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Dragon Boy

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Slade had an eye for precious things.

As a dragon, this was perfectly natural. He had mountains of wealth and precious trinkets stowed away in hordes around the world, but he still craved more.

These days, Slade walked the earth in a human form. Dragon’s had been hunted to the point of extinction over the years so it was just easier this way. Slade didn’t really care about his kin: they were just greedy as he was. Without them, there was more for him. The human’s just thought he was some mercenary with enhanced strength and healing abilities.

Slade didn’t see the point in correcting them. So long as he got his money, he was content.

He’d had children with several human women, but his young had all been human as well. He hadn’t cared, coveted his children jealously and controlled them until he lost them. Slade regretted that part sometimes, but mostly he still day dreamed about carrying them back to his horde so he could have all his precious things in one place.

Then he’d met the Wayne Prince.

Slade chided himself for not spotting the boy sooner. He had, admittedly, been distracted by the beautiful Crown Prince. But once Slade got closer, the scent was unmistakable: the boy had dragon blood in him. Somewhere in his family line, there had been a dragon. Jason may not have manifested any obvious traits, probably wasn’t even aware of his less than human heritage, but dragon’s could always sniff out their kin. Especially a brooder.

It had been centuries since Slade had thought about hatchlings. At the time, he’d been young and uninterested in sharing his treasures with anyone, much less a mate or any greedy dragon young. Now Slade was much more aware of what treasures they would be.

Especially because any young Jason gave him would be proper dragons.

It was a once in a lifetime chance. Slade wasn’t going to wait around for someone else to discover his prize and steal him.

Slade hadn’t transformed in years, but it felt good to stretch his wings. The screams of horror and surprise were a nice touch too. No one had seen dragons in several generations, and they’d faded into nothing but myth.

That also meant that knowledge of dragon slaying had also been almost completely lost.

In his true form, it was so much easier to pick out Jason’s scent from the rest. The boy fought viciously- a fact that only made him only more perfect- breaking his sword on Slade's scales harmlessly.

Slade blew out a plume of special smoke that caused all the humans around him- including his prize- to pass out. Slade caught his new mate’s body before it fell, holding him gently in his claw before taking to the sky.

Carefully, Slade made a pitstop at one of his basses to strip the boy of everything that connected him to the place before Slade. He was glad he did when he found several magical pieces that would allow them to be tracked. Slade burned them to ash.

Jason had an enthralling body, but Slade reminded himself that he must be covered if he would survive the frigid temperatures of the flight. It was good then that Slade took such pleasure in dressing his newest treasure in the fine clothes he had collected over the years.

The thought of mine, mine, MINE was getting harder to ignore, and Slade gave a pleased rumble as they took to the sky again, higher than any human eye could track, higher than anyone without dragon blood would be able to survive. The fact that Jason just frowned in his sleep only proved what Slade already knew:

He was going to be perfect.

Slade took them to his most secure horde, sealing them inside away from the prying eyes of the world and any lookouts that came for Jason. By the time they reemerged, Slade would make sure Jason was just as invested in this as he was.

Jason pretended he wasn’t awake at first, which Slade found immensely amusing. He could hear the way the boy’s heart started racing. He debated letting Jason squirm beneath him as he tore him out of his clothes until he was laid bare on the mountain of treasure for Slade’s eyes to feast on. But Slade was loathed to destroy such fine clothes needlessly. Maybe one day if he could bare to put Jason into something cheap and ugly.

Stranger things had happened.

Jason’s eyes crept open as Slade started to transform, widening as Slade assumed his human guise.

“You…” Jason gaped.

“Indeed,” Slade agreed, wasting no time in crawling over the boy and starting on the clasps of his clothes.

“What the fuck-? No!” Jason said furiously, immediately struggling and kicking out purposefully.

Slade grunted as the blow landed, but dragons were made of sterner stuff than humans so he merely said, “Careful there, we’re going to need that.”

“Like fuck we are!” Jason snarled, “You fucking kidnapped me!”

“Is that your only objection?” Slade inquired, parting Jason’s collar to bite at the vulnerable skin of his neck. Jason’s body instantly responded to the touch, dragon instincts flaring to greedily press back before his human side caught up and he began struggling again.

“It’s a pretty important objection,” Jason said.

“Mmm, ok,” Slade agreed easily stopping his quest to rid Jason of his clothes, and contented himself with liking at his neck, “I can be patient.”

“Then prepare to wait forever,” Jason snapped, fingers scratching against Slade’s bare skin harmlessly.

“So be it,” Slade agreed pulling away. So long as no one else was stealing what was his, Slade would be content with simply possessing the young dragon boy.

Besides, taking the boy by force would only harm him. Slade took good care of his things. The best treasures were freely given.

Slade doubted he’d have to wait forever though he could: dragons were functionally immortal unless they were killed. As a part-dragon, Jason would have probably have had an unusually long life, aging much slower than his peers, coming back from wounds that would have killed a normal person. With Slade’s help he would live even longer. The longer he stayed and ate dragon food, if he let Slade spill inside him, he would start changing, gaining more and more dragon characteristics. Soon he’d want him just as much. His instincts wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then one day Jason’s very body would change enough that Slade could press his eggs inside him to brood and develop. They’d have hatchlings.

“You’re such a fucking liar,” Jason scoffed in disgust as Slade’s cock twitched against him at the thought.

“A dragon never breaks his word,” was all Slade said in reply.