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Vivacious Meraki

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“Who are you drawing fanart of this time?” Pidge asked the question from the other end of the small couch, not lifting her circle-framed amber eyes from her phone. Her short legs shifted from where they lay overtop Keith’s in the middle. Keith glanced up from where he was intently drawing on his drawing tablet. “Who said it was fanart?” he asked. “I guessed,” Pidge responded with a shrug.

“Sunshine and Robots,” Keith answered, returning to his drawing as his giant husky, Kosmo, sniffed at his arm from the floor. “Oh? Would it happen to be of Lance?” Pidge asked, her voice holding a teasing tone. Keith scowled at her and growled, “Shut-up.” Pidge made an innocent face. “Me? Whatever did I do? I simply asked a question.” Keith’s rolled his eyes, ignoring his best friend in favor of changing the subject.

“How are things going with building Robert?” Pidge frowned at him as he added the final details onto the drawing he’d been working on for the past hour. “ Rover . At this point, you might as well stop butchering the name, I know you’re doing it on purpose. And things are going well. I should have his programming done in the next month, assuming things don’t suddenly pick up at the Garrison.” Keith nodded, setting his drawing pencil on the table. “Great. Gimme a second to upload this and we can go to The Ramen Spot.” Keith walked over to his laptop after saving his newest drawing to the cloud. He uploaded it to his website and his social media’s, adding the caption, “Fanart of my favorite band, Sunshine and Robots. My hand hurts so badly after this.” After adding the appropriate tags and uploading everything, he turned back to Pidge. “Let’s go.”




“That was delicious,” Pidge said, patting her stomach. Her box of leftovers had been put on the counter next to Keith’s, and they had returned to the couch, Kosmo curled up in between them. “Let’s watch some documentaries. I heard about this new one that’s supposedly really good, so I’ll pull it up if you get snacks.” Keith stood up, stretching momentarily. “Deal.”

He walked into his tiny apartment kitchen, pulling two bags of popcorn out of the cabinet and throwing one in, setting the clock. He pulled out his phone, deciding to check what people were saying about his newest piece. He opened Light, his favorite social media app for his art because it allowed likes, comments, tags, private messaging, following, friends, and also had special groups to make it easier for people to find what they were looking for. Scrolling through his notifications on the app, he read the comments.


A good boi: Your art still gives me chills woah

Kittenlover82893: What is this fanart of?

Misskiss: Um, Sunshine and Robots? Only the greatest band ever?
Cows: Hnnnnn someone save me, Lance is already so hot bUt In YoUr ArT sTyLe


Lifehacks: Dude, this is so good. Your art+my favorite things=a good day.


He never replied to his comments, although they were fun to read. However, as Keith scrolled, he came across a different notification. It was about a private message. Curious, he clicked it. He did a double take when he saw who it was from. He thought he must be seeing things wrong, but when he rubbed his eyes, it was still there. Lance McClain was written in the bubbly letters of Light’s font where the messenger’s name appeared, and message in the same script but on a blue bubble sat right under it. Some quick investigation proved that the account was verified and had the amount of followers and subscribers you’d expect for the band. All the pictures and everything on their other accounts could be seen. This wasn’t a scam; this was the real deal. Keith’s breath caught and his heart dropped.


LoverboyLance: Dude! The art you drew of us is great!

KnifeKeith: Thanks so much!


As soon as Keith sent the message, he ran back to Pidge. “Oh my god, Pidge, Pidge, Pidge!!!” Keith skidded in front of her as she tossed the remote down. “What?” She looked exasperated. “Check it out!” He leaned over the back of the couch to show her his screen. Her eyes widened. “You sure it’s real?” Keith nodded frantically. “Keith! That’s crazy!” Keith opened his mouth to agree when the phone vibrated in his hand. He squeaked, making Pidge snort. He hopped over the couch back, landing next to Pidge to read the response. He vaguely heard her ask, “What’s it say?”


LanceyLance: Sorry for not making this a comment on your post. Figured it’s explode your notifs.

LanceyLance: I’ve actually like your art for a while, you’re really talented.


Keith screeched, turning to Pidge before grabbing her shoulders, shaking her as he shrieked, “PIDGE!!! PIDGE HE LIKES MY ART!!! PIDGE, HE THINKS I’M TALENTED, HE’S LIKED MY ART FOR A WHILE OH MY GOD PIDGE ARE YOU SEEING THIS?!?!?!?!?” Kosmo looked slightly afraid at the outburst. Seeming disgruntled and a bit annoyed, Pidge fixed her glasses. “Yes, I am seeing this. Now are you going to keep screaming at me or are you going to respond?” At that comment, Keith immediately picked his phone up, thought for a moment, typed out a response, hesitated, hit the send button, then dropped the phone and curled up to scream into a pillow.


KnifeKeith: Woah, really? I’ve liked your music for ages haha.


“Relax! And go get the popcorn!” Keith was unceremoniously shoved from the couch by Pidge. “Geez! Fine, you gremlin!” He stood, phone in hand, and walked to the kitchen. He pulled out the first bag of popcorn and put the second one in, setting the timer once again. He glanced back at his phone as he waited for the popcorn to finish.


LanceyLance: That’s super cool dude!

LanceyLance: It took me forever to work up the courage to contact you lol.

KnifeKeith: Seriously?

KnifeKeith: You’re my favorite music artist, I would think it’s the other way around.

KnifeKeith: Well it is the other way around too but

LanceyLance: Yeah, I know what you mean.

LanceyLance: You’re super chill, though. Totally worth it.

KnifeKeith: Thanks. You are too.


Keith, having been so immersed in his conversation, jumped when the microwave alarm went off, fumbling to keep from dropping his phone. He picked up the popcorn bags and took them into the living room with Pidge, throwing the cool one at her. “Ready?” Pidge asked. “One second,” Keith said, looking back at his phone.

LanceyLance: Well, I’ve gotta head out now, but we should talk later.

LanceyLance: You’re super nice.

LanceLance: Bye!

KnifeKeith: Thanks, you too!

KnifeKeith: Bye!


“Done?” Pidge asked, eyebrow raised and sarcasm in her voice. “Yeah,” Keith sighed happily as Pidge hit play.

Throughout the entirety of the documentary, a warm, happy feeling filled Keith’s chest, and it stayed until he curled up in bed, Kosmo at his feet, and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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Keith woke up the next morning, rolled over, and promptly fell out of bed, disturbing Kosmo’s sleep. Rubbing his aching head, he walked into the kitchen, pouring himself cereal and Kosmo dog food. As the two ate, Keith looked through his personal social media feeds, separate from his business ones.

He saw a post from Lance’s account in his feed, reading the message. 


LanceyLance: We’re absolutely loving all the fanart. Keep it up guys!!!


“He’s talking about me!!” Keith said to Kosmo as he dramatically flung his spoon, forgetting he had cereal on it. What had been on the spoon fell on the floor. Kosmo and Keith stared at it, then at each other. Keith sighed before wiping it up with a paper towel.

He continued his morning routine, showering and dressing himself. As he shrugged on his leather jacket, he grabbed his motorcycle keys and gave Kosmo a pat on the head. When he got outside, Keith mounted his motorcycle. He put on his wireless headphones, turned his favorite cryptid podcast on, and pulled out of the lot.
20 minutes later, he pulled up to his favorite art store. While inspecting the watercolors the store sold, Keith felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out and had to resist the urge to shout when he saw the notification.


LanceyLance: Hey dude, what’s up?
KnifeKeith: Not much. At the art store.
KnifeKeith: You?
LanceyLance: Just reading.
LanceyLance: I was thinking about how I wanted to text you back lol.


“He was thinking about me!”


KnifeKeith: I was kinda hoping you would.
KnifeKeith: Text me back, I mean.


“What is wrong with me?” Keith cringed at himself. “Why would I say that?”


LanceyLance: So tell me about yourself, Keith.
LanceyLance: Keith is your name, right?
KnifeKeith: No.
KnifeKeith: It’s Kevin.
LanceyLance: Seriously? I’m so sorry, dude. I just assumed.
KnifeKeith: Nah, I was messing with you.
KnifeKeith: It’s Keith lol.
LanceyLance: Oh lol.
KnifeKeith: Well for things about me, my favorite color is red, I have a husky for a pet, I ride a motorcycle, and I like knives.
LanceyLance: Well the last one is a bit obvious based on the username and profile pic and all lol.
KnifeKeith: I’m not really that interesting haha.
LanceyLance: I’ll be the judge of that.
KnifeKeith: Oh sorry, wise oracle. I forgot to consult you on how interesting I am.
KnifeKeith: My apologies.
LanceyLance: Very funny.


Keith looked up from his phone at the clearing of a throat. “Excuse me,” said a man trying to get past Keith. “Oh, sorry,” he said, moving out of the way and getting back to what he’d come there to do in the first place.

Crouching down, Keith looked at the selection of watercolors. He selected a set with the colors he needed that looked to be good quality. Then, he moved to the brushes and chose a set from the brand he normally used. While in line, he pulled his phone out, checking his messages again.


LanceyLance: Why are you at the art store?
KnifeKeith: Watercolors.
LanceyLance: Oh that’s cool.
LanceyLance: I was never able to use watercolors.
KnifeKeith: It’s not as hard as everyone thinks lol.
KnifeKeith: It’s about your method.
LanceyLance: Huh.
LanceyLance: Maybe you can show me sometime ;)


The cashier had to ask Keith if he needed a doctor due to the redness of his face.

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LanceyLance: Hello!


The message came in as Keith was working on the day’s art piece. He was surprised, because although they had been talking for a few weeks, Lance had said he’d be busy that day.


KnifeKeith: Uh, hi?

LanceyLance: You seem excited.

KnifeKeith: Sorry.

KnifeKeith: Just didn’t think you’d text today.

LanceyLance: Really? Why not?

KnifeKeith: I thought you’d be too busy.

LanceyLance: I actually have a lot of leisure time at the moment.

LanceyLance: Surprisingly, since we’re in the middle of making a new music video for the new album.


Excited, Keith tossed his drawing tablet to the side and rolled onto his stomach to stare at his phone while smiling.


LanceyLance: Shit, I shouldn’t have told you that.

LanceyLance: Don’t tell anyone, we haven’t announced the album yet.

KnifeKeith: I won’t, don’t worry.

KnifeKeith: So what are you doing?

LanceyLance: Sitting at a photoshoot.

KnifeKeith: Lance.

KnifeKeith: That isn’t leisure time.

KnifeKeith: You should be working .

LanceyLance: Yeah, I know.

LanceyLance: But work is so borrriinnnnngggg!


Keith facepalmed and giggled.

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LanceyLance: [Image]
LanceyLance: Look how cute this dog is!

Keith’s eyes darted down to his phone as it lit up. He looked around at the other patients in the dentist’s office before responding. He had 10 minutes until his appointment.

KnifeKeith: They’re so cute!
KnifeKeith: Look at my dog:
KnifeKeith: [Image]
LanceyLance: :O
LanceyLance: A good boi!
LanceyLance: I’m sure you can tell from the many photos I send
LanceyLance: But I really like dogs :)
KnifeKeith: As you can likely tell from the many pictures of my dog that I send
KnifeKeith: Same.
KnifeKeith: They’re amazing.
LanceyLance: The best creatures on earth.
KnifeKeith: Agreed.
KnifeKeith: However…
LanceyLance: I swear, if you say cats are better, I’m blocking you lol.
KnifeKeith: No! Not what I meant! They’re not better…
KnifeKeith: But....
KnifeKeith: I act more like a cat than a dog.
LanceyLance: Really?
KnifeKeith: Yeah.
LanceyLance: How so?
KnifeKeith: I only like being touched if I give explicit permission.
LanceyLance: Explicitly touched, you say?
KnifeKeith: Shut-up. You know what I meant.
KnifeKeith: I don’t like going outside.
LanceyLance: Do you poop in a box?
KnifeKeith: Why do I even try with you?
KnifeKeith: But you get my point.
LanceyLance: That sounds adorable.
LanceyLance: I shall call you kitten.
KnifeKeith: Please don’t call me that… it sounds too sexual.
LanceyLance: Too late, Kitten.
KnifeKeith: Oh god.