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A Typical Tuesday

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Like any other Tuesday, or any day of the week for that matter, Sans was woken up by the sound of his brother's boisterous voice and the smell of breakfast cooking. “SANS,” Papyrus called from the kitchen, “UNLESS YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE BREAKFAST THIS MORNING, MADE BY YOURS TRULY, I SUGGEST YOU GET YOUR BONEY BUTT DOWN HERE NOW!!” Sans chuckled lightly to himself at that.


He knew Papyrus was just kidding about him not getting breakfast. Papyrus does everything in his power to make sure that Sans eats three healthy meals everyday. Which means, no grease . But Sans was fine with that. As long as Papyrus was happy, he was happy. And besides, Papyrus didn't have to know when Sans went to Grillby's anyway. He could have his secrets and so could Papyrus.


“heh, don't worry paps, i'll be down in a minute.”

“YOUR DEFINITION OF A MINUTE OR MY DEFINITION? BECAUSE APPARENTLY THOSE ARE TWO DIFFERENT MEANINGS!” Again, a small chuckle escaped Sans at that. Papyrus really was the best.


It took about 5 minutes for Sans to find a shirt and pair of shorts that he deemed we're clean enough. None of them were really that all that clean seeing as he never did his laundry, but it was enough. He usually didn't smell all that bad in the first place anyway. When he got down the steps he was immediately met with the smell of scrambled eggs and bacon. “hey bro. breakfast smells egg cellent.”


“UGH SANS,” Papyrus groaned. “MUST YOU ALWAYS PLAGUE BREAKFAST WITH THOSE HORRID PUNS OF YOURS?!” Sans always loved people's reactions to his puns, especially his brother's. “oh c'mon bro, my puns are egg ceptional.” An even bigger groan from the younger of the two skeletons was the only response. Sans lived for this. These small interactions with his bro, the familiar banter back and forth, the shared meals. All things Sans felt he was the luckiest guy in the world for. He couldn't even begin to imagine what he would do if he didn't have Papyrus in his life.


And he didn't have to. Papyrus was here and that was enough to keep his ever-present smile at least somewhat genuine at all times. He sat across from his brother to enjoy their meal. It, thankfully, wasn't pasta like Papyrus used to make for every meal. “WHAT'S GOT YOU IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD TODAY BROTHER?” Papyrus asked with genuine suspicion. His brother had never been a morning person so to see him up this early with a smile on his face was, quite odd to be honest. At that Sans's smile grew even wider and Papyrus feared he had just set Sans up for another bad pun, but then Sans answered with an honest reply, “i dunno bro. today's just gonna be a good day.” Papyrus was glad that there was no pun in-


“i can feel it in my bones .”


Ah. There it is. It was inevitable really and Papyrus had seen it from a mile away. Anyone would have really. The younger of the two let out a mirthless laugh, teeth clenched hard together. But he couldn't really be too upset with Sans. In truth, it had been a long time since Papyrus had seen his brother so happy. It only dawned on him then that it had been so long since he had last seen Sans genuinely smile. Years even.




“eh, you know. it's tuesday so i only have to go to the hot dog stand. just like every other week bro,” Sans said with a mouthful of bacon. “UGH SANS. YOU KNOW I DON'T WANT YOU WORKING THERE. IT'S DANGEROUS FOR MONSTERS ON THAT SIDE OF TOWN AND YOU KNOW THAT!” Papyrus protested.


When Sans had decided to get the job just about all his friends and family argued against it. They all agreed that the area it's in is far too dangerous for him to work in. There were a lot of people who hated monsters on the east side of town. Many hate related crimes against monsters happened over there. In fact, the majority of all monsterism happened on the east side. So in hindsight, it made perfect sense why no one wanted Sans to be in the middle of it all. Especially with his abnormally low stats. But Sans was stubborn and the job made decent pay just because of that fact. So he went behind their backs and accepted the job. He's been working there for a few months and the worst that happens is a few people will yell at him from time to time. There are enough people that are fine with monsters that the stand stays in business and there have even been some people who have stopped monster haters before things could get hostile.


“don't worry paps. you know me, i'll be fine. 's nothing i can't handle.” And it was true. Despite having low base stats Sans was quite the fighter. He was incredible at dodging and where his attacks lacked in strength he made up for in speed.


But that didn't stop Papyrus from worrying. Even after all this time he still worried about what could happen to Sans while he was at work. He still worried that Sans would leave...and he'd never come back. And he would be alone. Forever.


As if he could sense his brother’s unease, Sans reached across the table to pat Papyrus’s hand in reassurance. “hey, c’mon bro, there’s no need for all that okay. i’m gonna be fine and you’re gonna be fine. i ain’t gonna leave any time soon, so long as you don’t leave either. so don’t worry ‘bout it anymore.” Papyrus knew Sans was right but he couldn’t help the dread that was edging into his soul. Nothing, he feels, would be able to banish worry completely- besides Sans quiting the job. But that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon unfortunately. Sans was stubborn as hell when he put his mind to something. But why did it have to be this ?


“Sans. I Want You To Promise To Me That You’ll Be Careful Today.” His tone was full of emotion as he spoke those words. “always paps. always,” Sans deadpanned. It was rare for Sans to make promises. As far as Papyrus knew, his older brother had only made about 6 promises in his life including this one. And he always made sure he kept them. No one knew why Sans was so strict on promises, but they respected him for it nonetheless. “I...O-Okay Sans. I Trust You.” That was as good as Sans was gonna get and he knew it.


He knew Papyrus hated him working there- with a fiery passion- but it paid the bills. Sure, he had other jobs and they were living pretty well off for themselves, but he wanted to make sure they had extra money in case Papyrus wanted to splurge on something or go explore the world or, whatever . So long as he had the opportunity to do whatever his non-existent heart desired. Sans would take any risks if it meant his little brother could have the life he deserved, because he deserved the fucking world .


Sans let out a deep sigh, signaling the end of the previous conversation. “anyway bro, got any plans for today after work? are you and undyne going to train today?” That seemed to draw Papyrus out of his downcast thoughts.”YES WE ARE! IN FACT, SHE ASKED IF I WANTED TO SPEND THE NIGHT AT HER AND ALPHYS’S HOME AND IF YOU WANTED TO COME TOO, ONCE YOU UH, Finished Work And All.” Papyrus really doesn’t expect Sans to accept the offer once he’s put it out there though.


Sure, Undyne and Alphys are also Sans’s friends but, Sans always declines- saying he has to get up early for work and things like that. But much to his surprise, Sans answers with a shrug and says yes. Kind of. “eh, sure. but i might get there a little late. depending on how late people want their ‘dogs.” Papyrus couldn’t believe his non-existent ears at that statement. Sans wanted to come hang out with them! And Papyrus didn’t have to bribe him or anything this time. Today truly is a good day. “R-REALLY SANS? YOU REALLY MEAN IT?” A quick nod from his older brother was all he got, but it was all that he needed. Papyrus jumped up from his seat at the table, knocking his  chair down in the process. He then proceeded to run to the other side to where Sans was seated and picked him up into a tight embrace. “WOWIE SANS! YOU’RE REALLY GOING TO COME TO HAVE A SLEEPOVER WITH US?!” To say Papyrus was excited was an understatement. He was on Cloud 9 right now. “paps if you keep asking, i might just change my mind on ya,” Sans said in a joking tone. “PLEASE DON'T!” Papyrus said dramatically, playing along with the older of the two's playful teasing.


“hey i'll be there bro. promise.” That's where Papyrus's expression changed from one of excitement to one of skepticism. Two promises in one year was unheard of coming from his brother. But to get two in the same morning ? Impossible! And yet, he just made two to Papyrus. Today must really be a good day for such an outcome. But it was quite suspicious to say the least.


“SANS. ARE YOU FEELING ALRIGHT?” Papyrus asked with confusion written on all his features. With the question, he held Sans at arm's length to get a better look at him. “you  know what paps? yeah. in fact, i feel great even,” Sans said with after a beat of hesitation. “i feel better than i've felt in a while.”


Papyrus squinted hard at the skeleton in his outstretched arms. Sans didn't seem like he was lying. He actually...looked happy. His eye-lights were brighter than normal and- while it was smaller than usual- he had a smile present on his face that actually reached his sockets. So Papyrus believed him. Because, screw it! If Sans was happy he could be happy for him!


“I CAN TELL! YOU’RE SO HAPPY THIS MORN- OH MY GOD! IS TODAY YOUR BIRTHDAY SANS?! DON’T TELL ME I’VE FORGOTTEN!” Papyrus was obviously kidding. He knew it wasn’t Sans’s birthday. What kind of a person would he be if he didn’t know when his own brother’s birthday was?! A horrible person that’s what. Sans cocked his brow bone at his brother in a questioning manner, to which Papyrus gave him a wide grin. It then struck Sans that Papyrus was just playing with him and was thrown into a fit of bubbly laughter. After a bit of a moment of reveling in his brother’s joy, Papyrus joined in on it.


“NYEH HEH HEH! THOROUGHLY JAPED BY THE GREAT PAPYRUS ONCE AGAIN!” Papyrus shouted pridefully. Man, Papyrus really was the coolest.


“heh, guess you got me there bro.  you really had me going for a second,” Sans let out a quiet chuckle. He kinda figured Papyrus had been joking around- his brother was too cool to forget things after all. But that still didn’t stop relief from flooding Sans when his brother revealed the jape. Now he knows what it felt like to be on the receiving end on one of his pranks.


“uh bro? ‘m gonna need you to put me down now. i gotta get to work and all,” Sans reminded Papyrus. “OH! RIGHT, RIGHT. I GUESS I’LL SEE YOU LATER TONIGHT THEN?” With that Papyrus placed his brother back on his chair. Sans then hopped down and went back upstairs to his room and grabbed his phone from where he left it on his nightstand. While he was up there he figured he might as well pack a bag if he really was going to go through and sleep over at Alphys and Undyne’s. He put a change of clothes and a blanket in a backpack he found on the ground. There are a few stains on it but that’s fine. He then went to the bathroom and put his toothbrush in. ‘that’s probably all i need,’ he thought to himself.


Sans headed downstairs- for the second time that morning- and slipped on his iconic pink slippers. With everything he needed for work and later tonight, Sans said a quick goodbye to Papyrus and left, a slight spring in his step that had been missing for decades.


Today was gonna be a good day.