Thank you so much.”


Magnus chuckled.  His Shadowhunter was thanking him.   In all his 800 years he had never experienced anything remotely like this before.  These were, so far, the best moments of his life.  Moments he would never forget.


“Magnus?”  Alec asked, confused. 


“I’m sorry, love.  I should be thanking you.  Thanking you for giving me the best moments of my life. I’ll cherish them.  Just as I cherish you.  Did you enjoy your first time?”  He asked, snapping his fingers to clean them up, changing the linens beneath them for clean ones.


“It couldn’t have been better.  There are no words to describe it.  All I can say is thank you.  Thank you for making it perfect.  You were right.  I will remember this forever and cherish everything you gave me.”


Magnus was relieved.  He had achieved his goal.  He had given his Shadowhunter his first time and he thought it was perfect.  It had been perfect for them both.


He moved from between his angel’s legs, gently pulling them together and straightening them out.  They would probably be sore tomorrow, but he would remedy that.


Crawling to his Shadowhunter he curled up beside him, pulling him into his arms.  He pressed a soft kiss to his angel’s hair, pulling the duvet up around them.


“You were amazing, sweetheart.  You took it beautifully.  Do you need anything?”


“No, alpha.”  Alec mumbled sleepily.  “Just hold me.  And promise me we can do that again.”


Magnus laughed, pulling his sweet omega closer, holding him tighter in his arms. 


“Anytime you want, angel.  Just not tonight.” 


He would not let go of his Shadowhunter tonight.  Brushing a lock of hair from his Shadowhunters eyes he saw that he was fast asleep, perfectly content in his alpha’s arms.


Magnus smiled when his sweet Alexander began to snore softly.  He prayed to his warrior’s Angel that there would be no bad dreams tonight.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 12




Not Intended for readers under the age of 18


This is a HIGHLY EXPILICT sexual chapter.  If you are not a fan of hardcore smut, please read no further


A/N:  Just a heads up to make reading easier, this entire chapter switches back and forth between Alec and Magnus’ perspectives.


Also, or my smut lovers out there, the last bonus section is for you


Alec stirred in Magnus’ arms.  Magnus had been watching him for the last hour, waiting for him to wake up.  He wanted to be sure that his Shadowhunter was alright.  His Alexander had given him his innocence.  No one had been there when he himself had given his innocence centuries ago, to make sure that he was okay.  No one was there to take care of him when he had woken up in pain.  The memory of that day was still one of the worst memories of his life.  He didn’t want that for his young warrior.


Alec felt his alpha’s arms around him as he began to surface.  His favorite scent had wrapped around him, his alpha’s scent, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and musk.  He felt his alpha’s soft breath against his cheek as his eyes fluttered open.


“Good morning, angel.”  Magnus said, softly.


“Good morning.”  Alec murmured, snuggling into his alpha’s chest.


“Did you sleep well?”


“I did.”  He said, visions of his dreams flashing before his eyes.  Memories of the night before, his first time.  He couldn’t help but smile.


“Look at me, sweetheart.”  Magnus said, tilting Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “Are you alright?”


“I’m perfect.”  He said, leaning up to press a soft kiss to his alpha’s lips.


Magnus cupped his Shadowhunters cheek, pressing his lips firmly to his angel’s.  When Alec sighed into the kiss he licked his bottom lip, asking for entrance.  Alec opened immediately.  He had been hoping for this when he had pressed his lips to his warlock’s.  His alpha didn’t disappoint when gently slid his tongue between Alec’s parted lips.  The kiss was slow and sensual.  It spoke only of love.  Softly caressing Alec’s cheek Magnus pulled back.  His eye’s locked on his Shadowhunters, beautiful crystal blue meeting deep chocolate brown.  What he saw there told him everything he needed to know.  His angel was happy.  He was relaxed.  But he had to ask.


“About last night…”


“It was perfect.”  Alec said, cutting him off.  “It was more than I ever hoped for.  You made it something I will never forget.”


Magnus smiled.  He was hoping he would hear those words.


“How are you feeling?  Are you sore?”


Alec thought for a minute, taking stock of his body.  When you were a Shadowhunter you sometimes had to take stock of any injuries you might have after a mission.  Some were so minor you didn’t notice them right away.  His aches and pains from the day before were gone, his muscles loose and relaxed, but he did feel a little sore.


“A little bit, but nothing I can’t handle.”


“I can heal it.”  Magnus said softly.


“No.  I don’t want you to.  I want to feel it and remember where it came from.  Can I ask you a question though?”


“You can ask me anything, love.  You should know that.”  Magnus said, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead.


“Will it always be like that?”


“It can be.  If that’s what you want.”


“I loved that you used your magic.  And I would really like it if you did it again, especially on my runes.”  Alec said, blushing.  “You did miss a few by the way.  But at some point, I just want to feel you.”


“Okay, sweetheart.  I will tell you this.  You really did take it all beautifully.  I don’t think you realize how little magic I actually had to use.”


“But it didn’t hurt.”  Alec said, confused.


“I know that.  I was prepared to make sure it didn’t.  But when it came down to it, you didn’t need it.  You were ready.” 


“So you didn’t use magic when we…?”  Alec trailed off.


“No, sweetheart.  I didn’t.  That’s why I said you took it beautifully.  I will say that I can’t wait to see the rest of your runes.  I love them.  Like I’ve said before, you have the body of a god, Alexander.  And I will worship it.  But your runes, they just add to your beauty.”


Alec couldn’t help the blush that flooded his cheeks.  His alpha had told him he was beautiful before, but now he knew that he had really meant it.


“I haven’t been fair.  I love your body.  I love how soft and firm you are all at the same time.  I haven’t told you how beautiful you are to me.  When I see you, when I dream of you, you take my breath away.  So many times, I’ve just wanted to touch you.  To feel you under my hands.  I haven’t told you how many times I’ve wanted to trace every muscle you have with my tongue.  To taste you.”  He said, blushing crimson.


“Thank you, love.  Hearing that means the world to me.  And you’ll get your chance.  As many chances as you want.  Just know, I’m nowhere near done with you.”  He said, pressing a chaste kiss to Alec’s lips. 


“When can we do it again?”


Magnus chuckled.  He had a feeling that his Shadowhunter was going to be insatiable once he got the hang of things.


“Soon.  But you should sleep.  It’s still early.”


“How early?”  Alec asked, alarmed.


Magnus frowned, checking his watch.


“A little after four.  Why?”


“Four!”  Alec exclaimed.  “By the Angel, I’m late.”


“Late for what, love?”


“For training.  I always start at four-thirty.  To warm up and have some time to myself before the others get up at six.”  Alec said, forcing himself up.  He winced at the sudden movement.  Magnus was right behind him.


“Hey.  Relax.  You’ve only been back at it for a day.  Cut yourself some slack.  You can’t expect to just jump back into your old routine.”  He said, wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist.  “And after last night, you deserve to sleep in.  Five hours isn’t much, love.  Not after that much exertion.  Not to mention that I think you’re a little more sore than you realize.”  He hadn’t missed the look of pain on Alec’s face when he sat up.


Alec couldn’t deny the soreness now.  His sudden movement felt like fire.


“You don’t understand.  I have to get back into my routine.  I have to.”


“Why, sweetheart?  Why does it have to be the same?  You push yourself too hard.  You always have.  It doesn’t have to be that way.”  He said, pulling his Shadowhunter into his arms.


“Yes, it does.  It’s who I am.”  Alec pouted.


“Does it have to be?  Your life has changed.  You don’t have anyone breathing down your neck anymore.  You don’t have to overdo it anymore.  You’re the best Shadowhunter in the world.  That’s not going to change just because you get a few extra hours of sleep.  If anything, it will make you that much better.”  He said softly, holding his Shadowhunter close.


“Before you were overdoing it.  You were pushing yourself to the max every day, in every way.  And it was hurting you.  I almost lost you, because you were so exhausted before your heat set in.  You have to start taking better care of yourself, because one day, it’s not going to be just you.”  He whispered, placing a firm hand on Alec’s flat belly.




“No ‘buts’, Alexander.”  Magnus said, cutting him off.  “Nobody is telling you that you can’t train.  That you can’t still work with your team and be the best.  But as your alpha it’s my job to look after you, to take care of you and make sure you have everything you need.  And what you need right now is to learn to not push yourself so hard.  Let yourself adjust to a new routine.  One that gives you the rest you need, and the nutrition you need.  You have to start eating more because one day your going to be eating for more than just yourself.”




“No, sweetheart.”  He said, cutting him off again.  “There are no ‘buts’.  How often is your sister up at four in the morning?  Or Clary?”


“Never.”  Alec conceded.


“And aren’t they a part of the best team in the Shadow World?”


“Yes.  But they count on me.” 


“And they always will.  They count on you to keep them sharp, to watch their backs, to keep them safe, right?”




“And do you think that’s going to change now?  That somehow you will be less than you were?  If anything, taking better care of yourself will help you, and them.  You don’t have the weight of the Institute baring down on you.  You don’t have dozens of Shadowhunters to train anymore.  You don’t have to push yourself through twenty hour days.  Don’t you think that you will do better, be better, if your sole focus was on your team?  On yourself, and your own skills?


Clary told me how it was before.  She told me that you were always up early, and how long you trained.  She told me how many times you skipped meals, just to train others.  Then go out on patrols.  She told me how there were nights when you got back to the Institute and you were too tired to eat and just went bed. 


What you were doing wasn’t healthy.  And it was dangerous.  How long do you think you could have kept that up?  How many more years do you think that you could keep up that pace before you went down for the count?  I don’t think you realize just how close to breaking you were that night on the bridge.


And I know that I didn’t help.  For that I’m sorry.  I never should have overloaded you the way I did.  That’s was my mistake.  One that in the end hurt you, something I will never do again.


Please don’t think that taking care of yourself, giving yourself what your mind and body needs makes you somehow weak, somehow less than what you are.  You are a great Shadowhunter.  But to keep being that, you can’t keep doing what you did before.


You want to be at your best, right?  You want your team to stay the best, don’t you?  To keep them safe?”




“And how do you think you’re going to do that if you go back to the way things were?”


“I don’t know.” 


“Sweetheart, things are different now.  Your life is different now.  You’re not chained to anyone or anything.  If you want to take some time to train on your own, like you used to, you still can.  It just doesn’t have to be in the middle of the night.”


“I guess that’s true.  I can focus on my team, and just my team.”


“Yes, angel, you can.  And your mate.”  Magnus said with a smile, pressing another soft kiss to his Shadowhunters forehead. 


“Like I said, you should cut yourself some slack.  Nobody is going to judge you if you don’t just jump back into your old routine.  Because believe it or not, getting up at four a.m. and killing yourself a little more everyday isn’t who you are.  It’s who you were.”


“If that’s who I was, who am I now?”  Alec whispered, unshed tears in his eyes.


“You, my love, are a strong, loving, caring, compassionate, loyal, overprotective big brother.  You are a fierce, fierce friend and incredibly strong warrior.  You are an amazing, dedicated, skilled leader and commander.  You are a true hero to those who need a hero.  You are the best at everything you do.  You are the best Shadowhunter there is and always will be.  The best in the world.  But most of all you are a sweet, beautiful, loving, wonderful mate who will one day be a father.  A father who will help raise our children to be just as strong and skilled and loving and compassionate, and amazing as you are.


So please don’t question who you are because I know that you know that everything I’ve just said is true.  I know it because it’s is who you are, and deep down, you know it too.”


Alec couldn’t stop the tear that ran down his cheek. 


“Hey, look at me, angel.  No tears, okay?  He said, gently lifting Alec’s chin to meet his eyes, wiping the tear from his cheek with his thumb.  “I love you, sweetheart.  More than anything.”


“I love you too.”


“How about you skip training today and we spend it right here.”  He said, pressing a gentle hand to Alec’s belly.


Alec sighed at the warmth of his alpha’s magic as it pushed into him and his soreness faded.  His alpha had healed him.  He was hard in an instant.


“What about the others?”  Alec asked.  “Won’t they be wondering where we are?” 


“Don’t worry about them, love.  Don’t worry about a thing.  I’ve got you now.”  He said, gently lowering his Shadowhunter back against his pillows.  “Just relax.”


Cupping Alec’s cheek he pressed a soft kiss to his lips.  Alec’s didn’t hesitate to kiss back.  Magnus sighed, opening for his omega.  Alec took the invitation and slid his tongue into his alpha’s mouth.  Fireworks went off in his head, his mind going blank.  The kiss was slow and lingering.


Releasing Alec’s cheek Magnus softly ran his hand down his Shadowhunters chest and smooth belly, pushing under the waistband of his boxers, brushing his fingers softly over his angel’s hardened cock. 


Alec moaned through the kiss at the soft caress on his dick, and the tingle his alpha’s touch left behind.


Taking his Shadowhunter firmly in hand Magnus stroked him gently from head to base. 


“Are you ready for your second time, sweetheart?”  He asked softly, breaking the kiss.


“Yes.”  Alec breathed, rocked by the sensations of his alpha’s hand stroking him and the anticipation humming under his skin.


Magnus smiled, pressing his lips firmly to his Shadowhunters, taking a firmer grip on his lover’s cock.




Clary was stretching her hamstring when Izzy came in.




“Morning.  Have you seen Alec?  He’s usually up for training by now.”  Izzy said.


“I think he’s asleep.  He had an interesting night.”  Clary said with a smirk.


“What do you mean?”  Izzy asked, instantly alarmed.


“Relax, Iz.  He’s fine.  Better than fine.  We’ve been waiting for this, for a while now, and it’s finally happened.”


In that instant Izzy knew.  She couldn’t help but smile.  Happiness welled inside her. 


“You can feel that?”  She asked.


“Yes and no.  Just the intensity of it all.  I wonder if he can feel me and Jace.  The thought of that is a little unnerving.  I’ll have to find some way to discreetly ask him.”  She said as Izzy joined her on the mat for her morning stretches.


“Where is Jace anyway?”


“He’ll be here in a minute.  He’s still eating breakfast.”  Clary said, rolling her eyes at her alpha.  “Where’s Simon?”


“Still asleep, lazy ass.  Am I correct in assuming that everyone was busy last night?” 


“I guess you are.  Which is good.  We’ll all be loose today.  I’m sure the boys will all join at some point.  Some sooner than others.”  Clary said with a giggle.  “But that doesn’t mean we can’t start without them.  We haven’t worked the beam in a while.”


“Let me warm up first and you’re on.  Let’s make it interesting.  Kendo sticks?”


“Game on.”




Izzy and Clary sat at the bar in the kitchen, picking food off each other’s plates.  Clary swatted Izzy’s hands away.


“Touch my food again and I’ll break that hand.”  Clary said firmly.  “If you wanted grapes you should have gotten your own.”


Izzy stared at Clary in mock shock and outrage.  Clary couldn’t help but belly laugh at the look on Izzy’s face.


“You two seem like your having fun.”  Alec said from behind them.


The two girls whipped faster than Alec could blink.


“Close your mouths.  You’ll catch flies.”  He said, opening his tea cabinet.


“Couldn’t Magnus do that for you?”  Clary asked, shaking her head clear.


“He could, if he wasn’t asleep.  I didn’t think it prudent to wake him over a cup of tea.”  He said, filling the kettle with water.


“It’s a little late for breakfast don’t you think?”  Izzy asked, trying to hide her smirk.


“Breakfast, maybe.  Tea, never.  And what in the Angel’s name has gotten into you two?  You look little silly little mundane girls at the mall.”  He said with a shudder when he turned from the stove, the kettle on.


“Nothing.  It’s just been a good day.  That’s all.”  Izzy said.


“A good day, huh?”  He said, not believing her for a second.


“Clary, what’s wrong with my sister?  Why does she look like the cat that ate the canary’s cream?”  He asked, eyes never leaving his twins face.                                                                   


“Um…well.  Izzy, it’s you he’s staring at.  You tell him.”


“Actually, I think there was something you wanted to ask him about.  Something we discussed this morning.”  Izzy said, giving Clary an elbow to the stomach.  “See you later, Alec.  And your waters about to boil.”  She said, hoping off her stool and fleeing down the hallway, laughing hysterically all the way.


Alec could only watch his sister go, astonishment and disbelief on his face as he shook his head.


“Are we sure that I’m related to that?”


“I think the resemblance gives it way.  But seriously, come sit down.  I did want to talk to you.”


“Just a sec.”  He said seconds before the kettle started to scream on the stove.  Snatching it up to silence it he peeked over to the bedroom door, hoping it didn’t wake his warlock.  Once satisfied that it hadn’t woken his alpha, he poured the hot water into his mug.


“Do you know when Magnus might be up?”  She asked.  She wanted to give him her rune sketch.  Her curiosity was burning a hole straight through her.


“Honestly, I’m not sure.  I don’t think he’s slept all that much in the past few weeks.  Now that things have, settled down, I think he should get caught up.”  He said, rounding the counter and taking the stool beside her.


“So what’s up?  It has to be something of importance to have my sister turning into a hyena.”


“I don’t know if it’s exactly important.  Maybe more prudent.”  She said, chewing her lower lip.


“Alright, Clary, give.”  He said, setting his tea aside, concern etching his brows.  “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing’s wrong.  It’s just something hard for me to ask because it’s a little embarrassing.”


His eyes softened and he couldn’t help but smile at his parabati.  He could practically see her nerves. 


“You know you can tell or ask me anything.  It doesn’t matter what it is.”


“You know, I’m really starting to think that maybe this is guy talk.  I’ll go get Jace.”  She said, swiveling to jump off her stool.


“Hold it.”  He commanded softly. 


She froze.


“Or maybe Izzy.  She started it.”


“What’s that mundane phrase?  Potato-potato?”  He asked, arching his brows.


“Something like that.”  She smirked.


“Silliness aside.  What’s up, Clary?”


She sighed, turning back to face him.


“I wanted to ask you something.”


“So you said.”


She took a deep breath, steadying herself.


“When Jace and I are…together, do you, like, feel anything?  Through our bond?”  She asked, biting her bottom lip.


“How do you mean?”  He asked, as calmly as he could.  ‘By the Angel’ he thought. 


“You didn’t answer my question.”  She said softly.


“Truthfully, yes.  I didn’t know what it was at first, but it didn’t take long to figure it out.”


“And what does it feel like?”


‘She really does know’ he thought, hoping the floor would swallow him up.


“Just…it’s hard to explain.  It’s like, intensity.  Kind of like what I feel when you’re really focused and doing hard training.”


She sighed, relieved.


“Again, why do you ask?”


“I just wanted to know if…if it was normal.”


“You know, don’t you?”  He asked softly.




He turned from her, unable to meet her eyes.


“Hey, it’s okay.  Alec, please.  Look at me.”  She said, laying a hand on his shoulder.  “Please?”  She asked when he didn’t acknowledge her.


“What do you feel?”  He whispered, forcing the words out.


“Same as you.  I just wasn’t sure if it worked both ways.”  She said softly.


“Who else knows?”  He asked, turning to look at her.  “Tell me, Clary.  Who else knows?”


“Just Iz.”


“So everyone.”  He said, reaching over to dump his tea in the sink.  He had no stomach for it now.  He had no stomach for anything.  He didn’t think he could be more humiliated. 


“Alec, please.  He’s your alpha.  It was only a matter of time.  You two are meant to be.”  She said, trying to grab his arm before he could walk away.  As usual, he was faster than her.  “We need to talk about this.”


“What is there to talk about?”  He asked, unshed tears in his eyes.  “I think we’ve pretty much covered it.  Get back to training.”




“That wasn’t a request.”  He commanded, cutting her off.  She cringed back at his tone.


“Okay.  I’ll talk to Izzy.  Make sure she doesn’t tell anyone.”


“It’s too late for that and we both know it.  Just go.”  He said, dropping onto the couch.


With heartbreak for her parabati in her eyes she nodded and walked out.  She knew she had embarrassed him.  She had known for years how long he had waited for, and wanted love, even if he didn’t, always denying himself any hope or possibility for the future.  And now she had taking the best night of his life and ruined it because she and his sister couldn’t keep their big mouths shut.


In an instant the dishes disappeared from the counter.  Alec looked up, his warlock standing in the bedroom doorway.


“How long have you been there?”  Alec asked.


“Only a minute.  Just long enough to see her leave.  I know you need to talk, sweetheart.  But I have to check something.  Something has set off one of my perimeter alarms.  Go to the library.  I’ll send a message to the others to keep hidden.”


“Not by yourself.  I won’t leave you unprotected.”  Alec said, climbing to his feet.  If there was something wrong, his alpha wasn’t going by himself.


“I can’t allow that, Alexander.  It’s my job to keep you safe and until I am certain there is no threat you’re staying here.”


“You ‘can’t allow that’?”  Alec asked, incredulous.


“I don’t have time to argue.  You can either stay here at my request or I can bolt the doors.  You choose.”  Magnus said.  In a finger snap he was dressed and walking to the door.


“So this is how it’s going to be?  For the rest of our lives, your going to issue commands and I just have to follow them or you’re just going to lock me away?  What does that make me?  Your prisoner?  Or are you just an alpha commanding his helpless omega?”  Alec asked, watching his alpha magically unseal the doors.


Magnus sighed, turning back to look at his Shadowhunter.


“Alexander, that’s not fair.  We’ll talk when I get back.”  Magnus said, sorrow shining in his eyes.  He could tell by the heartbreak in his angel’s that he was hurt.  ‘So much has been taken from him’ he thought. ‘And now I’ve taken more’.  “I won’t be long.  It’s probably nothing.”


Alec just shook his head and walked away, leaving his alpha alone in the entryway.




Magnus opened the front doors, magically sealing them behind him without so much as a glace back.  He had been right.  It had been nothing, at least not to him.  Just a routine Shadowhunter patrol doing its job.  It was nothing to The High Warlock of Brooklyn, but it would have been a disaster for his Shadowhunter and his family.  Now he had to find his precious Shadowhunter and try and repair the damage he had done.


It hadn’t taken him long to realize how he must have made his Alexander feel.  For weeks he had been feeling nothing but weak and helpless, like he couldn’t help anyone, his team or himself.  He had been doubting who he was, wondering if him being an omega had changed him in some way.  Wondering if he would ever be a Shadowhunter again, and despite his reassurances, when it actually mattered to his young warrior, he had solidified those doubts, those beliefs and fears.


Passing the empty kitchen, he threw the bedroom door open.  The room was empty and telling by the darkened bathroom with the open door, it was too.  Shedding his coat, he threw it on the bed.


“Mother of demons.”  He muttered, turning and rushing down the hallway to the training room.  Ducking inside he glanced around.


“Magnus?  What’s wrong?”  Izzy asked.


“Have you seen Alexander?”


“No.  Why?”


“I need to find him.”


“Why?  What happened?”  Jace asked, sheathing his seraph blade at his hip.


“I…I upset him.  And now I need to find him.  Where would he go if he was upset?”


“Usually to train.”  Clary said.


“Where else?”


“The library.”


Magnus spun out of the room and threw open the door at the end of the hall.  Searching the stacks and workspaces, there was no Alec.


“What happened?”  Izzy asked behind him.


“There’s no time for that now.  Jace, check the atrium.  The rest of you spread out.  Check your rooms, anywhere you can think of.”


They didn’t hesitate, they dispersed at once.  They had to find their commander.  ‘What have I done’ Magnus thought.  Closing the library door he walked briskly up the hallway.  He would message every warlock, across the globe if he had to.  He would find his Shadowhunter.  At his workroom he stopped.  There was an odd, small symbol carved into the door.  One someone could easily miss.


“Clary?”  He called.


She was at his side in a second.


“What’s this?”


“An unlock rune.”


“One of yours?”


“Yes.  It’s stronger than what’s in the Grey Book.”  She said, apprehensive.


Turning the knob, the door freely opened.  Flipping the light on the looked inside.  His fears were confirmed.  The Book of The White and his notes were gone.  Crossing to his desk, he found something else missing.  The message from Robert Lightwood.


“Magnus?  What in the Angel’s name is going on?”  She demanded.


“I hurt him, biscuit.  I didn’t mean to.  Tell me, can he read demon script?”


“Some of it.”  Izzy said from the doorway.


“Define some.”


“He knows more than forty languages.  Mundane and demonic.  Hodge taught him when he was little.”  She said.  “Again, what in the Angel’s name is going on?”


“I hurt him, and now he’s seen something he wasn’t ready to see.  And he’s not here.”


“Where could he have gone?”  Jace asked.  “The loft is sealed tight.”


“Isabelle, didn’t you say you had a portal rune?”


“Yes.”  She said, hesitant.


“Does he know it?”


“Of course.  He knows all our runes.  Why?”  She asked, growing alarmed.


“No.”  He said to himself.  “It’s not possible.  A portal can’t be opened here unless I allow it.”


“You haven’t seen one of Clary’s runes in action.  Their stronger than any others, especially when there’s emotion behind them.”  Simon said.  Alec’s team were clustered in the room.


“Please be quiet.  I need to focus.”  Magnus said.  Closing his eyes, he pushed out his magic, scanning the loft.  Every door and window leading out were sealed tight.  He picked up no traces of a portal.  “He hasn’t left.  He’s here somewhere.”


“How can you tell?”  Izzy asked.


“Because a portal hasn’t been opened.  It would have left traces behind if it had.”


“Then where is he?”  She demanded.


In that moment it occurred to him.  There was only one other place he could be.  He sighed, knowing exactly where his Shadowhunter was.


“He’s still here.  And I think I know where.”




“It’s a blank wall, Magnus.”  Jace said.


“No, it’s not.  Look at the wall.  It’s very small but do you see it?”  Magnus asked.


Activating her vision rune Clary turned her head, staring hard at the blank wall before her.


“I see it.  It’s my breaking rune.  And my unlock rune.”  She said.


Magnus couldn’t fathom how his angel had found this door, but that didn’t matter now.  All that mattered was that he had found his Alexander.  With a snap of his fingers a red door appeared in the wall.  Turning the knob, he pushed the door open.


“Give me a minute, please.”  He asked.


“You have ten seconds to tell us he’s in there and safe.”  Izzy declared, anger burning in her belly.  She knew her brother’s alpha was a warlock, but she had thought they were past secrets.


“You have my word, Isabelle.


Reaching in he flipped on the light.  Alec’s witch light went out immediately.


“He’s here.  He’s unharmed.”  He said softly.


“You have ten minutes, then were coming in.  Don’t bother sealing the door, we know those runes too.”


Magnus nodded, stepping through the open doorway.  It shut softly behind him.




Alec sat in the far corner, The Book of The White and Magnus’ notes spread out around him, half hidden behind the crates his father had sent, all of them open.


“Do you want to tell me what all of this is?”  Alec asked, not looking up from the book.  “Or what I’m looking at?”


“I can read it to you if you’d like.”  Magnus said softly.  He wouldn’t hide anything else from his Shadowhunter.


“I can read it just fine, thank you.  I was referring to the crates.  And then an explanation of what I just translated.  You really shouldn’t mark your pages.”


“I wasn’t expecting anyone to be snooping.”


“Snooping?  Is that what you call it?!  How long have you been lying to me?”  Alec demanded, finally looking up.  “How long?  Or has it all been lies?”


“None of it has been lies, sweetheart.”


“Don’t call me that!  You have NO RIGHT!”  Alec shouted.


“There is a very distinct different between lying and not telling one everything.  Things they’re not ready to hear.”


“And who gets to make that call?  Obviously not me.  I’m not allowed to know or do anything.”


“Alexander, please.  Let me explain.”


“Make it fast.  Your short on time.”


“Can I ask a question first?”  Magnus asked, trying to stay calm.  His Shadowhunter most certainly wasn’t.


“You can ask but I can’t promise to answer.”


“How did you find this room?”


Alec held up his hand, a rune carved into his palm.


“Detection rune.”


Magnus nodded, not surprised.  Not much surprised him anymore.


“Start talking, alpha.”  Alec said sarcastically.  “What is all this?”


“Yesterday I received a fire message from your father.  It had a message and an address.  I went to the address while you were in the shower and once I confirmed that the storage container was safe, I opened it.  This was what was inside.  I transported it back here.”


“And the message?”


“’Hide my son’.  I received a report yesterday from the downworld that your father has disappeared from the Institute.”


“Clary’s portal rune.  He must have found out about it somehow.  What about all this?”  He asked, gesturing to the crates.


“I don’t know.  I assumed that he’d been preparing this for some time.  I assumed to make it available to you when the time came.  When he thought you might need it.”




“I don’t know.  Only he can answer that.”


“No, he really can’t.  Not if he’s gone.  But I’m guessing you know where he is.”


“I have my suspicious, but they haven’t been confirmed.  I’m guessing to protect him.”


“And I’m guessing that you’re not going to tell me your suspicions.  You seem to like keeping things from me.”


“I wasn’t keeping them from you, angel.  I just didn’t know what to tell you.”


“You don’t get to call me that, either.”  Alec said coldly.


“Alexander, please.  I’ve told you all I know.  I didn’t even know about this twenty-four hours ago.”


Alec nodded, yes.


“Okay.  And this?  How long have you been hiding this?”  He asked, gesturing to the papers around him.


“Not hiding.  I’ve been working on it.  I just haven’t completed it.”


“So you where going to tell me about this part, right?”


“Yes, love.”


“STOP with the endearments!  I don’t want them.”


Magnus stepped back as if he had been slapped, cringing at his Shadowhunters tone.  His heart broke in his chest.


“When were you going to tell me about this work in progress?”


“When it was finished.  It’s missing an ingredient.”


“And that’s all it needs?  One more ingredient and it’s done?”


“Not exactly.  With all of the ingredients I can formulate it and make it into a potion.”


“And why would a warlock need an immortality potion?”


“It’s not for me, Alexander.  Do you know what happens when an immortal claims a mortal?”


“They become immortal.  I’m not stupid, Magnus.  Every Shadowhunter knows that.  That’s why it’s forbidden.  Against Clave law.”


“So you should understand.”


“Understand what?”  He asked, defeated.


“You’ve asked me to claim you.  You’ve asked knowing full well what would happen.  But what about your team?  Your family?”


“Like I said, all Shadowhunters know.”


“And your okay with that?  And their okay with that?  Knowing that they would grow old and you wouldn’t?  That you would live through the loss of your sister?  Your twin?  And your parabati?  I didn’t want to make the choice hard for you.  I was prepared to accept having you for a mortal lifetime if that was what you chose.  But I wanted an option out there.  I wanted to make making a choice easier.  And give them a choice too. I want you to have it all.  Everything you could ever possibly want.  Your family.  An eternity with them, and our children.”  He said softly.


“What do you mean, our children?”


“If you chose to stay mortal, our children will have to watch as you grow old and die.  Warlock children, even half warlock, are born immortal.  They would stop aging at the age I did.  Is that something you knew?  Is that something you were taught?”


“No.”  Alec said softly. 


Magnus crossed to his Shadowhunter, crouching down in front of him.


“I didn’t want to tell you about this until I was sure it would work.  It wasn’t until last night that I knew what was missing.”


“And what’s that?”  Alec asked, tears shining in his crystal blue eyes.


“Nephilim blood.  To turn a nephilim into an immortal with my potion, it requires a drop of nephilim blood.”


Alec’s head was swimming with warring emotions, hurt, anger, betrayal, hope, love.  He didn’t know what to think or believe anymore.


“When were you going to tell me?”  He asked softly.


“Once I was sure it could be done.”


“And earlier?  What was that about?”


“You’re not protected yet, sweetheart.  Not from the Institute.  Not from the Clave.  You know that.  I couldn’t risk your safely.  I wouldn’t do it.”


“We both know that I’m not protected from the Clave, and that I never will be.”  He said, a tear sliding down his cheek.


“That’s not true, angel.”  Magnus said, gently wiping the tear away.  “You can be.  You told me about your dream.  And what happened.  You think it can’t be changed, but it can.  When a warlock, or a half warlock is with child, they have a protected womb.  A womb no seraph blade can penetrate.”




“You and our children would be safe.  That changes things.  That could change everything.”  He said, cupping Alec’s cheeks.


“I don’t understand.  The potion…”


“I wanted to give your family the choice to stay with you, forever.  To have their children forever.”  He said, cutting Alec off.  “I know how much you all mean to each other.  How close you are.  Do you really think that you would be happy knowing that they would one day be gone?  Would you be happy if they had the choice to stay and we denied them that choice?”


“No.  They should have a choice.”


“That was all I was trying to do.  To find a way to give them that choice, without getting your hopes up.  As for the rest of this…”  He said, gesturing to the crates.  “I’ve already told you that all Lightwood omegas have Gideon’s blue eyes.  Your beautiful blue eyes.  I wouldn’t be surprised if your father started the first crate the day you were born.”


“But why?  Why would I need this?”


“To protect yourself, sweetheart.  And those you love.  I think he wanted to give you everything you might need.  And I think he always has.”


“But these crates.  Some of them are old.  Some new.  Some of these are leftovers from the Dark War.  They were stored in a vault at the Institute.  I don’t know how he could have gotten them out.”


“Then we’ll just have to ask him when we find him.  Are you ready to tell the others?”


“No.  Not yet.  I don’t want to offer them something they might not be able to have.  And I know them.  They’ll want it.”


“If that’s what you want, sweetheart.  I do think it’s the right choice.”


“Promise me.” 


“Promise you what, love?”


“Promise me no more secrets.”


“I promise, sweetheart.  And I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I kept this from you.  All of it.  I should have told you.  Now, are you ready to get up off this cold floor?”


“Not yet.  One more question.”




“When will you claim me?  If you can make this potion, when will you claim me?”


“During your next heat.”


“Why?  Why then?  Why not before?”


“Because that’s the way it has to be.  For an immortal to claim a mortal it has to be done during a heat.  Otherwise the bite is excruciating, and the transition is agony.  And most times fatal.  We don’t know why.”


Alec nodded, yes.  He understood.


“Can we go now?  Before your sister strings me up?”


Alec nodded, yes.


“Are you still mad at me, angel?”


“No.  But I don’t want the others to know.  Not yet.”


“Okay, love.  We’ll tell them when your ready.  Or when we know more.  Whichever comes first, okay?”  He said, extending a hand to help Alec up.






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Magnus pressed soft kisses to the back of his Shadowhunters sweaty neck.  With one arm around his waist he pulled him closer, flush against his own sweat body.


The tingles from his alpha’s soft kisses were sending shivers down his spine.  They felt wonderful as he fought to catch his breath. 


When his warlock pulled him further back against him he reveled in the fact that he was flush against his lover.  He had a lover.  One of the many things he thought he would never have.  A part of him wished his stamina rune would fade out so he wouldn’t still be hard, but another part of him was overjoyed that it hadn’t.


He and Clary had discussed the problem caused by their parabati runes when it came to intimate matters, as they both had wanted their privacy.  So she had designed a new rune that would block each other out during intimate times only.  They would feel each other as they always did.  Clary was especially determined when he had mentioned what she might go through during his next heat.  The only thing that could break the rune was imminent danger on either side.


“Did I get them all?”  Magnus asked, smirking again his angel’s neck.


“No.  You’ve got four more to go.”  Alec chucked.


“I don’t know where else they could possibly be.”


“Well then, I guess it’s a game of hide and seek.”  Alec laughed.  “But I do have something else you can find.”  He said, sliding his alpha’s hand down to his hard cock.


“Hmm.  Interesting.  Whatever shall we do about that?”  Magnus teased, sitting up behind his Shadowhunter.  He could feel Alec’s thighs still quivering from their lovemaking.  Softly stroking his lovers exposed hip, caressing the rune there, he gently pulled Alec onto his back.  “I’m going to find those runes eventually.  But right now, I want that cock.”  He said, pushing Alec’s legs apart.  Positioning himself between them he pressed his thumbs to the sweet spot behind his angel’s knees, pushing a small jolt of magic through his thumbs.  He wanted his lover to feel every sweet spot on his body, even if it was just one at a time.


Alec loved when his alpha touched his skin.  It always left a lovely tingle wherever he touched.  He no longer felt shy when he was exposed before his warlock when he pushed his legs apart.  He loved seeing the look in his alpha’s eyes whenever he took in the sight of him.  They always seemed to light up.  And he loved the anticipation, not knowing what his alpha would do.


He moaned in pleasure when his warlock pushed his magic into the back of his knees, the incredible sensations shooting up through his still quivering thighs straight to his groin.  He felt his thighs turn from quivering to outright shaking but didn’t care.  Nothing could make his thighs quiver or shake, not even exhaustion from hard training or hours of combat.  Nothing except his alpha.


“That’s right, love.  I want to hear you, every moan, every whimper, and every cry when I pleasure you.”  Magnus said softly as he gently ran his hands from his Shadowhunters knees up his inner thighs. 


He had wondered in amazement how he had managed to miss the rune on the inside of angel’s knee before he had noticed it when they had made love just a short while ago.  He had learned that while it was best to activate runes that were easily accessible, they could still be activated through clothing.  At least the one’s Clary drew.


He marveled at how easily he could make his lover quiver beneath his hands as he caressed the soft skin of his thighs between his legs.  He Shadowhunter had finally told him that everywhere he touched left a tingle in its wake, so when he pleasured him it was that much more intense.  He was going to enjoy using and exploiting that knowledge whenever he could, both in bed and outs.


Taking mercy on his young warrior he gently eased his knees back, taking the strain off them.  While they were still spread wide, he wanted to make things as comfortable as possible for his lover whenever he could.


The sight before him took his breath away.  His beautiful Alexander panting from what would have been an intense amount of pleasure from his tender touches behind his knees, the stunning glint in his lover’s beautiful blue eyes, the desire he saw in them mixed with anticipation and need.  


He gazed lovingly at the glorious body laid out before him from shoulders to firm, flat belly, the most delicious looking six pack he had ever seen found along the way.  And the magnificent cock standing hard and firm for him between strong, muscular thighs that led to the most gorgeous knees and calves he had ever seen.  It was the body of a magnificently sculpted warrior.  The body of a god.  And it was all his.  A banquet on which he could feast. 


“I’m guessing you want me to touch this.”  He said, brushing his fingers over Alec’s straining dick.  “Tell me you want me to.”


“I want you to.”  Alec breathed.


“Your wish is my command.”


Taking a firm hold of Alec’s cock he slowly slid his hand down the head to the base.  Teasing his lover with his fingers he pressed his thumb hard to the underside, just between the base of his angel’s dick and perineum.  Listening to Alec’s soft panting from his gentle ministrations he pushed another hard jolt of magic through his thumb.  Alec cried out as his cock jumped in his hand and his eyes slammed shut.


“Look at me, Alexander.  I want you to watch what I’m going to do to you.”


Alec couldn’t help but force his eyes open to look at his alpha holding his cock firmly in his hand.  He silently thanked the Angel that Clary couldn’t feel this.  The pleasure of his alpha’s hand when he had stroked him had been beautiful.  The unexpected jolt of pleasure that had rocked him to the core had him crying out, his heart thundering in his chest.  It had been exquisite but almost too much, he had almost cum then and there.  He felt the warmth of precum sliding down his shaft.


Magnus watched as his Shadowhunter opened his eyes, the crystal blue almost gone, his pupils blown wide.  With a finger snap he dimmed the lights.  He didn’t want them to hurt his young warrior.  His angel’s cry of pleasure had him rock hard, but it was too soon to take him again.  His own pleasure could wait.  He was enjoying his angel’s just fine.


“Do you want to know what I’m going to do to you, Alexander?”


Alec nodded, yes.


“I’m going to put your dick in my mouth and I’m going to suck it, hard.  I’m going to milk you for every last drop and when I’m done, your going to sleep because you will need the rest.  Do you understand?”


Alec nodded, yes.


“Let me hear the words, love.”


“Yes.  I understand.”  Alec ground out. 


“Tell me if it gets to be too much.  Promise me.”


“I promise.”  Alec whispered.


With his eyes on his Shadowhunters he bent down, licking the precum from his angel’s cock.  He licked until it was clean, just a small drop on the head.  He heard his lover’s soft moans each time his tongue stroked his dick.


He felt his warriors hand slide into his hair, gripping it.  His own cock ached more at the touch.  He loved it when his angel pulled at his hair.


He gently caressed his Shadowhunters inner thighs, pushing soft waves of magic into them with each soft movement of his hands as he licked gently at Alec’s perineum, just above his clenching hole.  His lover obviously wanted to be fucked.  But that wouldn’t be now.


Alec cried out his pleasure, his hand tightening in his alpha’s hair.  The magic pulsing through his thighs was coursing throughout his body.  He couldn’t stop it when his fingers tightened in his warlock’s hair.  He wanted desperately to have his alpha fill him.  Not to make love to him, but to fuck him.  Hard.  He had never been fucked, but he wanted it, more than he wanted air.


Magnus didn’t take his eyes off his Shadowhunter.  He had gotten in the habit of watching him, watching his breathing.  He had come to learn that his lover never got winded in training, or hard combat, but in bed it was a different matter.  He had to make sure his angel stayed safe.


Licking from his base to tip of his cock one last time he sucked the head of his warrior’s dick into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it.  Using his warriors panting breaths and moans as a guide he sucked hard on the head, pressing his tongue against the vein on the underside.  He wouldn’t use magic here.  It would be too much.


Sliding his hand down his Shadowhunters left thigh he sought out the sweet spot there, the spot that would send pleasure straight to his prostate.  As he found it he circled it with his thumb, applying just a light amount of pressure.  Bobbing his head he took his lover’s cock deep down his throat, pushing a soft pulse of magic into that sweet spot.  His angel’s cries were perfection.  He sucked hard, hollowing out his cheeks as he rose from base to head and plunged back down, pushing another soft pulse into that sweet spot.  Over and over again he sucked up and plunged down his lover’s cock, pushing pulse after pulse of magic into his sweet angel, never taking his eyes off of him.  He watched as his Shadowhunter fell apart before his eyes, felt it as he gripped harder in his hair.


Alec didn’t know what to do, what to think.  His alpha was doing things faster than his mind could process them.  All he felt was pleasure, everywhere.  His body was just a bundle of nerves now, just receptors to the pleasure.  His alpha’s hot mouth on his cock was exquisite.  The magic he pushed into his thigh was breathtaking.  He fought to keep breathing as sensation after sensation crashed down on him.  The only clear thought that he had was that he wanted more.  He needed something inside him.


“Alpha, please!  Please fuck me.”  He begged, hoping he could get the words out.


His angel’s words echoed in his ears.  His Shadowhunter didn’t know that his body wasn’t ready to take his cock again, even though he wanted it.  His girth was too big, and it would hurt him.  But there was something he could give him.


Bobbing up and down on his lover’s cock he continued to push small pulses of magic into the pleasure point hitting his prostate with each plunge down.  With his free hand he snapped his fingers, lubing his hand.  As he sucked up and down his angel’s cock, keeping his rhythm in place, he gently stroked the tip of his finger over his Shadowhunters clenching hole.  He watched for a moment as his lover cried out his pleasure, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer.  Only his stamina rune had gotten him this far.


With a soft burst of magic at his warriors clenching hole, for he truly was a warrior, he gently pushed his finger in, curling it to directly stroke his angel’s bulging prostate.  The magic from his external stimulation already had it hardened.


With one last soft pulse of magic into his sweet Shadowhunters sweet spot he let up, gently caressing his thigh instead as his bobbed up and down on his lover’s cock while curling his finger gently over his prostate.  Too much pressure now would only cause pain.




The second he heard his angel scream his name he knew it was time.  He pulled of his cock as it erupted, ropes of cum covering Alec’s toned belly and thighs.  Taking his Shadowhunters cock firmly in hand he jerked it in time with his soft strokes against his angel’s prostate, doing as he had said he would, milking him for every last drop.


Gently easing his finger out of his angel’s still clenching hole he tugged gently, jerked Alec off until there was nothing left.  His lover was soaked with sweat and cum, gasping for breath as his haze covered blue eyes met his.  Exhaustion was clear on his face as aftershocks racked through him.


Alec didn’t know what had happened, he only knew that it was beyond any words he knew.  Somehow his alpha always managed to give him the best pleasure.  His head was spinning as he met his alpha’s eyes.  He didn’t know that he was covered in his own cum.  He only knew that he had gotten everything he had wanted and more.


“Magnus.”  He whispered.


“Shh, love.  It’s time for sleep now.”  Magnus said softly.  Snapping his fingers, he cleaned Alec up.


“Please hold me.”


“I will, sweetheart.  I promise.  You will wake up in my arms.”  He said, pressing his hand gently to Alec’s belly.


Alec felt the warmth of his warlock’s soft magic seeping into him, easing him into sleep.  He couldn’t fight his exhaustion, or the magic spreading through him.  With his alpha’s beautiful eyes on his, his fluttered closed.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 13

Truth, Trust, and Plans



Alec held the drawn rune in his hand, studying the paper.  He knew the tight script of his father by heart.  He had seen it hundreds of times on field reports.  There was no doubt in his mind that his father had drawn this rune, or that he had sent it, along with a lot more with it to his warlock.  But he still wasn’t sure that he trusted his father.  Not after everything else he had done.


“How do we know that this does what we think it does?  How do we know that if we use it, that it won’t strip us of all our runes?”  He asked.


“We don’t, sweetheart.  I understand your skepticism, but why else would he send it?  And the rest.  You saw for yourself what was in those crates.”


Alec laid the paper down on the counter and picked up the image Clary drew.  She had combined three runes, the alleged ‘breaking rune’, her breaking rune, and an iratze.  He didn’t understand the iratze.  He would have to ask her about it when she got up.  It was late, several hours before any of the others would be stirring.


He hadn’t meant to wake his alpha, but the nightmare that had ripped through him had him crying out.  Days before he had had this same dream, only to be woken before it was over.  The day his alpha had woken him and snapped the bone in his wrist by accident.  Now he had seen the full dream unfold.  But he wasn’t ready to talk about it yet.  And his alpha wasn’t pushing him.


“What if this rune is the rune that the Clave uses to strip a Shadowhunter of their runes.  All of them.  Like they’ve done in the past.  Like what you said about the Shadowhunters who mated omegas and were cast out into the mundane world? 


How do we know that my father isn’t working for the Clave?  And that all of this isn’t just a trap?  He came to you, begging you to find me.  You said the Clave has been looking for me, long since the Institutes search for me ended, but you don’t know why.  By now they have to know that I’m being hidden.  Me and my family.  They have to know were being hidden by someone with power, a warlock.  What if they just don’t know which one.  How else would you have been able to summon things out of the Institute without setting off the wards?  What if you could because they let you? 


And those crates.  How could just my father sneak those out?  There are dozens of them.  And how do we know that it wasn’t another warlock that portaled him out of the Institute and that he didn’t use Clary’s portal rune?  We’ve always kept her runes secret.  No one but us knows about them.  No one knows that Clary can create new runes.  There not even on paper at the Institute for someone to find.  Clary knows them all by heart.  Any sketches she makes are always destroyed.


For all we know they could have been watching when you went to that crate.  And what if that told them which warlock they were looking for?”


The thought of that made Magnus’ blood rune cold.  That thought had never crossed his mind when he had portaled to the address on that fire message.  His Shadowhunter was right.  It could have been a trap.  And knowing that one of his warlock’s may have betrayed him was almost more than he could bare.  But he would find out.  He would find out which one it was, if there was one. 


But he would have to move them soon.  All of them.  If his angel was right, the loft may longer be safe.  If he was right, they didn’t have a lot of time.  What if that Shadowhunter patrol that had set off his wards was doing more than a standard patrol?  Taking a deep breath, he threw out his magic, strengthening his wards, adding more layers, and alarms.  He would know if anyone got close, nephilim or downworlder, long before they got here.


“Say this is a trap, and that rune isn’t what we think it is.  If it is the rune that would strip a Shadowhunter of all their runes.  What exactly would it do?”  He asked.


“I don’t know for sure.  I’ve never seen it done.  I know breaking the angelic rune would strip them of all their runes at once.  It’s what anchors the rest of the runes to the body.  If it was stripped, they would lose everything.  They wouldn’t be able to see the Shadow World, or anything in it.  None of it.


You already know that they wouldn’t see downworlders or demons.  You said it yourself when you told us about the banished Shadowhunters.  A stripped Shadowhunter would just be a mundane, only a stronger one.  I think the only thing that they would be able to see is other nephilim, if they weren’t glamoured.”


“And if this rune was applied to a specific rune?”  He asked.


“I don’t know.  Not knowing what this rune does, I can’t say.”


“If a Shadowhunter was stripped of their runes, could the runes be reapplied?”  He asked.


“I would assume that the angelic rune would have to be reapplied first, to anchor the rest.  But if you were a deruned Shadowhunter, and had gone through the pain of being deruned, and from what little we do know about it, it is very painful, would you really trust someone who came to you and offered to give you your runes back?  How would they know that whoever came to them was there to help?  And not just torture them with something like the agony rune?”


“Then there’s always a chance that the angelic rune can’t be reapplied.  It’s possible that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.”  Izzy said behind them.


“What are you doing up, Iz?  It’s late.”  Alec said turning to his sister.


“Couldn’t sleep.  I was going to train for a bit, but I heard you talking.  I know our father sent you that, Magnus, but I don’t trust it.  You don’t know the father we grew up with.  After everything he’s done, and hasn’t done, I don’t trust him.


I know you want to, that you think he’s done everything he has to help Alec prepare for becoming an omega, but you don’t know everything there is to know.  About our childhood.  Especially Alec’s.”  She said.


Magnus looked at Alec questioningly. 


“You haven’t told him anything, Alec.  And that’s not fair.  To you or your alpha.  He deserves to know everything, especially if he thinks that he can in any way trust our father.”  She said, moving further into the room.


“Izzy, please.  Don’t.”  Alec pleaded, begging his sister.


“Do you know about his pneumonia, Magnus?  Or his fall?  Or what our mother did?”  She asked.


“No.”  Magnus lied.  He didn’t want them to know that he had heard her thoughts screaming at him that night.  But he didn’t know about the rest.  “Tell me, Isabelle.”


“It doesn’t matter, Iz.  It’s in the past.”  Alec begged.


“The past can affect the future, Alec.  It does matter if he thinks that he can trust our father.  If he trusts him, even a little, he needs to know why we don’t.”


“Iz, please.  Let it be.”


“I’m sorry big brother, I can’t.  If you won’t tell him, I have too.  For you.”  She said, her heartbreaking at the pain in her brother’s eyes.  She knew this would be hard for him.


Alec sighed, defeated.  He knew he wasn’t going to win this.  All he could do was brace himself for what was to come.


“Fine.  Tell him.  Just know, all you’re going to do is hurt me.”


Magnus rubbed his Shadowhunters back, wanting to comfort him.  He too could see the pain in his angel’s eyes.  The last thing he wanted to do was hurt his sweet omega, in any way, but he had to know once and for all if he could trust Robert Lightwood.


“Please tell me, Isabelle.  I need to know.”  He said.


Alec just closed his eyes, a tear sliding down his cheek.  Magnus moved to wipe it away, but Alec just flinched back from his alpha’s touch.  He didn’t want to be touched right now, not even by his alpha.


“When Alec was twelve, he came down with pneumonia.  He ignored it for weeks, refusing to go to the infirmary.  We begged him to go, but he wouldn’t.  And no one would make him.


One day when he came in for training, he was really bad off.  We all could see it.  He was too sick to train and we said as much, but he was adamant that he could train.  We refused to train with him, hoping that we could change his mind, get him to go back to bed.  But he wouldn’t listen.  He was going to train with or without us.  So we relented.  He didn’t know that we had agreed to go light on him.  Really light.


He was sparring with Jace.  Jace made sure he didn’t land any blows.  It didn’t take long before Alec could barely stand but he wouldn’t stop pushing.  Finally, Jace pulled back, refusing to spar anymore.  They started arguing.  Midway through a sentence Alec couldn’t catch his breath.  That was when he started coughing up blood.


He was on his knees when Hodge came in.  Clary had gone for help.  Hodge had been down the hall when she got to him.  I don’t think I had ever seen Hodge move so fast.  Somehow, he managed to catch Alec before he hit the floor and had him in the infirmary in minutes.  He wasn’t breathing, Magnus.”


Magnus’ heart stuttered to a halt.  The image of what his Shadowhunter had gone through was running through his mind.  A little boy coughing up blood, unable to breathe.


“They wouldn’t let us in, so we snuck in through the supply rooms back door.  Our father portaled in as they were putting a tube down Alec’s throat.  He had been away on business in Idris.  Hodge had sent him a fire message.  Yes, he came home come, but he had known Alec had been sick for weeks, and he did nothing to help him.


Hodge found us hiding and kicked us out.  But we were there when Alec’s heart stopped.  After that they wouldn’t let us in, not until the day Alec was released a week later.  Our father had already gone back to Idris.  Alec was alone when we finally got to see him.  He was still weak, but he was breathing.  He wasn’t coughing up blood anymore.  But my brother was still alone in the infirmary.  Our father had left him, alone.  He was a weak little boy in a room by himself.


The doctors released Alec later that day with strict orders of bedrest and no training.  No exertion at all.  He got one night before our mother dragged him back into the training room the next day.  No one stopped her.  And no one stopped him from training that day.  Not our father, not Hodge, nobody.  Not even we could stop him, so we trained with him.  It took him weeks to fully recover.”


“But he was there, Iz.  In the infirmary.  Every time I opened my eyes before they put me back to sleep, he was there, holding my hand.”  Alec said softly.


“For how long, Alec?  Did you know that he went back to Idris two days after Hodge carried you in there?  She asked.


“No.”  He whispered.


“He left you there, alone.  For a week.  You were critical.  You could have died, and no one was there with you.  Mom certainly wasn’t.  ‘She had an Institute to run’.  Izzy spat.


“Our father, the one your alpha wants to trust, just left you there.  Tell me, was he there when you finally woke up?  When they finally stopped putting you to sleep?  Was he with you?”




“Then a few months later Alec was up on the beam sparring with Raj.  Hodge called ‘time’.  All weapons are to be lowered when someone calls ‘time’.  Everything stops.  But Raj didn’t.  He hated Alec because Alec was better than him.  Alec was better than everyone.  He was the best.


They had been sparring with kendo sticks.  When Alec turned his back, Raj hit him behind the knees and he fell.  He fell thirty feet and hit the floor, hard.  We didn’t have mats back then.  Our mother thought they weren’t necessary even though every other Institute had them.  It took Alec a few minutes to come to.  Hodge had stabilized his neck and was waiting for help.  Alec tried to shake it off.  He said he was fine.


Hodge wanted him moved to the infirmary, to have him checked out.  He had hit his head when he hit the floor.  But Alec being Alec, he insisted there was no need, that he was fine.


Hodge looked him over, checked for any broken bones.  Alec had full range of motion and could count Hodge’s fingers in his peripheral vision.  We found out later that Alec didn’t tell him he was dizzy.  Or lightheaded.  He’s always been good at that.  Hiding the pain.


But he could walk a straight line and catch a kendo stick midair, so Hodge let him stay.


He went back up on the beam.  Two steps in he swayed and lost his balance.  When he fell again Hodge was there to catch him before the hit the floor a second time.


Alec was unconscious when Hodge carried him into the infirmary.  He had a skull fracture in two places.  Mom came down when the Silent Brothers came.  She wasn’t there ten minutes.


An hour later our father portaled in.  How long he was there I don’t know.  All I knew was that my big brother had suffered a major head injury and had bleeding on his brain.”


Magnus was clenching his fists, his nails digging into his palms.  His hatred for Shadowhunters seemed to grow more and more every day.


“Dad was there.”  Alec whispered.  “Just like before.  I remember waking up in pain.  It felt like my head was going to explode.  Everything hurt.  I couldn’t see very well.  Everything was blurry and out of focus, but dad was there.  He was telling me that it would be alright.  Just to relax and breathe.  He sounded really far away. 


I remember feeling my legs strapped down.  I couldn’t move.  And I remember when the doctor came in.  I don’t remember which one, but what felt like hours later the pain went away.  When I woke up again dad was still there, holding my hand.  I don’t remember what dad was saying, I just remember the doctor saying ‘We have to put him under.  He needs time to heal’.  I don’t know how long it took them to do what they were doing; I just remember dad squeezing my hand.  Then everything went black.”  Alec said, tears streaming down his cheeks.


Magnus was barely holding the demon in him back.  At that moment all he wanted to do was hold his Shadowhunter in his arms, make him sleep, so he could go burn the New York Institute to the ground, after he slowly peeled the skin off of everyone inside. 


He wanted to hunt down Robert Lightwood and rip out his beating heart.  He knew exactly where he was and who he was with, and it only fueled his rage. 


He knew his eyes were black.  He couldn’t hide it this time.  He was shaking, the demon inside wanting to consume him.


In that moment Izzy was afraid.  Afraid of her brother’s mate.  She shouldn’t have told him.  Any of it.  Her brother had begged her not to, but she did it anyway.  And now she regretted every word she had said. 


Magnus knew he couldn’t trust Robert Lightwood for anything now, and never would.  The sweet child he had known all those years ago had turned into a monster.  A monster who had abandoned his only son, again and again, when he had needed him most.


“Magnus.  Please calm down.  I know your angry, but please calm down.  For me.”  Alec pleaded.


The sound of his omega’s voice was like a soothing balm to his soul.  It snapped him back from the darkness that wanted to pull him under.  He blinked a few times, the black fading from his eyes.




His sweet Shadowhunter had given him the strength to force the demon inside of him back.  He took a deep, calming breath.


“I’m sorry.”  He whispered.  “I’m sorry you had to see that.”


Looking at Izzy he saw the fear in her eyes.  He was afraid to look at his angel, afraid of what he would see there.


He felt his Shadowhunter take his hand, squeezing it tight.


“Alpha, look at me.”  Alec said softly.


Magnus didn’t want to do it, but he couldn’t resist his Alexander.  Taking another deep breath, he turned to face his angel. 


What he saw there took his breath away.  There was no fear or judgement in is Shadowhunters beautiful blue eyes, only love and compassion.


“It’s okay.”


“You’re not afraid of me?”  Magnus asked, fear fluttering in his belly.


“No.  I could never be afraid of you.  You’re my alpha.  My mate.  My fated mate.”  He said, squeezing his warlock’s hand again.


Izzy was shocked by what she was seeing.  Her brother was accepting his mate for all that we was, the light and the dark.  In all her life, after everything her brother had done, had achieved, she had never been so proud of him.


In that instant she realized that she was no longer afraid.  She also knew that she would never again fear her brother’s mate.


She was a Shadowhunter.  She had faced more demons than she could count.  And greater demons.  While her brother’s alpha was half demon, he was strong.  He could beat it back.  With her brother by his side he wasn’t a threat, at least not to them, or his omega.


“Please, angel.  Tell me the rest.”  Magnus asked softly.


“Why?  Why does it matter?  It’s in the past.”


“It matters to me.  I need to know.  I need to know it all.”


Alec sighed.  He knew his alpha wouldn’t let this go.


“They put me in a drug induced coma.  For nine days so my body could heal itself.  When I woke up, it still hurt but it was manageable.”


“You woke up alone, didn’t you?” 


“Yes.  I was in and out of it a lot.  I don’t remember much.  They were giving me strong pain meds, trying to keep me comfortable.  They had me strapped down so I wouldn’t try and get up.  They do that.  A Shadowhunter is trained at a young age to always get up, to free themselves from anything that might be holding them down.  And when their hurt, in doing that they could make it worse.  So they strap you down.


I don’t know how long I was there.  But one day I woke up and Iz was there.”


“Twenty-seven days.”  Izzy said.  “Until you were fully healed.  The doctor didn’t want a repeat of the last time.  He wouldn’t release you until he was sure you were okay.”


“Twenty-seven days.”  Magnus said with a sigh, closing his eyes.


“The day after he fell mats were put in the training room.  Hodge was gone.  I don’t know where they sent him, but we had a new trainer from Alicante.


Raj was banned from training.  A few days later his family was transferred.  We haven’t seen them since.” 


“It took a while for the doctors to let me train again.  When I was released from the infirmary, I was bed bound.  My family came to see me everyday after the doctor left.  One would come everyday to make sure I was where I was supposed to be.


They eased me back into training.  A couple of hours at a time.  They were surprised when I picked up right where I left off, as though nothing had happened.  They were afraid that the injury, being as bad as it was, would hinder me.  But it didn’t.”  Alec said softly.


Magnus reached out, pulling his sweet Shadowhunter into his arms, holding him close.  He knew so much more about his omega now, how strong he was, how much he could endure, even when it cost him.  He understood now why he hated feeling helpless, why he hated feeling weak. 


He had always been left to suffer alone, when what he needed most was someone who loved him by his side, comforting him.  Something he had been denied.  His heart broke for the little boy that his Shadowhunter once was. 


He would never let anything like that happen again.  He wouldn’t.  His angel would never push or be pushed past his limits again.  He would never be ignored, his needs never going unmet.  Now he had someone to love him, to take care of him, to always be by his side, no matter what.  As he held his love in his arms, he made a promise to himself, his warrior would never be left alone again. 


“Will you tell me the rest?  About your mother?”


“No, alpha.  Not right now.”  Alec said, pressing his warlock’s nose to his neck.  He knew his scent would soothe him.  And that’s what he needed right now.  It was his turn to comfort his warlock.  “Another time.  I promise.”


Izzy knew her brother and his alpha needed this moment alone.  As quietly as she could, she slipped out, leaving them to comfort each other.




His alpha slept peacefully in his arms.  This time his scent had lulled his warlock to sleep.  It wasn’t hard to lead his precious alpha to bed.  He had exhausted himself fighting back the demon inside him. 


As he held his warlock safely in his arms, he couldn’t help but remember his dream.  The worst dream.  He didn’t trust his father.  Not in the least.  Not after remembering everything.  So he didn’t understand why he was bound with the others in his dream.  He couldn’t figure out why he was there, why he would be there.  And the woman and the man.  Who were they?


He hadn’t had a chance to tell his alpha about this dream, the dream that had pulled him from sleep just hours ago.  He remembered it clearly.


Fire.  Everything was burning.  Smoke clogged the air, making it hard to breathe.  People were screaming everywhere.  Screams that echoed in his ears.  He had lost count of the number of arrows he had let fly.  And with each one he let loose his heart broke a little more.  But he had to hold the line.  They had to hold the line, giving the others a chance to escape, to get to safety.


A ball of blue flame flew past him, his alpha fighting to stay at his side.  Dropping his bow, he pulled a seraph blade from his hip.  He got it up just in time.  The blades sang as they clashed together.  Pulling a dagger from his thigh holster he thrust it out, striking home, his attacker caught by surprise.  He went numb inside as his attacker fell, as the light faded from his eyes. 


He was killing his own kind, and it was killing him inside.  But he had no choice.  They had to hold the line.


Retrieving his bow, he let more arrows fly, side by side the blue balls of fire his alpha was throwing at his side.  Pain ripped through his parabati bond.  Clary was hurt but it wasn’t a mortal blow.  Turning his head for a split second, he saw her regain her feet, her short swords taking another life.   Turning quickly back to the fight he let another arrow fly, listening to the scream as it hit his target.  A man he once considered a friend dropped to his knees as he died.  He was tired, heart, mind, body, and soul.  But they had to hold the line.  He had to ignore the kick he felt inside.


‘We had to hold them back.  We couldn’t let them pass.  We were all that stood between them and hundreds of innocent lives.  My team was flanking me on both sides, to the right, my alpha, then Jace, then Izzy.  To my left, Simon, Clary, and Catarina.  More warlocks continued down each side, different colored fireballs flying.  We were the first wave, the first line of defense.  I could give the command to fall back, to allow the second wave to take our place.  But could I?  Could I risk more innocent lives?  Even those willing to fight.


I let another arrow fly, then another, but the kick inside brought me to my knees.  We had to hold this line.  We couldn’t let these people die.  People we swore to protect.  But I couldn’t ignore my children.  I knew I was struggling.  I couldn’t risk their lives.  I wouldn’t.  It took everything I had to give the command, my heart shattering in my chest.


“Fall back!  Second wave!”  I commanded, my voice strong and true, despite the fear deep inside.


Faster than I could blink werewolves flew past me as I held my swollen belly tight.  Seelie spears flew through the air, covering us as the first wave fell back.  I looked from side to side.  I saw the wounded, and the dead.  I was their leader, their commander, and I had let them die, because I couldn’t hold the line.


“Alexander!”  Magnus cried, dropping to his knees at my side.  “Where are you hurt, angel?  Tell me.”


“I’m okay.”  I whispered.  “I’m fine.  We’re fine.  At least on the outside.”


“Let’s get you out of here.”  He said, helping me to my feet.


“You can’t.  We have to hold the line.”


“We are, love.  We are.”  He said, cupping my cheeks and pressing his forehead to mine.  We were so close he felt the kick in my belly, he was pressed so close to mine. 


“Fall back!”  Came a cry from the other side.  “Retreat!”


“Do you hear that, sweetheart?  Their falling back.  Come with me.  Come with me now.”


Looking from side to side the first wave was falling back.  People I knew were moving to safety.  People I loved and trusted.  But some were missing.  Some had died.


“Where’s Catarina?  And Jace?”  I asked, tears stinging my eyes.


“I’m here.”  Jace called, jogging to my side.  “We have to get you out of here.  Can you walk?”


“Yes.”  I sighed, relieved that my brother was still alive. 


“Then let’s go.  We need to get you inside.”  He said, helping my alpha lead me away.  The battle cries were fading away behind me.


“Where are the others?”


“They’ve already gone back.  It’s just us.  Come on, Alec.  Let’s go.”  Jace begged, pulling desperately at my hand.




“She safe.  She went back with Clary.  We can’t account for everyone, Alec.  Not yet.”


“He’s right, love.  We need to get you inside.  Somewhere safe.”  Magnus said.  “If you won’t walk, we’ll carry you.”


“I can walk.  I’m coming.”  I said, feeling defeated.  Letting them lead me back to shelter I felt the kick beneath my hand on my belly.  ‘This battle we may have one.  But what about the next?’  I thought.


Pain ripped through my belly and I cried out.


“Magnus!  The babies!”


Before I could speak another word I was in my alpha’s arms, my head spinning from the pain.


“It’s alright, sweetheart.  Everything is going to be fine.  Just breathe.”  He said, trying to sound calm.  But I knew he wasn’t.  That was my last thought before it all turned black.’


A single tear slid down my cheek.  I don’t know when my hand reached my belly, holding it protectively.  I knew my children would be there, and I was terrified.


I knew I wouldn’t sleep anymore that night.  Too many things were racing through racing through my mind.  Memories of the past.  Thoughts of what I knew where the future.  The fear I felt for the lives I would carry inside me.  No.  I wouldn’t sleep anymore tonight.  I couldn’t handle the dreams.  I couldn’t handle another glimpse of what was to come.  I couldn’t watch my children die.






“Hmm?”  Alec asked, snapping out of his thoughts. 


Soft sunlight filtered through the curtains.


“Are you alright, love?”  Magnus asked.


“I’m fine.”  He lied.


The look in my alpha’s eyes told me that he didn’t believe me.


“You didn’t sleep, love.  Did you?”  He asked.




“Bad dreams again?”


“Sort of.”


“Do you want to tell me about it?  You know we need to talk them through.”


“Not right now.  I can’t.” 


Magnus reached up, wiping the tear from his Shadowhunters cheek.  He didn’t miss the hand his young warrior held protectively against his belly.


“You need to sleep, love.  Your tired.”


“I can’t.”  He whispered.


Climbing out of bed Magnus crossed to the cabinet next to the door.  Pulling it open he searched through the vials.  Finding the one he needed he pulled it out.  Turning around he saw his sleepy Shadowhunter watching him.  His heart broke at the haunted look in his eyes.  ‘Yes.  He defiantly needs sleep’ he thought.  ‘But he won’t go easily.’


Crossing back to him Magnus took his usual seat by Alec’s side.


“You need to rest, angel.  I’m sorry.  I should have looked after you last night.”


“You don’t always have to look after me, alpha.  Sometimes you need looking after too.”


“Fair enough.  But you’ve barely slept.  Will you take this for me?”


“What is it?” 


“It will help you sleep.  Without dreams.”  He said softly, brushing a lock of raven hair out of Alec’s eyes.


He knew what was keeping his omega awake.  He knew he was afraid.  Afraid of what he might see.  We would have to talk about what he had already seen, but right now it could wait.


“I wasn’t hurt.  But the babies…”  He trailed off, tears streaming down his cheeks.


“Shh, sweetheart.  It’s okay.  We don’t have to talk about this now.”


“We were protected.  But they still weren’t safe.”  He whispered.


My heart sank at his words.  ‘We were protected.  But they still weren’t safe’.  That changed things, and I knew it.  He’d had a protected womb, and it wasn’t enough.


“Hush now, love.  We’ll take care of it.  Everything is going to be fine.  I promise.”


“How can you say that?”  He asked.


“Your having these dreams for a reason, love.  I don’t think your Angel is giving you these dreams to frighten you.  I think he’s giving you them to you so you can change things.  The more we know, the more we can change.  Now please, will you drink this for me?”


“Will you sit with me?  Until I fall asleep?”


“Of course, sweetheart.  For as long as you need.”


“Okay.”  He said, sitting up, wiping the tears from his cheeks.


Pulling the cork from the vial Magnus handed it to him.  Alec didn’t hesitate to take it.  Handing the vial back Alec blinked.  Once, twice, his eyes starting to droop.  Guiding him back gently, Magnus settled his omega into his pillows, tucking the duvet around him.  With a deep sigh his angel’s eyes fluttered closed, a protective hand still on his flat belly.


Watching as his breathing became deep and even, he couldn’t help but place his hand over his Shadowhunters.  ‘We will find a way to keep our children safe’ he thought.  ‘We will find a way.’




“I can’t believe we almost fell for it.”  Clary declared, tossing the image of Robert Lightwood’s rune on the coffee table.  “And I can’t believe I almost helped him.”


“It’s not your fault, biscuit.  I fell for it too.”  Magnus said, pacing the room.


“So what do we do now?”  Jace asked, fury bubbling in his blood.  “Track him down and rip his spine out?”


“I’m for that one.”  Izzy said.


“No.  We have to keep a level head.  Assuming Alec’s theory is right, we know we can’t trust your father.”  Simon said.


“I no longer consider that son of a bitch my father!”  Jace exclaimed.


“I wasn’t done.”  Simon said smoothly.  He was used to Jace’s temper.  “Assuming Alec’s theory is right, and that Robert is working with the Clave to find him, and that Robert or the Clave or whoever used that storage crate as a way to lure Magnus out, to find out who was helping him, what’s the next step?  Every Shadowhunter and downworlder in New York knows where to find The High Warlock of Brooklyn.  So what’s the next step?”


“Just because Magnus was the one who went to that storage crate doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s the one hiding Alec.  All it means is that a downworlder is helping Alec.  Isn’t any downworlder hiding an omega Shadowhunter going to go through Magnus if there’s any sort of risk?  To be safe, right?”  Clary asked.


“That’s a valid point, biscuit.  But we can’t count on that.  Robert Lightwood knows that I at least have some sort of idea where Alexander is.  He would have known that when I let him know that Alexander was safe.  And in the note he sent to me he said ‘hide my son’.  That could be a message he expected me to relay.  But I don’t believe that.  I think Robert, and now possibly the Clave, knows perfectly well that you all are under my protection.  And me going to that crate just proved it.”  Magnus said, still pacing. 


“We’re safe enough for now.  My wards were thick to begin with.  I strengthened them when Alec got here.  And I strengthened them again last night, so it would take, what is it the mundanes call it, a ‘miracle’?  It would take a miracle for them to get through them.  The way there set up now a nephilim can’t get within a hundred-foot radius of here without me knowing it.”


“Then what?”  Izzy asked.  We fight our way out?”


“No.”  Clary said.  “We portal our way out.  Magnus, how long would it take you to get everything warlock that you need together?”


“A finger snap.” He said.  “But there is something that I’m working on that would need to be moved delicately.”


“And what’s that?”  Izzy asked.  “What’s so important that you couldn’t move it quickly?”


“Oh I could move it quickly, it would just have to be moved carefully.”


“You didn’t answer my question.”


Magnus sighed.  He couldn’t tell them about the immortality potion yet.  He’d promised his omega that he could make the call on when they should know.


“A potion.  A powerful one.”


“For Alec?”  She asked.


“Yes.”  It wasn’t technically a lie.  He was creating it for his Shadowhunter. 


“Iz, how long would it take you to get our weapons ready to go?  I don’t want to leave anything behind.  If the Clave is coming after Alec, were going to need everything we’ve got.  We need enough set aside to arm ourselves, and Alec.  The rest we can get ready to go.  Wherever were going to go.”  Clary said.


“A couple hours.”  Izzy said.


“That’s not necessary, ladies.  I can transport that in a finger snap too.  Just get together what you want left out and I can move the rest.”  Magnus said.


“And what about Alec?  He’s sleeping now, but you haven’t told us what’s going on with him Magnus.”


Magnus was torn.  He didn’t want to tell them about his sleeping angel’s dreams, but they already knew he was having nightmares, and had been for a while.


“He’s a capable fighter, Isabelle.  You’ve seen that firsthand since the day he stepped foot in the training room.”


“He is.”  She conceited.  “But he’s still not one hundred percent.  He’s close, but he’s not there yet.” 


“Is he ready to fight if necessary?”  Magnus asked, holding his breath.


“He was born ready.  The one thing our father did right, as cruel as it was, was start his training early.  He knows moves even we don’t know yet.  And he never misses with his bow.  Never.  Now, answer the damn question.”  She demanded.


Magnus stopped pacing, turning to the group of Shadowhunters gathered in his living room.  Of all the Shadowhunters in the world, of all of the Shadowhunters he had ever known, he had never trusted any the way he trusted them, something he thought would never happen.  The only one he trusted more was his Shadowhunter.  He could trust them with this.


“We don’t think Alexander’s dreams are just nightmares.  We think their visions.  From where, we don’t know, but he believes there from your Angel, like Clary’s runes.  He believes her ability to create new runes is a gift from your Angel.”


“He’s said that before.  When I first started seeing them.  And that’s what happened at first.  I would see them, right before my eyes.”  Clary said softly.


“Visions?”  Jace asked.  “Of what?”


“Of war.”  Magnus sighed.  “War against the Clave.  Or at least part of it.  So far, he hasn’t seen much, but what he has seen…”  Magnus stopped.  “We’ll get to that when the time comes.  I just know that he keeps having the same dreams, over and over again.  He thinks their warnings.  Warnings of what’s to come.”


“Okay.  But that doesn’t explain why they scare him so much.  Alec doesn’t get scared.  He wasn’t scared in the Dark War.  He’s never been afraid in combat, and we’ve faced some nasty demons, Magnus.  So what gives?  What can be so bad that it brings the strongest, bravest Shadowhunter there is to his knees?”  Izzy asked.  She wasn’t going to let this go.


“His children.”  Magnus said softly.  “In every dream he’s had, he’s pregnant.  And in everyone our unborn children die.”


The room fell silent.  You could hear a pin drop.


“Claim him.”  Izzy demanded.  “Claim him so he’s protected.”


“It’s not that simple.”


“Make it that simple.”


“Why?  Why isn’t it that simple?”  Clary asked.  “You have the power to give him immortality.”


“It can only be done at certain times, biscuit.  If I claim him before his next heat, he wouldn’t survive it.  We don’t know why it works that way, but after centuries of experience, after countless useless deaths, we found it to be what it is.  A death sentence.”


“So, for the sake of argument, why are we going to war against the Clave?  Sure, there evil bastards that have been killing off their own kind for centuries, and they deserve their day of reckoning, but why a war?”  Simon asked.


“Your guess is as good as mine at this point.”  Magnus said.  “He wasn’t ready to talk about this last dream this morning.  I’ll talk to him when he wakes up, get more details.  But that’s not the issue right now.  We can figure out the why and how later.  The important thing now is that I find a way to keep you all safe.”


“Don’t you mean we find a way to keep us all safe?”  Izzy asked.  “I’m sorry, Magnus, but we’re a team.  A family.  And your part of it.  You’re my brother’s mate.  His alpha.  That makes you family.  And we do things as a family. 


Alec will always be our leader; he leads this team.  First, he built this family, then he built this team.  He is the foundation on which we stand. 


You may be a powerful warlock, and that’s a big bonus for us.  You can bring something to the table that we’ve never had before.  But everything we do, we do together.  Alpha, no alpha.  Warlock, no warlock.  Everything we do, we do at his command. 


I’ve said this to my brother before.  He’s Rockstar.  We’re just his groupies.  If he thinks a war is coming, a war is coming.  So we all prepare to fight.  We work together.  And when the time comes, he will lead us.  Because that’s who he is.  That’s what he does.  Having said that, I fully expect that you’ll be fighting by his side.  One of us will just have to step down the line, making this team of five to a team of six.”


Magnus didn’t know what to say.  Isabelle’s words had rocked him to his core.  His sweet omegas team, his family, had just invited him in.


“Okay.”  Was all he could manage to say, trying desperately to hide the tears stinging his eyes.


“Now.  If the Clave is after our brother, which we have every reason to assume they are, right down to the man we once considered our father, it has to be because Alec is an omega.  They want him.  To hurt him.  If that rune does what we think it does, it proves that.”  She said, pointing at the rune drawing on the table.  “I will not risk the lives of my future nieces or nephews.  None of us will.  If it takes war to protect them, so be it.”


“Magnus, how do we get out of here?  And where do we go?”  Jace asked.


“I know a place.  A place we’ll be safe.”  He said.  “But I have to get it ready.  That will take a little time.  And I need to find out if one of my warlocks portaled Robert out of the Institute.  But I can’t leave Alexander here unprotected.”


“He won’t be unprotected.  He has us for that.”  Simon said.  “Not that he needs much protecting.  Rather he’s at one hundred percent or not, he’s still Alec Lightwood, the one Shadowhunter you don’t want to mess around with.”


“But were still only six.  Six against the Clave?  That’s not going to be easy.”  Clary said.


“No.  It’s not.  We’re going to need an army.  And I know just where to find one.”  Magnus said, determination sparkling in his eyes.  ‘There’s just one thing that has to be dealt with first’ he thought.


He would take them there.  He had wanted to wait.  Wait until his Shadowhunter was truly back to his old self.  But now he knew it didn’t matter if his omega was all the way there or not, he didn’t have to be.  He had five people who would die to protect him standing by his side. 


“It’s settled then.  We’ll start getting things ready on our end, Magnus.  And you should start getting things ready on yours.  The only thing that I may thank Robert Lightwood for as he draws his last breath is stocking us up.  We’re going to need what’s in those crates, and everything Iz can create.”  Jace said.


“I’ll hit the forge now.  Forge as much as I can.  How much time do I have, Magnus?”  Izzy asked.


“A few days.  Maybe a week.  I should have everything done by then.  I will fill Alexander in when he wakes up.  And get the latest details of this last dream.  And I’ll find out if a warlock has betrayed me.  And if one did, their mine.  Team or no team, you can’t stop me.”  He said.


“Why should we try?  Warlocks are your thing, Magnus.  Do what you have to do.”  Clary said with a shrug.


“That’s that then.”  Jace said.  “Let’s get to work.  Simon, you’re with me.  Clary, see if you can’t come up with some new runes.  Especially a breaking rune that will break our tracking runes.  One thing that Magnus was right about, we don’t know for sure that the Clave can’t still track us with them rather there active or not.”


“On it.  Magnus, you said that you left a ‘hole’ in the wards around Idris.  A way that you can portal people in and out.”  She said.


“I’m not sending you in, biscuit.”  Magnus said, adamant.


“And I’m not asking you to.  I’m asking you to use that ‘hole’.”




“I want you to bring something out.  Can you do that?  Without setting off the wards?”


“I should be able to.  Again, I ask.  Why?”  He asked, unsure.


“The Clave has to have a record of all the runes they use somewhere in Alicante.  I would imagine that it’s something like our Grey Book.  I want to know what they have, what they use.  And whatever you find, I want you to take it.  Right out from under them.”


“And how am I supposed to do that?”


“By walking through the front gates.  As Robert Lightwood.”


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Chapter Text

Chapter 14




Not Intended for readers under the age of 18


A/N:  Just a heads up to make reading easier, some of the more intimate parts of this chapter switch back and forth between Alec and Magnus’ perspectives.


“I don’t know if I like this plan, Magnus.”  Alec said, studying the four vials simmering on low heat on Magnus’ workbench.


“It’s simple enough, love.  I go in glamoured.  I think I can produce one powerful enough.”


“You think?  Or you know?”


“I can work on it, sweetheart.  I can make sure the glamour will hold.  Once I have it perfected, I can go in.  Just like Clary said.  Right through the front gates.  You’ll have the perimeter.  Shielded, like we discussed.  Nothing will penetrate the shields.  Everyone will be safe.  While their distracted, fighting the best Shadowhunter team in the world, which I’m sure they’ll throw everything they have at, I’ll get the book Clary’s after, and portal out.  Once I’m outside the gates, we’ll portal to the safehouse.  We’ll be protected there.  I swear.”


“And this will give them immortality?”


“Once it has the final ingredient, and cured, I believe it will.  We won’t move until we’re certain.”  Magnus said, softly rubbing his Shadowhunters back.  He had been in knots for days since he had heard the plan.


His angel had finally opened up about his dream.  They had discussed it in detail.  The one thing they weren’t sure on was if Alec was still mortal during that battle.  Yes, he walked away unharmed.  But was that because he was immortal and his wounds healed quickly, or because he was just that good.


“So with this, with immortality, if they get injured they would heal like warlock’s do?  Quickly and on their own, without iratzes?”


“Yes, love.  They would heal in seconds.  Only a mortal blow would actually harm them, and often times even those can be healed with magic if there attended to in time.”


“And your certain that none of the other warlock’s helped my father get out of the Institute?”


“I am.  I questioned them all under the use of a truth serum.  None of them resisted me.”


“That’s more than a hundred warlocks, Magnus.  Your sure you got them all?”


“Yes, love.  I am.  I know every warlock in the world.  I would have gotten back sooner but there were a few I had to track down.”


“Were they hiding?”


“No.  Most every warlock has a mundane life, like Catarina.  They have to eat too.”  Magnus said, trying his best to reassure his exhausted omega. 


He had been training all day.  It was breathtaking to watch him in action.  He had thought it was the most beautiful and graceful thing he had ever seen the day he had watched his sweet angel use his bow, but he had been wrong.  Watching as he had flown through the air, twisting and flipping, weapons in hand, only to land on his feet and hit his target with a flying dagger had stole the very breath from his lungs.


His Shadowhunter had been training hard.  He had wanted to make sure he was at his best for what they were about to do.  Even though they would be magically protected when they faced the gates of the sacred city, he didn’t want to miss a beat, and neither did his team.  They trained night and day, stopping only to eat and sleep.  To say they were deadly was a gross understatement.


“And Isabelle still has everything she needs for forging?”  He asked.


“Yes.  I’ve never seen her produce weapons this fast.  Or so many new ones.  It will take practice to learn to use them all.  When we go in, we’ll be fully loaded.”  Alec said, looking up from the vials to meet his alpha’s eyes.  Their eyes locked, tired crystal blue meeting tired chocolate brown.


“This is going to work, Alexander.”


“I know.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  I don’t want to kill anyone we don’t have to.”


“I know, sweetheart.”  Magnus said, pulling his Shadowhunter into his arms.


Alec took a deep breath of his’s alpha’s soothing scent.  With each breath he felt the tension he had been carrying ease as he started to relax.


“So you just need one more thing?”  He asked, pulling back.  He had wanted to stay in his alpha’s arms, badly. 


He wanted to let his scent soothe him into sleep.  Sleep he hated but he knew he needed.  The only peaceful sleep he got these days was after his alpha made love to him and made him drink the potion.


“Yes, angel.  You just have to promise me one thing.  That you’ll be extra careful.  They will be immortal.  You won’t be.  Not until your next heat.


Once I claim you, I think things will change.  I think your dreams will change.  I really believe your only seeing what’s going to happen while you’re still mortal.”


Alec sighed, defeated, pressing his forehead to his alpha’s.


“And we’ll still be able to use our runes?”


“I believe so.  You will still be nephilims, love.  You will just be immortal nephilims.”


“Okay.  Let’s do this.”


“It won’t take much.  I promise.  Just one drop for each vial.”  Magnus said, lifting Alec’s hand for a kiss. 


Pulling Alec a step forward towards the workbench he pick up a small knife.  He looked into his Shadowhunters eyes.  What he saw there told him all he needed to know.  He was ready.  He wanted to do this. 


“It’ll only hurt for a second.”  He said, pressing a shallow cut into Alec’s finger. 


Alec didn’t flinch when the blade pierced his skin.  This wasn’t pain to him.  His pain was for his team, his family.  They had all wanted to do this.  But he wasn’t sure that they wanted to do it for the right reasons. 


Yes, he wanted them with him after his alpha claimed him, having them forever.  But he wasn’t sure that they really wanted to live forever.  He wasn’t sure if they were doing this because it was something they really wanted, or if they were doing it just to win this fight.


Magnus squeezed his Shadowhunters finger gently as he moved from vial, letting a single drop of blood fall into each one.  He knew that his young warrior was struggling with this.  He knew that he had wanted to present the choice of immortality to his family under different circumstances.  He knew he had wanted them to want it, not need it.  And it was breaking his angel’s heart.


Alec watched as the last drop fell into the fourth vial.  With a swift movement his alpha ran his thumb over the cut on his finger, healing it.


“When will it be ready?”


“It has to cure overnight.  Come now.  It’s late.  You’ve had a long day of training and need to rest.”  Magnus said, raising his loves hand to his lips for another soft kiss.


“I’m not tired.”


“Don’t do that, angel.  We both know that’s not true.”  He said softly.


Alec sighed.  His alpha was right.  He was tired.  But he wasn’t ready to sleep.  Not yet.


“Will you take me to bed?”


Magnus smiled.  Even when his warrior was utterly exhausted, he still craved the comfort of his alpha’s touch, of his alpha taking him, and the dreamless sleep that would come after.


“Yes, sweetheart.  I’ll take you to bed.”  He said, pulling his Shadowhunter in for a gentle kiss.




Magnus slowly pulled his angel’s shirt over his head.  He couldn’t help but stop to take in the beauty before him.  His Shadowhunter had regained the weight he had lost during his illness and turned it all into muscle.  His six-pack looked even more delicious than it had before.


He dropped to his knees.  He wanted to trace each line and curve of it with his tongue.  He gently tugged his Shadowhunters pants down an inch, just an inch.  He wanted full access for what he was about to do. 


Alec moaned softly as his alpha’s tongue traced the outline of the first muscle in his belly.  He slid is hands into his alpha’s hair, just the way his alpha liked it.  To both pleasure his warlock and to help hold himself up.  On the second pass of his alpha’s tongue his head fell back.  The pleasure was incredible, pulsing through him from each touch of his warlock’s tongue. 


With each lick against the sensitive muscles in his belly the tighter he gripped his alpha’s hair.  He bit hard into his bottom lip to hide his moans.  His alpha hadn’t silenced the room yet.


Magnus felt his Shadowhunters legs shake as he traced his tongue across the third muscle in his firm belly.  ‘Lilith, he tastes so good’ he thought.  He also knew that his sweet omega was fighting desperately to silence himself.  With a snap of his fingers every sound outside the room disappeared.


“Thank the Angel.”  Alec breathed.


Smiling, Magnus pressed a soft kiss to Alec’s firm belly.  He was nowhere done tasting his Shadowhunter, but he needed to get him off his feet before his legs gave out.  Climbing to his feet he wrapped his arm around his angel’s waist when he swayed.


“Let’s get you to bed.”  He whispered softly in Alec’s ear before he sucked his earlobe into his mouth, biting softly at the tender flesh.


“Yes.  Please.”  Alec breathed as a shiver of pleasure ran through him when his warlock bit softly on his ear.


Guiding his Shadowhunter by his hips he pushed him backwards towards the bed.  When the back of his knees hit the mattress, he sat him down gently. 


Alec pressed his head to his alpha’s belly, grateful to be off his feet.  He had been sure that he was going to fall before his warlock grabbed him.  His head had been spinning from the pleasure his alpha had been giving him.  He didn’t understand how something as simple as his alpha’s tongue softly tracing the muscles in his belly could feel so good.  But his alpha always gave him the most breathtaking pleasure, so he didn’t question it.  He just filed it away as something he wanted to do to his warlock later.




“Shh, love.  Just let me take care of you tonight.”  Magnus said, running his hands through his Shadowhunters hair.  Alec sighed softly.  His alpha knew how much he loved it when he did that.


Alec felt the rest of his tension melting away.  Lifting his head, he reached for Magnus’ belt.  He knew his warlock could undress them both in a finger snap, but he had come to find that he liked peeling his warlock out of his clothes.


As the belt and top button of his pants came undone Magnus couldn’t help but hold his breath.  While it was considerably faster to just snap their clothes off, he found that his angel’s desire to undress him, and take his time, was far more enjoyable.


“Breathe, Magnus.”  Alec whispered as he slid his warlock’s zipper down.


Magnus let out the breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. 


“That’s right.”  Alec crooned before pressing a soft kiss to his warlock’s belly just above the waistline of his boxers.


Gripping his warlock’s pants and boxers in both hands he tugged them down, just a few inches, revealing the deep V in the in muscles beneath his alphas toned abs, a lovely V that trailed beneath the silk boxers he always wore.  He slowly traced the left side with his tongue, then the right, listening to the soft moan that escaped his warlock.


“You taste good, alpha.”  He murmured.


Magnus couldn’t hold back the moan that slipped through his lips.  He didn’t understand how such gentle touches from his Shadowhunter could feel so, so good.  His young warrior’s soft words almost brought him to his knees.  ‘Lilith, he’s going to be the death of me’ he thought.


“If you keep that up, sweetheart, your going to have to hold me up.”


Alec couldn’t help but smile as he pressed a soft kiss in the middle of the lines of the V below his alpha’s belly.  He was beyond happy to know that he could bring his warlock pleasure too.


Gripping his alpha firmly by the hips he lifted him, turning him quickly, leaving his shocked warlock flat on his back on the soft bed before he knew what hit him.


“Lilith!  How do you do that?”  Magnus breathed as his omega straddled his hips.


“Shadowhunter.  Remember?”


“Oh how I love that Shadowhunter strength.”  He said as Alec claimed the tender flesh of his neck, pressing soft, sucking kisses to the side.  He sighed, tilting his head to give his sweet angel better access.


Pressing soft, biting kisses to his warlock’s exposed neck and throat, Alec slid his hands up under his alpha’s shirt, moving them slowly up his firm belly and beautiful abs.  He didn’t know that his soft touches had pleasure coursing through his warlock.  A secret that hadn’t yet been revealed to him.


“You’re getting really good with that mouth, Alexander.”  Magnus said when Alec sucked his earlobe gently into his mouth, biting down softly.


All Alec had to go on was what he enjoyed that his alpha did to him.  He had yet to branch out.  He wanted to give his lover more pleasure, but he wasn’t sure how.  Or how to ask.


“Clothes.”  He whispered before claiming his alpha’s mouth in a fierce, passionate kiss. 


In a finger snap they were both naked and he was fighting his warlock for dominance.  Their tongues danced like their lives depended on it, and It couldn’t have been sweeter.


Magnus thought his Shadowhunter would never ask him to shed them of their clothing.  ‘He must be impatient tonight’ he thought, smiling through the kiss.  It was breathtaking.  For an instant when his omega had claimed him, his bind had gone blank.  His angel was growing bolder and it thrilled him, but he had to breathe.


Running his hands gently up from his warriors hips he pushed a soft pulse of magic through his thumbs into his Shadowhunters firm belly.


Alec gasped at the sudden pleasure that shot through his veins, pulling back to revel in it.  It rocked him every time his alpha did that, and his alpha knew it.


“Not fair.”  He whispered, fighting to catch his breath as the dregs of pleasure faded away.  His alpha had been light with it, this time.


“You know you love it.”  Magnus chuckled, sitting them both up.  Once again Alec was caught between two hard dicks, his warlock’s and his own.  “I can do it again if you’d like.”  He whispered, his forehead pressed to his angel’s.


“I would.  But how am I supposed to compete with that?”


“Compete with what, love?  There is no competition here.  I love brining you pleasure.  It’s the highlight of my day.”  He said softly, pulling his Shadowhunter close.


“You pleasure me, but I don’t pleasure you.”  Alec whispered, his head on his warlock’s shoulder.


“That’s not true, sweetheart.”  Magnus said, pushing Alec back so he could meet his eyes, crystal blue locking on chocolate brown.  “You bring me pleasure every day.  Seeing you smile, hearing you laugh, your wonderful kisses, and the touch of your hands.  They all bring me to my knees, especially your kisses and soft touches.  They are unlike anything I have ever felt before.  And having you beneath me is the most exquisite thing in the world.  The feel of your body, your soft skin and perfect muscles.  The grip of your hands on my back when you let yourself go and feel the pleasure. 


And the knowledge that one day you will carry our children inside you.  You are the greatest gift ever given to me.  Far more than I have ever deserved and no matter what happens, I will always cherish those things, and you, and all of our sweet moments and every memory me make.


So please don’t feel like you don’t pleasure me, love.  Because you do.  Just a brush of your hands against my skin takes my breath away.”


“Do you really mean that?”  He asked, uncertainty shining in his blue eyes.


“Every word, angel.  You are still learning what you find enjoyable when we make love, and we have all the time in the world for you to learn the same of me.  Just know that everything we do here, means more to me than words can say. 


Just having you here gives me more pleasure than you could possibly imagine.  And watching you, watching you take the pleasure I give you, thrills me.  I love watching you come undone.  And knowing that I can do that for you, that I can give you that, is better than any sexual experience that I’ve ever had.


In just being who you are and doing what you do trumps more than 800 years of experience.  You are the love of my life.  You are perfection.  You are strength and beauty.  And in here, when it’s just us, what we have is more than words can say, so please don’t think you don’t pleasure me because it’s just not true.  A single kiss from you brings me to my knees.”


“I just don’t feel like I’m giving you what you need.”


“You are, love.  You do.  I don’t know how else to say it.  You give me pleasure like no other.  I love the way your hands feel on me.  I love the way I feel when I fill you.  Or when you take me in your hand.  It’s perfection.  It’s like you were made just for me. 


I love to hear your soft moans.  Your cries of pleasure.  The way you pull my hair when you enjoy yourself.  My magic in here is just a bonus.  I know that with or without it, our lovemaking will always be earth shattering, because for me, it already is.”  He said, kneading the tense muscles in his Shadowhunters lower back.


“Waking up to you, snuggled up in my arms, makes me feel like the luckiest man alive.  And watching you, throughout the day, especially when you train, even when my heart lurches in fear when you flip and fly through the air, its stunning.  It makes me want to pull you from what your doing and take you then and there.”


“How am I ever supposed to concentrate on my tumbling after that?”  Alec asked with a chuckle.  “I may have to stop letting you watch me train.”


“It’s not just your tumbling that takes my breath away, Alexander.  You are a warrior and watching you as you practice your art and hone your skills, it’s like watching a masterpiece take form.”


“No one has ever seen me that way.”


“No one that you know about, angel.  I am sure that there have been countless Shadowhunters, both male and female, that have thought the exact same thing.  You just didn’t know it.”  He whispered softly, sliding his hands down to caress Alec’s bare ass.


“Now you’re just trying to distract me.”  Alec sighed as the pleasure of his alpha’s touch coursed through him, a tingle running up and down his spine.


“No, love.  I’m not.  But I can.”  He said, placing a hand on Alec’s flat belly and pushing another soft pulse of magic into him.


Alec gasped and bit softly into his warlock’s shoulder to muffle his cries.  The pleasure that shot through him had pulsed throughout his body, taking his breath away.  His breath hitched in his lungs at the strain.


“Breathe, sweetheart.”  Magnus breathed, softly stroking Alec’s back.


The feel of his Shadowhunter biting into his shoulder stole his own breath.  He felt his hardened cock jump at the pleasure that ran rampant through him, forcing himself to speak the words to encourage his young warrior to draw in air.


Alec slowly regained his wits, and his ability to breathe.  Once he was sure he could speak again he felt shame for hurting his alpha.


“I’m sorry.  Did I hurt you?”


“No, love.  Don’t ever apologize for something like that.  That was nothing more than a love bite.”  Magnus said before flipping his sweet omega onto his back, settling between his muscular legs.


“Now, all this talk of pleasure has me wanting to give you more.”  He said, reclaiming Alec’s lips in a soft but passionate kiss.  His angel opened quickly when he licked at his bottom lip, seeking entrance.  ‘Lilith, will he always taste this good?’ he thought as his tongue met his lovers. 


This kiss wasn’t a fight for dominance.  It was a kiss that spoke of love, of tenderness. 


He ran his hands softly down Alec’s sides, pushing just a touch of magic into his caress, knowing full well the combination of his magic and the pleasure his Shadowhunter felt at the touch of his hands would be intense, but he wanted it to be.  He wanted to make his Shadowhunter scream and cry out in pleasure tonight.  Just as he wanted to ensure that he gave into his own pleasure for his sweet omega, to reassure him that they pleasured each other.


Alec lost his breath during the sweet kiss when his warlock had pushed his beautiful magic down his rib-cage and sides.  He had to pull away from the kiss, gasping for breath.  He had never known how sensitive that part of his body was before his alpha.  It had certainly never felt that way before in training.


“That’s it, angel.  Just focus on breathing.”  Magnus murmured, pressing his lips to his love’s neck, softly tracing the rune there with his tongue.  He loved his warrior’s runes.  He also loved exploiting them in bed.


Alec tilted his head and moaned softly as his alpha traced the rune at his check with his tongue.  He gasped out his pleasure when he took quick nips and pressed soft kisses at the sensitive skin.  He wanted to move.  He wanted to hold onto his warlock.  But he couldn’t.  He had been caught off guard, his mind spinning in the best possible way.


Using his fingertips Magnus softly stroked his fingers back up Alec’s sides, caressing him gently.  He used no magic this time.  He didn’t want to overload his young warrior.  He wanted to give him a chance to regain his breath before he took him further. 


As his angel moaned softly at his tender kisses, he took harder nips and bites at his Shadowhunters neck, flicking his tongue out to make it more pleasurable.  Gently tilting his omega’s chin to face him he pressed his lips softly to his loves.


“Alexander, love.  Look at me, sweetheart.”  He said softly.


Alec blinked, willing his head to stop spinning and his fuzzy mind to focus.  He had lost himself in the pleasure.  He always did.


“That’s right.  Look at me.”  Magnus crooned, watching as his Shadowhunters hazed eyes met his, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.  “You’ve been asking me for something for the past few days.  Can you tell me what that is?”


Alec swallowed hard before he could speak.


“To fuck me.  I want you to fuck me.”  Alec whispered.


“That’s right, love.  You have.  You’re not ready for that, not yet.  But would you like to start getting ready?”


“Yes.”  Alec breathed.


Magnus leaned in, claiming his Shadowhunters lips again.  It was a soft kiss.  A kiss that spoke only of love.  Snapping his fingers, the stele Izzy had made for him appeared in his hand.  Pulling back from the kiss he studied his sweet omega, mesmerized by the beauty of his crystal blue eyes before activating the rune that Clary had drawn on his young warrior’s shoulder, the rune that would keep their lovemaking between just the two of them.  He watched as it lit up and then faded, thrilled that he had the power to do that now.


“Promise me you’ll tell me if it gets to be too much.  I will do everything I can to make sure there is no pain, but if I miss something, you have to promise to tell me.  Can you do that?  Can you promise me that?”


“Yes.  I promise.”  Alec said, his head now clear, anticipation coursing through him, humming beneath his skin. 


Pressing a harder kiss to Alec’s lips he snapped his fingers, lubing his hand.


“I want to hear each moan, each cry.  Everything, love.  Don’t hold back.  I want to hear it all.”  He said, reaching down to take Alec’s hard cock gently in his hand, stroking it with his lube slicked fingers.  Alec gasped at the pleasure.  “That’s right.  Just like that.  I want to hear you.”


Magnus’ hold on his Shadowhunters dick tightened slightly, gently jerking him off.  With skilled precision he circled his hand around the head of Alec’s cock and stroked back down, pushing a small wave of magic into his touch.


Alec loved the way his alpha’s lubed hand rubbed up and down his length.  It had never felt like this when he had been alone and at the Institute.  With his warlock it was so much better.  He cried out when his warlock’s magic pushed into his dick.  The magnitude of it ran up his belly and down his thighs at the same time.  He instinctively grabbed his alpha’s shoulder with one hand, gripping it tightly.


His sweet warrior’s cries of pleasure was music to his ears, a symphony composed just for him.  Easing up with his magic, he gently jerked on his Shadowhunters fully hardened cock.  He stopped when it leaked a generous amount of precum in his hand.  He didn’t want his omega to cum too quickly.  He wanted to draw it out.


“Hold out your hand, angel.”


It took Alec’s lust filled brain a moment to register his alpha’s words, but he did as he was asked.  With a finger snap from his warlock his hand was coated with warm lube.


“I want you to touch yourself while I pleasure you.  While I prepare you for me.  Can you do that?”  He asked softly, taking in Alec’s blown pupils and lust filled eyes.


Alec nodded, yes.


“Let me hear the words, love.”


“Yes.  I can do that.”  Alec breathed.


Magnus loved hearing his angel’s voice in bed.  The sound of it both thrilled him as well as let him know that his sweet omega was still with him.  At some point, soon, he wanted to take his Shadowhunter into subspace again.  But not yet.  There was still too much to do and not enough time for his angel to properly come down and rest.  Taking his omegas lube-soaked hand in his own he guided it to his straining cock. 


Alec gripped himself automatically.  He had jerked himself off countless times before and knew what felt good to him.  As his gripped himself he stroked gently up and down his length.  He wanted to draw this out.


Watching his Shadowhunter pleasure himself was a beautiful thing to behold.  He couldn’t help but take part.  Gently pressing his thumb to the vein on the underside of his love’s fully lubed cock he pushed hard against it, making his angel moan.


“Don’t forget that’s there, sweetheart.  Stroke it when you come up, applying just a little pressure.”


Alec nodded at his alpha’s words.  His warlock taught him new things every day.  On his next gentle pull up, he did as his alpha said and pleasure rocked through him.  He didn’t know that he cried out.


“That’s it.  Just like that.  And don’t hold back.  I want to hear and every moan that slips from your beautiful lips.  Remember that.”  He said, pushing Alec’s bent knees apart.


He lingered at his angel’s bent knees, deliberating before he decided his next step.  Making his decision he pressed his thumbs underneath each of his Shadowhunters knees, against that sweet spot, stroking them gently, massaging into the tender creases there before pushing a little magic out through his thumbs.  Alec moaned loudly, his thighs quivering as he instinctively jerked himself harder.


“Don’t cum yet, angel.  Hold it back.  Let go if you have too.”


Alec had the presence of mind to heed his alpha’s words, easing his grip on himself.  The pleasure that had shot through his thighs had them quivering and his belly clenching, the touch of his alpha’s hands sending soft tingles throughout his body.  ‘One day’ the thought ‘one day I’m going to make him moan and cry out in pleasure’.


Pushing his omega’s knees as far apart as he could, not wanting to strain them, he bent down on his hands and knees.  He would leave the pleasure point in his angel’s thigh alone tonight.  His sweet angel’s prostate would get plenty of stimulation when he was in him.  He planned to fill him slowly, let his love enjoy the feeling of fullness when he took him in.


Leaning down he flicked his tongue over his Shadowhunters tight hole, a hole he ached to feel, and would before the night was over.  It clenched immediately, making him smile.  He flicked his tongue out over it again, watching as it clenched and relaxed. 


Alec bit his lip when his alpha licked across his hole.  He desperately wanted to feel something in it when it clenched.  Remembering his alpha’s request, he released his lip from between his teeth, gasping when his warlock did it again, and moaning when he kept doing it, the pleasure growing more intense with each gentle stroke of his tongue.


Gently pushing his Alexander’s firm cheeks apart, he slowly licked from his crack up to his perineum, gently massing his angel’s cheeks, pushing soft waves of magic into him.  His angel cried out.  From his magic or his tongue Magnus didn’t know, but he was hoping from both.  Taking his sweet Shadowhunters balls into his mouth he sucked gently, not wanting to apply too much pressure.  When he saw his angel’s hand fall from his dick he pulled back.


“Na-ah, sweetheart.  I want to see that hand on your dick.”


Alec whimpered in protest.  His alpha licking at his entrance and his magic were distracting him.  He had lost his train of thought completely when his alpha had sucked his balls into his hot mouth.  He ached to have something in him, a tongue, a finger, a thick cock, anything.


“I’ll stop if you stop.”  Magnus teased.  He snapped his fingers, re-lubing Alec’s hand.  Looking into his omega’s beautiful blue eyes he watched him as he took his cock in his hand again, sliding it slowly up and down.  It occurred to him then that the lights may be too bright for his young warriors blown pupils and snapped his fingers, dimming them.




Alec nodded, yes.  The light had been making his eye’s sting, and he wanted to see his alpha clearly.


“That’s it.  I want to see those beautiful blues.”  He crooned. 


Once he saw that his angel was once again stroking himself as he had asked he bent his head again.  He knew his Shadowhunter was seeking the feel of something inside him. 


Flicking his tongue over his angel’s entrance again he watched as it clenched and waited for it to relax.  Snapping his fingers he lubed them.  Using two fingers he massaged slow, gentle circles around his young lover’s rim, watching as his tight muscle clenched and relaxed.  Softly brushing his fingertip across his angel’s tight entrance he pushed a small burst of magic through his fingertip to ease the penetration.  His finger slid in easily to the first knuckle, the muscles of his angel’s tight channel clamping down.  He listened as Alec’s breath caught in his chest, waiting for the muscles around his finger to relax and listening for his Shadowhunter to drawn in a breath.


Pushing further into Alec’s tight channel he listened to Alec’s moans and felt his fingers slide into his hair with his free hand.  He had to force himself to focus on what he was doing through the exquisite pleasure that rushed through him at his Shadowhunters gentle tug.


But he wanted more from his young warrior.  He wanted to hear him moan and cry out at the same time as he pleasured him.  Using his thumb he pressed hard on his angel’s perineum as he pushed his finger as far as he could into Alec’s channel, sending a small burst of magic through them both.  His wish was granted when his omega moaned and then cried out as his magic shot through him.


Alec had to force himself to grip his aching cock again, something he had never had to do before.  He desperately wanted his alpha to fill him, to feel the fullness of his length inside him.  Before, before his alpha, he had only imagined what it would feel like to have that.  His imagination had never come even remotely close to the real thing.


He knew when he felt his alpha’s fingers massaging him that he was going to give him something, he just didn’t know what.  The jolt of magic that rushed through him as his warlock pushed his finger into him was exquisite.  The magic crashed through him like a tidal wide, sending fresh pleasure throughout his already trembling body.


The small pulses of magic that his warlock pushed into him though were beautiful and made his belly clench and his eyes roll back.  He couldn’t stop his cries of pleasure; and didn’t want to.  He couldn’t help it when he lost his breathe due to the sensation overload.  A magnificent overload.


His alpha pushing further and further into him with his finger felt like heaven.  He couldn’t stop himself from gripping his alpha’s silky soft hair with his free hand as he jerked himself harder with the other.  He knew his warlock loved it and wondered if he would too.


Magnus pulled his finger free of his Shadowhunter when the muscles of his channel relaxed and he saw him tug harder and harder on his cock.  He knew he had to stop his sweet angel before he went too far and jerked himself to release.  Reaching up he placed his hand over his omega’s, stilling him.


“That’s enough, love.  You can stop now.  I’ve got you.”


Alec sighed in relief.  It had been hard to focus on jerking himself, as good as it had felt.  There were so many sensations bombarding him at once that it was a struggle to do as his alpha had asked.


“Thank you, alpha.”  He whispered, sliding both hands into his warlock’s hair.


Magnus couldn’t stop his own moan when his Shadowhunter gripped his hair with both hands, or his smile.  He knew he would have to pass him the reigns soon and let him learn more by giving instead of receiving.  It would be magnificent he was sure.  But that wouldn’t be tonight.  With a smirk, he pressed his palm flat on his angel’s firm belly, pushing a strong wave of magic into him.


He felt his omega’s firm muscles clench under his hand when he cried out, his grip tightened in his hair. 


Alec forgot to breathe when his alpha pressed his hand firmly on his belly, pushing his magic into him.  The pleasure that shot through his system was almost more than he could take.  He didn’t realize that he had tightened his grip in his alpha’s hair.


“Breathe, sweetheart.  Take a breath.”


Alec had to force himself to draw in air, his lungs straining.  He felt like his whole body was shaking.


“Just breathe through it, love.”  Magnus crooned, softly rubbing his omega’s firm belly muscles.


Alec struggled to keep drawing in air, the tingling pleasure of his alpha softly rubbing his belly was distracting.


Once he was sure that his Shadowhunter was breathing easily again Magus snapped his fingers again, re-lubing them.  Going back to the task at hand he reached out, gently massaged circles around his lover’s rim again.  He would need more in him soon and wanted him to be able to take it easily.  He watched as his Shadowhunter clenched and relaxed.  After the third gentle circle with his fingers he pushed two fingertips in, just an inch, with a soft burst of magic to ease the way.


His angel cried out, his tight channel clamping down, trying to pull his fingers in.  Using his angel’s cries as his guide he waited for the muscles to relax before he slid his fingers all the way in.  He felt out his love’s prostate and curled his fingers, stroking it gently.  He felt it start to harden.  He listened to his angel’s moans and felt his thighs quivering from the pleasure. 


Alec’s eyes rolled back when his warlock pushed his fingers and his magic into his tight channel, the pleasure beyond exquisite.  He couldn’t stop his cries of pleasure now, he had no control.  When his alpha’s fingers curled inside him, brushing that spot, he thought he would die from the ecstasy of what his alpha was giving him.


Once he felt his angel stop trembling from the pleasure he was feeling and he was sure that he had adjusted to the penetration he pulled out, hearing his sweet omega whine at the emptiness.  ‘His Shadowhunter would take his next heat beautifully’ he thought.  It was already obvious that he loved to be filled.


“It’s alright, sweetheart.”  He crooned as he gently slid his fingers back in, pushing a hint of magic through his fingertips to give his love even more pleasure before his angel’s muscles clamped down around them.


“Just breathe and relax.”


‘Relax?’  Alec thought.  How was he supposed to ‘relax’?  He hadn’t been able to stop the whine that escaped him when his alpha had pulled his fingers out, leaving him feeling empty.  Had it been under any other circumstances he would have been mortified.  Shadowhunters didn’t whine.  But the beautiful intrusion when his alpha pushed back into him, and the sweet feel of his magic, washed those thoughts away.


Once Magnus felt the muscles around his fingers relax he gently curved them, easily finding his angel’s prostate again.  It was hard and swollen.  He would have to be gentle, making sure he didn’t apply too much pressure and cause his young warrior pain.


When he felt his omega start to thrust on his finger’s he knew he was almost ready.  Working in time with his angel’s thrusts, he thrust with his fingers, drawing out his Shadowhunters pleasure, scissoring his fingers to stretch his channel open.


When he felt his warlock’s fingers thrusting into him, he knew that his alpha was about to start truly preparing him.  It wouldn’t be much longer before his warlock would fill him and he craved it.  He loved the feel of his alpha inside him.  It was breathtaking and earth shattering all at once.


When he felt his alpha stretching him he knew that they were almost there.  He wanted desperately to roll his warlock over, something he could easily do, and just plunge down on him.  He wanted to push onto him, the way his alpha had been pushing into him these past few nights, only harder.  He wanted to make his alpha cry out his pleasure the way his alpha made him cry out his.  He wanted to hear his warlock moan beneath him.  He wanted to feel his alpha’s thighs quiver and see his belly clench.  He wanted it all.


His Shadowhunter was stretching quickly.  Between his thrusts and his muscles relaxing easily he knew that his angel was ready for him.


“I’m going to pull back, love.  Do you feel ready?”


“By the Angel yes!”  Alec cried.


Pulling his fingers from his omega’s tight channel he watched it clench as it emptied.  He was awed at the sight before him.  His angel’s open stretched rim was both breathtaking and inviting.  Snapping his fingers he lubed them both, his throbbing cock and his lover’s beautiful hole and channel.


Taking a firm grip on his Shadowhunters hips he lifted him into the perfect position.  Without his hands free he would have to watch to line himself up perfectly, something he could easily do.


“Take a deep breath, angel.”  He said firmly.


As his sweet omega drew a breath in he pushed the head of his cock into his Shadowhunter.


Alec gasped as his alpha pushed into him and the magnificent stretch.  He desperately wanted more but he knew his alpha would go slow, giving him the time he needed to adjust.  With each deep breath he took his warlock pushed just a little further into him.  He didn’t realize it when he thrust down on his alpha’s cock, pulling him a little further in.


“All of it, please.  Just do it.”  He begged.


Magnus was torn.  His Shadowhunter still wasn’t used to being filled and needed him to ease in slowly so he wouldn’t hurt him. 


Alec couldn’t wait anymore.  He needed his alpha in him, now.  All of him.  He reached down, grabbing his alpha’s hips with the speed of a Shadowhunter and pulled him fully into him.  He cried out his pleasure as his alpha stared at him in shock.


“Alexander.”  Was all Magnus could manage through his shock and pleasure.  He had underestimated his omega.  He was ready for more.  He didn’t need to hand over the reigns of penetration, his Shadowhunter had just taken them from him. 


He lost his breath at the tightness of his angel’s tight channel around his cock and then again when the muscles in his love’s walls clamped down around him.  Being in his Shadowhunter was pure bliss.  His channel was warm and as smooth as silk around him.  His angel had the tightest squeeze that always took his breath away, he reveled in the feel of it. 


“Move.”  Alec pleaded, trusting his hips against his warlock.


The pleasure of being filled was being overridden by his desire to be taken, and taken hard.  But his alpha didn’t get it.  Wrapping his legs firmly around his warlock’s hips, hands on his waist, he smoothly flipped him, using his Shadowhunter strength and speed to his advantage.  In an instant his alpha was on his back and he was fully sheathed inside him.


Alec lost his breath when he slid down on his alpha’s full length, as it scraped down across his prostate.  It was beyond heavenly.  It was a dream come true, having the man he loved with all his heart and soul finally fully filling him.  It was magnificent.  He reveled in the complete and utter fullness that he had been craving.


Magnus was utterly shocked at his Shadowhunters move but couldn’t help the moan that escaped him when his angel took his full length for the first time, the length one would only get by sitting flush against another.  His sweet omega had his head thrown back and his eyes closed.  From pleasure or pain he wasn’t sure.


Before he could speak the words his once innocent omega rose up off him only to slam back down, a cry of pure, unmistakable pleasure escaping him.  His shocked mind kicked into gear.  He knew his angel would need his guidance now.  He wouldn’t know what to do next.  This was all new to him.


“Alexander, look at me.”  Magnus ground out.


Lifting his head Alec opened his eyes, crystal blue locking on chocolate brown.  He didn’t have the words to speak, he could only feel.


Placing his hands firmly on Alec’s hips he pushed up, guiding Alec up off his cock, and eased him back down.


“Go slow.  Take your time.  There’s no rush, love.”


Alec nodded, listening to his alpha’s soft words as his alpha helped him rise and fall again.  It was magnificent.  He rose up and slowly descended back down, the move scraping his prostate in the most delicious way.


“Faster, please.”  Alec begged.


Magnus couldn’t deny his angel this.  If this is what he needed, he would give it to him.


“Put your hands on my sides.”


Alec did as he was told.  On his next rise up he cried out.  The new angle rubbed his prostate in a different way, a more intense way.  Coming back down, using his alpha for support, his rose up faster, his warlock supporting him with every movement.


He couldn’t help his moans as he rode his alpha’s cock, each rise and fall getting faster and faster.  This is what he needed.  This is what he had been craving.  He loved when his alpha made love to him, it was beautiful and wonderful and magnificent all at once.  But he had wanted to be fucked.  He had needed it.


His alpha was moaning with him as he rode him.  The both were lost in the pleasure.


The tightness of his Shadowhunter and the feel of him riding his cock was utterly breathtaking, more than he ever imagined It could be.  It was more intense than anything he had ever felt before, more pleasurable, more everything.  It was glorious.  The faster his angel rode, the higher he rose.  His angel was taking him to heaven.


“Circle your hips when you come down, angel.”  Magnus whispered through a cry of pleasure.


Alec did as he was told, and the pleasure of the move was breathtaking.  With each new rise and fall he instinctively ground his hips, circling them.  The movement was easy.  He was a Shadowhunter.  Agility was his middle name.


Alec was panting as he rose up and plunged back down.  But he needed more.  He fell forward, catching himself easily.  His alpha’s grip on his hips never changed, but the sensations of the new angle did.  He cried out his pleasure, throwing his head back.  His alpha cried out with him, his hips rising up, meeting Alec’s, thrust for beautiful thrust.  He was getting close.  Very close to falling off an edge he never knew existed.


Magnus felt his angel’s walls growing tighter and knew he was about to cum.  He was getting close too.  His angel riding him was exquisite.  He felt the tingle in his balls as they started to draw up.


They cried out the other’s names as they both shot their loads, Alec’s cum coating both their belly’s as Magnus filled his Shadowhunter with his own.


Alec cried out when his alpha came, feeling his warm cum bathe the walls inside him.  His orgasm was ripping through him, throwing him over that edge.  Unable to support himself anymore he collapsed onto his alpha as aftershocks rocked through him.  He lay breathless and panting on his alpha’s heaving chest, his warlock still buried deep inside him as he rode on a tidal wave of bliss.


As Magnus came down from the best sex of his very long life, he gently stroked his Shadowhunters back as they both fought the catch their breath.


“Angel, are you alright?”


“I’m perfect.”  Alec breathed.  “Are you?”


“I’m right there with you, love.”  He said, pressing a soft kiss to the top of his sweet omegas sweaty head.  “You were magnificent.  I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting that.  It truly was beyond words.”


“I’m crushing you.”


“Your fine, love.”  He said, wrapping his arms around his precious Shadowhunter, holding him close.  “How do you feel, having taken someone for the first time?”


“Mm.  Wonderful.”  Alec mumbled sleepily.


“I think it’s time for rest, sweetheart.  Can you sit up so I can clean us up?”


“Need a shower.”


“In the morning, angel.  Right now you need sleep.  I think you’ve worn yourself out.”  Magnus soothed, caressing his angel’s back again.


He was perfectly content to let his Shadowhunter fall asleep right where he was.  He could easily roll him and pull himself out, then clean them up and tuck his love in for the night.  But his angel looked so peaceful and perfect there.


The soft tingle of his alpha’s hands moving up and down his back was quickly lulling him to sleep, but his warlock was still inside him and he knew it must be growing uncomfortable.  So with the will of a Shadowhunter he pushed himself up, gazing down at the beautiful warlock that he would forever be able to call his.  Lifting his hips, he eased his alpha out only to fall right back down on his hips.


Watching his omega rise up off of him was breathtaking.  Seeing him like this, having seen him take control, take the pleasure he had so desperately been craving, had been one of the best experiences of his life.  He would cherish every moment of this night, committing it to memory.  In that moment he knew, his life with his Shadowhunter truly would be amazing in every possible way.


Snapping his fingers he cleaned them up.  Pulling his omega back down onto his chest he wrapped his arms firmly around his angel’s back and hips, smoothly rolling them over, his Shadowhunters head falling softly on their pillows.


“There now, that’s better.”  He said softly, pulling the satin sheet and duvet up and over his young warrior, tucking him in.  “Close your eyes now, angel.  Close your eyes and sleep.”  He said softly, pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s forehead. 


“Will you sleep too?”  Alec mumbled, eyes fluttering closed.


“Yes, sweetheart.  I will.”  He said, pressing another soft kiss to Alec’s forehead.  “Sleep now.”  He said, cupping his angel’s cheek. 


Pushing a soft wave of magic into his Shadowhunter he pushed him gently into sleep.  He didn’t need much.  His own exhaustion from the day had already started pulling him under.  He just needed a light nudge to get the rest of the way there.





Heals clicked on stone as someone took the twists and turns of a spiral staircase, the path lit by flickering torches.  Directly across from the bottom step stood a large golden ornate door, a door engraved with the Clave sigil.  The heals clicked across the marble floor to the door.  A woman’s hand, a hand wearing a gold ring with the same sigil as the door reached out, expertly turning the dials on the intricate locks until each tumbler clicked into place.


The door opened.  Inside were rows and rows of ancient books on stacks three stories high. 




Alec’s eyes snapped open.  It took less than a second for his vision to adjust to the darkness of the room.  He could see as clearly as he could had every light been turned on.  He felt the warmth of his alpha sleeping beside him, holding him close in his arms.


Every nerve in his body was on edge, every sense on high alert.  Something had woken him.  He wasn’t sure if it was a real threat, or his dream.  He felt his heart thundering in his chest.  Using the grace of a skilled Shadowhunter he slid out of his alpha’s embrace and out of bed.  Lifting his stele off the beside table he quickly activated his speed, stealth, soundless, surefooted, audio, and night vision runes.  While he could see perfectly, circumstances could change quickly.  He wanted to see and hear flawlessly, without being seen or heard. 


The sheets rustled behind him.  Turning quickly he held his finger to his lips, silently warning his warlock to be quiet. 


Seeing the still lit audio rune on Alec’s arm he whispered ‘wards’.  Alec’s head shot up and he was out the door in a flash.


“Catch.”  Jace breathed from down the darkened hallway. 


They were up.  They all were up.  Alec caught the seraph blade Jace tossed him on the fly, heading toward the loft doors.


“Jace, you take the balcony doors.  Izzy, you cover Jace.  Simon, you’re with me.  Clary, check in with Magnus.”  Alec commanded, barely over a whisper, knowing full well they could hear him.


The audio rune was one of Clary’s, and it was powerful.  They could hear each other perfectly a hundred feet apart.  Moving soundlessly through the loft they took their positions.


“Magnus says seventy-five feet.  He can’t tell how many.  But there’s a lot.”  Clary’s whispered voice carried through the rune loud and clear.


“Tell me you have that breaking rune, Clary.”  He said softly.


“Not yet.  I’m working on it.”


He could hear the panic creeping up in her tone, she knew how important it was.


“Relax, Clary.  We still have time.”  He soothed, trying to calm his parabati.  She never got nervous in combat, but this was different, and she knew it.  “Has Magnus moved everything?”  He asked softly, taking a stance thirty feet from the door. 


“Yes.  And the precious cargo.  Fifty feet.”


Alec looked at Simon behind him, then at Jace and Izzy in front of the patio doors.  They could all hear her.  They nodded as one, prepared to fight what used to be their own if necessary.


“Clary, if that rune doesn’t come to you, get Magnus and get out.  That’s an order.” 


He left room for no argument, the seraph blade lighting up as he fully gripped the hilt.


“I see it.  I have it!  We have to move, now!”  She practically screamed. 


They all flinched back from the pitch of her voice as she silently slid into the room, Magnus right behind her.  Grabbing Simon’s arm she quickly scribbled her rune-breaking rune over his tracking rune with her stele, watching as the original rune broke and vanished.  Beaming up at him she turned to me.


“The other’s first.  Go.”


“No!  Your more important.  It’s you they want.”


“Don’t argue, Alexander.  There’s no time.”  Magnus said, swirling his arms to open a portal.  “Thirty feet and closing in fast.”


Alec sighed but relented, holding out his forearm to Clary.  She quickly drew the rune and he watched in amazement as his tracking rune broke to pieces and disappeared.  Turning on her heel, Izzy and Jace were right behind her.  Jerking Jace’s arm forward she broke his rune, then Izzy’s.


“Time to go guys and girls.  Form a line, hold hands, and whatever you do, DON’T. LET. GO!”  Magnus shouted as something heavy hit the front doors.  Then again as the patio doors shattered in.  “Alexander!”  He cried when Alec hadn’t yet taken Clary’s hand. 


Alec’s head snapped up and away from the doors, grabbing her hand just as the front doors blew in.




They fell out of a portal and landed scattered on soft cut grass on a bright blue day.  They cried out in pain, covering their eyes and ears.


Forcing his eyes open, against the blinding light of the sun and pushing past the screeching of screaming birds, Alec fumbled for his stele.   Taking it firmly in hand he crawled across the vast lawn to his parabati.  The combined screams of his team wasn’t helping the searing pain in his head from the blinding sunlight, but he had to focus.  He was their leader, their commander.  Fumbling for Clary’s collar he passed his stele over her audio then night vision runes, where she collapsed breathless on the green grass.


Thirty feet away he could barely make out his brother, still screaming.  He couldn’t hear his sister, but Simon was close too.  Willing himself forward he moved inch by inch towards his writhing brother, yanking his arm free to pass his stele over his audio and night vision runes.  He fell quiet on the soft grass, chest heaving.


With his head spinning and his stomach churning he turned in the direction he thought he had heard Simon in but couldn’t find him.  The light was too bright and he had lost all sound.  He felt a cool hand on the back of his neck before it all went black.




Magnus watched silently as his Shadowhunter slept in the darkened bedroom. 


“He’s going to be fine, Magnus.”  Catarina said, rubbing a comforting hand across his back.  “The iratze healed his eardrums and I’ve given him something for the pain, so he’ll sleep for a while.  He just needs to readjust to bright lights slowly.”


“I should have gotten to him sooner.”


“You did the best you could.  You got to Isabelle and Simon.  Personally, I think you did great, really using your stele for the first time.  Without you…I don’t know that Alec would have been able to make it to them all.”  She said.


“He was trying.  He was looking for Simon when I got to him.  His ears were bleeding, Cat.  What good are those damn runes if they can do that much damage?”


“Well, I would imagine that there isn’t quite as much natural light in the dark alleys and subways of New York, so I can see where they would be useful at times.  I can’t say they were caught off guard, because they weren’t.  They knew there was danger before your wards went off. 


But coming through your portal, there was no preparing for that.  Like I said, he’ll be fine.  They all will.  They just need a little rest.  You should try and get some sleep yourself.  It’s not every night that an entire Shadowhunter Institute raids your home in the middle of the night.”


“Is that the latest report?”  He asked.


“Yes.  The entire Institute.  Led at his mother’s command.”  She said with a sigh.  Her contempt for Shadowhunters almost matched his.  Almost.


She felt her friend tremble beneath her hand and knew it was from rage.  She internally kicked herself.  She should have kept that last bit to herself. 


“I loathe that woman, Catarina.  You don’t even understand.  The things I’ve learned in just the past few weeks, she’s evil.  And they call us demons.”  He spat, voice full of loathing and contempt. 


“A full-on attack against The High Warlock, downworlders everywhere will revolt.  The Clave has started a war.”


“No, Catarina.  The downworlds revolt won’t be over me.  It will be on the attack on Alexander.  And this war, this war never ended.”


“What are your orders?”


“No action.  Not yet.  I don’t want any unnecessary casualties, or anyone going rogue.  Make that clear.  Alexander’s going to need everyone we have when the time comes, and they need to know it.”


Alec stirred, a whimper of pain in his sleep.


“I’ll give him something stronger.”  She said, pushing past Magnus in the open doorway.  Crossing to the beside table she pulled a syringe and drug vial out of her bag, filling it quickly. 


Magnus crossed to the foot of the bed, watching as his Shadowhunter stirred, being pulled up out of sleep by pain.  Anger and heartbreak warred inside him as he watched his best friend efficiently sanitize his angel’s skin.  His anger was for the Clave and those who served it.  His heartbreak was for his angel. 


“Shh.  Big stick, sweetie.”  Cat murmured to Alec as she pushed the needle into his skin, quickly pressing the plunger to release the medication that would take away his pain.  He sighed softly as she gently ran her fingers through his hair, nudging him back into sleep before lifting the patterned quilt, tucking him in.


Magnus couldn’t help but smile at his oldest and dearest friend.  In that moment she had become the closest thing to a mother Alexander Lightwood had ever had. 



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Chapter Text

Chapter 15

The Manor


Warmth.  That’s the first thing Alec felt as he drifted up towards consciousness.  A comforting warmth that wrapped around him like a cocoon.  Not the fear he remembered from the last time he slept.  Was he sleeping?  Or floating?  He honestly couldn’t tell.  The only thing he was sure of was that he felt content, relaxed, and safe.  Completely and utterly safe. 


The closer he came to the surface of what must have been sleep the more intoxicated he felt by the most glorious scent wrapping its way around him, through him, into him.  It had him stirring.  It was a deep, rich scent.  A potent blend of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and musk.  It was his alpha’s scent.  His wonderful, beautiful, lovely alpha.


He could feel the soft mattress he lay on, the warm blanket covering him and the soft sheets against his skin.  A part of him wanted to just stay where he was.  He felt warm and happy and at peace with his alpha’s scent surrounding him.  But he couldn’t.  He wouldn’t.  He was a Shadowhunter.  With a great effort he pushed his eyes open.


Magnus sat beside his sleeping Shadowhunter, watching as he began to emerge from the sleep that Catarina had put him in, that, and the mundane drugs she had been giving him for pain.


“There you are, sweetheart.”  Magnus said softly, brushing a lock of raven hair out of his angel’s eyes.


Alec blinked once, twice, three times, slamming his eyes shut against the blinding light of the bedside lamp.


“I’m sorry, angel.  I wasn’t thinking.”  He said, quickly flipping the lamp off.  “It’s okay.  It’s off.  You can open your eyes.”


Alec opened his eyes slowly, peeking through his thick eye lashes.  The room was dim enough for him to see, but not hurt his eyes.


“Better?”  He asked, cupping Alec’s cheek.


Alec couldn’t help but lean into his alpha’s comforting touch.  His mind felt muddled.  His senses distorted.


“What happened?


“I had to pull you through a portal pretty fast.  Your runes were still active.  You went from dark to light in a matter of seconds.  The light and sound overwhelmed your senses.”


“Did everyone get out?”


Magnus smiled.  Of course he would ask about his team, his family, first.


“Yes, angel.  Everyone got out.”


Alec remembered now.  Coming through the portal into the blinding sun.  The overwhelming sound.  He remembered crawling across the green grass to get to Clary to deactivate her runes.  Then Jace.


“Simon and Izzy.  I couldn’t get to them.  Are they alright?”


“Their fine, sweetheart.  Everyone is fine.  That stele Isabelle made me came in quite handy.  I was able to deactivate their runes.  And yours.  Sweetheart, why didn’t you deactivate your runes first?”


“Didn’t think about it.  Just had to get to my family.  Their what matters.”


“You matter too, love.  I think everyone agrees on that.”


Alec’s muddled mind was starting to focus.  The fuzziness was clearing, and he could take in his surroundings.  His heart started to race as panic crept in.  The soft blue walls.  The flowy curtains.  The intricately patterned quilt. 


“Where are we?”  He asked, panic rising in his voice.


“My Manor House.  Alexander, what’s wrong?”


Fear shot through Alec.  With the reflexes of a skilled Shadowhunter he shot up in bed but was stopped by his alpha’s firm grip on his arms.  His alpha had the speed of a demon.


“Alexander.  Talk to me.  What’s wrong?”


“I’ve been here before.  Why are we here?”  He asked, fighting back the panic that wanted to consume him.  Shadowhunters didn’t panic.


“Sweetheart, relax.  Your safe.  You haven’t been here before.  We’ve only been here for a day.”


“I remember it.  I remember it, Magnus.”


“It’s alright, love.  You’ve been in and out of it since we got here.  Your probably just remembering what you saw in those few moments you were awake.  Calm down.”  He said softly, injecting just a touch of alpha into his tone to calm his frightened Shadowhunter.  He had only seen his young warrior this afraid after one of his nightmares.


“No!  I remember it.  Let go of me.”  Alec commanded, breaking free of Magnus’ hold.  Magnus cringed back at his omegas command, his own having had no effect on his Shadowhunter.


“Magnus, what’s wrong?”  Catarina asked, running into the room.


“I don’t know.  He’s not making sense.”


Alec’s heart was thundering in his chest, adrenaline racing through him.  He knew he remembered this room; he just didn’t remember why.


“Keep him there.”  She said, reaching into her bag. 


“You don’t understand, Magnus.  I’ve been here before.  You have to listen.  You have to believe me.”  Alec pleaded as his alpha gripped his arms again.


Looking at his alpha, Alec didn’t see the syringe that Catarina was holding.  Magnus looked up at her, nodding.


“It’s alright, love.  I do believe you.  You just need to calm down and talk to me.”


Alec felt a pinch in the back of his arm, and warmth rushing into him.  He jerked in his warlock’s grasp, turning to Catarina.


“It’s alright, Alec.  It’s just going to calm you down.”  She said softly, brushing a lock of hair out of his eyes.


He felt the room start to tilt and his head spin.


“What’s wrong with Alec!”  Clary cried, flying into the room, Jace right behind her, catching her around the waist.


“It’s alright, Clary.  Go back downstairs.”  Magnus said, easing his Shadowhunter back against the soft pillows.


“What happened?”  She demanded.


“Were not sure yet, but as soon as we know, you’ll know.  So please, go back downstairs.”


Clary could feel Alec’s panic fading through the bond.  His thundering heart was slowing down.


“Okay.  Okay.  But I want to know as soon as you do.”  She said as she calmed in time with her parabati in her alpha’s arms.


“You will, biscuit.  Now please go.  I need to talk to Alexander.”


Alec’s head had stopped spinning, but his muscles felt weak and heavy.  He could hear his parabati, but he couldn’t see her.  She was muffled, like she was underwater.  He felt the soft pillows under his head and wanted to go back to sleep.  But he couldn’t.  He wouldn’t.  He was a Shadowhunter, and he knew something wasn’t right.


“It was a low dose, Magnus.  It won’t knock him out, but it’ll calm him down.”  Cat said.


“Alexander, sweetheart, please tell me what’s wrong.  What’s upset you?” 


Alec’s mind struggled to focus.  He could see his alpha clearly, worry etched around his beautiful brown eyes, but everything else seemed far away.


“I’ve been here before.”  He whispered.


“That’s not possible, angel.  I’ve been the only person in this house for more than fifty years.  Was it a dream?  Where you here in a dream?”


“I…I don’t know.  It’s hard to remember.”  He said, lost.


“It could be the meds, Magnus.”  Cat said.


“It’s okay, love.  Just tell me what you can.”  Magnus said gently, softly stroking Alec’s cheek.


“I don’t know.  I just remember being here.”  Alec said.  “In this room.  I remember the blue walls and the curtains on the windows and the roses.”


Magnus turned, looking at the vase of red roses that always sat on the table in the corner.  Fresh, as always.


“What else, sweetheart?”


“Voices.  Soft voices.  Everything else is just…fuzzy.”  Alec sighed, defeated.


“It’s okay, love.  It’ll come to you.  It was just a dream, I’m sure.  Dreams can be hard to remember.” He said, bringing Alec’s had up for a soft kiss.  “I’m sure it hasn’t helped that you’ve been getting a lot of mundane drugs for pain.  It’s confused you.”


“I don’t like them.  I don’t want them anymore.  Ever again.”


“Alec, mundane drugs can be very helpful.”  Cat said. 


“I don’t care.  Never again.  Promise me, Magnus.”


Magnus looked at Catarina, uncertain as to what he should tell his Shadowhunter.  He had seen firsthand how much mundane medicines could help.  They could do things that magic and iratzes couldn’t.


“I can’t make that promise, love.  Sometimes they can do a lot of good.”


“Please, alpha.”  Alec pleaded, squeezing Magnus’ hand.


“Let’s not talk about that right now, okay?  Can you tell me about the loft?  How you knew something was wrong?”


Alec sighed, closing his eyes.  He could remember.  He remembered waking up.  Feeling his senses kicking in, knowing that something was wrong.


“I can’t explain it.  It’s like being out in the field and knowing a demon or something is close.  It just happens.  It woke me up.”


“Sweetheart, I just don’t understand.  You sensed danger when it was more than a hundred feet away, in your sleep.  And it wasn’t a demon.  It was other Shadowhunters.”


“The Institute.”


“Yes, love.  The Institute.  Your mother sent them.”  He couldn’t tell him now that they had barely made it out in time.  That Lilith only knows how many Shadowhunters died because of Maryse Lightwood’s order to attack and murder her son and his team, a team that included her daughter.


His wards around the perimeter were in place to serve as warnings for him.  But the wards around the loft itself, they were deadly to anyone who entered that he didn’t allow entrance.  A few more seconds and they wouldn’t have escaped.  The portal closed just in time.


Had his Shadowhunter not sensed the danger coming, and his parabati not sensed it from him through their bond and woken the others…  He couldn’t think about that now.  All he knew was that his warrior was special, special in ways he just didn’t understand.


“Where are we now?”


“My Manor House outside of Idris.”




“It’s alright, love.  We’re safe here.  The wards around this place are ten times as thick as the wards around the loft.  This place is perfectly hidden, from nephilim and mundane alike.  I had Belle here, remember?”  He asked softly. 


“I remember.  Are you okay?”  Alec asked gently.


“I’m okay, angel.  Being here doesn’t hurt me anymore.  It hasn’t in a long time.  I cherish the memories I have of this place now.  Pain fades.  Love lasts.”  He said, kissing Alec’s hand softly again.


Alec looked his alpha in the eyes, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.  What he saw there told him everything he needed to know.  There was no hurt or pain in his warlock’s beautiful brown eyes.  Only fondness and love.  He was at peace here.


“This was your room.”  Alec said.


“Yes, it was.  Now it’s ours.”


“I don’t know why I know I’ve been here.  But I have.”


“We have time to work that out, sweetheart.  I’m sure we’ll figure it out.  Just know that this is a safe place, for all of us.”


Alec nodded, unsure.  The mundane drug Cat had given him was making it harder and harder to focus.


Magnus saw his Shadowhunters pupils dilating more and more.  Catarina’s drugs were affecting him severely.  He knew his angel had to be struggling.


“You should rest now, love.  It’s late.  We can talk more in the morning.”




“Catarina has gone to talk to her.  She should be going back to bed shortly, if she hasn’t already.”  He reassured. 


“I’m really confused.”


“I know you are.  But we’ll sort it out.  I promise.  You need to sleep, angel.  I know your tired.  Will you let me help you?”


“Will you sleep with me?”


“Yes, angel.  I will.”


Alec nodded, yes.  Magnus smiled, cupping his Shadowhunters cheek.  Pushing a soft wave of magic through his palm Alec’s eyes fluttered closed.  Magnus waited.  Within seconds he heard his favorite sound, Alec’s soft little snores.




The doors of The Head of The New York Institute’s office burst open.


“What is the meaning of this?”  Mayrse Lightwood demanded from behind the ornate desk?


Four Shadowhunters wearing the colors of the Gard entered, followed by Councilor Jia Penhallow.


“I think the better question, Mrs. Lightwood, is who gave you the authority to launch an unsanctioned attack on the home of Magnus Bane, The High Warlock of Brooklyn, resulting in the deaths of twenty-three Shadowhunters, and injuries to dozens more?  Shadowhunters under your command?”  Jia demanded.


“Attacked?  I authorized no attack.”  Maryse spat, climbing to her feet.


“I suggest you watch your tone with me, Mrs. Lightwood.  And choose your next words carefully.  Answer my question.”  Jia commanded, full alpha.


“My apologies, Councilor Penhallow.  I meant no disrespect.”  Mayrse said, inclining her head.  “I did issue a command requesting the search of Warlock Bane’s home.  Yes, it was unauthorized.  But I beg your forgiveness and understanding.  My husband and children are missing.  I have every reason to believe that Warlock Bane has vital information as to their whereabouts.”


“And those reasons are?  And why didn’t you follow proper protocol in seeking an audience with Warlock Bane?  Had proper channels been utilized, we wouldn’t have lost twenty-three veteran Shadowhunters.  You have broken the accords. 


The downworld may very well see your ‘request’ as an attack on their leader.  How do you suggest we explain to them why dozens of Shadowhunters were dispatched in the dead of night and forced entry into the home of the most powerful warlock in New York?”


“I have broken the accords?”  Maryse asked, incredulous.  “It was Warlock Bane’s magic that killed my Institute’s Shadowhunters.  It was he who broke the accords, not this Institute.”


“Warlock Bane had every right to defend his home by placing protective wards around it, just as every other warlock does.  It is within their rights.  Had entry not been forced, no one would have been injured, much less killed.  Now answer my questions.”


“I feared my children’s lives were in danger.  My son has been missing for weeks, possibly dead.  My daughter and his team for more than two.”


“Your husband released your son’s team from active duty so they may continue their search for your son without being hindered by missions and patrols.  He did not believe they were missing.  He, however, did go through proper channels to get approval in removing them from active duty.”


“And where is he now?  Vanished from this very office.  I believe my husband has been abducted.  Only warlocks can create portals.  How was I to know that it wasn’t Warlock Bane who created the portal that abducted my husband?  How else do you explain my husband’s disappearance?”


“I’m not the one who has to explain anything.  And it seems that you want to evade my questions.  Why is that, Mrs. Lightwood?”  Jia asked, eyeing Maryse coldly. 


“Your right.  I’m sorry.  I have been distraught and grieving.”


“Then perhaps you should be relieved of your duties.”


“I did send a team to Warlock Bane’s home, as you say, in the dead of night, to catch him off guard before he would have a chance to hide any pertinent information in locating my husband and children.  There was no order for forced entry.  Merely a surprise visit.  I regret to say that in, what I believe an attempt to find their fellow Shadowhunters, the team disregarded my order and forced entry into Warlock Bane’s home.  The end result is tragic.  And I fear that with the destruction of Warlock Bane’s home, there is little hope of finding any evidence that may help me find my family.  I fear it was destroyed as well.”  Maryse said, unshed tears in her eyes.


“You say you sent a team?  How many do you consider ‘a team’, Mrs. Lightwood?  More than sixty Shadowhunters were dispatched.”  Jia said, nonplussed by the woman tearing up before her.


“I didn’t dispatch that many.  I sent a dozen.  Those who followed, I can not answer for.  My son and his team are a vital part of this Institute.  My son is an inspiration to the Shadowhunters of this Institute, and he and his team are held in the highest regard.  How was I to know that their friends would follow?”


“And your reasons for suspecting Warlock Bane of having any involvement in the disappearance of your son, your daughter, the rest of his team, and your husband?  Your son left this Institute of his own accord while under great personal distress.”


“I know.  And we searched.  By the Angel, we searched, and found nothing more than his stele.”  Maryse said, dropping back into her seat, tears streaming down her cheeks.  “I suspected Warlock Bane was withholding information after my husband went to him, seeking his assistance in location my precious Alexander only to receive no reply.  He took Warlock Bane my son’s bow and quiver to use as a tracking implement, something we have yet to receive back.”


“So because Warlock Bane did not tell you rather he was or was not able to locate your son, you believed he was withholding vital information in the location of your son?”  Jia asked, dumbfounded.


“When you put it that way, I can see how it doesn’t make sense.  But a mother’s grief seldom does.  Then there was the matter of my husbands’ disappearance.”


“Does this Institute not have protective wards around it, Mrs. Lightwood?”


“It does.”


“And would a warlock creating a portal into it not set off said wards?”


“It should.  Warlock Bane has been reinforcing the wards around this Institute for decades.  I thought it very plausible that he himself may have known a way to personally penetrate them.”


“Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds, Mrs. Lightwood?  Warlock Bane has been in excellent standing with the Clave for centuries, long before he began reinforcing the wards around this Institute.  And where is he now?  What assurance can we offer the downworld that their leader wasn’t killed himself when your Shadowhunters broke into his home?”


Maryse gaped at her in shock.


“I…I never thought…”


“That’s right.  You didn’t.”  Jia snapped, cutting her off.  “Your ‘team’ was seen by several downworlders on their way to Warlock Bane’s home.  The blast that ensued was witness by countless more.  We owe a great debt of thanks to Warlock Bane for enchanting his wards in a way that should they be triggered; the fallout would not be visible to mundane eyes.  He, Mrs. Lightwood, thought ahead.  Something you obviously failed to do. 


Now we have to explain your actions to the downworld and somehow assure them that their leader was not killed by the choices you made and orders you implemented.  Otherwise we may very well be facing an outright revolt with the downworld which could possibly lead to all-out war.  Are you prepared for that, Mrs. Lightwood?”


“No.”  Maryse whispered, unable to look the other woman in the eye.


“You are to be relieved from active duty, Mrs. Lightwood.  Your relief will be here at 08:00.  Your presence is required in Alicante immediately after their arrival.  There will be a warlock standing by to portal you to the Gard.”


“The Gard?”


“Yes, Mrs. Lightwood.  The Gard.  From this point forward you will be working with them to locate your missing family.  You are not the only one who has a vested interest in finding your son, his team, or your husband.”  Jia said, a ring of finality in her tone.


Without another word she turned and left, the four Shadowhunters who proceeded her following in her wake, closing the doors behind them.


“Hhmph.”  Maryse smirked, looking for all the world as though she was the cat that ate the canary.




Heals clicked on stone as someone took the twists and turns of a spiral staircase, the path lit by flickering torches.  Directly across from the bottom step stood a large golden ornate door, a door engraved with the Clave sigil.  The heals clicked across the marble floor to the door.  A woman’s hand, a hand wearing a gold ring with the same sigil as the door reached out, expertly turning the dials on the intricate locks until each tumbler clicked into place.


The door opened.  Inside were rows and rows of ancient books on stacks three stories high.  The woman walked forward, stopping at a table in the center of the room, a table that held a thick red book.  Flipping it open, she took great care with the fragile pages until she came to a new, fresh one.  A blank page.  Picking up the quill beside it she dipped it in the ink beside it, tapping off the excess.  At the top of the fresh page she wrote three words ‘Alexander Gideon Lightwood’.


Alec’s eyes snapped open.  It took less than a second for him to take in his surroundings.  Soft blue walls, light flowy curtains with sunlight filtering through, the intricately patterned quilt, fresh roses in a vase in the corner, and his alpha’s arm wrapped around his waist.  He remembered this room.  Yes, he had defiantly been here before.  At least in his dreams.  Dreams that were fuzzy, distorted.


He was tired and wanted to go back to sleep, his alpha’s intoxicating scent wrapping around him.  But he couldn’t.  He wouldn’t.  He was a Shadowhunter, and he knew something wasn’t right.  Something was wrong.


“Sweetheart?”  Magnus asked softly, sleepily.  He had felt his Shadowhunter tense up.  He was so sensitive to his young warrior now that even the slightest change in his demeanor pulled him from sleep.


“I’ve been here before.”  Alec said.


Magnus sighed, sitting up to look at his angel. 


“Look at me, sweetheart.”  He said, turning Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “Did you remember your dream?”


“No.  But I know I’ve been here before.  In a dream.  And something wasn’t right.  Something was defiantly wrong.  I just can’t remember what.  I don’t understand.  Why is it that I can remember every other dream so clearly, but not this one?”


“Maybe it’s not one you’re not meant to remember yet.  Something you’re not supposed to see yet.  I don’t know.  You’re sure you didn’t dream about it again?”


“Yes.  I had a different dream.  A dream I don’t think I finished at the loft, before my senses woke me up.  You said that the Clave would deny that The Purge never happened, and The Great Purge.  You said that unless you could access the deepest, darkest, most secured archives of the Clave, to the Shadowhunter world, they never happened.”


“That’s right.  I did.”


“I think I saw where there hidden.  There in Alicante.  They do exist.”


“Tell me what you saw, Alexander.  Everything.”  Magnus said, fully awake.  His Shadowhunter had his full attention.


“I heard heals clicking on stone stairs.  I recognized the walls in the room she was walking through.  That’s how I know it’s in Alicante.  In the Gard.”


“Go on.”  Magnus encouraged.


“She crossed the room to a big gold door.  It had the sigil of the Clave.  It was big.  It took up most of the door.  It looked really old, but not.  It gleamed in the torch light.  I couldn’t see her face.  But there was a lock.  Three locks.  Intricate ones.  Old ones, with dials.  Not locks you can open with a key.  But she turned the dials and the door opened.  Inside were books.  It was bigger than your library at the loft.  Tall stacks with what must have been thousands of books.  She walked to a table in the center of the room.  It had a big red book on it.  Really thick.  And it looked really old.  When she opened the book, the pages were, ancient, I guess you would say.  Fragile. 


She was careful with the book.  Turning the pages.  The pages in the book started getting newer.  Like they had been added.  And she stopped at a blank page.  A fresh, new page.”


“What else did you see, love?”


“She used a quill.  And she wrote something on the blank page.”


“What was it?  What did she write?”


“My name.  And then I woke up.”


“Did you see anything else?  Any other details?”  Magnus asked, earnest.  “You said it was a woman.  Was there anything about her that stood out?  Anything at all?”


“A ring.  She was wearing a gold ring.  With the sigil of the Clave.”


Magnus fell silent, deep in thought.




“I’m sorry, love.”  Magnus said, shaking it off.  “I think you saw something really important.  If what you saw is real, and recent, that means that someone in today’s Clave knows about The Purge, and The Great Purge, and there are records of it.  And you.  She put your name in the book. 


You’re an omega.  That means that there is at least someone that knows about the past.  Sweetheart, I know you don’t like talking about…that dream.  But you said there were Clave officials there.  People you knew and used to trust.  But you never told me who they were.  I need you to tell me, angel.  I need to know who may be after you.”


His alpha was right.  He hadn’t told him who was there in that awful dream.  He didn’t want too.  He didn’t want to hurt his family.  And it would hurt them if they knew.


“You have to tell me, Alexander.  It’s important.  Please tell me, love.  Tell me who was there.  Tell me who wants to hurt you.  And our children.”  He said softly.


Alec closed his eyes, biting hard on his bottom lip.  He knew his alpha was right, with everything in him, he knew he was right.  He needed to know.  They all needed to know.


“Victor Aldertree, Counsul Malachi, Imogen Herondale, and my mother.”  Alec whispered, a tear streaming down his cheek.


Magnus sighed, closing his eyes.  Now he knew why his Shadowhunter hadn’t wanted to tell him.  He had wanted to protect his family.  His sister, his adopted brother. 


His sweet Alexander’s mother, his brother’s grandmother, both had been there.  They were a part of the group that massacred his angel’s family in his worst dream.  His mother helped murder her own daughter, her adopted son, her husband, and then killed her own grandchildren after they were brutally ripped from his omega’s womb before his own throat was slit.


“How am I supposed to tell them?  How do I tell my sister that our mother watches as her only daughter is murdered?  That she took part in it?  How do I tell my brother that the woman that had adopted him, to raise as her own, and his grandmother, the only blood kin he has, gave the order to have him killed?  How do I tell my parabati and my best friend that they’re going to die, because of me?” 


Magnus looked into his Shadowhunters eyes and saw the heartbreak in the beautiful crystal blue.


“Come here, sweetheart.”  He said, pulling his angel into his arms.


“How do I tell them?  And I don’t know.  I don’t know who opened those doors, who put my name in that book.  I don’t know if it was my mother, or my brother’s grandmother.  Or even someone else.” 


“Why didn’t you tell me, angel?  Why didn’t you tell me who you saw before?”  Magnus asked softly.


“I don’t know.  Maybe because I didn’t want it to be true.  Because it would hurt my family.  I don’t know.  I don’t know anything anymore.”  He whispered, crying on his alpha’s shoulder.


“Shh.  It’s okay, love.  It’s going to be okay.  We’ll make sure of that.  But you do know that we have to tell the others, right?  We can’t keep this from them.”


“I know.  But does it have to be right now?”  Alec asked, pulling free of his alpha’s arms, wiping his tears away.


“No, angel.  It doesn’t.  But it has to be soon.”  Magnus said softly, brushing a lock of raven hair out of his young warrior’s eyes.


“I know.  They won’t take it well.”


“No, they won’t.  But they need to know.”


“Will you promise me something?”  Alec asked, cupping his alpha’s cheek.


“If I can, love.  You know that.”


“Promise me that you will claim me the moment my heat sets in.  Before we do anything else.”


Magnus knew what his Shadowhunter was wanting.  He wanted to ensure that he was immortal before their children were conceived.  If they were conceived this heat.


“I promise, sweetheart.  The moment I safely can.”  He said, kissing his angel softly on the forehead.  “But there is something we need to talk about.”




“You do know that it’s possible that you may not conceive this heat, right?  That it could take several heats.”


“It won’t.  I know it.”


“Do you want it to?”


“I’m not…what do you mean?  I don’t understand.”  Alec said, pulling away from his alpha, to look him in the eye.


“Sweetheart, we can make sure that you don’t conceive.  My contraceptive potion…”


“No!”  Alec said, cutting him off.  “No.  Don’t even say it.  If I conceive, it’s because I’m meant to.  It’s because there meant to be.  Do you not want our children?”


“Of course I do, angel.  More than anything.  I’ve lived more than 800 years never thinking that I would never have this chance.  That I would never have you.  You know warlock’s can only conceive with fated mates.  I want more than anything to have our children.  Lot’s of them.  But is now the time?  It could change everything.”  He said, looking his angel in the eye, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.


“Assuming that what your suggesting is up for discussion, which it’s not, how do we know that it would make a difference?  That it would change anything?  We don’t know when all of what I’m dreaming is going to happen.  When the Clave is going to do whatever it is there going to do.  It could be after this heat, or it could be after ten heats.  How long do we have to wait?  How long are we going to not live our lives because of when something may or may not happen?  You said yourself that once I’m claimed that things could change.”


“Your right.  Your right.  I’m sorry.  I just thought…I don’t know what I thought, sweetheart.  I’m sorry.  That’s all that I can say.  I’m sorry.  Forgive me?”


Alec sighed, cupping his alpha’s cheek.  He knew that his alpha was only wanting to keep him and their children safe.


“Always.”  He said, pressing his forehead to his warlocks.  


“You know, all this talk of heats…did I tell you how wonderful you were the other night?”


“Mm.  I’m not sure.  Maybe you should tell me again, just to be sure.”  Alec teased, smirking at his alpha.


“You. Were. Wonderful.”  Magnus said, punctuating each word with a soft kiss to his Shadowhunters lips.  “You were magnificent.  Breathtaking.  Spectacular.”  He said, laying his omega back against their pillows.


“Was I now?”  Alec asked, wrapping his arm around his alpha’s neck, pulling him in closer for another kiss.


“Magnus.”  Cat said, knocking on the door.


They both groaned, foreheads pressed together.


“Just a minute.”  Magnus said, loud enough for her to hear.  “Pick this up later?”  He asked Alec softly.


“Only if that’s a promise.”  He said, pressing his lips softly to his alpha’s again.


Magnus smiled, kissing his sweet Shadowhunter again, Cat forgotten.




Alec rounded the bottom of the stairs, running his hand across the smooth, beautiful mahogany railing. He had only seen two rooms in his alpha’s Manor House.  ‘Their Manor House’ he thought.  His alpha kept insisting that.  He kept saying the same thing he had at the loft.  Everything that had been his was now theirs.


The stairs led into a beautiful Victorian style sitting room.  Furniture that should be dusty and brittle with age was sparking clean and looked new, despite the fact that everything there was antiques.  The marble hearth around a fireplace big enough for him to stand in faced the rose patterned…, well he didn’t know what it was called, but it was breathtaking.  Everything he had seen so far had been breathtaking and looked as if every last piece should belong in a museum.  He kept trying to wrap his head around the fact that his warlock had lived here.  That this had been is home.


He hated that his warlock had had to change things.  That he had had to modernize things and enlarge the house to accommodate everyone.  When he had said as much to his alpha, his alpha had assured him that it was fine.  That it was okay.  That he hadn’t taken anything away from their new home.  He had assured him that everything he had added was necessary.  And that all the new furniture, in the new bedrooms, was kept to the same style as the rest of the house, every ‘new’ piece of furniture from the same era. 


Alec hadn’t seen the rest of the house.  Just their bedroom, the new bathroom, the beautiful hallway that had cloth wallpaper and the mahogany stairs.  Now what he thought might be the sitting room or a parlor?  He didn’t know, but his warlock had promised him a full tour.  What was once a three-bedroom Manor House in the country was now a five-bedroom Manor House in the country.  Alec knew that one of those five bedrooms had been Arabella’s.  He wasn’t sure if he wanted to see that room or not.  He didn’t want to hurt his alpha by taking him there.  By opening that closed door.


He heard his brother laughing and followed the sound.  He was able to move quietly throughout the house.  Despite the fact that he was a Shadowhunter and could move silently in any case, his warlock hadn’t been kidding when he had said that he had moved everything, including their clothes.  Alec had been amazed that the comfy clothes he had worn around the loft were the same clothes he had here, the same clothes he was wearing now.  The soft socks he wore only aided in his silent movements.


Alec found his brother and parabati in a large kitchen, sitting at what appeared to be an old but well used butchers block table.  He could see his alpha here.  Eating dinner here with Arabella, surrounded by comforting kitchen smells, instead of the formal dining room that he knew was just down the hall.  They were sitting at the same table that their children would be eating at one day. 


“Good morning sleepy head.  How are you feeling?”  Clary asked, looking Alec over.


“Fine, Clary.  I’m fine.”


“You gave us a bit of a scare, bro.”  Jace said.


“Yeah, I’ve been doing that a lot lately.  Sorry about that.”  He said, crossing the room, unsure where to find what he was looking for in the sturdy wooden cabinets with the cast iron handles.


“Your tea cabinets on the left.”  Clary said.  “Still taking the place in?”


“You could say that.”  He said, opening the cabinet only to find it fully stocked with his favorite teas.  “I fell like I’m in a museum.  Not a house that people are actually living in.”  He said, pulling down a box of tea.


“I know what you mean.  This place is incredible.  I’m afraid to touch anything, afraid I’ll either break it or stain it.”  Jace said, moving to fill the cast iron kettle for his brother.


“I’m sure it’ll be fine, Jace.  Magnus had a little girl here once.  I’m sure he’s had to either repair or clean something a time or two.”


Both Clary and Jace fell silent, unsure what to say.


“It’s okay, guys.  Magnus is comfortable here.  At least he says he is.  He said being here doesn’t hurt anymore and hasn’t for a long time.  Yes, this is where he raised the child that became his daughter, our great, great, grandmother.  That’s something we’re going to have to get used to. 


But this is our home now.  It’s where my children will be conceived, probably born.  And raised.  And depending on the rest of you, yours may very well come to be here too.”


“Your right.”  Clary said as Jace sat the kettle on the stove.  “It just feels weird.”


“I know.  It feels weird to me too.  But were just going to have to get past that.”


“So how to you feel about having a Manor to call your own?”  Jace teased, trying to lighten the mood.


“That feels a bit weird too.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.  Like I was at the loft.  Everything Magnus can do, everything he has, it still amazes me.  He takes my breath away.”  He said as the kettle whistled on the stove. 


Using a pot holder he pulled it off the heat, something he had never had to use before.  He had never used cast iron before.  He would have to ask his alpha how to clean it.


“I think what you need to try and wrap your head around, Alec, is that it’s everything that you guys have that amazes you.”  Clary said with a smile as Alec sat next to her at the table.


Alec smiled, his parabati was right.  He would have to get used to the fact that he would always have everything he needed.  Or, if his alpha had his way, wanted.


“So how is everyone settling in?”  He asked, blowing on his tea.


“Good so far.  I was afraid at first that there would be an outhouse.”  She said, waiting for it.


Alec nearly choked on his tea.  He hadn’t thought about that.


“Was there?”  He asked as Jace patted him on the back as he choked.


“No.”  She laughed.  “Magnus said he put ‘modern plumbing’ in as soon as it was invented.  He just modernized it a bit more before we got here.”


“He did set up a new training room.  It’s like a replica of the one at the loft.”  Jace said, reclaiming his seat by his mate.


“How much did he expand this house exactly?”  Alec asked.


“Don’t know.  It was ready for move in when we got here.  But you should see the backyard.  Or maybe I should say back gardens.  Their beautiful, Alec.  And everywhere you look, there are red roses.  All the way around on trellises.  I guess they’ve had plenty of time to grow and spread.”  Clary said, biting her bottom lip.  She knew that they had been Arabella’s roses.


They fell quiet.  Everyone was thinking the same thing.  About the little girl that had lived here.  Grown up here.  The only surviving Lightwood.  The first of a long line of Lightwood’s to come, one of them now sitting at the very table she used to sit at.


“Good morning, big brother.  It’s good to see you up on your feet.  Well, sitting down.”  Izzy said as she came in through the back door, Simon following in her wake.


“Morning, Iz.”  Alec said, grateful for her arrival, accepting the hug she wrapped around him in his chair.


“You had me worried.”  She said, kissing his cheek.  “But I’m getting used to that.”


“I’m not sure that’s a good thing, Iz.  I’ve never really been the one to worry about, and now it seems like that’s all everyone does now.  I’m not quite sure when or how that happened.  And I don’t particularly like it.”  He said as his sister and best friend pulled out chairs at the table.


“The when is easy.”  Simon said.  “The day your heat started.  The rest we still haven’t quite figured out ourselves.”


“Who knew being an omega would be so hard?”  Alec asked.  “And suck so much.”


“Being an omega isn’t hard, sweetheart.”  Magnus said from the doorway.  “You just had a rough start.  Between heats, everything will be like it always was for you.  During heats, it will be completely different from your first.  I promise you that.”


“I hope so.”  He said softly as he alpha took the sixth seat at the table beside him.  He didn’t understand why the table had seven chairs.


“That one is for Catarina.”  Magnus said, following his Shadowhunters gaze.  “She’s always sat in that chair.  She spent a fair amount of time around here back in the day.  Have you seen the rest of the house?”


“Not yet.  I stopped here first for tea.”  Alec said, quickly taking another sip.


“Relax, Alexander.  It’s a house.  A home.  It’s meant to be lived in.”


“I think everyone is just afraid, Magnus.  Of breaking stuff or something.”  Izzy said, trying to pull the attention off her brother.


Magnus laughed.


“That’s what you guys are worried about?”  He asked.


“Everything in here is…antique?”  Simon asked.


“Actually, most everything in here was pretty close to antique when I put it in here.  But don’t worry, guys.  It’s fine.  If something get’s broken, and things get broken, it can be easily fixed.  And if you all are uncomfortable, I can always convert the family room into a more…modernized den?”


“I think that might help.”  Alec said, squeezing his alpha’s hand. 


“Then it shall be done.”  Magnus said, raising his omega’s hand to his lips for a soft kiss.


“Can you explain the rooms, Magnus?  Some of them I don’t understand.”  Clary said, sheepish.


“I’m not surprised.  Modern houses have long since stopped using this layout, for practicality, and size constraints.  The room at the bottom of the stairs is the sitting room, or we’ll say living room.  There is a parlor on the other side, to the left of the front door.  There is a formal dining room, although we always just used the kitchen, except for Belle’s tea parties.  The ballroom I converted into your training room.”


“Did you say ‘ballroom’?”  Izzy asked, cutting him off.  “You actually have a ballroom?”


“Yes and yes.  Although it never got used.  Keeping up with the dust was a real pain in the ass.  I’m kinda glad that space is going to go to good use now.”


Everyone in the room just gaped at him.




“You have a ballroom, Magnus.  An actual ballroom.  In your house.”  Alec said.


“In our house, love.”  He said, squeezing Alec’s hand.  “And yes, we had a ballroom.  Every manor house at the time did.  It was just, part of the era.  The mud room is just through that door.”  He said, pointing to a door on the other side of the kitchen.  “I expect muddy shoes to come off in there.  I hate mud in the house.  On the other side of it is the grafting room and then the atrium.”


They stared at him, dumbfounded.




“Grafting room?”  Simon asked.


“Yes.  For plants.  Did they not teach you anything at the Institute?”


“Quite a bit, actually.  Just not about historical houses.”  Alec said, patting his alpha’s hand.


“Okay.  Well, the grafting room is for creating hybrid plants.  And to store seeds and bulbs during the winter.  Further down that hall.”  He said, point out the door Alec came in through.  “Is the library.  It’s two stories, that’s why it’s downstairs, and then my workroom.  All across from your training room.  And a bathroom.  I haven’t had a chance to put in a modern laundry room in yet, or your forging room, Isabelle.  And the weapons room, but I can take care of that today.”


“How big is this house, exactly?”  Alec asked.


Magnus hesitated.


“Pretty big.”


“And how much did you expand it for us?”  He asked softly.


“Not too much.  Just the extra bedrooms and bathrooms.  The laundry room has always been there, it just needs to be updated.  And I have to add Isabelle’s forging room and the weapons room.  This house was big to start with, sweetheart.  That’s why it’s called a Manor.”


“How much space, is the question.”


“A couple hundred square feet, I guess.”


They all just gaped at him.


“What?  This place is no bigger than your Institute.  And there’s plenty of space for it to grow more if it needs too.”


“You’ve completely altered your home.”  Alec whispered, unshed tears in his eyes.


“No, love.”  Magnus said, eyes softening at the look in his Shadowhunters eyes, a look he didn’t understand.  “The base of this house, our house, is still the same.  All of the original rooms are the same.  I just added to it.  Something I’ve done more than once.  Belle didn’t always have a grafting room.  Or an atrium.  This house grows as it needs to grow.  Please try and understand that.”


“How am I supposed to understand that?  This house is were you raised…Belle.  And now your changing everything that you and she shared.”


“No, I’m not.  I love this house.  I always have.  When I bought this place, it didn’t have a lot of what it did before you all got here.  I’ve expanded as I’ve needed too.  And it’ll get expanded more once we have children.  We’ll need at least a nursery.  We still have Belle’s playroom, but we can expand on that.”


“No.”  Alec said, shaking his head.  “No.  I won’t let you.  I won’t let you change anything else.  Your changing everything for use.”  He said, tears streaming down his cheeks.


“Sweetheart.  I don’t understand.  Why are you upset?”  He asked, wiping Alec’s tears away.


“This was your home.  With Belle.  Your memories were here.”


“They still are, love.  Yes, this was my home with Belle.  Now it’s my home with you.  And our family.  None of my memories of this place are going to change.  I’m just going to make more.  I’ve only added to what was a foundation.  Everything from before, other than the ballroom, is still exactly as it was.”


“And the new bedrooms?  And the bathrooms?  They were always here?”




“See.  Don’t you see?”


“No, angel.  I don’t.  Every room that Belle lived in is still here.  All of them.  The only room I changed, was the ballroom.  And I know that my Belle would be happy about that.  That she would be happy that a space that was never used for anything is going to be used by the best warriors in the Shadow World to train and hone their skills to battle the Clave she feared so much.  I know with every fiber of my being that she would be thrilled.  She would be over the moon that you’re here.  All of you.  How can I make you see that you’re her White Knights?  Her hero’s?  The good guys?  The good Shadowhunters that will fight for her kind, your kind, Alexander.  The kind of Shadowhunters she never would have feared.”


They were all speechless.  They didn’t know what to say.


Magnus sighed, defeated.  He just didn’t know how to make them see.  Make them understand.


“I get it, Magnus.  I do.  It’s just hard.  I guess…I guess I feel like were robbing her of something.  Robbing you.”  Alec finally said.  Everyone nodded in agreement.


“You’re not robbing me of a thing, angel.  Your giving me everything.  And a few changes here and there…it’s worth it.  For you.  For all of you.  For our future.  She would want that.  I want that.  If she was here, right now, and you told her that you were going to give me children of my own, siblings for her, she would be jumping for joy.”


“Okay.  Okay.  Just promise me one thing.  Just promise me that you won’t take away anything that was from the house she grew up in.”


“That I can do.  I promise you that.”  He said, bringing his Shadowhunter’s hand to his lips f for a kiss.  “She would want me to have this.  All of this.  A mate.  Children of my own.  A family that has accepted me as their own.  Just as I accepted her.”


Alec could only nod, yes.


“Does everyone understand?”  He asked the group at large.


“I understand, Magnus.”  Izzy said, tears streaming down her cheeks, Simon gripping her hand.


“We understand.”  Clary said, holding onto her alpha.


Magnus sighed, relieved.


“Thank you.  Thank you for understanding.  I wouldn’t have done any of this if it would mean changing anything that I, that she, held dear.”


“Okay.”  Alec said, squeezing his warlock’s hand.


“Now, would you all like a tour?”


“That would be great.”  Izzy said, squeezing her brother’s other hand.  She wanted to see her brother’s new home.  The home he would raise his children in.  The home he would train his children in.  The first of the next generation of Lightwood’s.  Her future nieces or nephews.  She wanted to see their home.




Alec could only stare in awe at the back ‘yard’.  For as far as his eyes could see, and being an archer, he could see pretty far, was white trellises covered with what must have been thousands of red roses.  He could even see a beautiful blue pond with fish swimming happily, and a swing set that should look ancient and dilapidated, but actually looked brand new.


He could see them here.  His alpha and the first child he had raised as his own.  And their children.  And grandchildren.  Raven haired beauties running and playing and having ‘picnics?’ on the soft green grass.  Little girls with dolls, little boys playing with whatever little boys played with, he certainly didn’t know.  He never played when he was a boy.


“Magnus, how big is this ‘yard’?”


Magnus hesitated.  When he didn’t answer Alec looked at him, his seriousness etched on his perfect porcelain face.


“About sixty acres.”


“Sixty…”  Alec trailed off, breathless.


“It wasn’t always this big.  It started at a little over thirty.  But over the years, as more and more land became available, I bought it.”


“Why?  If it was already so big, why did you buy more?”  Alec asked, dumbstruck.


“I honestly don’t know.  Something just told me to.  So I did.”


Alec just gaped at him, speechless.


“There are trees.  Belle loved the weeping willows we had, so I planted more.  And there are apple trees further down.”  He said quickly, trying to change the subject.  “Belle loved the apple trees.  She would munch on the first one she picked, to ‘test them out’.”  He said with a fond smile. 


“And a small pumpkin patch.  Well, it’s grown too.  She had such a green thumb.  Every year as more and more grew Catarina and I would spend countless hours cleaning as many as she wanted out, so she could carve them.”  He said, eyes gleaming with happy memories.  “And there’s a green house a few acres in.  About an acre from her cottage.  I moved it for her when I built her second home.”


Alec didn’t know what to say.  He had never seen anything like this.  He had never seen an apple tree, or a pumpkin patch.  All he could see was a little girl with long raven hair and crystal blue eyes running around, laughing as her father chased her.


“What did she call you?”  Alec asked softly.


Magnus was taken back by the question.  He had thought Alec would ask something about the yard.


“Papa.”  He said softly.


Alec swallowed, hard.


“Then that’s what our children will call you too.”


“I’d like that.”  Magnus said, a smile shining brightly in his eyes.  “Would you like to see it?  The apple trees and the pumpkin patch?  That is, if you feel up to it.  It’s a bit of a walk.”


“I’m a Shadowhunter, alpha.  I was raised to be ‘up to it’.  I think I can handle ‘a bit of a walk’.  He said, reaching for his warlock’s hand.


“I know this is a lot to take in, angel.  But this is our home now.  It’s where our children will grow up.  And countless more Lightwood-Banes to come.  They can all grow up here, if that’s what our children decide.  There’s certainly enough land.  And we can always buy more if we need to.  There will always be enough room for everyone.  I promise you that.”  He said, squeezing Alec’s hand.  “Are you ready for that walk?  And maybe pick some fresh roses for the house.  There’s plenty.”


“I’d like that.  Just one question first.  How big is the front yard?”


Magnus could only belly laugh at his Shadowhunters question.  It was the last one he expected.


“Big enough, but nowhere near as big as this.”  He said, wiping tears of laughter from his cheeks.


Alec did the only thing he could do.  Roll his eyes.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 16




Not Intended for readers under the age of 18




 “Magnus, it hurts.”  Alec whispered.  “It hurts so much.”


“I know, sweetheart.  I know.  It’s going to be alright.”  Magnus soothed, trying and failing to hide his fear.


“Magnus, lay him on the bed.  Quickly.”  Cat said.


Alec cried out as another contraction hit, this one stronger than the last.


“It’s too soon.  Magnus, it’s too soon.  They can’t come yet.”  Alec gasped through the pain that was ripping through him as his alpha laid him gently on their bed.


“It’s going to be alright, angel.  Catarina is going to take care of you.”


“Magnus, I need you to move.  I need to start an IV, now.  I have to get some meds into him.”  Cat said, pushing Magnus out of her way.


“Do something, Catarina.  Please.”  He begged.


“I am.  It’s going to be alright.”  She said, tying a tourniquet around Alec’s arms.  “Alec, honey, I need you to try and relax and focus on your breathing.”


“Okay.”  Alec whispered as the pain eased.  “They can’t come now, Cat.  It’s too early.”  He said as a needle pierced his skin.


“They won’t.  I’m going to give you some medicine to stop the contractions and help the bleeding.”  She said, taping the IV in place.  Snapping her fingers an IV pump appeared beside the bed, and an oxygen tank.  “I’m going to give you some fluids and this oxygen will help you breathe.  It’ll help the babies.”  She said, quickly starting the drip that would push fluid into his veins.


“Okay.”  He said, breathless from the last contraction.


“Just breathe through your nose, sweetie.  Everything is going to be alright.”  She said, wrapping the cannula that would push oxygen into Alec’s nose around his ears.  “Just try and relax.  Robert, what’s his blood type?”


“A positive.  Like mine.”


“And Isabelle’s?”


“The same.”


“Get her up here.”


“I’m here.”  Izzy said from the doorway.


Alec looked at his little sister.  He was scared, he couldn’t see her clearly.


“Good.  I’m going to heal the tear in the placenta.  It will stop the bleeding.  But he needs a transfusion.  I’m going to need you both.”  Cat said.


They sounded far away.  Everyone sounded so far away.  He cried out as pain ripped through him again.


“Magnus!  Where’s Magnus?”  Alec asked.


“I’m right here, love.”  Magus said, taking Alec’s hand.




“Magnus, warm him.  He’s going into shock.”  


Alec’s vision was blurred, he could barely see his alpha, but he could feel warmth pushing into him, his alpha’s magic.


“They can’t come now.  They can’t.”  He gasped, trying to breathe through the pain.


“They won’t, sweetheart.  Catarina is going to fix it.  Just breathe.  It’s going to be okay.”


Alec felt warmth, more warmth seep into him.  He looked down.  Catarina had her hands on his swollen belly.  He could see her, just not clearly.


“What’s happening, Cat?”  He asked. 


He didn’t know how weak his voice was, how soft it sounded.  He didn’t know how much blood he had lost.


“It’s alright, Alec.  Everything is going to be fine, sweetie.”  She soothed.  “Robert, sit beside him.  He’s going to need your blood.”


“Okay.  Anything.”  Robert said, sitting beside his son on the bed.


Alec felt his father take his other hand.


“Dad, I’m scared.”


“It’s going to be alright.  Cat is going to take care of you.  You’re going to be fine.  The babies are going to be fine.”  Robert soothed, squeezing his son’s hand.


“Catarina, talk to me.”  Magnus said.  He had seen this much blood before.  Only once before.  He had seen it the day he had lost his Belle.


“It’s going to be okay, Magnus.  Stay with Alec.  Talk to him.  Keep him calm.”


Everyone was so far away.  He wanted to ask what was happening, what was happening to his babies.  But he couldn’t get the words out.


“Alexander, stay awake, love.  You need to stay awake.”  Magnus said, pushing more magic into him, trying to warm him.  He felt so cold.


“Magnus, on that line beside you.  That white clip.  Push it open.”  Cat said.


Alec felt a rush of cold run up his arm from the IV.  He was already so cold.


“Robert, I’m going to connect a tube from you to him.”  She said.


“Whatever he needs.”  Robert said.


“Isabelle, stay close.”


“I’m not going anywhere.”  Izzy said.


Alec heard his sister, but he couldn’t see her.  She sounded miles away.


“Keep your eyes open for me, sweetheart.  I know your tired, but you have to stay awake.”  Magnus said.  “Breathe, angel.  Take deep breaths.”


Alec tried to do what his alpha asked, but everything was so hard.  The pain was gone, but darkness was creeping in at the edges of his vision.  It was getting harder to see.


“Keep your eyes open, Alexander.  You’re doing great.”  Robert said, holding his son’s hand tight.


He couldn’t do it.  He couldn’t hold his eyes open.  He blinked once, twice, then it all went black.





Alec shot up in bed, gasping for breath.  His hand instinctively went to his flat belly.


“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?  What happened?”  Magnus asked, flying through the door.  Clary’s scream had sent him flying up the stairs to his Alexander.  “What’s wrong?  Talk to me, love.”  He said, taking his trembling Shadowhunter into his arms.


Alec gripped his alpha tight, holding on as he fought to catch his breath.


“Was it a dream?  Did you have another nightmare?”  He asked.  He had forgotten to give his omega the dream suppressant before he had fallen asleep.  His angel had been training all day and most of the night and had been exhausted.  He had insisted that his Shadowhunter lie down, sleep for a bit.


“Yes.”  Alec breathed.  “Yes.”  Was all he could say.


“It’s alright now.  Your awake.  You’re alright.”  Magnus crooned, holding his angel in his arms.


“What happened?”  Cat asked as she ran in.


“Another nightmare.”  Magnus said. 


“It was awful.”  Alec whispered, clutched his warlock tight.


“Alec, honey, take deep breaths.”  Cat said.


Alec could feel her hand on his back, but all he wanted was his alpha.


“Breathe, sweetheart.  Just focus on your breathing.”  Magnus said softly.


“Okay.  Okay.”  Alec breathed, fighting to get his breath back, his head spinning as clutched his alpha.


He felt Cat’s hand rubbing his back and a soft warmth seeping into him.


“No!  I don’t want to sleep again!”  He cried as he felt his body start to relax.


“It’s alright, Alec.  You just need to calm down a bit.  This will help.”  Cat soothed.


Alec didn’t know that he was having a panic attack.  He’d never had a panic attack.  He was a Shadowhunter.  Shadowhunters didn’t panic. 


“How is he, Cat?”  Izzy asked.


“He’s going to be fine, Isabelle.  He just needs to relax and breathe.”


“It was so bad.”  Alec whispered, still holding onto his alpha, his muscles relaxing more and more as more warmth seeped into him, washing over him.


“I know, sweetheart.  But it’s over now.”  Magnus said softly.


“Lay him down, Magnus.”  Cat said.


“No.  Please don’t let go.”  Alec begged, trying to hold on to his alpha, but he couldn’t.  He couldn’t make his muscles work anymore.


“It’s alright, love.  I’m right here.”  Magnus said, gently laying Alec back on his sweat soaked pillows.


With a finger snap Alec was dry, laying on fresh dry sheets and dry pillows.


“Catarina, talk to me.”  Magnus said.


“He’s alright now, Magnus.  He just needs to rest.”


Alec took a deep breath.  He could breathe again.  The tightness in his chest was gone.


“What happened to me, Cat?”


She sighed.


“Your nightmare was a bad one.  You woke up having a panic attack.  But you’re okay now.  You just need to try and rest.”


Alec nodded, squeezing his alpha’s hand.  ‘A panic attack?’ he thought.


“Can you tell us what it was about, sweetheart?”  Magnus asked softly, brushing a lock of hair out of his Shadowhunters eyes.


“No.  Not yet.”


“Okay, angel.  Whenever you’re ready.”  He said, stroking Alec’s cheek.


“My father.  Where’s my father?  We have to find him.”


“Your father?  Why?”


“He’s not our enemy.  We need him.  I need him.”  Alec said, looking at his warlock, crystal blue eyes meeting chocolate brown.  “Whatever he’s done, he’s not our enemy.”


“Okay, love.  Okay.  Just rest now.”  Magnus soothed.


“Please don’t make me go back to sleep.  Not now.”


“I won’t, sweetheart.  We won’t.  But you have to rest for a bit.  For just a little while.”  He said, tucking the fresh quilt around his Shadowhunter.


“Please don’t leave.”


“I won’t.  I’ll be right here.”  He said, squeezing Alec’s hand.




Cat closed the door softly behind her. 


“Well?”  Magnus asked, anxious.


“He told me.  But he made me swear not to tell anyone.  He doesn’t want anyone to know.” 


“What?  Why?”


“He has his reasons.”


“Why did he tell you then?”  He asked, dumbfounded.  His Shadowhunter would talk about his dream with his best friend, but not him?  It made no sense.


“Like I said, he has his reasons.  I gave him my word, Magnus.  I need you to trust me on this, and him.”


Magnus sighed.  He didn’t understand.  How could he protect his omega if he didn’t know what was happening?  ‘Or what may happen’ he thought.


“He doesn’t want us to know because he’s scared.  He’s afraid it will come true.  And it affects us, doesn’t it?”


“Magnus, please….He’s your mate.  If he decides to tell you, that’s up to him.  But I won’t break my word.”


“Okay.  Just tell me one thing.  Does he get hurt?” 


“I don’t know.”


He sighed. 


“Is he alright?”  He asked, defeated.  His omega was keeping things from him, why, he could only guess.  But he couldn’t push him.  He wouldn’t.


“He’s sleeping now.  I gave him the dream suppressant so he could rest.  We can’t give it to him on a consistent basis.  If these dreams really are visions from his Angel, they’re things we need to know.  So we can stop them from happening.  Maybe head them off at the pass.  Or at least prepare for them.    But when he’s like this, he has to rest or he’ll break.  You know what you have to do, he told you.  You’ve put it off too long already.”


“Did I?  Had this not happened…this changes things Catarina.  He told us something we needed to know.  We wouldn’t have had that had he not had that dream.”


“True.  But you can’t keep putting it off.”


“I know.  I’ll take them soon.  That’s where they need to be.  I think it’s where their meant to be.  There’s just a few things that have to be done first.”


“Okay.  You should get some rest.  It’s late.  And he’ll rest better with your scent.”


Magnus nodded, yes.  He would give his Shadowhunter all the comfort that he could.




Magnus watched as his Shadowhunter executed a perfect triple backflip, on a three-inch beam thirty feet in the air, pulling a knife from his thigh holster and throwing it at his target, hitting dead center, sixty feet away.  While it was absolutely stunning to watch, breathtaking, he was worried.


His Alexander had woken up and wanted to train.  And he had been training, hard, for the last seven hours without a break.  Magnus knew that his warrior was pushing himself.  He knew that his omega was used to training for long hours, without breaks.  But that was at the Institute.  He wasn’t at the Institute now.


The rest of his family had already called it a day.  They had tried to get him to call it too, but he wouldn’t.  He was still at it.


Alec saw his alpha watching him out of the corner of his eye.  He wasn’t sure how long he had been there; he had been too focused on what he was doing.  Focus and concentration were vital in training.  Losing that focus was how you got hurt.


“Will you please come down from there?”  Magnus asked when his Shadowhunters knife had struck the target.  “You need a break, angel.  And something to eat.”


Alec knew his alpha was right.  He had been training for hours.  His family had tried a few times already to get him to stop, at least to come eat, but he had refused, saying he would break in a bit.  But he hadn’t.  He could see that his alpha was worried.


“Sure.”  He said, taking the leap that would send him thirty feet down to the mats below, landing in a perfectly balanced crouch.


Magnus felt his heart stop in his chest when his Shadowhunter jumped off the beam.  It didn’t beat again until he saw him land safely on the mat.


“Are you out of your mind?!” 


“What?”  Alec asked.  “You asked me to come down.  That’s how we get down.”


“That’s how you get down?  How…when do they teach you to do that?”  Magnus asked, shocked.


“Nine.  Only we have ropes then, just in case.  Those go at twelve.”


Magnus couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  ‘This is how Shadowhunters are trained?’ he thought.  ‘How do they not get killed?’


“What?”  Alec asked again, he didn’t understand the look on his warlock’s face.


“What happens if you fall?”


“Depends.  If you break something, well, that’s what iratzes are for.  I guess they think if hit hurts bad enough, you won’t do whatever it is you did wrong again.  If it’s worse, then your taken to the infirmary.”


A vision of a twelve-year-old Alexander being pushed from a thirty-foot-high beam only to land on a hardwood floor, cracking his skull, flashed through his mind.  It made his stomach clench and churn.  ‘How can they do this to children?’ he thought.  ‘Bella?  Izabella?  How did he never know this?’


“Magnus…I don’t understand.”  Alec said, confused.  “What’s wrong?”  He asked, taking quick strides to reach his warlock.  He looked like he was going to be sick.


“Is this how all Institutes train?”  He whispered, images of the children he had known and loved flashing through his mind. 


“I don’t know.  I’ve only ever trained at The New York Institute.  What’s wrong?”  Alec asked, wrapping his arms around his warlock’s waist.


Magnus didn’t know how to put what he was feeling into words. The thought of his family, all of them, being trained this way, being put in that kind of danger, blew his mind.  He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he had a family now.  A family of five magnificent Shadowhunters.  And they all could do what his angel just did, like it was a stroll through the park.


“If that’s how you get down, how do you get up?”  He asked.


“Well, that depends too.  Most use leverage, a running kick off the wall to get up high enough to grab the beam and flip themselves over it.”  Alec said, unsure what was troubling his warlock.


“And the rest?  How do they get up?”


“We jump.”


“You jump?  Off what?”


“The floor.”  Alec said, worried about his alpha.  “Magnus, please tell me what’s wrong.  Your scaring me.”


“I’m sorry, love.”  Magnus said, trying, and failing, to shake it off.  “It’s just a bit hard to image.  Your telling me that you jump, thirty feet off the floor, to land on a three-inch beam?”


“No.  You can only do that with a solid surface, like a rooftop.  We jump to grab the beam, then flip ourselves over it.  But not everyone can do that.  Most still need a running start.  Most can’t do a standing jump of more than fifteen or twenty feet.”


“And you can?”


“Of course.  We all can.  At least, we can.  Not everyone at the Institute can get that high without some sort of help.”


“And if you fall?”


“You angle yourself so you land on your feet.”


“And if you don’t?  And please don’t tell me that’s what iratzes are for.”


“Then I can’t answer your question.”


Magnus sighed, closing his eyes.


“Promise me.  Promise me that when you train our children, that you’ll use safety harnesses.  And that you will teach them those flips on a lower beam.  Like a beam three inches off the floor.”


Now Alec understood.  His alpha was afraid.  Afraid they would get hurt.  That their children would get hurt.  Thinking back, he understood his alpha’s fear.  Shadowhunters were trained early on not to be afraid, of anything, but his warlock didn’t know that.  In that moment he knew, he most certainly couldn’t let him see them do backflips off the beam.


“Hey, look at me.”  He said, turning his alpha’s chin to meet his eyes.  “I promise you, when we train our children, and by we, I mean me and our family, that we will take whatever safety precautions you can think of.  Whatever you want.  Just because we didn’t have those options when we were kids, doesn’t mean that ours wont.  Okay?”


Magnus sighed again, pressing his forehead to his Shadowhunters.


“The thought of it just scares me, I guess.  You jumping thirty feet onto a rooftop, or off.  I guess…I just didn’t know what…”  He trailed off.


“Hey, it’s okay.  We do it every day.  It’s part of it.  I know that probably doesn’t make you feel better.  But I swear on the Angel, I will always teach our children to be safe.  Okay?”


“And what about you?  What about your safety?”


“We’re as careful as we can be.”


“Can all Shadowhunters do it?  Do what you do?”


Alec hesitated.


“No, alpha.  They can’t.  We’re the only ones who can.”


Now Magnus knew why his Shadowhunter, and his team, were the best.  The best in the Shadow World.  They could do things the others couldn’t.  Was it stunning to watch them?  Yes.  What it also terrifying to know that at single slip-up could be catastrophic?  Most defiantly.  ‘If there this good in training, they must be spectacular in the field’ he thought.


“It just worries me, I guess.  What if one of you gets hurt?”  He asked.


“Then we handle it.  We use the tools that were given.  We use iratzes.  We help each other.  And now, we have a wonderful warlock who can do a lot.  And if he can’t, well, then Cat can.”  Alec said with a smirk.


Magnus huffed, indignant.


“She may be the hands-on healer.  But I, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, just happen to be the master at potions.  Healing and otherwise.”


“The Potions Master.  That kinda has a nice ring to it, dont’cha think?”  Alec asked with a smile.


“I guess it does.  Are you ready to call it a day now?”


“I guess I am.”


“Good.”  Magnus said, pressing a soft kiss to his angel’s lips.  “You need to eat something.” 


“Mm.  Can’t we just skip that and go for a shower?  And maybe something more?”  Alec asked, pulling his warlock in for a firmer kiss.


“After dinner, love.  We agreed.  No more skipping meals.”


“Okay.  After dinner.  You made a promise.  Remember?”


“I guess I did.  Come on.  Let’s get you fed.  Then maybe we can get you to bed.”  Magnus said, pulling his Shadowhunter by the hand, leading him from the room.


‘I have to tell the others.’  Alec thought, as his alpha led him out.  ‘He can never see us backflip off the beam.’




Smoke filled the air.  It was thick and gagging.  Everything was burning.  Alec coughed, choking on the black smoke.  It burned his eyes, making them water.  He stood bound; his hands tied tight behind his back.  A Shadowhunter he knew, one he once considered a friend, one he once trusted in combat, stood behind him, ensuring that he didn’t move.


He wanted desperately to hold his swollen belly.  His babies were kicking.  Fear had gripped him, fear like he never felt before.  He was a Shadowhunter.  Shadowhunters didn’t feel fear.  But in this moment, he did.  It was all consuming.


After four years of hunting demons, greater demons, and fighting in The Dark War, he had never felt this kind of fear.  For his family, his team, his alpha, and his unborn children.  Everyone he cared most about were bound on their knees before him, lined up in a row.  His alpha was in front of him.  Shadowhunters, former friends, stood behind them.  His mother stood watching, a cruel, twisted smile on her face.


His eyes locked on his alpha’s, crystal blue meeting beautiful chocolate brown.  He saw his own fear mirrored there.  Ripping his gaze from his one true love, he took at each member of his team, his heart breaking.  It was his fault they were here, but none of them looked afraid.  If they were, they didn’t show it.  That’s what trained Shadowhunters did.  They hid their fear.


“Alexander Gideon Lightwood.”  Imogen Herondale said, loud and clear, pacing in front of him, in front of his family.  “You are here today because you have broken Clave law.  Several Clave laws.  All punishable by death.”  She said, facing him.  She was so close he could smell her rancid breath. 


“You have mated with a downworlder.  You carry his demon spawn in your womb.  Abominations against the Angel, just like you.  You have committed treason, fighting against your own people.  You have killed your own kind, those who sought you out for the sole purpose of carrying out orders issued by the Clave, those who sought you out for justice for your crimes.  The kill order that was placed upon you because of your first crime, mating a disgusting downworlder, is only one of the reasons you are going to die today.  I guess in retrospect, the rest really don’t matter.  I can keep listing them off, but what would be the point?


You will stand and watch as each member of your team, a group, your group of merry little misfits, are executed.  Your family and your parabati.  Their blood is on your hands.  Their crimes?  Aiding and abetting you.  Joining you as you killed your own kind.  Valuable Shadowhunters.  Shadowhunters unlike you.  You are a Shadowhunter unworthy of the title.  You are nothing more than a disgusting a faggot.  Another slight against the Angel.  You will stand here and watch the people you love die, helpless to stop it.  And your disgusting mate.  Why you would choose, of all faggots, a downworlder is a mystery.  As with your team and family, he will die because of you.”


“Please.  Spare my team.  Spare my family.  Spare my mate.  My children.  If you want me dead, so be it.  But I beg you, let me deliver my children first.”  Alec begged, tears streaming down his cheeks.


“Spare them?  Why on earth would we spare them?  They are criminals.  There actions, aiding you as you murdered innocent Shadowhunters, was their slight against the Angel.”


“Innocent?  You call those Shadowhunters innocent?   There is nothing innocent about them.  Just like there is nothing innocent about you.”  He spat, anger momentarily overriding his fear.


“As for your disgusting mate, he should have died a long time ago for his countless crimes.  For all of the times he broke the accords.  For centuries he has played the role of an ally to the Clave, all the while committing crimes behind our backs.”


“I beg you.  Have mercy.  You have me.  Please let them go.  My team, they are valuable Shadowhunters too.  You have seen it with your own eyes.  And my children.  Please.  They are innocent in all of this.”


“Your children?”  She scoffed.  “You mean the demons you carry in your belly?  I will grant you that one wish though.  You will see your children born.  Today.  As they are ripped from your womb.”


“No!”  Alec cried; a sob caught in his chest.  His head was spinning.  His emotions were swirling through him.  Fear, anger, heartbreak, helplessness, guilt. 


“Yes.  They will be born today.  And they will die.  And you and your disgusting downworlder mate will watch.”


“Mother, please!  Do something.  Stop this.  Are you really going to stand there while they kill your daughter?  Your husband?  Your sons?  Your grandchildren?”


“You are no son of mine.”  Maryse spat, crossing to him in three quick strides, slapping him hard across the face.  “As for your sister and brother, they deserve death for their actions, same as you.  They deserve to die for their crimes against the Clave.  As does your father.  They betrayed me.  They disgraced me.  You’ve all disgraced the Lightwood name.”


“The Lightwood name?”  Robert asked, incredulously.  “You are no Lightwood.  You have no right to claim the Lightwood name.  You only carry it by marriage.  A marriage I have hated and despised from the first day.  The only thing you have done even remotely right is bare our children, the children you tried to murder while you carried them in your womb.  I’m just grateful that you failed.  They are true Lightwoods.  You are no Lightwood.  You are nothing more than a retched bitch who married into the Lightwood name.”  He spat.


Spinning around quickly Maryse slapped her husband, as hard as she had her son.  Her hatred for him shown clearly in her eyes.


“I, you filthy traitor, will be the one that saves the Lightwood name.  You aren’t the only one that has hated our marriage.  I felt nothing but loathing and contempt on our wedding day.  Just as I have loathed our despicable children.”


“Who should we start with, Imogen?”  Asked Counsil Malachi, bored.


“Yes.  Who first?  This is getting tiresome, Imogen.”  Said Victor Aldertree.  “Let’s do it and be done.”


“In just a moment, gentlemen.”  Imogen said, crossing to Jace.


“You are a disgrace to me Jonathan Herondale.  Your father would be ashamed.  You have smeared the Herondale name.  You are no grandson of mine.”


“It’s you who are a disgrace, you filthy bitch.  If anyone is a disgrace to the Herondale name, it’s you.  My father is rolling over in his grave, knowing what his mother is doing, and that she wants his only son dead, something she is ordering done herself.”  Jace spat, nothing but contempt and anger showing in his eyes.  “You kill me, the Herondale line dies with you, and I pray to the Angel that your death is painful.  That you suffer.  That your retched body its racked with the worst possible pain.”


Imogen stood, looking over the one she used to call her grandson.  The one she used to be proud of.  For he was skilled.  A great Shadowhunter.  A title he no longer deserved, for helping that disguising omega.   


“You will watch your mate die first, Jonathan.  And you will feel the worst possible pain.


“No!  Please.”  Alec begged, knowing his pleas would do nothing, his heart breaking even more for his parabati.  The one he swore to protect with everything that he had, all that he was.


Imogen didn’t so much as turn to look at him.  She looked at the Shadowhunter standing behind his parabati.


“Do it.  Slit her throat, but not too hard.  I want them both to feel the agony of her slow death.”


“Yes ma’am.”  Said the traitorous Shadowhunter standing behind Clary.  She cried out as he gripped her by her hair, yanking her head back, exposing her throat.


“Please don’t do this!”  Alec begged.


“Shut up you filthy faggot.”  Maryse spat, voice laced with venom.


“Do it you bastard.  Do it and you shame the Angel.”  Clary said calmly to the Shadowhunter gripping her hair.  She wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of watching her beg for her life, of watching her scream out her pain.  She would die with honor, a proud Shadowhunter.


Pulling a seraph blade from his thigh holster he sliced smoothly across her throat, deep enough to cut her jugular, but not deep enough to cut through it.


“No!”  Jace and Alec cried as one.


Alec felt pain rip through his parabati bond.  He couldn’t tear his eyes away from Clary, blood running down her throat, watching as she coughed and choked on the blood filling her lungs.


“No!”  Alec whispered as the pain slowly faded from his parabati rune as the blood gurgled in her lungs as she died in front of his eyes.  He felt the rune disappear from his chest as the Shadowhunter gripping her hair kicked her lifeless body to the ground.


“No.”  Jace sobbed as he watched his mate die.  “You bastard!”  He spat at the Shadowhunter that had just murdered his one true love, struggling futilely to get to him, murder in his eyes.


“Kill him next.”  Imogen ordered, staring her weeping grandson in the eye.


Alec didn’t know that he was sobbing, tears pouring down his cheeks. 


He watched as each member of his family was slaughtered before his eyes, there throat slit open slowly.  He watched as each and every one choked on their own blood.  They didn’t beg for mercy, for their lives.  They didn’t cry out, the way he knew Imogen wanted them to. 


But he, he didn’t hear himself begging.  He didn’t hear himself begging for mercy for those he loved, the ones he held most dear, the ones he cherished and would have gladly died for in their place.  He was no longer the strong, stoic Shadowhunter.


He watched as his parabati was murdered first, then his brother, his best friend, and his sister, his twin.  He begged for the old woman and the man that he didn’t know.  He didn’t know them, but still he begged for their lives.


He didn’t realize that he had fallen to his knees when his parabati was slaughtered.  He didn’t feel it when the Shadowhunter jerked him back to his feet, the ropes binding him digging into his flesh.  All he felt was pain.  Heartbreak.  Guilt for not saving them.  By the time his father died all he could feel was his children, kicking furiously in his womb as he fought to breathe, to draw in air.


His heart stuttered to a halt when the Shadowhunter behind his alpha gripped him by the hair, pulling his head back, exposing his throat.  Their eyes locked, devastated crystal blue meeting defeated chocolate brown.


“It’s okay, angel.  Don’t cry.  Just know that I love you.  More than anything.”  Magnus said.


Magnus didn’t realize that he had cried out when his angel did, when everyone he also held dear was slaughtered like animals, his own heart shattering.


“I love you, too.”  Alec choked out.  “More than anything.”


“Wait!”  Mayrse cried out, stopping the Shadowhunter from slitting Magnus’ throat, a shallow cut leaving a trail of blood escaping from the wound.  “I want him to see it.  I want him to watch as the demon spawn he planted in my bastard son are ripped from his womb.  As those abominations fall to his feet.”


“No!”  Magnus begged.  “Not the babies.”


Imogen rounded on him.


“I told you.  I told you all.  Those demons would be born today.  And would die today.  Do it.”


Alec couldn’t cry anymore.  He had nothing left.  His sobs wouldn’t escape his chest.  He heard the Shadowhunter restraining him unsheathe his seraph blade behind him.


“No.”  He pleaded, finally finding his voice, a whisper of breath.  “Please no.”  Was all he could choke out.


He felt the blade slice across his belly, through his womb.  He stared in shock as his babies fell to the ground.  He listed as his children let out their first cries.  He could do nothing to help them, to save them.  He could do nothing to stop the brutal cruelty as one by one the Shadowhunter that had slit his belly open, causing the most excruciating pain he had ever felt, pain that had surpassed everything else he had witnessed that day, felt that day, plunged his seraph blade, one by one, into their chests, into their tiny hearts.  He could only listen as one by one, his babies stopped crying.  He didn’t feel it when he fell to his knees.  All he could feel was his internal agony, his heart already beaten and broken.  The heart that could endure no more.


Magnus was weeping.  Weeping for his children and his mate.  His heart shattered in his chest when he watched his precious babies fall from his Shadowhunters womb, his wonderful angel’s body.  He thought he couldn’t feel anything worse than this, than the pain he was feeling now.


“Now the warlock.”  Imogen commanded.


Alec looked up, looking at his precious alpha.  The last one he loved in this world.  Their eyes locked, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown, tears streaming down their cheeks.


“We’ll be together soon, my love.  I swear on your Angel.”  Magnus said before the Shadowhunter behind him viciously slashed his seraph blade across his throat.  He died slowly, as did the others.


As Alec watched his beloved warlock die, never tearing his gaze from his beautiful chocolate brown eyes, he went numb inside.  He had been wrong.  There was worse pain that the pain he had already felt.  He felt his heart shatter in every way for what he knew was the last time.  He prayed to the Angel that his mate, his fated mate was right.  That they all would be together soon.


He felt dizzy, lightheaded.  He didn’t realize how much blood he had already lost.  He felt nothing as the Shadowhunter behind him yanked his head back by his hair, or when his blade slid across his throat.  He felt no pain.  He had already felt it all.


He didn’t realize that he was choking on his own blood.  He didn’t feel it.  All that he could see was the black closing in, the black that he welcomed with all that he had left in him.  He didn’t feel it when he took his last feeble breath, the moment he died.




Alec shop up in bed, soaked in sweat and trembling uncontrollably, everything he was, every fiber of his being was racked by guilt and pain.  He didn’t know that he wasn’t breathing.


“Alexander!”  Magnus cried, panic and fear for his Shadowhunter consuming him.  “Breathe, angel.  Breathe.”


Alec heard his alpha but couldn’t do as he asked.  He was lost in that last horrendous moment of his dream.


“You have to breathe!”  Magnus begged, pressing his hand to his Shadowhunters stilled chest, pushing the strongest wave of magic he could muster into his angel’s lungs.  As much as he had the day his sweet omega had died during his heat.


With his heart stuck in his throat Magnus prayed, to anyone and everything that was listening, that his magic would work.


With a gasp Alec drew in a stuttering breath, the power of his alpha’s magic forcing his lungs to work.


“That’s right, sweetheart.  Breathe.”  Magnus whispered, relief coursing through him as he pulled his shaking Shadowhunter into arms.  “Just breathe.”


“Magnus!”  Catarina cried, a blast of her magic blowing the bedroom door off its hinges.  She had heard his desperate cries for his mate to breathe, and it had terrified her.  “Magnus, what happened?”


“I don’t know.  I don’t know, Catarina.  Please, help him.”  Magnus begged, his Shadowhunter going cold in his arms.


Clary’s screams were echoing throughout the house.


“Jace, keep her out!”  Catarina cried.  Taking one look at Alec, she knew what was happening as she watched him struggle to breathe.


“Magnus, lay him down.  Gently.  He’s gone into shock.  Prop his head up.”  She ordered.  She wasn’t Catarina the friend now.  She wasn’t Catarina the warlock.  She was Catarina, the skilled medical professional.


Magnus couldn’t do as she asked.  He couldn’t move.  All he could do was hold his struggling Shadowhunter.


With a wave of her hand the pillows were stacked on the bed, enough to elevate Alec’s head.


“Magnus!  You have to let go so I can help him.”  She pleaded, meeting her best friend’s eyes.


“Okay.  Okay.  Help him, Catarina.  You have to help him.”  Magnus begged, having felt his Shadowhunter go limp in his arms.


“Alec!”  Izzy cried, flying through the door.  The sight of her big brother as his alpha gently laid him back against the piled pillows stopped her dead in her tracks, fear consuming her.  “By the Angel.”  She breathed.


“Isabelle, I need blankets.  As many as you can find.”  Cat said.  “Now!”  She commanded when the raven-haired teen didn’t move.  Izzy shook off her panic, nodding at Cat before she raced out of the room.


“Magnus, what happened?”  She asked as she waved her hand, an oxygen tank appearing at her side.  Quickly she adjusted the flow, then gently stretched the strap on the mask to pull it over Alec’s head, covering his nose and mouth.


“I don’t know.”  He whispered, tears streaming down his cheeks.


“Breathe, Alec.”  She said, quickly taking his pulse at his wrist.  He was so cold.  Too cold.


Alec didn’t know what was happening around him.  He heard muffled voices as his vision blurred. 


“Catarina, what’s happening?”  Magnus cried, watching as his Shadowhunters eyes fluttered shut, as he slipped into unconsciousness.


“His body’s in shock, Magnus.  And he’s struggling to breathe.  I need you to focus.  I need you to push your magic into his chest, focus on his lungs.  Try to get them working properly.”  She said, waving her hand again, an IV pump appearing at her side.  “I have to get fluids into him, quickly.  And the right meds.  Do it!”  She commanded when Magnus didn’t move, his eyes never leaving his mate.


Magnus shook his head, trying to shake off his fear, trying and failing.  But hearing his best friend’s words he knew he had to focus.  Placing his hand on his sweet angel’s chest he pushed soft waves into his Shadowhunter, willing his lungs to work.


Catarina quickly and efficiently started an IV, pushing syringe after syringe of medication into the IV port in his hand, pushing it directly into his veins.  Clary’s screams were still echoing throughout the house.  Izzy ran back in, a massive pile of blankets in her arms.


“Isabelle, cover him up.  Quickly.  We have to get him warm.  Magnus, help her.  Warm him.”  She commanded them both as Alec continued to draw in ragged, uneven breaths.


Magnus pressed his hand to Alec’s clammy forehead, pushing wave after wave of warmth into his Shadowhunters body while Izzy piled blankets on her struggling brother.


“Magnus, dry him off.  I need my hands free.”


Magnus nodded, snapping his fingers.  Alec was dry in an instant, laying on fresh, dry linens, layered with warm, dry blankets.


Waving her hand, a heart monitor appeared at her side.


“Thank you, Isabelle.  Go help Jace with Clary.”  She said, not wanting the girl to see anymore.  “Go!”  She commanded when Izzy didn’t move.


Izzy was torn.  She didn’t want to leave her brother, but she could hear his parabati screaming downstairs.  Her brother, her twin, would want her to help her, she knew.


“Okay.”  She whispered, tearing her gaze from her brother.  With a great effort she turned from him, a sob escaping her chest as she fled from the room.


The moment she was gone Cat waved her hand again, connecting the heart monitor to Alec’s still trembling body, his rapidly beating heart beeping through the machine.


“That’s enough, Magnus.”  Cat said, pulling her friends hand from his Shadowhunters forehead.  “He needs to finish warming at a slower pace.


“Okay.”  Magnus whispered, watching his struggling omega.


Quickly wrapping a blood pressure cuff around Alec’s arm, she pressed the button on the machine.


“How is he?  Catarina, talk to me.”


“His blood pressure is low.  He needs more meds.”  She said, filling another syringe.  “And you have no idea what happened?”  She asked, connecting the syringe to the IV port, quickly pushing the medication in.


“No.  He was sound asleep.  Then he woke up, not breathing.”


“Okay.  It’s going to be okay.  He’s stabilizing.”  She said, watching the readouts on the machine, watching as Alec’s breathing started to even out, easy breaths passing through his lungs.  Waving her hand again another IV bag appeared.  She quickly connected it to the first, pressing the white clip to fully open the line.


Magnus let out a relieved breath, his own heartrate starting to slow.


“Do I need to look you over, Magnus?  Your white as a sheet.”


“No.  Focus on Alexander.  He’s what’s important.”  Magnus said, gripping his Shadowhunters warmer hand, tight.


“Your important too.”  She said gently.  “He’ll be out for a while, while he recovers, but he’s going to be okay.”  She said, worry for her dearest friend etched around her eyes.


“I’ll be fine, Catarina.  As long as he is.”


“I’ve got him, Magnus.  Trust me.”  She assured, her friends eyes locked on his sweet omega’s, watching as he brushed a lock of raven hair from his unconscious eyes.




Alec heard soft, muffled voices, and the beeping of a machine.  His body ached, every muscle he had.  He wanted to open his eyes.  He wanted to know what was happening.  But his eyes felt heavy.  Memories of his dream flashed through his mind, the beeping of the machine speeding up.


“Alec, sweetie, it’s okay.  Try and relax.”  Cat soothed.  “Everything’s fine now.”


Alec willed the panic that wanted to consume back at her soft words.  With a great effort he pushed open his eyes.  His vision was blurry, but he saw the soft blue walls, the flowy curtains, and the vase of red roses on the table in the corner.  Now he knew why he remembered this room.


“Talk to him, Magnus.  He needs to hear your voice.”


“It’s alright, sweetheart.  You’re okay.”  Magnus said, brushing a lock of hair from Alec’s unfocused eyes.


Alec felt plastic on his face, plastic that smelled funny.  He wanted to move it, but he couldn’t.  He had no strength in his arms.


“Look at me, angel.”


Alec struggled to focus his eyes, but they wouldn’t.  Still, he met his alpha’s gaze, blurry crystal blue meeting worried chocolate brown.


“There you are.”  He said softly, raising Alec’s hand to his lips for a soft kiss.


With all the strength that he could muster Alec raised his free hand, reaching to move the annoying plastic from his face.


“No, angel.  Leave that alone.”  Magnus said softly, stilling Alec’s hand.  “You need it for just a little while longer.”


Alec sighed.  That one movement had drained everything he had, every ounce of strength he had willed together.


“Scent him, Magnus.  He needs to sleep, but I don’t want to dose him.  It would be too much.”


“No!”  Alec cried, not knowing that he had barely spoken.  But the people with him were warlocks.  They could hear him clearly.  “Please.  No.”  He begged.


“Is that what happened, sweetie?   Another dream?”  She asked.


Alec tried to nod, yes.  But he could barely move.


“I can give you something, Alec.  I took Magnus’ dream suppressant and formulated it into a medication I can give you.  You won’t dream, I promise.  You’ll feel much better after you get some good sleep.”


“It’s okay, sweetheart.  You need this.  It’s important.  You need to rest.”  Magnus said softly, stroking Alec’s cheek.  “Trust us?”


Alec looked at them both, his vision starting to clear.  He saw compassion and honesty in their eyes.  He could trust them with this.


“Okay.”  He breathed, unsure if they could hear him around the annoying plastic.


“Thank you, sweetie.  Give me just a second to get it ready.”  Cat said, looking through a dozen medication vials on the bedside table.  Picking one up she filled a syringe.  “Magnus, hold him.  Lift him gently.  This will only take a minute to take effect.  Let me move that mask first.  He’s breathing well enough now.”  She said, gently removing the oxygen mask from Alec’s face.  He wiggled his nose at the funny smell it left behind.


“Come here, angel.  I’ve got you.”  Magnus said gently, lifting his Shadowhunter into his arms as Catarina connected the syringe to the IV port in his hand.  She wanted it to work fast.  “Just relax, sweetheart.”  He said, carefully positioning his love’s head against his shoulder, near his scent glands.  With a quick look at Catarina, she nodded her head.  “Breathe, sweetheart.”


His alpha’s wonderful scent washed the funny smell from his nose, replacing it with his favorite scent, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and musk.  With each slow breath in he felt it wrapping around him, through him, into him.


Magnus knew it wouldn’t take much.  His Shadowhunter was already weak and his body exhausted.  He had been waiting anxiously for his angel to regain consciousness, terrified that for some reason he wouldn’t wake up.  He could finally breathe easy now that his love was safe in his arms. 


“Just breathe.”  He crooned softly as he felt his angel relax more and more in his arms.  He held him there, savoring the feel of his sweet omega safe in his arms. 


His alpha’s beautiful scent was lulling him to sleep and he knew it.  He sent a silent prayer up to the Angel, praying that whatever Catarina had given him would work.  He knew with every fiber of his being that he wouldn’t survive living through that horrible dream again.  With a few more soft breaths he felt his eyes start to flutter closed, as he drifted closer and closer towards sleep.


“Just a few more, sweetheart.  Sleep now.  I’ll be right here when you wake up.”


His alpha’s words comforted him as his eyes finally closed, sleep claiming him.


Magnus felt his Shadowhunter fully relax in his arms and knew that he was asleep.  He waited, waiting for his favorite sound, his angel’s soft little snores.  He didn’t have to wait long.




Alec felt himself drifting to the surface from sleep.  He could feel his alpha’s strong arms holding him and smell his wonderful scent.  He couldn’t place the odd beeping sound nearby, but it was annoying.  Shifting in his alpha’s arms he pushed his eyes open.


Magnus woke the instant he felt his Shadowhunter move.




Alec swallowed hard before he found his voice.


“What happened?”  He asked, looking at the machine beside him that was emitting the annoying beeping sound.  “What is that thing?”


“It’s a heart monitor, love.  Catarina’s been using it to watch over you while you slept.  How do you feel?”  Magnus asked, sitting up to look at his angel.  “Hey, look at me, love.”  He said softly, turning Alec’s chin to meet his eyes.  “It’s okay.”  He said, looking his omega in the eye, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.  “How do you feel?”


“That thing is annoying.”  He said, his chin having brushed the wires sticking out of his shirt.  Reaching up we moved to pull them away.  The movement made the muscles in his arm scream.


“No, sweetheart.  Leave those alone.  Those connect to the heart monitor.”


Catarina walked in, rubbing sleep from her eyes.


“I heard talking.  Is everything okay?”  She asked.


“It’s fine, Catarina.  He just woke up.  I think he’s a still a little out of it.”


“That’s to be expected.  Alec, sweetie, are you in pain?  Does anything hurt?”


Alec nodded, yes, still looking into his alpha’s beautiful brown eyes.


“What, sweetie.  What hurts?”


“Everything.”  He breathed, finally closing his eyes against the pain coursing through him.  Every muscle in his body felt like it was on fire.


“Okay.  I can give you something for it.”


“No.  I don’t want it.  It just makes me sleep.”  He said, looking over at her.


“Okay.  Hold still and I can ease it with magic.”  She didn’t want to push him, not if she could give him what he needed another way. 


Holding her hands over his chest she pushed out a soft wave of magic.  Alec felt the warmth seep into him, the pain started to fade away.  He let out a sigh of relief when it disappeared.


“Better?”  She asked.


“Much.  Thank you.”  He said, finally having the strength to lift his hand to grip hers.  That’s when he saw the IV port in his hand.  Turning his head, he looked up at the bags hanging on a pole above his head, just like he had in that dream.  Only none of them were red.  “What is that?”


“Saline and electrolytes, to keep you hydrated.  I can take it out now if you’d like.  And disconnect the heart monitor.”


“Please.  What happened?”


“You tell us, angel.”  Magnus said, turning Alec’s chin to meet his eyes again.  “One minute you were asleep.  The next you were awake and not breathing.  Catarina had to take care of you.”


Alec sighed, closing his eyes.  Images from his dream flashed before his eyes.


“These dreams are going to be the death of me.  Not demons or greater demons or war.  Not even the Clave.  It’ll be these horrible dreams.”  He said, opening his eyes to look at his alpha as Cat disconnected her IV and heart monitor.


“Sweetheart, you have to tell me.  We can’t help you if you don’t.”  Magnus said softly.


“I don’t think you can.  I don’t think anyone can.”  He said, a tear rolling down his cheek.


“It was that one again, wasn’t it?”


Alec couldn’t speak the words, closing his eyes again he nodded, yes.


“It was worse.  The same dream, only worse.”  He whispered.


Magnus looked at Cat, their eyes meeting.


“I’ll give you two a few minutes alone.”  She said, tearing her gaze from her best friend.  Magnus waited for her to quietly slip out the door.


“Tell me, love.  How was it worse?”


Alec looked up at his warlock, unable to meet his eyes.


“Look at me, angel.”


On a deep sigh Alec finally met his alpha’s eyes, crystal blue meeting chocolate brown.


“How was it worse?”  He asked softly.


“It felt real.”  Alec said, a tear running down his cheek.  “I could taste the blood in my mouth, feel the smoke stinging my eyes.  The pain.  The pain of watching everyone die.  It was like I was really there, like it was actually happening.  It wasn’t like the other times.  It all felt real.”


Magnus sighed, closing his eyes.  He knew his Shadowhunter was suffering, that he had been suffering.  Every time he slept.  Every time he dreamed.  The effects were getting worse and worse.  They were killing him.  Just a few hours ago he almost died. 


He wondered in that moment if these truly were visions sent by his sweet omega’s Angel.  If they were, his Angel was torturing his Shadowhunter, the Shadowhunter that had dutifully served in his name.  He didn’t know what to do.  He didn’t know how to help his angel.  But he knew in his heart that he had to do something.  The question was, what?


“We have to tell the others, love.  We have too.  We can’t keep this from them anymore.  Maybe telling them will help.  Maybe once they take the potion, it will help.  Maybe it will change what your dreaming.”


“And if it doesn’t?”


“Then we’ll find something that will.”


“Okay.”  Was all Alec could say. 


He didn’t feel like he had it in him to tell his family, that he had the strength.  ‘What kind of Shadowhunter am I?’ he thought.  ‘No Shadowhunter is this weak.  I’m a failure.  Imogen was right.  I don’t deserve the title of Shadowhunter.  Because I’m a failure.  I’m going to fail them all’ he thought with dread sitting solidly in his heart.


“Sweetheart, do you want me to get them together?  So we can tell them together?”


“Please.”  Alec said, another tear rolling down his cheek.  In that moment he didn’t think that he could hate himself anymore that he already did.  He was a failure.




“We kill them.  We kill them all.  And end this.”  Jace said, clenching his fist.


“It was a dream, Jace.  I don’t even know if it’s real.”  Alec said softly.


“You should have told us, Alec.”  Izzy said gently, laying a hand on her brothers.  Tears had smudged her make-up.  Tears of heartache and betrayal.  Not at her brother, but at her mother.  Her mother wants her dead.  Wants her brother and his children dead.


“She’s right Alec.  You should have told us this.”  Clary said, gripping Alec’s other hand.


“Alec’s right.  We don’t know if this is real yet.  It was a dream.  A nightmare.  We have to look at this with calm heads.”  Simon said, the voice of reason.


“If these are warnings, sent by the Angel, Simon, we can’t ignore it.  If there’s a chance that this is actually going to happen, we have to stop it.  We know who’s a threat now.  We know who’s after Alec.  We know who’s after us.”  Clary said.


“Simon is right.”  Magnus said, softly rubbing Alec’s back.  He knew how hard explaining this was for his Shadowhunter.  He knew that his family would take it hard and would want to act.  “We can’t just go out and murder four people over a dream.  We don’t know for a fact that what Alexander has been dreaming is real yet.”


“And you want to risk it?  He’s your mate.  And those babies.  Those babies are your children.”  Jace shot back, anger and disbelief coursing through him.


“No, I don’t.”  He said.  “And I don’t intend to.  None of you will leave the perimeters of this estate without having a magic shield around you, including Alexander.  No harm will come to him.  Or any of you.  And once I claim him, he will be immortal, just like the rest of you.”


“Speaking of which, is the potion ready Magnus?”  Izzy asked.


“It is.”


“Well where is it?”  Jace asked, obviously still angry.


Magnus snapped his fingers, four vials appearing on the kitchen table in a rack.


“Who wants to go first?”  He asked.


“I will.”  Simon said.  “If this doesn’t work, I’m the least important.”


“That’s not true!”  Izzy said, grabbing her mate’s hand.  “You are just as important as everyone else on this team.  In this family.”


“In this family, sure.  But on the team?  Not so much.  Sure, I’m a good fighter.  But out of all of us, I’m the least important.  Alec is The Archer for a reason.  Clary is The Rune Master for a reason.  You are The Weapons Master for a reason.  Jace is The Sword Master for a reason.  I’m just…me.”


“And you are important.”  Alec said.  “Just as important as everyone else.  Don’t you dare think otherwise.”  He said, his temper rising.  “You are my sister’s mate.  My best friend.  And the best there is in hand to hand…”


“But I don’t have a special skill.”  Simon said, cutting him off.  “I don’t have a gift from the Angel like Clary does.  I don’t have your gift with the bow, or Jace’s gift with swords, or Izzy’s gift with forging weapons.  And I’m not a warlock.”


“Simon Edward Lewis, you stop right there!”  Alec commanded.  They all cringed back at his tone, even his alpha.  “You will not sit there and say that you are less or are less valuable than anyone else in this room.  You are a part of this team, this family, and you are just as important as everyone else.  And you do have a gift.  You are a warrior.  A fierce warrior.  You are our warrior.  The Warrior.  You may not realize it, for whatever stupid reason, but you are a gift yourself.  To all of us.  And I will not sit here and listen to you degrade yourself anymore.  So stop it.  Or by the Angel, I will make you stop it.”


They all sat there, shocked.  Not at Alec’s words, but at the command and the passion behind them.


Simon didn’t know what to say.


“Alec, I…”  He started.


“Unless you’re going to apologize for what you just said, for being stupid enough to even think the words you just spoke, I don’t want to hear it.  And neither does anyone else.”


Izzy reached out, smacking her mate across the back of the head, hard.


“Owe!  What was that for?”


“For even thinking anything other than what my brother just said, you jerk.”  She said, tears in her eyes. 


Before anyone could react Jace reached out, grabbing a vial from the rack and downing the contents.  He grimaced at the taste.


“By the Angel, Alec.  Your blood tastes horrible.  Magnus, could you not have added a little flavor?”  He asked.


They all sat there, gaping at him.


“What?  Somebody had to do it.”  He said with a shrug.


“How do you feel?”  Magnus asked, his heart racing.  He didn’t know if this would work, but he had done his best.  If it did…he couldn’t think about the potential consequences now.


“The same.  A little queasy, but I think that’s just from the taste.”


“How do we test it?”  Clary asked.


“There’s only one way.”  Magnus said, opening a kitchen drawer and pulling out a knife.  “Let me see your hand, Jace.”


“What are you going to do?”  Clary asked, alarmed.


“Relax, biscuit.  I only need to cut his finger.”  He said, laying a calming hand on her shoulder as he rounded the table to Jace.  “I need your hand.”  He said to Jace.


Jace looked around the room, looked at the people he loved, the people he knew loved him, and without question held out his hand to his brother’s warlock.


Taking Jace’s hand firmly in his, Magnus pressed the tip of the knife into Jace’s index finger.  They all watched as a drop of blood formed on his fingertip.  And they watched as the small cut healed over in seconds.


Magnus’ heart started beating again.  It had stopped the instant he had pricked Jace’s finger.  He knew that if this didn’t work, he had failed them.  He had failed them all.


The room let out a collective breath.


“It worked.”  Jace said, awed.  “It actually worked.”


“You know this can’t be undone, right Jace?”  Alec asked, dread sitting solid in his belly.


This was his family.  He had wanted to give them the choice to join him in immortality, because they wanted to be there with him.  Not because they felt that they had to.  And he still wasn’t sure.  He had to ask.


“Why did you choose this?  Please don’t lie to me.  I need the truth.”


Jace stared at his brother, looking at him like he had lost his mind.


“Do you really think that I would want to spend the rest of my life knowing that my big brother’s heart would be broken as one by one he watched his family grow old and die?  Or that I wouldn’t want to spend an eternity with the woman that I love?  That I wouldn’t want to watch my children grow up, and their children.  Or as many generations of Herondale-Morgenstern’s there are to come?”


Alec sighed, relieved.  His brother had chosen this for the reasons he had wanted.  Not the reason that he had feared he would.


“Here’s to that.”  Clary said, snatching up a vial and downing the contents.  She grimaced at the taste.  “By the Angel, Magnus.  You weren’t kidding about the taste, Jace.  That stuff is gagging.”


“Sorry, biscuit.  Taste really wasn’t my main concern.”  Magnus said, deadpan.


Izzy and Simon each lifted a vial from the rack.


“Here’s to all the Lewis-Lightwood’s to come.”  Simon said, raising his vial to toast his alpha.


“I’ll drink to that.”  She said, raising her own.  As one they downed the contents, both grimacing at the taste.


“It tastes bad.  I don’t want to hear it.”  Magnus said before they could start.  “Congratulations.  You are now the first immortal nephilims to ever be.”  ‘The first and the last’ he thought.  He had already destroyed his notes.  And only he and his Alexander knew the formula and ingredients for the potion.  ‘I can never let this fall into the wrong hands.  I’ll have to find a way.  To make us forget’.


Alec hoped that what his alpha had said was right.  He hoped that this would change things, change the dream.  He prayed silently to the Angel that this would change things.


“I would like for Alexander to rest today.  To say that he had a rough night is a gross understatement.  In the morning I ask that everyone be ready to go, in your gear and with whatever weapons you usually carry.  Please treat this as if your going on a mission.”


“Why, Magnus?  Where are we going?”  Clary asked.


“To see Robert.”


“What!  Why?”  Izzy exclaimed, rising from her seat.


“Because I need to.”  Alec said calmly.


One look at her brother and she knew that for whatever reason, he needed this.  So she wouldn’t fight it.


“Okay.”  She said, her eyes softening as she squeezed his hand.  “You are our leader.  Our commander.  If you say you need to see our father, then we go see our father.”




The team, his team, his family stood beside him in the ‘yard’.  They looked ready.  He was ready.  He woke up that morning feeling rejuvenated.  His alpha had made him stay in bed the day before, giving him doses of a potion he had put together, a combination of the healing potion he had used at the loft, and the dream suppression potion.  Each time he woke up his warlock had forced him to eat, then sleep again.  Whenever he had surfaced during the night between doses, his alpha had eased him back into sleep. 


Between his warlock’s potion and his own nephilim blood, he had once again recovered.  A few hours ago, when he woke up, he woke up feeling like himself again.  He felt like he was the leader that he used to be, the leader that his team trusted, the commander that his team relied, the strong, capable Shadowhunter that they all had unquestionable faith in. 


He felt like Alexander Lightwood, the Shadowhunter.  Leader and commander of the best team the Shadow World had ever seen.  He could face anything.  He would face anything.  He was a Shadowhunter.  And he would face his father.


“Are we ready guys and girls?”  Magnus asked, standing beside his Shadowhunter.


“Yes.”  Alec said.


“Form a line and hold hands.  Whatever you do, don’t let go.”  He said, turning, swirling his arms to open a portal.


Izzy gripped her brother’s hand.  He turned, looking at her.  She just smiled at him.


“Alexander, take my hand.”  Magnus said, a fully opened portal in from of him.  Alec didn’t hesitate to take the hand his alpha extended to him.


“Here we go.”  He said as he stepped through the portal.




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Chapter Text

Chapter 17

Robert Lightwood

Part 1


The team, his team, his family stood beside him in the ‘yard’.  They looked ready.  He was ready.  He woke up that morning feeling rejuvenated.  His alpha had made him stay in bed the day before, giving him doses of a potion he had put together, a combination of the healing potion he had used at the loft, and the dream suppression potion.  Each time he woke up his warlock had forced him to eat, then sleep again.  Whenever he had surfaced during the night between doses, his alpha had eased him back into sleep. 


Between his warlock’s potion and his own nephilim blood, he had once again recovered.  A few hours ago, when he woke up, he woke up feeling like himself.  He felt like he was the leader that he used to be, the leader that his team trusted, the commander that his team relied on, the strong, capable Shadowhunter that they all had unquestionable faith in. 


He felt like Alexander Lightwood, the Shadowhunter.  Leader and commander of the best team the Shadow World had ever seen.  He could face anything.  He would face anything.  He was a Shadowhunter.  And he would face his father.


“Are we ready guys and girls?”  Magnus asked, standing at his side.


“Yes.”  Alec said.


“Form a line and hold hands.  Whatever you do, don’t let go.”  He said, turning, swirling his arms to open a portal.


Izzy gripped her brother’s hand.  He turned, looking at her.  She just smiled at him.


“Alexander, take my hand.”  Magnus said, a fully opened portal in from of him.  Alec didn’t hesitate to take the hand his alpha extended to him.


“Here we go.”  He said as he stepped through the portal.




Robert Lightwood stood, watching a portal open before him.  He knew who was coming, and his belly was filled dread.  He feared what was coming.  He was a skilled Shadowhunter.  Shadowhunters weren’t supposed to fear anything.  But he was afraid.


He had faced a great many things in his life, things that would fill most anyone with fear.  But at this moment, he was filled with fear.  Fear gripped him hard, choking him.  He felt it in every fiber of his being.  He truly was afraid.  Afraid of facing his children. 


He watched as the most powerful warlock in the world stepped through the open portal.  Then his precious boy, the best warrior the Shadow World had ever seen, followed by his beautiful baby girl, his princess, the best master at arms he had ever known.  One by one his sons team stepped through the portal, his adopted son, the one he had taken in and raised as his own and grown to love, bringing up the rear.


“By the Angel, Robert.  They’re absolutely stunning.”  Izabella gasped, taking in her grandchildren for the first time.


“I know.”  He breathed, relief coursing through him.  His beautiful boy was alive and well. 


He had received word that his Alexander was safe, but seeing him, seeing it for the first time finally put his heart and mind at ease.  For the first time in weeks he felt like he could breathe.


His two breathtaking angels stood before him, the two angels that he worshiped more than Raziel himself.  But they didn’t know that.  They had never known that.


Alec stood, facing his father, eye to eye.  His team stood beside him, his alpha on his left, his sister on his right.  He knew his expression was stoic.  He was a Shadowhunter.  Shadowhunters were trained to show no emotion.


“Alexander.”  Robert said, fear nearly stealing his voice.


“Dad.”  Alec said.


‘Dad’ Robert heard.  Not ‘father’.  His children hadn’t called him ‘dad’ in years.  Before he could stop himself, he reached out, pulling his son into his arms, wrappings his arms tight around him, something he hadn’t done in more years than he cared to count.


Alec didn’t resist when his father pulled him into the tight embrace.  For some reason that he didn’t understand, he didn’t want to.


“I am so sorry.”  He whispered in Alec’s ear, tears welling in his eyes.  “I am so, so sorry for everything.”  He said, somehow gripping his son tighter in his arms.


Alec was unsure if he should return his father’s embrace.  He couldn’t remember his father ever hugging him.  But he knew that he needed to breathe.  His father was crushing his lungs.


“Dad, I need to breathe.”


Robert let go in an instant.


“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


“Which time?”  Izzy asked as Alec drew in a deep breath.


Robert turned, reaching out to his daughter.  Before he could blink she threw out a right hook, effectively shattering his jaw.


“You have a hell of a lot of explaining to do, dad.”


“By the Angel, Iz.”  Alec sighed, watching his father spit the blood from his mouth.  He had heard the bones crunch.  They all had.  In less than a second his stele was in his hand.  “Come here.”  He said, pulling his father forward by his arm, quickly activating the iratze there.  He watched as it lit up, listening to his father’s bones snap back into place and mend before it faded.


“I was kinda expecting that, I just wasn’t sure which one of you it was going to come from.”  Robert said, carefully moving his now healed jaw.  “I should have known it was going to be my little badass.”


Izzy was shocked at what her father had called her, ‘my little badass’, and the affection and amusement behind the words.


“You weren’t kidding, Robert.  She really is a force of nature.  Look at her mom, she’s just like you.”  Gideon said from behind Robert. 


Alec’s breath stopped short when his eyes finally settled on the man and the old woman standing behind his father, going wide.  The man and woman he didn’t know from his dream.  Images of their brutal murders flashed before his eyes. 


“No.”  He breathed.


“It’s alright, Alexander.”  Magnus said softly, reaching for his Shadowhunters hand.  Alec rounded on him.


“You knew.  From the first time I told you, you knew!”


“Yes.  I knew.”


“You didn’t tell me?  Alec said, pain clear in his voice.


“Does someone want to tell me what in the Angel’s name is going on here?”  Robert asked, instantly concerned.  The distress in his son’s voice, something he hadn’t heard in a very long time, alarmed him.


“It’s a long story, Robert.”  Magnus said, his eyes never leaving his omega.  “We’ll get to that later.  Right now, I think introductions are in order.”  He said, looking his Shadowhunter in the eye.  Crystal blue met chocolate brown.  The message conveyed there said it all.  ‘I’ll explain later’.


“Yes.  Of course.”  Robert said, unsure.  “Mom, I’d like you to meet my son, Alexander.”


Alec took a deep breath, schooling his emotions before he turned to the woman that he now knew was his grandmother, the same woman that was going to die on her knees, beaten and bloody, in front of him, because of him.


He couldn’t deny that she was beautiful.  She was what he imagined his sister would look like in sixty years, if she were ever going to age.  Her long black hair looked as silky and smooth as his little sisters, with just a few wisps of gray.  And her eyes, her eyes were the same crystal blue he saw in the mirror every day.


“Alexander.  It’s a true pleasure.  You have no idea how many times I have dreamt of this moment.”  Izabella Lightwood said, honestly shining in her bright blue eyes.  She took in her grandson in an instant, marveling at the perfection that was the once spitting image of her oldest son.  Except for the eyes, the eyes that, in her world, meant the difference between life and death.


“Alexander, this is my mother, Izabella.  Your grandmother.”


This time it was Alec who threw the punch at his father, a punch fueled by rage.


Robert was expecting it when his oldest child took a swing at him and dodged, but for an instant he had forgotten who it was that was taking the swing.  While the punch missed its mark, his son hadn’t.  He wasn’t expecting it when Alec gripped his arm, twisted it, kicking his knees out from under him, and fluidly flipping him quickly and efficiently over in just a few quick moves, landing him hard on his back at his son’s feet.


By the Angel, Alec.”  Izzy mocked, smirking at her big brother.  Robert could only groan at their feet.


“Robert!”  Izabella cried, dropping to her son’s side, anger burning brightly in her crystal blue eyes.  The man standing behind them just laughed.


“It’s alright, mom.  I’m alright.  Just a little winded.  That, I wasn’t expecting, but I should have known I’d get more than a right hook from my warrior.  He’s the best in the Shadow World for a reason.”  Robert gasped as pain shot through him.


“By the Angel, Robert!  What did you do to these children?”  Gideon asked between peals of laughter.


“Too much and not enough, I’m afraid.”  Jace said, extending a hand to help his adopted father up.  “I think that’s going to need more than an irazte, though.  Magnus, care to lend a hand?”  He asked, helping an unsteady Robert to his feet.


“It’s not necessary, Magnus.  I’ll be fine.”


“Are you sure, Robert?”  Magnus asked, eyeing him.


“He’ll live, Magnus.”  Gideon said, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.


“Shut up you old wind-bag.”  Robert wheezed.


“Robert?  Are you sure your alright?”  Izabella asked, her concern for her son obvious.


“Yes, momma.  I’m sure.  Now, now you’ve met Alexander.  Most of the time, he’s his team’s teddy bear.  Their best friend and first line of defense.  The rest of the time?  He’s the hardass commander that keeps them sharp and alive, teaching them the most stunning and complex moves you will ever see. 


Now me, I’m the bastard that’s hurt him, more times than even Raziel himself can count, and in keeping you from him, from them, well…let’s just say I deserved that.  And a whole lot more.”


“Finally, he’s honest about something.”  Clary said, arms crossed across her chest, an eyebrow raised.  She was as protective of her parabati and he was of her.


“And you would be?”  Gideon asked, quickly taking the little blonde girls measure.


“Don’t underestimate her Gideon.  That’s Clary, Alexander’s parabati.  She may be small, but she’s as lethal as the rest of them.  She could rip your heart out and cram it down your throat before you ever knew it was gone, without breaking a nail.”  Robert warned.


“Okay.”  Gideon said, backing up, hands raised in surrender.


“Do I need to introduce you, Isabelle?  Because if it means taking another beatdown I’m afraid it may have to wait.”


“Waiting eighteen years wasn’t long enough?” Izzy spat.


Robert sighed, defeated.  This is what he had been dreading.  This is what he had been afraid of.  This is not how he had wanted this to go, but he knew it would be how it went, because his children hated him.  And he deserved their hatred. 


“I would have brought you here the moment you were born, if I could have.”  He said, heartbreak clear in his voice.  “If there had been any way, any at all, your life would have been completely different.  You would have grown up feeling loved and cherished.  The way you were supposed to.”


“Robert…”  Izabella started.


“It’s alright, momma.”  Robert said, cutting her off.  “I knew before they got here what I was going to get.  What I had coming.  What I still have coming.  They have every reason in this world to hate me.  But for the sake of formalities I will finish introductions.  Jace, the one who kindly helped me up, is my other son.  Clary, you just met.  And Simon, the one on the end with the ugly glasses is Isabelle’s mate and Alexander’s best friend.  This team, this family, are without a doubt, five of the most remarkable people you will ever meet.  Magnus…well, you already know Magnus.”


“About that.”  Magnus said, looking at Alec.  Crystal blue eyes met chocolate brown, a question between them.  Alec gave a small nod, yes.


Before Magnus could speak Alec turned.


“You should know, Magnus is my mate.  He’s my alpha.”


Robert sighed, closing his eyes.  He didn’t know if he should feel overjoyed that his beautiful boy had found his mate, or terrified.  He knew the law just as well as his son did, better actually.  He knew that mating a downworlder was a death sentence.  But then again, in the eyes of the Clave, so was being an omega. 


“Are you happy?”  Robert asked, voice barely a whisper.




“Then I’m happy for you.”  Robert said, his decision made.  It was made for him by the love and pride he saw in his son’s eyes for his mate.  “I truly am.  Magnus is a great man.  He’s done a lot of great things.  Just like you, Alexander.”  He said with a smile, realizing that he meant every word he had just said.  ‘My son is happy, for the fist time in his life’ he thought, ‘the law be damned, they will have their happiness’.


“Treat him right, Magnus.  Do right by him.  Show him how much you love him, every day.  Tell him every chance you get.  Because he is precious, and he will always bring you joy, he will always make you proud, and he will always make you smile, even when he doesn’t know it.”


‘He doesn’t know that he’s talking about himself’ Izabella thought, her heart breaking for her son while swelling with happiness for one of her dearest friends.  She didn’t know her grandson yet, but she knew his alpha, her Uncle Mags, very well.  And if she was right, together they could change the world.


Izzy felt tears welling in her eyes.  Hearing her father’s words, hearing the passion and conviction behind them, she knew, her father didn’t hate her brother.  And never had.  Now, ‘now he has even more explaining to do’ she thought.


“I will, Robert.  You have my word.”  Magnus said, extending his hand. 


Robert didn’t hesitate to take his son’s mates hand in his own, gripping it tightly.  He didn’t think before he pulled Magnus into his arms, holding him tight.


“Take care of him.”  He whispered in Magnus’ ear.


Magnus returned the embrace.  This was the Robert he remembered.  The sweet little boy he once knew hadn’t turned into a monster, just into something he didn’t understand.  But soon, he hoped he would.




Alec didn’t know what to think, watching his father hug his alpha.  He didn’t understand.  A war of emotions was raging inside him and had been since he had stepped through the portal and he had seen his father.  He felt his sister’s hand slide into his, as one they squeezed the others tight.  In that moment, both of the Lightwood children knew that they were seeing a side of a man they’d known their entire lives, that they had never seen before.  And it rocked them both to the core.





“Yes.  Me and your grandson.  Does that make you uncomfortable, Izabella?”  Magnus asked, leaning on the rail at her side.


She sighed, turning to look at him.


“No.  It doesn’t.  From everything that Robert has told me, Alexander is a wonderful, talented, loving, gifted person.  And that he is sweet and caring and is incredibly protective and loyal to the ones that he loves.  And you deserve someone like that.  You deserve the world, Uncle Mags.  


So no, it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.  I want you to be happy.  I’ve always wanted you to find someone.  And you did.  More than a mate, but a fated mate?  That makes me happier than words can say. 


But I do have to admit that it is a little…ironic that your mate would turn out to be a Lightwood.  Of all people, a Lightwood.    And it is a little weird that that Lightwood just happens to be my grandson.”


“Robert told you right.  He is all of those things, Izabella.  All of those things and more.  I know you didn’t exactly get to see that upon your first meeting.  But he is.  You haven’t had a chance to see that side of him yet, but you will.  That team, his team, his family, they mean everything to him, and he would lay down his life for anyone of them without a second thought.”


“I’m glad he’s all those things, Uncle Mags.  But here’s the thing.  He has a family, outside of his team.”  She said, laying a hand on Magnus’ shoulder.


“True.  But short of Robert, he didn’t know that until a few weeks ago.  He’s spent his entire life believing that his father was the only Lightwood left.  A father who hasn’t exactly treated him kindly. 


Alexander…he’s hurt, Izabella.  Robert has hurt him in so many ways.  More than once.  Isabelle was right when she said he has a lot of explaining to do.  Alexander has a lot of open wounds, even if he doesn’t know it.  And I think Robert is the only one that can in any way heal those wounds.”


“If he only knew, Uncle Mags.  If he only knew everything that his father has done for him.”


“Well, he needs to know.  And maybe now he can find out.  You know, he was the one who asked to find Robert.  I was going to bring them here regardless.  But he was the one who wanted to find his father.  Because he needs him.”


“Because he needs him?  He’s always needed him, Uncle Mags.”


“He has.  But he didn’t have him.  Now, now he needs to have him.”




“This is the biggest space we have.”  Izabella said, flipping on the light in a small council room.  “This is where we have our monthly council meetings.”


“Council meetings?”  Izzy asked, taking in the round table in the room, her Uncle pulling up an extra chair.


“We’ll get to that, princess.”  Robert said, taking a seat.


“Don’t call me that.  You lost the right to call me that a long time ago.”


Robert sighed, closing his eyes.


“Your right.  I did.  Maybe one day I’ll get that right back.”


“If everyone would please take a seat.”  Izabella said, taking a seat between her boys, Robert on her left, Gideon on her right.


The team took seats across from the Lightwood’s they didn’t know, Magnus on Alec’s left, Izzy on the right.


“I know you have questions for me, all of you.  Who would like to go first?”  Robert asked.


“Alec?”  Izzy asked.


He had a thousand’s questions racing through his mind.  Thousands of questions and feelings that he didn’t know how to express or put into words.  But he had wanted to see his father.  He had asked for it.  Had his alpha been right when he had told him that he would have to face his father one day, and that he would be ready?  Because now, seeing his father, facing him, he wasn’t sure that he was ready.  Not sure at all.


“Sweetheart?”  Magnus asked when his Shadowhunter didn’t acknowledge his sister.


‘Where do I even start?’  Alec thought. 


“Um…okay.”  He sighed.  “Your mother is an omega.  Why in the Angel’s name did you hate me when I presented?  Why have you hated me since?  Treated me the way you have?  Why have you always hated me?”


“I have never hated you Alexander.  The day you presented; I should have come to you.  I should have been there for you.  I should have comforted you and supported you, but I didn’t.  And I have hated myself for it every day since.  I’m sure that you won’t believe me when I tell you this, but I have always loved you and couldn’t be more proud of you, of everything you’ve done, of everything you’ve accomplished, and most of all, of who you are.  And I know that I’ve never once shown you or told you that.  Not to you or your sister.  Not since you were very little.  A time you don’t remember.


But there’s something I need you need to try and understand.  You and Isabelle both.  For a long time, I’ve been playing a part.  A role in a charade that I have hated with every fiber of my being.  Since the day my name was entered into the Clave records as the son of my grandmother, after I left here, I had to pretend to be someone else’s child.  Someone I wasn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my grandmother.  She was the best.  She was amazing.  But she wasn’t my mother.  And I had to hide the fact that she wasn’t.  My brother and I both did.


I’ve known for a long time how the Clave feels about omegas.  I’ve known since I was very young.  As a child, when I first went to the Institute for my training, Gideon and I both had to pretend that our mother didn’t exist.  A mother that we loved more than anything.  A woman the Clave believed to be dead.


And as we grew older, we had to keep playing our parts.  We had to hide who we really were, where we came from.  And we hated it.


When I found out that a marriage was being arranged for me and your mother, it made me sick.  I didn’t want it.  I never wanted it.  I already didn’t like her, much less love her, but there was nothing I could do.  The Clave wanted strong alphas to marry and produce strong alpha children.  As much as I hate to admit it, your mother was once a strong, respectable alpha.  They thought we would be a perfect match. 


But Gideon and I couldn’t stand the thought of our mother being here, alone.  She had already lost her fated mate, and her children for nine years.  So we formed a plan.  We can get into the details of that later, but Gideon came back here, and I stayed. 


I didn’t get to see my mother for a very long time.  On the day that I married your mother, I thought that would be the last time that I would ever see my own.  Before the ceremony I left the Institute and came here.  The Institute thought my taking a walk was just prewedding jitters.  All that mattered to them was that I was back in time for the ceremony.


After two years of trying, even though we had come to hate each other, your mother fell pregnant.  That was what the Clave expected of us.  I was elated, and terrified at the same time.  I knew that I carried the omega gene and was petrified that my child would present as an omega.  A child that I had planned to snatch away the day they were born.  But we were in New York and I didn’t know how I would be able to make that happen.


And then I found out that your mother was carrying twins.  I was so happy, but so very scared.  You know how rare it is for non-omega parents to have twins.


I didn’t know at first that your mother really didn’t want to bare our children, she hated me that much.  I didn’t know then that she was going out of her way to try lose you, to lose you both. 


When I found out I was so, so angry.  She was supposed to stop everything after her pregnancy was confirmed.  Stop training.  Stop going on patrols and missions.  But she didn’t.  She trained in secret and snuck out on patrols.  I didn’t know that her friends were helping her.  That’s how she got hurt and we almost lost you. 


Before she had even recovered from the demon poisoning she had sustained from the injury she had gotten in the field, as The Head of the Institute, I confined her to the Institute.  I gave strict orders.  No one was to let her leave, under any circumstances.  I had her friends transferred to other Institutes.  I thought that would protect you.  But she kept training, in secret, throughout her pregnancy.  I didn’t find that out until later.  Others knew, but no one told me.  In the end, they were transferred too. 


Anyway, the day I found out, the day I confronted her, was the day she went into early labor.  Dr. Greymark knew within minutes that something was seriously wrong.  He did an ultrasound, a mundane thing, and saw that your sister’s cord was wrapped around your neck.  You weren’t getting any oxygen.  He had you out in less than three minutes.  I had never been so scared in my life.  You were blue.


I thought you were gone.  That I’d lost you.  But I hadn’t.  Dr. Stanly was able to resuscitate you while Dr. Greymark was delivering your sister.  It broke my heart watching them put a little tube down your throat, to force air into your tiny lungs.  You and Isabelle both. 


Your mother had gone into labor early because of the choices she made, because of the things she had done while carrying you.  You both came into this world very early, almost too early.  Had you come even a week sooner, you wouldn’t have survived.  But even then, they didn’t know if you would survive.


You were both so tiny.  You were so tiny I could have held you in the palm of my hand.  But I didn’t get to hold you.  Not then.  They put you both in these things called incubators, with little feeding tubes in your bellies, to give you formula so you could keep growing.  The incubators were to protect you from germs and bacteria, so you wouldn’t get sick.  I could only stick my hand in, wearing sterile gloves.


I still remember the day, weeks after you were born, Alexander, that you gripped my finger with your tiny little hand.  It was just for a few seconds.  But it gave me hope. 


Your mother never came to see you.  Not once.  But I never left.  I slept on a cot in the infirmary between the two of you while your mother ran the Institute in my stead. 


Then one day Dr. Greymark said that you were strong enough that they could take the tubes out of your throats.  That you could breathe on your own.  He told me that if you gained just a little more weight, we could try to give you a bottle.  And that if you could take it, then they could take the feeding tubes out.  I was relieved to an extent, but not fully.  There was still danger.


But you took the bottle easily.  Before your sister.  You had started out smaller, but you were somehow stronger.  It took her a little while to catch up, but not much.  It wasn’t long after that that I was able to hold you for the first time.  You were two months old. 


You were wrapped up in my arms when you opened your eyes for the first time, your beautiful blue eyes, and my worst fear was confirmed.  I knew then what you would be.  That you would be an omega, and I was terrified. 


But I had to hide my fear.  I couldn’t let anyone know.


When your sister opened her eyes, a few days later, I was relieved that she had my eyes.  I wanted more than anything to just take you both.  I would have if I could have, but you still weren’t as strong as you needed to be.  Had I brought you here, you wouldn’t have survived.  You still needed medical attention that wasn’t available here.  Even you were both were finally strong enough I couldn’t get you out.  I couldn’t find a way.  The wards were too thick for a warlock to portal in, regardless of the alarms.  And as The Head of the Institute, I couldn’t justify allowing a downworlder entrance, of any kind.  Back then you needed Clave approval for that, just like you had to have Clave approval to have a portal opened in an Institute.


So I kept you there.  For the first four years I spent as much time with the two of you as I could.  I held you and loved on you both whenever possible.  But I still had an Institute to run.  During those four years was when I made my plan.  I hated it, but I felt it had to be done.  So shortly after you turned five, Alexander, I ordered Hodge to start training you in secret.  I swore him to secrecy.  He was hesitant, but he was a beta and couldn’t resist my alpha command.  So he did as I asked.  He started training you.  You picked it up so quickly, and I was so proud. 


When my mother asked me why, why I was doing what I was doing, I told her.  I wanted to give you every advantage.  I wanted to give you everything that I possibly could to prepare you, so when the time came you would know how to defend and protect yourself from the Clave, if I wasn’t able to.


Every morning when I pulled you out of bed it broke my heart.  I hated it.  You were so young, and I wanted to just let you just be a little boy, like your sister was being a little girl.  I could give her that.  I couldn’t give that to you.  That’s when I couldn’t be ‘daddy’ anymore.  I hated that too.


At eight you were skilled enough that you could have taken down any Shadowhunter in the Institute.  You were so strong.  You’ve always been so strong.  From the moment you gripped my finger in that incubator, I knew that you would be strong.


I’m still not sure why, but one day your sister showed up outside your door, early, when I woke you for your training with Hodge.  She wouldn’t go back to bed like I asked.  She put her foot down in a way I had never seen before.  I knew that day that she would be strong too.  I didn’t know that she would grow up to be the badass that she is, but I wasn’t surprised when that started coming out of her.  Just as it didn’t surprise me when she presented as an alpha.


Anyway, after those first few days that she joined you in training, I opened your door and found four people waiting, not just your sister.  Those four people are the ones that you formed into your team. 


No one could separate you guys.  Not anything or anyone who tried.  And they tried, but you just kept saying ‘no’.  You just kept doing the one thing that I never understood, and still don’t.  You didn’t yield.  Not to any command.  From anyone, alpha or beta.  When you were little, and didn’t yield to me, I thought it was just the Lightwood stubbornness in you. 


In all honestly, no one understood it.  You should have yielded, even as a child, like all the other children.  But you didn’t.  No one could figure out why.  To this day, no one knows why.  Then one day when you were nine, you gave a command in training, you said ‘stop’ and everyone yielded.  Even Hodge felt the force of it.  And you’ve commanded ever since.


As you grew older, your commands became stronger.  Not only did you not yield to commands, you gave them.  By ten even grown alphas couldn’t resist them. 


Everyone knew you would be a strong leader.  Everyone was sure that you were going to be a powerful alpha.  And I questioned my original thoughts.  The thought I had the day since the day you first opened your eyes.  I started to believe that maybe, just maybe, we were all wrong.  Me, momma, Gideon.  I thought that having what we thought where the trademark omega blue eyes wasn’t an identifier of a Lightwood omega afterall. 


I hoped and prayed every day that that was the case.  Then you presented, and I knew they had all been right.  For some reason, I was actually shocked when you didn’t present as an alpha, like everyone at the Institute thought you would.


You had never yielded to anyone.  And you were such a strong leader and commander.  And had been for years.  By the Angel, Alexander, you were leading patrols at fourteen with your team.  You were commanding troops in The Dark War.  You were leading in combat, and you excelled. 


But you excelled at everything you did.  You mastered every weapon.  And your combat skills, they were beyond words.  I knew that you had been sneaking out to take mundane martial arts classes, and that you had been incorporated what you had learned into your training, teaching your team.  And even modifying them, creating your own moves.  Your own style and techniques.  It was stunning to watch.  But you didn’t know I was watching; I didn’t let you know.


I made a lot of mistakes with you.  And there is no apology that I can give that would cover them all.  But my biggest mistake, was not coming to you when you presented, not being there when you needed me the most. 


But I had to keep playing the part, keeping up the charade that I hated so much.  I was so sure that someone would come for you, wards be damned.  I was expecting it.  I was praying for it.  It was the way it was supposed to be.  But no one came.  And I don’t know why.


I wish I could take back every hurtful and hateful word I said, but I can’t.  All I can do is say I’m sorry.  I should have found a way, a way to get you out.  I racked my brain for weeks but couldn’t think of anything. 


I saw everyone turning on you.  All your so-called friends.  Shadowhunters that you had trained.  I didn’t stop it. I did nothing to stop it.  I didn’t even stop your mother.  I know how badly she treated you.  I was a coward, and I know it. 


Then one day everyone woke up and you were gone.  All of you were gone.  The moment I set foot in your room after I had received word that you didn’t show up for training, and you never missed training, I knew why.  The omega pheromones in your room were almost strong enough to knock me down. 


At first, I thought you left with your team.  I thought they were with you, looking after you.  Until they came back.  That’s when I started to panic.  When I found out that you were out there alone.  I know that when an unmated omega goes into heat that it’s bad.  Really bad.  And I was so scared, because you were gone, and I had no idea how bad it would be.


I ordered a search.  Every Shadowhunter in the Institute was to search for you.  All patrols and missions were on hold.  You were to be found, and brought back gently, unharmed.  I ordered Dr. Greymark to prepare for your return.  To get ready to do whatever he could to help you through your heat.  He said that the best thing to do would be to keep you sedated, medicated for pain and kept as comfortable as possible until your heat passed. 


You were to be protected.  I wanted guards outside your door to keep you safe, but I wasn’t sure I could trust them.  Then I realized that you wouldn’t need guards outside your door.  Your team would keep you safe, at all costs.  And they would be with you, watching over you, even when Dr. Greymark was tending to you.


After days of searching, and no one being able to fine you, I was at my wits end.  I couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t sleep.  All I could do was pray to the Angel that someone, anyone, would find you.  Then I went to Magnus, begging him to find you.  And I kept waiting.  I waited while every Shadowhunter in the Institute kept searching, while Shadowhunters from other Institutes were out helping with the search.  But all they found, the only trace of you, was your stele.  And I gave it to your sister.  I didn’t trust anyone else with the only link we had to you. 


Just your team, because I knew they were searching the hardest.  Then, I finally received a fire message from Magnus telling me that you were safe.  That’s all it said.  That you were safe.  And I took my first real breath in days.


When your sister came to me, demanding that I pull your team from active duty, I knew she knew where you were.  And that your team was with you.  I granted her request without question.  I didn’t ask where you were because I was afraid to know.  I was afraid that if the Clave questioned me, they might find out your location.  They’re not above using The Soul Sword to get answers, you know that. 


If they asked, all I would be able to tell them was that I had received word that you were safe and that I thought your team was with you, but I had no idea where.  I was thankful that they couldn’t find you when they tried to track you, and they tried every way they could think of.


While the official search for you has long since been called off, at my command, I know that they are still looking for you.  I can only guess as to why, but I think we all already know.  When I asked Jia about it, she just said that it was important that we find you, at all costs.  But she wouldn’t tell me why.


That’s when I came here.  And my mother told me what I had been dying to know.  That you were safe, and that you were with Magnus.  She told me that he was going to bring you here, she just didn’t know when.  Then this morning she received his fire message saying that you were coming today.  And here we are.  Here you are.  Safe and sound and whole.”


Alec didn’t know what to say.  He didn’t know what to think.  So many things were racing through his head.  Questions, emotions.  He couldn’t form a clear thought.  His father had just told him so much, explained so much, but there was still so much he hadn’t.  He didn’t know that he was trembling.  All he knew what that his head was spinning, and his stomach was churning.


“Alexander, sweetheart.”  Magnus said softly, squeezing his hand.  He hadn’t realized his alpha had been holding it.  “I think we need a few minutes.”  He said to those surrounding them.


Clary was rocking in her seat.  What she was feeling from her parabati, she couldn’t describe.  There were no words for it.  The only clear thought she had was that she was going to be sick.


“I think that’s a good idea.”  Jace said, pulling Clary into his lap, wrapping his arms firmly around her.  He gently tilted her head, placing her nose to his scent glands.  “Breathe, baby.”  He crooned.


“Come here, angel.  It’s alright.”  Magnus said, wrapping his arms around his Shadowhunter, pulling him as close as he could.


“I think I’m going to be sick.  My head won’t stop spinning.”  Alec whispered to his alpha.


“It’s okay.  Everything’s going to be okay.”  He said softly, lifting Alec’s chin, pressing his head to his shoulder, near his scent glands, following Jace’s lead.  All he knew was that he needed to calm his angel down.  Ease his Shadowhunters mind in some way, while fighting the demon in him back.  “Breathe, love.  Just breathe and let yourself relax.”  He said softly.  He pressed a firm hand to his omega’s flat belly, pushing soothing magic into his churning stomach, calming it.


Alec couldn’t help but take in his alpha’s soothing scent, his favorite scent.  It was wrapping around him, through him, into him, making him feel safe and loved.


“This is so not over.”  Izzy said, barely containing her rage.  Her father’s words had rocked her to her core.  She could only imagine what her brother was feeling, because she knew what she was feeling, and it pissed her off.


“Calm down, babe.  Once everyone calms down, we can talk this through.  Yes, your father has a lot of questions to answer, and he will.  And if he doesn’t, well, then he’s in for a real ass kicking.”  Simon said, the voice of reason, gently rubbing his alpha’s back.


Robert didn’t know what to think.  He had thought that telling his son the truth, the full truth, would be a good thing.  But seeing what it’s done to him, to his parabati, and his daughter’s anger, he wasn’t sure he had done the right thing.


“Mom?”  He asked softly.


“It’s alright, Robert.  They just need a little time to take it all in.  You just threw a lot at them.  Especially Alexander.”  Izabella said, squeezing her son’s hand.




Alec sat in the soft green grass of the field that they had portaled onto, his head in his hands.  The first eighteen years of his life was flashing before his eyes.  From his very first memory, to his last day at the Institute.  He remembered everything.  The good, the bad, the happy and the sad.  It was all there, running through his mind.


He remembered everything his father had ever said and done to him, some things he had long since forgotten, all of it now crystal clear in his mind.  He remembered every hurtful word, every act, everything, right down to his father’s disapproving facial expressions.


He remembered his early mornings and days with Hodge, and everything Hodge had taught him.  He remembered the day he had finally spilled his guts to his sister.  Something that, if he hadn’t done, he would have lost his mind.


He remembered every moment that he had spent with his team.  Every joke that was ever told, every funny and lighthearted moment, those moments that were his reprieve from everything else.  His family was what had held him together, and he loved them for it, cherished them for it, and all that they were, for just for being who they are.


He remembered every moment in training, in the field.  Every battle.  He remembered every wound, his own and his teams.  He remembered the first time he had gotten demon poisoning pushing Jace out of the way in combat.  Because that’s what big brothers did.  He also remembered, in perfect clarity, the moment he had ended his parabati’s father’s life in The Dark War.


His parabati.  He remembered the first kind smile she had ever given him, and every one after.  He remembered the day he had asked her to become his parabati.  He had had a soul deep desire to protect her, she had been so small, yet so mighty.  And he remembered her joy when she had said yes.  She had been so excited both before, after, and during the parabati ceremony.  And her joy gave him joy.


He remembered watching her fall in love with his brother, and his sister falling in love with the boy who had become his best friend.  And his happiness for them.  All wonderful, beautiful, precious memories that he would cherish forever.


But for every beautiful moment, for every beautiful memory, there were just as many horrible ones.  Ones he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to get past, despite what he had seen in his dreams. 


“Mind if I join you?”  Magnus asked, pulling him from his thoughts.


Alec looked up at his alpha, taking in the beautiful face standing above him.  He saw nothing but compassion and love in his warlock’s eyes.  And understanding.


“I was hoping you would.”


Magnus smiled, sitting beside his Shadowhunter on the soft green grass.


“Everyone is out looking for you.  When you didn’t come back, and Clary couldn’t feel you anymore, they started to worry.”


“Yeah, well…I thought I’d cut her a break.  Just because my insides are ripped to pieces doesn’t mean hers should be.”


“You activated the intimacy rune?”


Alec nodded, yes.


“I’m honestly not sure which was worse for her, sweetheart.  Feeling your pain, or suddenly feeling it stop.  I think it scared her a bit.”


“I didn’t think about that.”  Alec admitted, a little sheepish.


“I know.  But she knew you were safe enough.  She was able to feel that after a bit.  I’m sorry I brought you here.  I thought it would help, if you knew everything.  Had I known what that everything would entail, I think I would have kept you away, just to save you the pain.”


“I’ve sat here, for I don’t know how long, Magnus, remembering.  Everything.  Eighteen years’ worth of everything.  And there’s just one thing that, out of all of it, hurts more than all the rest.”


“What’s that, angel?”


“Everyone before me knew.  Arabella knew that she may one day present as an omega.  Bella knew that there was a chance, long before she presented.  And so did my grandmother.  My father and my uncle knew they there was a chance that they could present, since they were children.  At some point, and I have no idea when, they put together the pieces.  That all omega Lightwood’s had the ‘omega blue eyes’, an ‘indicator’, my father said.  And for eighteen years, my father knew.  ‘From the moment I opened my eyes’, he knew.  And he never told me.


Every other Lightwood before me and Iz knew that there was a chance it could happen.  They were able to prepare for it.  Come to terms with it.  But did we?  No.


For eighteen years, my father knew that I was going to be an omega, and never said a word.  Sure, he did everything he could to make me ready for the fallout of presenting as an omega.  But never once did he do a damn thing to prepare me for it.  He knew it was going to happen, and, unlike all the other Lightwood’s since the time of Gideon, I didn’t know.  Until it happened.


You weren’t there that day, Magnus.  It started out as a good day.  A happy day.  We had no training.  We had spent the morning playing around a goofing off.  Then the worst pain I had ever thought possible gripped me, ripped through me.  It hurt so bad I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe.  I had no idea what was happening.


My family, they were frantic.  They didn’t know what was happening either.  But he did.  My father did.  And did he come to me when I felt like my insides were being torn to pieces?  No.  He just stood and watched.


When the medics came, I remember him sending them away, telling them that it would pass in a few minutes.


He stood there and watched, Magnus.  He didn’t hold my hand.  He didn’t tell me it would be okay.  And when it finally was over, all he did was order me to my room.  And my team, my family, they helped me there.  And they stayed with me. 


It wasn’t until later that day that I found out what had happened.  It wasn’t until my mother came in and tore into me for being a filthy omega faggot.  A disgrace to the Lightwood name.”


Magnus knew that his eyes were black, and that he was shaking with rage.  A war was going on inside him.  He wanted to do two things, just two things, so desperately.  He wanted to claw the demon in him back and pull his sweet omega into his arms and comfort him.  ‘Every time I start to think that Robert Lightwood isn’t a monster, he proves me wrong’ he thought.


“Magnus.  Look at me.”  Alec said softly, knowing his alpha was struggling.  He knew very well what was happening, and all he cared about was helping him, his own pain forgotten.


Magnus shook his head, no.  He couldn’t.  He wouldn’t.  He wouldn’t let his Shadowhunter see him like this for a second time.  So he didn’t see it when his angel moved closer to him.  But he felt it when he wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close.  He felt it when his young warrior lifted his chin, laying his head on his shoulder.


“Breathe, alpha.”  Alec said softly.  “Take deep breathes.”


Magnus couldn’t resist his omega’s soft voice, or his gentle caress on his cheek.  He could never resist his angel, so he did as he asked.  He took in a deep breath of his most favorite scent, fresh peaches, strawberries, and cream.  He felt his omega’s beautiful scent wrap around him, through him, into him, calming him more and more with each breath he took, until the demon in him slid back, retreating on its own.  Even the demon couldn’t resist his angel.


Robert watched in awe at what he was seeing.  He had come looking for his precious boy, wanting to try and comfort him in some way.  How?  He had no idea.  But he had known he had had to try.  He hadn’t meant to hear his son talking to his alpha.  He hadn’t meant to overhear his beautiful boy’s words, words that broke his heart even more than his own actions already had.  But by the Angel, he hadn’t expected to see this.  His son, an omega, was scenting his alpha, calming him.  Something he had never seen or heard of any omega ever being able to do before, and it was breathtaking.


“Just breathe.”  His son whispered to his mate.


He knew he should turn around, walk away.  He knew he was invading on a private moment, but he was frozen.  Captivated by what he was seeing.  His strong, brave, wonderful boy was doing something else, something else he shouldn’t be able to do, and he couldn’t look away.


“Robert.”  Izabella whispered softly.  “What’s happening?”


“I don’t know, momma.”  Robert breathed.


They were standing far enough away to see, to hear, but not be seen or heard themselves.


“Come on, son.  This isn’t meant for us.  Alexander’s safe.  We can go back now.  Call off the search.  Magnus will bring him back.”


“Will he?”  Robert asked, a tear streaming down his cheek.  After everything he had heard, he wasn’t sure.  “I knew that I had hurt him, momma.  I thought I understood how much.  But I was wrong.  So very wrong.”


“It’ll be alright, baby.  Once he works through it all, he’ll come around.  If he’s half the man you say he is, he’ll come around.”  She said, laying a comforting hand on his shoulder.  “Come on.  Let’s head back.”


Robert nodded, yes.  He couldn’t do anything more.  There were no words to describe what he was feeling.  The hatred and anger, the contempt he felt for himself.  It was all consuming.  So he did as his mother asked, he turned and walked away.




Magnus and Alec walked, hand in hand, towards the team.  They were clustered outside the building that held the small council room.


“Alec!  Thank the Angel.”  Izzy cried when she saw her brother.  In a flash she was across the span that separated them, her arms wrapped tight around him.  “Are you okay?”


“I’m fine, Izzy-diz.  I just needed to walk away for a while.  Clear my head.”


“I’m mad at you.”  Clary said when Izzy released him, as they came closer.


“That’s not what that rune is for.”


“I know, Clare-bear.  But you needed a break.  I was just trying to give you one.”  Alec said as she launched herself into his arms, holding on for dear life. 


“Just don’t do that again, okay?”  She mumbled into his neck.


“One last time?”




“Promise.”  He said, gently setting his parabati on her feet.  His eyes softened when he looked at her.  Reaching up, he wiped her tears away with his thumbs.


“Please don’t do that again.”  Simon said, pulling his best friend in for a hug.  “This running off thing, it’s becoming a pain in the ass.  That’s our jobs, not yours.”


Alec couldn’t help but smile.  He knew what his best friend was referring to.  He was always the one who dealt with them with they were being a pain in the ass, not the other way around.


“Sorry, Si.  I’ll do my best to not be a pain in the ass.  I know I’ve been one a lot lately.”


“No, bro.  You haven’t.  You’ve just gone through some rough shit.  You’ve been dealing with ours for years.  We owe you a little slack.”  Jace said, pulling him into a hug himself once Simon let go.


“Okay, okay.  Enough with the hugs already.”  Alec laughed.  His little brother was giving him a hug.  He couldn’t remember that ever happening before.


“Are you ready to do this?”  Izzy asked.


“No.”  He said honestly.  “But it has to be done.  We came here for a reason.  A reason I’m not sure I understand, but a reason none the less.”


“Maybe it’s best if we go back.  Back to the Manor.  I know you saw something, Alec.  Only the Angel himself knows what.  But maybe not being here, not involving these people, will change things.”  Izzy said softly.


“Maybe.  Maybe not, Iz.  But he was there.  And I need to know why.”


“Okay.  If your sure.  But anytime you want to bail, say the words and were gone.”


Alec smiled at his little sister.  He knew what she was offering.  Something they’d never done before.  Everyone nodded in agreement.


“You know that’s not going to happen, Iz.  Were Shadowhunters.  We don’t bail.  Ever.”


“This isn’t a demon, Alec.”  Jace said.


“Isn’t it?”  He asked.  “Isn’t it a demon we all have to face?  Not just me, but all of us.  We need answers.  I don’t think we can move forward with whatever it is were supposed to do, without them.  But I do have one request.  No one tells them anything.  About anything.  Until I’m sure that they are a part of this, and that they can be trusted…I just don’t want our secrets being out there.  That includes you, Magnus.”


“Okay, love.  You’re the leader here.  What you say goes.”


“Are they back inside?”


“Yes.”  Izzy said.  “Their waiting for us.”


“Then I guess we had better go back in.”




Robert paced the length of the small council room.  He knew his children were outside.  His son and his team.  What was keeping them, he didn’t know.  But he feared he knew.  He was afraid that they were deciding not to come back in.  He was afraid that they would leave, and his son would disappear again.  That he might never see him again.


“Robert, please sit down.”  Izabella said calmly.  She knew her son was worried, probably afraid, but she had faith in her grandson.  Why?  She wasn’t sure.  She didn’t even know him. 


Robert turned when the door opened, when his oldest child stepped into the room.  He didn’t miss the way his team flanked him, the way they had always flanked him, standing by his side.  He knew by the expressions they wore that for them, this was battle.  And they weren’t going to back down.  This team, out of every other Shadowhunter team he had ever seen, he knew would never back down.  All he could do was brace himself, for he was about to face the strongest warriors he had ever known.


Following their commanders lead, they all took their seats at the table.  Pulling his stele from his pocket Alec quickly activated the hidden rune on his shoulder.  Clary looked at him, smiling.  She knew what he was doing.  Robert didn’t miss the fact that it was a new stele.  Not the one he had sent with his daughter.


“Where did you get that?”  He asked.


“Iz made it for me.”


“Why?”  He asked, confused.  His son should have his stele.


Well get to that.”  Alec said, mirroring his father earlier words.


Robert only nodded, taking a deep breath before he took his seat.


“Okay.  I know that I threw a lot at you all, especially you Alexander.  More than I probably should have at one time, and for that I’m sorry.”


“Yeah, we’ve been hearing a lot of those today.”  Izzy said sarcastically.


He sighed.  He knew his daughter was on the defensive, which wasn’t a good thing.


“I guess…I guess I just thought that if you knew, Alexander, that maybe you would understand.  But now…now I know that I was wrong.  I thought I was giving you the answers you needed.  And some, I think I did.  But I think that there’s a lot more you need.  And a lot more that needs to be explained, so I give the floor to you.  Ask me anything.”


Alec thought for a moment.  His head wasn’t swirling with questions or emotions this time.  Every thought, every question, was crystal clear.  And he would ask them all.  And the one’s he missed he knew his team wouldn’t.


Before he could open his mouth, a little girl came running into the room, the door slamming open so hard it hit the wall behind her.


“Daddy!”  She cried, running straight to Gideon, leaping into his arms.  “Daddy!  There are monsters!  Momma said to tell you there were monsters outside the village!”


“Where baby?”  Gideon asked, no longer the patient uncle, but Gideon the Shadowhunter, on his feet in an instant, the little girl in his arms.


Alec knew they were all on their feet.


“Outside the village.  To the east.  The warriors have gone there, but she says there are too many.”


“It’s going to be okay, Madzie.  Daddy promises.  Go wait in the bunker with the others.  We’ll take care of the monsters.”  He said calmly, trying to soothe his daughter.  She couldn’t have been more than five or six, and she was beautiful.  She had the Lightwood raven hair, down to her waist, and the crystal blue omega eyes.


She looked around, her eyes going wide when she saw them.  Her eyes locking on the tall one with the dark hair and blue eyes, like hers.


“Shadowhunters?”  She asked, fear now shining in those beautiful blue eyes.


“Yes, baby.  Good ones.  Uncle Robert’s family.  Now do as I say.  Get to the bunker.”


The little girl named Madzie nodded, yes, her eyes glued to Alec.


“Go.  Go now!”  Gideon commanded. 


Unable to resist the alpha command she turned, running from the room when he sat her on her feet.


“How many Shadowhunters do you have here?”  Alec asked, all business, quickly activating runes in time with his team.


“Just us, and a few of the older one’s like me.”  Izabella said.


“Where’s this village?”


“Not far from here.”


“And these warriors?  Who are they?”


“One’s we’ve trained.  There supposed to guard the village during a demon attack.”  She said, activating runes of her own, as was Gideon and his father.


“Send out your older Shadowhunters.  Bring your warriors back.  Guard your village.  We’ve got this.”  He said, a ring of finality in his tone, a command they all cringed back from.  “Magnus, get them to the village, and help find these warriors.  Portal them back if you have to.  Bring everyone back.  But be safe.”


“You be careful, Alexander.  You don’t know what’s out there, and you don’t have your bow.”


“My bow is a beneficial tool, not a necessity.”  He said, pulling a seraph blade from his hip.  “And I know what’s out there.  Two raum and three shax.”


“How do you know that?”


“I just do.  Now please do as I ask.”




“Were going with you.”  Robert said, runes active.


“No.  Your staying here.  Guard the perimeter.  Protect the village.  If by some chance something slips through, it’s yours.”  He said, tossing his father his blade as Clary activated his audio and night vision runes.  Rune’s his father couldn’t see, carefully placed runes no one could see.


“I’m going with you.”  Robert insisted.


“I don’t have time to argue!  Your staying here.”  Alec commanded, a command that forced his father to take a step back.  Gideon and Izabella could only stare in shock.  They both had stepped back at the command, an omega’s command.  “Let’s go!”  He commanded his team.  “Izzy and Jace, you have the shax.  Clary, you and Simon are with me.  We’ve got the raums.  Hit’em hard and fast.  You know their weak spots.”


“Alexander, you don’t know where your going.”  Magnus said, both awed and terrified at the same time.  He had never seen his Shadowhunter like this.  Or his new family.


“Madzie said east.  I’ll get us there.  Trust me.”  He said, looking his warlock in the eye.  Crystal blue locked on chocolate brown.  Magnus saw everything he needed to know there.  His Shadowhunter knew what he was doing.


“Okay.  Go.  Be safe.”


“Always.”  He said before the team followed him out the door, runes active and weapons in hand.




Magnus, Robert, Gideon, and Izabella watched in awe as Alec and his team disappeared into the dark of night, moving faster than anyone he had ever seen.  Robert had known his son was skilled.  That he was the best.  But for the first time in his life he was actually seeing it, seeing it firsthand.  Just how good he was, as a leader, as a commander, as a Shadowhunter.  And how his team followed him unquestioningly.  Pure, unadulterated pride filled him. 


“We have orders.  Let’s get to it.”  He said, leaping over the porch rail, unknowingly following his son’s command himself, unquestioningly.  




They could hear the cries of the villages ‘warriors’ before they rounded the trees to see the fight.  There were four in the grass, dead or wounded, they didn’t couldn’t tell.  And they didn’t have time to check.  Three more were battling five demons with metal swords.


Alec whipped a circular blade from his hip, one of Izzy’s, and threw it across the thirty-foot space that separated them from the demons and the three village warriors, taking off a shax demon’s poisonous tentacle before it could grab the unknown warrior around the chest.


They had sped through the fields and around the tiny houses from the council hall that had separated them from the demons that were raging in a small clearing.  The team hadn’t needed directions, they had their senses.  And their leader to follow.


Before the warrior Alec’s blade had saved could react Jace had him around the waist, tossing him behind him as his seraph blade slashed out, taking off two more tentacles.  Pulling a second seraph blade from his hip he plunged it through the demon’s grotesque mouth, twisted it, and yanked up, splitting its head in half.  In was dead in less than four seconds.  He hadn’t had to tell the warrior he’d just saved to fall back; he was already gone.


Izzy ran head on at the shax demon advancing in front of her, uncoiling her whip as she flew across the grass.  In a beautiful double flip, she lashed out with her whip, twisting her wrist as she soared over the shax demons head, wrapping the once simple electrum whip around the demon’s throat.  Yanking her whip, hard, as her feet touched the ground, the flexible razor lining she had added to her whip pulled the demons head off with that one simple move, a move her brother had taught her.  Her seraph blade was in her hand before the ichor spewing head hit the ground at her feet, plunging the blade through its heart for good measure.


As one Jace and Izzy turned towards the third shax demon, nodding at each other over its head.  With strong yet graceful movements they plunged their seraph blades into the demon’s chest, where their blades met and clashed, before they both yanked up, splitting the demon in two.  Their blades shone brightly as they broke about above the demon’s limp form in a perfect glowing arch.


Alec didn’t have to look at his sister and brother, he had heard the lash of his sister’s whip as she had released it and heard their seraph blades sing as they hit each other.  He could smell the ichor of the demons that lay on the ground a few yards from him. 


He had vaulted Clary the ten feet over the raum demon seconds before his blade plunged into the demon’s belly, into its heart.  But raum demons were strong and had two hearts.  Pulling a seraph dagger from his thigh holster, which lit instantly, he slashed deep across what could only be called it’s ‘throat’ as Clary’s seraph blade plunged straight through the demon from behind, through its second heart.   


Alec had heard Simon unsheathe is seraph blade and the whirl of the wind as one of Izzy’s blades flew from his hand.  His audio rune let him hear it all, so he knew exactly where his team stood in combat.  He heard the second raum demon ‘scream’ when it’s first heart was pierced.  Whipping a silver knife from a different thigh holster he threw it, watching as it spun through the air, past his best friends head, and through the demons belly and second heart, coming out the other side and landing hard in a tree trunk three feet behind the dead demon.  Simon frowned, turning to his best friend.


“I wanted that one.”  He pouted.


“Sorry.”  Alec said, a little sheepish.  “Just trying to help.  Tell you what, you get the next one all to yourself.  Deal?”


“Deal.”  Simon said with a happy smile.


They all knew that there were nephilim warriors watching from the tree line.  They didn’t know that they stood there gaping, their mouths hanging open.


“What was that?”  A dark-haired man whispered to another.


“I don’t know.”  Another said, shaking his head.


Alec could hear them perfectly but knew that they were keeping their distance for some reason.  What that reason might be, he didn’t know.


One of the four nephilim on the ground groaned as he tried to push himself up.


“Ladies, if you would kindly give the gentleman a hand.  Gentleman, choose your man.”  Alec said, walking towards the first fallen warrior.  He reached down, gently lifting the unconscious man in his arms.  He was relieved to hear that the man was still breathing, raggedly, but still breathing.  He didn’t have to look at his team to know that the other three warriors were being tending to.                                                                                                 He could hear the relieved sighs of his brother and best friend as they lifted the second two fallen warriors from the grass and knew that it was because they were both breathing.


“Can you walk?”  Clary asked the wounded warrior gently.  “We can carry you if you can’t.  It’s okay.”


The wounded warrior could see the two beautiful girls through his blurry vision, and hear the smaller one’s sweet voice, but his head was pounding and spinning.  He couldn’t form the words to answer her.


“I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”  She said before reaching under him and sweeping him into her arms.


“I guess that leaves me gathering weapons.”  Izzy pouted.


“Someone’s got to do it, Iz.  We kinda got our hands full.”  Alec said with a smirk.


Izzy bent, picking up their dropped weapons.  They never bothered to pick them up during battle, not when it took precious time, and they always had plenty more.


“I’m not getting your dagger out of that tree.”


Alec chuckled at his little sister, walking back the way they had come.  After quickly assessing the wounds on the fallen warriors and determining that none of them were even close to life threatening, he knew they could take their time on the walk back, as to not jostle them and cause them pain.  The one in his arms was starting to groan as he came to.




Izabella paced behind Robert at the edge of the village, her son staring straight out into the dark.  The warriors that had returned had told her that the ‘strangers’ had arrived and taken over. 


“Relax, momma.”  Robert said softly, knowing his mother could hear him.


“Relax?  I’ve got nine men out there, Robert.  Relaxing isn’t an option.”  She snapped.


“And I’ve got five.”  He said, turning to look at her.  “They’ll be back soon.”


“How can you possibly know that?!”  She asked, exasperated.


“Because I know my son.  At least, part of him.”


A witchlight shone faintly in the distance, coming around a rise of trees.


Izabella sighed as relief coursed through her.  Within seconds she saw five forms approaching, with five more trailing behind.  Her grandson had one of her men in his arms, as did his brother and friend.  Her eyes went wide when she saw the tiny blonde one carrying one of her biggest men like he was a doll and didn’t outweigh her by a good sixty pounds.  The witchlight was in her granddaughters’ hand.


“How’d it go?”  Robert called as the team got closer.


“Demons are dead.  You’ve got four wounded and five that don’t seem to want to talk to us.”  Jace said nonchalantly.


“That’s probably because they don’t know what to say.”  Robert sighed.  “Your covered in ichor.”


“Yep.  That’s generally how it works.”  Alec said, as nonchalant as his brother.  “Where do you take your wounded?”  He asked Izabella.


She stood there, speechless.  She was a Shadowhunter.  She had trained as a Shadowhunter.  She had been the best in her time.  But seeing the five Shadowhunters walking towards her, she didn’t know what to say.  They weren’t wounded.  Their gear wasn’t torn or damaged.  They were just dirty, covered in ichor.  They were carrying four of her best warriors like they weighed nothing, and they weren’t so much as winded.


“Where do you take your wounded?”  He asked again.


“There’s a medical building in the center of the village.  Catarina is there now, waiting for you.”  Magnus said, stepping out of the shadows.  He had been watching for his Shadowhunter from the trees nearby.  “Need some help?”


“Nah.  We’ve got it.”


“Biscuit?”  He asked, eyeing the large limp man in the small girls’ arms, knowing that an unconscious body is dead weight.


“I’m good.  Could go for a diet coke though.”  She said as she walked past, following her commander.


Magnus could only chuckle and shake his head.


“I’ll get right on that.”  He said with a smirk.


“What happened?”  Izabella asked the five nephilim warriors that had followed behind her grandson and his team, beaten and bruised.


“They came out of nowhere.  One minute it was just us, the next they were there, flipping and flying through the air.  And their weapons, Ms. Izabella.  There unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”  One warrior said, holding Alec’s dagger out to her. 


It was a beautifully crafted silver blade with runes carved into the blade and hilt.  Runes, that if a demon touched, would cause great pain.


“The tall one with the dark hair threw this.  It went straight through the demon, Ms. Izabella, and stuck in a tree.”


Robert peered over her shoulder, eyeing the blade.


“That’s one of Isabelle’s.  Alexander will want that back.”  He said.


“Thank you, Nathan.”  Izabella said to the one that had spoken.


“That little girl.  She picked up Samuel like he was a ragdoll.”  Another warrior spoke.  “And the demons.  They were dead in a minute.  All of them.  I’ve never seen anyone move that fast, Ms. Izabella.  Or those moves.”


“And you never will again.”  Robert said, trying to hide his smile.  “Well, you’ll see them do it