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With Love, comes the Pain

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Midoriya sighed when he opened the letter, skimming over the words searching for the phrase "you didn't get into the hero course". He knew he didn't get into the hero course from villain points, and he didn't really care anyway. There was still the sports festival.

He didn't have time to wallow in self pity. It was robots. He couldn't do shit against robots anyway.

He needed to find his little brother.

He slipped on his mask, pulled up his hood and slid out his window.

Bakugou sat on his table. He didn't know if Midoriya had gotten into the Hero Course, or even UA. He had started going a bit crazy about nine months ago, and two months ago, at the entrance exam, had gone a bit more crazy than he thought was healthy. A lot more crazy.

He was glad that Midoriya could stand up for himself, sure... but he didn't know what to feel when he sees Midoroya rushing all over the place, mumbling at breakneck speed and generally being tired, sleepy, angry, easily pissed off, cranky, and generally not taking care of himself.

This random guy called Iida Tenya had yelled at him for keeping his feet on the desk. Weirdo. Wasn't he the guy that Midoriya called out before the practical exam?

Then there was this other girl called Uraraka Ochako that entered. And she immediately ended up in a conversation with Iida, a guy with many arms called Shoji Mezo, another semi bulky guy called Sato Rikido, a pikachu blonde called Kaminari Denki, a frog girl called Asui Tsuyu, the tape boy Sero Hanta and a red head called Kirishima Eijiro.

He let out a sharp bark of laughter when he overheard them talking about this supposed Demon of Musutafu.

Deku really made a name for himself, huh?

He was behind by a long shot. He needed to stop relying on his quirk so much. His occasional spars with Midoriya before he went off the rails told him that much.

He eyed the man in the sleeping bag that emerged from the sleeping bag.

Huh. Looks like Midoriya didn't get into the hero course. Pity.

Bakugou snorted when Aizawa declared this person with a wind quirk who's name he didn't bother to remember, and a grape haired boy, with no potential, and immediately expelled them. To be fair, one was a major pervert and the other wasn't even taking the trials seriously, even with Aizawa's threat of expelling students. He got what he deserved.

I mean, fuck you, he fucking threatened us and you still goofed around and "pretended" to drop the softball. You dumb or some shit?

That was until Aizawa dismissed everyone else.

"Bakugou, you went to Aldera, right?"

Bakugou blinked, and nodded.

"Alright. Stay back for a second. And you eight. Uraraka, Iida, Kirishima, Kaminari, Shoji, Sero, Sato, Asui. You're not in trouble, I just want to talk."

The nine students (literally half the class at this point) looked at Aizawa, forming a semi circle around the pro hero.

"Bakugou, what is Midoriya like in middle school? How is he being treated?"

Bakugou tensed up. Why was he asking about Midoriya.

"It's for a case. He's involved in it and I'm afraid he's running on fumes at this point." Aizawa said, almost as if he read his mind.

"Deku? He was really timid. He got bullied a lot when he was younger over quirk problems. But recently, I think around three or four years ago, he started fighting for himself. So people started called him a demon cause he's actually not a timid piece of shit." Bakugou frowned, "Though a few months ago he's been really wound up over something. I've never seen him so angry or pissed off before."

The eight students sucked in a breath. This was about the Demon of Musutafu?

Aizawa sighed. "Alright, you eight. What do you know about this... Demon of Musutafu. I heard you talking about him before I started."

Uraraka raised her hand, "He's... has anger problems? He snapped at everyone in the entrance exam, but I think he's a nice person because he saved me from the zero pointer."

"He's manly! He saved her. But he's... a bit ... what's a nice way to say it?"

"Crazy? Temperamental?" Sato suggested.

"Yeah. But he knows what he's doing."

"Is he in class 1-B? I thought he would have made it into the hero course." Kaminari asked.

"But they won't want someone like that, do they?"

"I mean, Bakugou's here and he swears a lot. I don't see why he shouldn't be accepted."

"That's enough." Aizawa sighed, "I know he might not have made the best impression on you, but there's a lot going on for him now. I won't reveal much, but he's... having it rough now. I hope you won't hold it against him."

The nine students blinked. Aizawa was fond of someone? Their scary homeroom teacher that literally expelled two kids?

Bakugou had already left the school when the eight students still talking, taking their time as they walked out of their classroom, when they saw something on the ground.

A phone. And a notebook.

Iida hesitantly picked it up. The screen was cracked, the cover looked worse for wear, and he was sure there was tape holding the entire thing together.

He turned the phone on to see who's phone it was.

Staring back at the eight students were emerald and lilac eyes. The green haired boy was smiling with a smile so bright, it rivalled that of the sun. One hand was holding the phone up in the selfie, the other in a victory sign. The other purple haired boy, who looked a lot younger, was staring at the camera in awe, a small smile on his face as he held up a pencil.

They were adorable. Uraraka was screeching internally from the pure cuteness of the selfie that was the owner's wallpaper.

Kirishima hesitantly picked up the notebook. It looked like it had been through hell. The cover was crumpled, and a very messy "Midoriya Izuku" was scrawled on it.

"Where is it?" They heard a voice, and jumped.

A green haired boy, just like the one in the picture, ran into the hallway from a classroom.

"Um... Midoriya Izuku?" Sato hesitantly asked.

"Huh?" The green haired boy replied, before looking at the group, eyes glued on the items in their hands.

"I think you dropped these..." Kaminari mumbled.

Midoriya's face lit up, and he ran over to them.

"No running - " Iida started to saw, before Midoriya grabbed his phone and notebook from them and started thanking them profusely.

"Oh! You guys! Sorry I was so rude in the entrance exam... something happened and I was just really mad and I didn't mean to take it out on you - "

"That's fine. I'm glad you feel better!" Uraraka grinned.

Midoriya shot them a small, tired smile, before he turned his phone screen on.

"Ne, is that your little brother?"

"Yeah. He's the best person ever." Midoriya sighed. "He's the sweetest kid, always kind and polite."

All eight 1-A students could practically feel the love that washed off the green haired boy when he talked about his brother.

"Well. I've stayed long enough. Thanks for helping me find my things!" Midoriya gave a small smile, trying to ignore the painful aching in his heart as he tried to act nice in front of the hero course students, before he ran off, down the hallways.

"See. He's not so bad." Uraraka grinned.

"Maybe he has split personality. I honestly cannot see how this Midoriya and the Midoriya at the entrance exam are the same person." Sero scratched his head.

Midoriya was sure his class hated him.

Snipe was his homeroom teacher, apparently. He had nothing against the pro hero, just that he was very, very annoyed that they still had no concrete leads on anything. They didn't have lessons, just orientation, which Midoriya felt was a damned waste of time. He had stayed back in UA to finish scribbling some ideas before he went out to patrol.

When he left, he was in such a hurry, he didn't realise that he had dropped some stuff.

His normal phone, and his notebook. He really needed to fix that damned hole in his bag.

So when he saw the eight hero course students he recognised yelling at during the entrance exam, he was confused. Until they returned his stuff.

The next few days were... normal. He didn't talk to anyone, no one wanted to talk to him either. Apparently, his reputation as the "Demon of Musutafu" was enough to ward anyone away. He didn't care. The less people that bothered him, the more time he had to compile information. He spent way too many lunches speaking with Aizawa, Yamada and Nezu in the principal's office, arguing with them, and he was pretty sure his classmates felt he was either psycho, nuts, insane, weird, and probably a lot of more other things.

They didn't matter. Shinsou did.

He didn't want to interact. It was a waste of time. They were too loud.

So he was understandably very, very, very mad and tense when he entered school one day, and saw the press hounding all the students.

"What do you think off All Might teaching here?"

Midoriya was way too nice to flip the reporter off. Instead, he just pushed him away harshly.

He recognised Iida trying to chase a reporter away, and Uraraka trying to get away from some others.

"Excuse me. What the heck do you think you're doing?" Midoriya growled, walked up to the duo and pulling them away from the reporters. "This is harassment of minors. I don't care if you want to talk with All Might or something, just wait for him to stop some crime and find him or something. You're disturbing students, pro teachers, and in general just being a huge god damned nuisance and I'm not in the mood to deal with you shits now. So get away from here and stop bothering everyone."

The reporters all tensed up, as their attention was stuck on the green haired boy that was literally glaring daggers at them. Some grateful students used that opportunity to slip past the press, before Aizawa and Yamada came along to chase them away.

"Hey. Thanks, Midoriya." Uraraka sighed. "I had no idea how to answer them."

"Yes. You're help is very much appreciated." Iida continued.

"Just say All Might doesn't teach you and they'll leave you alone." Midoriya groaned. Uraraka and Iida noticed the way Midoriya said All Might's name with venom. Maybe he had a bad experience with him. Or he was just really annoyed. The reporters were here because of him, after all.

Midoriya had fallen asleep at his desk during lunch when the alarms blared through the school.

"What now? Which idiot is dumb enough to breach UA's security!" Midoriya groaned to himself out loud. He turned to look at what had happened, and Midoriya felt liked screeching in complete annoyance and anger.

It was the god damned press. Again. Can't those idiotic pieces of shit just leave them alone?

Seeing as no one was around, Midoriya just yanked open the window, jumped down two floors, and made his way to the gate.

He was close enough to hear some of the reporters yelling.

"Just give us an answer or a statement!"

"Yeah. This is real mature." Midoriya's voice rang out. "You're acting like a bunch of babies fighting for a cookie. And you call yourself the press. You're just a disorganised bunch of people who are desperate for new stuff to jibber jabber about. Look, here." He growled, letting his aura flare out a little, "You pieces of shit are causes mass panic in there. You're disturbing students, and disrupting their education. And I'm pretty sure that none of you shits was able to make a hole in the god damned wall or you would have done that when you idiotically decided to trigger the wall this morning. So that means you're probably working with a criminal who has the ability to do so. This is vandalism, harassment, and I'm pretty sure I can list about twenty, wait, no, forty more laws that you guys just broke. Just to get a statement from All Might?"

The reporters flinched as Midoriya slowly walked towards them, his hands in his pockets.

"I'm tired, of people like you, who think that you should get what you want just because you asked and you think you deserve it. Pro heroes have jobs. It's to save people, not to entertain you. Hero society already as is messed up as it is cause some people just want to be famous or well known, and they don't care about the true essence of being a hero. So basically, to make it easier for a bunch of little kids screaming that they should get whatever they want to understand, the press messes up the true meaning of being a hero."

Aizawa was impressed. Midoriya knew what he wanted, knew what he was talking about. He knew Midoriya hated Enji, and there were many heroes like him who didn't care about collateral damage or just did it for the fame.

The reporters were scared stiff of Midoriya, and Aizawa could see how he had earned his title as the Demon of Musutafu. But he personally found it hilarious that a bunch of reporters that had no problems hounding him and Yamada, one underground hero and one relatively well known hero, were scared shitless of a teenager that was shorter than them all.