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Peace and quiet are so important and enjoyable to Bakugou that he almost considers them to be his kinks. No one to nag him like his old hag of a mother or annoy him like his friends. The only thing that stands between him and his peace and quiet is life. Life itself is always noisy and busy which is why he practically lives his life at his local library. It is always hushed in there which means he can drift through his remaining college years undisturbed, not that many people bother him.

If his burning crimson gaze doesn’t deter people from approaching him then his seemingly permanent scowl does. His explosive ash blonde hair really completes the look for him and he is okay with that. Mostly. Pride is his one and only downfall, it stops him from doing a lot of things such as making friends or going out to socialize or even dating.

Growing up, Katsuki was not well-liked by his classmates. He was bullied for his unruly hair, nice clothes, having too much money, and his glasses. No one wanted to associate with the nerd of the class so when puberty waltzed in and transformed him from a scrawny twig to a broad-shouldered oak tree, he kept the momentum going. Studying helped him pass the time as he chugged down thick and gritty protein shakes between his workouts.

Over time, in high school, he developed a new image. Strong and intimidating, but willing to help anyone in need. Serious and sharp and yet witty. His small group of friends were the only ones brave enough to weather his harsh exterior and discover the marshmallow center. He turned his pain into anger. Anger at his bullies and his own shortcomings. To protect himself further, Bakugou developed a tongue like a double-edged sword, using words to cut down the people who tormented others.

The journey from Katsuki’s house to the public library, on foot, is forty minutes if he gets stopped at a majority of the crosswalks and stops for his favorite tea, which of course he does. Sure, he could use public transportation and get there in the same amount of time as he would if he walked, but why waste the money? It could be better spent on mango tea like the one in his hand.

The temperature around him seems to drop as he continues to his destination and he hopes it isn’t rain. Knowing his shitty luck though, it is probably rain.

The interior of the library is cold compared to the outside. Katsuki theorizes that this is done so patrons won’t fall asleep while reading a book. All of the librarians disagree with him except for his favorite one.

“Welcome back, Baku. Do you need your usual reference books today?” Hagakure asks when he spreads out on one of the tables beside the Reading Time rug for kids. Its his usual spot and its never busy because kids don’t go to libraries anymore.

Katsuki looks up to see her already holding them out to him. “Thank you, I do need them. Also, what is going on with the new car in Chiyo’s spot?”

Hagakure looks conflicted for a moment. “She had a very quiet retirement. They transferred a new guy from one of the sister libraries to be the head librarian here now. He seems like a decent person, I mean just look at him.” She nods her head to the far end of the Reading Time rug for Katsuki to see what he had missed earlier.

Around the rug there are five kids sprinkled at random and in front of them is a man, about his own age. The guy is gesturing with his hands and making a slew of facial expressions while the kids watch with rapt attention. His green curls bounce softly, and his viridian eyes are alight with excitement. The blue button up shirt fits him snuggly and the sleeves are rolled up to his elbows revealing thick, muscled forearms. His khaki pants strain against obviously defined thighs.

“What is he doing?” Bakugou asks as he keeps watching.

“Story time for deaf kids. Midoriya isn’t deaf but he knows sign language and uses it to do story time for the deaf kids in his neighborhood. They followed him to this library to keep the tradition alive. Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on here too.”

“Yeah, maybe,” he agrees mindlessly as he continues to watch the man, Midoriya, gesture wildly to the kids. Katsuki may not understand any sign language, but even he can understand they are at the climax of the story.

There is something about watching the green haired man chat with the kids and their parents after story time that has Bakugou hiding a smile behind his laptop screen. Studying at the library just got a little more difficult.


“Do you think you could put these on hold for me? I don’t want them to get wet on my walk home,” Katsuki says, sliding a stack of books across the checkout counter to Hagakure. It is closing time for the home of borrowed books.

“You don’t even have to ask, Baku. If you took the bus then you wouldn’t have to worry about the rain,” she chides gently.

Katsuki rolls his eyes. “We both know the next bus isn’t stopping by here for another twenty minutes. I would be half way to my house by that time.”

She just sighs and puts a sticky note, with his name on it, on the stack of books. “Suit yourself then.” With that he ventures out into the drizzling rain.

Ten minutes into his walk, Katsuki has his thoughts interrupted by a shiny red Subaru STI pulling up beside him. The back window rolls down to reveal Hagakure. “Get in loser, don’t bother arguing either,” she deadpans, pointing to the front seat. He eyes her critically for a moment before following her directions.

“Welcome aboard, friend of Hagakure’s, please buckle up,” the driver says.

“You didn’t have to-“ Katsuki begins as he clicks the buckle into place. He cuts himself off when he looks up to see a brilliant white smile and soft round cheeks that are dotted with a smattering of freckles that he hadn’t noticed earlier.

“It’s no issue really, I love to drive,” he reassures as he pulls away from the curb. “I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

“Bakugou Katsuki,” he replies softly.

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Bakugou.”

“Baku here is a really cool dude,” Hagakure chimes in from the back and he has to refrain from giving her an angry glare for talking him up so much.

“I believe it,” Midoriya quips, looking in the review mirror at her.

“If you don’t mind my asking,” Katsuki begins, “what made you want to learn sign language?”

Midoriya flashes him a small smile. “I have many reasons for it. Better communication skills, a new hobby, and knowledge is power, so you might as well learn everything you can.”

“This is my place!” Hagakure exclaims as the car pulls up to a small apartment building. “Thank you for bringing me home.”

“You’re welcome,” he replies. She leaves with goodbyes and promises of seeing them tomorrow. “Where to now, Mr. Bakugou?”

Katsuki gives him the address to his home which is then plugged into the GPS system before they are off again. The silence between them is comfortable and for once he can hear the music playing softly from the speakers. “Who the hell are you?”

Midoriya looks shocked at Katsuki’s sudden question. “I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking.”

“You are a head librarian, you drive a very nice and fast car, you know sign language, and you listen to classic rock. Who are you?”

The man just shrugs. “I’m just me.” He shifts gears when a light turns red and they crawl to a stop as does the conversation until a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution pulls up next to them. The drive revs its engine and glances over at them.

Midoriya rolls his eyes with a big sigh. “Drive a fast car and suddenly everyone want to race,” he mutters, mostly to himself.

“Do you ever take people up on the offer?” Katsuki asks. He receives a shy, guilty smile from the green haired man. “No fucking way,” he replies in disbelief.

“Drive a fast car and suddenly everyone wants to race,” he murmurs again.

“Are you going to take him up on his offer?”

“That depends,” Midoriya answers with a cocky, confident smile that makes him look much too sexy for Katsuki’s own good.

“Depends on what?” Bakugou asks cautiously.

“How much do you trust me?”

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“Show me I can trust you.”


Simple is how Midoriya Izuku describes himself. He lives a quiet life, working in a library most days. Nothing about him is unique or extravagant. At least that is what he leads people to believe about him. His bright smile blinds them to anything else but his innocent persona while his friendly chatter deafens them to all else but honeyed words that drip from his tongue. To society, Midoriya loves his community, his books, sign language, and fast cars.

The other side of him behind that smile is the him that Izuku likes the most. He runs a street racing team with his closest friends; Kirishima Eijirou, Kaminari Denki, and Sero Hanta. Ashido Mina will occasionally race for him, but she usually patrols the areas they are racing in as a lookout for law enforcement while listening for reports on the police scanner.

Their day jobs are really unnecessary since the underground world of street racing is rather lucrative for them, but they enjoy making honest money too. None of them can really tell when and how their team came into existence, but they all agree on the one thing they race to achieve. The feeling of freedom that comes with the speeds out on the streets. And with that in mind, Team Exhilaration was formed.

Eventful Mondays are nothing new to Izuku. He gets up and puts on his khaki pants with a long sleeve blue button up shirt. The excitement today is starting as the head librarian at his new library location the board transferred him too as well as Silent Story Time. He gets in his Subaru and puts on his casual driving playlist before pulling out of the garage.

Hopefully the kids will like the new section of the hero story he has written up for the day. My Hero Academy, as he recently decided to title it, is popular amongst the kids that attend Silent Story Time where Izuku tells the story in sign language. Recently, the main character, Deku, was accepted into the hero school of his dreams which means that today he will sign the hero-in-training’s first day of school.

All of his new coworkers are pleasant enough, especially Hagakure who is just the right amounts of talkative and sweet. He spends most of his time getting familiar with how the library is organized and takes a few moments to put a few personal touches on his new office before the kids show up.

The kids are captivated as he signs his way through the story, their eyes going wide in panic when Mr. Aizawa tells the young heroes that whoever comes in last place will be expelled. They fidget excitedly when Ground Zero uses his quirk to throw the baseball and practically jump from their seats on the Reading Time rug when they find out that no one is going to be expelled. It warms his heart to have such a good connection with these kids.

After chatting with the kids and parents, Izuku takes in his surroundings, looking at the few patrons around him and that is when he seems him. A man with broad shoulders and ash blonde hair, his crimson eyes burning a hole into Izuku for a moment before Hagakure brings him a book, causing him to look away.

Izuku hides in his office after that. Seeing that man makes him feel like he is going 120 miles per hour with no brakes. The only thing fast than that is his beating heart.

“Is someone picking you up?” Midoriya asks Hagakure as he looks around the parking lot. Only his car remains parked there.

“No, I walk home since it is about fifteen minutes away,” she answers, pulling an umbrella from her purse.

“I can give you a ride home, no need to walk in this stuff, especially since the sky is getting darker. Its probably going to be a downpour soon,” he reasons.

She accepts his offer. “I hope Baku makes it home okay,” she mumbles to herself.

“Who is Baku?” Izuku asks as they start the walk to his car.

“He is a guy with red eyes and spiky blonde hair. He comes in here almost every day. He looks mean, but he’s actually kind of nice in a strange way,” she says with a soft smile.

“Well let’s go find this Baku.”

“He probably won’t go with us.”

“That’s why you don’t give him a choice.”


Izuku looks over at the other driver of the Mitsubishi, giving him a nod and a smirk with a small rev of his car’s engine. The traffic light turns green but it’s a blur a moment later as he shifts and presses down on the gas pedal. He sees Bakugou jolt back into his seat and look a little shocked. He mindlessly pushes in the clutch and shifts while checking his surroundings, including his opponent who is hanging there at his flank. Izuku hums in amusement as he shifts again, pulling away from his challenger. Bakugou is watching him intensely, he can feel his fiery gaze.

“Well this is unfortunate,” Izuku sighs, “we are going to have to cut this race short.”

The blonde looks at him curiously, “why?”

“Never speed under the overpasses around here.” He slows down enough that the other guy speeds past them and then takes the off ramp before drifting onto the overpass. “Look to your right and you’ll see why.”

Bakugou does as he is directed and huffs out a sound that is a mixture of disbelief and amusement as he sees a police car speeding up fast on the Lancer with his lights on. “That must suck.”

“Now you know,” Izuku replies simply as he turns onto a back road and then into Bakugou’s driveway. “You have a nice house and a two-car garage with no car. You are something else.”

Bakugou stares at him for a long moment. “I do have a car.”

“Wha-what?! Why don’t you drive?!”

“That is a story for another day,” he answers as he gets out of the STI.

“What kind of another day?” Izuku presses lightly.

“A day when you earn even more of my trust. Thank you and have a good night, Nerd.” The car door closes and Izuku watches the way Bakugou’s jeans hug his ass for a moment before reversing out of the drive.

Driving a quarter of mile down the same road, he turns into his own driveway and then into the garage while wearing a big, dopey smile. Not only would he be getting the opportunity to spend more time with the grumpy looking guy, but they are neighbors. Sure, he knew that when he put the address in, but seeing it makes it even more exciting.

“I’ll work hard to earn his trust and then his heart.”

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Early morning light filters into Izuku’s bedroom through a gap in the curtains covering his window. Any other day, he would be springing out of his warm bed to get ready for work but today is Friday. It is the start of his weekend and its garage day. He will get started soon but for now his morning thoughts are plagued by crimson eyes and spiky blonde hair.

Every morning this week he has thought about Bakugou and every afternoon this week he has had the pleasure of seeing him amongst the books of the library. Unfortunately, he has not had the time to visit with him or drive him home again. What is it about Bakugou that has his stomach in knots?

Izuku rolls over and buries his head in the mountain of pillows on his bed. What is happening to him?! With a sigh of resignation, he gets out of his fluffy nest and stretches. Showering is a quick affair followed by a small breakfast. Kirishima would be bringing pizza over for lunch and Izuku always eats too much of it.

Once in his ripped jeans and tight grey tee that says, ‘Kiss My Exhaust’, he opens the three rolling doors of his six-car garage. He pulls his red Subaru WRX STI out and puts it behind the building but leaves the teal Subaru WRX STI inside, so he can begin tuning and tweaking it.

“Um, excuse me?” A voice rings out over the Twisted Sister song playing on the radio. Izuku freezes for a moment under the vehicle before slowly rolling out on his creeper. Green eyes lock with red ones and both seem to reflect shock. “Midoriya?”

“Hello Bakugou, what brings you over to my side of the woods?” Izuku hopes he sounds nonchalant about the entire ordeal.

“The delivery douche dropped off these packages at my house, but they have your address,” he huffs. “Where do you want them, they are heavy you know, Deku.”

Izuku directs him to the workbench. It must be the car parts he ordered. “I have been awaiting these pieces of my puzzle,” he says quietly as he grabs a nearby exacto knife, cleanly slicing through the packing tape of the first box. “Oh baby,” he mutters to himself softly as he pulls out the brand new, bubble wrapped cold air intake, flipping it over in his hands. In a matter of minutes there are several shiny parts spread out carefully on the bench. Bakugou and Izuku take up two of the rolling stools while they pop the bubble wrap between their fingers and giggle like children.

“You aren’t getting any work done like this,” Bakugou says teasingly.

Izuku just shrugs. “The gang will be here soon enough and then the real work starts. Besides, I’m sure it won’t hurt to give the oil extra time to drain out.”

“That sounds super thrilling,” is the sarcastic reply.

“Which part?”

“All of it.”

“Have I earned the right to know why you don’t drive?” Izuku asks suddenly as he pops a few more bubbles.

“No,” Bakugou deadpans, squinting at him.

“Okay, okay. What do you drive?”

“Nothing, I don’t drive,” he answers with annoyance.

Izuku puffs out his cheeks indignantly. “Alright then you smartass, what is the year, make, and model of the car that is parked in your garage?”

Bakugou sighs, rather dramatically in Izuku’s opinion, and asks, “if I tell you, will you stop asking questions about it?” Izuku nods vigorously. “It is a 2012 Nissan GT-R R35.” The green haired man looks at him dumbfounded. “What?”

“Do you know what you have sitting in your garage?”

“Did you miss what I just said? I’m not going to repeat myself again after this so listen real close, Deku. It’s a 2012 Nissan GT-R R35.”

“I know what it is, do you know though?” Izuku asks, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“Yes, I know!” Bakugou voices defensively. “It’s a car with a lot of pandas!”

Izuku stares at him for a long time. It is hard to tell if the guy is pulling his leg or if he is just flustered and said the first thing that came to mind. “Pandas?”

“Yes pandas, as in pandapower. Let me use it in a sentence for you. My car has 530 pandapower.” Bakugou is definitely flustered.

“Don’t you mean horsepower?” Izuku asks.

The blonde visibly deflates before running his fingers through his hair. “We drive ricers, Midoriya.” He sounds like he is on the edge of exasperation. “Rice, Asia, pandas, pandapower. As a car guy I thought you would know that.”

“I didn’t take you for a car guy,” Izuku answers back.

“I’m not, but I do have friends who are,” Bakugou replies.

“Oh, speaking of friends, I hear mine!” He bolts to the door, looking out to see a line of cars pulling up his drive.


Katsuki had every intention to deep clean his house today. That is what days off are for and with it being the start of spring break he could get plenty of things done. Opening his front door to check the mail, he stubs his toe on the corner of a package sitting on his porch. A closer look, after his cursing subsides, reveals several packages.

The first thought that comes to his mind is that his parents have sent him more useless shit that he doesn’t need. The labels read Midoriya, Deku with the address being the house next door, if you count a quarter of a mile away as next door. Never caring to socialize unless it is absolutely necessary, Katsuki has never met his neighbor.

Picking up the boxes, he determines they can be carried over, so he doesn’t have to drive.

There is faint music playing from the back of the house when Katsuki approaches so he follows the noise to a large multi-car garage. Looking around he spots a pair of red sneakers sticking out from beneath a car on jack stands. It’s teal and has a black bunny outline on the hood with the word ‘DEKU’ in bold black block letters.

“Um, excuse me?” He calls out over the rock music filling the space. His brain short circuits when Midoriya the Librarian rolls out from beneath the car.

The plans to deep clean his house are delayed as Deku’s friends pull up the driveway and park in a line in front of the open garage.

“Seems like you get to meet my friends,” the shorter man says, puffing his chest out proudly. “They are the best.”

“I don’t like people,” Katsuki scoffs as they emerge from their vehicles.

He is checking the time on his phone when he hears, “Bakubro? Is that you?”

“Fuck me,” he grumbles as he looks up to see Kirishima grinning at him.

“Is it really?” Ashido asks, peering around Kirishima. “It is our favorite explodo boy!” Running up to him, she throws her arms around his shoulders in a big hug.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he answers, patting the pink haired girl’s back awkwardly.

She pulls away and cocks her head to the side. “What are you doing here? You told us you were going to be busy today. When you said busy did you mean getting a piece of Deku’s ass? If so, I can totally forgive you!”

Katsuki feels as mortified as Midoriya looks but keeps his usual scowl in place. “No, I had to bring his packages to him since the postman is illiterate.”

“Mmhmm, likely story,” she says, winking at him.

He opens his mouth to retort and is cutoff by Deku. “I didn’t realize we would have mutual friends.”

Bakugou shrugs, “I told you I’m not a car person.” Pride and appreciation swirl in his chest. “But I do have friends that are.” He ruffles Ashido’s hair.

Katsuki knows how important cars are to Kirishima and Ashido. It was that mutual love that brought them together and made them a couple in the first place. As the spiky redhead likes to say, ‘the couple that rides together, stays together.’

Glancing at the greenette who is watching him closely, Katsuki can’t help but wonder if Izuku would be that way with him. He’d ride with Deku, no questions asked.

Midoriya clears his throat, “since you already know those two then that leaves the other half for you to meet. The blonde one is Kaminari Denki and the other one with the funny looking elbows is Sero Hanta.”

Kaminari does finger guns at him while Sero checks his elbows. “They don’t look funny,” he murmurs.

“No, but you still checked,” Deku says with a laugh. The sound is cute to Katsuki’s ears and he finds himself wanting to hear more. “This is the gang.” His eyes are bright and alive and something about that look has Katsuki giving him a small smile.

“Bakubro, while we have you here we can show off our cars to you.” Kirishima’s excitement is palpable.

“Good idea, Ei!” Ashido adds as she grabs Katsuki’s wrist and begins pulling him out of the garage. “You are constantly blowing us off so now is our chance.”

Bakugou follows her into the sunlight, not even bothering to struggle or argue. He has had a soft spot for her since the incident and can’t really bring himself to defy her. She brings him to the last car in the row. It’s all pink with black rims. The iridescent decal on the door states ‘Pinky’ in large bubble letters. “This is my second baby. It’s a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8.”

Katsuki looks between her and the Challenger for a moment before nodding. “It suits you. What’s your first baby?”

“He is!” She exclaims, clinging to Kirishima who is standing beside what can only be his own car.

“Mine is a 2010 Dodge Charger SRT-8.” It is bright red with a black decal on the trunk that says ‘Riot’ in graffiti letters. Katsuki nods his approval as he moves on to Kaminari.

“2015 Chevy Camaro,” the blonde supplies as Bakugou looks over the yellow paint, noting the black lightning bolt on the hood.

“You will now be known as Pikachu,” Katsuki declares as he walks over to Sero. “Tell me, Freaky Elbows, what do you drive?”

“Dang it, Deku,” he whines as the greenette snorts from the garage. “It’s a BMW M5.” The car is solid black with the words ‘Stay Stuck’ in white block letters on the trunk.

“Nice,” is all Bakugou says as he walks into the garage to stand beside Deku, looking at the 2015 teal Subaru. “I know what this is already. Very tasteful, Short Stack.

Midoriya bristles at the nickname. “I know that, Kacchan.”

“What the fuck did you just call me?!”

“If everyone else gets a nickname, so do you,” he pushes back to the feisty blonde.

Katsuki crouches down to get eye to eye with Deku. “If anyone besides you calls me that, their life will come to a swift end.”

“Baku, you should bring your car over!” Pinky shouts suddenly.

Katsuki narrows his eyes at her. “Maybe some other time, I really am behind schedule now.” He nods at all of them, “until never time,” and begins to walk away.

“Sunday,” Deku yells to him. “Bring you and your car over on Sunday for our weekly grill and chill.”

Nodding, Katsuki confirms, “until Sunday then.”

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“So, how do you know Baku?” Ashido asks, leaning into Izuku’s personal space.

“He studies at the library where I work and he’s my neighbor. How do you know him?” He hopes the question comes off as casual. If Kacchan won’t spill the beans about himself then maybe his friends will.

“Kiri and I met him in middle school.”

“That’s it?” Deku asks.

“Well, Bakubro likes his privacy and we respect that, so we don’t say much about him,” Kirishima adds in as he hands out plates filled with pizza.

“It’s not like I’m asking for his DNA,” Izuku answers back. “I’m just curious as to how one befriends Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Oh, that’s it? That’s an easy answer,” Kirishima replies with a small laugh.

“Is that really it though?” Ashido asks conspiratorially. “I saw the way you were checking out Bakuboy. Midoriya Izuku, you want a piece of your hot neighbor!” She points an accusatory finger at him.

Defeated. That is the type of sigh that Deku heaves out. Leave it to his best friends to read him like a public notice board. “Not just a piece,” he whispers.

“Is that so, Bunny Boy?” Pinky probes.

“I like him, okay? The issue is that the guy won’t give me the time of day. It isn’t like I’m trying hard or anything with him, but I’m worried that if I do try too hard then it’ll push him away. Give me something, anything to work with here,” Izuku pleads.

Ashido exchanges looks with Kirishima and they both nod. “We won’t give you a lot of information.”

Taking what he can get, Izuku nods. “Please.”

“I had to strong arm my way into Bakubro’s bubble. He acts abrasive and rude, but beneath all of that sandpaper exterior is a putty center.” Kirishima looks proud of himself, as he should.

“I just kind of had to use Ei’s momentum to land a friendship slot with him,” Mina says. “You could always use that approach.”

Deku shakes his head, “I’ll figure something out.” Finishing off the last of his pizza, he goes back to working on his car. The rest of the gang follows his lead.


Despite all of his delays today, Katsuki at least manages to scrub out the kitchen and bathroom. He decides he has earned himself a glass of whiskey which he sips on his freshly swept front porch, leaning against one of the pillars. The sunset is fiery orange and tinged with pinks and purples. The only thing more beautiful is his green haired neighbor.

As if on cue, a line of cars drive past his place and there is no doubt it’s Deku’s gang. This isn’t the first time he has seen them like this, but it is the first time that he knows the people in the cars. It must be nice to have such close friends.


Okay, he will admit it. He’s a clean freak. The deep cleaning turned into normal, and unnecessary, daily chores. Everything in his life is a mess with the exception of his house and, after a quick inspection, his car. Leave it to Katsuki to appear so well put together.

At around noon, the usual line of cars make their way to Deku’s house and he can’t help but wonder what it is about driving that pulls them all together into a group. Something akin to longing swirls in his chest and its edged with sadness.

Though he stamps the emotions into the dirt, he still gives in.

The engine of his car purrs to life when he turns the key. It’s grocery day so he might as well take the car, at least that’s his excuse for driving. There is no need for air conditioning since the windows roll down and the warm breeze ruffling his hair takes some of the tension out of his shoulders. And if he passes Deku’s house at 80 mph and climbing, well then that’s his business. Each shift is quick and flawless as he zips along the empty roads, only slowing down when he reaches the city limits.

Grocery shopping is short and sweet and then he is on the road again after stopping for gas. Katsuki takes the scenic route home, remembering why driving is fun.

He whips past Deku’s place and briefly catches the teal Subaru pull out behind him, but then Katsuki is in his driveway and then his garage. He cuts the engine almost unwillingly. There is always tomorrow.


Wiping the condensation from the bathroom mirror, Katsuki gazes at his reflection. His blonde hair is slowly returning to its usual natural spikes and his red eyes blaze against his fair complexion. Smiling softly manages to startle himself from how soft and, dare he say, pretty it makes him appear.

His cell phone ringing pulls him to his bedroom. “Yes, Shitty Hair?”

“Bakubro! Are you still coming over for grill and chill at Mido’s?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Just thought you should know it started at noon thirty, ten minutes ago,” the redhead supplies.

“I’ll be over in a minute.” A black tank top, cargo shorts, and black sneakers are thrown on. After a quick pat down to check that he has all of his things and a trip back into the house for deodorant, Katsuki is pulling out of his garage and driving to his neighbor’s home.

He parks beside Pinky’s Challenger and stretches when he gets out. “Sorry for being late. I fell asleep in the pool,” he explains.

“You have a pool?” Ashido asks, bristling slightly. “Why have you not invited me over?”

“Every time I do, you tell me you’re busy,” Katsuki defends.

“You should do it on a week day,” she says.

“I’m a med student, I don’t have time during the week. How about you pull your head out of your exhaust and come over on a Saturday.” He flicks her on the nose and Kirishima chuckles from beside them.

When he straightens up, he realizes everyone is surrounding his car. “I forgot how nice it looks,” Kirishima says as he watches them too. The body is forest green and the hood and trunk are black. There is an orange X on the hood with matching orange on the rims.

“Like moths to a flame,” he muses quietly.

“Hey Kacchan, can we see what’s under the hood?” Midoriya asks, quirking an eyebrow.

“Needy,” Katsuki teases as he pulls the hood latch. After lifting it, he steps away while the kids look at the candy shop.

“Mido is going to burn the burgers again,” Kirishima says lightly, glancing at the grill. Katsuki wanders over to it and flips the food.

“Shit, my bad,” Deku squeaks as he rushes over. “I got distracted again.”

“It’s fine nerd. Slip me your apron and you can go stare at my car some more.”

“You only get to wear the apron if the offer is serious,” Deku says, gesturing to the white cloth covering his clothes. ‘Kiss the Cook’ is printed in red letters.

“Are you telling me that you’re offering kisses?”

“Clearly,” he says with a giggle.

Katsuki smirks to hide his nerves. “Does anyone ever take you up on the offer?”

Deku shakes his head, “they are all cowards.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Take it how you want to, Kacchan.”

Those adorable freckles are set on a pink background so pretty that Katsuki is certain the sunset could never compare. His smile makes Katsuki’s stomach somersault. And he is absolutely positive those green eyes read into his very soul.

When Katsuki’s body moves, it is before his brain can catch up. He puts a hand on the back of Deku’s neck and one on his hip before dipping the greenette down. Katsuki has his lips on Deku’s when his brain arrives, but with the way the other man is kissing him back, he shoves everything else aside. Arms are wrapped around his back and their bodies are pushed closer together, their lips dancing together soft and slow. Someone clears their throat which pulls them apart. He stares down at the man in his arms, offering him a soft smile before breathlessly whispering, “damn Deku.”

Chapter Text


“Sentiment returned,” Izuku whispers back, arms still wrapped tightly around Bakugou’s shoulders.

He had been half joking about the kisses and he certainly didn’t expect Bakugou to take him up on the offer. The blonde’s lips are soft and warm and inviting. The sweet taste is a slight surprise but intoxicating. Izuku wants nothing more than to get lost in Kacchan, his friends just have to interrupt though.

Bakugou puts them both upright and clears his throat, “now someone has taken you up on the offer.” He looks slightly embarrassed.

“I want to take him up on the offer,” Kaminari protests, edging his way toward Deku.

“Don’t even think about it, Pikachu,” Bakugou warns.

“He isn’t yours, so you can’t tell me no,” Kaminari states firmly to him.

It is obvious that the fact conflicts Kacchan who bristles at him. “Do whatever the fuck you want to then.” Most people would only recognize the hostility of Bakugou’s tone, but Deku can pick up on the defeat too.

Acting quickly, Izuku unties the apron and slips it off. “Too late,” he says as he puts the strap around Kacchan’s neck.

“What are you doing?” Bakugou grumbles to him.

“I’m not really sure,” he answers, reaching his arms around Kacchan’s trim waist to tie the strings.

“Are you going to blame me for the lumps of charcoal on the grill? Is that why I get the apron?”

Izuku freezes for a moment, glancing at the grill to see the food is beyond saving. Kirishima will be ordering more pizza now.

“Not your fault,” Izuku smiles up at him. “I just don’t want to give anyone else my kisses now.”

Bakugou can’t seem to hold eye contact with him. “Do you always say such things so shamelessly?”

“Says the man who is brutally honest and straightforward,” Izuku huffs, pulling away from him. “Kiri, would you mind ordering pizza?”

“Already done my friend,” the redhead replies with a grin.

Deku makes short work of turning off the grill and cleaning up the bricks that were once food. He’d be a liar if he said this type of thing never happened. The root of the issue is that his attention span isn’t very big, so he often forgets about the food. None of his friends ever take over the responsibility either and part of him wonders if that is because his cooking is below the line of acceptably edible. Cooking is not in his list of strengths.

A sigh from Ashido pulls Izuku from his thoughts. “What’s wrong, Mina?”

She nods towards Bakugou who is a distance away from them and yelling into his phone. “Just know this won’t end pleasantly. Don’t put your nose in his business or you’ll lose all of that progress.”

Observing is one of the things on Izuku’s strengths list so he closely watches Kacchan’s body language and facial expressions to get a feel for what is going on in the blonde’s head as he yells.

All too soon the phone is thrust into a pocket and Bakugou storms through everyone to get to his car. He angrily wrenches open the door and is halfway into the seat when Izuku comes up beside him. “Kacchan.”

The gaze that is turned upon him is full of fury and contempt. Ashido’s words make sense now. The line for staying in this man’s good graces is very thin and Izuku is now wobbling on it precariously.

Nothing can be said or done to help Bakugou at the moment so Deku simply nods at him before walking away.


Leaving his car in the driveway, Katsuki storms through his front door before slamming it shut so hard that the wood around the knob cracks and splinters. Just another thing to piss him off. First his bitch of a mother decides to call and tell him how worthless he is which is followed by some confusing vibes from Deku and now his door is broken.

Jogging through the woods only helps him to calm down a small amount. His thoughts keep outpacing him at every pounding footfall. A shower calms him further, but he is still angry and confused. All he wants is someone to keep him company. The walls of his house are suffocating at best.

Engine purring to life, Katsuki closes the distance from his house to Midoriya’s in a few seconds. Pulling up, the Dekugang is closing up empty pizza boxes and chatting animatedly.

“What’s up, Bakubro?” Kirishima asks, looking at him with worry.

Katsuki acknowledges him with a nod before turning his sights onto the short, green haired man who has turned to stare at him, mouth gaping slightly. “How much do you trust me?”

Deku nods, “I don’t know why, but I do, more than anything.”

“Get in.” There is hesitation from him, but it’s born from confusion and not distrust. “Get in and I’ll tell you.”

There is no answer from Deku as he walks around to the passenger side and gets in, silently clicking on his seatbelt and waiting.

Katsuki pulls out of the driveway and follows their road out to the more rural parts of their area. “I don’t really know where to start with this shit, so I guess I’ll go back to when I was a little asshole. As a child I, um, wasn’t very well liked. Not because I was mean or antisocial but because I wear glasses, my parents are filthy rich, I’m always at the top of my class, and back then I was a shrimp.” He glances over at Midoriya. “Don’t look so surprised, bullying goes both ways. Moving on, I became depressed and anxious all the time and then I learned to turn my sadness into anger. My mom is a hothead like me so naturally I picked up the habit easily.”

Deku simply nods and hums along as Katsuki talks. He looks at their surroundings, but it is easy to tell that he is fully listening.

“Puberty was kind to me, it gave me the chance to bulk up and get hot.” The blush that creeps up Deku’s cheeks has Katsuki smirking. “It’s okay to agree with me. Anyways, Ei and Mina managed to squirm themselves into my space in middle school as I started the transformation. By high school I was everyone’s typical definition description of a bad boy just without the trouble and I was still at the top of my class. Are you keeping up?”

“I’m following you closely, Kacchan,” Deku answers softly and the look in his eyes is earnest.

“Good, here is where you learn the most. After high school, my mom insisted that I go to art school. She wants me to take over Bakugou Fashion one day when she and dad are too old to continue, however, I want to be a doctor. I got into med school with ease and dad has fully supported me, still does.”

Katsuki pulls off the road next to a guardrail, cuts the engine, and gets out, Midoriya following him. They lean against the car as they look out over a valley that is bathed in deep orange as the sun sets over the horizon.

“The old hag likes to call me once or twice a semester to remind me how useless I am and that I’ll never make anything of myself. I know why she does it, but it doesn’t make anything easier. She and I are both too proud to bow to the other.” He continues after a deep sigh. “My parents pay for my schooling and bought my house for me. My car was a graduation present when I finished high school. What 18-year-old needs a car like this?”

Both of them look at his Nissan. “It is nice though,” Deku comments.

“I don’t like to drive because my parents bought me the car and I just think over and over how I only have it because of them. I work three or four nights a week to make money and it sits tucked away safely for the day mom cuts me off or the day I can afford my own things without their help. I’m going to do something worthwhile with my life.”
The following silence is comfortable and helps Katsuki to cool off completely.

“Why do you want to be a doctor?” Midoriya asks, looking up at him through long lashes.

“I want to help people.”

Deku snorts. “I thought you said you don’t like people.”

“I like little people,” Katsuki replies with a shrug.

“Little people?”

“For fuck sake, Midoriya. Kids. I like kids.” The shorter man opens his mouth but quickly cuts himself off as if he has thought better than to say something. “What is it?”

“Kiss me,” Deku pleads quietly.

Katsuki pulls him close, leaning down to lock their lips in a soft, chaste kiss. He pulls back slightly to look at Deku. “Does the thought of me liking kids get you hot?”

He nods, adding, “let’s not forget Kacchan in glasses.”

“The more you know,” Katsuki muses, leaning back.

“Why did you choose to tell me now?”

“I just had the urge to tell you. Is it everything you expected it to be?” Kacchan pushes him against the side of the car. He strokes the freckles on one of those soft cheeks.

“Most definitely. I’m happy I got in the car with you.”


The look that Bakugou gives him reflects relief. The blonde swoops in and catches Izuku’s lips again but it’s a bit needier. It gains heat when Kacchan slips his tongue into Deku’s mouth, exploring and caressing every inch that can be reached.

When Katsuki hoists him up by his thighs, Izuku wraps his legs around him tightly. Fingers are tangled in hair as they grind against each other, devouring one another.

They separate for air and Deku straightens himself up. “Would you like to drive?” Katsuki asks, dangling the keys in front of Izuku’s face.

Chapter Text


It is hard to discern if the car is vibrating or if Deku is but all that matters is Deku’s elation as he eases the toe of his shoe down on the gas pedal. They roll onto the road smoothly.

“It’s cool if you go fast, I know you want to,” Katsuki says nonchalantly as he watches the scenery pass. The feeling of butterflies in his stomach are going much faster than they are though.

“Maybe, maybe not. It is kind of strange not having to shift. What do you do with your spare hand when you’re driving?” Deku asks conversationally.

“I work the other gear shifter,” Bakugou answers with a hint of laughter.

“What other gear shifter?”

“The one between my legs.” There is a slight gasp from beside him and he turns to see Deku’s cheeks are pink while he focuses on the road with determination. “What did you expect me to say, Nerd?”

Midoriya smirks before answering, “I figured you would at least invite me to the party.”

Katsuki’s cheeks heat up and he returns to looking out the window. “You aren’t to that level with me. Yet.”

“Who says I want to be?” Deku chokes out.

Bakugou snorts amusedly, “what are you, twelve? You think I didn’t notice your growing interest when I had you against the car?”

Deku pouts his lips but remains quiet the rest of the trip back to the house.

Pulling into the drive, they see that the Dekugang is still there, chatting animatedly. It ceases when they exit the car.

“Welcome back,” Ashido says with a cheeky smile.

“Bye,” Katsuki huffs out to her followed by a middle finger. He turns to Deku, “thank you for the company.”

Midoriya smiles and nods. “Shift ya later, Kacchan!”

Smirking, Katsuki sits in the driver’s seat and replies, “only if you have the balls.” He closes the door and reverses out of the driveway. The pained look from Deku followed by the mouthed words ‘bad pun’ is not missed by Bakugou who laughs to himself.


He has lost track of how many glances he has given to Bakugou’s empty study table. Yes, he knows it is spring break so Kacchan is off doing whatever he is doing, but Izuku still misses his presence.

Silent Story Time is about to help his wandering mind. They are reaching human to human combat in ‘My Hero Academy’. He has named all of his characters by their hero names and is slowly revealing their “real names”. Today, Ground Zero becomes Kacchan.

The kids arrive nearly simultaneously and sign to each other excitedly on the rug. One person that Izuku doesn’t expect to see is Bakugou, sitting at his table with only his phone in his hand.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Deku paces over to his stool. The kids gather around him and look at him with rapt attention. He takes in a deep breath and starts signing.


There is no other reason for him to be at the library except Midoriya. His work is complete, and school is out for a week anyways. At least if he had brought his laptop then he could look like he was working. For someone as bright as he is, Katsuki could be stupid.

It is something in the way the head librarian signs to those kids draws him in. Midoriya says so much to them without words and it is just amazing to witness. He will deny that it squeezes his heart in the best way possible.

“What brings you in Bakugou?” Hagakure asks, a knowing glint in her eye and a tease in her smile.

“I like to be here,” he answers with a shrug.

“Just a FYI, he’s been checking your table every five to ten minutes.” She walks away with a flip of her hair.

So Deku has been missing him? What a nerd. It is rather endearing even though Katsuki will never admit that.

“His story is good, isn’t it?” A man with black hair pulled back into a bun says, sitting across from Bakugou at the table.

Looking the man over, Katsuki notes how tired he appears to be. “I don’t actually know sign language.”

The man seems to get his insinuation because he nods and flashes a small smile. “Midoriya writes the story himself. It’s called ‘My Hero Academy’. Would you like me to catch you up and do some translation? He hasn’t written too much and right now he is recapping what happened last Monday.”

“I couldn’t bother you like that,” Katsuki says sheepishly.

“It isn’t any bother.”

The black-haired man introduces himself as Aizawa Shouta and explains that his daughter, Eri, likes Midoriya’s storytelling and signs with him as if he is an older sibling. Aizawa continues on, telling the main points of ‘My Hero Academy’. Katsuki nods along, clinging to the man’s words and absorbing them. When he starts translating, Katsuki keeps listening but watches Deku.

The nerd knows how to tell a good story. Despite Aizawa’s monotoned whisper of translation, Midoriya’s gestures are large and full of energy. It’s a fight scene between Deku and a hero called Ground Zero, who has a quirk that causes explosions to erupt from his palms. This Ground Zero character sounds like a real jerk while at the same time being a badass. If he knows anything about Midoriya though, there is a deeper reason for that.

All too soon, story time is wrapping up. “By the way, Ground Zero has a real name,” Aizawa whispers, eyes still on Deku. “Bakugou Katsuki, but Deku knows him as Kacchan.”

Katsuki is torn between amusement and offense. He isn’t that much of a dick though he does have a cool quirk. Instead of laughing or protesting, he just shakes his head. “Thank you for translating.” Katsuki stands with Aizawa and outstretches his hand. “I’m Bakugou Katsuki, by the way.”

The tired man tentatively shakes his hand. “You don’t bully Midoriya, do you?”

“No sir, I don’t know why I’m that guy. I only just met Izuku.” The name slips out accidentally and he feels just as surprised as Aizawa looks.

“Kacchan,” Deku says quietly, still signing as he speaks. “Mr. Aizawa,” he greets the other man. Both men nod at him. A small girl with white hair stands beside Midoriya, watching the exchange.

The little girl tugs on the hem of Deku’s shirt to get his attention before signing to him. Some of the motions look familiar to Katsuki.

“Yes, this is Kacchan,” Midoriya both says and signs to her. The girl’s face morphs from confused to comprehension to glee before she skips away to the other kids. She signs to them briefly and they all look him over before turning back to sign to each other, their movements are small and concise.

The movements seem familiar and they are, the kids are spelling ‘Kacchan’. “Why do I get the feeling they are whispering about me?”

Deku smiles shyly as Aizawa says, “that’s because they are whispering about you.”


“Just let me take you home, Kacchan! Why are you being so difficult?”

“It’s because I am difficult, Deku! How have you not figured that out yet?” Bakugou answers gruffly.

Izuku is anything but a Deku so the joke is on Kacchan. “It’s because of how I make you feel, right?”

Bakugou gives him a scowl. “Fuck off, stupid nerd. I don’t need you or feelings.” The blonde turns sharply on his heel and stalks away.

He had only offered Kacchan a ride home after the kids had cleared out. Izuku just wanted to be helpful and then out of nowhere, Bakugou took his kindness as a threat to his pride. The frailty of that man’s pride is astounding.

Deku wastes no time getting in his car and following Kacchan. He checks that the road is clear before whipping his vehicle onto it and throwing it into reverse. No use in yelling at Bakugou through the passenger side window.

Once he sees the blonde’s face, Izuku rolls down his window. “Come on, Kacchan. Please. I’ll even buy you dinner before I take you home.” Deku bites his lower lip, hoping his joke (Is it a joke?) doesn’t fall flat.

“You’re going to get yourself killed, you idiot,” Bakugou scoffs at him.

“At least I am doing something I enjoy then.”

“What? Driving in reverse?”

“Talking to you.”

Chapter Text


The diner is small and plays music from the 50s and 60s over tinny speakers in each corner of the joint, but the burgers are to die for and the French fries are a close second, according to Bakugou.

By some miracle Kacchan got in the car with him. The jury is still out on whether or not that is a good thing.

Bakugou heaves a sigh after swallowing a bite of his jalapeno sriracha burger. “What do you need me so desperately for, Deku?”

“Time and attention,” Izuku mumbles more to his fries than Bakugou.

“Try again, I didn’t catch that,” the blonde replies, squinting at him.

“I want to spend time with you,” Izuku answers with more volume and clarity.

Kacchan’s face is impassive as he says, “you have me, so now what?”

“W-well I, um, you see,” Izuku stutters out, gesticulating the whole time.

“Get right to it, Midoriya.”

“I want you to come to an Exhilaration race,” he replies breathily.


“The gang and I,” Deku starts, dropping his voice down and leaning in close, “we street race on the weekends as Team Exhilaration.”

He watches as Bakugou slouches back in his seat and scrutinizes him. “Do you know what would happen to my career if I got caught up in something illegal like that? It would be over before it even got started and it is really close to starting, Deku. I’m about to go into residency.”

Izuku nods rapidly. “It isn’t illegal to watch Kacchan, you’ll be an innocent bystander.”

“When and where?”

It couldn’t be that simple, could it? Nothing could ever be simple with Bakugou. “We never know the exact where until that day. The when is always 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Why do you ask?”

Bakugou nods as he swipes a fry through some ketchup. “I’m busy this Friday until 9pm. I can meet up with you after that or on Saturday. Or both if you want time with me that bad.”

“The antisocial Bakugou actually does more than swim in his pool and bury his nose in a book? I almost can’t believe it,” Izuku says, gasping in mock surprise.

“Once a month the club likes to host-“ he cuts himself off. “It doesn’t matter. What works best for you?”

“I’ll take both days please. Will you be driving, or would you like for me to pick you up?”

“I will arrange something with Shitty Hair. You don’t get to know about that part of my life.”

Izuku’s smile fades, “yet?”

Bakugou shakes his head, “ever, if I can help it.”


It happened sometime in his childhood. His secret hobby. With his parents being fashion designers and Katsuki being homeschooled in his early years, naturally he ended up on photoshoot sets all the time. Both adults and kids alike would be photographed in the clothes his parents created.

He could pinpoint that special moment too. One shoot in particular had a teen girl modeling a dress for the school formal line that was being put out for the season. The clothing in particular was a flowing silk dress that started as a coppery orange at the top and progressed to deeper shades until the last third of the garment was a fiery red. The sequins and jewels that adorned it made the model appear to spark and crackle with each movement. The glittering makeup around her eyes and on her lips made her appear ethereal to him.

His eyes widened and shined with wonder as he stared at the dress. Mitsuki had kneeled down beside him and asked, “what do you think, Katsuki?”

“I want it,” he whispered back in awe, never looking away.

She had just smiled and patted him on the head before returning to her work.

The fascination with glitzy dresses and glamorous makeup didn’t end there for Katsuki though. In middle school, he sprouted up like a tree and could finally fit in a dress so he went to the internet to learn what he could from sizing to styles to makeup tutorials. With his confidence high, Katsuki raided his mother’s closet for a dress to try, settling on a floor length black cocktail dress that cinched at his waist.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror in his bedroom, Katsuki slid the smooth fabric over his head and watched it waterfall down the rest of him. It felt good to wear the dress, but then the conflicting feelings started deep in his chest.

Males shouldn’t wear female clothes, it is wrong. This behavior shouldn’t feel good to him, it should feel awful. And for the first time ever, Katsuki hated himself. He was defective and unmanly. Those thoughts brought him to his obsessive workout regiment, the bigger the muscles the more masculine he would be.

During his alone time though, Bakugou would once again visit his mother’s closet to try on a new dress until they became too tight. Just before he started his first year of high school, Mitsuki graced his bedroom with a box in one hand and a black gift bag in the other.

“What’s the occasion?” Katsuki huffed at her.

“Don’t be such a brat. I come bearing gifts for you and you give me that shoddy attitude. Just open it then, no ceremony needed.” The mother and son pair had become more and more alike over the years and both of them secretly enjoyed that fact, but it caused a lot of arguments.

Lid off of the box, Katsuki sat on his bed staring at the article of clothing nestled inside. Conflicting feelings raged inside of him. He wanted to throw the gift, to hug his mother, to scream at her for digging up the buried insecurities he had tried to put to rest, but instead he just stared.

“I know you’ve been wearing my dresses. I’ve seen your internet search history. Between the makeup videos and the gay porn, it has been easy to piece together most of the puzzle.” Mitsuki softens her tone by a fraction. “It’s okay to embrace who you are, Katsuki. Screw what society thinks. You need to love you and that is it, everything else will fall into place after. Now, try it on so I can see it. I had it altered to your measurements.”

Katsuki came out of his closet cloaked in an orange and red dress. Exactly the same dress that his younger self had fallen in love with, the one that started it all. His mother introduced him to some of the drag queens in the industry and they helped Katsuki on his journey. Masaru didn’t care to involve himself and told his son to do as he pleased. Right after he graduated, Katsuki debuted his drag queen persona, Fyre, at a nearby club with a few of his drag friends and the tradition continues, albeit one Friday a month instead of every Friday.


“Don’t look so down, Deku. You act as if I just kicked you because I won’t give away all of my secrets. It isn’t the end of the world.” Bakugou throws a fry at Midoriya who is frowning deeply. It seems to snap him out of wherever his brain spaced to because he proceeds to give Katsuki a smile so bright he actually has to squint.


“No man, I won’t dare tell you about that,” Kirishima says, pumping the brake on the Subaru and then holding it.

“You and Pinky are wounding me,” Izuku complains from under the car as he lets the air out of the brake line. “Again.”

“I don’t mind talking about Bakugou, but the club is very personal for him. Mina and I found out accidentally and then we were sworn to secrecy. Ask me anything else, anything but that.”

“I think one more time should do it. What’s his job?”

Kirishima pokes his head out the open door of the vehicle, “his job is at the other club and that information is also off limits.”

Izuku rolls out and wipes his hands on a shop towel. “This secrecy stuff kind of puts me off from wanting to pursue him. I mean I’m curious about him and all, but not so much so that I’m willing to ignore all of the secrets he is keeping.”

“No, no Izu, don’t give up on Bakubro. He is worth the wait, I promise,” Kirishima says in a rush.

“Why are you pushing this?” Izuku asks, gulping down more of his energy drink.

“That’s easy,” Mina answers as she passes by, “Katsuki has never once shown a romantic interest in someone until you came along.”

It almost seemed unbelievable to him. When he thinks about it more though, Kacchan’s abrasive attitude probably keeps most people at an arm’s length or even further away. And in some way, Bakugou may like his minimally social lifestyle. The racing scene may not be for the blonde after all.


It isn’t that he is not himself all the time because he is very much Bakugou Katsuki. Being Fyre allows him to step outside of his boring life. On the stage he is like a god, his fans can look but not touch and they love his sharp wit and bad attitude. They realize it is just his blunt honesty and that garners him even more respect.

“Oh my god, Fyre, you look like a grenade,” Maddee says as she walks past the vanity. She isn’t wrong, between the green dress with a grenade pattern on it and the orange explosions clipped into her teased up black wig, she does look like a grenade.

“Of course I do babe, my numbers tonight are going to be just as explosive as I am,” Fyre states factually as she paints on the wing of her eyeliner so sharp, she could kill a man.

“You are so gorgeous,” Maddee comments, standing behind Fyre.

“And you are the second most badass bitch in this place,” she says as she stands up.

“Excuse me?! Who is ahead of me in the line?”

“I am, duh!” Fyre cackles at her before strutting off in the direction of the stage.

The lights are bright and warm when she steps out on stage with her arms open wide. Heels clicking with purpose, Fyre strides out to the middle of the walk and poses before her music starts up. Car racing is the farthest thing from Katsuki’s mind as he falls into his Fyre ego and cheers engulf her.


“Throw your stuff in the trunk of Mina’s car and get into mine,” Kirishima orders from where he is leaning against his own.

“Nice to see you too, Asshole,” Katsuki snaps at him but follows the directions all the same.

“She isn’t racing tonight so you don’t have to worry about your wigs getting messed up too much. You’re welcome for my thoughtfulness, Bakubro.” Kirishima’s smirk widens at his mumbled ‘thanks’.

“Did you have a good time?”

Katsuki grunts and then says, “I always do. The tips were good, and my fans are still rabid so I’m doing something right.”

The drive to their destination is quiet until they near the end of the line and that’s when Kirishima speaks up. “Deku tried to pry information from Mina and me about your activities today.” The mingling looks of rage and panic have him rushing on, “we didn’t tell him of course. You should know us better than that, Bakugou. Just, ugh, you’re going to have to give Green Bean a little more.”

“What do you mean by that?” Irritation laces the words.

“Your secretiveness is pushing him away.”

“I don’t need that extra or his interest. My life, who I am, none of it is his business.” Katsuki stares out the window as they approach a very large parking lot on the edge of the city. The attached factory went out of commission several years ago and sits abandoned.

There must be more than thirty cars parked in groups or lines on the asphalt. It’s easy to pick out Exhilaration, they are grouped up in a corner on the edge of the crowd.

“Keep telling yourself those lies, Bakugou. You might actually believe them one day.” The redhead departs the car with those words, leaving Katsuki to stew in the mix of emotions that are fighting in his chest.

Loneliness wins out over all the others and crying becomes an option that he really wants to select. There isn’t time to think about it because his door opens and a freckled face under a mop of green curls swoops in, pecking his lips quickly before retreating again.

“I’m glad you’re here Kacchan. Take your time.” Just as fast as the door had opened, it closes and leaves him with a whole new set of emotions to fight against.

Izuku stands at the front of the car talking to Freaky Elbows before diving into Pinky’s car. He comes over to Katsuki’s door and opens it once more. “Hey, uh Kacchan, are you wearing lipstick?”

Ice runs through his veins as he slowly pulls the visor down, the peach lipstick catching his attention first before he checks for any other stray makeup. Missing the lipstick is such an amateur mistake. So stupid.

“What of it?” He growls between clenched teeth.

Midoriya gives him a genuine, bright smile before answering, “it looks beautiful on you, very fitting. I’ll gladly take more.” He snags another kiss and is gone again. This man will be the death of Katsuki, he is sure of it.


Chatting with Kirishima helped Izuku calm down about Bakugou’s secret keeping. It is obvious he will open up in his own time. After managing to steal a kiss from the blonde, Deku did not expect Sero to point out smudged lipstick on his lips. Confirming it in Pinky’s rearview mirror, he went back to Bakugou who immediately became defensive about the whole ordeal. Izuku simply complimented it and kissed him again.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Deku chides the team as they stare at him. He hears Kacchan’s door open and close and the blonde comes to stand in front of him.

“Did you truly mean that?” Bakugou’s voice is a hoarse whisper.

“Every word,” Izuku confirms. Containing a smile is difficult for him as Kacchan wipes away the smudges from around his lips.

The blonde leans his forehead against Izuku’s and says, “I want to tell you everything, just not now.”

“Take your time, Kacchan. In the meantime, can I give you some of my story?” A nod from the other man pushes him onward. “Walk with me.” Bakugou wordlessly follows him into the crowds of cars and people.

“You and I were raised very differently. My mom is a single parent who worked really hard to provide for the both of us. Around the time I started high school I wanted to find a way to help out as well, but few places want to hire a 14-year-old kid. I ran into some guys in an alley and instead of robbing me they gave me a job.” He pauses by a dark blue car, eyes roaming over everything beneath the hood.

“How very kind of them,” Kacchan grumbles to him.

“I still envy your Shelby, Ojiro,” Izuku says to the blonde who is leaning against it, scrolling through his phone.

“I’ll let you drive it, but you need to ask nicely,” he replies, looking over his shoulder and shooting Deku a wink, completely ignoring Bakugou.

Izuku snorts, “you couldn’t handle this, big things come in little packages.”

“Next time then,” Ojiro says with a dramatic sigh.

Izuku returns his attention to his friend, “it was kind of them. Sort of, anyways. Turns out, my new job was to boost cars before school and take them to the chop shop. The money was good and when my mom asked me where it was coming from, I told her I was waiting tables at a coffee shop near the garage. It wasn’t a complete lie, one of the guys in the group owned the shop as a cover and sometimes I would work there if I had nothing better to do. She looked skeptical and I told her my tips were really good because I smiled so much and put everyone in a better mood. Can you believe that she bought that excuse?” Izuku asks incredulously.

Bakugou nods and adds, “your smile does that to people, so yes I can believe it.”

Deku ducks his head, hiding his heated face. “Um, right, so anyways, once I got better at driving then the leader invited me to be on his racing team, he said the money would be even better. The guy wasn’t lying about that either. Sure, it is gambling but if you have the cars and the skills to back up the bets then it’s a lucrative game to play.” Kacchan’s face is still impassive as he listens and Izuku can’t help but wonder what he is thinking.

“Is that it?” The blonde asks quietly.

“Not quite, no. by the time I graduated, the top of my class might I add, my saving account was much bigger than it had any business being and my mom only had to work one job. I kept at it for a couple of years after high school before I split away from the gang. It was not an amicable split either, there was a lot of yelling and threats from their side. I made the point that we were at stalemate because we were all guilty of illegal shit.”

“Todoroki?” Bakugou whispers. Deku looks up at him and follows his stare.

“You know Todoroki?”

“He’s in my study group. I’d like to avoid him,” Bakugou says, looking around for an escape.

“Sure thing Kacchan, follow me,” Izuku replies, tugging on the blonde’s sleeve. “Do you mind if we cut through here, Mei?”

A girl wearing steampunk goggles peers up at them from between two cars before a broad smile breaks out on her face. “You know the price for that my dear cinnamon roll.” She chuckles darkly.

Izuku hides his grimace and points at Bakugou, “I’m sending him ahead of me then.”

Mei looks Kacchan over from head to toe and agrees. “I’ll accept those terms, but I get two instead of one.”

“Fine.” He gestures for Bakugou to walk in front of him. They pass her and Izuku flinches when she grabs both of his ass cheeks.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” she calls to him as they walk away.

“What a pervert,” he groans out in annoyance.

“What was the payment?” Kacchan asks with a raised eyebrow.

“An ass grab,” he chokes out around his embarrassment.

“Really? How do I get in on that action?” The blonde asks with amusement.

Deku shrugs and answers, “another makeout session.”

“That can be arranged.”

“So,” Izuku says in hopes of changing the conversation. “I ended up becoming a librarian to kill time and all of a sudden this adorably angry guy waltzed into my life and here we are now. Any questions, comments, concerns, etc.?”

Bakugou looks thoughtful for a moment before shaking his head. “I’ll learn more as I go along.”

“Are you not even concerned about the fact that I’m a criminal? That my morals are questionable?”

“You did what you needed to do to survive. Did you ever get caught?”

“No, I didn’t. My record is still clean,” Izuku says proudly.

“It’s about time for you to race, Deku!” Pinky shouts, waving her phone around. “You race Todoroki first.”

“Seems like your favorite study buddy is going to be the first one to taste defeat tonight,” Izuku says smugly.

“Aren’t you a cocky one?”

“Big things come in little packages.”


Todoroki flashes him a tiny smile as they sit at the start line, their cars humming much like the anticipation in Deku’s chest. As the flag is brought down, he quickly lets up off the clutch, pressing the gas down once it catches in just the right place. His heartbeat accelerates with the car, his surroundings becoming blurs of color with bursts of light as they pass under the street lamps.

Shouto is keeping pace with him as he expected, but he doesn’t worry about it. Tensing up during a race means hesitation which can give a driver the necessary opening to pull ahead and win.

There is a U-turn at the end of the half mile so they can turn around and come back on the other side of the median. That is where Izuku sees Todoroki tense up and slow down marginally.

“Perfect,” he mutters, grabbing his handbrake. The drift is wider than Shouto’s but faster too, meaning Izuku pulls out of it quicker as well. That is all it takes for him to take the lead and a few breaths later he passes over the finish line with Todoroki a second behind him.


Adrenaline hitting his bloodstream surprises Katsuki as he watches Deku shoot off the line. There is a rushing sound in his ears, and he has forgotten how to blink. It isn’t more than a minute before the cars come back, screeching to a halt as the crowd cheers and the next pair pull up to the line.

“Let’s go see Deku,” Kaminari says to Bakugou as Team Exhilaration walks back towards the parking lot.

“Killing it out there like always,” Sero says, clapping Deku on the back jovially. Everyone agrees, high fiving him or hugging him.

“Ei, baby, time to line up,” Mina calls out over the idle chatter.

“Watch and learn,” the redhead says with a sharp smile.

The team walks back to the line, Katsuki hanging towards the back and Deku standing with him. “What do you think so far, Kacchan?”

Looking down, he can see the excitement on Midoriya’s face is tinged with a small amount of anxiety. What can he say about how he is feeling right now? I want rail you against your car for being so damn hot. That won’t cut it. I’ll take you up on that makeout session now. Better but not enough. Where do I sign up to race like that? Too soon for that, Katsuki. I could just grunt at him. He is needing more than that. Fuck, just be honest, he expects that much from you at the very least.

“You’re the coolest nerd I’ve ever met.” Nice going Katsuki, now he is going to think-

“I’m still second to you though, Kacchan,” Midoriya says as he rubs the back of his neck nervously. “When it’s time to go home, would you like to ride back with me?”

“Are you going to go fast?”

“Is there any other way to go?”

Bakugou cracks a smile. “Depends on the activity.”

Midoriya sputters and flushes pink. “You and Mei should be friends!”

“She and I already have one thing in common.” Katsuki leans down next to Deku’s ear and whispers, “we can’t get enough of that ass.”

Chapter Text


“K-Kacchan,” Deku pants hotly in his ear. “So tight.”

“You can try to move now,” Katsuki replies.

Both of them are holding their breaths as Deku moves back. “God,” Midoriya whines, “how do you manage to do this?”

It is difficult for Katsuki not to crack a smile. “I like to be on top, I have to be number one at everything I do. What’s wrong Deku, can’t take a little heat?”

“It’s hot and tight and I’m afraid to make a move. It could all be over immediately if it’s the wrong move and you would be unsatisfied.”

Katsuki snorts out his amusement. “It’ll be fine, this is an old one anyways so if you rip it then it’s no big deal.” He watches Midoriya wriggle around in the teal mermaid gown, trying to catch glimpses of himself at different angles in the full-length mirror. Deku’s ass is gloriously round and prominent and they both know that Bakugou is staring at it but neither one says anything.

It’s the Sunday after the races and before the usual Grill and Chill. The little greenette had come over to ask Katsuki if he minded helping grill the food since it always ended up burnt every other time. It wasn’t until his neighbor interrupted himself to ask Katsuki about the wig he was wearing did he realize he had forgotten to take it off. The deal he made with Deku was a simple one; the racer had to try on a dress and Katsuki would tell him about his secret hobby. Midoriya upheld his end of the bargain so now it’s his turn.

“I’m a drag queen, sometimes.” Katsuki can’t bring himself to look Deku in the eye when he says it. He doesn’t want to watch his crush judge him and then decide he no longer has an interest in him.

“Bakugou Katsuki.” He flinches at his name but sneaks a peek at Midoriya. “You should have told me! I have a few drag friends! I adore all of them and go to their shows when I get time. I mean, you didn’t know that of course, but it’s true. What’s your drag name?” Midoriya has no issue moving about in the skin-tight garment as he performs a small dance of excitement.

This is not at all what was anticipated. “It’s, uh, Fyre,” Katsuki answers hesitantly.

“What?! You’re the one that Maddee is always gushing about over vodka sodas on Thursdays?” He begins doing an impression of Bakugou’s best drag friend. “ ‘Fyre is so beautiful. She can wing eyeliner better than anyone I know. Fyre could go out on stage with her dick showing and her fans would still go crazy for her, they’re rabid. How does anyone compete with somebody like that?’ And to think that this entire time she was on about you!”

“Did she really say that about me going out with my dick out?”

“You have your priorities straight, Kacchan. Yes, she did. Do I seem like the type of person to come up with something that great?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Katsuki agrees with a snicker.

“Kacchan is so mean!” Deku pouts at him. “Now, how about that food?”


A soft smile is painted on Katsuki’s face as he grills the hamburgers and hot dogs, careful not to pull a Deku and burn everything. There is something about the greenette that brings out an entirely new side of him and though he wants to hate it, he can’t deny that he feels genuinely happy because of it.

Glancing over his shoulder, Bakugou sees the team chatting animatedly as they check over things under each hood of the cars lined up perfectly by the garage, Katsuki’s included. It makes his heart feel full, but he’ll deny that.

“Kacchan, who changes your fluids?” Deku asks him as he appears beside him with a dipstick in his hand.

Myself, every morning during my shower. “I usually take it to the dealership. Why?”

Half of the team shakes their heads at him. “Not anymore,” Midoriya says matter-of-factly. “You bring it to me from now on. I’ll take care of you.” Yes please.

“I won’t argue with you on that one Deku. By the way, the food is done, and perfectly might I add.”


"Hey 'Zuku, why don't you take a break and get a drink?" Katsuki calls out as he enters the garage and sits the drinks on the workbench.

"Thanks, Kacchan, that sounds like a great idea. I'm actually done with the work," he answers.

Katsuki turns to see his boyfriend standing in front of his car, wiping sweat from his forehead with the hem of his shirt. His rolling abs are coated in a sheen of sweat and his muscled forearms bear the evidence of hard work. And fuck if it doesn't do something to him. "Either you take it off or I will," Katsuki growls.

Deku looks at him in confusion until he sees the familiar, hungry glint in his eyes. "Wh-wha, Kacchan!" He exclaims when the blonde picks him up and moving to softly lay him on the hood of the car.

"No one should look as sexy as you do, Deku." Katsuki dives in for a kiss, drinking Izuku's whimpers like man dying of thirst. As he licks into his boyfriend's mouth, he makes short work of any articles of clothing that restrict progress, all of it landing unceremoniously on the concrete floor. Pulling away, he slips a couple of fingers in Deku's mouth, watching as he sucks on them greedily, coating them in saliva. "You're such a good boy," Katsuki whispers, removing his fingers and placing them at his boyfriend's tight entrance, rubbing teasing circles.

"Kacchan, please," he whimpers softly, wiggling his hips.

Smirking, he slowly pushes a finger into the man below him, relishing the drawn out moan it brings forth from those plush, pink lips. "So tight, baby. You've gotta let me loosen you up so you can take Daddy's cock." It doesn't take long for a second finger to join the first one, working in and out of Deku's ass in well-practiced strokes, scissoring and curling to stretch him out.

"I'm ready. Fuck me, Kacchan," Izuku forces out through his whimpers, his cock hard and dripping onto his toned stomach.

"What's my name?" Katsuki asks, slicking his cock with his spit before placing it at Izuku's hole. The greenette mumbles something, his cheeks turning red. "I didn't quite catch that, Bunny. Try again."

"Please fuck me, Daddy," he answers louder, glancing anywhere but at him.

"Let me get this straight," the blonde says through clenched teeth as he sinks into the delicious tight heat of his boyfriend's ass, shoving Deku's knees up towards his chest, opening him more. "You have no problem letting me put my dick in you, but calling me that sexy fucking name embarrasses you?"

Face contorted in pleasure, all Izuku can do is give a small nod as his Kacchan stretches him in all of the best ways possible.

When his hips meet plump freckled ass cheeks, Katsuki leans down and whispers, "then I guess I'll have to fuck it out of you."

He pulls out and snaps his hips forward repeatedly, listening to each moan and whine the action pulls from the man beneath him. It fuels him to move faster and fuck into Deku harder. He goes in for a heated kiss, choking off those delectable sounds.

"You're the best, Baby, so fucking good," he pants against Izuku's flushed skin when he pulls away for air.

"More Kacchan, fuck me harder," Deku begs.·

"Try again."

Katsuki angles his hips to tickle the magical pleasure place deep inside of his lover and knows that he has struck gold.

Izuku arches his back off of the hood of the car, crying out at the stimulation, "yes right there, oh please Daddy right there!"

"Oh, fuck yes." The blonde grips his boyfriend's waist for leverage as he drills into him again and again, watching tears of pleasure spill down those soft, round cheeks. Very few things could ever compare to the greatness of Deku unraveling under him. "Touch yourself, Bunny. I wanna see your satisfaction. I need you to cum for me," Katsuki growls out, feeling the flame in his belly reach white hot.

"Y-yes Kacchan, anything for y-you," he utters, working his cock with quick strokes that quickly become erratic. "Hnng gonna c-cum Daddy." His body goes rigid as he paints his abs with his pearly seed.

"Oh Baby," Katsuki groans, hips stuttering to small thrusts as he cums hard, throbbing and hot, filling Izuku with his own orgasm.

They heave in breaths together as they come down from their highs. Katsuki slowly pulling out of Deku, who whines at the loss. They both watch as cum leaks out of Izuku's ass onto Kacchan's car.

"I guess we are gonna have to wash it," Deku says with a laugh.

It brings forth images of Izuku, soaking wet and splayed out on the hood of his car, to Katsuki's mind, making his dick twitch with renewed interest.

"Oh, fuck me,” Katsuki moans, awaking to a mess in his boxers before his alarm goes off.

As hot water cascades down his body, he allows his mind to wander back to the dream and just how realistic it had been. It’s a bad idea because soon his cock is swollen and hot and in his hand. Closing his eyes, Katsuki imagines the heat he sank into while he slept, thinking of all the noises Deku made as they fucked. Not just Deku, HIS Deku. It makes his heart squeeze and his stomach flip. Bakugou furiously pumps himself until he is cumming with the greenette’s name on his tongue.

He decides its time to get an oil change for his car, but he would be having his sexy neighbor teach him how to do it. If he has to get dirty with Deku in order to make him his boyfriend and get DIRTY with him, then so be it. He’s Bakugou fucking Katsuki, no price is too high to obtain what he wants.

Chapter Text


“Bakugou. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

“Meet me in the parking lot after class.”

The day is overcast, dark clouds lingering with the threat of rain, and Katsuki pulls his jacket closer around his shoulders as he walks to Todoroki who is leaning against an unassuming sedan. “How long have you been racing?”

“Straight to the point as always,” Todoroki notes lightly. “I suppose its been about three years now. Why do you ask?”

“I wan to learn,” Katsuki answers stiffly.

“You seem rather close with Deku and his team from what I’ve seen. Why not ask one of them?”

Bakugou sighs impatiently. “I don’t want them to know yet. Besides, I’m pretty damn certain Deku will me no so he is out of the equation altogether. So?”

“Ask me and I’ll say yes,” Todoroki says with a very slight smirk.

The things Katsuki does to get ahead in the world. “Todoroki, will you teach me how to race, please?”

“Yes, I will teach you what I know. Are you free on Wednesday night into Thursday morning?” Katsuki nods. “Meet us on the track over by the feed mill at 11pm.”

“Who is ‘us’ exactly?”

“Team Fire and Ice.”


Three people stand together in a group as a fourth person speeds around the track when Bakugou pulls up in his Nissan. It’s easy to pick Todoroki out of the group as he parks his car and approaches.

“Nice of you to join us, Bakugou,” Todoroki says flatly, flipping his bi-colored hair as the wind blows through it.

“Uh thank you for taking time to help me out,” Katsuki replies awkwardly as he watches the car on the track zip around an S curve without even tapping the brakes. “Who is Road Runner out there?”

“Iida Tenya who also goes by Ingenium. He’s a speed demon,” a girl with pink cheeks and a brown bob says to him.

“And who might you be?” Katsuki looks her over as he asks.

“Uraraka Ochako, or Uravity, whichever you prefer.” She clicks the stopwatch in her hand and writes something down on the pink sheet of paper attached to her clipboard.

“This is Shinsou Hitoshi, or Mindjack,” Todoroki adds, nodding at a lilac haired troll doll who simply gives him a curt wave.

“What are your specialties?” Bakugou asks, glancing at the three of them.

“I drag race mostly,” Todoroki speaks up first.

“I’m mostly here for support and record keeping, but I like just general street racing,” Ochako adds.

“Drifting,” Shinsou says.

“Tonight though,” Todoroki chimes back in, “Iida is your ride along to teach you speed and handling.”

“Wonderful,” Bakugou mutters to himself as the mysterious driver pulls up.

The fourth guy is tall with square spectacles perched on the bridge of his nose, and deep blue hair that nearly falls into his eyes. “You must be Bakugou Katsuki,” he calls out in a stiff manner, offering his hand.

“And you are Sonic the Hedgehog,” Katsuki replies, shaking his hand firmly.

Iida laughs loud and unrestrained at Bakugou’s statement. “That is one way to phrase it. Let’s have a look at your car and see what animated character we can make you into.”

“2012 Nissan GT-R R35,” Katsuki says as everyone gathers around to ogle his car.

“By the time you’re done training with us, you will officially be allowed to nickname yourself and your car so make sure you think about it,” Ochako says matter-of-factly while she writes more things on her pink paper.

“Get to work, you’re wasting precious time,” Todoroki commands.

Katsuki’s favorite things about Iida’s instructions and tips is that they are direct and helpful. The math and science behind his explanations is sounds and it makes better sense to Katsuki that way. Except for one thing.

“Why do I have to slow down here? You do the cool slide thing and then just keep going. I’m losing time by slowing down,” Bakugou growls as he follows the instructions anyways.

“That ‘cool slide thing’ is called a drift which I suggest you learn in theory before you learn in practice. Shinsou will be teaching you how to drift in a couple of weeks.”

“That troll is going to teach me?” Bakugou sneers.

“He is only second to Deku,” Iida answers.

“Fine, whatever.”

The sky is beginning to lighten up as they end their time at the track. Iida reminds him that they’ll be at the same place and time next week. Shinsou tells him he can always stop by on Friday and Saturday before the races too.

“Hey, Half N’ Half, what’s your nickname?” Bakugou asks as they all begin to disperse.

“I’m IcyHot. That completes Team Fire and Ice for you. We’re just four med students that like to go fast.”