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Nuttin' in New York

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New York’s nights could be chilly in September, dipping down into the low sixties at night. But even the cool night air wasn’t enough to make Brooklyn’s body stop feeling like it was on fire, especially since his shaft was getting throated by a beautiful dark skinned detective at the moment.


Elisa was crouched down in front of the young adult red Gargoyle, her lips wrapped around Brooklyn’s thick cock as she bobbed her head back and forth, stroking the meaty piece of veiny cockmeat with both hand as wet slurping noises filled the roof top that both of them were on.


Brooklyn was leaning against a brick wall, moaning as his clawed fingers were placed gently on top of Elisa’s bobbing head, forcing her to take even more of his long, hard Gargoyle cock. Her lips felt like that were practically sealed tightly around his manhood, her tongue playing with the head of his cock as she slurped and suckled on it, her hands squeezing and milking the rest of his shaft that wasn’t in her mouth. Hot saliva trailed down his length and coated her hands.


This wasn’t how Brooklyn imagined his night was going to turn out when Elisa asked him to help her out with a stake out. At first he’d begun to question why she hadn’t asked Goliath, but remembered that the two of them had been on sour terms after Goliath had apparently said something stupid about their relationship. It honestly pissed Brooklyn off a bit how stupid his leader could with a fine woman like Elisa. She was smart, strong, and her body was amazing. One of the first things Brooklyn remembered about meeting Elisa was just how tight those jeans were around her fat ass.


And now here he was, getting his fat dick sucked by his leaders all but in name mate. While the young Gargoyle inside of him wanted to keep this fun going, the honorable part of him had to at least try and be reasonable. “Ah. Elisa, not that I’m not really appreciating what you’re doing, but aren’t you and know?”


Elisa slid off his cock, her mouth pulling off with a loud pop as strands of saliva connected her lips and his shaft. “Are you seriously saying you want me to stop?” She asks, pumping his foot and a half long member more with her hands and causing Brooklyn to moan a bit. “Because I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to.”


“Fuck.” Brooklyn groaned, watching Elisa plant a kiss on his cock head and then run her tongue around it in circles. “No, I really don’t. But like, if Goliath found out-”


“If Goliath found out he can just deal with it.” She said forcefully, squeezing Brooklyn’s dick even harder as an angry look crossed her face. “He doesn’t want to try and work things out? Then he doesn’t have a leg to stand on when I wanna’ deep throat his second in command.”


“Okay but-Whoa man.” Brooklyn felt his spin tingle and his legs start to falter as Elisa jumped back on his dick, shoving inch after inch of his cock further down her throat and moaning around it like a whore. “You make a good point.” The tight confines of her throat squeezed and pulled at his fat dick as Elisa pushed as much of his length down her gullet as she could muster. Her hands moved away from his shaft and started playing with his balls, massaging them and getting the thick amounts of baby batter ready to paint her insides.


Elisa was frowning as she deep throated Brooklyn’s donkey sized dick, though not because the effort was difficult. Hell she’d had to do just as much on stake outs before, blowing multiple men in a row just to get to the man in charge. Some nights she ended up walking home with a stomach full of jizz, all for the sake of justice. Right now though she wasn’t sucking fat dick for justice, but for payback. Goliath didn’t feel like he and her could fuck, and at first she was willing to agree with him. She’d seen how strong he was and how he might lose himself in the throws of passion, but now? This long after they’ve known each other Elisa knew that Goliath just didn’t want to commit.


As she bottomed out on Brooklyn’s cock and made the red Gargoyle moan louder than ever before, Elisa had to admit that another big problem was the size of Goliath’s cock. Sure, it was alright at seven inches, but for a guy his size she was expecting something that might belong on a small horse. Elisa was a bit of a size queen, in the sense that a dick over ten inches made her just barely wet. She thought she could look past it, Goliath was nice enough and knew how to treat her, but in the end his dick just wasn’t big enough, and if he wasn’t even willing to try and work on their relationship then she was gonna’ get her fix for fat cock elsewhere. Like Brooklyn.


“Oh fuck!” Brooklyn groaned out, pushing Elisa’s face roughly against his crotch as he forced every last inch of his dick down her throat. She didn’t fight it, Elisa just relaxed her throat and let the hot sticky loads of Gargoyle jizz coat her stomach like a firehose that was out of control. She could feel the strength behind Brooklyn’s grasp and doubted she could escape even if she wanted to. Elisa could feel the cock throbbing with each eruption of cum that shot out of the tip, and before long she could feel the nut batter start to seep from her lips.


Thankfully Brooklyn pulled her off after realizing that maybe having Elisa pass out on his dick wasn’t a good idea. His huge donkey sized dick slid out of her throat in the lewdest manner possible, coated in spit and jizz and still going off as the tip exited her mouth, shooting more hot and sticky strands against Elisa’s face and the front of her clothes, seeping into them and making the woman’s nipples stand on end as the hot mixture fought with the cold night air.


After a solid minute of cumming Brooklyn was glad he was leaning against a wall, he doubted he could stand on his own at the moment. A few quick breaths later and he finally realized that Elisa was covered, chest to face, in his jizz and the young Gargoyle had the sense of mind to look embarrassed. “Er, sorry Elisa. Never really busted a nut that hard before. You really know how to suck dick.”


“Mmm, goddamn right I do.” Elisa said, wiping some jizz off her face before sucking it off of her fingers like a filthy fucking slut. She looked down at her clothes and grinned, shrugging off her red jacket and then yanking her black shirt off to reveal a nice perky pair of brown tits. “Ruined my clothes though Brooklyn.” She chided him.


“Er, sorry.” He said, transfixed on Elisa once more as she stood up, kicked her boots off and turned around. Brooklyn felt his shaft start to harden once more as Elisa unbuttoned her pants and dropped them to her ankles, bending over as she did and giving him an amazing look at her fat brown ass, and the black thong that her ass cheeks were swallowing up at the moment. At this point he was back to being hard as stone. “Damn.” Was all he could say.


“Like what you see huh?” Elisa asked with a grin, hooking her thumbs through the strings of her thong and yanking them down, revealing her bare pussy and winking asshole. “I hope you didn’t think you’d get away with me just blowing that fat dick of yours tonight Brooklyn?”


“Fuck no, not after I saw this fat ass.” Brooklyn said, getting more forward as he reached out and cupped a hand full of brown booty, squeezing it and massaging it in his claws, spreading those cheeks apart so he could tease Elisa’s pussy with a finger. “Holy hell, I just wanna’ plow you right now Elisa, I just wanna’ pump you full of my seed over and over again.” Brooklyn’s breathing was getting heavier.


Elisa smirked and looked back at him. “Then why don’t you, stud?”


That’s all it took for Brooklyn, who bent Elisa over again and aimed his cock right at her snatch. He used on hand at the base of his dick to keep him steady, and after rubbing his cock head against her opening a few times he penetrated Elisa, slipping half of his fat, long dick into her slutty pussy and making the detective moan like a whore. “Yeah...yeah you like that Elisa?” Brooklyn asked, pumping his cock in and out of Elisa’s cunt, sliding more and more of his rock hard shaft in each time. “You like what a real Gargoyle’s cock feels like?”


“Mmmph, talk dirty to me Brooklyn.” Elisa moaned, hands on her knees as Brooklyn pumped away in her, while she bounced her booty back against that cunt destroyer of a dick. She wanted all of it.


“Don’t calle me Brooklyn, call me monster.” Brooklyn demanded, increasing his thrusts and becoming even more rough with the slutty detective.


“F-fuck me with that fat dick you monster!” Elisa shouted, not giving a fuck if anyone else heard her. All she fucking needed right now was this fat Gargoyle dick.


“You like havin’ a monster fuck you, huh you human slut?” Brooklyn shouted, slapping Elisa so hard across the ass that it left a large hand print in its wake. “What would the other officers think, if they saw you on top of some random building getting fucked by a huge length of Gargoyle cock and begging for more?”


“They’d think I’m a slut!” Elisa answered honestly. Everyone in the precinct already knew the lengths Elisa went to work a case, and the amount of jizz she’d swallowed over the years. “But I wouldn’t care, so long as I got your meaty prick inside me you fuckin’ monster!”


“You want my jizz slut? Is that what you want?!” Brooklyn shouted, now completely shoving every inch of his cock in and out of Elisa’s cunt, his balls slapping against the underside of her belly with each thrust. “Tell me you want it bitch, or I’ll stop fucking this slutty cunt right now!”


“No please!” Elisa gasped, panting like a bitch in heat as Brooklyn fucked her savagely. “I want that jizz! Coat my fuckin’ pussy in it!”


Brooklyn decided to fucking oblige, letting out a loud roar as his eyes glowed an eerie white, shoving every last inch of his dick into Elisa as he pumped her once more full of steamy hot monster cum. It was gallons upon gallons of the messy, sticky liquid, so much that it quickly filled up Elisa’s cunt and began seeping out and splashing onto the rooftop around their feet, creating a small puddle of thick, syrupy jizz that Elisa’s cunt tried desperately to keep inside of her.


After a few moments Brooklyn let out a sigh, yanking his cock free of Elisa’s snatch and letting another huge splash of jizz to pour out before Elisa dropped to her knees, sitting in a puddle of cum. “Elisa I gotta’ say,” Brooklyn said, panting a bit. “That was fucking hot.”


“Anytime you wanna’ continue,” Elisa said, shakily standing to her feet before Brooklyn helped her up. “Just ask big boy.” She leaned up, kissing his mouth while rubbing her knee across his softening cock. “Cause I’m always up for more.”