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Nako's Humiliation (Foot Worship/Domination)

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Nako was lying down on the ground, an annoyed look was plastered on her face. On top of her was the vice class president, Aru Honshou. She was barefoot. Her toenails were painted in a light blue hue. She firmly held the tall girl underneath her soles and smiled maliciously down at her.

"Well, Nako, who's the unfortunate girl now?"

Nako groaned miserably. Aru had challenged her to yet again another one of her tennis games. Why, oh why would she suggest something like that? She knew that she was terrible at sports, but to make matters more insulting, Aru wasn't even that good at tennis either. For all those times that she attended the school's tennis club, she royally sucked. And of course, there had to be some kind of terms with that game. Whoever lost was to be humiliated in the worst way imaginable. Nako already had an idea in mind for Aru to do, but...was it really worth it? If she were to try to let Aru make the pass, she would catch on and get majorly pissed. Whatever the case, the die was cast. The two competed against each other around two hours with Nako not putting in any iota of care with what she was doing. Her lack of interest in the game resulted in Aru being declared the winner, so she had to be punished as part of the deal. She was uncertain with what Aru wanted her to do, but she knew that it was going to suck. That was when Aru told her to lie down on the ground.

Nako was confused by the request...that was until she realized what Aru had in store. Aru pulled off her field shoes and took a deep whiff from one of them. Weirded out, Nako didn't anticipate what Aru was wanting her to do. She bent down, and with each track shoe in hand, she brought them down over her nose. A strong, putrid smell tickled Nako's nostrils, making her almost heave.

"Do you like that smell?" Aru asked tauntingly.

"Hell no I don't!" screamed Nako "get off of me!!"

Aru responded by placing one of her shoes directly over Nako's mouth.

"Lick them clean, then."

Nako groaned and did what she was told. She felt vomit build up at the back of her throat as she stuck her tongue as deep into Aru's shoe as she could, and she began to lap away at the sweat. Nako gagged throughout, but she was eventually finished. She looked up at her tormentor and saw to her horror that Aru had slipped off one of her socks and teasingly wiggled it over Nako's face.

"I hope you saved some room for my smelly, sweat-filled socks~"

Before she could retort her question, Aru dropped her sock on her face. Nako began to squirm in visceral reaction to the smelly cloth making contact with her face. Aru laughed and pinned her down. She stuffed her song directly into Nako's mouth and slipped off her other sock, placing it on Nako's nose.

"MMFF!! MFF!!!!"

Aru pressed Nako's mouth closed, causing Nako to panic. Her arms flailed around like a chicken before the slaughter. Her taste buds were nearly shutting down. Her body was refusing the invasive smell. Having her fun, Aru lessened her grip on Nako and the taller girl sprung forward and immediately spit the sock from her mouth. She gasped slowly as she tried to dry clean her tongue.

"Well, that was rude" Aru pouted.

Nako gave her an ugly look. "Rude!? You mean forcing me to lick your shoes and suck on your socks wasn't?!"

Aru shrugged. "Beggars can't be choosers, Nako."

Aru gently pushed Nako back on the ground and stepped on top of her. She practically drew the air out of Nako's lungs. Aru allowed her bare feet to explore Nako's body. The feel of the fabric against her soles was almost euphoric. Her toes shined in the daylight. She slid her foot up towards Nako's face and she barely stepped down hardly on it. Nako grunted.

"I want you to lick every nook and cranny until your tongue gets soar."


Nako's tongue touched Aru's right sole. She humiliatingly let her tongue slither up her sole, and the balls of her feet. Her urge to vomit reignited when she felt her tongue hit her toe jam. She didn't want to embarrass herself even more, but she sensed that Aru had tightened her grasp of her. Nako took her pride in hand, and licked in between her toes until she managed to loosen the compressed toe jam. She followed the track of saliva down to Aru's ankle and heel. Finishing up with that foot, Nako was almost relieved to assume that the worst was over. Until Aru placed her left foot on her face.

"Come on, you expect me to let you go scot-free after that terrible display?" Aru shook her head. "This time, scrub harder."

Nako sighed. She really hated that girl.