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My Body, Your Temple

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  Keith trembled, cold air meeting his skin as he woke from a very uncomfortable sleep. His eyes glanced around the unfamiliar room, feeling hot tears stream down his cheeks because of a searing pain along the ride side of his face. Oh, yeah. Keith thought, sitting up with only a bit of struggle. The fight with Shiro, at the facility, and the clones -

Heavy footfalls sounded from another room, the sound of a closing door. Keith cringed a bit and pulled the thin blanket covering him, up to his shoulders; a very bad attempt at keeping some of his dignity when about to meet whoever brought him here. Once he’d determined if this person was friend or foe, he’d take the correct form of action, then find Shiro. The alpha wasn’t in the room with him, but chances were he was somewhere close by… hopefully. Keith wouldn’t have let Shiro die there, not after everything they’d been through together.

The footsteps got louder, heavier, before the door to the bedroom swung open. Keith’s eyes widened as he saw Shiro, standing stone-faced with a single plastic bag in his hand. “Keith, you’re awake.” Now smiling, the alpha walked over to the omega’s bedside and kneeled down on the mattress. “The healing pods on this planet work slow. Once you weren’t in critical condition anymore, I just brought you here to rest. You’ve been out for weeks.”

“What,” Keith gasped, touching the scar on his jaw. He felt a phantom pain, similarly searing to what he felt when waking up, but after a moment it faded completely. “Shiro, where are we? What happened?”

“We fell.” Shiro started. “We fell really far. We’re okay now, though. The people of this planet are letting us stay here as long as we like.” His voice was soft and soothing, flesh hand covering Keith’s that rested on his cheek.

Not wanting to overthink too much so soon, Keith nodded and accepted Shiro’s words for now. “I’m so glad you’re okay.” Keith whispered as his eyes analyzed Shiro’s whole face, noticing how the top of his hair had grown out just a bit; enough to tie into a very small ponytail. The sides and back of his head looked freshly shaven, however. His white bangs were pushed back, his right arm -

Keith jerked back at the sight of Shiro’s right arm. Mechanical, black and sleek, with a pulsing violet light between the pieces of metal. “What is that?” He asked, anxiety filling his stomach. “It looks -”

“It isn’t Galran.” Shiro said, cutting the omega off. He lifted the new robotic hand up, flexing the fingers and waving it around. It moved just as smoothly, made a soft whirring noise as Shiro moved each individual finger. “The same people who let us use a healing pod made it for me. I was able to use the built-in translator in my suit to talk to them, let them know about our situation.”

Nodding slowly, Keith bit his lip and stared Shiro in the eyes. The was the faintest trace of a purple glow there, in his pupils. “You aren’t… Kuron, are you?”

Silent, for just a moment, Shiro frowned. “I stopped being Kuron when you cut off that Galran arm, Keith. I’m me. I’m Shiro. Your Shiro, okay?” The alpha stressed it, gently grabbing hold of Keith’s shoulders. “I want you to get some food in you, okay? Take a bath or something. We can relax here, Keith.” He smiled. “We’re safe here.”

There was a creeping drip of Alpha Voice in Shiro’s words, enough that placed a pull in Keith’s mind to do what he was told, to obey the alpha’s command. “O-okay.” He replied, voice soft as his eyes slowly closed. “I… I’m just so happy you’re okay, Shiro.” Opening his eyes again, the omega caught that faint glow in Shiro’s eyes again. It was almost… sort of mesmerizing. “I know I just said that, but…” Laughing, Keith took Shiro’s hands and allowed the alpha to pull him off the bed and to his feet.

“I’m glad we’re okay, Keith. I’m, I’m sorry about… this.” Shiro ran a finger over the ridge of the scar on Keith’s jaw. Clenching his jaw, Shiro exhaled through his nose. “You poor thing… I can’t believe I did this to you.”

The purr that came from Keith’s chest was soft, and he swore to himself that it was purely accidental. “Don’t be sorry. You didn’t do it, it was Kuron.” Keith smiled. “You’re okay. You’re back, as Shiro. Haggar can’t hurt you anymore.”

“It was all thanks to you, Keith.” Shiro said. “We wouldn’t have gotten out of there if you hadn’t done what you did. I owe you my life, Keith.” 

There was a tone, something different from Shiro’s normal cadence as he spoke. Keith didn’t care. He was too busy staring into beautiful brown eyes that kept flashing a purple light, something so enchanting and pretty. Keith melted into Shiro’s words, let strong hands mold his body closer to Shiro’s chest, welcomed the kiss and the tongue that followed.

Keith opened his eyes again, and he was sitting in a warm bubble bath. He glanced around in  confusion, splashing water a bit out of the side of the tub. “How the fuck…” He didn’t even remember drawing a bath. He remembered kissing Shiro, finally, after so many years of yearning for it. It almost felt like he dreamed it all up, like none of it actually had happened.

He took a moment to scrub his skin, washing the sweat and grime from his body and hair. Keith had an underlying feeling of dread to go along with his confusion, but mentally he was still in fighter mode, so he rationalized his feelings with that in mind. How could he be so anxious when Shiro was alive and well? Keith was taken care of and kept safe for several weeks by Shiro, he owed the alpha so much more than a simple “thank you”.

After finishing his bath, Keith stood and drained the water. The bathroom was small, but not cramped. The only thing worth noting was the lightswitch; it was a flat panel that Keith could use to control the level of light depending on how high or low he swiped up. It was pretty neat, Keith thought to himself as he dried off and pulled on a pair of shorts that were laying on the counter top. No shirt it seemed, but the omega didn’t really care that much.

Keith stepped out into the main room of this little house. One large living room that directly connected into a kitchen, walls painted a muted purple-grey and the floor a black wood. It felt homey, but still had that general feeling of strangeness. He saw Shiro sitting on the couch, dressed in something more casual than the Paladin suit he had on earlier. Tight black pants, tighter black shirt, and an open sweater over his shoulders. Playing quietly in front of him was a thin television-like monitor, where an alien was speaking in a language that Keith couldn’t understand.

“Having fun?” The omega asked, walking around the side of the couch to sit down beside Shiro. “It looks like you really settled in here while I was out.” Keith glanced to the man beside him, before looking towards the TV. “What happened to -”

“Everyone is fine.” Shiro interrupted, already knowing where Keith was going. “The war is over. It ended while you were in the healing pod, when we got to this planet.” He said. “I was able to get in contact with the others, too. They’re all on Earth, safe and sound.”

Keith narrowed his eyes, frowning a little. “They didn’t think to check in on us first?” He grumbled, arms crossing over his bare chest.

“They didn’t know we were even alive, Keith.” Shiro said. “For all they knew, I… killed you. Or you killed me, and didn’t make it back in time. There’s a lot of different things that could have happened to us at that facility.” The alpha’s voice got soft then, and placed his flesh hand over Keith’s. “Black is gone. Allura rallied the lions together and… it’s all very complicated. All the lions are gone now. It was either them, or her. She’s fine, she’s with everyone else taking care of Earth.”

Now, that was jarring for Keith to hear. Black was gone? Red was gone? Everyone lost their lions, the beings that they had grown so close to… Keith would have cried if he wasn’t sitting in front of Shiro, trying to process everything else. “I… I’m glad Allura made that sacrifice, instead of giving herself up for whatever cosmic entity wanted to take her.” Keith said. “I… wish I had gotten to see Black and Red one more time.”

“I know, Keith.” Shiro whispered. “It was hard watching Black go.”

Slowly, Keith brought his knees up and he hugged them closely to his chest. “I wish I could have done more. They all had to fight without us to help them. We just… I feel like we abandoned them.” The omega pressed his forehead into his knees, sighing shakily as he did so.

“We didn’t abandon them. They understand.” Shiro said, voice raising enough to put out some level of confidence and reassurance. “We both weren’t in a position to fight. Recovery was priority. Wounded soldiers don’t win the war, Keith.”

Deep down, Keith knew that Shiro was right. That didn’t make his guilt go away, though. “I hope they’re all doing well back home.”

“They are.” Shiro smiled, flesh hand pulling the omega to lean against him. “The Blades have been helping too. They’re not alone, we’ve got so many allies.” Once Keith uncurled from the ball he made of himself, the alpha used the tips of his metal fingers to tilt Keith’s head up, looking straight into his eyes. “You don’t have to worry so much anymore, darling.”

Keith hitched a breath at the term of endearment, then relaxed at the sight of that purple glow in Shiro’s irises. “Since when am I your darling?” He giggled, absentmindedly leaning closer to the alpha.

“Since right now.” Shiro purred, finally closing the distance for another kiss. After pulling away, Keith was smiling widely. “Well, maybe technically since you told me you loved me during the fight. You have no idea what your words meant to me, Keith.”

“I wasn’t going to let either of us die without saying it.” Keith whined, throwing a leg over Shiro’s lap. “I love you, Shiro.” Holding the alpha’s face in both hands, he felt himself fall into glowing eyes. “I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you, Takashi Shirogane.” Cool metal slid down the omega’s lower back, past the waistband of his shorts and down deeper. “I’ll tell you how much I love you as many times as it takes for you to understand.”

“I understand.” Shiro gasped, circling a metal finger around Keith’s asshole. “I understood before you ever told me. I knew you always loved me, Keith.” Slick beaded from the omega’s hole, allowing the tip of Shiro’s finger to dip inside. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to give anything back until it was almost too late.”

Keith felt a soft buzz in his body, eyes never breaking contact. “You never needed to give me anything in return.” He moaned, hips canting back onto that cool finger. “You being alive was always enough for me. As long as I knew you were safe and happy, that’s all - ah!” Violet eyes snapped open wide, finally breaking contact with Shiro’s as he turned to glance over his shoulder. “S-so deep… you almost had it.” 

Shiro’s finger had slid down to the knuckle already, prodding slow and in a lazy motion as Keith was speaking. “A little teasing never hurt.” He smirked, pulling his finger out to the tip before pushing in a second alongside it. “So warm and tight, darling.” The alpha commented. “Am I going to be your first?”

Deep red creeped all up Keith’s face, even reached down to his shoulders. “I never wanted anyone else.” He said. “I always knew it was you. I was fine with waiting, forever if that was the case.”

“Forever is a long time to go without a cock inside you, baby.” Shiro flashed a wolfish grin, and got the omega’s eyes locked in with his once again. “You always struck me as the type to buy big toys and pretend they were me. Or find big men and moan out my name.” 

“... it, was a thought I had, once…” Keith pouted, rocking his ass back on now three metallic fingers. “I usually just used my own fingers. Always imagined you -”

“Doing this?” Shiro cut Keith off, making the omega in his lap moan so loudly just by pressing against his prostate, massaging that sensitive gland before teasingly moving back to his lazy strokes. “Oh yeah, baby. I can see you milking your prostate while thinking of me.”

Moaning still, Keith shivered from the sensation but never broke eye contact. “I didn’t think my first time with you would be so, so…” Another moan cause Keith to drop his jaw, eyes widening for a moment again. “Haa… s-so… intense.”

“Oh, sweetheart.” Shiro laughed, pressing a fourth finger in as Keith only became looser, slicking so much that the back of his shorts were dampening. “This isn’t intense yet. I give you that, though, if you want me to.” The alpha pulled all four fingers out, yanked Keith’s shorts off and threw them across the room before laying Keith out on his stomach, right beside him on the couch.

“Shiro -”

“Quiet.” The alpha growled, turning to spread that wet asshole with his thumbs. “Let me tell you something, Keith… this?” Shiro spit inside that hole, before using his flesh hand to slap it hard. “It belongs to me. Got it, baby?”

Fuck yes, it’s all yours.” Keith whined, propping himself up on his elbows. “Slap it again, Daddy.”

Ask requested, Shiro laid another slap on that hole, almost brutally hard. He grinned, seeing it redded and twitch from the impact. “Daddy, yeah. I’m your fucking Daddy, baby boy. Mmm, such a juicy omega cunt.”

Keith almost screamed when he felt Shiro’s tongue lap over his aching asshole. His cock twitched between his legs, pre pearling at the head. “Fuck…!” He whimpered when teeth grazed around his hole, suckling on the loosened, slick rim. “Daddy, Shiro, please put it in, please…!”

“Put what in, baby?” Shiro dug the nails of his flesh hand into Keith’s plump ass cheek, before spanking it hard. “My fingers? Tongue? Cock?” He growled something ferocious when the omega whined and moaned at the mention. “How about my fist, darling? Can you take Daddy’s fist up your little whore cunt?”

“Yes!” Keith yelled, crying out loudly with need, desire. “I can take it! I want all of it inside me, Shiro!” He received a hard, hard spank on his other ass cheek, from the alpha’s metal hand. “Daddy please just give me something, anything!” 

“Shh…” Shiro cooed, kissing over the red hand prints on Keith’s rear, then moving back to kiss and lick at the omega’s entrance. “I got you, baby. Gonna give it to you so good.”

Panting, Keith’s arms gave out and he collapsed onto his face, whining into the couch cushions. “I want you so badly.” 

“Oh, sweet thing.” He chuckled before dipping his tongue back inside wet, warm heat. Shiro explored that virgin hole with his tongue, moaning loudly as he greedily drank up every drop of slick on his tongue. Shiro’s human hand slowly stroked Keith’s dick, encasing it almost entirely. “I’ll let you have my cock soon, Keith. Pretty boy, so good for me.”

The change in Shiro’s tone and words were drastic, but Keith didn’t care. His body was hot and on fire, and he needed this now. His hips fucked into Shiro’s hand, but still had the constant pressure of the alpha’s mouth on his hole. It was magical, a cocktail of everything Keith could have ever wanted and so, so much more. 

Shiro’s tongue slowly pulled out from Keith’s asshole, and he kissed down the omega’s perineum, then between that small, smooth ball sack. “So beautiful, darling.” Shiro cooed, sucking one ball into his mouth before moving to the other. He released it with a wet slurp, then directed Keith’s aching dick back to suck on the head from behind. 

“Holy Christ.” Keith shivered, legs quaking as he came over the alpha’s tongue. “Fuck, oh my God, Shiro…!” He moaned, screaming into the couch cushion as his eyes nearly rolled back into his head. Tears from the overstimulation poured down his cheeks, cock still somehow hard between Shiro’s lips.

Releasing that too, Shiro pressed his lips back against Keith’s asshole, using both hands to spread that relaxed hole and spit his own cum inside. “I’m going to fuck you, and I’m not stopping until I’ve had my fill of your cunt.” He stated, voice loud. “You’re doing so well, baby.”

The way Keith cried was almost pitiful. This was all he wanted. There was fear and excitement that came with the sound of Shiro unzipping his pants, and with the feeling of hot and heavy alpharesting between his cheeks, so thick and long that the omega wasn’t sure he could take it all. “I’m good, your good boy, I’ll take it!” Nevertheless, determination was on Keith’s side. 

Shucking off his sweater and shirt, Shiro smiled as he listened to the wet slaps that came when he tapped the head of his monster cock against Keith’s asshole. “Good boy, Keith. Daddy’s good boy.” He slowly thrusted between those round cheeks, before finally managing to push the head inside. “You’ll take it all. We won’t stop until you take it all, until you can feel it in your stomach.”

“It feels like it’s already in my stomach.” Keith’s voice was muffled a bit by the couch, but that didn’t stop his pleased yells once more than just the tip pushed inside. “Y-you’re gonna break it, Sh-shiiiiiit…”

“Have to get you used to me somehow, hm?” Shiro kept pushing, only occasionally pulling back when Keith felt actual pain. “I’ve got you, baby. I’m right here, don’t worry.” The alpha ran soothing hands up and down Keith’s back, shallowly thrusting before he could push more of his length inside, nice and deep. “Take good care of you, darling. Doing so well, such a good omega for your alpha.” Shiro sighed out a rough moan once he bottomed out, pressing his balls right against the back of Keith’s own. 

Keith felt like he was choking on it. The sheer size of Shiro’s dick felt like it went all the way through him, and his huge balls had slapped so heavily against his much smaller sack. He felt stupid, limp with only Shiro’s hands on his hips and the monster in his asshole to hold him up. The slow, shallow roll of the alpha’s hips felt like it was stirring Keith up inside, and he coughed into the cushion when Shiro pulled back and thrusted inside.

Moans and wails of pleasure poured from Keith’s mouth as Shiro started a slow motion of his hips, gradually getting faster and harder. “How’s my good boy holding up?” He asked his omega, balls slapping nice and hard with every thrust. “Mmh, so loud. All our neighbors are gonna hear you, Keith.”

“S-so fucking good,” Keith cried. “I, I want you to cum inside me, Shiro…!” He whimpered when Shiro roughly pulled his shaking body back to meet his hard, upward thrust.

“I already planned to, darling.” Shiro smiled endearingly down at Keith, all while pulling the omega on and off his hard dick to meet each thrust, every time he pounded into that hole. “Gonna give you everything I should have given you a long time ago. You were so patient, waiting for your alpha to finally bend you over and claim you.” The smile twisted into something wicked when Keith nodded his head, moaning obnoxiously. “Good boys deserve good rewards.”

Reaching for his cock, Keith stroked himself in time with Shiro’s brutal hips. “Daddy’s good boy,” He whined. “I’m your good boy… n-never been with anyone else, only got off t-to you, you…!” Keith gasped, already cumming again. “Mmmh… ahh, ‘m yours… all yours, your omega.”

“That’s right, darling.” Shiro growled, bottoming out and holding himself there. “Fuuuck… What a good, perfect hole. This pussy was made to take me, Keith.” Once the boy under him had ridden out his second orgasm, Shiro began to thrust again, at an almost unforgiving pace. “So sensitive, baby. You like that? You can feel me against your prostate with every thrust, can’t you? Yeah, Keith, I know you love that. You love this.”

“I love it.” Keith parroted, now slumped into the couch cushions again. Smiling, he glanced between his thighs to see himself growing hard yet again. “I love it, Shiro… you fuck me so good, it feels amazing…!” 

“I know, dollface.” Shiro laughed. “I want you to cum without touching yourself this time.”

“Mmmh, okay.” The omega was purring, so loudly he sounded like a car engine. Keith’s body felt like jelly, swaying in Shiro’s arms as he was fucked into so hard and fast that his tired, spent dick just let out his cum. “C-came…”

“That was faster than last time.” Shiro hummed. “So good, Keith. You’re doing so well.” With an iron grip on the omega’s hips, Shiro planted one foot onto the floor and the other on the couch. “Gonna fill you up with my first load now, darling. Better keep it all inside, so I can eat your cunt when I’m all finished with you.”

Something primal bloomed in Keith’s chest, almost revitalizing him in a way he didn’t think he’d feel during this wonderfully intense first time. “Cum inside,” he whined, forcing himself up on his hands and knees again. “Shiro, Daddy!” Keith stared over his shoulder, eyes magnetically locking to Shiro’s. 

Keith rocked backward, meeting Shiro’s every thrust dead on. His small, limp cock leaked between his legs, staining and ruining the couch forever. He couldn’t tear his eyes away, couldn’t blink; the omega could only moan loudly like some bimbo in a porno. Shivers ran up Keith’s spine as Shiro bared his fangs at him, canines sharp and threatening to bite down and mark. However, the alpha just bit down on his lower lip and finally came after a few more primal, lust filled thrusts. 

It was hot, and Keith felt all of it pouring inside him. His eyelids felt heavy, and he drooled at the feeling of Shiro’s cum pouring into his guts and stomach. “I love you.” Keith whispered, not able to look away from those gorgeous brown eyes. “I’d do anything for you, forever, Shiro. I love you.”

“I love you, too, my darling.” Shiro whispered between his own soft moans. Leaning forward, he kissed up the omega’s shoulders and into the hair that rested on the back of his neck. “I love you. Should have always been with you, Keith. My darling, my good boy.”

“We aren’t done, are we?” Keith gasped, slowly rocking back. “Fill me up, Shiro. Make love to me, more.”

“In the bedroom. We can keep going there.” Shiro slowly slid out of the now sloppy hole he’d fucked so good, only to see Keith’s fingers push inside to fill the space. “So good, keeping it all inside.”

“I’m your good boy.” Keith hummed, being lifted into strong arms and carried to the same bed he woke up in that morning.

“Yes you are, Keith.” Shiro laid the omega back and settled between his legs, pulling Keith’s hand away from his prize so he could eat up the creampie he left there. “Such a good boy.”