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The Children of Ýmir: A Compendium
By Voðen Bestla-Childe


Carefully, oh so carefully, I pry the thick, huge, heavy-looking tome out of its nook on the highly warded shelf. It is nestled among a score and more of other tightly restricted manuscripts. However, those other topics do not interest – and appall – me as much as this one does.


Then again, throughout the centuries, I have managed to sneak a read on those other wells of knowledge, and yet not this one. The temptation of a new, rare type of knowledge compells me onward, even as revulsion of what the knowledge pertains to makes me act slower than I ought to.


The slowness and distraction were always my bane in past attempts, when it came to sneaking this tome off the restricted section of Father’s private library. But today Father is busy with his advisors and lords and generals, even more than the usual; too busy to catch me trying to spirit this tome away, hopefully. I do not know why I keep doing this, risking an ever-more-serious, ever-more-inventive punishment from Father each time….


Well, at least, this day I apparently need not risk such punishment.