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The Assassins

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Finishing the rest of his route, Aizawa Shouta can see the sun begin to rise. He begins to jump quicker between buildings, wanting to get to his house before those who worked early began to walk to work. He feels his landings become harder just as he's nearing his house. Landing on top of his house, Aizawa has to use his capture weapon to steady himself. Collapsing on top of his home just as the sun begins to rise, he takes off his goggles and sets them around his neck, sighing. He pulls out his phone from his pocket and sighs.

Time: 6:05 AM

3 Missed Calls from Hizashi:
1 missed call at: 1:23 AM
1 missed call at: 3:03 AM
1 missed call at: 4:53 AM

Knowing the man, it was most likely him just checking in on Aizawa. There had been a rise in night crimes, and just last week an underground pro-hero was severely injured. That, or he wanted to tell Aizawa about some kind of band he was listening to at the moment. Either way, he knows that the two of them, most likely, got no sleep last night. Standing up, Aizawa drags himself over to a window and opens it, silently entering his workroom. After getting inside, he turns around and shuts the window, trying his best not to step on anything that littered the floor. Exhausted, he mindlessly walks to his bedroom and flops onto the floor bed he and Hizashi use to sleep on if they hadn't showered after hero work. Quickly, he passes out.


"UP AND AT 'EM SHO-" Hizashi didn't even get to finish before a capture weapon starts to strangle him. He watches as an angry Aizawa looks up at him, eyes red, as his hair floats up. "Sorry..." He chokes out and the pressure around his neck disappears. He watches Aizawa's hair go down and chuckles. "One, you know the rule." Aizawa rolls his eyes and slips his head out of his capture weapon and lays his head back on top of it. Hizashi laughs, shaking his head. Living together for almost three years, the two always had a rule about having their hero gear on in the house. They didn't. Although they both loved not having to have the heavy, thick pieces of gear around their neck, they felt vulnerable without them. Thankfully, it was only while they were at home. "Two, you know you still have to go to work, right?"

"I don't know why. I expelled all of the students at the beginning of the year. I don't know what else there is to do at that place." He says monotonously. Hizashi shrugs. "I'm going to get my shower before we leave." As Aizawa stands up from his spot on the ground, he turns around to find Hizashi right in his face. He gives Hizashi a quick peck on the lips before maneuvering around him and heads to the bathroom.

"I have to leave early, so you have to head to UA without me," Hizashi calls after him. "You good with that?" He hears the shower turn on and sees Aizawa's head pop out from the door's opening.

"Early English class?" He asks, giving the man a raised eyebrow. He only now just realizes that Hizashi looked ready to go out in public, minus the directional speaker in his hand rather than around his neck. He sees Hizashi nod and shrugs. "I don't mind. I may come back early to get some shut-eye before tonight." He watches Hizashi roll his eyes.

"Couldn't you stay home tonight, Shouta? I have my radio show tonight. And it's Friday. I think you should get at least one nights rest. I don't think the cops'll mind." He knows asking is futile, knowing his husband will go out and patrol no matter what he says.

"You know my answer, Hizashi." The man nods and Aizawa begins to retreat into the bathroom. "I'll see you later at UA, alright?"

"Alright. Love you."

"Love you too." Closing the door, Aizawa sighs sadly. He listens for the front door to open and shut before stepping into the warm water. He stands there, letting the hot water hit his back and lets his muscles relax. Quickly taking his shower, Aizawa dries off and puts on what he had on the night before, just the cleaner set. He had at least 7 sets of the same clothing. Grabbing his gear, he puts everything on before walking to the kitchen and grabbing some quick food before heading out the door, eating said food on the way to UA.


As the day dragged on, Aizawa was absolutely ready to go home early. Walking a different route home due to the amount of traffic he knows will be on his regular route, Aizawa follows the noise of commotion. He begins to walk faster, then he starts to run at the sight of fire and smoke. Not being able to see past the large group of civilians, he grabs his capture weapon and starts to climb up the building closest to the villain attack. He watches from above angrily as the sludge monster that had been terrorizing civilians for weeks suffocates a boy who seems around high school age. The heroes stand not too far away from the villain. They

His quirk must have made the fire. Aizawa thinks, knowing the villain could use the quirks of any person he captured. None of the heroes must have the right ability to save the boy. Before he could swing down to help or ask what was going on, he sees green hair begin to run towards the villain. Aizawa freezes, stunned. The boy was running towards the villain while the other heroes did nothing. What is that kid thinking?

"No, you idiot!" Aizawa hears the pro-hero Death Arms yell, trying to grab the boy before he got to close to the villain. Not being fast enough, he misses. "Stop! You're going to get yourself killed!" Aizawa begins to jump down to the ground, using his capture weapon to help soften his landing, before running closer to the action. While doing so, he sees the kid throw his bag at the villain, making him recoil, before fruitlessly trying to dig the kid out of him. He hears the kid screen a name as the heroes begin to dash towards him, trying to get him out of the villains reach before he is taken captured too.

"Kacchan!" The villain begins to raise its arms to smash the boy.

Does he know the victim?

"Save the boy!" Aizawa hears Death Arms scream to the other heroes. "This thing'll kill him!"

Aizawa begins to come up behind the heroes, but a sudden blast has every bystander and hero cover their eyes. The heroes try their best to keep their footing, but Aizawa loses his and is blown backward into the alley between two of the buildings near the attack. Unable to see through the smoke, Aizawa keeps his eyes closed but ears open. That's when he hears...

"DETROIT SMASH!" All Might was here? Since when? Aizawa feels another blast of air hit him before he feels the rain. Murmers of the civilians about All Might changing the weather quickly come. Aizawa stands, rubbing whatever may have gotten in his eyes out and walks towards the heroes again. Making sure to stay out of sight, Aizawa stays in the shadows as emergency responders arrive and deal with the aftermath. He watches as the heroes, including All Might, are interviewed and photographed by news reporters, press, and the police. He also watches as the boy who had run stupidly towards the villain and try to save the victim get scolded as the victim gets praised.

As the chaos dies down, Aizawa watches the green haired boy leaves the area. Aizawa follows not too close behind. Even when Aizawa makes it painfully obvious that he was following the boy, he sighs and gives up, walking up right next to the kid.

"Hey, kid." Almost as if he had just appeared next to the boy, the kid jumps, looking over at Aizawa in surprise. "It's alright. Not here to mug you or anything... Just..." Aizawa tries his best to make his words not sound nearly as mean as he wants them to be. "I saw what you did for that kid. I saw him get praised while you were scolded. You didn't say anything. Hell, you never looked up. You alright?" The boy shrugs. Aizawa sighs. "You know, it's alright to be scared. A villain attack is never something to take lightly."

"I wasn't really." Aizawa looks at him in surprise. "I was petrified." Aizawa sighs, wishing he didn't have to do this but knew he had to. No kid should have done what he did today. It wasn't his job.

"Wanna talk about it?" He watches as the kid thinks for a second before he smiles.

"No, actually. I'm fine!" Aizawa knew he was about to do something he might regret. He knew that he hates what he's about to do. It wasn't his job to console this child. He didn't have to do this.

Yet he did it anyway.

Extending his capture weapon to the child, he wrapped him up and pulled the young boy towards him in, if somebody passed by would call, a hug.

Aizawa feels the boy tense, but then it goes slack and he feels him shake. He says nothing as the boy grips his capture weapon and lets out quiet sobs. The only reason he pulls away a minute later is that the boy did. The boy's smile seems much more real than it did before and it helps ease Aizawa's nerves enough to start to turn away, wishing the boy good afternoon.

"Thank you, Eraserhead." Aizawa freezes, turning back toward the boy.

"I never gave you my name, let alone my hero name," Aizawa says, watching the boy. The boy looks at him, scared.

"Oh, sorry!" The boy begins to ramble. "I'm sorry! I'm not some kind of villain! I promise! I just really like heroes! I know that a lot of heroes are only considered popular or something because they have flashy quirks and stuff, especially like All Might, but I also know about underground heroes like you! You're Eraserhead! You graduated from UA like the majority of top ten heroes, except Hawks, though, and you graduated with Present Mic too! He's the pro-hero that made his parents and delivery doctor's ears bled when he first cried!" Aizawa looks at the boy in shock as he continues to ramble.

This kid really knows his heroes. I wonder...

"Hey, kid. It's alright." He says, stopping the kid from panicking anymore. "I was just curious is all. Not many know about us, underground heroes. Not supposed to." The boy nods.

"Oh, right!" The kid blurts out. "You don't even know my name! I'm Izuku Midoriya!" He bows.

"Well, Midoriya," Aizawa says, gaining the boy's attention. "You should go home." The boy nods and turns to leave. Before he could get too far, Aizawa asks him, "Midoriya, can I ask you a question?" The boy turns around and nods. "What's your quirk?" He watches Midoriya freeze before smiling embarrassedly, scratching the back of his head, knowing that the man had no ill-intent with the question.

"I don't have one. I'm quirkless!" Aizawa watches him in surprise as he turns around and begins to walk home, rounding the corner that he was standing at. It's only when Aizawa gets a call that he snaps out of...whatever he was in. Taking out his phone, he rolls his eyes but presses answer.

"Hey, Hizashi." He smiles softly at the relieved sigh from over the phone.

"Shouto, you're alright! I heard about the smile attack in the city and I know you take that route home if you leave early because of traffic and I saw you on TV and-"

"Hizashi, I'm fine. They got him, anyway." The part that he had cut Hizashi off from registered in his brain. "Wait, you saw me on TV?" Aizawa asks. Hizashi could hear the slight panic in his voice.

"It was only because I recognized your capture weapon in the background. If I didn't know you, I wouldn't have even recognized it." Aizawa gives out a relieved sigh.

"Alright. Well, I'm heading home now."

"Stay safe!" Aizawa hums in response and ends the call. Turning around, Aizawa heads home for some shut-eye before patrol.


Arriving home, Aizawa goes to his workroom before heading for the bed. Turning on the computer, he looks over his emails. Making sure all is well, he's about to turn off his computer when an email comes through his assassin email account. He hadn't gotten one in at least three months. Opening it, it's from an anonymous emailer and has two pieces of information.

Cost: 10,000,000

Hit: Izuku Midoriya

Aizawa stares at the screen in shock. He immediately denies the hit and deletes the email.

He only had three rules. They were well known.

1. No kids
2. No pro-heroes
3. No major villains

Apparently, this person didn't care.

But why Midoriya?

Aizawa shuts off his computer, not wanting to worry about it. He denied it. He was one of three assassins in Musutafa. They all had these rules. He shouldn't worry.

Taking off his capture weapon and goggles, Aizawa walks towards his bedroom. Sighing, he falls onto the bed and almost immediately falls asleep.

He'll do some digging on the kid tomorrow.


Hey, look! It's something that I shouldn't be writing because I have one other fanfiction going on here! But I'm doing it anyway!

But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this story! It's something I thought of one night and immediately wrote it down. I'm incredibly excited to write it and I hope you guys enjoy! More of the actual story should start in the next chapter, but like any book, you need a filler chapter...kinda thing...right? No clue, Bye!

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