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Lucky One

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Alec settled behind his desk, it was a slow day at work, and the day was almost over. Selling cars wasn't that easy and no one loved you when you were a car salesman. Well, one person did, and he was gone. His fast pasted life killed him, took him from Alec, and today it would be 3 years. Alec sighed heavily staring at the picture of them on his desk that he refused to put away. Kole was an amazing man, but his lifestyle and need for speed on the tracks took him from this world. It just wasn't fair, and Alec felt extremely selfish, why couldn't he have his happy ending with this man? 3 years and he couldn't move on from his past. Kole was the one who filled him with joy, made him see the world completely differently, and he never once told him he couldn't do what he loved to do. And every night that he raced, Alec would kiss him goodbye as if he knew it would be the last time he saw him, and then one night he went racing and he crashed. They tried and tried to revive him but he was gone before he even arrived at the hospital.

For the 3 years, for the most part, Alec had let himself go, he wasn't exactly as fit as he needed to be. He felt worthless, useless, and his job reminded him he had absolutely nothing going for him. He ate more than he should, and he drank his nights away. He almost lost his job twice because of the way he acted, and there were multiple times he considered drinking on the job to just make the pain go away. He really didn't see his life worth living if he didn't have Kole in his life, and he couldn't see himself from moving on. But he was strong, he stayed strong for his family, and his best friend Clary who always had a pun ready for him to make him feel better, and her spirit was always the loveliest when they went out together. Clary tried multiple times to set Alec up with her guy friends, but they were always never his type, and she didn't exactly know her best friend's type because he never felt satisfied, and no one would ever be Kole. Clary never instigated, she never wanted to anger her best friend, and Alec's temper was quite crazy. The times he did snap at her, she was actually afraid she would lose him. But if it wasn't for Alec she would have never met her life partner, Maia.

Maia walked into the Mercedes Benz Car Dealership where Alec worked, and not only did she get a car, but she was introduced to Clary. She had just so happened to be there giving her best pun to cheer him up a few days after he lost Kole, and Maia had found it just as funny, and that right there alone did actually cheer Alec up, and every time he saw them, and got to go out with them he was reminded of true love, and how it used to be with Kole, and he hoped that one day he could find it again, he really did. No matter how hard it was going to be and no matter how hard it would be to let go of Kole's memory...


Magnus Bane walked out of his place of work, he had just got promoted to head Design Engineer for race cars, and couldn't wait to celebrate. He knew exactly what he needed...a car. A brand new car. Yes. He was obsessed with cars. He often said if he could he would have a million cars to show off but never drive them. It was a weird obsession, but hey he figured now that he finally had the money why not right? He just loved to manufacture cars, design them, and get them on the road for people, and one of his favorite cars to look at was a Mercedes Benz, and he knew one day he just might be able to design for them, but for now, he just wanted to buy one.

3 years ago, one of the cars that Magnus' friend Raphael designed had a malfunction, and he didn't know about it until it was taken out on the race track, and Magnus could never figure out just how it got past the inspection with that malfunction. Raphael wasn't able to live with himself for quite some time, and he quit his job. Magnus promised to take on his best friend's legacy too, and have it never happen again, and while Raphael every day made his amends to God and the family of Kole, he still had a lot of regrets, because half of it was his fault, but the other half was his overseer, and this was now Magnus' responsibility as a part of his new job.

Telling Raphael the good news, his friend was actually in good spirits and told him drinks were on him tonight as they could celebrate Magnus' promotion. But the first thing on his agenda was to get his new car. He told Raphael he would pick him up in it and to be ready by 10 pm sharp.


"Alec, are you coming out with Maia and I tonight?" Clary asked curiously over the phone, she knew what today was, so she really hoped that he wasn't going to keep moping at his desk.

"No, I can't. You know I can't." Alec said quietly, tracing over the outline of the frame of the picture of Kole.

"Yes, you can. You know you can." Clary insisted although she never usually did, she really just didn't want him to sit there feeling so lonely and sorry for himself. He had to let go.

"Clary, please don't argue with me, you know what today is." Alec breathed out loudly a tear falling down his cheek.

"That is exactly why you need to come out with us. You know Kole would want you to move on... it's been 3 years, Alec..." She couldn't listen to him feel sorry for himself like this a second longer, all those times she just let it go wasn't happening tonight.

"Nope. I don't care if it is what he wants, it's not what I want. No one will ever be as perfect as he was for me..." Alec swore as he was looking up from his desk to see a man standing in front of him. Well, he was lying if he didn't say that he was gorgeous... "Uh, Clary...I gotta go...I got a customer..." Alec hung up quickly and sniffled back the few tears that were threatening him. He cleared his throat and stood up to shake the young man's hand, "Hello, I'm Alec..."

"Hello there, Alec? Is that short for Alexander?' Magnus asked with a slight flirt in his voice and giving him the softest smile.

"Umm, yes... but no one has called me that in years... not even my... nevermind... how can I help you--" Alec titled his head him waiting for him to tell him his name.

"It's Magnus, it's nice to meet you, Alexander," Magnus smirked and took a seat down in a bit of a sexy fashion in the seat.

"Take a seat..." Alec said anyway as he sat down himself, "How can I help you?" He swallowed.

"Have I come at a bad time? I was told you are an expert salesman by that man over there." Magnus pointed to his boss.

Alec looked over and his boss who even had jokes giving him a thumbs up. Alec shook his head a bit but looked back to Magnus with a soft smile. "I'm okay, I am sorry you saw that. If my boss says I am an expert at what I do then I take that as a compliment. So you want a Mercedes yeah?"

"Yes, I would love if you would show me your latest model..." Magnus nodded.

Alec got himself up from his chair quickly and urged Alec to follow him. He really was good at his job, he knew exactly what car to show off. "We actually just got this one in, it is perfect for you." Alec opened the door for him to get inside. He was absolutely right. Magnus looked at him breathlessly holding on to the steering wheel, wishing he designed this. "I take you like it a lot huh?" Alec laughed getting in the passenger side of the car, "Would you like to take it for a spin?"

"Would I?" Magnus almost squeaked in excitement taking the keys from Alec as he started the engine that went on so smoothly, and purred softly. Magnus purred with it, and Alec gave a little laugh. He was kind of cute, okay really cute, fine super fucking handsome, and he was hoping he was getting caught staring at him because he was, he totally was. "Let's go!" Magnus gave him a little stick out of his tongue right before taking off. It road unbelievably smooth, and hummed beautifully. He was in love!

Magnus got himself back on to the lot and took a deep breath, "Unbelievable. I love it. You knew exactly what I wanted." He gave a small wink and put his hand on to Alec's thigh, "Just one question, do you come with the car?" Magnus asked.

"What? No? Sorry." Alec is quick to answer, fully aware the other man is flirting, but he doesn't allow himself to even think twice about flirting back.

"That's a shame." Magnus gets out of the driver's side and closes the door softly.

Alec sits for a moment before getting out of the car himself as he offers Magnus the clipboard to sign for the car to be his, "Do you still want the car?"

Not as much as I want you. Magnus thinks but he doesn't say it. "Yes, thank you." He answers and signs the paperwork.

"I'm very glad, the car suits you very well." Alec smiles sweetly, taking the clipboard back and offers for him to come back to his desk to do all the rest of the finalizing. "I do have to admit this was the quickest sale I ever did, it must be your lucky day." He tried to flirt maybe just a little bit, but it was very easy to remember what day today was.

"You're right, I am very lucky, well almost lucky, you aren't coming with the car..." Magnus insisted a little with another little wink and soft smile.

"You will live, I promise." Alec smiled and looked back down at his desk and sighed softly as they went ahead and started signing things for the car.

Magnus didn't say another word, but he wasn't going to forget this man before him. There was no way, he was going to take no for an answer...

I wish it could be easy
But it never goes that way
It’s never like the movies
It’s never like they say...