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The Boy Who Leapt Through Time

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Tired, beaten up, and bleeding in places that shouldn't bleed, Genji collapsed on his bed after another successful mission. He had gotten down and dirty, exerting all of his energy to ensure completion, which was unusual for him, and now was time for him to relax in the sanctity of his own home. He also needed some time to heal, and repair himself. Scratches on his armor where he was hit, bruises on his face from being slammed to the ground at one point; he was ready to be lazy.

Pulling off his mask to hang it up, he flops down on his thin floor mattress, exhaling. 'This is nice... It is like laying on a cloud.' He grabs his pillow and shoves it under his head, closing his eyes to daydream a bit. To sleep wasn't exactly... possible. But, he could rest his eyes, and his heart, and enjoy the silence.

He imagined a life where things may have turned out differently. If he had never been "fixed up" by the Overwatch organization. He would probably be dead, of course, but things wouldn't be the same. Maybe they would have won more battles by recruiting someone better than him, or maybe it would have been much worse without his energy and excitement for the thrill of fighting and victory.

Or, maybe, if his brother had not attempted to murder him in the first place. Maybe they could have worked something out. He could have gone away and never bothered them again, free to do whatever he wanted with his life. But noooo, it was 'insulting' to the clan for him to live freely.

He felt a wave of emotion wash over him as he opened his eyes. It wasn't unlike him to think such things after he came home, but it was almost too much this time. He let his emotions get the best of him, feeling his eyes get watery.

He sat up, realizing it was suddenly bright in his room, like the morning sun was shining through. "That is... Strange..." he thought aloud, staggering to his feet to peer outside. It was indeed bright outside, wind brushing against the trees, birds flying through the open sky.

Genji, surprised at the sudden change of time, reached to slap his own cheek, to bring himself back to reality, gasping.

He felt the smooth skin of his cheek, down to his jaw and neck, warm and fleshy, around to his ear and back of head.

At that moment, he decided he was daydreaming too hard, and was remembering a moment from back in the day deep in his thoughts. His entire body was as it was before, no cybernetics to be found as he squished each part of himself to check.

Quite happy with his delusion, he sat back down to take it in, what it was like to be fully human once again. Focusing on his breathing, the limited strength in every limb, the feeling of his heart pulsing throughout his body, it was quite... Disappointing, especially after having twice, no, five times the strength before, with his metal bits and all.

Genji was drawn out of his thoughts with a rap at his door, the sound of his brothers voice coming through. "Are you awake yet? Breakfast is ready and getting cold," he said, before turning and walking away, his footsteps slowly fading out.

He must have been in a dream of some kind, if he was at his home, a place he had only visited once in recent memory, especially with Hanzo present.

Touching his face once more, he sauntered to the door, opening it to peek out: everything was the same as it used to be, nothing out of place, yet a bit more stale than usual. His memory was playing tricks on him, maybe.

Figuring it was a dream, might as well try to enjoy it. No use in wasting this opportunity to live amongst his brother once again, without any tension between them. He missed the days where they would practice together, honing their skills, silently giggling when they tripped up, and the time they had afterwards to hang out and enjoy eachothers company.

Making his way to the common area, he took in all the details, reminiscing about the old days. It was... calming, but also made him incredibly homesick. Maybe he wasn't the best son, but he loved his family, his house, and the place he came from. It is part of what him the person he is today, aside from some helpful lessons from an omnic monk.

"Genji, you are late. You are lucky I saved you some..." Hanzo remarked at Genji's entry, setting his chopsticks cross-ways on top of his bowl. "Sit and eat, we have work to do."

Seeing his brother like that, even if he was being... motherly, put a smile on his face. "Yes, anija, of course... What are we doing today, again?" He sat down at the table, saying his manners before digging in.

"We have some yard work to do, and training... Why do you ask? We discussed this last night." Hanzo took a sip from his cup, obviously annoyed with Genji's terrible memory.

Genji cocked his head, reluctantly agreeing. "Ah... Yes, anija, you are correct. I... I wasn't thinking clearly." He shoved some food into his mouth to avoid talking anymore as Hanzo stood, turning away from him. "I will be in the garden. Come out when you are finished. And, hopefully, before I finish as well.."

He nodded, watching his brother walk out of sight. 'Well, that was weird..', he thought, his mind swirling around. A garden? Since when did they have a garden they tended to? Wasn't that, like... Not their jobs?

Pushing that train of thought out, he hurriedly finished his breakfast and stood to sprint outside, to the courtyard near the front of their home, where Hanzo knelt in front of a small yet blooming garden, full of bushes and flowers and, what seemed to be vegetables.

"Anija, how long has this been here? I do not remember having-"

"Since you suggested it a few months ago, as a way for us to 'bond'. You had read it in one of your magazines that a common activity was good for sibling relationships, yes? What is up with you today?"

Hanzo set down his tools, standing up to dust himself off. "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, dear brother?"

"I'm not sure. I feel quite fine, yet everything seems strange... Dreams can be weird, I suppose." He sighed, kneeling down in the spot next to where Hanzo stood, pulling out the weeds around the base of a pretty yellow flower he had forgotten the name of.

"Dreams? Did you have a weird one last night, then?" He nudged Genji's back with his foot, a small grin forming on his lips. "Well, this is reality. Do not think so much on it, yes?"

Genji chuckles quietly, tossing the unwanted plants off to the side. "I don't dream, anija. I'm daydreaming now, though. I miss this place, and you. It is nice to see it all again, even if you are as insufferable as always."

"You must be sick, brother. Should I call the doctor?" He pulled Genji up to his feet, looking him over, holding a hand to his forehead. "You are having delusions, unable to differ your dreams and reality."

Genji pushed his hand away, rolling his eyes. "I'm fine, anija, don't get so worked up. Soon I will wake from this and everything will be fine. I just want to enjoy it for now, without your constant worrying about my mental stability."

Hanzo squinted at him, unable to believe what he was hearing. "There is something seriously wrong with you... Let's forget this now, and I will call the doctor later." He sighed heavily, rubbing his forehead before kneeling back in his spot to continue, Genji following.

They spent the next hour tending to the garden in near-silence, the only chatter between them about which plant was what, and how to take care of it.

"Your constant questions are making me even more worried, brother..."

Once they were finished, Hanzo suggested to Genji that they go back inside, instead of training today. "But anija, I feel fine. I want to relive my childhood and my memories today!"

But he wasn't having any of it. "I will not call the doctor today, but he will be here tomorrow to give you a check-up. I hope to the Heavens there is nothing wrong, else I will have to become your babysitter until you are well again..." Hanzo poured himself a glass of saké, downing it in one go, hoping to relieve himself of his worry.

Genji had asked for some as well, but Hanzo refused. "Not until you stop your 'delusions' of this being a dream. We live in the real world, brother, and if you do not stop, well... I may just go insane as well."

"But, this is a dream! I was laying in my bed, I had came back from a mission at night time, and suddenly my cybernetics were gone and the sun was rising! How could it not be a dream?!"

Hanzo, getting frustrated, slammed his glass down, and gave Genji a good jab in the arm, almost hard enough to cause some real damage.

"Ow! Anija! What was that for?! You could have really hurt me." He rubbed his arm, now stinging with pain, foreshadowing the formation of a bruise.

"In dreams, pain does not exist, nor does permanent damage. I could hit you again and break it, but you must think how much pain that would cause me, as well." He poured some more into his glass, handing it to his brother. "Do you believe me now?"

Genji paused before taking the glass, his mind now running with the possibility that this may not be a dream. "Y-you... You are right, anija..." He gulped down the glass, handing it back over, holding his head in his hands.

This wasn't a daydream of his. It was vivid, and that jab hurt more than anything he could ever imagine.

"Anija, remind me... What year is it? And has anything important happened this year?!"

Hanzo gave him the side-eye, groaning as he rubbed his forehead again. "You will give me a migraine with all these questions..."

"Just answer me!"

"Well, just recently, an Overwatch facility in Norway was attacked... They spoke on the news about it, but I doubt anything will be done. Just another scandal to come from them."

Genji physically recoils, knowing exactly where in time he was:

It is almost a year past, since Hanzo attempted to kill him.