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With Love, comes the Pain

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"Just eat something, fuck face!" Bakugou growled as he literally dragged Midoroya by the collar into the cafeteria and dumped him on a chair. He threw a packet of bread in his face, and Kaminari slid over a cup of tea.

Midoriya was still scribbling away in his notebook, trying to draw as many connections between the villains as possible. He tore the bread wrapper open with his teeth and ate it, before literally pouring the tea down his throat without even batting an eye, his pen still making markings on the paper.

"Kaminari, pass the salt." Jiro called.

"Eh? I took the sugar!" Kaminari replied, confused.

"Look again..." Uraraka blinked, and Kaminari's eyes trailed to the shaker in his grasp.

The pepper shaker, to be precise.

"Deku?! Why the heck did you not say anything?!" Bakugou screeched. He was very, very pissed off. He had questioned his own mom about Inko, and Mitsuki had very honestly stated that Inko broke off all contact with her since Midoriya turned six. She hadn't talked to her, or anyone for that matter. The fact that Midoriya had to take caee of himself did not sit well with Bakugou at all.

"Tch. I'm wondering how someone like you got into UA." A voice rang out from behind Midoriya. He didn't react to it, until his notebook was literally snatched out from under his hand.

Midoriya turned around, coming face to face with a bulky third year.

"Oh. You. Satsuki Akiho, older brother of the twins Satsuki Amira and Satsuki Akara. You went to Higasaki Junior High, now you're in Class 3-D, took piano lessons every Wednesday and Sunday. Blood type AB, you're a 190 cm tall, and 65.6 kilograms."

Satsuki, or so Midoroya called him, was just staring at the boy. In shock or in fear, no one knew.

"You enjoy playing computer games, and you dated a girl called Misato Alena for a month, then broke up with her, and now you're dating Nari Hitume, who's in Class 3-C."

"Are you some kind of stalker?" Satsuki just looked sick.

"No. There's just a lot of stuff that I know." Midoriya shrugged, taking his notebook back from the grasp of the taller boy who's grip had slackened.

"Look, here." Satsuki grabbed Midoriya's collar. "My siblings have been saying that the little purple freak of yours has been making fun of them -"

"Let me go. This. Instant." Midoriya growled.

Everyone flinched as that wave of pressure rolled over them, smashing into them with the force of a hurricane.

Midoriya unlatched the fingers from around his collar, and Satsuki fell to the ground.

"Just so you know, the person you're talking about hasn't been to school in nine months. Unless you want me to go there and terrorise all the kids there for telling lies and generally being disappointments to human society, I suggest you refrain from calling anyone a freak."

Midoriya grinned and barred his teeth.

"I can do so much worse to you."

Bakugou couldn't help but stare at Midoroya's sharp canines, that seemed to be glinting with bloodlust.

"Got it? Good." Midoriya reeled his aura back in and collected his things. "Have a nice day, sir."

"You... really are a demon."

Midoriya paused.

"Call me whatever you like. I didn't care three years ago when that nickname popped up, I still don't care. I stopped caring a long time ago."

Midoriya really didn't care anymore, by the time the Sports Festival came.

His heart was completely breaking at his point.

Ten months.

Shinsou's been missing for ten months.

Midoriya didn't care as he walked out into the stadium for the sports festival. Who cared about that.

Bakugou did, apparently.

"All of you are just stepping stones for me to become number one."

"Shut it, Kacchan. We both know I could beat you in my sleep." Midoriya snorted.

"Fight me, Deku!"

"Yeah, get to the final round first. Then we talk."

Aizawa sighed. Both Midoriya and Akatani were worrying him. He was hearing less and less from Akatani, but the damn vigilante was as hardworking as usual and was just dumping files and files of information directly in Nezu's office! How the heck the damn child was getting past UA security all the time was driving him and Nezu up the wall. Nezu was taking it like a challenge to up the secretly in school, and Aizawa was pretty sure he was constantly glancing out the window all the time, expecting to see Akatani strut into school in all his glory.

Then there was Midoriya. He seemed to have cooled his head after his break down, and not only was he still running around like a headless chicken finding leads and scribbling all over the place in the tenth notebook he had shoved at Aizawa, the students were also terrified of him. First, second, and third years. 1-A seemed to be okay with him, but even then half of them were still hesitant to go anywhere near him. Only Uraraka, Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari actually had the guts to wrap an arm around the boy, or sit next to him, or just throw bread in his face (Bakugou) in his classroom.

And now, he seems to be so frustrated again that he's unintentionally riling himself and Bakugou up. Yay.

The first event was an obstacle course. Todoroki and Bakugou had ended up taking the lead, but Midoriya somehow hacked the zero pointers to grab Bakugou and Todoroki and literally throw them back into the hoard of students who were pushing and shoving their way out of the tunnel, he had taken the lead.

He had gotten past all the robots easily, smashing one in the face before fiddling with its circuits, much to Yamada's confusion. It was only minutes later, way after Bakugou shot past, and most of the hero course students had passed it, before they realised what Midoriya had done.

He had set the robot to explode, apparently. Not only the robot he had destroyed, but also all the other robots that were left behind at the entrance. Nezu was watching the third year events, but he was keeping an eye on the first and second year events on his phone. Aizawa was pretty sure that he would be cackling at the exploding robot.

Midoriya was neck and neck with Bakugou and Todoroki. Bakugou was flying over the canyon, Todoroki was skating across the tightropes, and Midoriya? He was jumping off the tightropes, using them to propel himself forwards as he ran along the ropes. Bakugou tried to blast Midoriya off a rope, but Midoriya just grabbed the rope he had fallen off from, using his momentum to swing himself upwards, kicking Bakugou away, before regaining his footing on the tightrope and running off again.

"Damn. And he's in the general education course?" Kendo sighed as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

"Apparently." Monoma groaned.

Midoriya had finished the second part of the course a few seconds after Todoroki did. Todoroki was just staring at the dark patches on the ground in confusion, before carefully making his way across.

"Alright! Todoroki's starting the third and final segment of the obstacle race! And, oh! Midoriya's catching up! How will he plan to get past the minefield ... MIDORIYA!?"

Todoroki carefully turned around to see what had shocked Yamada so much.

Midoriya was running. Racing across the minefield. Leaping about as he powered forwards, not even placing foot on a single minefield.

Shit. Todoroki gulped. Midoriya was catching up, fast, and Bakugou was also behind him, powering forward.

Todoroki hurriedly created a path of ice to run on, just as Midoriya appeared next to him. He started running, and he was neck to neck with Midoriya. He could win this. All he had to do was freeze Midoriya -

Nope. Midoriya was apparently faster. Way faster. He bounded forwards while Todoroki was thinking, gaining a huge head start even as he avoided the mines. Todoroki pushed himself forwards. He had the advantage on the minefield. But yet, Midoriya was faster. Once the minefield ended, Midoriya would no doubt get even faster. Todoroki wasn't weak, but he had trained intensively with his quirk, not his physical body.

Bakugou had started speeding up, and Todoroki decided to focus on getting second instead.

Midoriya had gotten first, Todoroki second, Bakugou third. The remainder of 1-A, 1-B and one Hatsume Mei had trickled into the stadium, filling the first forty spots required to move on to the next event.

"Hey, what quirk does he have?" Tokage asked.

"No idea. Maybe a speed quirk?" Kendo shrugged, "Or a minor strength enhancer."

Apparently, the second event was a two man cavalry battle. One person would sit on the other's shoulders with a headband with the total amount of points the duo obtained based on their position in the obstacle race. When the person sitting atop the other's shoulders falls off the other's shoulder's, that pair is eliminated. If their headband was stolen, they could still pursue the others as long as they don't touch the ground.

Midoriya snorted. He had the most points, and he was pretty sure that no one wanted to team up with him because of the rumours flying around him and the fact that he would be a target.

Until one Hatsume Mei approached him.

"You got first place. Team up with me."

Midoriya shrugged. "Okay. Who's the rider?"

"You, of course. My babies are strong enough for the both of us, and me carrying you would make them look a lot better."

Midoriya could go with that. "Okay. I'm pretty light, so you should have no trouble carrying me even without your tech. I guess it will make them look even better."

Hatsume flashed him a smile. "Cool! Let's rock!"

"Okay, what tech do you have?"

Apparently, Hatsume had a lot of stuff. Minor strength enhancers under her uniform, rocket shoes, a grappling hook, a net launcher, and a lot of other stuff.

Not to Midoriya's surprise, the 1-B students had paired up amongst themselves. Uraraka and Tokoyami had paired up, as did Bakugou and Kirishima, Ashido and Sero, Asui and Shoji, Hagakure and Ojiro, Yaoyorozu and Jiro, Kaminari and Koda, Aoyoma and Sato, and Todoroki and Iida.

This will be fun. Not.

This was dumb. Having at least three people would make it more of a cavalry battle. This is just a much more annoying and frustrating game, with only two people to a team.

The event started not to long after. Some people from 1-B had tried to go after Midoriya and Hatsume, but Midoriya just got really, really bored. He leapt off Hatsume's shoulders, nailing Tokage in the chest and kicking her off Shishida's shoulders, before jumping off again and did the same to Shoda and Fukidashi, grabbing both headbands in the process.

"Hey, that even allowed?" Tokage yelled.

Apparently, Yamada also had the same question.

"Yup! It's perfectly valid. As long as he doesn't touch the ground, he can continue.

Tsunotori and Bonda fired off horns and glue at Midoriya when he came after them, but Midoriya expertly twisted mid-air, dodging the attacks. He kicked Bondo on the head, yanking Tsunotori's headband off and pushed her off Bondo. Lucky for them, Bondo caught her in time to avoid being eliminated.

"Fuck off, Deku!" Bakugou snarled. He had launched himself off Kirishima, and he threw Midoriya back at Uraraka, before blasting Bondo and Tsutonori to the ground. She touched Midoriya, and gently lowered her down back on Hatsume's shoulders.

"Why are we working together now?"

"Consider this as thanks for the entrance exam!" Uraraka grinned.

Midoriya merely grunted.

One of Tsutonori's horns had went off course when she fell, knocking Hagakure off Ojiro's shoulders. Monoma had pulled a card from Bakugou, swiping his quirk as Kirishima picked him up and blasting Kaminari off Koda's shoulders. Midoriya leapt off again, tackling Kaibara. Kaibara attempted to shove him off with his drill, but Midoriya just kicked him off Awase's shoulders.

Kamakiri had swiped a metal from Yaoyorozu, and she yelped. Kodai used the pole and attempted to attack her, but she missed and ended up whacking Aoyoma away. Yaoyorozu got payback by making a speaker and letting Jiro blast Kamakiri and Kodai. Asui grabbed Yanagi and yanked her away from Honenuki, but Yanagi retaliated in time and pulled Asui down with her.

"This looks more like football than a cavalry match..." Yamada muttered over the loudspeaker. Heck, they were just tackling each other. Only Midoriya was bothering about the headbands and points.

Bakugou had decided to go after Tsuburaba, who put up an air wall. Kirishima caught him, and Iida charged at Tsuburaba, and Komori who was on his shoulders. Todoroki made the finishing blow, knocking her off.

Rin, on Kuroiro, tried to go after Midoriya. Midoriya just leapt into the air and Hatsume charged at them with the help of her rocket shoes, knocking them down.

In the end of the second round, which had lasted five minutes, the remaining sixteen students were Midoriya, Hatsume, Uraraka, Tokoyami, Bakugou, Kirishima, Ashido, Sero, Yaoyorozu, Jiro, Todoroki, Iida, Kendo, Monoma, Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu.

Midoriya tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the final event to start. He didn't want to be dragged over to the 1-A table for lunch and have Bakugou smack another loaf of bread in his face.

"But he was very impressive, weren't you, Midoriya?" Kirishima said as he chewed, "You literally just tackled and threw everyone you took to the ground. Wasn't the time limit like... ten minutes? We finished it in half the time."

"I don't care. I just wanted the event to end faster." Midoriya groaned, resting his chin on the table. "The Sports Festival is a waste of time but it's compulsory. I can't just skip it."

"You wanted to what!?" Kaminari yelped, "You wanted to skip the Sports Festival!? But you could end up transferring to the Hero Course!"

Midoriya stood up. He didn't want to be here anymore.

"Once you find out about my quirk, you wouldn't say that anymore."

"What's with him?" Kendo asked as she watched Midoriya stalk out of the cafeteria tensely.

"No idea." Tokage shrugged. "I do have to wonder what his quirk is."

Monoma hummed. Maybe... he had a quirk like him? That he was teased and bullied over?

The first round of the final event started way too soon. Kaminari had, once again, dragged Midoriya over to 1-A's viewing platform, claiming that he should make more friends.

Midoriya, since they weren't allowed to bring their stuff, just decided to analyse everyone's quirk mentally just to keep himself occupied. If he thought about Shinsou for one more second and wasn't able to act on his urges to punch villains, make notes, or just run around trying to find more leads, he was pretty god damned sure he would explode right there and then.

Kirshima and Tetsutetsu ended up tied, Bakugou beat Uraraka, Todoroki blasted Ashido with ice, Monoma beat Sero with Bondo's glue quirk, Hatsume used Iida to promote her stuff before stepping past the line, Tokoyami stiffled Shiozaki with darkness and Yaoyorozu beat Jiro.

Midoriya's fight with Kendo was last, and compared to all the other fights where there was a sheer display of power, fighting spirit and strength, his fight was.. boring.

The second it started, Kendo enlarged her hand, but Midoriya just dashed over to her, grabbed her arm, swung her around a few times before letting go. Kendo literally flew out of the boundary.

The second round match ups were out, and Midoriya groaned internally when he realised he had to fight Monoma. He didn't hate Monoma, per say, but he was one of the people with a quirk that could actually reveal that he was quirkless.

Bakugou beat Kirishima easily, and Todoroki just simply froze Yaoyorozu. Iida had beated Tokoyami with pure speed.

Monoma growled.

Midoriya was a pain.

He had borrowed Tsuburaba's Solid Air quirk and Tetsutetsu's Steel quirk. He wanted to see what kind of quirk Midoriya hid up his sleeve, but he was making it harder than it would have been. Midoriya was fast, avoiding his attempts to grab him, and Monoma could only copy a quirk when he comes into contact with him. He hasn't even touched Midoriya in the two minutes he had been dancing around him.

Midoriya wasn't even trying to hit back. He was just on the defensive.

"Hey, isn't that the Demon of Musutafu?"

Just then, Midoriya growled under his breath, turning to face where the voice came from, and Monoma took that moment to strike, smacking him right in the shoulder.

Midoriya slid back, growling.

Monoma realised two things.

He had dislocated Midoriya's shoulder. Midoriya just hissed, and smacked his shoulder back into place. That wasn't the scary thing.

Monoma didn't sense a quirk to copy. He could tell whether a quirk could be copied or not, but he couldn't sense a hint of a quirk when he came into contact with Midoriya.

"That's it."

Monoma blinked up from his daze of realisation, just as Midoriya charged at him. He quickly put up an air barrier, but Midoriya easily smashed through it. Monoma prompty activated the Steel quirk, turning himself into metal, but he failed to realise what Midoriya was doing.

Midoriya leapt up, grabbing Monoma around the neck with his legs. Even all covered in steel, Monoma couldn't stop himself from being flung back as Midoriya landed, flinging the boy back as he landed in a handstand and twisted his hips.

Monoma landed outside the boundary.

Monoma had a haunted expression on his face as he made his way back to the 1-B viewing platform.

"You okay, Monoma? You look like you've seen a ghost." Kendo asked.

"Ne, Monoma! Did you manage to figure out what quirk he has?" Tokage bounded over.

Monoma mutely shook his head. He was very, very confused.

Bakugou blasted Iida over the line.

"Shut up! Use you're god damned fire!" Midoriya screeched, "You're being so god damned disrespectful to everyone here by not using your full potential!"

"Aren't you being hypocritical! You haven't used your quirk yet!"

"Says who? I could have an analysis quirk for all you know!" Midoriya growled, as he leapt forwards, nailing Todoroki in the chest. Todoroki slid back, smashing into the ice wall he made behind him.

"Plus..." Midoriya stood up, glaring at Todoroki as he grinned, showing his canines, "You couldn't beat me even at full power."

Todoroki flinched as a terrifyingly oppressive aura washed over.

Was this his quirk?

Midoriya just looked at Todoroki, tilting his head slightly. His pose looked relaxed, but he just felt so intense that Todoroki was frozen stiff.

Could I even use my fire if I wanted to?

"You know, a long time ago, I wished I could have a quirk that was even a fraction as amazing as yours. You may hate your father, but you can't let your genetics and you parents tie you down."

Midoriya reeled in his aura, "You have potential. Your quirk is amazing, and it will take a long time until you stagnate. Unlike me. I could stagnate any time and become insignificant. At the very least, if you respect me as an opponent, use your fire."

Todoroki couldn't help it. That intense feeling, from those simple words, full of self loathing, self hatred, guilt.

He couldn't take it.

He couldn't control it.

His fire rolled off his arm, flickering to life in the palm of his hand.

A small smile appeared on Midoriya's face, and his expression softened.

"Come at me, Todoroki Shouto."

Uraraka gasped as Midoriya leapt to the side, rolling to dodge Todoroki's fire. He landed and bounded towards Todoroki, who hurriedly put up a large ice wall to keep him out. Midoriya skid past the ice, as Todoroki launched another wave of fire at him.

He jumped over the blast, nailing Todoroki in the face, before sweeping his legs out from under him.

Todoroki yelled, and tried to blast Midoriya with ice and fire, but Midoriya just grabbed him by the legs and threw him out of bounds.

"Was... Midoriya ever so strong?"

"Fucking Deku! He was holding back against me this entire time!" Bakugou roared. "That piece of shit! I'll beat him up later!"

Bakugou was mad when he walked onto the stage.

Midoriya didn't even look remotely tired, unless he counted the eye bags under his eyes.

Deku thinks I'll be predictable? Oh I'll start with a right hook alright, then nail him somewhere else.

Bakugou did just that.

Except that when he suddenly twisted midair with a blast, trying to kick Midoriya in the chest as he smoothly transitioned from a punch to a kick, Midoriya caught his foot.

"You're still predictable, Kacchan."

He growled as Midoriya swung him around, smashing him into the ground. Bakugou stood up and charged again, but Midoriya swiftly dodged the flurry of blasts he was aiming at the green haired boy.

"Stop holding back against me, Deku!"

"One, no. I'll kill you by accident, Kacchan. Two, you might want to control your temper. Emotions are irrational."

Bakugou was about to reply when Midoriya suddenly sidestepped, and shoved his face towards the ground, right past the line.

Oh hell no!

With a well timed blast, Bakugou barely blasted himself in time to avoid smashing into the ground past the boundary. He hissed as he stood up and faced Midoriya. He raced forward, trying once again to blast and kick the other.

"Kacchan. I can read you like an open book. Control your temper."

"Shut the fuck up, Deku! Fight me properly! Stop acting like a coward!"

"He's... just playing around with him..." Kirishima mumbled.

The fight kept on going. Bakugou pushing Midoriya back, until Midoriya uses Bakugou's own power against him and almost sends Bakugou out of the boundary if he didn't catch himself in time.

Finally, Bakugou coughed as he tried to push himself off the ground, panting.

Midoriya just stood there, looking at Bakugou emotionlessly.

"Why aren't you just attacking!?" Bakugou roared.

Why? This entire time, he hasn't been exerting himself. He used everyone's own power against them, almost like he's trying to conserve his energy! That's all he's been doing!

Midoriya shot forward, nailing Bakugou in the chest, pushing the ash blonde haired teen out of bounds.

"Hey... isn't he quirkless?"

"Apparently so. He's the only quirkless one in Musutafu."

"Maybe he just developped a quirk late."

"You'd think he's announce it though."

Monoma swallowed as the rumours and chattering amongst the crowd grew stronger and stronger.

Quirkless? Midoriya? Quirkless?

Was that why he didn't sense a quirk in him?

He eyed Midoriya, as he stood on the podium, as Yagi hung the first place medal around his neck. The kid looked like he wanted to explode.

1-A and 1-B eyed the rest of the spectators warily. Even some of the pro heroes looked uneasy as everyone murmured about Midoriya and his supposed quirklessess.

"Well... would you like to say something, as the first place winner?" Kayama asked. Yamada was screeching in her ear through the ear piece, telling her not to, even though they did that every year.

Midoriya took the microphone from her, and the stadium fell deathly silent.

"If you have such a big problem with a quirkless teenager winning, then come down here and fight me yourself. Either way, I don't lose anything. I win, it just shows that my training since I was a kid to make up for my non-existent quirk paid off. You win, then you have no right to call me a monster or a demon."

Monoma's breath hitched.

He had practically admitted that he was quirkless.

The spectators were silent for the remainder of the prize giving ceremony.

In awe, in fear, or for what, no one knew.

Aizawa sighed as he slumped into the chair.

Damn. He was glad that was all Midoriya did. He honestly expected him to start ranting at the spectators like he had to the media and reporters before the USJ attack.

Though, honestly, Midoriya just looked tired, sick of everyone, and Aizawa really wanted him to just go home, sleep, and not think about anything else.

Midoriya unlocked his front door, dumping his bag on the ground. He was prepared to put his hoodie on and go out on a patrol, and had been trying to use as minimal energy and effort throughout the entire day.

Then he caught a letter, sitting on the ground.

"Hand this to Akatani. And no looking, or your little brother may suffer the consequences."

He was stuck with a dilemma.