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Life's Little Pleasures

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Frederica has long become accustomed to Pukin’s sex drive in the time she’s spent as her retainer after the events of B-City. If Frederica was an uncontrollable creature of appetite, than Pukin had her beat by miles. And to think that magical girls were said not to possess sex drives. She could not think of one more insatiably beastly than General Pukin, magical girl or human.

Pukin stays between Pity’s legs as if she’s more delicious than any food that has ever graced Pukin’s gourmet palate. Though Pity is in Pukin’s service by name, it’s more as though Pity owns Pukin. It was as Pity expected, her intentions from the moment she had Pukin released from her prison. This truly was a pleasurable and leisurely life that she lived with Pukin, a far better one than a wretched woman like herself deserved, to have both a skilled tongue and strap-on cock always on her, or inside of her.

The travesties of B-City did not bother her, nor did the lives that were sacrificed there. Not when she had won such a grand prize, to be General Pukin’s own personal server.

Pity could say that today is a day like any other, a day where Pukin stakes her claims and takes her as she always does, but each day feels new with Pukin. She never leaves Pity bored. She never leaves Pity wanting for more.

“Will you join us in the bath, Frederica?” Pukin beckons her from the bathroom doorway of a house they’d taken as their own as she strips herself down to bare bones, to expose an athletic body that Pity’s eyes never tire to take in. Pity knows that even though Pukin asks her, it’s more of a demand that Pity has no choice in, and that turns her on even further. “We’ve already ran the hot water.”

Pity lifts her body up from the couch from where she’d been stifling through her personal hair collection, wrapped up in pieces of fine cloth. She’s had to raise it back up since she’s been imprisoned, but the process was going splendidly thus far. In truth, she’d been smelling and tasting the hair while Pukin was tending to the bath, and Pity had gotten quite worked up in the process. Pity wonders if Pukin can see the red tint in her cheeks, or the way her plump thighs press together just slightly underneath her dress.

From the way Pukin’s eyes dip down Pity’s body, Pity thinks that it’s likely a yes.

“A bath sounds lovely,” Pity says sweetly. Neither of them really had a need to bathe, as they were both magical girls, however Pukin never de-transformed, and Pukin also preferred Pity to do the same. “Let me join you, then.”

Pukin simply smiles and turns heel into the bathroom. Pity follows Pukin’s tall figure from behind, and once she steps inside, Pukin turns to face her. She grabs Pity by her thin, tattooed wrist, and pulls her in close. Pity can feel the heat from Pukin’s body, a slight warmth that tickles her.

Pity smiles up at Pukin, and Pukin leans in to graze her lips against Pity’s. It seems as though she’d been quite eager to taste her. Pity opens her mouth, and Pukin’s tongue slips between her lips, and they touch. Pukin wraps her arms around the back of Pity’s body, and as she does, begins to undress her. “My, but you’ve been waiting for this, hm?” Pity chuckles when their lips separate, to which Pukin hums her confirmation and nips her bottom lip. Pity lets each article of clothing fall from her body, lets Pukin disrobe her just as she pleases, until she’s down to nothingness.

Pukin’s hand runs up one of Pity’s naked curves, and then runs her palm down over her lower stomach, until it’s right above Pity’s pubic region, where fine brown hair is trimmed in the cute shape of a heart suited to that of a magical girl.

Pukin leans in to Pity’s ear and nips it softly, whispering to her, “Come, then, before the water cools and is wasted.” Her voice is like velvet to Pity, and it runs deep inside of her, causing a pulse between her legs.

Pukin steps into the water of the rather large and long bathtub, poking her toe into the water before she settles her entire body inside. She leans her neck against the wall and then looks to Pity, who then carefully steps between Pukin’s legs. Facing Pukin, she stretches her body out and lies on top of the other woman, so that their wet breasts are pressed together; Pity’s much larger than Pukin’s own.

As Pity settles upon Pukin’s firm body, she sighs out at the feel of the hot water caressing her body, at her sides and her legs. Though her magical girl body doesn’t ache, the warmth still feels good on her muscles, and she can tell that Pukin feels the same. Pukin is far more used to baths than Pity is, in this form.

Pity giggles softly, and lifts her wet hands to brush them past Pukin’s one of Pukin’s cheekbones. “Am I too heavy, Your Excellency?” She teases Pukin.

Pukin grins with red lips, permanently stained there even with the heat of the bathroom. She lifts her hands from Pity’s sides, and wastes no time to reach around her to grab her bubbly ass. Pukin’s fingers sink into her cheeks, even those tattooed with stars, and Pity hums gratefully. “You are not too heavy,” Pukin responds earnestly, and Pity thinks it’s funny that Pukin is so polite, given her murderous status. “We would even say that you are just right for us.”

Pukin did prefer her women to be a bit thicker, Pity’s learned.

“You honor me time and time again…” Pity’s voice trails off lovingly as she then lifts her hand to run her long fingers through Pukin’s short orange hair behind her head. The strands were slightly damp from the water, and they felt smooth to the touch. “Tell me, Your Excellency,” she says as she feels the hair thoroughly between her fingers, the softness impeccable. Pity finds that she wants to lean in and smell Pukin’s hair before it’s washed. She finds that she wants to smell it after it’s washed. Before wash, she smelled of blood; of pumpkins. After, of spices. As Pity thinks of these things, the need between her legs grows. “Will you grace your servant with…”

Pity is cut off by Pukin’s hand snaking its way between her legs. Pukin smirks knowingly up at her, and Pity can’t find it in herself to be embarrassed. She was far too obvious for her own good when it came to hair, and Pukin had long since become accustomed to Pity’s personal fascinations with it.

“You needn’t even ask, Frederica. You are aware by now that we will always give you what you want from us,” Pukin says as she begins to play with Pity’s moist pussy, her fingers direct and skilled. They rub up and down Pity’s labia before they then part her cunt lips and begin to toy with flesh more sensitive. “Part your legs.”

Pity does, and Pukin makes a low and grateful noise in response. Pity continues to toy with Pukin’s hair, her breath beginning to become heavy and pleasured from the way Pukin rubs her up and down. Pity feels herself becoming quickly wet from more than just the bath water, and she knows that Pukin can feel it too.

Pukin’s finger prods at Pity’s hole. Pity huffs out in an automatic response, and Pukin laughs underneath her breath.

“As always, you waste no time. You wish for us to be inside. Such an endearing woman you are, Frederica… with endless allure and charm,” Pukin compliments, and Pity smiles at her. The smile disappears and is replaced by an ‘O’ shape as Pukin’s finger eases inside of her. Pity moans and rests the top of her head in Pukin’s neck. As she does, she very obviously inhales the scent of Pukin’s hair. The strands tickle her nose and she moans again.

Pukin laughs, and once her first finger is inside, she adds a second, stretching Pity thin around the two digits.

“Oh, Your Excellency, ” Pity sighs as she smells Pukin’s hair, as she feels those fingers inside of her. Nuzzled deep within, they rub at her walls and make her feel stuffed. It’s all Pity can do not to rock on those delightful fingers that she’s become so accustomed to take. If she did, she might overflow the bathtub. “It feels lovely.”

“Of course it does,” Pukin answers Pity arrogantly before she scissors fingers inside of Pity’s pussy. Pity gasps aloud, and Pukin brings her fingers back together before she begins to pump them in and out of her. With the way her elbows move, the water sloshes gently around their bodies. “Have we ever disappointed you, Frederica?”

“Never. You could never,” Pity answers her honestly. “I am so grateful to receive your pleasure.”

Pukin’s pleasure. Pleasure that only Pukin could give Pity, unlike any other pleasure she could experience.

Satisfied with Pity’s answer, Pukin then begins to fuck her pussy promptly. In and out do her fingers pump within the quivering woman atop of her, caring not for the water that spilled slightly from the sides of the tub. Pity gasps each time those fingers thrust deeper inside of her. As she moves her hips into Pukin’s hand, that of which never seems to tire, a few strands of Pukin’s hair brush against her lips. Delighted and horny beyond compare, Pity opens her mouth with a delighted cry and takes Pukin’s hair between her lips. She sucks on the strands, sucks the taste and the droplettes of water and sweat from them, and then she moans loudly.

“Mmf!” Pity goes. “Yhour Exhcellenchy…!”

Pukin simply purrs. Her thumb slides up and down Pity’s slippery flesh before she locates her clit and begins to rub while her fingers are still lodged inside of her, moving in and out and pumping vigorously to bring her pleasure. It’s then when Pity’s body is engulfed in involuntary twitches, as she practically slams her lower half down around Pukin’s hand. Water spills along the sides of the tub, and Pity can distantly hear it trickle into the cracks of the tiles.

“Excited, are you, Frederica?” Pukin bestows her the question with clear arousal in her own voice, though her tone is also slightly amused. They both had their kinks, and Pukin was happy to let Pity indulge in her own. “Yes, we can feel the way you clench… it’s so very tight inside. Even with how much we use this hole,” Pukin laughs, and curls her fingers so that the pads rub up against her most sensitive places. Pity pants gratefully and nods, rustling her own hair into Pukin’s neck. “Go ahead and cum whenever you’d like.”

How could Pity deny Pukin’s request? Lifting her shapely hips up a final time, she then thrusts them back down until Pukin’s moving fingers are buried to the hilt within her, and then she cums. She cums hard, aided by Pukin’s fingers, the thumb pressed into her sensitive bud, and the taste and feel of Pukin’s hair in her mouth, in her nose, overwhelming her senses. Her muscles tighten around Pukin’s digits and squeeze them for all that she’s worth. She hopes that the cries she gives are sweet to Pukin’s ears, and she imagines what Pukin’s face looks like as she orgasms.

Pity slumps her body onto Pukin’s. She pants into Pukin’s neck, a few stray locks of hair still in her mouth. Pity smacks her lips as she recovers from how hard she came, releasing those very yellow-tipped strands. Finally, she lifts her head from the crook of Pukin’s neck, and she smiles dreamily down at her, happy to gaze upon her face.

Pukin’s face is colored a gentle pink, likely from the heat of the bath.

Pity licks her lips to collect the excess taste lingering there, and only then does she reach her hands down to run them over Pukin’s chest. “Thank you, Your Excellency,” she says, taking in a deep breath of air. “Now then, shall we wash up?” As she says so, Pukin leans forward and kisses tenderly at the valley between Pity’s breasts, sharp eyes looking up at her. There’s a smile playing on her lips, one that Pity finds herself fancying very much.

“We should.”

Pity’s heart flutters happily at the prospect that she might then taste Pukin’s shampooed hair, and she tilts her head back as Pukin takes her nipple into her mouth, then.