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With Love, comes the Pain

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Midoriya tapped his foot restlessly as he waited for his lesson to end. The teacher was talking about algebra manipulation. That was fun, not. Midoriya had already finished the entire worksheet that the teacher had given him, as well as the english grammar worksheet the other teacher had given him. He literally didn't have anything to do.

It's been a few weeks since Shinsou's incident of being locked in the cupboard. Midoriya was still very, very angry over it. But the teacher had been fired and there weren't any more incidents like that, so all was good.

"Deku, stop tapping your feet, dammit." Bakugou hissed, "It's annoying."

Midoriya rolled his eyes, but obliged.

His relationship with Bakugou was... weird. He knew why Bakugou used to blow him up, but he was still slightly peeved that Bakugou hadn't thought to talk to him. Then again, the same could be said about himself. Why didn't he question why Bakugou was blowing him up all the time?

He couldn't really blame Bakugou. They both had no idea what they were doing.

They were currently at the point where they had made up, they gently sparred sometimes during lunches and breaks, but were very awkward around each other. Neither of them knew what to talk about, and it was still weird to be next to the person that blew him up every five minutes since he was a toddler. Bakugou was okay with that. They both needed time to adjust.

Midoriya was still worried about Shinsou. He knew all the teachers were biased against the child with a brainwashing quirk. That was the only teacher that acted against him, but who knew when any of the other caretakers would take action again?

Shinsou was idly doodling on a piece of paper. He got bored often, waiting for Midoriya was painful when the only thing he could do was stare at the clock on the wall and the seconds ticked past. Midoriya had started teaching him basic mathematics, and he had already finished up the math exercises that Midoriya had placed in his bag. Math was... easy. It was logical. Shinsou liked logical stuff. It made sense. And things like 19 + 24 weren't that hard.

The bell by the door chimed as the door was pushed open. Shinsou lifted his head in anticipation, hoping it was Midoriya and that he had come to pick him up early.

To his dismay, it wasn't his older brother. It was a man with long brown hair that reached his shoulders, with eyebags that rivalled that of Shinsou's own. His eyes were red and full of malice.

The man just felt so wrong. Shinsou wished he was back in the cupboard instead of right in front of this new person, and that was saying a lot about the amount of fear and unease he got looking at the man.

"Ahm. I'm here to pick up Shinsou Hitoshi."

Shinsou blanched. Who the heck was this guy? Midoriya wouldn't get someone else to pick him up without telling him, much less a stranger. He wasn't on the piece of paper that Midoriya had handed him.

Midoriya had drawn four people, but apparently two of the four drawings were of the same person. They were both blonde. One was of Present Mic, a hero and dj that they both liked to listen to over the radio when he blasted all sorts of music over the weekends. The other blonde was apparently him as well, but without the tinted glasses and he had his hair tied up in a bun. There was another with spiky, beige hair. His eyes were red, and according to Midoriya, he swore a lot, but he trusted this person called Bakugou Katsuki who had an explosion quirk. The last person had a grey scarf around his neck, black eyes and equally black long hair. Eraser Head. Those were the people that Midoriya said were trustworthy. This new guy wasn't either of them.

So he couldn't be trusted.

What does he want with me?

The old man looked at this new guy weirdly.

Please don't let me go with him please don't let me go with him please don't let me go with him -

"Who are you? You're new. I don't recognise you."

Thank god.

"Shinsou's caretaker told me to pick him up as he's busy." The man shrugged.

"Look, who is Shinsou's caretaker, if you don't mind me asking?"

"He doesn't want to reveal his name."

There was a problem. The old man and Shinsou were the only ones who knew Midoriya's name. If there was someone who was picking Shinsou up in his place, they should have mentioned his name. It wasn't like there was anyone else in the room that was trying to eavesdrop.

The old man sighed, "Look, please get out of here. You seem like a decent person, but please stop harassing this kid or I'll call the police for attempted kidnapping."

The man sighed. "Looks like we'll have to do it the hard way."

The man immediately whipped out a gun, and before Shinsou could do anything, and loud bang rang out through the preschool.

Shinsou flinched at the sudden loud sound.

He blinked, and realised that the elderly owner of the preschool was slumped against his table, a red liquid slowly dripping off the table.

Shinsou gulped, and backed away from the man, who was twirling the gun in his hand.

"Come on, Shinsou. You don't wanna end up like that, do you?"

He cornered the smaller boy, and Shinsou looked around. He was backed into a corner, and he could feel his back against the wall.

Before he could even think about making another move, he felt something sharp sink into his neck.

He blinked. His eyesight turned blurry. He couldn't see straight.

He felt his legs give out from under him, as he gazed at the man in front of him.

Shinsou couldn't move his body. It felt stiff, and it wouldn't respond to him. He felt... what was that word that Midoriya taught him... paralysed?

Midoriya finished all his stuff early, and went to pick Shinsou up. His finals were coming up soon, and while he didn't really need to study for it, he had to start getting ready for UA's entrance exam. He also didn't want to leave Shinsou in preschool for too long either. Who knew how long more the child had to suffer in the damn closet if Midoriya hadn't gotten there earlier than usual?

Midoriya felt a shiver up his spine. Something was wrong. Very wrong. He shook his head, before he started running towards the preschool.

He just rounded the corner when he saw a man walking out, carrying a child. He blinked.

The child had purple hair.


"Hey! Put him down!" Midoriya yelled, as he ran at the man. His hand automatically reached into the hidden compartment in his jacket to pull out his retractable staff, one that he and Shinsou both had fun making together with the scraps from the nearby garbage beach.

"You must be the Demon, eh?" The man grinned, before a dark liquid was expelled from his mouth, enveloping the duo.

"TOSHI!" Midoriya yelled, and leapt at them.

But it was too late.

The black ooze had literally disappeared into thin air, and Midoriya bashed into the ground.

"... Toshi..?"

There was no reply.

He had disappeared.  With Hitoshi.

Midoriya felt nauseous. His throat tightened, and he felt utterly sick to his stomach.

Hitoshi was gone.

He forced that uncomfortable feeling back into the depths it had crawled out from. He couldn't let himself be bothered with his emotions right now.

He needed to get help. Fast.

Midoriya slammed his palms onto the desk of the police station, the loud sound echoing throughout the office.

Tsukauchi and Aizawa jumped at the sudden loud noise, and turned away from whatever conversation they were having to face the green haired boy who had barged into the station. They were originally talking about the disappearance of the new vigilante. Aizawa was worried. What if he was dead? He was just a kid. Aizawa couldn't help it. Vigilante's don't just disappear like that.

Aizawa looked up. He recognised the kid. He remembered seeing him once walking along the side of the road, talking to a purple haired toddler. Aizawa could tell by how they looked at each other, they both loved each other like the other was the entire world. That kind of pure, unadulterated like was rare in this world, especially among siblings who wanted to make it big in the hero industry. It was pathetic, to be a hero, you had to step over others, but that was life. You couldn't get too attached. That would hinder their work.

"There's a kidnapping. I saw it. He took my little brother."

The police officer at the desk blanched.

"You're... the demon - "

"I'm not a demon!" Midoriya growled. "You guys are idiots if you're believing stupid rumours like that! Now get serious, put that stupid mug aside and help me, god damn it!"

Aizawa blinked. What the heck? Why is the kid giving off such intensity?

The police had cleared his desk and was sitting upright, perfectly still in an instance, faster than either of them had seen him react before.

Who was this kid?

"Ah.. yes. Sorry. Who are you?"

"Midoriya Izuku. Age, fourteen. I go to Aldera Junior High."

"Alright. Who was kidnapped?"

"My little brother. Shinsou Hitoshi. He's five. He goes to the Aoihoshi Preschool, the one three blocks away from here."

"He isn't registered under - "

"I adopted him four years ago."

Aizawa gulped when Tsukauchi looked at him and nodded. Midoriya was telling the truth. That meant Shinsou was abandoned when he was one. That was too young. Way too young. Another bothered Aizawa. Midoriya said he adopted Shinsou. Not his mom, or dad. He did. And he was fourteen. He adopted Shinsou when he was ten.

Both of them were too young, jeez.

The officer gulped.

"Okay, how was he -"

"I was picking him up, this guy with long black hair and red eyes was carrying him out, I tried to tell him to let go and they disappeared into black ooze."

The kid was intense, Aizawa would give him that. And straightforward.

Midoriya groaned, "It's had to describe them all. Can I just draw them out for you?"

The officer nodded, meekly pushing over a pack of pencils and paper. Midoriya grabbed them, and the officer flinched.

"Jeez, stop acting like I'm going to hurt you or something. You're a police officer, aren't you?"

Tsukauchi blinked.

"What's this about a demon?" Aizawa asked.

Tsukauchi shrugged, "There are rumours about an evil purple haired toddler who can control people and apparently they summoned a demon that possessed a green haired quirkless boy called Midoriya Izuku. No one even refers to him by name cause " speak of the devil and he shall appear" or something."

Aizawa frowned in disbelief. Yep, that rumour was dumb. Midoriya was obviously overprotective of the poor kid, and if people hated them enough to start rumours like this, then his attitude was justified.

He was shaken out of his thoughts when Midoriya slammed some paper on the police officer's desk, scaring the poor man again. He shoved the paper in the officer's face, revealing two well drawn coloured sketches of a man with long black hair and red eyes, and a smaller child with purple hair.

"This is the kidnapper. And this is Shinsou Hitoshi. And this is my phone number."

Midoriya leaned forward and growled, "I want in on this case. Any new information, leads, clues, I want to know. If your boss doesn't want to, you contact me and I will speak to him myself. Understand?"

The officer nodded meekly, and Midoriya sighed, "Okay, can you guys send some people to investigate Aoihoshi Preschool?"

"You... didn't-"

"Of course not. Do I look like I work for the police?" Midoriya snorted, "And that's why I didn't call, and instead ran here. If I had called, I would have probably only just have gotten connected. Your system is inefficient. And if you're not doing something about it now, I'll go investigate myself."

"That's not a good idea." Aizawa pipped up.

Midoriya regarded him and Tsukauchi oddly.

"You. Pro hero Eraser Head. You gonna come help me or are you going to just lecture me?"

Aizawa gave a small snort. He liked this kid. He didn't beat around the bush or sugarcoat things. He was straight to the point. He was logical. And he knew about him? That's a first. Usually if he interfered like this, people would tell him to stay out of their business, not even recognising him. That was the job of an underground hero, but yeah, it got annoying.

"I suppose so."

"Good. Follow me."

Aizawa was about to retort that he didn't listen to kids when he saw the expressions in Midoriya's eyes.

He was determined to find Shinsou. But that expression was hiding the vivid array of negative emotions, deep underneath.




Self loathing.



Aizawa's heart softened.

Maybe he'll relent, just this once.