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With Love, comes the Pain

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"So… can you fly?"

Midoriya cocked his head, before switching into his bird form smoothly, flapping his wings experimentally.

He was up in the air with one powerful flap, and he stayed in the air for a few seconds, before he dropped onto the floor again.

It didn't take him long to get used to being able to hover in the air, and flying in general was difficult for the boy. But after a few training sessions he was able to control his new powers, and was able to speed up, do basic loops, and other sorts of tricks, but he wasn't able to do delicate and complex maneuvers without making himself dizzy or crashing into something.

"So… any reason why you seem perfectly capable of flying?" Ishiyama asked, "That quirk is new. I honestly thought it would take more time for you to learn how to fly."

"Oh… I saw Hawks on television once when I was ten and tried to make myself a pair of wings…" Midoriya sheepishly scratched the back of his head, "I looked up stuff about air resistance and thrust and aerodynamics to try and figure out how to make it work despite my own weight and how heavy metal was. I did do a few trial runs with a paper and plastic version, but I never really got around to flying… just gliding around. I figured that it was similar."

Aizawa ended up inviting Hawks over to UA to help teach Midoriya how to fly properly.

He didn't have much of a choice. None of the teachers knew how to fly, and Midoriya watching bird videos wasn't helping.

Hatsume had started joining in on the training sessions, practising how to use her gear in a fight. Maijima had to restrain her before she started blowing up the entire building, but overall, she was doing pretty well.

If all things went smoothly, all forty kids would end up with their provisional licences.

But they probably won't.

"I have compiled all the evidence."

Everyone stared at Todoroki as he said that, despite the fact that they were watching the news, as he walked down the stairs to the common room.

Todoroki pulled a corkboard out of nowhere.

"Kaminari said that Midoriya's third child will have white hair based off his hair colour in relation to Kota and Shinsou. Taking in their similarities to Aizawa Sensei as well, I have also concluded that the child will have long, white messy hair. Midoriya has two kids so far and they're both male, and Shinsou mentioned that they have too many boys. Considering that we have thirteen girls and twenty six males, combining our classes together and not counting Hatsume or the teachers, the male to female ratio is two to one, thus, it is likely the third child will be a female."

Todoroki pointed to a section of the corkboard as everyone else gaped at him.

"People with white hair, going by the pigmentations, should either have white eyes because most people have eyes that are the same colour as their hair, or red eyes due to albinism. But white eyes reflect all colours of light and they would not be able to see anything, so her eyes are unlikely to be white. Taking into account we have thirty three students with visible hair and eyes for comparison, twenty students have different hair and eye colours, making it likely they do not have white eyes either. Midoriya has green eyes, Shinsou has purple eyes, and Kota has black eyes which can be made from mixing up different colours. To balance it out, she's likely to have orange eyes, which would be considered red. Bakugou has ash blonde hair and red eyes, so it is possible for her to have white hair and red eyes without having albinism, like him. We have also seen Midoriya and Aizawa with red eyes before, therefore this is plausible."

"Is it possible for something to sound like it makes sense, yet seem completely ridiculous and nonsensical at the same time?" Kendo whispered to Yaoyorozu.

"I'm surprised it's Todoroki who came up with this, and not Kaminari or Ashido, for one." Yaoyorozu replied.

He pointed to a new section, before continuing.

"Given that amongst the twelve girls in our classes, not counting Hagakure for obvious reasons, we have three people with curly or wavy hair, assuming that Shiozaki's vines are considered straight. We also have four people whose hair colour is not the same as their eyes, and the only ones that overlap in both groups is Ashido and Tsunotori. Both of them have horns, so it's likely she had horns as well."

"That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, IcyHot! Are you brain damaged!? Did that shit ass flaming heap of trash dad of your roast your brain!?" Bakugou snarled.

"My brain is working perfectly fine, thank you for your concern." Todoroki said, pointing to another section.

"Midoriya's quirk is an emotional fire quirk, and a bird quirk. Shinsou's is a brainwashing quirk, and Kota's is a water quirk. Therefore, we have a transformation quirk, and three Emitter quirks. Given that his dad is also an emitter type, I'd say it's pretty likely that she will have an emitter quirk."

"I think he has a few screws loose." Uraraka whispered to Iida.

"Therefore, in conclusion, Midoriya's third child will be a female white white, messy hair, red eyes, probably a horn, with an emitter quirk. Thank you." Todoroki finished, before he turned around and headed back to his room.

"Uh…. okay? That was…. Really random…" Awase muttered, as he flipped to the paused the Mario Kart game that he was playing with Kaminari, Kirishima and Jiro, before Iida insisted that they watch the news.

"Where is Midoriya anyway?" Yaoyorozu asked.

"I think he's taking a nap." Monoma replied, "He almost walked into a wall when he came in just now. I think he has trouble sleeping."

"Is there homework?" Everyone turned around to see who it was, and they just stared.

Midoriya looked horrible. He was horrifically pale, with his dark eye bags standing out prominently. With his messy hair looking like a bird's nest and wearing an oversized shirt as he staggered into the common room, Midoriya looked like he had literally crawled into a hellhole and back.

"Dude, are you okay? You look horrible!" Tetsutetsu asked, as Awase paused the game again.

"No he is not! Go sleep!" Kota yelled as he ran down the stairs.

"I need to do my homework." Midoriya groaned as he reached up to cover his ears, "Sorry, can you turn it down? It's really loud."

"Uh… Midoriya…." Kirishima turned to the paused screen, before turning back, "There's nothing playing. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Iida, what's the homework?"

"Midoriya, while I do applaud you for being conscious about school work, in your state I do not think you should be focusing on work. I advise you to please get some proper rest." Iida replied.

"I tried to sleep already!" Midoriya groaned. "I just can't. I just need something to do."

"You're going to crash at this rate." Uraraka spoke up, completely forgetting that poor Midoriya was still jumpy around her.

Midoriya snapped to attention, before he spun around and attempted a roundhouse kick as his body burst into heated red flames. Sero managed to pull her away in time, before Midoriya processed what he had done.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I-"

"It's fine." Uraraka replied, as Midoroya shook his head, trying to stay awake.

"Shinsou, brainwash him." Bakugou ordered.

"I tried already!" Shinsou protested, "Every time I do so, he wakes up after like, ten minutes!"

"Should we get Midnight to knock him out?" Sero whispered, as Iida tried to convince Midoriya to sleep, only for the green haired boy to protest that he was trying.

"I think he likes getting his hair ruffled." Monoma spoke up, "He fell asleep once when Shinsou did it."

"On it!" Ashido raced over, and gently stuck her hand on Midoriya head, but the boy just flinched and tensed up, before turning around, "Ashido?"

"It's not working." Ashido called out.

"We can tell…" Tsuburaba muttered.

Komori tried to do it, but Midoriya didn't seem to react to it. He actually seemed to tense up even more as she tried to run her fingers through his hair.

"His hair is really soft, though."

"You extras! This is how you do it!" Bakugou roared, and ran his fingers through Midoriya's hair gently.

Midoriya immediately relaxed, as his blinked blearily, "Ka… chan?"

"Sleep, you dumb nerd." Bakugou snorted, as Midoriya let out a squeak that sounded like a purr, before he finally passed out like a light.

Bakugou caught him in time before he crashed into the ground.

"What now?"

"I believe you should bring Midoriya back to his room." Iida replied. "Bring Kota and Shinsou up with you."

Bakugou just snorted, cradling the ridiculously light boy and made his way to the lift.

"Fucking idiotic nerd." He cursed under his breath, soft enough so that Kota and Shinsou couldn't hear him.

"So.. the locations of the tests are finalised." Aizawa announced. "All of you, go to bed early. I don't want any of you to be tired in the morning before the exam."

The students cheered, save for Midoriya.

Midoriya looked like he was close to passing out on the spot.

"Izuku? Izuku!" Aizawa tapped the boy on the shoulder, and Midoriya jolted to attention, "Haii…? Aizawa Sensei?"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine… just… tired…"

"I told you to sleep properly, right?" Aizawa sighed.

"Nerd can't sleep!" Bakugou growled.

"It doesn't feel right, okay?" Midoriya grumbled.

"Izuku, what do you mean, doesn't feel right."

Midoriya frowned, "It feels like something horrible is going to happen tomorrow."

"Well, then make sure you sleep so that we can deal with it if it does happen." Aizawa sighed. After Midoriya and Monoma's encounter with the hand obsessed villain called Shigaraki at the mall, Aizawa was not going to ignore whatever instincts that Midoriya somehow had.

"I try! I even went to Recovery Girl to see if she had anything to help me sleep. She gave me some stuff that helps induce sleep but that doesn't seem to work either." Midoriya grumbled. "Sero even got Midnight Sensei once to make me sleep but it was horrible."

Aizawa sighed.

"Just… try, okay? Also, we need your hero name."

"Oh." Midoriya yawned, "I was thinking Obscurity, the Mystery Hero? Since I'm an unknown and unpredictable factor in pretty much everything. First thing that popped into my mind."

Aizawa stole a glance at Maijima, Yagi, and Ishiyama. Neither of them had any complaints, and Aizawa just shrugged, "Okay. Obscurity it is. Nezu might want to change that title though."

Midoriya blearily stumbled off the bus as he stretched, his joints popping. He kept a tight grip on his case with his hero costume, as Kota and Shinsou clung to him, as if they could also feel the tension that Midoriya felt.

Aizawa kept an eye on his problem child as he glanced around warily, as if expecting something to happen.

"Eraser? It's you, isn't it, Eraser?"

Aizawa's face immediately twisted into a scowl as he turned to face the source of the voice.

"I've seen you on TV and at the sports festival, but it's been a while since I've seen you in person!"

"Ms Joke?" Midoriya raised an eyebrow, "She seems like the kinda person you would hate."

"Let's get married."


Fukukado burst into laughter, "No? Good one!"

"You're hard to talk to as usual!" Aizawa sighed.

"If you marry me, we can make a happy family with never ending laughter!"

"A family like that can't be happy."

"You two seem close." Asui spoke up.

Midoriya flinched.

Fukukado noticed the mostly green haired boy's reaction, but brushed it off, "Our agencies used to be close together! In our cycle of helping and being helped, our mutual love for each other bloomed and -"

"No it didn't."

"I love your quirk retorts! You're so worth teasing, Eraser!"

Midoriya was getting pretty annoyed with Fukukado at this point. The lack of sleep, as well as his agitation, were really not helping. Shinsou and Kota were hiding behind Midoriya, as the rest of the students watched the exchange with interest.

Aizawa sensed the poor boy's agitation, and turned to face him.

"Izuku, calm down. It's fine. This is normal." Aizawa sighed, and turned back to Fukukado, "Since you're here, that means -"

"That's right! Come here, everyone! It's UA." Fukukado turned around, as a group of students walked up behind her.

Midoriya turned to face the batch of incoming students, and growled.

"Izuku?" Kota shielded himself from view completely, as the students got closer.

"I didn't know you had kids, Eraser."

"They're adopted. They're technically his." Aizawa shrugged, "You doing okay, Izuku?"

"Blood. I smell blood."

Aizawa turned back to the incoming students, narrowing his eyes.

"Oh! It's the real thing!" A black haired male exclaimed.

"Wow! That's amazing! I've seen them all on TV!" The blonde female beside him patted his back.

"Ketsubutsu Academy, second years, Class 2!" Fukukado announced, "They're my class, please be kind!"

"They seem friendly enough." Hatsume grinned, "This looks fun!"

"Don't let your guard down." Midoriya hissed, "We're all fighting for a bunch of limited positions. They may act nice now, but they're not pushovers, especially since they're second years."

He eyed the boy with blue skin, and the tired looking boy with long black hair warily.

The black haired boy ran up to Midoriya and grabbed his arms, but Midoriya just flinched and pulled his hands away on instinct as he stared at the boy weirdly.

"I'm Shindo! This year, UA has had a lot of trouble, so it must have been tough! But even so, you're all aiming to be heroes like this, huh? That's wonderful! A heart of of fortitude is what I believe all heroes from now on should have!"

"Yeah! Plus Ultra!" Kaminari and Kirishima cheered, only for another student to barge into their group in the middle of the cheer.


Todoroki looked up at the student who had joined in the cheer.

"You shouldn't just barge into other people's huddles, Inasa." A male with dark purple hair spoke up.

Midoriya tensed up even more, much to Shindo's confusion, as his eyes flicked between the two students from Ketsubutsu Academy, and the blonde female standing next to the purple haired student, and he growled.

"Oh no! I am very extremely sorry!" Yoarashi stood straight, and bowed down, his head smashing into the ground as he apologised.

"What's with this guy trying to get by with just his enthusiasm!?" Kaminari yelped.

"Wait! That uniform! It's the famous school in western Japan! Shiketsu High school!" Jiro exclaimed.

"I just wanted to say it just once! Plus Ultra! I love UA high school! I am very honoured to be able to compete against UA students! I'm looking forward to it!"

"Yoarashi Inasa. Wasn't he one of the recommendation students that turned down his acceptance?" Midoriya raised an eyebrow, as he kept his eye on the blonde from Shiketsu.

Her eyes flashed from dark brown to yellow, then back to dark brown.

But he could smell blood.

Not just from Yoarashi, but from her as well.

He was positive it was her, and eyed the other two males from Ketsubutsu.


Shindo was confused as to why Midoriya was so jumpy and wary of everyone, before it finally clicked.

"Wait! You're Midoriya Izuku! You won the Sports Festival despite being in the General Education course! That means you transferred in! You also experienced being the center of the Kamino incident and -"

Midoriya gave a particularly harsh growl to that statement, making Shindo flinch.

He did not want to remember Kamino. Not being forcefully given a quirk, not the torture, not his friends hurting him -

"Okay, that was probably the wrong thing to say! Sorry!" Shindo apologised, raising his hands and backing away.

Wasn't his hair completely green during the Sports Festival? What had happened for him to have a white streak?

"Hey, wasn't Midoriya Izuku the one that got kidnapped?" The blonde asked.

"Well you would know, wouldn't you, Toga!?" Midoriya hissed, his eyes glowing with anger as he turned to face the blonde from Shiketsu, as Kota completely tensed up at the mention of the name.