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La Vi En Rose

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"Who are you?" he glared at her. He never display such negative emotion to anyone else, espeacially to her.

She was standing at the balcony as the tip of her finger remains attached to the ukelele.

She doesn't know why but she felt that she did something wrong and couldn't help blush with it. "I-I.... Ah....-"

"That song" he cut her off, held his index finger and point at her "No one can sing like her"


"Urm...(Y/n)" Ichimatsu mumble, knowing that she could hear him.

(Y/n) put down her book and tilt her chin up to face him. Feeling nervous under her gaze, Ichimatsu couldn't help but fidgeting his finger under the table.

They were at a cute little shop near (Y/n)'s apartment. Since the walk was short and a lot of cat, she decided to read her favourite book, while Ichimatsu play with his feline friend.

But today, Ichimatsu decide to ask a favour

Permission to be exact

"Urm....I've called Coach Dekapan to coach me again, and he agree with it" he looked up and almost yelped from her wide eyes. He quickly look to his left, as his heart start to pound like crazy.

(Y/n) put her book down at the table with a large thud, she smiled too much as if she forces her lips to stretch to her ear. "That's great news, Ichi. After this I'm going to support you with all I've got" she beamed at him.

Those words bloom in his heart

But the sweet moment of his break when he noticed her tears "You're ice-skating again" her voice cracked.

Ichimatsu don't know what to do. He seldom see his best friend being so emotional, so he continued on his request, looking at the pavement of the road as if it was interesting "The stadium is kinda near with your place" he felt a huge gulp in his throat but he force himself to continue "I-I was w-wondering i-if..-"

He didn't notice that she was reaching out for his hand and gently grabbed it "You're welcome to stay at my place, Ichi" she finished his sentences.

Deep shade of red started to spread his whole face. Involuntary, his body started to shake. (Y/n) noticed this and laughed at his strange behaviour. "Ichi, calm down. We've been friend for like what? 3 years and a half?"

"2 years, 5 months and 9 days"

(Y/n) whistle in amusement. She let go of his hand, and Ichimatsu almost whimper with the loss of contact. "So, does this mean you know the day we first met?" she asked, putting her palm under her chin.

He nodded "April 22"

She was bewildered, she couldn't believe he answered in a heartbeat. She then took her phone and began to search something.

Ichimatsu started to feel anxious. Was his answer made his friend lost interest of him? Is she going to abandoned him?

His negative thought vanished when he noticed her lips twitch upwards and show him what was she looking for.

A calender, and today is April 22

Both of them didn't notice today's the date.

"Happy Anniversay, Ichi"

He wished he could go to the alley and scream.


"You aren't supposed to be here"

He took one step forward

"Then where should I be, sir?"

She took one step behind.

"Anywhere but in front of me"


He moved in with her last week, and he just finish packing the last box. His bedroom was beside (Y/n), and her apartment was quite spacious. In fact, it was (Y/n) who was so eager to have a housemate.

Looking all the hardwork he had pay off, he mentally pat himself on the back.

Grabbing his pack of cigarrate & a lighter, he headed to the rooftop. As he opened the door, he noticed a figure sitting on a chair, holding a ukelele.

Hold me close, hold me fast
This magic spell you cast
This is La Vi En Rose

Letting his hand fall from the doorknob, he quitely listen to the singer

When you kiss, heaven sigh
As tho I close my eyes
I see La Vi En Rose

He doesn't know why but his heart started to ache.

When you pressed me to your heart
I'm in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

He only noticed tears rolling down his cheek when his vision was getting foggy.

And when you speak angel sings from above
Everyday word, seem to turn into love song

He always love her, he always be. And she singing that song, it took him all of his willpower to restrain himself.

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La Vie En Rose

He always wanted to give all of his, but he's a coward and he always be. So instead of rushing towards her, and pour out his feeling.

He gently close the door.

Unknowingly, leaving her in tears.


All she wanted to be is away from the crowd. Playing the ukelele she found in another room. She didn't expect someone to lash at her for doing so.

"Please, I-"

"Is this a way for God to remind me of the past?" He raised his voice

"I dont-"

"That it's pointless for all the sweat and tears that I work so hard for myself!?"
Tears started to prickle his eyes. "For us!? Is useless!?! Because the empty hollow inside my heart!?"

She held up her arm in defense. "Sir, please wait. I don't understand"


It's been a six month that both of them have been staying under the same roof.

The two usually hangout together at the living room, watching movie or comment about people at the balcony. Usually its (Y/n) who compliment people, while Ichimatsu who critic what they wear.

As days goes by, he work harder on each days, so it's less time for both of them to spend time together.

He felt lonely, she too as well.

He feel guilty to abandoned her, but she encourage him to strive his dream.

He was about to go oversea and she cheered for him, even though she felt a missing part of her.

"Remember, work hard is equal to eat a lot, okay?" She stride from the living, carrying a scarf and hat.

Both of them were standing at the front door, waiting for Couch Dekapan to pick Ichimatsu. He had finish packing all the stuff he needs, before heading to the airport.

"But that just making me fat" he responded, pouting his lip.

She chuckled, lightly shoving him by the shoulder. "Well, you won't be since you're gonna work your ass off".

He hummed, letting his eye roam around the living room. He's gonna miss this. The room, the sofa, the tv, the balcony, the kitchen.

The place where he always spent time with her.

Ichimatsu wanted to stay, but because of his career, he managed to spent time wih her.
But because of her, he wanted to reach his dream.

"Don't worry" she broke the silent. "I'll be fine. Unlike you, going to three different places in two month" she put his hat over his head, covering both of his eye. The gesture enough to make his face tainted pink.

"Well, what happened if there's a buglar lurking around" he lifted his hat

"Yeah, let them be. Spending my teenage years with martial art, isn't going to waste anyway" she smirked.

Ichimatsu managed to giggle and shaking his head.

He doesn't believe her during their blooming friendship, but in one night, she finally convinced her, more like forcelly, when someone decided to ruin their dinner at the restaurant. Short story, people view her as heroic and both of them get banned from the restaurant.

She drape his scarf around his neck, and then helping him wearing the coat. "Stop pampering me. I'm not a child, ya' know" his blushes reappear again.

She giggled, then squishing both of cheek his between her palm. "You're gonna miss me nagging and pampering you, when you're out of Japan" his blushes grew more until it reaches his neck


"How can you understand since you look nothing but her!?"


"Her crooked smile, her contagious laugh, her melodic voice, her perfect eyes!!" He cover his left eye using him palm, as if it will help the tears to stop. "Everything what's once gone, came back to life, just to fabricated all with a lie"

She was shaking like a leaf, and it didn't make him stop even though he notice it.

He was too furious at her

At the world

But truly, he was furious at this cruel fate


Ichimatsu got in 4th place in the Grand Prix

It was huge leap of success in his career, and he wish she was here to celebrate together with him. During that night, she called him right after he comfortable sat on the bed. She was uncontrobally in tears, hiccups a lot and her words were too hard to hear.

"I-I-I'm soooo *hic* p-p-proud of y-you. I-I w-w-wish I was t-t-there w-w-with y-you.

And they cry uncontrobally together.


"Your very exsistence is saying her death was a lie!!!"

The word send a venom to her stomach


As soon he hit the ground, his mind slowly came back to reality.

Wait, was he been punch?

He look at the girl, who was still mortified with him, then he look back and saw a figure looming over him.

It was Choromatsu, wearing a face he never seen before, and wish he never saw it. Dark shadows looms over his expressionless face. When he look at the door, all of his brother were there. Fear and dissapointment strucked on their faces. A twinge of regret started to bloom on his heart.

"Todomatsu, Karamatsu" Choromatsu called out, still looking at him like a hawk. "Take the girl outside. She's probably scare as hell by our top star over here"

They both obey his order, to afraid to voice out. He can hear their soft comfort word to her, saying sorry multiple times on behalf of him. As soon they were out sight. His beloved brother, who he thought would never lay single hand to them before, roughly grab him by the neck, forcing him to stand up, only to get swung back to the floor. He winced when he, but he refuse to look his face.

Osomatsu was about to stop them but Jyushimatsu prevent him, shaking his head, saying it's not their business for now.

"What the hell were you thinking, you punk!?! The second you were left of our sight, almost everyone was looking for you!!" He yelled. Ichimatsu never heard him yell.

"But what did you do?!? What did you do!?!?! You attack someone and accuse her for nothing!!!"

"I DID NOT ACCUSE HER FOR NOTHING!!!" He finally voice out.

A hurt expression crossed his brother eyes for a brief second before rage took over him again "You did, and you made her scared the shit of herself"

"Tell me that it wasn't her?!?"

Choromatsu bite his tongue to reply

"Tell me, Choromatsu, that it wasn't her!!!! Tell me that fate wasn't being a fucking ass and her lifeless body was fake when we all saw them putting her in that grave!!"

He finally sobbed, and he can't stop it even thought he want to. Choromatsu was finally lost of words, he can feel it, he know his brother well.

"Ichi, it's been three years-"

He push himself up from the ground "And it isn't enough for me!! And I know that it isn't enough for you all as well" he growl. His vision was getting blur. He had enough of this, so he walk towards the door, but Osomatsu grab him by the shoulder.

"I know it's not the right moment but what about the people downstair, Ichi. They throwing this party for you"

He push him by the side, and continue to walk. "Tell them I've got some business to tend"

"What about the press, then!? The camera and the journalist!?" Osomatsu shouted as he getting near the exit.

"Tell them to shove it to their ass"