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With Love, comes the Pain

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Midoriya was very, very conflicted.

The message literally confused him. The letter was addressed to Akatani. But he, as Midoriya, wasn't allowed to look, or Shinsou may get hurt.

But he was Midoriya, and he was Akatani.

The letter was basically telling him to look but he couldn't look.

Midoriya had no idea what to do.

But just in case, he changed into his vigilante outfit. There probably weren't any cameras or anyone spying on him, or they would have realised a lot sooner about his vigilante identity, but just in case, he shut all the windows, drew all the curtains, switched off the lights, hid in the cupboard, and changed into his hoodie and donned his mask, before he flipped the light switch on, looked around once more, locked all the doors, grabbed his flashlight, and hid under the covers, before ripping open the letter.

He was paranoid, dammit.

A set of co-ordinates, and a message.

"We want to talk. You don't want the missing purple brat, or the other green brat to be hurt, you follow our instructions. We know your working with the heroes on this case. You cannot talk to them about this letter. You talk to no one. You meet us here at midnight."

Midoriya scowled, as he searched up the co-ordinates. It would take him an hour or so to get there, and it was dinner time.

He stretched out on the bed. He was slightly tired from the Sports Festival, and he was going to need all the strength he could get on this lead.

He set his alarm, before trying to sleep.

He didn't end up getting any. His mind was plagued with horrible scenarios, ones that left Shinsou dead.

What did they want? Why did they want him? What did they do with Shinsou?

Midoriya was scared. He was scared he'll find Shinsou beaten beyond recognition. He was scared they would have forced his little brother to do horrible things against his will that would end up breaking him. He was scared he, as Akatani, woulf be used against his only remaining family.

He just tried to sooth himself while nursing a steaming hot cup of coffee.

He couldn't let his emotions cloud his judgement.

He needed to get his baby brother back.


Midoriya crouched on the rooftop, eyeing the alleyway where he was supposed to meet up with the villains.

There was no one to be found.

He checked his phone.

Five minutes to midnight. Maybe he was just early.

He jumped down, and watched from behind a corner.

He waited.

A man with purple hair walked out of nowhere.

"You must be Akatani, no?"

"Yeah. And you are?"

"My name is of no concern. You want Shinsou Hitoshi, don't you?"

"Of course." Midoriya growled, "What have you done with him?"

"Nothing too bad," He reassured, "We just want your co-operation."

"That depends if I can get Shinsou or not."

"Too bad." The man snapped his fingers, the harsh sound echoing in the empty deserted alleyway.

Like a curtain was pulled back, a multitude of figures appeared, and Midoriya scowled. An ambush. Of course.

"We always get what we want, regardless." The purple haired man chuckled. "Get him."

Midoriya desperately tried to defend himself against the horde of villains. Dammit. He really was that similar to Aizawa, huh? He was pretty sure if he wasn't so god damned outnumbered at least a hundred to one (Where the heck did these villains keep popping out from?!) he would be able to defend himself. But no, they just had to have a large number of quirk users that he wouldn't be able to defend himself against. He jumped, leapt off a wall, but got nailed by water and electricity.

Dammit. There wasn't enough space for him to do anything. They could just blast the entire area with attacks and he wouldn't be able to dodge anything.

He could use his knife, yeah, but he couldn't do much against water or fire or electricity or anything.

Midoriya slid under the fire that blasted overhead, the water on the ground allowing him to skid past the fire user and trip him up. He quickly stood up, kicked another small batch of villains away, before he was picked up and thrown into a wall. He shook his head, shaking the dizziness out of his head, as he jumped over a punch aimed at his face. He punched that villain in the face, before tanking another few hits with the thin metal bands on his arms.

He used his retractable staff to knock out a few more, before he was blasted with water again and the metal staff was ripped out of his grip.

He was so lucky he had decided to bring one of his other weapon prototypes with him, in a way. Many sleepless nights of fidgeting and panicking had resulted in him trying to calm down one day, scribbling stuff on paper, before actually building the weapon. It could be used in both offence and defence, and with a subtle twitch in the right way, he was able to activate the blades that sprung out of the bands. They weren't that light, but Midoriya was strong enough to use them, at least basically.

If Snipe could literally use guns, then knives were probably okay, right?

The surprise of the new support item had allowed him to take out a lot more villains, earning quite a few new injuries in the process as he was still unused to the new weight, right until he got a knife to the shoulder. He felt his body freeze up, not listening to him, as he crumpled to the ground. He tried to push himself up, but his body no longer responded to him.

A man with long brown hair and red piecing eyes walked up to him.

The guy with the paralysis quirk. The one that kidnapped Toshi.

The man hauled him into a sitting position, and his mask, which altered his voice and also acted like an air filter, was pulled off his face and hung limply around his neck. Luckily it was so dark in the alleyway. No doubt they would recognise him as Midoriya Izuku otherwise.

A needle found its way into his neck.

Midoriya felt the cool liquid being pushed into his veins.

Probably trying to drug me or something...

His eyes felt like closing, but he tried his best to fight against it. He was so close. He couldn't give in now.

"Ya sure it was the chloroform?"

"Pretty sure, boss."

"Well, maybe he just needs some convincing - "

Midoriya didn't hear anything else when he felt a sharp pain against his head, and everything turned black.

Shinsou woke up, and for the first time in a very long time, he could actually see his surroundings.

He looked around, before his memories rushed back.

One of his captors were drunk, and had dropped his cuff keys.  Shinsou knew it was probably not a good idea, but he had grabbed the key and proceeded to work his cuffs off. He was barely able to undo the cuffs (he couldn't see where to insert the key) when the door to his prison opened. Without thinking, Shinsou had run out, knocking the guy that had opened his door to the ground.

It was obvious that he had been recaptured. He had neither the strength, the energy, or the knowledge to be able to do anything substantial. Shinsou carefully grasped the paper clip in his hand. He had stumbled upon it when he had tried to escape, decided it was shiny and kept it.

There were metal bars in front of him. He was sitting in a corner, chained to the wall. That wasn't new. He carefully looked to the other side of the small cell, before realising there was a figure chained up to the other corner. He jumped.

Who was he?!

Shinsou took in the shoes, the green, torn up and bloodied hoodie. He noticed the metallic mask hanging of the guy's neck, and he blanched when he managed to make out some green strands of hair under the hoodie.


Was he dead? He looked dead. Those wounds were nasty.

No he wasn't dead. He could see the faint rising and falling of his chest.

The doors swung open, and a man crouched down in front of Midoriya, grabbing him by the collar.

"Let's have some fun, shall we. We're planning to take down several heroes. I'm pretty sure you know them, or at least some strengths and weaknesses, Akatani. The ones that hang around that Midoriya kid. Eraser Head and Present Mic, no?"

Shinsou swallowed.

They still didn't know that Midoriya was Akatani.

They were after his brother.

"I only... work with them to..." Midoriya coughed, "To find Shinsou. I don't... know anything else about them, dumbass."

"Well then." The man stood up, and neither Shinsou nor Midoriya liked that glint in his eyes. "You'll need some convincing. I heard you're fond of him." He pointed the smaller purple headed boy out to Midoriya, and Shinsou noticed how Midoriya's eyes just widened when he realised that he was so close. So damned close.

"Make a sound and we'll move on to him, alright? Either that or you cough up some information."

A foot was planted in Midoriya's stomach, and he bit his lip to avoid hissing in pain.

He wasn't going to let them lay a single god damned finger on Shinsou.

Aizawa sighed as he talked to his homeroom class about the basics of their internships. He was hoping to talk things through with Midoriya, seeing as Akatani had texted him and told him not to meet up the previous day. Then Snipe had informed him that Midoriya was absent.

Hopefully he had just overslept, and wasn't in any real danger at the moment, even though there was an uneasy feeling churning in his gut.

He was just in the middle of telling the kids to choose their hero names wisely, before the television in the classroom flickered to life. He hadn't even noticed it until a strange static sound made its way into his ears, and everyone (including Kayama) was staring at the electronic device that was installed above his head on the wall.

"Hey, shut it. I'm not even a proper technopath. I can only broadcast signals along other signals. I can't control it!"

"Tch, just get it right."

He was about to complain and ask who switched it on, before he realised what was on the television screen.

The child with the wild purple hair. Shinsou Hitoshi.

Aizawa gulped when he realised just how small, how young the child was.

Then he noticed the other figure in the corner. Akatani.

He swallowed down his words. The other problem child.

Shinsou didn't look too injured, but on a television screen, he couldn't see much. Akatani, on the other hand, was bleeding from several wounds his shoulder and arms, but it seemed that he was more drugged than injured, if Aizawa could see anything through a television.

He unconsciously reached for his capture weapon as he heard the captors threatening Shinsou, before kicking the vigilante in the stomach viciously. He was pretty sure he saw a knife or two.

"Stop it! Leave him alone!"

He could hear Shinsou, or who he thought was Shinsou, screeching as he struggled against his own chains.

God damn it. Aizawa thought. He didn't want to see this. He already knew that Shinsou having it rough. He didn't need to see this. He was just a god damned child. He didn't need, didn't have to see a boy that was probably of a similar age to his older brother getting beaten up and tortured right in front of him.

Akatani looked horrible now. His hoodie was in tatters, and there was a pool of blood forming under him. Blood stained his hoodie from green to dark red, and all he wanted to do to was to find them, pick them up, and rush them to a hospital.

He didn't realise that he, and everyone else in the room had been staring at the screen for the past thirty minutes until the television turned black, and Nezu announced over the loud speakers that it was nothing to worry about, and that the heroes would deal with whatever was going on.

Bakugou was just glaring at the screen like he wanted to kill someone. Iida and Uraraka looked nauseous. Yaoyorozu looked like she wanted to cry. Todoroko stared at the screen impassively, but Aizawa could make out frost forming on his right side. Ojiro's tail was tense.

All of them liked Akatani, for sure. Akatani had saved them in the USJ attack. No doubt all they wanted to do was to repay the favour and save him as well.

Once again, he was glad that Midoriya wasn't in school. He would be screaming bloody murder right now and would probably screech at everyone to let him go and get his brother.

Speaking of which, maybe he should pop by Midoriya's house to check on him. But he had to focus on Akatani and Shinsou first. Who knew what those vile villains wanted to do with them.

Midoriya gasped as the villains finally decided that they had enough fun with him. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and coughed. His chest was bleeding, and he wasn't really sure if all his ribs were intact.

Shinsou had tucked himself in a corner, looking at him like he wanted to throw up.

He was scared.

The second the villains were out of sight, Shinsou tried to rush to his side. Except that the chains and the collars held him back from going too far, and Shinsou coughed as the collar was pressed against his throat.

"Toshi. Calm down." He whispered, coughing out more blood. Ow. Did they break a rib or something?

He slowly inched closer to Shinsou, who was struggling with the collar, and carefully wrapped his arms around the smaller child.

"Shh. I'm here now, Toshi. I'm here now. I said I'll come for you, didn't I."

Shinsou just buried his face into Midoriya's side, well aware he was bleeding horribly in the chest from those villains.

His brother was here. Izuku was here. He didn't like that his brother was so badly injured to protect him, but he was here.

Shinsou pressed the paperclip into Midoriya's hand carefully, and Midoriya just nuzzled his head as he took the metal pin from him.

"Thanks, Toshi. Don't worry. We'll get out of here soon."

Shinsou just drowned himself in the familiar warmth that he had been craving for so, so long.

Everything would be fine.

Aizawa felt absolutely sick as his eyes were glued to the television. Yamada was hosting his radio show and probably wouldn't be back until midnight, and Aizawa couldn't help but just stare at the device. He couldn't help it. That was the only thing he could watch anyway. Whatever the villain technopath's powers were, that was the only thing that anyone could see. All the channels just displayed the vigilante getting tortured and the small child being forced to watch.

He could plug out the television, sure, but then his phone was also playing the same thing.

Nezu had informed them that all the televisions in the classrooms would be unplugged for the time being. The principal was pretty sure that the technopath hadn't been targeting UA, and was just messing with all the signals in general. Aizawa could tell when he passed television stores that used to display sports, or news, being filled with images of the bloodied cell. Everyone's phones were lit up with those scenes, and it took all of Aizawa's self control on his way back home to not smash all the screens and television in a fit of rage.

They were just kids. They didn't have to go through all this.

Aizawa was seriously gonna take Shinsou and Midoriya in once they found out where they were being kept, and then maybe have a nice long chat with Akatani and wrangle him into the house as well.