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You're an Asshole | Changlix

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"Yah! Pick up for once! C'mon, C'mon, you shipped me off to Korea, and haven't talked to me in years. I thought you would have at least some sort of consideration- aish... call me back, please. Just once, I need your help..."

"Hi. Me again. I see you never even called back, or read my texts for that matter. That's fine. Well, I'm still in shit if you're wondering. Yeah, I know, awesome right? How's dad? I wanna know- at least give me a sign or something that you're alive. Like a leaf emoji or something. I can't visit you guys, because I would go bankrupt if I do, ha... Call me if you feel like it."

"Ma... It's been another year. Whatever happened to Pa, I don't know. But at least call your son back. Where are you? How are you? Are you even worrying about me? Do you even know what I'm going through right now? Ma, pick up, please, I'm begging you. I just want to hear your voice again. Say something like 'Hey' that would be enough."

"Hey, it's me your son again. Fuck you."

Another sigh, Felix jumps at the sound of sizzling and the smell of burning.

Felix turns off his phone, settling the device on the counter beside him as he turns off the stove, the butter and cheese on his toast completely burnt, turned black as the bread itself had became soggy, yet crispy at the same time. Inedible, he would say.

He curses under his breath, scraping the bread off his pan into a plate. Saving whatever he could, which was minimal at least, he places the pan into the sink, taking a bite of the brunt grilled cheese.

It wasn't pleasant, but burnt, charcoal cheese is still a type of grilled cheese, he thinks.

After finishing whatever breakfast he could muster, Felix walks into his room, starting his routine.

Into the bathroom, taking a shower and brushing his teeth, drying his hair before walking out to the room where he picks out his clothes. He decides on a regular black shirt, with a gray hoodie and a brown leather jacket to accompany the cold weather with regular jeans. It should hopefully be enough to help him through the cold, as Australia never groomed him to stand against the cold.

Either way, it was Korea, and it was cold as hell during this time, nothing could change that.

After tying his shoes, Felix takes his laptop and charger, shoving it into his backpack, checking for a pen and his notebook. Looking through his schedule, he picks out a textbook, taking his keys and phone on the way out.

"Lee Felix!" A woman yells out to him as the blonde Australian locks his door, checking one or twice, maybe three times for good measure. "Where's rent?!"

The redhead crossed her arms, lollipop making her pout look chubbier.

"Ah, Kang Seulgi I-" Felix swallows, scratching his head as he searches for words in broken Korean. He stumbles, nodding as the woman arches an eyebrow. "I don't- I don't think I can give it this week? I need at least another- or two weeks for- I get paid that day."

"Aish! I'm always waiting for you! I've been waiting for that rent! You! You little-"

Felix yelps as the woman began hitting his arm, using his textbook as a makeshift shield as he runs off.

"You better come back with my rent in a week, asshole!" She spits, Felix yelling an agreement as he speeds down the hallway.

He runs out to the street, a small alleyway that led down to a wider busy street.

Plugging in his earphones, Felix adjusts his backpack, continuing towards the bus stop.

He's lived in Seoul for about two years, running up on three, two years more until he could get a bachelor's in video game design. He knows, it was lame, and probably not the choice his parents would want. His Korean was adequate, he would say. Not the best, but... enough to get by and to buy from restaurants and to ask questions in class and to ask for a pencil whenever he needed it, which was quite often as he tends to lose his pencils. Either that or Chris never gives it back to him. 

Felix wishes his parents would answer his calls, or- parent as he doesn't even know if his dad is alive. His mom, however, doesn't say shit and has left Felix not even a week moving into Seoul. While his sisters are still in Australia, he doesn't dare tell them about his situation. He didn't want to bother them or seem like a leech anyway. He didn't want to bother anyone.

Jumping into the bus with a small smile, he pays his fare, before going to stand beside the door, using a pole as leverage. 

Checking the time, he was four hours early to his classes, like usual, however, he liked going to school early. He knew not many students go to college this early in the morning, but he was okay with that. Not having to interact much, he was okay with that. He didn't know much Korean anyway, and what could he say to them? Hello, my name is Felix and- that would be the end of it. All he could say without stumbling over his words is "Hello, my name is Lee Felix."

 His college wasn't too far, maybe ten stops from the bus stop before walking another block. Honestly, it shouldn't take more than half an hour, something Felix is very grateful for. 

He avoids bumping into someone as he hops out of the bus, nodding a small apology before running off to the front of the college. As expected, there weren't many students. Most of them came to study after a coffee or two or three (Felix was one of them, only that he didn't like to drink coffee) or had some activity or class this early. 

Felix walks into the school library, enjoying the silence it brought as a.) it's a library and b.) he's the only one there besides the part-timers that took care of the place early in the morning or at night. 

He sits at his usual spot, a table near the west wall of the library, by a glass door that led out to the small grass yard of the place. 

With a small hum, Felix pulls out his laptop, working on an essay he had due in a week.


"Good morning." Felix glances up, recognizing the yawning student sitting across from him, stretching in a satisfied groan. He gives Felix a small smile, sighing as he pulls and settles his backpack on the table. "You slept okay?"

"Eh, it was okay," Felix shrugged, pulling out his earbuds as he fixes his things, shutting his laptop before pulling out a notebook and a "Korean for Dummies," and a Korean dictionary.

"What were we on?" Chris yawns again, settling his head on his hand.

"We were learning more phrases," Felix smiled, wide and bright, opposed to Chris' sleep ridden hum. It seemed as if they had switched personalities as later on in the day- when Chris would be more awake- he'd be jumping around while Felix would stand idly by, listening to his music as he works on his homework. 

"Yeah, uh," Chris glances to the already open textbook Felix had, too lazy to get his own. "Let's have a conversation in Korean then. I'm your uncle asking about your baby sister, try to keep the conversation... going."

Felix nods, scooting his chair closer.

"Oh, Felix! I haven't seen you in a while, how have you been?"

"I'm doing well, uncle, how about you?"

"I'm doing good as well, what about your sister how she's grown hasn't she?"

"She has, she's also won a Spelling contest."

"Boasting about your sister aren't we?"

"Ha, yes, I've grown..." Felix thumps his foot against the tiled floor, biting his bottom lip. He smiles awkwardly before sputtering out "incompetent" in English.

"Aish, you were so close. I was going to end the conversation after that one," Chris frowns, laughing breathlessly. "Either way- good on ya."

The two continue on with their lesson after their small warm-up Chris managing to wake himself up after Felix lightly slapped his face for falling asleep on their lesson. Either way, it more of a back and forth conversation, Chris helping Felix more on his pronunciation. 

Chris is one of Felix's closest friends, or his closest friend.... more of... 

The guy doesn't ever get enough sleep anyway, yet he still wakes up early for the sake of Felix's social life (or lack of one)- oh yeah, and also to teach the guy Korean. With an acting major and two part-time jobs, Felix is surprised he hasn't passed out yet. The guy basically lives off of five-hour energy, coffee, and chicken. 

But Felix is eternally grateful to him and buys him coffee whenever he can.

"Bbijikseu, yah," Chris snaps in front of Felix's face, the younger pulling out his earbuds with an arched eyebrow. Another yawn from Chris, he switches into a lazy English, Aussie accent thicker than it usually is. "Your class is going to start in a few, get going mate, you'll be late."

"Ah, Shit, thanks, see you?" Felix clumsily stuffs his books into his backpack, smiling hopefully at Chris.

"Of course, same time, same place? Your favorite?"

"Nah, I think I'll get something else today, you know, change it up a little."

"Different, I like it," Chris returns the smile, waving and muttering a goodbye as Felix runs off, still trying to organize his belongings. With a textbook trapped between his chest and his arm, he holds up his backpack in one hand, the other trying to stuff his laptop in, however, getting stuck in a pocket. 

"C'mon, bloke... Just get in-" Felix yelps as he trips down the front stairs, screwing his eyes shut. He awaits the incoming impact, hearing his textbook hit the floor in a loud slam, waiting, and waiting and waiting only to receiving nothing. 

"Are you going to get off or what?"

A rough voice asks him, Felix letting out a squeak as he buries his face into his backpack, frowning. Felix was too afraid to open his eyes, whining as he clutches at his backpack. The man who had caught him sighs, Felix feeling himself burn- as if he was back in the heat of Australia- as he slightly pushed him back to his feet.

"Asshole," he heard the man say before footsteps left him alone. 

He was glad. He was really glad, however, the embarrassment wouldn't stop. He was glad that he didn't have to look like an idiot by opening his eyes, having to face the man that had caught him, however, thinking about it now, he should've at least thanked him as now he probably hates Felix with all his life, never talking to Felix ever again, spreading rumors about how rude and irresponsible he is and oh- Felix thinks- no- Hopes they never meet again. 

He's had enough embarrassment to last a lifetime. 

Felix whimpers as he crouches, hugging his backpack close to his chest, checking his pulse. His heart had calmed down- not even noticing that it was racing- and had the confidence to open his eyes. Looking around, the man was gone, and no one was looking at him, thank God

He's sure to thank God a thousand times in his prayer tonight.