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Everything's alright?

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My dear Yoongi hyung,



Finding the perfect present for you was hard, really hard and I had to think a lot about it. I wanted this present to be special. As special as your are to me, hyung.


You and the others mean the world to me and I wouldn’t be who I am without you, that’s why I prepared this surprise. I wanted to make you proud as much as you make me proud, everyday of my life. You all are my models in a way and you, hyung, are a very good one. 

I always admired you for your writing skills and the fact that you can create such meaningful songs just like that, as if it was magic. I wish I could be as great as you for this, but I guess I’m not and will never be. 

So I practiced, practiced and practiced again but I’m never satisfied of my work. At least until now. Now I have a work I am proud of. 

As I was thinking about which present I should buy you, I realized that money and stuff aren’t what would pleasure you the most. 

That’s why my present for you is a song hyung. I hope you’ll like it, I wrote it with my whole heart and if you like it enough, maybe we could compose the music together? 


I’m looking forward to see your reaction and I want you to be totally sincere. If you don’t like it I want you to tell me so I could learn from my mistakes. Maybe you could teach me then? 



Have a nice reading hyung, 


Your Jungkookie 





June, 11th of 2022    -    11:23




So, he did cry. He knew it was weak of him to do so, but he couldn’t stop himself… A life without Jungkook? He couldn’t even imagine it. How boring it would be… 

But he was still here for now, his body was still here, his hand was still in his. He took a look at him with his puffy eyes when he heard it. 


The beeping sound of the machine went irregular for a second and went back to normal immediately.

It was normal right? Should he call the doctor or a nurse? 


Yoongi waited for a few minutes and nothing changed. So it was okay, Jungkook was okay, thank god!


Suga was now crying again. Why couldn’t he stop himself from crying? He was here for Jungkook after all, so the rapper thought. What could he do for him? Should he talk to him? Make him listen to music? Everything was totally new to him and he didn’t have the ounce of an idea about what to do. All he had done for now was crying and holding his hand…. 


This was good, right? Holding his hand. His lifeless hand. 


His lifeless hand… 

How could a lifeless hand squeeze his? 


Yoongi stood up. 

« Jungkook? »


His eyes were still closed, but he felt it. he sweared to God he felt his hand squeeze his. 


« Jungkook if you hear me, can you squeeze my hand again? Can you open your eyes? Jungkook? »

His lack of response scared him, but then he felt it again. His hand was moving but this time, Suga even saw it. He had to stop himself from screaming out of pure joy and surprise. Jungkook was moving, meaning that he wasn’t paralyzed, that he wasn’t dead… But waking up. For real this time, not in his dreams, not in his imagination, not in his wishes, but for real. 


« That… t-that’s so great kookie! Hyung is here. You can wake up now. Everything’s gonna be alright, I’m here with you. » At this state, He didn’t know if he was trying to talk to him or calm myself. 


He had to call the doctor. There was this red button they told them about next to his bed. He tried to reach it without letting go of Jungkook’s hand but it was too far. He didn’t want to let go. But He did, He quickly pressed the button with all his strength and took his hand back with this time his two hands. 


« Jungkook, do you hear me? If you do can you please wake up? I guess it may be hard… But please Jungkook-ah, come back to life. » Tears slid over his cheeks, again. He hold on stronger and caressed the maknae’s hands with his thumbs. 


The doctors arrived. 


« What happened? » 


yoongi was still crying but did his best to answer. « He… He moved. At first I thought that I probably imagined it but then I felt it again. He… He squeezed my hand twice and I even saw it! I promise I don’t lie… » 


« Hey calm down okay? It’s okay. I’m gonna check on him. If what you say is true, then he’s very likely to be waking up. » The doctor replied. 


«  But… I talked to him. I asked him to open his eyes but he didn’t. If he was waking up then he would have opened his eyes wouldn’t he? »


« No, not necessarily. When people wake up from a non-artificial coma it takes time. It may even take hours or days for him to be completely conscious, but it’s normal so don’t worry. »





« I’m so glad that Yoongi finally wants to see him alone. I feel like it’s a big step for him. » Hoseok said as he sat on one of the chairs. 


« Yeah. I hope one day he forgives himself. He… I… I mean it’s not his fault. Not only. We all are the ones to blame, including Jungkook. » Namjoon responded. 


They were waiting in the corridor next to the ICU and Jungkook’s room. They all decided to wait the 13 of June to open their presents. They could read their letters if they wanted or needed to, but they would wait for the presents. Jungkook could wake up at any moment after all. 


It had been now 10 minutes since Yoongi went to see Jungkook. So they were all waiting, giving him and Jungkook some space. Jimin and Tae were on Taehyung’s phone watching a video of the group with Jungkook and joking about the maknae faces and precious laugh. In the same time the others were patiently waiting, talking to each other some times, but mostly thinking. 


To their surprise, two nurses came, very suddenly and running. Jin and Hoseok followed them with their eyes, the leader now standing up. And what he saw made him froze. 

They just entered Jungkook’s room. 

They were running. 


« Guys… » He turned away to face his members. « Guys listen! »

They all stoped what they were doing and were all now watching him. Hoseok was looking at the door with nothing more but worry. 


« Two nurses just came. They were running and… t-they… »


« They what? Namjoon… » Seokjin tried to understand. 


« They came to Jungkook’s room. » 





He had to let go of Kookie’s hand. The doctor had some tests to run, Yoongi didn’t understand really well what he told him. The medical vocabulary wasn’t one he was very common with, but he let him his space to take care of him. His jungkookie. Their precious maknae. 


Two nurses arrived not so long after that, He could see that they ran as they arrived, panting. Anyway, they seemed relieved when they realized that nothing serious happened. 


« Doctor, what happened? » one of the nurses asked. 


« The kid moved. His constants are better and he is progressively breathing better. He won’t need the ventilator for much longer. I think he is waking up. »


There was a smile on the nurses’ face that could have been Yoongi’s. That was said, Jungkook was waking up. Now they just had to wait. The rapper couldn’t stop the feeling of excitement growing in his stomach. Today was probably the best day of his life and he never felt so happy. But then, this feeling was replaced by fear. Will Jungkook hate him? 


Suga heard people talking very loudly in the office of the ICU. He soon recognized their leader’s voice so he discretely opened the door, hoping that it wouldn’t disturb the doctor and nurses. 


« No, you don’t understand! We want to see him now. Or at least, tell us what’s happening! »


« Sir, you have to stay calm or I’ll have to call the security. »


« How can you ask me to stay calm?! I saw two nurses running in his room, you don’t tell me anything and you’re telling me to stay calm? »


Yoongi have never seen Namjoon this angry in the 12 years he’d known him. For what he could see, the others were as panicked as him so he silently closed the door and came to them. 


« Guys… »


« Yoongi! »

« Yoongi tell us. What’s happening? »

« Is Jungkook alright? »

« What happened? »


They were all asking him questions at the same time and he didn’t even had the time to register who said what. 


« Wait. One at a time okay? You don’t have to worry, Jungkook is alright. Actually, he is more than alright… » Yoongi said proudly. 


« What? What do you mean by ‘more than alright’? » Jimin asked, worried. 


« What I mean is that… Jungkook is waking up! » Suga claimed with the brightest smile he could give. 


« Waking up? Oh my God, did you see him? Did he talk to you? » Asked me a very excited Taehyung.


« No, no he didn’t talk to me. In fact, he didn’t open his eyes yet. But he moved! I was holding his hand and he squeezed. Twice! »


« That… That’s so great! » Seokjin retorts. « I can’t really believe it, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for days now but even then, it feels like it’s unreal… » Everyone agreed with him and Namjoon managed to calm down. Their maknae was alright, that was all that mattered.

They asked Suga many other questions and he even described his quick visit to Jungkook in order to pass the time as they were waiting for the doctor’s conclusion.


A few minutes later, the nurses and doctor left the room and came to see the members. 


« Hello guys, It’s nice to be able to talk to you all. » Started the doctor. « As Min Yoongi probably told you, we think Mr Jungkook is starting to wake up! He is little by little taking control over his body again and we even think that at this rate he will be able to breathe on his own in a hour or so. »


« That’s a miracle… » Jimin started to cry, the realization hitting him in full force. Their kookie was waking up, he was not going to die. 


« Can we see him? » Taehyung asked. 


« Of course! Please call us when you feel like the ventilator is bothering him. We’re gonna come check on him very frequently but that might happen soon so you know what to do, just in case. »


« Thank you doctor-nim, thank you so much! » The oldest squeezed energetically the medical doctor’s hand before letting go and joining the others.


Yoongi was the one to open the door, holding it while his friends entered one by one. They all took the chairs and sat around their injured member. Jimin was able to hold his hand now, the other one in the big cast and brace.


« Hi kookie! How are you today? » There was a pause. « Suga-hyung told us that you moved your hand not so long ago? That’s really cool. C-can… Could you do it again? Please? If you hear me, just squeeze my hand or move your fingers or anything… » Jimin was staring at the maknae with love and full of hope. 

They were all looking at his hand now, waiting for any sign, any movement… That’s when Jungkook slowly lifted his index finger and middle finger. As soon as they came down the movement started again, his fingers going a little bit higher each time. 

They all had that great big smile on their faces, some of them crying out of happiness and impatience. 


Seokjin who was the closest to Jungkook’s face approached his hand and gently caressed his cheek. « Thank you… Thank you for waking up, thank you for coming back. » 

Namjoon who was sitting next to him put his arm around the other shoulders and gave him a friendly hug. 


They all waited next to Jungkook. They had send a message to their manager and to jungkook’s family. In the last 30 minutes, the maknae moved his fingers three times and even moved his toes!


« I can’t believe he is waking up! And now, I want to switch places! » Demanded Taehyung.


« What?!… Why? » Jimin asked


« Because you’re always the one holding his hand when he moves. I want to feel it too, it’s not fair! » Claimed Taehyung, again. He was burning up with jealousy and wish. 


« Okay, I guess you’re right… » Jimin gave up, but yet he was smiling. « You’re so cute when you’re like that. »


Taehyung felt himself blush while changing seats with his hyung. Why was he cute? It was normal to ask this, right? He took the younger’s hand and took a look at his surroundings. At his right was Yoongi’s envelope, the one from Jungkook. And it had been opened. At the moment, all Taehyung could feel was disappointment. They agreed, the six of them, that they would wait until the 13 to open the presents… 


« Yoongi? » He asked facing the older. 


« Yes Tae? »


« Why did you open your present? » Taehyung was now looking back at the open envelope.


His hyung thought before responding. « I didn’t open the present. I read his note, that’s all. We agreed that we could, so I did. » There was sadness in his voice again. The same sadness he used to feel for the past few days. 


« Oh… I see. Sorry hyung. I didn’t mean to be rude. » 


« It’s okay don’t worry. » Suga gave him the best smile he could in this circumstances. 


Silence came back, only the beeping machine could be heard as well as the sound of Jungkook breathing. It was calming, regular. 

But then, it wasn’t anymore. They could hear that it was more and more complicated for him to breathe. Yoongi stood up and pressed the red button for the second time. Jungkook was now choking, as if he was couching to eject the tube in his throat. They could all see each other’s panic and didn’t know what to do. 

Hoseok decided to call the doctor himself and was moving towards the door. He hadn’t reached the door yet when the doctor opened it and came next to Jungkook. 


« I’ll need you all to stay over there for now. Please move the chairs, quickly. »


The members did as they were told so as quickly as they could and watched the professional do his work. The doctor removed the tube from Jungkook’s throat and changed it to a little one in his nose. He silently checked his constants, his state of consciousness, took a few notes and added some informations on what was certainly their maknae’s file. He placed the paper in the drawer and turned back.


« So, he can now breathe on his own. I removed the ventilator and I am only giving him little help to breathe. I think it’ll be enough fo now, he is breathing fine. We just have to wait for him to wake up I guess. » The doctor addressed them his best smile. « I’ll leave you alone ». He left. 


Jimin and taehyung hugged, tightly. Then joined Jin, Hobi, Namjoon and Yoongi. Saying they were happy was an understatement and not a word could describe their feeling at this moment. They soon sat back on the chairs and waited, again, for their maknae to wake up. 






Sejin arrived at the hospital one hour ago and nearly had to force the members out of the room. He took them to the hospital’s cafeteria to eat something at least. They didn’t want to leave Jungkook in case he would wake up when they weren’t here. 


They ate a quick sandwich and came back immediately. Sejin for his part called Jungkook’s parents to keep them aware of the progress of the situation. They also told him that they would be able to come during the evening to see their son. 


It had been two hours now that Jungkook moved for the first time, and even if his state was getting better, they couldn’t wait any longer. At least, Hoseok could not. He had to try something. 

« Hey Jungkookie…! » The others looked at them and watched in silence their interaction. « You’re probably very tired and sleeping might be so much easier for you than waking up. But we’re here, we’re waiting for you. We love you Jungkook, no matter what we said, families fight, it happens. But as I said we love you and we’re here for you. So please, wake up. Open your eyes. We miss your big brown eyes you know? As well as you jokes, your laugh, your smile… We miss you kook. So please, wake up for us. »


They waited for him to at least move but nothing happened. Hoseok looked more disappointed than ever, and so did the others. After Jungkook’s first moves they started to believe in his capacity to hear them. Maybe he wasn’t ready to wake up yet? 


« Don’t worry hyung, we will try to convince him again soon! And it’ll work at some point » Namjoon tried to reassure him. 


« Yeah, it’s not because he doesn’t answer once that he doesn’t answer us at all! He is maybe too tired now to move, or maybe he is sleeping. I don’t know… » Taehyung argued. 


Suddenly, a strongest breathing was heard and they all turned to Jungkook. The maknae had his mouth open and was using it to breathe. Hoseok stood up to stand behind Jin’s chair. Jungkook closed and opened his mouth, his breathing intensifying. 


« Yeah Jungkook, that’s right. Keep going kookie you’re doing so well. Wake up! » J-Hope cheered him. 

Slowly, the maknae’s eyes started to move behind his eyelids, his hand moved again and a small whisper came from his mouth.


« Jungkook? » It was now Namjoon who was talking. « Bunny if you hear us, wake up. »

Jungkook’s eyelids moved faster and started to shake. They shook more and more until came the first blink. It was small, but it was here. The singer blinked again, his eyes were now open. 



At first, all Jungkook could see was a blur but little by little, he started to identify some shadows, human shapes. All he could feel was pain. Only one of his arms and legs didn’t hurt. His head was pounding and his hearing wasn’t clear either. But he certainly recognized his hyungs’ voices. They were calling him. 



« Jungkook? Do you hear me? »

It had been nearly a minute that Jungkook opened his eyes but he didn’t said or answer anything since. His eyes were moving slow from one of them to an other, as if he was trying to recognize what he was seeing. He painfully swallowed and opened his mouth again.


« H-…Hyu…Hyungs? »