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Teachers Pet

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*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

 Alex groaned and rolled over bed, blindly reaching for the blaring alarm clock. Finding it, she turned it off and sat up, rubbing the grogginess out of her eyes Alex blinked them open. The morning light poured into the room through the partially closed blinds. Looking out her window Alex noticed a moving truck across the street, seems someone finally bought the house. Not giving it another thought, Alex got up and dressed, then headed to the bathroom to finish getting ready. After she’d finished getting ready and brushed her hair and her teeth Alex stepped out of the bathroom, and almost walked straight into her mother. 


 “It’s okay Alex” Eliza reassured. “Are you ready for school?”

 “Yeah. As ready as I can be I guess. Let’s go” Alex said, on her way her way out Alex grabbed her backpack, which she kept by the door. Swinging it over her shoulder, Alex closed the door behind her and made her way to the car. Looking across the street she seen a tall, stunning blonde woman wave at her, guessing it was the new neighbor Alex shyly waved back. The woman smiled at her and Alex’s insides felt weird, and warm. Alex shyly smiled back before getting in the car. Alex discreetly looked at her as they drove by. Who was she? 

 “She seems nice” Eliza remarked, obviously referring to the new neighbor.

 “Yeah” Alex agreed. She turned her head slightly to look back at her, and seen her getting in a car. “She does”

 Arriving at school filled Alex with a sudden mix of anxiety and dread, as it always did. She mentally sighed, One more year... Exiting the car Alex slowly made her way through the small crowd of people leading up to the front doors. Opening them, Alex sighed and walked inside. Looking around the school revealed nothing about it had really changed, as was to be expected. Alex apprehensively made her way to her first class, which was on the other side of the building of course. Arriving outside the door just as the bell rang Alex was greeted by a dark haired woman who identified herself as Ms. Smythe, the physics teacher. Alex had seen her around the school here and there before but never actually knew her name, though she had heard several people talk about her before, and they had some very interesting things to say about her...

 Alex followed everyone else in and took the farthest empty seat. Alex had never been very a social person and there was no reason to start being one now. Ms. Smythe started droning on about expectations and class rules and blah, blah, blah. Alex turned it out as best she could. Her mind was wandering, still wanting to drift back to earlier, to that woman. And to other things.

 Alex had known she was gay since she was fourteen, after developing an unhealthy crush on her babysitter, and ever since then she hadn’t really explored her sexuality, plus whereas there’d been a few girls Alex was interested in, none of them were interested in girls. So Alex had literally no experience to speak of, and yet the things she was thinking of doing with her hot new neighbor would lead one to suspect otherwise. 

 “Alex?” Me. Smythe called. Alex snapped out of her rather pleasant daydream. 

 “Yes?” She asked. 

 “We’re doing introductions?” Ms. Smythe said, looking mildly confused.

 “Oh, right, sorry. I’m Alex” 

 “And what’re somethings you like to do?” Ms. Smythe prompted.

 “Oh. Um, I really like surfing. And reading I guess”

 “And do you have a favorite color?” Alex mentally groaned, this was ridiculous, they were seniors, why’d they have to do this stupid introduction crap every year?

 “I dunno, black...or maybe red” Alex shrugged.

 “Alright thank you, Alex. Next, how about, you..?”

 Alex looked out the window to her right and started daydreaming about her neighbor again, before she knew it the bell was ringing and it was time to go to her next class. Alex pulled out a folded up paper, her schedule, and looked it over, next was precalculus then P.E, then the first (A) lunch, then English, followed by AP history then she had Computer Science. Alex slumped her shoulders and reluctantly made her way to her next class. After that had come and gone uneventfully Alex headed for P.E next. On her way here she stopped by her locker and put away her books, she wouldn’t need them for P.E, she kept her backpack with her as it contained her gym clothes. Alex noticed she’d arrived a little earlier than everyone else, the next thing she noticed as she entered the gym hallway made her stop dead in her tracks. There she was! Her neighbor! Was she the..?

 “Oh, hi! I’m Kara, er, Ms. Zorel” (She pronounces it like, Zuhrel) “I seen you earlier! I guess were neighbors too huh? I’m the new PT teacher! It’s a pleasure to meet you!” She extended her hand.

 Alex took and shook it. “I’m uh Alex, it’s um, nice to meet you too” She was desperately trying to be so transparent, clearing her throat she said. “So, um, you’re my hot new neighbor huh?” Alex’s cheeks flushed and her eyes went wide in horror as she realized what she’d just said. 

 “Yep! That’s me” Kara replied with a smile, she either didn’t hear Alex or was just ignoring it, either way was fine for Alex. Suddenly the bell rang, meaning that class had started. Kara opened up the door to the locker room, and Alex and the rest of the students who were now starting to show up, followed her inside. Kara walked into her office, which sat adjacent to the locker room, and sat down at her desk, after flipping through a few papers that were on her desk, Kara looked out of the windows to her left. What a view. A bunch of half-naked girls bending over and taking off and putting on clothes. Kara had to guess some of the girls were jailbait, but there was nothing wrong with just looking right? Right...

 Looking around some more she seen her, the cute girl who lived across the street. The one who had awkwardly hit on her earlier, Kara smiled at the memory of how nervous she had seemed. She was currently bending over to take off her pants, giving Kara a rather nice look at her rather pretty panties. What was her name again? Alex, that was her name, and Kara had to say Alex definitely had some nice ass-ets. Looking away before she could get herself into trouble Kara turned her attention to an important looking binder labeled ‘instructions’.  A few minutes later and Kara was leading the girls from the locker room and into the gym. 

 “Okay, ladies! My name is Ms. Zorel, I’m the new gym teacher! I look forward to getting to know all of you throughout the year. Before we get started let’s go over some rules and expectations. You’re all seniors, so I would hope you all already understand to not misuse gym equipment. Also don’t mistreat your fellow students, we’re all here to learn after all. You must have proper gym clothes and shoes everyday, now I know it might be a little embarrassing to have to undress in front of everyone but we’re all girls here right?”

 “Good thing Ms. Smythe isn’t the gym teacher then...” A group of girls nearer to the back started snickering. 

 “And NO interrupting me while I am talking!” Kara said. She had her hands firmly in her hips and was glaring at the group of girls. Kara made a mental note about Ms. Smythe. 

 “Sorry Ms. Zorel...” One of them said.

 “That’s better. And finally, everyone who’s able to will participate or you’ll get marked down for the day. I don’t care if you play basketball or something else or if you just walk or run around the gym, but you will be doing something physical. Understood?” 

 “Yes ma’am” Answered several voices. 

 “Good, I’ll go get some things out of the supply closet and you can begin” 


 After school had ended Kara decided to pay a visit to Ms. Smythe. Throughout she’d kept hearing about her, and Kara’s interest (and something else too) was definitely piqued. Walking up to the classroom door Kara knocked and waited. A moment later and the door opened. Well hello. Kara thought. The rumors and descriptions she’d heard didn’t do Ms. Smythe justice. 

 “Hello?” Ms. Smythe asked. 

 Kara smiled brightly. “Hello, I’m Kara. The new PT teacher, and are-“

 “Siobhan” She said, holding her hand out.

 “I was going to say beautiful” Kara smirked. She took Siobhans hand Andy ran her thumb across it. Looking up from their hands and into Siobhan’s eyes. Closing the small distance between them Kara lightly pushed Siobhan backwards. “You know I heard a little rumor about you today” Kara was playfully ‘walking’ her fingers up and down Siobhan’s chest and shoulder. 

 “Oh? and what would that be?” Siobhan asked, grinning.

 “Well a bunch of the girls today kept going about how Ms. Smythe ” Kara leaned in close to hear to whisper. “Was. A. lesbian” Kara slyly placed her hand over Siobhan’s pussy. Through the fabric Kara felt how wet she already was. “Oooh, excited are we?” Kara teased. Siobhan bit her lip and nodded. “Is this what you want?” Kara asked, rubbing her pussy through her jeans.

 “Yes!” Siobhan whispered. 

 Kara stopped rubbing. “Then close the door”

 Siobhan did as she was told. “Good girl. Now get on your knees” Again, Siobhan did as she was told. Kara slid off her pants and panties, revealing her hard cock. “Suck it” Siobhan gripped Kara’s cock by the base and slowly started licking the tip. Kara grabbed a handful of Siobhan’s pretty, dark hair and shoved her cock in her mouth. “I said suck, not lick” Kara then started thrusting into her mouth repeatedly, causing Siobhan to gag, which only added to Kara’s pleasure. “Such a pretty face I get to fuck” Kara laughed. She started thrusting faster. “Wouldn’t you agree?” Siobhan tried to answer but her words came out as garbled gagging sounds. “Thought so” Kara grinned. She swaps starting to feel close. “I’m gonna cum soon Siobhan, you don’t want to make a mess of that pretty face of yours do you? If so, be a good girl, and swallow it” Kara forced Siobhan’s face forward, shoving her cock as far into her throat as she could before cumming down it. Kara let go of Siobhan’s head. “Good job” 

 Siobhan wiped away a bit of cum that was dribbling down her chin. “Thank you...” 

 “Your turn” Kara said, she licked Siobhan up and shoved her over her desk. Kara pulled down her pants and panties and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy. Kara slipped two fingers inside and started fucking her with them. Before too long Siobhan’s legs started shaking, she was soo close. Kara stopped fingerfucking her and dropped down to her knees, she grabbed Siobhan's ass and spread her cheeks and pussy lips, then started licking her exposed hole. Next she dipped her tongue inside and darted it in and out. 

 “Oh fuck!l Siobhan cried out as Kara made her cum. “Fuh...” Siobhan collapsed against her desk. Kara giggled and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. “You taste delicious, Ms. Smythe” Kara smacked her ass. “This was fun” She said, she pulled out a folded up piece of paper from her shirt pocket and left it on the desk next to Siobhan. “If you want to have some more, meet me at my place after school tomorrow” Then Kara got dressed and left. Siobhan gathered up her clothes and got dressed. Woah. Was all she could manage to think. 


 The next day

 Alex was walking home from school, as she did everyday, she was almost home when she thought she heard someone screaming. Instead of walking across the street to her house Alex kept walking forward. Now just outside Kara’s house she could hear the screaming more clearly. “OH FUCK YESSS!” Intrigued Alex looked through the nearest window. O. My. God! Was that? Ms. Smythe? And Kara? We’re they..? Yeah they were definitely fucking. Me. Smythe wasn’t on all fours, screaming in pleasure, and Kara was pounding her from behind. Hard. Alex felt a heat rich between her legs. She tried to look away but couldn’t. She couldn’t take her eyes off of them, and soon she was dreaming of being there. Getting fucked by Kara just like that. Before she fully knew what she was doing Alex’s hands raced in between her thighs and she started rubbing. Realizing she was now basically masturbating Alex snapped back to reality. “GOD YES KARA” Siobhan screamed. “CUM IN MEEEE!” And that was Alex’s queue to leave. Turning around she ran across the street Andy quickly shut herself in her room. Why did she feel like this? Fuck! She needed to get off...

 Laying down in her bed Alex’s kicked her pants off and slid her panties to the side. She sucked in her fingers before sliding them inside of herself. Fuck! That felt good. Really good. Alex started pumping her fingers and closed her eyes. Letting her mind wander back to her earlier daydream of Kara fucking her. Fucking her instead of Ms. Smythe. Alex felt a twinge of jealousy rise up in her chest. She dreamt of screaming Kara’s name, of Kara cumming inside of her, filling up her, then she kept fucking her anyway, cumming again and again, drowning Alex’s womb. Alex had to bite her hand to stop from crying out as she came. She squirted out several times, covering her sheets and part of the floor in cum. “Fuck” Alex breathed out. After cleaning up Alex laid back down in her now sheet-less bed. She was still thinking about Kara, and the things she wanted Kara to do to her. Feeling very horny again Alex decided to masturbate one more time. Sucking on her fingers and then slipping them in she tried her best to imagine they were Kara’s thick cock, that it was Kara that was fucking her right now, giving her what she needed. “God yesss, Kara!” Alex came surprisingly quickly this time but not surprisingly, she squirted quite a lot again. After calming down from her post-orgasm high and cleaning up, again, Alex started thinking about Kara again. Though this time she was trying to figure out how to get Kara to fuck her, to give her what she needed. 

 The following morning

 Alex woke up a little earlier than she usually did, she wanted to properly plan an outfit, as well as a few other things. Deciding on mini skirt, matching top and some white lace panties, Alex got dressed and looked at herself in the mirror. Alex didn’t usually wear makeup, but today she was decided going to make an exception, after all she wanted to impress Kara. Just the thought of Kara made Alex’s insides feel warm and tingly. Outside her door Alex could hear the sounds of movement, meaning her parents were awake. Alex spent the rest of the time she had before it was time to leave finishing getting ready for school. After a short car ride Alex had arrived at school. For once she didn’t dread being here, she was actually excited. Excited to show off to Kara. 

 Alex’s first hour passed by quickly and uneventfully, though she did feel a bit awkward after  having seen Ms. Smythe getting fucked by Kara yesterday. It just occurred to Alex that the rumors she’d heard about her were true. Turns out Ms. Smythe was gay after all. And so was Kara. After class Alex headed straight for the gym, she’d put her books up before going to first hour so she wouldn’t have to stop on the way there. Upon entering the hallway that lead to the locker room she seen her. Kara. Alex instantly felt very hot. Kara turned at smiled at her. And suddenly now Alex also felt very wet. 

 “Hi Alex” She called.

 “Hi Kara...” Alex’s voice came out soft and breathy. 

 “You okay?” Kara asked.

 “Yeah” Alex answered and nodded. She swallowed dryly.

 “Okay...” Kara stared at her a moment longer before brushing it off. “Well since you’re a little early I guess I could just let you in the locker room, I’ll leave the door open for the others”

 "Okay, thanks" Alex followed Kara inside, Kara went into her office and Alex walked to an empty set oflockers in the corner, away from any potential prying eyes, even if they locker room were full, and it was in perfect sight range of the office windows. Once she was sure Kara as looking towards her Alex provocatively bent over as she pulled down her mini skirt, making sure to give Kara a nice view. Taking a glance at her Alex seen Kara was staring at her ass. Alex’s insides felt warm again, and she was starting to feel wet. Alex could feel the heat from Kara’s gaze, and it just kept making her wetter and wetter, Alex could feel it soak through her panties. She hoped Kara could see how wet she was for her.

 Even from where she was sitting Kara could clearly see how wet Alex was, and having been bent over this long meant she was obviously showing off to her. Kara felt her cock twitch as Alex started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Just as Kara (and Alex too) felt like she was going to explode Alex stopped and pulled on her gym clothes. Turning around she winked at Kara, who’s heart was currently pounding away in her chest. If the door to the locker room had been closed Kara probably would've fucked Alex then and there. She clearly wanted it, clearly wanted Kara. From the awkward flirting the other day to this, Kara was sure of it. She was sure of something else too, Alex was definitely an Omega, and she definitely wanted Kara because she was an Alpha, if she didn’t know that was why quite yet. Watching Alex as she walked Kara thought more and more about fucking her. Alex bent over again, seemed she dropped something. On accident, Kara was sure. You little minx. Kara thought. It’s too bad you’re my student little Omega, really it is, or I’d fuck your brains out.  Kara looked away from Alex as she she noticed the rest of the class starting to show up. 

 The rest of the hour Alex continued to show off to and tease Kara. Which Kara found very frustrating, she wasn’t used to having to restrain herself so much. And Alex was definitely not making it easy for her. It seemed every five minutes Alex was doing something risqué just out of everyone else’s sight. Goddamnit! You little fucking tease. Just wait until I...No, Kara. She’s your student. You’re her teacher, plus your twice her age, that’d be wrong on so many levels. Just try to look away and ignore her.

 Kara tried her best to ignore Alex’s advances over the next few days but they got more and more desperate. Alex really, really, really wanted Kara’s attention. Causing her to resort to more and more extreme measures. Shorter skirts, skimpier panties, more and more "accidents" All of this left Kara feeling very pent up, so she decided to take it out on someone. Walking into Siobhan’s class Kara immediately grabbed her and started kissing her. Shoving her onto her desk Kara growled. “You. Me. My house. Now”

 “Yes Ma’am...” Siobhan replied breathlessly. She stood up and followed Kara, who was dragging her by her sleeve. 

 Back at Kara’s house, her and Siobhan were going at it, roughly. Siobhan was face down in Kara’s pillows while Kara fucked her from behind as hard as she could. Closing her eyes from the pleasure, Kara started picturing she was fucking Alex. Fucking Alex’s sweet, tight little pussy. Pictured it was Alex screaming her name, that it was Alex crying out in ecstasy. All of her incessant teasing and showing off was driving Kara mad.

 The other day she’d “accidentally” pulled her panties down with her pants, offering Kara a great view of her pussy. Then Alex had grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide, showing off another hole of Alex’s that Kara couldn’t stop thinking about. Alex had a wonderful ass and Kara desperately wanted to fuck it. Desperately wanted to fuck Alex. She was beginning to b a bit too much for Kara, and she didn’t know how much longer she could take it before letting go. Pulling her cock out of Siobhan’s pussy she slammed it into her asshole. “Oh FUCK! Kara!” Kara ignored her and stared thrusting her hips as fast as she could. Closing her eyes she again she imagined it was Alex’s tight ass she was ruining. Remembering how Alex had recently exposed herself to her, Kara came hard inside of Siobhan’s ass, crying out Alex’s name as she did. 

 “Alex? Who, who's Alex?” Siobhan asked, breathing heavily.

 “I...she um...”

 “Is she like an ex or something?” 

 “No. She, she’s um...she” Kara wanted to say so many things. Great. Beautiful. Sexy. Perfect. “She uh, she’s no one Siobhan just...”

 “Someone you can’t stop thinking about? I get it Kara, I think I see what’s happening here”

 No, you really don’t. She thought. Siobhan stood up and quickly got re-dressed. “Siobhan wait...”

 “It’s okay Kara. Really, I get it”

 “I like you Siobhan it’s, its just...”

 “Not what you feel for someone else” Siobhan smiled. “I hope it works out with this Alex of yours Kara. Goodbye” And with that she left. Kara sat down heavily on her bed and under her temples. Alex was turning out to be headache. The little minx teases her all day, flirts with her, has all but said “Please fuck me!” And now she’d just inadvertently split up her and Siobhan’s...whatever this was. 

 Well, I guess what’s done is done. Kara sighed. She thought about Alex again. It was painfully clear Alex wanted her. It was also clear that she wanted Alex. Kara sighed again. Oh, this was...Kara couldn’t quite describe it. Messy? Confusing? Both? She knew her and Alex couldn’t do anything, it wouldn’t be right. She was her student, and Kara was her teacher. As much as she wanted to fuck her, to ravage her, to punish her for being such a goddamn tease, she couldn’t.

 Kara recalled the way Alex grinned as she pulled her panties down, and they way she teased herself. She remembered the way Alex looked at her every time she seen her. How she looked her up and down with those hungry, pleading eyes that screamed "Fuck me!" How badly she wanted to and how hard Alex made her...

 Kara groaned in frustration and dropped her head in her hands. Goddamnit! She had no clue about what the hell she was going to do with that girl...