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Breastfeeding Tips For Expecting Mothers

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Luo Binghe came to him at night.

“Are you done fucking your whores?” Shen Jiu asked casually. He crossed his legs in a whisper of a movement, manicured hand resting with casual elegance on his knee. His head was held high, expression cold and quiet. He was resplendent in verdant robes, hair a silk sheet down his back. If not for the swell of his belly, the clean folds of his robes only just veiling his figure, he was every bit the picture of a lofty immortal. “You know better than to come to me reeking of their stink.”

It had been two days since Luo Binghe’s last visit.

Dismissing the servants, Luo Binghe closed the doors behind him. Shen Jiu’s palace was a splendid work of architecture and wealth. Several residences, towers, galleries, gardens, and outbuildings made up the vast estate. A dwelling worthy of an empress.

Stepping forward, gait a slow prowl, Luo Binghe smiled charmingly. “Shizun greets his husband so coldly. You’ll hurt our feelings.”

Shen Jiu's face remained impassive. His fan snapped open, dark eyes peering over the silk leaves. "The day I draw blood from you, is the day I walk out of this miserable place. Enough with your childishness."

Mean, spiteful, always quick to the cut. Mouth made of venom and serrated knives, his sultry allure made Luo Binghe's pulse quicken. "Shizun shouldn't wish the title of widower on his husband's shoulders."

Shen Jiu allowed a thin smile. "So you'll only let me leave in a coffin? How romantic of you."

He turned his head, side profile lovely, clawing forth more of Luo Binghe's burgeoning desire. Luo Binghe had come with obvious intentions, never one to deny himself. Shen Jiu knew him well enough to see past his gentleman's mask. It was an old song and dance, Shen Jiu deriving pleasure from making Luo Binghe's life difficult. He was as prickly as an alley cat, acting pampered and docile only when the situation was to his advantage. Given the chance, Luo Binghe didn't doubt his 'wife' would slip a knife under his ribs.

He never tired of Shen Jiu's unique company. "This husband only wished to see Shizun and pay my respects. I've missed Shizun dearly."

"More like, your dick still isn't wet enough," Shen Jiu said, huffing a small laugh. He snapped his fan shut, setting it aside carefully. It had been a gift from their eldest daughter. "Well, I'm tired. Your brats kept me up. Get out unless you want my foot up your ass.

"Unless," Shen Jiu said, leaning forward, hair whispering off his shoulder to fall against his knee. His dark, dark eyes locked with Luo Binghe's. "You have come to grovel at my feet. In which case, proceed. I've missed seeing you on your knees."

Caustic as always, beautiful as a rose full of thorns. Shen Jiu's response was exactly what Luo Binghe came looking for. His lips curved in amusement. Conscious of the fire he was playing with, he fanned the flames. "Shizun shouldn't be jealous. He should know my duties better than anyone. I cannot leave my harem unattended."

Shen Jiu's eyes were suddenly quite sharp and focused on him. In their depths, Luo Binghe saw the very real threat of violence, but also a wealth of possibilities. An old song and dance. Luo Binghe never tired of it.

"My wives are upstanding, well-bred, talented young ladies. Did Shizun not make sure they were suitable for me? I recall Shizun laboring over every candidate. Even my concubines must first pass Shizun's tests before they're allowed to enter the Palace."

Without hesitation, he took Shen Jiu's hand and raised it to his lips. Luo Binghe smiled against soft skin. "Shizun is my favorite, my most beloved. Does this husband not dote on him? Shizun has no need to worry he will lose his place in my heart."

Shen Jiu tried to pull his hand away. Luo Binghe held on firmly. Keeping his grip on Shen Jiu's hand, he dragged his thumb over the pulse point. Bemused, Luo Binghe felt Shen Jiu's pulse jump, his scent thicken. He took in a long, deep breath through his nose, dragging the scent through his lungs.

Shen Jiu's eyes sharpened, warning him. He pursed his lips in obvious reproach, drawing Luo Binghe's eyes to his mouth.

Hunger gnawed at his stomach.

"How are you worse than your brats?" Shen Jiu spat, derision dripping from every word. However, his elegant fingers drummed against his knee, throat swallowing. Little tells Luo Binghe knew well. "Are you the child or are they? Acting like a sticky street urchin begging for sweets. Disgusting."

Luo Binghe nuzzled the hand in his hold, sneaking a taste with the tip of his tongue. "Shizun didn't spoil me when I was a boy. He should spoil me as a man."

Shen Jiu sneered. He rose, signaling the end of the conversation. But when he picked up his fan from its resting spot, Luo Binghe closed his hand tighter over Shen Jiu’s wrist and tugged Shen Jiu to him. Luo Binghe bent his head so his lips were close to Shen Jiu’s mouth. Shen Jiu inhaled, a short, breathy sound. He looked up at him. Several strands of Luo Binghe’s hair had fallen and curtained one side of Shen Jiu’s face, closing them in a quiet space together.

The thick sweet aroma that soaked deep inside him.

Heat that could melt his viscera in one single breath.

Luo Binghe took the swirling currents of Shen Jiu’s hair and drew Shen Jiu’s mouth upon his own, scoring him with his tongue. He took small nibbles of Shen Jiu's lips, breathing on his lashes as he drew him closer, closer, until he brought him all the way to him, their fingers still loosely linked so that Shen Jiu's nails were brushing against Luo Binghe's thigh.

Shen Jiu’s dark eyes seared into him, fearless and stubborn. Asking for entrance, Luo Binghe teased his lips gently.

He never knew if Shen Jiu would respond generously to his advances, or cleave his tongue in two and him with it. The dangerous thrill heightened his desire. Made Luo Binghe ache for him.

Shen Jiu was a hardwon battle, never a true surrender. He made Luo Binghe work for every drop of his attention. Pregnancy made him crueler, sharper, meaner.

It also increased Shen Jiu’s appetite and made him incredibly territorial.

Luo Binghe, completely lacking morals, never hesitated to take advantage.

Nosing Shen Jiu's throat, he laved the bond mark over his scent gland with long strokes of his tongue. The scar was sensitive, sending pulses of pleasure through Shen Jiu's body whether he wanted them or not. Limbs going soft, Shen Jiu gave a weak shudder and allowed himself to be coaxed, lashes dipping as he relaxed into the kiss. Pushing forward, Luo Binghe’s hand slid down to Shen Jiu’s thigh, tugging his legs open. He pressed closer, let Shen Jiu feel his hardness against his belly as he left his mouth and nipped beneath Shen Jiu’s ear. His hand dug through several layers of brocade silk, fingers finding Shen Jiu's sex. Luo Binghe thumbed the head, gave the length a firm stroke.

Shen Jiu spasmed, breath catching in his throat. His hand slid up to the back of Luo Binghe's head. He stroked through Luo Binghe's hair, a sensuous caress, as well as a reproof. Luo Binghe hissed in pleasure at the sudden hard pull, continuing to lick and nip at the bond mark.

"First, wash the stink off," Shen Jiu said, a pretty flush beginning to stain the top of his cheeks.

Sucking several bruises on the pale skin of his throat, Luo Binghe replied cheerfully, "Wash it off for me, with your own."

He could smell Shen Jiu's desire, blatant and shameless as Luo Binghe's own, feel his pulse hammer against him. This game of theirs was as much part of their courtship as their fights and arguments. A prologue for the main course.

Shen Jiu's fingers yanked on his hair, pulling Luo Binghe with him when he began to walk backward toward the bed. Luo Binghe wrapped his fingers around the hard cock in his hand, smearing the abundant precum over the head and stripping the length. His lower abdomen coiled tightly, anticipation making his blood thrum hotly under the skin.

Shen Jiu made a pleased sound in the back of his throat, stopping when the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed. In one fluid movement, he'd reversed their positions, pushing Luo Binghe down onto the bed. Luo Binghe went willingly, cock with no sense at all, high and stiff, calling all sorts of attention to itself. Whether Shen Jiu would take care of it or crush it underneath his heel ― well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Shen Jiu sat on the foot of the bed, spreading out the hem of his robes in a half moon before him and smoothed it. Sitting there with his dark hair falling on his creamy shoulders, smelling of Luo Binghe and the babies he'd put in him, he was bewitching. His hands rose to the ruffled collars of his robes, pulling them further down his shoulders, baring the swell of his chest and taunting Luo Binghe with his proximity.  

Shen Jiu's nipples were dark, swollen with milk. The polish on his nails shone against pale skin when he brought his fingers up to cup the swollen mounds.

Luo Binghe's nostrils flared, pupils dilating.

Shen Jiu cocked an eyebrow at the unanswered desire in Luo Binghe's eyes. His hands moved to pull the fastenings of Luo Binghe's trousers, freeing his cock. Rather than cower in the face of a predator, the foolish thing strained eagerly toward Shen Jiu's touch. Shen Jiu's lips quirked into a half smile. It was not a kind smile. A wiser man would run.

Luo Binghe had long accepted being made a fool by this person. If it would keep him by his side, Luo Binghe would go to many great lengths. Being ridiculed was far by one of the easiest sacrifices he'd made in the long run of their relationship.

"Take pity on your poor husband, Shizun," he said, voice rough, slowly being driven mad by watching Shen Jiu's gaze course over him, linger. "Forgive your husband his transgressions. If I did not visit Shizun sooner, it is because I wanted Shizun to rest before I could have him under me again."

His fingers laced into fists, knowing better than to reach out and touch, when he did not have permission to do so.

"I advise you to think twice, the next time you come to me covered in the stench of your whores." Rising to his knees, Shen Jiu spread the hems of his robes out like a curtain just above his knees and straddled Luo Binghe's chest.

Looking up at him, Luo Binghe shamelessly strained his neck to try to peek under his robes.

Shen Jiu gave him a mocking smile. His hand patted Luo Binghe's cheek, a sweet sting. "Move, and I go fuck one of your men."

He walked on his knees, as delicate in his movements as a crane through water. Watching the hem lift above him as Shen Jiu moved toward his head, Luo Binghe felt the wave of trapped heat beneath. He inhaled him a moment before Shen Jiu released the robe and it drifted over his face, closing Luo Binghe into darkness. The soft fabric brushed his jaw, the lines of his shoulders and biceps as Shen Jiu moved, now a wild cat gliding slowly through his territory. When Shen Jiu straddled his head, his thighs brushed Luo Binghe's temples, the heat of him above him as Shen Jiu progressed.

He registered wetness on his face. Warmth. Arousal. Shen Jiu's slick dripping down his thighs to stain Luo Binghe with his mark.

"Well?" Shen Jiu said, laughter woven through his voice. "Show me how sorry you are. I'll consider forgiving you, if you please me enough."

Luo Binghe didn't need any more prompting. He eased upward and began to lap at him, swirling the tip of his tongue over the tight furl of his entrance. Shen Jiu was gushing, wet and ready, begging to be fucked. Luo Binghe didn't rush, didn't try to devour him in one bite. Didn't want to nip at Shen Jiu like a dog, clumsy and lacking finesse. He teased, stroked, made Shen Jiu moan and rock his hips into the push of the wet muscle. Luo Binghe closed his lips over Shen Jiu's sodden hole and sucked, made him feel the friction of his tongue deep inside him, delving deeper, using his neck muscles to strain higher. Shen Jiu groaned, riding his face. His thighs strained. Trembled as Luo Binghe clamped his lips tighter over him, suckling around his thrusting tongue.

Breathing heavily, Shen Jiu dug his hand into Luo Binghe's chest, leaning back for balance. The imprint of all five nails seared into Luo Binghe like a tattoo. He sped up the worship of his tongue, earning more little sighs and moans from Shen Jiu's lovely voicebox. Shen Jiu began to rub himself faster against Luo Binghe's mouth, the wet heat of his body lubricating his movements. Luo Binghe felt his cheeks, mouth, and chin get drenched with his slick. He reveled fiercely in it, Shen Jiu's taste. He prided himself in his skill, in his ability to wring pleasure from his cold, prickly lover, drive him wild until his hardheaded stubbornness fell to pieces at Luo Binghe's feet.

He bit Shen Jiu's thigh when he felt him start to move, leaving his face. His teeth clamped down gently inside Shen Jiu's leg, trying to hold him, but Shen Jiu only laughed. He kept going, the skirt of the robes whispering over Luo Binghe's face, a trail of silk permeated with Shen Jiu's scent. His pretty cock strained against his pretty robes, leaving a telltale wet patch.

"I should leave you like this," he said in a teasing drawl, a breathlessness to his words that soothed Luo Binghe's ego. "Aching for me. Maybe it'll teach you some of those manners I never quite beat into you, hmm?"

His knees moved over Luo Binghe's torso, down, down. When the robe slipped from Luo Binghe's face completely, Shen Jiu was straddling his hips, thighs on each side of him. His scrumptious ass hovered over Luo Binghe's cock, giving him the incredulous hope he'd impale himself, bless Luo Binghe’s cock with that welcoming glove.

Lips drawn in a wide grin, Shen Jiu cupped the swell of his small breasts, closing his fingers over the fat nipples. Beads of milk dripped down the valley of his torso in thin rivulets, glistening on his fair skin.

Luo Binghe's throat dried, cock jumping, brushing eagerly against the cleft of Shen Jiu's ass. "Shizun," he cried, barely stopping the hump of his hips. "Mercy for your husband."

Shen Jiu ignored him, cruel to the bone. He reached between his legs with both hands and came away with wet fingers. Luo Binghe's breath left him, lungs straining, burning. Shen Jiu took no pity in him. Rocking his hips, Shen Jiu took his cock in hand and stroked himself against Luo Binghe's stomach. Bumped Luo Binghe's weeping cock with each undulation of his ass, hips in a sinuous dance above him.

Luo Binghe would prefer death to this exquisite torture.

"You look pathetic," Shen Jiu said, arching back, a lithe move to trace his damp fingers along the inside of Luo Binghe's right leg and then his left. His ass pushed Luo Binghe's cock down with the crescent angle of his body. Fingers leaving his cock with a soft sigh, Shen Jiu ran both hands along the outside of Luo Binghe's calves, then his thighs, marking him with the honey he'd gathered on his hands.

In that position, if Luo Binghe ignored the screaming of his neck, he could look down his body to an unimpeded view of Shen Jiu's hole in its glistening, dripping state.

It was worth the neck trauma.

"Aren't you supposed to be some great demon lord? You don't look like one to me." Shen Jiu continued to rock upon him in that relentless, slow rolling motion, sparking friction between them. Luo Binghe groaned loudly at the feel of more of Shen Jiu's slick making tiny tracks over his body. "You look like a starving beast. A pathetic little animal. Do you want to suck at my tit that badly?"

Still arched, he reached behind, penetrating himself, fingers coming away wet again. Stretching further, he painted circles of his fluids on Luo Binghe's ankles, the arches of his feet.

Only three months along, the swell of Shen Jiu's belly was small. But the stretch of his body in this position made the robes pull tight against his figure, highlighting the small bump and making it more obvious. The sight spiraled a new scalding heat through Luo Binghe's body, setting his nerves aflame. His cock ached, arousal edging into pain.

When at last Shen Jiu seemed satisfied with his work, his pale face was flushed, eyes glittering. He sank his fingers into himself again, oiling himself all the way to his top knuckles. Gripping Luo Binghe’s cock in a tight fist, tight enough to injure a weaker man, Shen Jiu used his dew to lubricate Luo Binghe's length. He moved, shifting into place, pressing his buttocks around Luo Binghe, rubbing. Slow, up, and down.

Unbidden, a thought came to him, breaking through the mad desire fogging Luo Binghe’s head.

When cats rub their faces against you, they're marking you with their scent.

Hypnotized by the glide of Shen Jiu's body, it was the last clear thought Luo Binghe had. The feel of Shen Jiu's ass pressed around his cock robbed Luo Binghe of all coherency, sliding up and down, teasing him with the memory of the tight heat of his body.

Haughty as an empress, Shen Jiu's upper body tilted up, the small breasts quivering, glossy hair whispering sensuously against his shoulders. Staring down at Luo Binghe imperiously, he cut him to the quick with his sharp eyes. "If your women could see you now. So desperate. So needy. Hungry slut. How many of them would still accept your cock?" He stroked Luo Binghe's face, smearing his juices on him. His smile was chilling, and made Luo Binghe even harder. "I should put a baby in you. I doubt they'd stay with you once you start waddling."

Luo Binghe swallowed thickly, whimpering. When Shen Jiu leaned down over him, his nipple just over his mouth, Luo Binghe wanted to bite down like a rabid animal. He remembered himself enough to close his lips over the nipple with a gentle sucking pressure, else he'd end up with a sword run through him again before he got the chance to get his dick wet. With great fortitude, he ignored his aching need, cock hard and large against Shen Jiu, sliding on his slick. Instead, he focused on Shen Jiu's chest.

After three pregnancies with Shen Jiu, Luo Binghe's tongue was his most skilled weapon, used more persuasively than when he once used it to eat his women's cunts. With practice, he'd learned to get over his fascination with nipples and only stimulate them when the timing was right, the rewards great. So he licked Shen Jiu slowly, methodically, almost like a cat bathing him, and was rewarded by Shen Jiu's purr and the sweet trickle of milk in his mouth.

Shen Jiu caught Luo Binghe's hair in his fingers, tugging. "Don't be a glutton. Leave some for the brats."

His purr became a growl when Luo Binghe switched to using teeth. He seized the nipple, bit down, held with rigid pressure as he flicked it rapidly with his tongue, released it to let the blood rush back into it, then did it again. His hard cock bumped insistently against Shen Jiu's buttocks, his thighs, the liquid on the tip of Luo Binghe's cock marking him.

Shen Jiu tightened his grip on Luo Binghe's hair, shifting, pushing the other nipple into his mouth. Luo Binghe wanted to fuck inside him so bad he felt flayed alive, but still reverently accepted Shen Jiu's offering. He lashed him with his tongue, closing his lips over the nipple with tight suction, laving the bud to ease the sting before suckling loudly. He could hear the incoherent plea in the back of Shen Jiu's throat, knew he was close, could come from just having his nipples played with.

As Shen Jiu began to climax, Luo Binghe snarled his desire against him, but kept up the sensual torment of his nipple, reaching with his hand to pluck the second bud with skilled fingers, rolling it between thumb and forefinger, wringing more sweet moans from Shen Jiu's vicious mouth.

With a shout, Shen Jiu surged forward, humping himself on Luo Binghe with abandon, thighs spread wide, cock dragging over Luo Binghe's hard stomach, knees sinking into the bed. He spurted his release in thick ropes, marking Luo Binghe with his come, the pure note of pleasure Shen Jiu cried out driving him wild with need.

By the gods, he wanted to fuck him so badly.

Shen Jiu went for a long time. The climax wringing cry after cry out of him, then small harsh moans of aftershocks that kept Shen Jiu shuddering, head bowed and hair covering his face.

Shameless and greedy, Luo Binghe strained against him, cock throbbing futilely for what Shen Jiu held just out of reach.

When Shen Jiu drew back, he pressed his temple onto Luo Binghe's shoulder, nestled his cheek into Luo Binghe's armpit, as if he were getting as close as he could. As close as he would let himself be, to having Luo Binghe's arms around him.

So Luo Binghe reached to twine their fingers together, holding them with simple, loose intimacy. Shen Jiu's lashes fanned Luo Binghe's skin as he closed his eyes, moving to press his temple to his.

Luo Binghe stayed still beneath him, turning so his breath was on Shen Jiu's hair. "I didn't fuck anyone before coming to you."

The last shudder passed through Shen Jiu with a soft sound. "I know. Do you think I would let you touch me if you had? Now shut up, don't speak when I fuck you. It ruins the mood."

Luo Binghe barely had time to draw breath before Shen Jiu guided his cock between his thighs and drove himself down to the hilt on Luo Binghe. Shen Jiu was soaking wet, eager to take him, silken muscles rippling around him, wresting a cry from Luo Binghe's throat.

It was pure, hot possession. Shen Jiu growled against Luo Binghe's panting mouth, hips driving fiercely into him,  "All the effort I put into raising you, shouldn't I reap some of the rewards?"

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“Shizun can do as he wishes with this husband,” Luo Binghe gasped out, forcing his hands to stay obedient. See, feel. Don’t touch. Not unless he wanted Shen Jiu to leave him with a painful erection and hopes dashed. “This husband aims to please Shizun in all ways. Shizun can use me for his pleasure ― ”

He hissed, teeth biting the inside of his cheek when Shen Jiu rolled his lower body forward, driving him deep inside the hot channel wrapped around him like a perfectly fitted glove. Not even his women's cunts could compare. Shen Jiu was pure pleasure, sinking into his cock with ease, taking his size like very few in his harem could manage.

“You’ll make me barf in my mouth if you keep spewing stupidities,” Shen Jiu said. He gathered the skirts of his robes and hitched them up to his hips, knees bracing on the bed, muscles flexing deliciously. “Don’t talk. It ruins your face.”

Luo Binghe bit back a furious growl, eyes narrowing. Sweat dripped down his temples, catching on his lashes. He blinked the sting away, not wanting to miss a single moment. Choosing to obey, he let Shen Jiu dictate the pace. Bracing himself. Holding on as Shen Jiu pummeled him into the bed, thighs and hips working furiously.

Shen Jiu reached for him, curling his nails into the firm muscle of Luo Binghe's biceps, exerting pressure. He used the grip to ram his hips faster, fucking himself violently on Luo Binghe's cock. The headboard creaked and groaned with the force; the loud, wet sounds of their joining obscene, Luo Binghe's breathless moans adding to the racket. He could feel Shen Jiu's slick drench his thighs, soaking the sheets beneath. Ruined.

They were going to need a new bed. Again.

Shen Jiu made soft, sweet little sighs, eyebrows knitting together elegantly and pretty mouth pursed into a delectable pout. His little tits quivered with every sinuous arch of his spine, hips rotating into delicious full circles over Luo Binghe's cock. Making him feel every squeeze of the silken muscles clamping down unforgivingly with enough strength to make Luo Binghe cry out his name between desperate gulps for oxygen.

"Don't make me gag you. I'll make use of that mouth of yours, that clever tongue. But unless I order you to speak, you'll shut up if you know what's good for you," Shen Jiu said, a sharp command in a tone that shot resentment through Luo Binghe.

He began to hum to himself, lids fluttering shut, mouth opening around a low moan. Ignoring Luo Binghe. Using him for his cock. A potential buyer examining a thoroughbred warhorse before deciding on the purchase.

Wretched temptress. Haughty bitch. He was the only one with the power to make Luo Binghe self-combust and die, incinerated by the fire he ignited in him.

Luo Binghe had never wanted to own anyone so completely. He wanted to crawl inside Shen Jiu's chest, burrow himself in the cavity of his ribs like a parasite. Eat his way through Shen Jiu's heart until only his imprint remained as proof of ownership.

Half a decade. Three daughters. Two more brats on the way. And he still wasn't any closer to making this person his.

His groin tightened with every moan Shen Jiu sang, every in and out of his cock inside him. Shen Jiu was scalding wet heat inside, walls rippling around him with expert skill, robbing Luo Binghe of the ability to think. The cool silk of Shen Jiu's disheveled robes whispered over Luo Binghe's heated skin like water, the contrast exquisite, heightening his sensitivity. Pure madness.

Right when he felt his balls tighten, orgasm beginning to ripple through him, Shen Jiu stopped. Stopped moving, slowing the rocking of his hips to a sharp halt, the suddenness so abrupt Luo Binghe was left a dizzy, confused mess.

Tears mixed with sweat.

"Shizun," he cried piteously.

Licking his top lip, Shen Jiu abandoned Luo Binghe's biceps to brace himself against the headboard. The fluid motion brought him closer to Luo Binghe, teased Luo Binghe's appetite with the temptation of his swollen chest bared before him like a scrumptious feast.

"Don't," Shen Jiu said, lashes fluttering across rosy cheeks at a particular sharp thrust, Luo Binghe's cock bumping against a favorite spot. "Behave. Wait your turn."

The fat dark nipples beading drops of milk, the slick dripping down Shen Jiu's heaving thighs ― Shen Jiu's arousal filled the room, mingling with Luo Binghe's pheromones into a luscious bouquet. Shen Jiu's scent was honest where he was cold and frigid, speaking without words, burning Luo Binghe's nose with its sharp sting. Complex, rich, lasting. Luo Binghe drank it in, filled his lung with the chypre perfume.

Catching the action, Shen Jiu cocked his head. His lip curled up slightly at one corner. Lifting his right hand from the headboard, he brushed back the hair from his face. He ran his fingers through the silken weight of it, an ebony tide that pulled Luo Binghe's gaze to the hips it brushed. Three pregnancies had left irreversible changes in Shen Jiu's body. Hips rounder, softer, chest sensitive even when he stopped nursing. Luo Binghe loved to trace the stretch marks on his belly with his tongue, kiss his belly-button and watch Shen Jiu fight down peals of laughter.

Shen Jiu rose on his knees, Luo Binghe's cock slipping from the tight heat of his body until only the tip remained nestled between generous cheeks. He gripped Luo Binghe by the thick base, teased the drooling cockhead with the rim of his hole, sinking down to the hilt only when Luo Binghe's voice cracked on a guttural ‘Shizun.’  Up, down, again and again, driving Luo Binghe into a wild frenzy.

Luo Binghe gripped fistfuls of the bedsheets, tearing them, nails sharpening to wicked points and stabbing through the mattress.

Definitely a new bed.

Enough, he thought, aware of the consequences his actions would bring but not caring enough to stop himself. Luo Binghe surged forward. He erased the physical distance between them, closing his mouth over Shen Jiu's in a hard, demanding kiss.

He didn't get to enjoy the taste for long.

Shen Jiu gripped him by the back of the head, yanking a fistful of his hair. Luo Binghe grunted, neck stretched taut into a vulnerable curve.

"Bad dog," Shen Jiu said, somewhere between irritation and disgust.

His eyes were pools of ice, impenetrable. Shen Jiu's emotions always laid deep inside, guarded ferociously. Luo Binghe could not imagine their depths, privy only to the scarce crumbs Shen Jiu deigned to feed him.

It was infuriating, the distance between them. It was thrilling, the constant chase.

Luo Binghe disregarded the warning and broke free, lips closing over a puffy nipple. Shen Jiu was pulled onto his lap, ass seated on a muscular thigh. His hands settled low on Shen Jiu’s waist, cock sliding through the slickness back inside, piercing Shen Jiu right to the center. He bucked upwards. Hard. Merciless. Bouncing Shen Jiu on his cock, beyond ravenous.

"Oh, fuck." Shen Jiu gave a shuddering moan, matching Luo Binghe thrust for thrust. He twined his fingers in Luo Binghe's hair, tightening, grinding round hips against him. Luo Binghe stroked the nipple with his tongue. Down, up, laving the bud with alternative licks. Slow, then fast, dragging the flat of his tongue over the sensitive areola. Sealing his lips over the nipple, he sucked, swallowing mouthfuls of Shen Jiu's milk. His other hand rose to pinch and roll the second nipple, spraying the sweet nectar over his face.

Shen Jiu held him there for a moment, enjoying Luo Binghe's enthusiastic suction. "Are you quite done?"

Luo Binghe bit down gently on the bud, fighting the warning pull on his hair.

“Shizun.” His voice was a hoarse rumble against skin as he eased his bite. He licked the taste off his lips, collecting every precious drop. “Let me service you. Has this husband ever not made Shizun feel good?”

Shen Jiu closed his eyes, sliding his hand up so it cupped Luo Binghe’s face even as his body shook under the touch of Luo Binghe’s slowly kneading, clever fingers. “Is that what you want? For me to chain you to my bed and make you wait upon my pleasure?”

Luo Binghe’s cock throbbed in response, thickening inside Shen Jiu.

His hunger stirred. He was starving. The edge of his lust was sharper than Xin Mo’s blade, made him want to sink his teeth into Shen JIu and drink him dry. Feast on his flesh. Break his ribcage like a frame of gold sheets, his heart separated from him by simple shards of shattered bone.

“Brat. You’re nowhere near housebroken enough for the privilege.”

He braced his hands on Luo Binghe's heaving chest and shoved him back down, riding him with punishing force. He pushed himself up, pressing his ass back down, swallowing Luo Binghe's cock greedily. “You think you’re worthy of me? You’re lucky I let you touch me, much less whelp me. You should be on your knees thanking me for staying with such a miserable excuse for a demon lord.”

Everything about Shen Jiu was infuriating. His poisonous tongue. His terrible character. His stinginess. His subpar maternal instincts towards their children. His complete lack of respect for Luo Binghe, his lord, his husband.

Head lolling back, biting his bottom lip between white teeth, Shen Jiu’s hand reached around himself to touch where their bodies were joined. He traced around his rim, stretched obscenely around Luo Binghe’s fat cock. Luo Binghe shivered weakly when fingers cupped his balls, nails scratching threateningly at the delicate skin.

“Don’t you dare knot me,” Shen Jiu said silkily. He squeezed the testicles, Luo Binghe nearly swallowing his tongue at the sharp spike of pleasure that shot up his spine like lighting. “Do so, and I’ll cut this off.”

Luo Binghe had killed people for much, much less.

At the same time, it was that sharp sting Luo Binghe craved. The venom. The barbs, the knives, Shen Jiu’s affection like a rusty chipped blade cutting through his jugular. Every poisonous word out of his mouth fell down like the strike of a whip against his cock.

“If you can’t obey me, I have no use for you.” Smiling coyly, Shen Jiu ran his fingers with deliberate casualness over the hardened nubs of his nipples, cupping the small mounds of his tits. Squeezing. Milk trailing down the valley of his chest around soft curves.

A surge of fierce temper exploded in Luo Binghe, goaded by the razor edge of desire so high he crested. Falling over the precipice.

Damn him. Damn him!

Luo Binghe’s orgasm detonated in his body with the force of a typhoon. Everything screamed with the release, his lower abdomen, his arched throat, his thighs. His cock, pulsating in the tight sheath of Shen Jiu’s body and flooding him with his hot release. Shen Jiu continued to rock forward, milking him, wringing every last drop from Luo Binghe's exquisitely sore body.

Luo Binghe bit through his tongue to stop his knot from plugging Shen Jiu full, blood filling his mouth.

The aftereffects of his climax, like the tides, fully receded after they’d run their course. Luo Binghe was left shuddering, muscles slack, head full of the floaty, fuzzy euphoria that followed great sex. Fucked stupid, he blinked blearily and watched as Shen Jiu drew back, cock slipping out with a wet sound. Come dripped in thick globs down his thighs to stain the bedding, mixing with his slick. His pretty cock was still cruelly hidden from sight, the head soaking the front of his robes. Luo Binghe licked his lips, desire rising in him again. Low tide, waves reaching for the shores.

He could never get enough of this wretched, awful person.

Rising on his knees, Shen Jiu reached between his thighs with both hands. He gathered Luo Binghe's spent, collecting the glistening trails of his slick, and fed Luo Binghe his fingers. Luo Binghe opened eagerly, tongue wrapping around slender fingers, licking them clean. He chased after them when Shen Jiu pulled out, nibbling on the fingertips.

"Do you want me?" His voice was a husky dark spell, winding Luo Binghe up higher.

He didn't wait for Luo Binghe's answer. Luo Binghe shivered in anticipation at the feel of Shen Jiu spreading his thighs open and sliding between them. His hands played with Luo Binghe’s cock, half-hard, straining back into his fingers. Shen Jiu looked at him through his lashes, his touch and the intense look in his eyes reflecting his great pleasure.

Tucking a stray lock of inky-black hair behind an ear, hooded eyes locked on his, Shen Jiu sank his head and ran his tongue just under the cap of his cock, touching the slit.

Luo Binghe groaned, a primitive wave of response rolling through his body. Shen Jiu lapped at him, nipping, hands stroking over him, squeezing his balls, fingering at his ass. Luo Binghe reflexively clenched, breath whistling past his teeth. Shen Jiu’s nail stabbed at him, wiggled, got past the tight muscle of his buttocks to play around the rim. He circled the tip of a thumb over Luo Binghe’s opening before retreating and coming back wet, pressing in. Luo Binghe inhaled sharply. His throat bobbed, a muscle jumping in his tightly clenched jaw.

Eyes sharp, glittering knives, Shen Jiu stroked the tight ring of muscle, proving first with his thumb, then sliding in deep with two fingers up to the second knuckle.

Luo Binghe reacted violently, throwing back his head so it rapped against the wood hard, but he barely felt it. His lungs squeezed, trying to draw in breaths Luo Binghe couldn't force himself to swallow.

Shen Jiu watched him, his gaze heavy-lidded, lips moist. "More than fucking, you're better suited to being fucked, aren't you? Look how greedy you are. Shameless."

He twisted his fingers, curling them inside, dragging the pads of them across Luo Binghe's prostate. He gave him several more strokes before pulling out, settling comfortably on his knees. The brocade robes were hitched up higher, wet fingers wrapping around the slender, pretty cock, smearing it with Luo Binghe's come and Shen Jiu's slick.

Luo Binghe focused on him, blood rushing to his cock, thickening the length back to full liveliness. Shen Jiu speared him with his gaze, lips curving. He held himself in hand and pressed the tip of his cock at Luo Binghe's hole, teasing.

With a frustrated growl, Luo Binghe snapped, "Will you fucking move ―"

His lips parted and a loud gasp escaped, the first push of Shen Jiu's cock in him triggering a clenching pleasure between his legs. Luo Binghe jack-hammered off the bed, spine curving. He groaned and rocked back onto Shen Jiu's cock, taking him in all the way. Shen Jiu chuckled low in his throat, withdrew, then pressed back inside. Fed him his cock bit by torturous bit, hands caressing Luo Binghe's sides with his nails.

Spreading his thighs wider, Luo Binghe allowed his eyes to slide shut. Felt Shen Jiu drive deep in him, the swell of his belly brushing against the hard muscles of Luo Binghe’s abdomen with every thrust of Shen Jiu's hips into him. Once he was further along, Shen Jiu's stomach would press more insistently against him in this position, heavy with Luo Binghe's devil children. Twins. Shen Jiu was going to be unbearable.

What else was new.

Rocked on the waves of his pleasure, enjoying the in and out of Shen Jiu's cock grinding against his sweet spot, Luo Binghe drifted. He felt his mounting orgasm creeping in, toes curling, breath speeding up and heart galloping.

Before he could reach his climax, Shen Jiu drew to a halt.

His eyes snapped open. Nostrils flaring, a low, threatening growl emitting from deep in his chest.

Shen Jiu laughed, hands molding over the muscular curves of Luo Binghe's ass, nails digging in. "Yes?"

Luo Binghe lifted a lip, curled it into a snarl. “Shizun should be more merciful to his husband. Aren’t I pitiful? Won’t Shizun spare me a drop of his kindness?”

If he didn’t know rebelling would earn him a heavy punishment, he would turn Shen Jiu over and fuck him until he begged him to stop. Cry his pretty tears, rarer and more expensive than even the most precious pearls. Turn his poison into sweet honey, melt his serrated knives into pleas for more. Impaled on Luo Binghe’s cock so deep it drove him into incoherency.

Next time, perhaps.  

Pulling his lips back in a matching snarl, Shen Jiu met his burning red gaze as no other would ever dare. His slender hands gripped the back of Luo Binghe’s thighs and drew his lower body up, onto his lap. Heavy, muscular legs splayed open around Shen Jiu’s round hips, Shen Jiu driving hard into Luo Binghe. Fast, relentless, just as Luo Binghe liked ― then, with loud peals of laughter, screeched to a stop when Luo Binghe began to reach his peak again.

His orgasm sizzled, burning out on the edges of his body. The tight knot in his lower stomach loosened, unraveling into a lost thread.

Luo Binghe cursed, glaring up furiously at his tormentor. He had to force his hips not to push down and impale himself further, thighs trembling with the effort. He bit his lips to ribbons, choked on unsaid words. Chewed them viciously between his molars and swallowed them like the bitterest of medicines.

Shen Jiu smiled. He made Luo Binghe wait, keeping him on the tether edge of release, the occasional slow, languid push of his cock right against his prostate making Luo Binghe strain to stay obedient. His muscles tightened, bulked, sweat dripping down his chin.

One, two, three heartbeats. Luo Binghe releasing a long, shuddering breath, smothering the violent inferno waiting to erupt into a flickering flame.

“Good boy,” Shen Jiu said, a silken, sensual caress Luo Binghe felt over every surface of his body.

He melted.

Shen JIu leaned in to kiss the corner of Luo Binghe’s mouth, then shifted lower to drag his tongue up the length of Luo Binghe’s throat. His teeth pressed down with promise on the juncture of Luo Binghe’s neck, over his thundering pulse point. The same spot Shen Jiu carried Luo Binghe’s bondmark on his own neck.

Luo Binghe was a lord, sovereign over two realms. He commanded thousands and was feared by millions. His banner was known throughout every corner of the continent. He should balk at being treated like chattel, no better than livestock ― but Shen Jiu’s imperious tone and restless lust had his cock jumping eagerly.

“Luo Binghe.” Shen Jiu’s voice was a purr, strings pulling Luo Binghe along like a puppeteer.

“Husband,” and Luo Binghe shattered, pride forgotten and cast away.

He sobbed, writhing on Shen Jiu’s cock, begging to be touched and touch back. “Shizun, please. Please, please fuck me.”

Shen Jiu’s eyes were as dark as the pitch-black abyss he’d once thrown Luo Binghe down into. “Luo Binghe, Luo Binghe. Have you ever known me to be merciful?”



Chapter Text


Cold, heartless, a blade that cut both ways, and still the most beautiful flower in his garden. 

Luo Binghe endured his mockery, as he had endured his abuse and caustic words so many years ago. Back when Luo Binghe was helpless and weak, unable to retaliate. 

Tangling his fingers in Luo Binghe's hair, Shen Jiu placated him like he would a dog. Petting his head, brushing his hair, a gentle touch Luo Binghe would have welcomed under different circumstances. "You don't deserve my kindness."

It's not as if you have any to give, Luo Binghe thought viciously, bucking up against the languid push of Shen Jiu’s cock inside him. A playful tease, nowhere near enough to push Luo Binghe over the edge. 

He could push him off, force him on his back like a bitch to be bred. Rip his throat out and teach him the consequences of trampling over his pride. 

Luo Binghe could do many things, none of them kind. 

Shen Jiu didn't deserve his kindness.

Even so.

Stirring and magnetic, he riveted Luo Binghe's attention just by existing. 

Wretched, awful thing. Hollow, ugly husk. 

Love was raw, not pretty, visceral like blood.

Fuck him or kill him, Luo Binghe never knew how the day would end. 

"Stay still."

He went rigid at the first touch of Shen Jiu's hand back on his head, fingers threading in his hair, untangling the knots that formed over their past couplings. Luo Binghe watched him, muscles tensing, waiting for something that never came. 

Shen Jiu's hand eased off his hair to his shoulder. Touched Luo Binghe's jaw. Gentle.

When Luo Binghe looked at his face, Shen Jiu's eyes were full of things that confused him as well as tore his insides to shreds. 

Shen Jiu lowered his touch, turned his face away, giving Luo Binghe the side profile of his nose and stubbornly set lips. There was, oddly enough, an air of vulnerability to him. Something fragile about the slope of his shoulders, the fall of his lashes against his cheeks. 

"I'll give you this, unworthy as you are."

To his surprise, Shen Jiu moved away. Drew back, slipped out of him, leaving Luo Binghe empty and wanting. 

Bending down, Shen Jiu crawled on his hands and knees toward him, showing Luo Binghe the swaying crescents of his breasts. Firm and soft, the pink nipples capturing Luo Binghe's attention and making saliva pool in his mouth. 

Shen Jiu was a plague. The malady and the poison. 

And he, a fly blundering into the glistening strands of a spider's web.

Nevertheless, Luo Binghe let him do as he wished, the heat of Shen Jiu's gaze twining around him like the sticky strands of a web in truth. 

Rising on his knees, Shen Jiu hovered over Luo Binghe's waist, ass brushing delicately against the hard cock insistent and pressed up against him. 

He avoided Luo Binghe's lips, the tender intimacy of a kiss. Instead, he leaned down to press his cheek against Luo Binghe's. Wrapped his arms around Luo Binghe's neck, bringing him up to sit against the headboard with him seated on his lap. 

"I'll fuck you if you so wish," he whispered in his ear, a cajole as much as a threat. "Make you feel me."

Luo Binghe's hand went between them, spread Shen Jiu's thighs, the other hand going behind to palm his ass and press, pushing Shen Jiu down upon him. Driving into him rough and strong, making Shen Jiu's breath leave him in a little cry as Luo Binghe's thickness invaded him, sliding inside through the slick and seed he'd left there. Widening Shen Jiu's legs, clamping merciless fingers on the curve of his waist to bring him down more deeply on his cock. 

Did he know how it goaded him, the stubborn flare in his eyes? It only made Luo Binghe want him more. 

"Don't move. Don't touch me," Shen Jiu ordered, using the strength of his thighs and stomach, pumping himself slowly on Luo Binghe's length. Up and down. Stroke after stroke. Not permitting Luo Binghe to move so Shen Jiu could watch the response build in a hard quivering that jerked all the pleasing muscle of Luo Binghe's upper body and strong, firm thighs. 

"You're good for one thing, at least." Shen Jiu's voice had gone throaty, and Luo Binghe's cock grew harder inside him, so sloppy and wet, taking him easily. 

His gaze hindered on Shen Jiu's face, moving down his throat, lingering on the curves of his breasts, the nipples sharp points, licked and sucked to dark, swollen buds from Luo Binghe's amorous attentions. Down the slope of Shen Jiu's stomach to his pretty cock, hard and leaking. Finally, to the way his own cock fucked in and out of Shen Jiu’s stretched hole. Glistening with Shen Jiu's slick and Luo Binghe's old seed. 

"Let me touch you," he said, voice a low growl. Shen Jiu's silken walls rippled around him in response. Luo Binghe's jaw flexed. "Shizun, allow your husband to touch you."

"No," Shen Jiu responded lightly while hammering down his hips, riding him wild and free. His hands settled on Luo Binghe's shoulders, anchoring himself, digging red crescents. 

Luo Binghe's orgasm was rolling up, making his lower body rigid. Shen Jiu squeezed him hard, milking his cock with his inner muscles. Luo Binghe cursed, bucking up.

"You'll come for me," Shen Jiu said, somehow cold and distant even while his body was so hot and wet, impaled on Luo Binghe's cock. "At the same time I come. Or not at all."

Gods, the sensations were swamping him. Luo Binghe wanted so much more. But this was what he could have. 

What Shen Jiu allowed him to have.

Shen Jiu's lips parted around a sweet moan so he couldn't resist rising up and covering them with his own. Shen Jiu's nails sliced him anew as punishment, meeting him with a hard kiss, his tongue seeking his, hands now buried in Luo Binghe's hair. Tugging, gripping him as his lower body lifted and fell, increasing the power of the impact as they came together more rapidly. 

Shards of aching pleasure speared through Luo Binghe like a thousand arrows. His hands ached to cup Shen Jiu's ass, hold him. Move with him as Shen Jiu's hips rose and fell, driving Luo Binghe's cock impossibly deep within him. 

The climax was a brutal shove over the edge of an abyss. Emptiness yawned below but Luo Binghe took what it had to offer. He pulled Shen Jiu down with him, snarling in frustration as he let go, body shuddering, the physical response unbalancing. 

His semen jetted inside Shen Jiu, searing him, filling him up again. Shen Jiu pistoned his hips on him hard and fast now, drawing out Luo Binghe's climax as well as his own, gasping out his pleasure, the rippling spasms passing through tender flesh. 

Caught like a fish on a hook, yet not struggling to flee from the net.

Luo Binghe's chest rose and fell, gaze burning on Shen Jiu's. With the quirk of a satisfied smile, Shen Jiu withdrew from him, reaching down to ease himself off Luo Binghe's hard cock, still fully aroused. 

Luo Binghe thought of their fluids mingling together in his body, how if Shen Jiu weren't already pregnant, he would be after tonight. 

Shen Jiu turned his back on Luo Binghe, beginning to pull his robes up to cover his body. Moved towards the edge of the bed. Dismissing Luo Binghe from his rooms without a word, or a single glance, as if Luo Binghe were a common bedwarmer who should know his place. 

Damn him. Damn the emptiness in the pit of Luo Binghe’s belly even as his cock wept with a desire only sated physically. Damn himself for a fool. 

Luo Binghe lunged, caught Shen Jiu's wrist, turned him around. "Don't walk away from me," he threatened.

Shen Jiu could have resisted him, fought back. Luo Binghe would not hurt him while he carried their child. But when Luo Binghe banded his arm around his waist and brought his back up against his chest hard, pinching his face and tilting his head back for the kiss Shen Jiu denied him earlier, Shen Jiu didn't. 

Luo Binghe covered his lips with his own, licked the seam of Shen Jiu's mouth and stole inside. 

Shen Jiu's eyes stayed open, as did his, neither breaking away. 

The very real threat of violence dangled on the edge of a knife, precarious and dangerous. 

When at last they pulled apart, Shen Jiu continued to study Luo Binghe's face, pursuing his mouth. He allowed his head to fall back and rest against him, turning his face to the side. "You're still such a brat."

It was the closest to a peace offering as he would ever get. 

Lifting his head, Shen Jiu kept his intense gaze on Luo Binghe. It felt as if his eyes had the power to touch him like fingers, only deep below the skin. 

"Throwing a tantrum over something so small, as if you were never disciplined as a child," he said, reaching behind with his hands to run fingertips along the steel cords of Luo Binghe's shoulders. "If you weren't so stupidly big, I'd put you over my knee and teach you some well-needed manners."

His touch roused Luo Binghe again, placated the anger simmering like lava beneath muscle and sinew. 

It was foolish to lose control over broken pieces. Some things could never be mended. 

That hidden chamber of Shen Jiu's heart forever empty, populated with inanimate memories. Dusty cobwebs and broken promises, a ghost Luo Binghe could never touch. 

He had no need to.

He already populated the rest of Shen Jiu. 

Ruefully letting Luo Binghe rut against him, Shen Jiu sighed. Luo Binghe didn't need to see his face to know he'd rolled his eyes. "Dogs drool less. I'd be better off replacing you."

Nuzzling the back of his neck, Luo Binghe moved them back to the center of the bed. "Shizun neglected me when I was a boy. He should make amends and treat me better."

His cock had no sense at all when it came to this person, but Luo Binghe ruefully acknowledged no other part of him seemed to, either.

What's stronger than loyalty, Shen Jiu had asked, angry and hurt, when Luo Binghe stole him.

Luo Binghe hadn't had an answer for him then. He did now.

The heart. That's what.

He kissed his way down Shen Jiu's spine, slowly pushing him until Shen Jiu dipped forward on his knees. Luo Binghe spread kisses over his buttocks, thumb proving between, the heated entrance that unleashed so many powerful longings. 

Luo Binghe wound his hand in Shen Jiu's hair, that clever bondage he loved to tug and pull. Run through his fingers, dive deep to find the scalp and scratch soothing circles when they laid in bed together breathing each other's scent. 

Shen Jiu complied, gracefully spreading himself, butterflies quivering in his stomach remarkably at the tension on his hair like a restraint. He looked back at Luo Binghe alluringly over his shoulder, lashed dipped low, dark eyes devouring him. "I'll have to be that much more stern with you tomorrow to fix your behavioral issues."

"Shizun can do as he likes," Luo Binghe said, smiling triumphantly as the tip of him found Shen Jiu and slowly, slowly eased in. "This husband will happily accept any punishment."

Deeper, deeper, the hot channel slippery and loose with Luo Binghe's seed. The shape of him. Shen Jiu curved up, meeting him, a cry emerging from his lips as Luo Binghe filled him completely, down into places no one had ever or would ever reach. Empty until Luo Binghe conquered them. Filled them. Tightly. 

He didn't pin him; he dropped over Shen Jiu, mindful of Shen Jiu's stomach, body covering him. Hands placed on the outside of Shen Jiu's elbows, hard upper body pressed all along Shen Jiu's back and hips, thighs tucked in behind Shen Jiu's buttocks. It kept him seated so his heavy testicles pressed against the tender bottom of Shen Jiu's ass, rocking languidly into him. Luo Binghe's breath was hot on his neck at the top point of Shen Jiu's spine. Tumbling Shen Jiu's hair over his shoulder, Luo Binghe tangled it with his fingers, drawing him lower, shortening the binding he'd made. 

He touched his lips to the point of Shen Jiu's neck. "If Shizun asks it of me, I will comply with his every demand."

Now he kissed Shen Jiu's shoulder. "Anything Shizun wants."

Shen Jiu laughed, a short, unamused sound tinged with a thread of mockery. "And if I asked to leave?"

Luo Binghe tightened his grip on the fall of hair, pulling on Shen Jiu's scalp. His smile did not reflect in his eyes, cold black ice. "Shizun, we are married with a family. Do you still think of abandoning us?"

Back to the neck, so that Shen Jiu's breath clogged in his throat, teeth nipping at the delicate jugular. "You're mine."

The way he spoke it was a brand he placed on Shen Jiu's soul. 

"Don't ever forget that." 

He began to move, reclaiming conquered territory, hands settling on the flare of Shen Jiu's hips and dragging him backward. "You belong to me," Luo Binghe reminded him fiercely. "All of you, not just a piece." 

The rough lust in his voice made Shen Jiu wetter, a low cry slipping past the seal of his mouth. Luo Binghe's hand reached to cup one of his breasts, another cry, softer now, coming from Shen Jiu's throat at the provocative pull. Luo Binghe tugged at the nipple, pinched and rolled it between his fingers, made the bud puffy and drip milk down his wrist. Shen Jiu arched back for him, meeting Luo Binghe's thrusts. Slow, powerful movements of his hips that pressed Luo Binghe tight and deep within him. 

He turned his head, put his mouth below Luo Binghe's ear, his face into Luo Binghe's hair. "Greedy animal, you're never satisfied."

Satisfaction curled low in Luo Binghe's stomach, a coiling beast sheathing its claws and licking its rows of sharp teeth. He nuzzled Shen Jiu's hair. "Shizun should take responsibility and keep me well fed."

He kept his hold on his waist, keeping him still. Shen Jiu shuddered, took a nip of Luo Binghe's jaw as spasms rocked through his lower body. Luo Binghe pressed his face into Shen Jiu's hair, breathing him in. His scent was so strong, drowning Luo Binghe, the taste of his slick still on his tongue. 

Shen Jiu took that chance to tighten on him inside, knowing how to tease and seduce what he wanted from Luo Binghe, even if Luo Binghe tried to control all else. He rippled along Luo Binghe's length, and laughed at the breath Luo Binghe sucked in, a rattling growl. 

He did it again, and again, choosing his own pace, because Luo Binghe's own grip on him was easing as he began to move instinctively against Shen Jiu. Thrusting into Shen Jiu's body with the coaxing movements of Shen Jiu's slick muscles. Luo Binghe pounded against his walls, felt the wet squelch of his come being fucked out, excess dripping down Shen Jiu's glistening thighs and forming a puddle on the stained sheets. 

Moaning, Shen Jiu braced himself on one hand against the bed and reached around to thread his fingers in Luo Binghe's hair. Pulled him down to meet his lips in a savage kiss, teeth biting, blood bursting between their mouths. 

Luo Binghe answered by rocking harder into him, grinding against the bundle of nerves inside that made Shen Jiu wail. 

He laughed in short bursts when Shen Jiu took his bottom lip between his teeth in retaliation, chased the taste of iron back inside his mouth. He cupped the side of Shen Jiu's face, slender and small in his big hand, easing him off the kiss. 

"Shizun is so voracious. Think of the babies," he teased, thumb swiping over the bloom of red on the corner of Shen Jiu's mouth.

Shen Jiu's pink tongue laved the thumb, took it between his lips and sucked. Eyes challenging. "You'll just fuck more in me."

He wasn't wrong.

Filling him with his seed, watching him swell with his child, there were very few sights as satisfying as Shen Jiu round and heavy with pregnancy. 

It was easier to keep him when he was too big to run. 

"Ahhh," those soft sounds from him again, arching and gasping as Luo Binghe filled his tight channel. Luo Binghe increased the power of his strokes, desire rising. 

"Ngh, harder," Shen Jiu hissed, rocking back into him, pushing against him with his hips. 

Luo Binghe complied, turned his face back into Shen Jiu's hair, touching his mouth to the delicate arch of his throat and its pounding pulse. A sensuous groan broke free from Shen Jiu's lips, heralding his release. Luo Binghe hammered in roughly, rocking Shen Jiu's body with every motion, at the cusp of his own peak, a surge of triumph roaring over him. He took Shen Jiu with him, climaxing together, biting Shen Jiu's throat, opening the bond-mark. 

He would keep him here, forever, always hoping he would choose to stay and learn to love the Beast. 

Fairytales and daydreams. 

Coming back was always the gentlest part of their couplings. 

Luo Binghe drifted, heart pumping slow, erratic. He felt Shen Jiu with him, against him, around him, through the bond. Closing his eyes, he shuddered through the last currents of his orgasm, pulling free from the exquisite hold of Shen Jiu's body. The loud, wet squelch of it, the final tug against Shen Jiu's hold as his body tried to suck him back in like a hungry mouth, it all stirred Luo Binghe's appetite anew. 

Rising from elbows, Shen Jiu moved. For one agonizing movement, he was on all fours, knees wide enough to show Luo Binghe the puffy lip of his wrecked rim, dripping seed and slick down his white thighs. Turning on one hip, Shen Jiu stretched out, fanning his hair across his left shoulder as he lay down on his right side. When he flipped it back, it created a shining wave on the expanse of the pillow. 

"Still hungry?" His gaze lingered on Luo Binghe like a cat enjoying his dinner. "Wretched brat. Learn to curb your appetite."

Even with his body pleasantly sore and spent, the electrical reaction Luo Binghe had to him prodded his cock back to awareness. 

Unrepentant, Luo Binghe swept him up into the circle of his arms, laying down with Shen Jiu spread above him. Shen Jiu made low, content little sound, arching like a cat before settling in comfortably. He leaned up to lick at Luo Binghe’s lips, not quite a kiss, more of an animal claim, scenting Luo Binghe.

"Do you want me?" Shen Jiu whispered against his panting mouth, running his fingers over Luo Binghe's chest, down, down to his groin. Finding the thick length of him, clever fingers teasing him back to complete hardness. "Maybe I'll take you in my mouth. Down, down my throat, until I gag on you," he said, a sensual caress against Luo Binghe's face.  "Lick you clean, let you back inside me."

Luo Binghe stayed still, determined not to move until Shen Jiu bid him to do so, no matter how urgently he wanted to cosset him. Clean him up and take care of him, swathe him in new silks and jewels. Pillow his head on his lap, put Shen Jiu's hand on his head and let slender fingers play with his hair. 

His senseless cock twitched in Shen Jiu's hold, rearing for another round.

At that exact moment, several pairs of little footsteps pounded outside the doors of Shen Jiu's chambers, shrill little voices screaming loud enough to wake the dead. "Father?! You're here?!" and then, with as much fury as their little lungs could contain, which was very, as they were of Luo Binghe's ilk, after all, "Father, give mother back!"

Spawns one and two, no doubt dragging spawn number three from her crib along their midnight stroll to cockblock their sire. 

Luo Binghe groaned, head falling back into the pillows in defeat. "Why are they awake ... "

Shen Jiu's shoulders rocked with laughter. His usually cold eyes glimmered with rare delight. "Hungry. They take after their bastard father."

Luo Binghe rubbed his temples. Definitely not whining, he groused, "They are past weaning age."

Shen Jiu’s lips curved into a wide, merciless smile. He slapped Luo Binghe's misbehaving hands off his hips, easing off him far more gracefully than anyone who'd taken Luo Binghe's cock numerous times a night should rightfully manage. 

Shaking out his hair, Shen Jiu let his ruined robes drop to pool at his feet. Luo Binghe's eyes followed the motion, drinking in the sight of him. The swell of his breasts, the soft curve of his belly, legs long and straight, the white line of his swan-neck begging to be kissed and marked again. 

Cupping his breasts, Shen Jiu rubbed circles over the swollen nipples. Instead of the usual trickle, only a pitiful few drops ran down the soft curves.

Shen Jiu flashed Luo Binghe a victorious grin. Mock-pityingly, he said, "I'm all out of milk. If some gluttonous animal hadn't ravaged me, I could have fed them quickly and shut them up. Now, they won't settle down until they're done crying."

Bending down to pick up the outer robe of Luo Binghe's emperor garb, he threw the too big clothes over his shoulders. Hips swaying, he cinched the robes tight around his waist and came back to sit on the side of the bed.

Brushing Luo Binghe's hair back from his forehead, Shen Jiu kissed the crimson demon mark and leaned down to whisper in his ear,

"It's your turn to put them to bed, husband."