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Did I forgot?

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It begins with the forgetting of some homework.

 Shouto did not pay too much attention to, why would he? Of course, it was not going to be taken well by his father, but nothing he was not used to.


 One morning, he woke up without remembering how it ended there. The last thing he remembered was dinner with his sister, and then he went to bed.

 Then, when he woke up and was in the dorms, it was very, very confusing.

Midoriya was the first that noticed.

Shouto kept forgetting homework, and the green-haired said that those kind of behaviors weren't his. He started to worry more and more about Shouto, but he simply didn't get it, but his friend looked that troubled (and not only Izuku, since his teacher had let some of their homework pass, Shouto noticed the looks that were sent to him)

"Todoroki, I'm sure this...  Demeanour of yours was not always like this..." He said one day. He pushed really hard to get Shouto to talk to him until he finally gave away.

"You keep forgetting simple tasks, and that's nothing like you!". 

He said he was fine, sure, he had lot of things to worry about more than remember some unimportant lessons. He had his own problems Midoriya knew about! So why was everyone acting so annoyed at the fact " the ice prince of 1-A" was not-so-good at school?

Everybody had their own lifes out of it, he may just be a little tired, that's all.

Or so he thought.

He forgot that talk anyways.

It wasn't until the middle of their second year it became considerately worse.

He fell asleep on one of their lessons, woke up a couple times between, but when he finally, definitively did, the classroom was empty.

No one but his own self.

His first contemplation was 'hey, they sure thinked I was all sleepy and let me rest a bit', his classmates were certainly empathic between themselves, an that included him, right?

So he didn't paid too much attention to that, it's going to end up sooner or later , and kept packing his things on his bag to let the place and go to the dorms, get some sleep, and wake up as new!

But when he tried to open the door, it was locked.

How much time was he there?

He started to worry a bit, because who the fuck will not, anyways, if they're trapped in school for taking a nap?

His first idea was to call for help, but everything looked off in the building.

How did he ignored the fact there were no lights on? 

And again, he thinks he's going to be sick.

He was panicking now. 

His breathing becomes more and more heavier, louder, when he sat down on the floor?, the tears inevitably came and oh god he doesn't know, where he was?

Then he felt. The touch. A hand in his shoulder, but he can't look up, because if he does, he will regret it for all his life.

He accepts the hug, cause otherwise he thinks he'll go insane. 

Was he sobbing now, crying on his teacher clothing? When did he looked up?

And then, he knows he could hardly forget this one.

He's taken to a hospital, cause it seems like everyone knew something was wrong with him, that he didn't even remembered to train with them when the professors asked them to, or even go with them to hang out with him, even text his sister to tell her he was fine.

Except he was aparently not. 

He's diagnosed with early-onset alzheimer's disease.

He said that was impossible, and clearly not-well-diagnosed, but he could not even remember what he did last days.

He was asked to recognize people he "met", except he did not, and he was sure he was being cheated on, that they were all laughing behind screen and the prank-show was getting out of hand, but when he saw his friends looking at him like he was some sort of broken toy, he knew it would never be the same.

He wouldn't remember the date of his diagnosing.

 He went internalized the next week, or at least he was said so.

He was told his friends visited him every break they had, but Shouto could barely remember who and what they were talking about.

But, not in the case of Midoriya Izuku.

Shouto did not really remembered, but he was assured that if he asked about it, he'll get a 'Yeah, he comes everyday!' of his nurse, cause those were the only conversations he could remember almost the same at how they happened to be.

And even if he was trapped in some kind of loop (he didn't thinked so) Midoriya will not stop visiting him, because they were friends.

And that's what friends do.

But sometimes, Shouto thought about Midoriya like something else.

The only person he recognized was the only he was allowed to like, and they were teenagers, all is really weird and funny until the look changes.

Shouto could afford they were changing.

Midoriya kept him in time, told him funny things that happened without him going to U.A.

"I know you'll get fine Todoroki, you'll be ready to come back soon, I can tell!" 

Midoriya was always so possitive, that got him mad, most of the times lies his friend thought little Shouto will not pay much attention too.

He never does anyways.

A time (Shouto could not tell when), Midoriya came with chocolates and flowers. 

He talked a lot to Shouto, and all the words he said burned in the inside, and Shouto was happy as hell.

He knew Midoriya did too, because he kissed him, and told him all Shouto wanted to hear.

He was going to remember.

Even if that was the last time.

Yesterday (he was told) Midoriya and him went in a relationship.

A romantic one, that's it.

He started some sort of quirk rehabilitation, to use his quirk again (it wasn't that difficult, and Shouto thought they were exagerating).

Lucky he, his teacher was able to gave him some light lessons he was supossedly going to remember, a program made especially for young people like him. 

But how old was he now?

Shouto tried to get it out slowly, the subject of his actual age. 

He noticed a few things he did never paid attention too, and there's too many.

There's no mirror in the rehabilitation house. Not one in absolute. And that scared him a little. Why wouldn't be one in there?

All windows lead to a yard, but there's a wall so they can't see where they are, not even that, and the wall's enterely covered on plants, and its a beautiful view, and Shouto thinks he can ignore it.

He has paper in his bedside table.

He used it to write a post-it, to remember ask a member of the personal or his nurse, in the worse of the cases.

But the post-it wouldn't be there next morning.

 Life keeps going, but Shouto wakes up everyday feeling like he's losing his mind, what he probably is, but not going to accept.

 They told him Midoriya stopped coming a year ago, when he asked when was his boyfriend going to come,  and he meant the hours, not that.

He pleaded a nurse to tell Midoriya to come, to talk to him and told him where did they go wrong.

He had an attack at noon, like highschool or worse, but Midoriya came, he put his hand over his own, telling him everything was going to be okay.

He didn't even looked to Midoriya at the eyes. They weren't in first names yet? Weird.

But Shouto felt the cold of the ring when he did, and he knew.

Midoriya was not telling him the whole story.


He wasn't surprised when Midoriya started visiting him again.

 But surely it was nothing like before, and there was sadness and lonelyness in his eyes. Shouto would not understand, not really.

 Yes, they talked, Midoriya actually told him that everyone graduated (well, almost), so that he could say that he was about to turn eighteen.

 He answered every little doubt that Shouto had, and even managed to remember some of his classmates.

 The noisy ones, Kirishima and Bakugou, apparently were also in a relationship, but "it was not that bad" because Bakugou, in fact, was not in love with anyone, not really. Plus, Midoriya told him about it like, in certain point, it had to do with him, but he doubted.

 Midoriya said that some of them even got married, like Yaoyorozu and Jirou, and Shouto was very happy, because he knew they were good friends.

 Shouto decided not to ask about Midoriya's romantic life.

 Some things are only known, he decides.


He did not expect anyone to visit him that day.

  It was one of those bed days where he will not move, except to go to the lunch room and the bathroom, so he was curious about the visitor.

 Bakugou was not such a talkative person.

 They had a small talk, but most of the time it was only the blond looking and commenting on the place.

 Shouto did not remember having any kind of friendship with him, but it was fine, because it was a familiar face, it was company.

 I was just a little worried about those eyes of pity

He had a breakdown next day Bakugou went to see him.

They were talking about their classmates works, being heroes and those things, but he didn't expected the conversation to end up with Midoriya's wedding last saturday.

First of all, cause he unknew the fact that that it was monday, but principally for Midoriya having a partner, he was trying to deny all this time, and not at least trying to tell Shouto.

He thought he wanted to know, but it was shoking anyways.

How should someone react to lost almost six years of your life, living them as it was just a week ago?

Bakugou sure felt really bad after that.

He hoped so.

 They found a person who could actually help him.

A particular quirk of memory restoration or something like that, but he told them no, he did not really want to remember everything he forgot, but remember from now on.

 They returned memories anyway.

 Shouto wish they did not.


When he remembered, they gave him the option to move out of the house, once again, he didn't want to, where would he go anyways?

They said they will ask some of his friends just in case.

 Everyone would do it, but Shouto knew they'll really want not, and he was so tired of those well known pity eyes from unfamiliar faces.

 Or so he believed, because when Katsuki Bakugou volunteered, he was really lost about it, and didn't understood at all.

 Bakugou may have his own reassons, keeps unsaid.

 He'll like to know them.

He moved with Bakugou "next week" and his memory seemed to be restored every day, so yes, he could say the date.

  Shouto Todoroki didn't need any form of pity.