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None the wiser

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Athos knew this was wrong.

He knew it was wrong to have the hots for one of his best friends.

He knew it was really wrong to watch said best friend getting fucked enthusiastically by his other best friend.

And he knew it was definitely wrong to masturbate while doing so.

But he did it anyway.

And this wasn’t the first time. He did it so often, he knew exactly where he had to hide so he wouldn’t be seen by the couple, but still had a perfect view of the happenings.

Athos came into the hanky he brought along with foresight. Thankfully he was a silent person even in the throes of passion, and even if not, Aramis was vocal enough to cover any groans Athos might have let slip.

His friends were still going at it. Aramis lay on his side, both hands gripping the sheets under him. One of his tights was pressed down by Porthos’ large body, the other one rested on Porthos’ shoulder. Meaning Aramis’ legs were wide open and Athos had an excellent view of the penetration.

No man’s hole should be this pretty while taking such a huge cock.

Add to this the lewd, slurping sounds the busy hole was making and the sight of the pretty dick bouncing around (Why was everything on Aramis so pretty?)-- Cue the reason Athos shot his load a bit prematurely.

Hn, did he have the time for another go?

Ah, seems not. Aramis came this very moment, Porthos now thrusting viciously into the wiggling body. Then the large musketeer groaned, filling his lover up with his hot seed.

Athos’ attention peaked. What’s next was one of his favorite parts. He leaned a bit forward and took in how Porthos pulled out, leaving Aramis’ hole messy and leaking cum. And still in plain, drool-worthy view.

This display alone had him harden again.

Well, he will take care of it later, in his own lonely abode, replaying everything he saw--


Athos froze.

“Hey. Show’s over, so come out.”

Athos didn’t move a muscle.

“Come on. Aramis’ knocked out from all the fucking, so don’t be a chicken and come out.”

He dared a look. Sure enough. Aramis was unconscious, lying on his back how Porthos had left him, legs spread open, cum running down.

But then, getting caught by Porthos wasn’t any better, was it? What would his big friend think if he knew it was Athos being the creepy perv watching them having sex?


…ok. …so. Hearing his name, he didn’t have another choice and came shamefully out of his hiding place. After he tucked his still annoyingly stiff prick back into his trousers.

“…I… how long? How long did you know?”

“That you’re watching us fuck or that you’re lusting after Aramis?”

It felt like a punch to his solar plexus. Athos gasped for air and felt cold panic run down his spine. Did he just lose his closest friends?

Porthos must have seen the terrified look in his eyes. He raised his hands pacifyingly and laughed. “Easy there. I’m not mad. Aramis is easy to fall in love with. I fell myself, remember? And he’s damn sexy.” He wiggled his eyebrows and motioned his friend to come closer.

Athos shuffled over hesitantly. He was confused. So it was okay? Then what? What are they going to do now?

Well, Porthos seemed to have a plan. He moved to the corner of the bed and grinned. “Tell you what? Let’s get this out of your system. You’re our best friend, I don’t’ mind. I’ll let you fuck him. Right now, while he’s out.”


But that would be wrong! Not that what Athos had been doing until now was right, but--

Porthos grabbed his arm and dragged him to the bed, “Go ahead. He’s out cold and won’t wake up till morning. And I fucked him all open and filled him up good. He’ll never know there was another dick in there, and your juices won’t look different from mine. Plus, his hole’s the best, promised.”

Tempting. This offer was really tempting. And Athos was now standing beside the bed and had an extra close look at Aramis in all his glory. Athos’ eyes zeroed in on the used hole. A cute pink, hairless, gaping open a little and semen dripping out. Athos could feel himself harden to full mast.

But still… even if Porthos gave his consent, Aramis didn’t. Wouldn’t this be… rape?

Aramis’ hole chose this moment to twitch violently, squirting a new splash of cum.

Every uncomfortable thought flew out of Athos’ mind. He ripped his cock out of his trousers and climbed onto the bed, ready to pounce. But hovering over his unconscious friend, he forced himself to calm down. He was going to take as much off this as he could.

He’ll savor this.

Athos undressed (with Porthos whistling in his corner) and settled himself naked between Aramis’ spread legs. Then he dipped the tip of his cock into the puddle of Porthos’ seed that had gathered there.

Hmm…still warm.

Athos opened Aramis’ legs wider and pulled them over his shoulders. Having a nice angle to observe everything in detail, he carefully pressed the coated head against the freshly fucked hole, then watched how it sucked him inside greedily, droplets of cum escaping.

He paused inside when the mushroom head reached its widest point, surveying how the rim fluttered around him, enjoying the feeling. Then he began to move, fucking Aramis only with the head, Porthos’ cum squishing audibly. Damn, that already felt too good to be true.

He couldn’t wait any longer. Securing Aramis in his hold, he sank the rest of his unlubricated cock inside. Porthos was right and the hole was well fucked, and all the cum gave Athos’ dry shaft enough slickness. He slid in easily, deeper and deeper--

Suddenly, there was resistance. Athos froze uncertainly. There was still one third of his cock left to go. But this was the first time he was taking a man, did he do something wrong?

He looked at Porthos helplessly.

The big musketeer had both hands on his dick, moving them swiftly. He was grinning from ear to ear. “What? Go on, fuck him.”

“I… I can’t go farther.”

Porthos chuckled, “Ah. Well, I’ve got a big one, and so do you. But what I have in girth, you have in length.” He opened his hands and presented exhibit A. “Look. My cock’s wider, but yours way longer. ‘m guessing you’re getting to depths I couldn’t reach. So he’s still fresh and tight there. Not that his hole’s loose, mind you. He’s still damn tight even after I fuck him for hours. It’s just that the place you’re going now never saw a cock.”

Untouched. Athos was drilling into untouched territory. He was going to take the last of Aramis’ virginity.

Damn if this thought didn’t nearly make him come.

Athos took a deep breath and pulled back a bit, collecting all his pent up desire. Then he slammed forward, forcing his cock inside. He felt it, how Aramis’ hole tried to refuse him further passage. How the muscles convulsed and tried to keep him out, but then could no longer resist and reluctantly gave access. Felt how his cock pried the path open mercilessly until he was in to the hilt, settling impossible deep inside his friend’s bowels.

The only reason he didn’t come then and there, was the gasp he heard from Aramis.

Did this harsh entry wake the man up?

No, Aramis was still out, though his body certainly wasn’t. His hole twitched and massaged Athos’ whole cock in divine velvet. It was hot, it was tight, it was pure bliss.

Athos began to move. He slowly pulled out and watched how the pink rim tried to hold on to him, the skin tugging on his now semen-coated cock, squeezing him, trying to suck him back inside. This was delicious.

He pulled out until only the tip remained in the hot tightness. Then he pushed back inside gently, Aramis’ hole gulping him down with a dirty, slimy noise. This time he went in balls-deep without problems.

Now Athos started to fuck Aramis leisurely, long-dicking the needy hole while pushing some of Porthos’ sperm out. He was taking his sweet time, determined to enjoy his friend in an unhurried but relentless pace.

After watching Aramis being so vocal and full of passion while having sex with Porthos, it was a bit weird to fuck the unconscious musketeer like this. Aramis only whimpered and panted softly in dreamland, his body pliant and vulnerable to every of Athos’ whims.

It was weird and at the same time thrilling.

Athos began to thrust faster.

“Yeah, like this,” encouraged Porthos. “He won’t wake up. I’ve fucked him like this plenty, and he never woke up. Fuck him harder. Fuck out my cum, yeah, that’s so hot!”

Athos didn’t need telling twice. He was gaining speed, now sledge-hammering more and more violently into Aramis. The hole, still filled with sperm, made squelching, slippery sounds, growing louder the faster and harder he was pounding his cock inside. Because of the frenzy thrusting, Porthos’ seed indeed dripped out and sprayed everywhere, making a big mess.

As much as he wished, Athos couldn’t hold the pace for long and felt his climax nearing. He accelerated and then, with one ruthless thrust, he rammed in as deep as possible and came, marking Aramis’ no longer virgin territory with his seed. And Athos was so pent up despite soiling his hanky earlier, his semen was too much to hold inside and some spurted out of the stuffed hole, trickling down his balls

Pleased, Athos slowly withdrew, watching his cock slide out of the now throughout fucked hole with a slippery blurt. A fresh splash of seed followed his exit. The still really pretty hole was twitching, like it already missed having a cock inside. With each spasm, more of milky cum bubbled out with lewd glob-glob sounds.

And wow, Aramis was de facto still out cold.

“Be so kind to move, my friend.”

Porthos licked his lips and grabbed his lover, spearing his cock inside the flooded hole without hesitation. “Nngh, still tight. God, love him.”

He proceeded to fuck Aramis, hammering into him brutally. The sloshing sounds coming from the hole grew more and more obscene. After observing Athos’ sterling performance, it didn’t take him long to spill, adding to the loads inside Aramis.

“Shit, that was amazing.”

Athos sat silently on the side of the bed where he retreated. He still couldn’t believe what happened, what he was allowed to do, but in his mind he could not disagree with that statement.

Porthos pulled out wetly and started to play with their cum inside Aramis, mixing the seed. He kept on dipping his fingers in and out of the slippery hole, scissoring them.

“Ya know, in retrospect? I think my suggestion backfired. Don’t guess you’ve got it out of your system now, huh?”

No. This taste of heaven only made Athos an addict.

Porthos was still busy with the entrance to said heaven. He entertained himself with tracing the rim and then stabbing inside as deep as he could, caressing the velvet walls, before scooping out more cum to play with. He rubbed the sticky semen between his digits, making slimy threads and creating bubbles, before pushing the naughty mess back inside Aramis’ hole.

“Ya know, I’ve got no problem to keep letting you fuck him after I sexed him out. Just found out it’s damn exciting, watching you use him. As long as Aramis’ none the wiser afterwards…”

Athos swallowed. Oh, he wanted a repeat of this. Countless repeats. His cock already stirred with the idea of thrusting into this sinful hole again.

But what Porthos said at the end?

This, this was the crux of the matter. Technically, Athos had just raped Aramis, with Porthos’ permission.

…But there was no cruelty and trauma, right? Nobody was hurt, right?

No, no, what he just did was down-and-dirty. And he did it to a close friend.

…But if Aramis won’t ever discover this wrongdoing, when the victim himself doesn’t know he was raped--

“Hey. Wanna finger him with me?”

All guilty thoughts in Athos’ head burned to dust.