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A Mother Goose and a Lamb

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"We got the activation phrase.  Now,  all we got to do is get that genetic freak of nature on an airplane, and Rapture’s ours.”

Elizabeth struggled to an upright position before taking another blow to the head by the wrench in Atlas’s hands.  Strong enough of a blow to draw more blood, to incapacitate her. The cracking sound of her skull rang, canceling the sound of clanking shoes receding as the world around her darkened.

Drip, drip, drip.

For a moment, the sounds of the water splashing on the ground brought Elizabeth to. Everything was a haze, blobs of colors surrounded her.

Drip, drip, drip.

The smell of mildew filled her nostrils, alerting her to realize that she was still in Rapture. The sounds around her seemed to echo, the voices were soft yet almost hallow. She tried to make sense of the words being exchanged beside her, but the head trauma was proving to make it rather difficult.

Drip, drip, drip.

She could feel two arms twined around her, the touch was light but proceeded to tighten a grip as it started lifting her body that seemed to be stiff against the glass. She could feel the person nearly topple from the shift of weight but was able to collect themselves and hold her. This person was, too, speaking in a gentle whisper like tone. Almost a motherly voice, rough but sweetly spoken. Her eyes could not help but droop to the caressing sound of the voice almost as if, she was a child herself who was falling asleep in the arms of their mother. It was peaceful, the most peace she had felt in a while. It was a different peace compared to what she had felt in Paris though, it was the kind that made dying from the blunt trauma not so painful. Elizabeth allowed her eyes to shut, and the world around her almost seemed to disappear.