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NANA: The Last Rose

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NANA: The Last Rose


Chapter 1: "From Flower to Sky"


Death changes things and absorbs the energy out of the living. Depending on how it happens, you cannot help but to wonder all the other alternatives in which it never happen or, at least, as soon as it did. Especially when it is someone that is close to you. You feel empty. Suddenly a part of you is gone.  Loneliness becomes the melody to the song, and pain is the words that match it. Nana, I bet you must feel that alot. And I wish I can be the one to take your pain away.


“Hachi!” a gentle voice called out. She turned her head to see an energetic man, looking at her with graved eyes. He noticed how doleful she looked as she was looking at the strawberry glass cup. She smiled to make it seem that she was okay even though she knew he already knew her feelings. “Nobu, I know what you are thinking. Being in apartment 707, waiting for her, is ridiculous. But I couldn’t help but to feel that she’ll come back. This is her home.”

A teardrop fell, hitting the wooden table. “Nana is really alive. And is still singing…” Hachi’s voice was breaking between her sentences. “Does she not care about us anymore? About me anymore?”

Nobu looks at Hachi, unsure what to say. He pull her petite body to him and let her cry in his chest. He too wishes to see her too, but he doesn’t like that Hachi is putting her life on pause. Hachi was well aware of her actions, but, it was for Nana, she was fine with it. She just didn’t want to accept that Nana may have just forgotten about her.

Looking back at what was once all a dream, everything began to fall apart after Ren died.

Around the time Ren had passed, Blast and Hachi were all there to comfort Nana. Nana had lost her soon to be husband. Nana must had been the one that was most hurt. During the time of comforting Nana, Nobu’s girlfriend, Yuri, was trying to get a hold of him. She was even more agitated because she knew Hachi was there. She hated Hachi. She wanted Hachi to stay away from Nobu, which led her to say very insensitive things. Hachi was really all Nana had left besides Blast and Ren. When Ren died, everything felt so unreal to everyone. Since no one was able to give a proper goodbye.

Yuri was annoyed that Nobu had been ignoring her calls and headed to go see him. She walked in with her peach heels clicking onto the ground as she approached room 501. When she got to where they were staying, she was welcomed and was surprised on how Nana was functional even though a tragedy had happened. She advised Nana she should get back to work before she gets fired. Nana was struck by the baddashed assumptions Yuri made. “That jerk! There’s no way I’d let him do that!” Nana barked. Yuri snickered, tucking her brown hair behind her ear. Her assumption was setting Nana off. Without hesitation, Yuri retorted, “Oh, you’re all better now. Perhaps, you don’t need Takumi’s wife by your side anymore.” Nana’s face suddenly shimmered with sadness as she replayed Yuri’s words over and over again. Nobu grabbed Yuri by the wrist and left the apartment.

It was as if Nana was snapped back to reality. She felt her chest caving in and her throat getting dry.

What am I doing? This is unfair to Hachi. I cannot keep falling back on her with my problems when she has problems as well. She is also grieving too, Nana thought as she was trying to hold back tears. It had always seemed that the moment everything was just fine, something bad just had to happen. But this time, Nana was unsure if things could ever go back how they were this time. Yasu held her by the shoulder and told her to not listen to Yuri. Nana was aware that Yuri was saying out of spite but she also was aware that Yuri had a point. “You don’t have to work anytime soon. You need to relax and grieve,” Yasu gently spoke. Nana’s cat eyes glared at Yasu as she was beginning to fume. “I don’t need to grieve! I don’t care that Ren is dead! I wanted him dead!” Nana yelled as if she wanted the world to hear her.

Yasu looked at her in pain, knowing that this was not her true feelings. He knew how much Ren meant to Nana. Ren was her first love. Nana calmed down a bit as she watched Yasu’s brows furrowed and he frowned a bit. She realized what she said was selfish. Ren meant a lot to everyone. “I’m sorry,” she whispered as she fell on her knees and cried, tattooing the red carpet with her tears. Her jet black short hair covered her face, so all you could was her body quivering. Shin and Hachi came into the room after hearing Nana crying. Hachi, as if she was Nana’s guardian, when on her knees and hugged Nana, who just sobbed on her shoulders. Nana knew that she couldn’t have Hachi stop her life for her. Hachi was married to Takumi, was pregnant with his child. There was no room for Nana to interfere with Hachi’s life. But being in Hachi’s arms, feeling the comfort, she couldn’t let go of her. Hachi, too, felt that she couldn’t let go of Nana.

Nana, we all felt your pain tonight. The world cried with you.

Meanwhile, Nobu and Yuri quarrelled that night. It was as if everyone needed to scream that night. Nobu dragged Yuri a few rooms over, so Blast or Hachi wouldn’t hear them. “Asami, how can you something so awful to Nana?” Nobu was angry and deeply hurt that Yuri could be so insensitive.

“Why are you mad at me? She cannot rely on Takumi’s wife forever. And besides, why didn’t you answer my calls?”

Nobu didn’t realize Yuri was calling him. He was too busy talking to Hachi that he was immune to the sound of his phone. “Uh-I was..”

“Were you with her, Nobu? Am I not good enough?” Yuri exclaimed as she holding onto Nobu firmly. She locked her eyes to his faint light brown eyes. Yuri always had been like, always questioning Nobu’s faithfulness to her. Nobu never mind it before, but now, he had enough.

“Can you listen?” Nobu tried to get a word in.

“Why are you so hung up on that slut? She's married but is trying to take you from me!” Yuri let out, not realizing that was a mistake. Hearing Yuri call Hachi a slut for no valid reason made Nobu furious. His usual gentle eyes looked piercing that night. He look at Yuri with so much disgust. “Hey! Don’t say that about her!”

“But aren’t I enough for you, Nobu? Aren't I good enough?”

Nobu finally took a deep breathe, something he wasn’t able to get. He gently grabbed her petite hands and had her release her gripped from him. “’re not,” he said. Yuri breathe stopped for a moment before she actually looked at Nobu. “Nobu-”

“I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore. I just lost someone that’s like a brother to me, and all you can think about is yourself.”

“I’m sorry, Nobu-” Yuri was on the verge of tears. “Please…” She crushed her face onto his shirt.

Nobu looked her, felt bad about everything. It was unfair to everyone. “It’s not fair for me to date you when I’m still in love with Hachi…” Yuri’s eyes widen a bit, as tears fell. Those were the words she knew but didn’t want to hear. “I’m just holding Yuri back with her career. It’s not fair to you.” When Nobu called her by stage name, she knew that it was really over. She suddenly remembered what Nobu said to her once before. That he would be the only one to actually call her by her real name, Asami. She took a few steps away from him. His gaze no longer met hers. All Nobu was able to say was, “I’m sorry.” As he finished his last sentence, a sudden burning sensation was on his right cheek. All he heard at that moment was Yuri whispering “I hate you”, as her heels were clicking away.

Nobu watched as her curvy figure was away from his sight. Nobu lost a bit of energy and couldn’t keep himself up anymore. He sat on the ground and silently cried his eyes out. The only person that was able to see Nobu hit rock bottom again was the lovely flower, that’s now a star in the sky, Ren Honjo.

It was raining heavy that night. It was like Ren was crying with us, like he didn’t want to leave so soon. I knew he didn’t want to leave yet. He left things unfinished. But the living must move on as they say. But not everyone can. That is life. Nana, did you move on?