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Fandom Quest

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My name is Kathryn. I’m just an ordinary girl from a small town... Screw that, it’s boring. Yes, that is my story in this world, but that isn’t the story we’re following. We’re going to start where it all began; the day I got my powers. It’s been years now, but it’s still as vivid as ever.

It was dark outside and raining. Currently, Katy was playing video games until her mother came to tell her to sleep. So far, her game was going well and she had just finished another level. Once the new one started, it was harder than she expected it to be.

“No, no! Aw crap,” she groaned, her character dying. The television screen turned red, the words ‘you died, try again?’ written in bold print. Before she could start again, she heard a noise outside her door.

Diane, her mother, knocked gently on the door before entering into the room. “I thought you had already gone to bed,” the woman spoke, a small smile spreading across her slightly aged but still beautiful face. “Go ahead and get in bed, honey,” she suggested, shutting the door behind her as Katy responded with a soft ‘okay’. There was a hint of disappointment mixed into her tone.

Katy turned off the gaming system and tv, crawling into her bed and getting comfortable as her mother sat at the foot of the bed.

“Can’t I stay up a little longer?” she pouted, sticking her bottom lip out slightly after she spoke, sinking into her bed.

Diane chuckled slightly under her breath, shaking her head. “No, hun. I have to leave for work early tomorrow so I need you to get to sleep and take care of the animals in the morning,” she explained, tucking her daughter into the bed. “Get some sleep, okay?” The mother earned a quiet response from the young girl as she kissed her daughter’s head. “Good night, honey. See you after work tomorrow,” she grinned, getting up and walking to the door.

“Good night, mom,” Katy whispered, yawning as she got comfortable in her bed. After that, the light was turned off and her door shut as her mom left the room.

She heard the sound of a river flowing steadily and the sounds of bugs, cicadas specifically. She felt the grass beneath her and the bright sun shining down on her. At this moment, she was very relaxed, a small smile even slipping onto her face. She then suddenly realized that the last thing she remembered was that she was going to sleep in her bed at home. Her eyes widened in shock as she sat up on the ground, looking around at her surroundings. There was indeed a river, a very large one that was probably a few miles wide. The sun was indeed shining very brightly, as well as hot too, hotter than usual. She then stood and looked herself over.

Katy noticed she was wearing a dress. It wasn’t a fancy one, or even a day dress like the ones she was used to. This one had one strap across her shoulder holding it up on her body. It was also rougher than the ones back home. The dress itself was white with very few of stains on it, but stains there were nonetheless. Of what, she had no clue. She also had a gold armband in the shape of a snake circling her right arm. When she looked further down, she was wearing sandals that looked hand woven.

‘Where the hell am I?’ she thought to herself, not even noticing the person trying to get her attention. The girl was practically in shock at the moment, trying to figure out where she was and how she got there.

“Kema!” a woman shouted in a foreign language. Katy didn’t understand how, but she understood what this girl was saying. The girl then walked up to Katy and shook her by the shoulders. “Are you alright? Have you been under the Eye of Ra for too long?” The woman placed the back of her hand to Katy’s forehead, still not getting a response. “Kema, we should get you back to your home. Come.” She was not willing to take no for an answer as she gently took Katy’s wrist and lead her back in the direction she came from.

‘Kema? Why is she calling me that... And what's with these outfits? And the Eye of -’ Katy cut herself off mid-thought. ‘Oh my god... I’m... In Egypt?!’ Katy yelled internally, her eyes widening again as she rounded the corner, seeing many others dressed the same way, but the thing that caught her eye the most, was the fact that the pyramids in front of her weren’t finished yet.

“Hurry, the midday meal is about to be served,” the young woman urged Katy, continuing to drag the girl to one of the pyramids since she was currently distracted by all the slaves surrounding her.

“Miss?” Katy inquired. “May I ask for your name?” Katy furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at the young woman. The girl chuckled softly, stopping on the path to look at Katy.

“What do you mean? Have you truly forgotten my name?” she asked, a hint of worry apparent in her voice. Katy only responded with a small nod. The young woman hummed softly. “Tabia is my name... We need to get you inside now, miss. You must have hit your head or have been out in the sun too long,” she told her, gently placing a hand on her back and leading her away.

They walked to one of the nice homes fit for nobles and Tabia led Katy inside to her bedchamber. “Please lay down, miss. I will get you a cloth and inform Anka of your condition,” Tabia explained, quickly walking out of the room and leaving Katy on her own.

“What the hell is going on?” Katy chuckled half-heartedly as she looked around the room.

It was obvious that she wasn’t in her time period or country, or even continent. She was in Egypt, but many years in the past. What worried her the most was that many of these names were foreign and she knew nothing about ancient Egypt, so how could she know all of these things?

“Kema! Are you alright, child? Tabia informed me you hit your head?” A woman asked as she rushed into the room, quickly looking Katy over for any signs of harm. This woman was more than likely Anka. “How do you feel, Kema?” Anka asked kindly, sitting on Katy’s bed.

Katy nodded, rubbing her arm awkwardly. “I feel fine. Sorry to worry you...” Katy responded, not used to the way these people spoke.

The woman was quiet for a moment, nodding afterwards. “Alright. Well, get changed and rest for the day. We will be sharing the evening meal with some guests tomorrow and you must be well. It is of importance,” Anka told her, standing up and speaking again as she headed for the door. “I will have Tabia bring a meal as well, so rest until she returns.” Anka was already out of the room before Katy could respond.

Not knowing what else to do, Katy laid on the bed, closed her eyes, and began to think. Next thing she knew, she jumped in fear and surprise at a bolt of thunder from outside her window. She had woken up, now in her bedroom at home.

“One weird-ass dream...” she mumbled, yawning as she got to her feet and went to get some water then return to bed. “I kinda want to continue that, though... Maybe I’ll be able to lucid dream and change it to a Supernatural dream,” she mused, a small grin on her face as she turned to her side to fall back asleep.

“Lady Kema,” Tabia interjected as she walked into Katy’s room. “Lady Anka wishes for you to wear this for the evening meal. Shall I assist you with preparations?” she asked in a kind tone, laying the dress on Katy’s bed.

Katy grinned at the girl as she turned away from the window to face her. “No, that is alright, Tabia. I am capable,” she chuckled slightly. Tabia nodded and quickly left the room to give Katy privacy. Once she left the room, Katy groaned in frustration, “Damn it. I thought about Supernatural until I fell asleep! Why am I not having one of those dreams?” She then took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Supernatural, Supernatural…” she repeated the word a couple more times.

A voice stopped her with whispers of ‘No, not now’. Well, that's what she thought it said. It was so quiet, she couldn’t recognize the voice and couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Katy sighed, pushing her thoughts aside for her to change and do makeup.

Since she had no way to do her hair like she normally would back home, she worked carefully to put her shining blonde hair into a french braid. Though her arms were tired by the second try, she wanted it to look like the best braid she had ever done in her life. The makeup itself looked gorgeous if she did say so herself. Black eyeliner done in a similar way that the Egyptian people were famous for, and emerald green eyeshadow to match the accents in the dress that flattered her figure. She was surprised how much her dark blue orbs brightened, even with all of the make up. But Katy supposed that was the point; to accentuate all natural features.

Once she had finished, Tabia came back into the room. “You look stunning, Kema,” she complemented, smiling. Though the smile was genuine, her eyes held a different story.

Katy ignored the conflict of emotions on her new friends face, returning a smile. “Thank you, Tabia. I am ready to leave now,” Katy informed her, following the woman out of her room.

As they walked down the hall, there were candles on the walls brightening the pathway with small patches of light that didn’t reach very far from the source. The floor and ground were made out of the same substance, but Katy had no idea what it was.

“Ah! You are finally here!” Anka smiled as she quickly got up from her seat, walking over to Katy.

Anka was followed by a younger man whose skin had been kissed by the sun, his hair was as black as the night sky with burnt sienna highlights at the end and his bangs were almost blonde. His eyes were a piercing shade of violet.

“Kema, this is Atem, your betrothed love,” Anka explained, smiling softly as she waited for a response from the girl.

Once Katy saw the man, she was unimpressed. ‘Really? Of all the things my imagination could give me, it’s the protagonist from an anime about a card game?’ She told herself then Anka’s words finally sunk in.

“I’m sorry, Anka. What did you say?” she asked in a confused tone, unsure if she heard the woman correctly.

“You are going to be Atem’s wife, my dear,” Anka answered in a cheerful tone. Before Katy could respond, she started talking again. “You sit and eat, I will fetch some fruit,” she told them, walking away in a rush.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Kema,” Atem told her, gently taking her hand and kissing the top of it. When he pulled away he smiled slightly at her. It seemed forced, which is no surprise. “Shall we feast?” he asked, gesturing for her to sit down next to his seat.

His fingers were surprisingly soft, and his lips weren’t chapped from the sun and heat. Katy finally responded, nodding slightly in return to his gesture. She was unsure how to react, especially to a future Pharaoh.

“Yes, of course,” she responded, taking a seat next to him.

The two had been talking for a few minutes when everyone at the table heard a scream and a crash. Everyone quickly got to their feet with Atem stepping in front of Katy to block the path to her.

Tabia came running back into the room with blood covering her dress. “Kema, ru - ah!” she shouted in pain. Then Katy saw the arrows that had been shot into her back. Tabia collapsed and chaos spread.

“Tabia!” Katy shouted, moving to run towards her.

She was stopped in her tracks by someone grabbing her wrist. When she turned to face the person, it was Atem. He had a look of worry on his face as he dragged her out of the building.

“Atem! Let me go! They are going to die!” she screamed at him, trying to free herself from his grip but to no avail.

“No, Kema! You will die too!” he told her.

He then saw one of the assassins walk past one of the windows close to the door so he quickly let go of her wrist, moving his hand to her back for support and his other hand behind her knees and picked her up, running off towards the river before they got caught. They got to the river shortly after. Once they reached the edge of the water, Atem set her down to her feet.

“Kema? Are you alright?” he asked quietly, placing his hands on her shoulders.

Katy’s body was shaking from shock. Panic spread through her as she had never seen the life pouring out of someone. She was also worried that if she stayed with Atem, he would die too, which isn’t how things are supposed to play out. She shook her head to get herself out of her thoughts, looking up to Atem.

“Yes, I am fine. Thank you for saving me, Atem,” she said, forcing a smile onto her face.

He nodded, looking around their surroundings to make sure they weren’t followed. “Good. now you need to run, run as far away as you ca-” he was cut off mid-sentence by an arrow flying right between their faces, both of their eyes widening.

Without hesitating, Katy grabbed his shoulders and used her body weight to push them into the river before they could be shot at again. While under the water, it was dark, but she could still see the man beneath her. They nodded to each other, and he pushed her away in the direction of the other side of the river and she swam as far as she could before surfacing. When she reached the top, she gasped for air and continued to swim to the other side.

When she reached land, she was panting and exhausted. Her legs had been cramping for a quarter of a mile, but she somehow powered through it. She laid there for what felt like ages before she could get to her feet. Once she was up, she started stumbling away, unsure of where she was even headed.

After a few hours of walking, before the sun had risen, she passed out and fell face first on the ground. Laying there for hours. While she laid still, a merchant for slaves found her, tied her legs together and started to drag her as he continued to travel on his camel.

Katy woke up to a pain in her legs and the sun on her face. When she had gotten out of her half-asleep state, she looked to her legs and saw she was being dragged. Immediately, panic set in and started trying to untie the ropes.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing?” The merchant shouted as he stopped his camel.

“Breaking free! What the hell do you think, you freak!” Katy screamed, getting the ropes untied and quickly took off running.

“Get back here!” The man shouted, getting off of his Camel and starting to run after her.

When he caught up, he tackled her and they rolled down one of the sand dunes. When they got to the bottom, Katy quickly used her fingers to jab his eyes, the merchant yelling in pain. While she had the opportunity, Katy quickly got up and ran up the hill as the man stumbled to his feet, cursing repeatedly as he started to follow her up the hill.

Luckily, she had enough time to get on the camel and take off in the direction he was headed earlier, the man shouting at her as she left him in the dust. When she knew she was far enough away, she pulled back on the lead, slowing the camel down.

“Thanks, Buddy,” she whispered to it, patting its neck softly and it made a small noise in return.

She had fallen asleep while riding the camel. When she awoke, she could see a well. She gasped excitedly, stopped the camel and jumped off before he had gotten all the way to the ground. When she got to the well, she quickly pulled up the bucket and drank the water, not caring if it was clean or not. She was so distracted by her thirst, she didn’t notice the camel walking away.

Once she had drank, she tried to catch up to the camel. As the camel was too far away, she decided it was not worth chasing and went on her journey to who knows where.

She had now been walking for a while and the sun was draining the energy from her. She had no cover and the sand was making it hard for her to walk, draining her even faster. Finally, she saw the silhouette of buildings in the distance and she found the strength to keep walking.

When she reached the small village, the sun was starting to set for day one of her travels. She walked until she found an inn, stumbling into the building and everyone was quiet as they looked at her.

“Water… Please...” she begged, her voice hoarse from lack of water and heat. She fell to her knees, groaning slightly from the pain of hitting the hard flooring.

“Here, miss. Drink this,” a man told her in a gentle tone as he kneeled beside her. “Where did you come from? It seems you have been traveling but were not prepared for the journey,” he asked quietly, patiently waiting for a response.

Katy quickly took the drink from the man, almost like a ravenous animal. Once she had the drink in her hands, she quickly started to chug it, pouring it faster than she could drink, the liquid making her dress wet. When she was finished, she sighed in relief to be in some sort of shelter.

“Faiyum, Egypt. Have you heard of it before?” she gasped, her voice still rough.

The man nodded, looking her over to now notice she’s wearing garments from Egypt. “Yes, young girl. Let me ask you this, did you travel here on foot?” he asked, curiosity laced his voice. He only earned a nod from the girl. It was obvious she was exhausted and needed rest. “Innkeeper, do you have an empty room?” the man asked, looking over his shoulder to the person behind the wooden bar.

“Yes, but I can’t afford to give it out to people stumbling in. Even if they are young and weak,” he spat, continuing his duties behind the counter.

“I will pay, but please lead us there so she can rest,” the man responded, looking back down at Katy who was leaning against the post that was next to her. “Miss? Can you stand?”

Katy nodded, “Yes sir, I can. I thank you for your kindness.”

She used the post to help her stand, holding onto anything she could to keep her up as she walked to the room. When Katy reached the bed, she collapsed again, falling right to sleep as she laid down.

“Why did you help her?” The innkeeper asked as the kind man sat at the bar, order getting another drink.

“Why would I not?” he responded, a bit confused by the question. “She is just a girl who spent the day traveling on foot here. She had to cross the Nile to get here, which is no easy task.”

It had been almost two days since Katy had fallen asleep. Once she awoke and walked out of the room, the kind man was still there, now sitting at one of the dining tables.

“Sir? You were the one to help me, yes?” she asked, walking over to him.

When he saw her, he gave a gentle smile. “Yes, that was me. You are looking much better, miss,” he commented, gesturing for her to sit across from him. “Sit and eat. You must be very hungry.”

She blushed awkwardly then took a seat. When she was seated, she didn’t skip a beat before eating. “Thank you, kind sir. I appreciate the gesture very much,” She thanked him, food still in her mouth as she spoke.

He chuckled softly, moving a drink to her. “You are very welcome. May I ask where you are headed?” He leaned on the table. For the next few minutes, the two talked and came to an agreement.

He would take Katy to Jerusalem, then give her some money and she would continue her journey, the next large city she would stop at would be Istanbul, then probably Athens. They left the inn, got camels, and all the food and water they needed for a journey; which would last more than a week. Hot day after hot day, they traveled. Katy learned much about the man during their travels. He was a merchant, and he also liked to call himself an adventurer. When they met in Helwan, the town she found him in, he had been on his way back to Jerusalem from Alexandria. Surprisingly, they were good traveling partners.

By the time they reached Jerusalem, the pair were ready for a break. He offered for Katy to stay with him and his wife for the night before she would continue the trek. Of course, she took the offer without second thoughts, enjoying the comfortable sleeping space for the night.

The next day, she departed, saying her goodbyes to the kind people that had helped her. For around another thirty days, she traveled, rested, hunted when she was out of food, searched for water, and got caught in a couple sand storms with no where for her to hide for cover. After fifteen days, she had reached Istanbul and in around another fifteen days, she reached Athens, Greece.

She stopped just outside the city, getting off her camel and letting loose after she took the rest of the food and water that she had left. After getting into the city, she went in search for an inn. During her search, she bumped into some guards, quickly apologizing to the men.

“Wait! Are you not one of the servants?” a guard questioned, blocking her from leaving and crossing his arms. “How did you get out of the palace?” he asked, anger now in his tone.

Katy was dumbfounded by his question. Was he really asking if someone dressed in clothing like hers was a servant? She then quickly realized that she had been traveling for so long, that her dress is now torn in many different places and the colors were fading.

“I apologize but no, I am not a servant, you have the wrong woman,” she explained, chuckling slightly and trying to get past, but they didn’t let her.

“You think I would believe a lie like that? You are mistaken!” he told her, grabbing her shoulders tightly. “I’m taking you back and you will be punished accordingly.” He began dragging her up to the palace. The second guard in tow.

“Wait! Please! I am not a servant! I promise!” Katy exclaimed, trying desperately to escape from his grip. Somehow, she ended up breaking free and running as fast as her legs could take her.

“Catch that woman!” the guard yelled, both of them chasing after her, pushing everyone out of the way to get go after her.

She refused to look back and see how close they were, so she just continued to run. Almost every turn she went down, there was another guard, the group now chasing her had ten guards. As she rounded another corner, someone put their hand around her mouth, muffling her scream as the person pulled her into the small hiding spot

“Hush! I am assisting!” the person whispered to her, keeping her against the wall and out of sight.

Since she had no other choice, Katy stayed quiet, hearing the guards pass right by them. After the guards were gone, the person, that she could now see was a man, removed his hand.

“I apologize for handling you like that, but it was the only way I could think to help without getting caught,” the man explained, looking out of the hiding spot again to make sure none of the guards were close. “What is your name?” He crossed his arms as he waited for an answer.

“Is it wrong of me to ask the same?” she retorted, a small smirk appearing on her face.

The man chuckled. “Yes, my apologies. My name is Callisto, a pleasure to meet you.” He bowed slightly in greeting.

Now that she got a good look at him, he was actually more attractive than she had originally thought. His hair was a bronze brown, along with his litten facial hair, and his eyes were a baby blue. She blushed brightly from her distracting thoughts

“M-My apologize. My name is... uh… Althea.” She chuckled slightly, rubbing the back of her neck. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Callisto,” she continued in a kind tone, smiling at him.

He furrowed his brow momentarily. “I apologize, but it does not seem you are sure of your own name.” Callisto smiled softly as he looked at the young woman.

Katy huffed, “Of course I am sure of my name. It is the one I was given at birth, is it not?” A small smirk appeared on her lips. “I do apologize for changing the conversation, but should we not be running?” She had begun to worry that the guards would find them.

His eyes widened slightly as he quickly checked for the guards again. “You are definitely correct. Come with me. I have somewhere we will not be found.” Quickly he took her hand and led her out of the hiding spot. After some time running and ducking in corners, they finally came to what looked to be like an abandoned home. “The lady first,” he grinned, gesturing for her walk inside first.

She gave him a strange look, then walked inside. On the inside, it was kept clean and looked quite nice compared to the outside. There were bedrolls on the floor, almost twenty, candle lights on the walls, what seemed to be a bath in one corner and another corner seemed to be a kitchen of sorts.

“What is this place?” she asked in a curious tone.

“This place is a home for the people on the run from the guards. We are a group of people who have done nothing wrong, but are wanted,” he explained, but did a horrible job, earning a slight chuckle from the girl.

She nodded in understanding. “So that is why you helped me. It is because I have run into the same problems as you?”

“Yes, you are correct. So please, stay as long as you need. You will need to blend, however,” he commented, walking to stack of clothing and finding a dress. “Here, Miss. Bathe and dress. I will be waiting outside.” Callisto handed her the dress with the smile.

She blushed slightly at the gesture, gently taking the dress from his hands. “Thank you, Callisto.” She smiled back to him. He nodded in return, stepping outside to guard the doors from his usual hiding spot as the girl went to bathe.

Two years had passed since then and a small romance had blossomed between Katy and Callisto. The small group that Katy had joined ended up being a group that had now become assassins and thieves to survive. Over those two years, Katy had spent a lot of time training, learning everything Callisto knew. They spent so much time together, that they could now practically read each other's thoughts. They had memorized each other’s movements which made it easier on “missions”. Today was not like the others. One that would change both Katy and Callisto forever.

The day started the same as any other. They woke up, ate, and started their self given missions for the day. Katy didn’t go on missions on her own very often, but today was one of the days she did. All seemed well as she stole the jewel she had planned for weeks to steal. The heist was a success, but as she rounded the corner with the jewel, a group of guards saw her stuffing it in her napsack.

“Hey, you! What do you think you’re doing with that jewel?” one of the guards questioned.

All of them had the usual sandals, leather skirt, and chest plate on. Some had their helmets, some didn’t. It was just her luck that all of them had their swords.

“Shit,” Katy cursed.

She wasted no time to hesitate or chat with the guards, but instead took off running in the other direction with the guards chasing after her. Callisto was in another part of the town, but not far from Katy. He heard the commotion of civilians shouting from guards running past them and pushing them out of the way as they yelled, trying to catch Katy. He quickly rushed off to rescue her, scaling the sides of buildings and jumping from roof to roof to get to her as soon as possible.

Katy ran as fast as her legs could move. She pushed crates from stacks behind her hoping to slow down the guards. Luckily a few were knocked off their feet, but the others were better than she had thought. Katy saw an opening to turn into and took it, hoping it was another path in the labyrinth of buildings in the city. As she took the turn, she almost slid to a stop, cursing under her breath. She was stuck in a dead end.

“There you are!” Callisto exclaimed, relieved to see her unharmed as he jumped down from the rooftop, landing next to her. “What the hell were you thinking, Althea? You’ve never been this reckless!” the tall man scolded her, hoping to see some form of fear or guilt in her eyes. But her blue eyes only told determination and anger, a look he had never seen from this kind hearted girl before. It almost made him take a step back.

“I’m sorry, okay? You can yell at me later, but right now we need to get out of here,” Katy responded, pushing him towards the wall as she heard the voices of the guards getting closer.

Callisto groaned in frustration, nodding to the girl. “Alright, hop up,” he told her, kneeling down and offering a boost for her. Katy quickly took the offer, placing her foot between his clasped hands and pulling herself up on the roof.

“Get out of here!” he demanded, turning his back towards her and rushing off to the guards before they spotted her. “Hey! I have the jewel!” he shouted, gaining their attention.

Katy’s eyes widened, watching this man sacrifice himself just for her to get away. Tears came to her eyes as she clenched her fists, forcing herself to retreat, going back to the hideout. Callisto was given the death sentence for the theft of the jewel, hiding the damned thing, and not giving the name of the woman that did the actual stealing. His execution was going to be at one of Poseidon's temples, just south of Athens. But Katy had other plans.

“Silas! Silas in the name of Zeus, Where the hell are you?” Katy yelled, bursting through the curtain door. Silas, another assassin and thief, was one of the members of the small group. He was actually the first, Callisto being the second.

“My gods, Althea! What is it?” The man asked, gripping one of his throwing knives, prepared to attack whoever it was that came through the “door” so quickly.

“It's Callisto. He was captured on my latest mission,” she explained.

There was a terrifying look in her eyes, different from the one Callisto had seen just before. Silas had seen worse from himself sometimes, so this was nothing. Although, seeing the look on Althea was strange, almost out of place.

His gaze out matched hers as he stood quickly, eyes locked on hers. With each stride closer to the woman, he could see the anger fading as fear took over. She was almost paralyzed with fear, unable to move quick enough. He wasted no time, tightly squeezing his hand around her neck and practically throwing her against the wall, pinning her there. Katy gasped for air as she squeezed his hand, hoping he’d let go.

“What did you do, and where is he?” he growled, loosening his grip slightly so she could breathe and speak.

“Rescued me. Execution,” she managed to tell him, still struggling to breathe.

He growled again, tossing her on the ground, away from the door. She coughed, keeping her upper body off the ground as she caught her breath. As he crouched down next to her, he gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“You’re going to fix this mess and save Callisto. If you don’t, you won’t like the consequences,” he whispered, anger laced his voice. Then he stood and walked off to take care of some task.

The second he was gone Katy sighed, clenching her fists and her eyes now had a hint of green in them. “Screw him. He won't help me. I’ll take care of this myself,” she mumbled, finally bringing herself to her feet. It was now time for her rescue mission. She had no plan, nothing but a good sense of direction and good-ish luck. She'd handle it, maybe.

During the small cat fight between the two, Callisto was being taken to the pillars at Poseidon’s Temple. His sentence was almost the same that pirates would use, but without a plank. He was to be forced off the edge of the cliff, falling down to the spiked stones at the bottom. Instant death, if not then a slow, agonizing one.

Katy had stolen a horse and wasn’t far behind the troops. She pushed the poor animal, not letting it rest until she was at her destination. There was a small twinge of guilt for doing it to the animal, but it had to be done. Arriving at the temple, she grabbed a rope and a hook that were conveniently placed in the saddlebags on the horse. She was determined to have a successful rescue mission, even if it killed her.

Luckily her brother back home, in the real world, was a boy scout. She had learned a few knots that could help in this situation. The hook was tied to the rope and had been secured around a rock, with the other end tied similarly to a harness that she kept on her arm for the time being. Then she waited for the right moment to rush in. This wasn’t the best plan, but at least it was something.

“Any last words, thief?” a guard spit towards Callisto’s feet, who groaned in disgust.

“No,” Callisto stated, not glancing toward the man. “Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell them to a dog like you,” he threw back, earning a glare from the guard.

Then the time came for the execution to take place. The two guards were standing a couple feet back from the edge, letting Callisto walk himself off the cliff, unless he needed a push.

As Katy looked around, she could see the waters below. They were a beautiful blue, almost blending in with the noon sky in the distance. The guards and Callisto weren't far away, but they all stood at the edge of the land. There were pillars of rock and fallen debris from what could have possibly belonged to an actual shrine. But over time it had decayed, leaving only the pillars, fallen rocks, and a view of the ocean. One could see why it was called Poseidon’s Temple.

Things seemed to go by in slow motion for Katy as she ran closer to the guards and Callisto, watching him walk to his death. The second she was within range, Katy pulled out her dagger and pounced on the first guard, stabbing his head with the blade and then quickly pulling it out. The second guard turned in surprise and threw a few punches, which she dodged. The first two at least. The last hit she took, finding it to be her only chance to pierce him. Once she did, she left the blade in his body, earning a groan from him as he fell to the ground.

“Callisto!” Katy screamed, tears in her eyes as she realized she was too late to stop him from falling off the edge. She quickly followed suit, jumping after him, the fall happening in slow motion as well. Katy reached Callisto in the nick of time, throwing the rope around him, stopping him from falling to the bottom.

“Althea, no!” the man yelled, tears in his eyes as he realized what was happening.

Katy reached up, fear of death in her eyes as she desperately tried to grab his hand, but she was already too far down. Their fingers missed one another by only a hair's breadth. She screamed, her arms reaching out toward her last hope toward life that had failed her. Then she looked at his face for the last time, things weren’t in slow motion anymore as she slammed against the stones, her body falling into the waters below as blood coated the rock she had hit, and as turned the blue waters a crimson red.

That moment was the end of Kema of Egypt, and the end of Althea of Greece.