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With Love, comes the Pain

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Yagi panted, as he surveyed the damage done to the area during his fight with All for One.

It was a pretty even fight, All for One using the multitude of quirks he possessed to counter the sheer amount of strength that One for All had stockpiled.

He had been sparking with red electricity a couple of times during the fight, and Yagi just assumed that he was charging up some sort of attack.

All of a sudden, the villain hunched over, gripping his head in pain as Yagi stood back, careful not to let the crimson strikes of electricity hit him. He could only watch as All for One shook, before the electricity finally dispersed, leaving him dazed and shocked.

Yagi took the opportunity to knock him out with a well placed punch.

He had no idea what had happened that caused All for One to suddenly lose track of the fight, but he just counted his blessings. If he had been forced to exert himself any further, he may end up revealing his true, weakened form to the world when he deflated.

At least, this gave him that one extra minute so that he could effectively hand All for One over to the authorities and make his escape.

"How is he?!" Uraraka asked, the second Kayama stepped into the room. Bakugou and Monoma had been sent back earlier, and were bombarded with questions. Neither of them knew anything about Midoriya's state, and seeing the expression on their faces, they had stopped, and decided to wait for one of the teachers to break the news to them.

Sosaki and Tsuchikawa were temporarily staying in UA, as investigations at their hideout took place, trying to find out how exactly the villains knew when and where to strike. They were the ones looking over the students as the rest of the teachers talked.

Chatora was with the remainder of the heroes that had gathered for the rescue mission, getting checked over from the aftermath of Yagi's battle with All for One.

Hakamata had gotten the most serious injuries, but even he was well on the way to recovery, so no one was too worried at that point.

"Is Midoriya okay?!" Kirishima asked, as the rest of the students crowded around Yamada and Ishiyama, all of them asking about Midoriya's wellbeing.

"He'll be alright. Recovery Girl said that he's fine. We'll have to wait until he gets more energy and stamina to completely heal him, but he'll make it."

Some sighs in relief were heard, as the rest of the students perked up in happiness that Midoriya was alive.


The rest of the students clammed up, processing Bakugou's statement, before they turned to the teachers for an explanation.

"Honestly, we don't know at this point in time, but I'm sure Nezu and Recover Girl will figure it out." Yamada replied. "Also... there's something we need to talk to you guys about."

Yamada and Ishiyama broke the news that they were building new dormitories, to maximise security. They weren't making it compulsory for all the students, but they mentioned that they would need their parents permission to do so.

Aizawa, Kan, Yagi, and Ishiyama would spend the next few days speaking to their parents, to try and convince them to let the students stay in the dorms.

As such, they would finally be allowed to go home. Todoroki didn't look happy about that, but he didn't say a thing.


Nezu just looked at Shuzenji with an unreadable expression, as Aizawa tried to process what was going on.

"Hold up. You're saying that All for One gave Izuku two quirks, based on that piece of paper and what we heard. But you're saying he doesn't?" Aizawa asked.

"Quirks give off energy, and each one is of a different wavelength. Given than you're telling me about two quirks that are nowhere near each other, I should be able to pick up energy signals of two distinct wavelengths." She held up a scanner, as it showed one line on it, "It only senses one quirk."

"Then where did the second one go?" Aizawa hissed, "We all heard what happened over the tracker. We can't tell much by the sounds that Izuku made, since he tried to stifle everything, but based on what All for One was saying, he tried to give Izuku a quirk three times. He resisted it the first, and after being threatened with Kota's wellbeing, he gave in."

"Alright." Shuzenji nodded. She had been attending to other students at the time, and hadn't heard what was over the tracker, "What other quirks have been used on him?"

"Heightened Pain, that should have worn off by now. Mind Containment, that -oh. That's why we never saw any traces of Heartburn." Nezu groaned, "Under the effects of Mind Containment, he is unable to express his emotions, so we couldn't see him use any fire at all even if he had the ability to do so. And in the end, he's probably been pushed too far past his limit to do anything else. And Adaptation. I believe that is the quirk that forced Midorya's body to change to suit Avian and Heartburn."

There was something obviously wrong.

Kota lived with the Wild Wild Pussycats for three years. He knew all four members, and clearly didn't have anything against them besides from his distaste for the heroes in general.

But he was so scared of Shiretoko. Chatora had mentioned it when he gave his report on the rescue mission. Aizawa had seen the fear in the boy's eyes, wide and clear.

Chatora said that Kota called Shiretoko a fake.

A fake what?

Besides from malnutrition and dehydration, Shuzenji had given him the all clear, stating that he was good to go. He needed a lot of rest, but he didn't have to spend the entire day cooped up in the infirmary.

Kota and Shinsou got along well, back then at the Pussycats' hideout. They still got along well, if you counted both of then wallowing in despair as they huddled together as getting along well.

Aizawa could only watch the two kids sit in the infirmary, looking so sad and sorrowful as they looked at Midoriya lying on a bed, his skin pale and his eye bags prominent. He had bandages wrapped over his torso, neck, arms and legs, covering the multitude of stitches and bruises that now adorned the poor child's body.

Shinsou reached out, gently grabbing hold of that small lock of Midoriya's snowy white hair, before he let go, and sank into his chair. Kota just curled up on a ball in his chair, shivering, and Aizawa draped a blanket over him as he graded tests and worksheets.

With a frustrated groan, Aizawa leaned on his table, pressing his forehead against the papers he was supposed to be marking.

He didn't want to do anything. He wasn't in the mood to do anything.

His kid was alive, yes. But what else was he suffering from? Kota had clearly been traumatised by something, which led to him being scared of Shiretoko, who had been moved to the room where the Pussycats were residing in the time being to avoid spooking the boy.

What about Midoriya? Unlike physical injuries, trauma stays. It lingers, it never truly goes away, and when you finally thought you were free of them, it appears, scaring you to hell and back and setting you back a few steps.

Aizawa knew that feeling. Ever since Midoriya had stumbled back into UA, covered in his own blood, doing his best to rescue Shinsou, he had nightmares. Nightmares that Midoriya didn't know him, didn't respond like he had that fateful day. If he hadn't, he would have died. If he wasn't so headstrong, stubborn, and determined, he would have died.

Aizawa was afraid he would lose someone he cared about. He cared about Yamada. He cared about Tensei and Kayama. He cared about Shinsou. He cared about his students. He cared about Kota.

He cared about Midoriya, and he couldn't stand thinking about how he would live his life if he even lost one of them.

And it scared him, that once again, he had almost lost Midoriya. Almost lost the poor teenager who had been shunned for being quirkless, called a demon for standing up for himself, who had no one to take care of him as a kid, and was forced to mature too early, too soon. The poor child who would literally give his life to save another person since even he believed that he was worthless, even though he never said it out loud.

Aizawa leaned back in his chair, before he walked over to Shinsou and Kota, "Come on. Let's to grab something to eat before the students storm the cafeteria."

Shinsou stubbornly shook his head, and grabbed on to Midoriya's bandaged arm as firmly as he could without the risk of injuring him further, while Kota just glared at Aizawa firmly.

"Izuku wouldn't want you guys to starve because of him. You know that." Aizawa sighed. He didn't want to leave either, but Midoriya was probably going to be a hypocrite and yell at him to take care of himself if he didn't.

Shinsou's gaze softened, before he looked forlornly at Midoriya, carefully letting go of his older brother's hand, and slid off his chair. Kota moved to follow him, and Aizawa picked both the kids up and strode out of the infirmary, "Let's eat fast so we can get back earlier."

Much to the surprise of the teachers, none of the parents had objected to their children moving into the dorms. In fact, most of them were glad that UA was taking the initiative to do something like this to ensure the students' safety, so all they had to do was finish building the dorms and allocate rooms to everyone.

However, all of the parents were overprotective, and the teachers had spent a lot more time at each students house listening to the parents talk about how important safety was, and it had taken a whole week instead of three days to get to all the parents.

The dorms were already half built by then, but then Nezu decided to change the structure of Hero Course dormitories, and Ishiyama had to tear down the structures in place, and start building the new ones. They had an estimated completion time of a week and a half, and the students could either stay at home in the meantime but check in with the teachers every hour, or when they change location, or they could just sleep in school.

Lessons had also been resumed in the meantime, but all the teachers could tell that none of the students were interested.

How could they, when one of their own was so badly injured, lying on a bed, and none of them would know how he would be when he woke up, if he even woke up in the first place?

Shuzenji had also prohibited the students from visiting Midoriya, stating that it was better for him to heal with less people around. The students didn't mind. They could wait.

As long as Midoriya was okay, they would wait for him.

And according to her, Midoriya should wake up by the end of the week. Nezu had called in a few favours, getting a hero who's quirk was to transfer energy from one person to another person to help them with Midoriya. The hero was able to give his own energy to Midoriya, allowing Shuzenji to use her quirk, healing Midoriya's bones completely, fixing some of the muscle and tissue damage, and partially healing Midoriya's throat and stomach. His bones were, however, still hollow, but they were still as sturdy as before.

Shiretoko had woken up, and upon inspection, it had been confirmed that yes, her quirk was gone, and she was quirkless. All the Pussycats were downcast, and they were left on their own to decide how they wanted to proceed from there.

Hawks had dropped by a couple of times to check on Midoriya, quietly standing in a corner, watching as Midoriya's chest rose and fell, before he left. Nishiya and Kamihara had popped into UA as well, and Aizawa could tell that they also felt guilty for what had taken place in UA.

Midoriya felt like he was sinking.

He could feel this heavy feeling, weighing on his chest. He wanted to get up. He wanted to get this weight off him. He didn't like the feeling of being weighed down.

He reached out, desperately trying to claw his way out, but it seemed like something was trying to drag him into the murky depths. He tried to hold his breath, but there was a limit to how long he could do so.

He inhaled.

And he was drowning.

No no no!

Midoriya tried his best, tried to push himself upwards, tried to swim to the surface, but his muscles felt like lead. He could hear his heart pounding, and he closed his eyes, using everything he had to try to and escape his fate.

His body refused to obey him. He could only watch himself sink, as he struggled to move his arms and legs to propel himself upwards.

And all of a sudden, he felt like the burden pressing on him, pushing him down, was no more. With a surge of strength, Midoriya kicking himself upwards, seeing a faint hint of light. He reached out, as the light became brighter

His hand broke the surface and his eyes burned.

He slammed his eyes shut, but it was still too bright. Why was it so bright?! Why couldn't he breathe!?

The weight was gone. He was out.

Why did he still feel so suffocated?!

He brought his hands up to cover his eyes, his hands shaking in pain and panic. There was something embedded in his left hand, stuck under his skin, and he ripped it out harshly, ignoring the sharp pain that flared up and the liquid that dribbled down his arm, soaking the cloth that his arms were wrapped in.

"Izuku! Izuku! Calm down!"

Calm down!? I can't breath!

Midoriya could feel something around his mouth and nose. Something that prevented him from breathing. He ignored the searing sensation in eyes, and tried to rip off whatever was covering his mouth, to no avail.


He heard the voice again. It was familiar, but he couldn't place it.

He felt a hand on the back of his head, another one on his hands.

"Shhh. It's okay, Izuku."

The hand grabbed his arms, gently moving them away from the thing covering his mouth, before he could feel the rubberly item being removed. He gasped, as fresh air flowed into his lungs, and he leaned forward, trying to gulp in as much oxygen as his needy lungs required.

"Is everything okay?!" He heard another voice. It was a male. Sounded panicked. "He's up?!"

"Zashi, cool it. Izuku, how are you feeling?"

He knew the voice.


"..Ko...ta ...To…shi..."

His attempt to talk caused pain to flare up in his throat. He coughed, but that only succeeded in making his throat even more painful, and he hunched over, pressing his face into the sheets in an attempt to block out the lights that he felt were burning his irises to ash as he clawed at his throat in an attempt to make the pain go away.

Shinsou and Kota had frozen up from Midoriya's panic attack, and upon hearing him try to speak, Shinsou jumping down his chair, and clambered up the bed, pulling Kota along with him until the other snapped out of his daze.

"No! Izuku! Stop!" Aizawa grabbed his arms, restraining him from abusing his already battered throat, as he gently lifted Midoriya's head. He didn't care that Midoriya's shoulder was burning with faint, black flames, he needed to ensure that he wouldn't hurt himself.

"Hold up! I'll get Recovery Girl!" Yamada flipped the light switch, turning on the lights in the room, not knowing that it was aggravating Midoriya's eyes.

He gave out a pained, strangled sound, and Aizawa hissed, "Zashi! Switch off the lights! You're making it worse!"


Yamada flipped the light switch down, and Aizawa could feel Midoriya loosen up slightly under his hand. Shinsou and Kota finally managed to get on the bed, and they crawled towards Midoriya, careful not to press on any of his injuries, and sat down next to him.

Feeling their presence, Midoriya wrapped his aching arms around them, pulling them closer and clutched them tightly. Aizawa noted how the dark, chaotic black flames slowly died down into calming turquoise flames that dances slowly in the dark.

"Is still too bright?"

Midoriya panted, nodding weakly, and supporting him with one hand, Aizawa reached out, and drew the curtains to the window right beside Midoriya's bed, throwing the room into darkness.

"To..shi..? Ko..ta…?" He managed to say, before he hunched over once again, his throat burning, and Shinsou gently pressed his cold hand to Midoriya's thorat, in an attempt to reduce the pain.

Midoriya exhaled slowly, and Aizawa gently manoeuvred him so that the boy was leaning on him. Aizawa carefully ran his fingers through Midoriya's hair.

"Shh. It's fine now."

"Alright. I'm here." Shuzenji entered the infirmary, closing the door behind her gently, before she caught sight of the turquoise flames that had flickered and shifted to a dark purple hue, "Ah, I see it now. Aizawa, what's the situation?"

"His eyes are sensitive." Aizawa stated. "And his throat hurts."

Shuzenji nodded. "Midoriya, do you know who I am?"

Midoriya recognised the voice as Shuzenji's, and he nodded gently, being careful not to aggravate his throat, as the flames slowly turned into a light shade of lavender. Shinsou gently reached up to let his hand hover over the fire that danced on Midoriya's shoulders curiously.

"Good. Now, I'm just gonna wrap some bandages around your eyes so that we can switch on the lights so I can check on you, okay?"

Aizawa patted his back as Midoriya nodded again, and Shuzenji procured a roll of bandages, gently wrapping them around Midoriya's eyes. She continued until there were a few layers of thick, yet breathable material covering his eyes, and Yamada hesitantly switched on the lights again, on Shuzenji's orders.

Midoriya's stance didn't change.

"Good. Now, is there anywhere that hurts in particular?"

Midoriya pointed to his throat, and Shuzenji hummed, "Yeah. That's a problem. Anywhere else?"

Midoriya hands froze, and he gave a small whine in pain as he tried to gesture to his shoulder that Shigaraki had disintegrated, white flames flaring up over his arms, before dying down completely.

"Alright. I'm going to use my quirk on you, okay? You should have enough energy right now for me to fix those up, and then you should get some rest, alright?"

Midoriya nodded, and Shuzenji kissed his hand. Midoriya felt the pain die down gradually, and his eyelids dropped as he felt his energy being drained.

Aizawa supported Midoriya gently, as he slumped in his grasp, flames flickering out, and gently lowered him down onto the bed. Shinsou and Kota latched onto Midoriya's side, refusing to leave, shaking their heads vehemently when Aizawa tried coax them off the bed.

Shuzenji carefully reconnected the IV drip that Midoriya had torn out, and the two kids curled up on either side of Midoriya, making sure to keep contact with him at all times, and Aizawa just slumped into his chair and resumes marking his papers with renewed vigour.

It had been a week since Midoriya had crashed back into UA, with two new quirks.

And Aizawa could finally heave a sigh in relief that Midoriya was okay, as he watched Midoriya sleep with two kids curled up like cats by his side, the three of them having fallen asleep as well.