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With Love, comes the Pain

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The bus ride to the camp was mundane at best and uneventful. Kaminari could not sing for the life of him, who told him he could?! And was that a Japanese song or was it English? He could not tell for the life of him.

Or maybe Midoriya was just grouchy because he hadn't slept a wink in the past few days. He managed to hide it from his classmates, but Shinsou knew after the first day he went more than twenty- four hours without sleeping. Aizawa found out after three days.

And it wasn't like he didn't want to sleep. He was tired. He knew he should be resting. Heck Aizawa, Yamada, and even Iida were reinforcing that all the time.

But he just had a bad feeling about this camp. A weird flame in his stomach, churning weakly. It didn't affect him at all, physically, but it left him wondering just what the heck was going to happen.

But just in case, he had made a few (a lot) more throwing knives, a ton of the bladed ammo he used in his bracers, and who knew where they were all hidden in his school uniform, bags, his secret compartments in his bag, and in his shoes.

He was supposed to be sitting with Todoroki, and Shinsou was sitting with Aizawa up front. But Midoriya was just unable to calm down at all. Todoroki had asked him in concern, but he just brushed him off. He tried to sleep, turning one way, then the other, but no matter how tired he was, how much he wanted to just push the pounding in his head that always came with not sleeping away, he couldn't do it.

He just grabbed the energy drink from his bottle and chugged it like an alcoholic drinking after years of abstinence. He wasn't going to let something like having no energy affect his performance in class.

They eventually made a stop at some cliff, and Midoriya was just looking around for any traps. Aizawa couldn't have made them, but it was just illogical to stop in the middle of nowhere, even if it was to stretch their limbs. Plus, 1-B wasn't even here, so there was definitely something wrong with that.

Midoriya stretched, twisting his head, sighing when he heard the popping of his joints on his shoulders, hands, and neck.

The doors of black car that was parked next to their bus popped, open. "Long time no see, Eraser Head!"

"The Wild Wild Pussycats?" Midoriya asked, before he looked at a boy who was too young to even be a hero. He looked about Shinsou's age, if his height meant anything, and Shinsou was also looking at him in curiosity.

"Eraser! I had no idea you had a kid!" Tsuchikawa laughed, walking over to the tired hero and getting a better look at Shinsou. "Finally got a girl?"

"He's adopted." Aizawa grumbled, holding Shinsou tighter to his chest, before turning to look at the students who were scattered around their rest stop, looking at the Pussycats curiously.

Aizawa just sighed, before saying, "These are the heroes that will be working with us over the course of this training camp."

"They're a four-person agency hero team that set up a joint agency! They're a veteran team that specialises in mountain rescues!" Midoriya grinned, before he pointed down the cliff to the stretch of forests below, "You guys own the land here, right?"

"Yup," Sosaki affirmed, "You'll be staying at the foot of that mountain!"

Upon the mention of that word, Midoriya realised what they were all standing on. Dirt, rocks, pebbles, soil. And then, he realised what Tsuchikawa's quirk was. And the very point of why they were stopping here.

Tsuchikawa had disappeared, but Midoriya had caught sight of her perching on top of the bus. He turned his attention away from her, and focussed his gaze on the black haired child who stood silently, aloof.

"It's nine thirty in the morning. If you're fast, maybe around noon?" Sosaki's claws glinted as she licked her lips, and Kirishima yelped, "Not good! Let's get back!"

"Back to the bus!" Ashido screamed, and all the students made a mad dash to the bus.

"Kittens who don't make it back by twelve thirty don't get lunch!" She grinned.

"I knew it." Midoriya grumbled, as he swung his foot into Tsuchikawa's fist before it made contact with the ground, stopping her initial ambush on the class.

Sosaki leapt at him, forcing him off Tsuchikawa, and the hero used that chance to smash her fist into the ground, setting off an avalanche of rocks and dirt that managed to sweep everyone off their feet and into the forest below.

"This is private land, so feel free to use your quirks as you see fit!" Tsuchikawa grinned, yelling down the cliff, and Midoriya looked at Aizawa with a betrayed expression.

"You planned this." He accused, "Dad, I thought better of you!"

"I…. What?!"

"You better take care of Hitoshi, or else, after I smash these earth monsters to a pulp, you're next!" Midoriya yelled, sticking his tongue out at Aizawa as he leapt down the cliff after his classmates, much to the confusion of the two heroes and the black haired child.

There was silence, until Tsuchikawa asked, "How did he know about the earth monsters? That was supposed to be a surprise!"

"WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?!" Kaminari screeched as he ran from one of the earthen beasts.

Midoriya leapt off the cliff, and landed on the beast with a solid thud, before digging out his newer, longer knives out of their sheaths in hidden compartments he had sewn into his pants specifically for this, and cleaved off the beast's head.

"Whew. Thanks."

Uraraka had gotten knocked to the ground trying to protect Iida from a particularly nasty slash, and had gotten her arm cut in the process. Blood dripped from her arm, and Midoriya hissed. He quickly smashed the beast to bits, and promptly yanked his tie off, wrapping it around Uraraka's arm tightly.

"Guys! Gather in a group, don't get separated from each other!" Midoroya yelled, still putting pressure on Uraraka's arm. "Jiro, Shoji, take the front! You guys have the best hearing, try to head in that direction! The camp is there!"

He pointed away from the cliff, and Jiro plugged her earlobes into the ground as Shoji transformed his extra ears into limbs.

"Gotcha. There's a man yelling. I think someone called him Tiger?"

"Yep. Another member of the Pussycats." Midoriya nodded. "These things are made from Pixie Bob's quirk. They're not animals, sorry Koda. They're strong, but their weak spots are the joints. Like the robots from the entrance exam. Unless you're a heavy hitter or fast, stay with the group!"

Bakugou ended up at the back with Todoroki. Neither of them liked it, but it made sense. Bakugou blew them up, and Todoroki froze them, but it left way too much debris in the way and they risked hitting the other students.

Sero was busy wrangling the flying earth monsters with the help of Ashido. Ashido could cripple them with her acid, and Sero just tied them together, and with Sato and Koda's help, used them to smash other earth beasts up.

Jiro and Shoji were busy making sure they were going the right way, cutting straight through the forest in a beeline for the camp. Asui was perched on Shoji's shoulders, tossing earth beasts away, and Shoji himself was multitasking between fighting, listening, and looking out for more danger.

Kaminari was wielding a makeshift version of his support item. Midoriya had a part in designing it, and was able to briefly describe the basics of how the support item was supposed to help him aim, while Yaoyorozu produced the item out of her back, ripping the uniform in the process.

She quickly ripped a metal pole out of her arm, smacking another monster in the face, and then she pulled a freaking machine gun out of her stomach and started raining bullets down the monsters.

Midoriya was fending off more beast, but while he had more stamina, his fighting style forced him to get in close with the beasts, and his uniform was starting to show where the beasts had tried to bite or slice him.

"Watch out!" Jiro yelled, as another beast literally popped out from under their feet, catching Shoji off guard and causing him to slam into Yaoyorozu. She yelped, losing hold of her weapon, when another emerged from right under her and caught her in its grasp.

Midoriya screeched, and slammed into the monster, but the monster had left its mark before it crumbled back into dust. A long, nasty gash was left on Yaoyorozu's leg, and Midoriya hissed. Shoji had caught her, but was unsure of what to do next.

Midoriya quickly grabbed the small bottle of rubbing alcohol he kept in a small, hidden compartment of his jacket, and ripped off another portion of his uniform, dumping the contents out. He pressed the cloth against Yaoyorozu's leg, and grumbled internally as she hissed in pain.

Why earth, of all things?! Bacteria, insects, all sorts of unhygienic and dirty things lurked, and in such a large wound?!

Midoriya promptly tore his jacket off, tying it around Yaoyorozu's leg tightly. He jumped to the ground, and carefully took Yaoyorozu from Shoji's arms. Normally, if it was a broken foot or bone, he wouldn't suggest carrying anyone due to all the running and jumping he would be doing. But it was just a flesh wound, a rather deep one at that, but nothing major. And they needed their powerhouses to be running at full power.

He quickly put his arms under Yaoyorozu's thighs, and she weakly wrapped her arms around his neck, before he started running, keeping pace with the group, with Yaoyorozu occasionally loosening her grip to make more weapons and items the others needed and passing it to them.

They found Kan and Aizawa talking about something or another, 1-B standing next to them patiently.

"Hey! You guys finally made it!" Kendo waved, "We were all screeching when your teacher told us he threw you down a cliff, and ... Midoriya?!"

The students turned to Midoriya, the 1-A students still way too tired and too confused to figure out what was going on.

Then it clicked.

All the students knew that Midoriya was strong. He had shown them time again and again, that he was perfectly capable of holding himself in a fight.

They were not expecting him to be so ripped.

His uniform was singed, and pretty much in tatters, from dodging boulders, trees, claws, and the very occasional accidental friendly fire. His tie was wrapped around Uraraka's arm, and was that his school jacket wrapped around Yaoyorozu's leg?

His muscles were showing, his scars standing out against his pale skin. He carefully helped Yaoyorozu off his back, and they could all see his muscles flex as he did so.

"Holy... that's so manly..." Tetsutetsu gasped.

"Izu!" Shinsou grinned, breaking the silence, dragging a very, very unwilling Kota behind him, "I'm adopting him!"

"Hey! I didn't agree to this!" Kota protested, but Shinsou merely ignored him and pushed him at Midoriya, "Kota, say hi to Izuku."

"I don't wanna be friends with hero wannabes!"

Sosaki just laughed as Kota tried to shove Shinsou away, but it was obvious that he was already loosening up around the other child.

"Hey, Toshi, you do know some people don't wanna be adopted, right? You can't just force em." Midoriya said, looking at Kota's confused expression.

"To be fair, I didn't wanna be taken in when you first found me. Hypocrite." Shinsou huffed, puffing his cheeks out and crossing his arms. "And you still did."

Kaminari, Ashido and Sero had fallen to the ground in exhaustion and laughter at Midoriya's bewildered expression that Shinsou was talking back.

"You were like, one year old! I couldn't just leave you there!"

"And he's six! Same age! No difference!" Shinsou grinned.

Midoriya looked at Kota weirdly. He didn't notice it before, when Tsuchikawa knocked them off the cliff into the forest, but now that he had a good look at Kota properly, he looked familiar.

But he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Have I... met you before?" Midoriya asked, "You seem familiar."

"I doubt it," Sosaki sighed, energy seeping out of her, "You were probably thinking of his parents, Water Hose - "

"Water... Hose...?" Midoriya let out a strangled gasp, his brain desperately reaching out for his memories of the water based hero team.

He was just twelve. He wasn't ready to take on all the high classed villains, but he was able to take down a few of the lesser villains.

His elementary school was having a two day trip, but he wasn't allowed to go due to him being quirkless. He didn't wanna go due to Shinsou, anyways, but he had the whole day to himself. Shinsou's school was having a field trip, and he did make the owner promise up and down to never let Shinsou out of his sight, at all.

Shinsou was excited for it. So while Midoriya wanted to explore a bit more, he couldn't go too far. So he had decided to visit one of the villages on the outskirts of Tokyo.

It only took him two hours to get there by hitching rides on trains. He had five or six hours to spare, to explore the area, to maybe figure out how it was so peaceful and quiet, yet so bustling with activity at the same tine, before he had to head back to pick his little brother up.

His hood was down, and he was just wandering around when a loud scream pierced his ears. He immediately flipped his hood on, fishing his mask out of his pocket, and putting it on, before he climbed up to the rooftop to figure out what was going on.


Midoriya hissed. He was, in no way, strong enough to take him down. He could see Water Hose, a team he had encountered before, pushing past all the screaming people, trying to get to Muscular. (They were really nice. They were one of the few heroes that knew he didn't have an ideal quirk, yet still encouraged him to shoot for his dreams. To be fair, they didn't know he was a vigilante.)

He made his way towards the battle, dialling for an ambulance and pretty much every other hero agency to send help to take down Muscular. Water Hose could control water, but water wasn't going to be very helpful against him.

But the Water Hose duo was severely underpowered. By the time he got there, which only took a few minutes, Muscular had already broke Kirai Izumi's spine, leaving her lying helplessly on the ground in a pool of her own blood. He couldn't see her face, for she was lying face down, and he could hear faint gurgling sounds from her direction. Mikai Izumi lay in Muscular's grasp, his ribcage crushed from the sheer strength of the villain. Blood was seeping through Muscular's fingers, slowly, dripping down, dying the ground crimson.

In a rage, he had leapt forward, slashing at Muscular. It was enough to shock the villain into letting him go, but not enough to injure him.

He did notice that Muscular was missing an eye, though, and the socket was bleeding.

He hissed, dodging a hit from Muscular, before the villain had tensed up.

They felt the ground rippling, and Midoriya immediately jumped aside as a creature made of rocks busted out of the ground.

"We got a call! What's going - Hey! Who are you!? Wait!" He heard Tsuchikawa yell, but he didn't stick around to listen to her berate him, or to continue fighting Muscular.

Midoriya quickly turned around and ran, leaping up to the roof, scampering off to the train station.

He couldn't stand it. He had failed. Kirai and Mikai wouldn't be able to be heroes anymore even if they survived their injuries.

Didn't they mention before that they had a kid around Shinsou's age?

Midoriya swore to himself. He couldn't fail again. One kid was now orphaned because he was too slow, because he wasn't strong enough.

That night, as he checked the news with Shinsou sitting in his lap, an article caught his eye.

"Hero News! Water Hose duo found dead after fight with Muscular! They were brutally beaten by the villain, and... "

An image of the dead duo was shown on screen, though heavily censored, but Midoriya's still slammed his computer shut. Shinsou didn't need to see something like that, he didn't need to see that scene again.

His heart clenched, for Water Hose, for himself, for the poor kid who was left orphaned and stranded on his own.

"I... I'm so sorry..." He gasped, looking down at Kota who was looking at him confused.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Kota snapped.

"I... I'm sorry... this is my fault.. I couldn't... I was there and I - "

"What do you mean, your fault?! And you were there? You couldn't have been there! The only other person there was a guy in a green hoodie who we deduced was Akatani and... Wait, you're Akatani?!" Sosaki was taken aback, her eyes widening.

Midoriya fell on his knees, and pulled Kota in for a hug, "I'm so sorry, Kota. This shouldn't have happened. Not to them, not to you."

And for the first time, Kota didn't push him away.

Because this was the first time someone ever said sorry to him. For losing his parents. Everyone else just said that he should be proud to have heroes as parents, that they were doing their jobs, praising them like heroes were gods.

No one stopped to think about how he felt, as a three year old orphan, who had just lost the two most important people in the world.

"Stupid Deku. Emotional shit." Bakugou grumbled, but he knew that it was just Midoriya. His dad didn't want him, his mom didn't care for him. All he had was Shinsou, and in a weird way, him, until he got into UA. Thinking that he was the cause of Kota's parents' death was going to be harder on him than on anyone else in his place.

"Okay, guys, go grab your stuff and see the rooms. We'll have dinner in two hours, so get moving." Aizawa announced, and everyone listened immediately to give the teenager and Kota some space.

Kota just stood there, letting Midoriya hug him, trying to rub the tears that were welling in his eyes away.