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The Blood Calls

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July 31, 2346


Golden eyes narrowed slightly as the owner bit their lips, looking thoughtful. They were quite nervous, and for a good reason. While traveling the desolate lands, they had noticed that they were running low on supplies. And despite how life was, they were not in the mood to visit death; much less roasting out in the scorching desert.

Hence, their current situation.

It was common knowledge among the survivors that the once great cities were death traps; as they were swarming with the deadly Black Arms, among other monstrous creatures that had been developed. And unless you had one serious death wish, all survivors would say the same thing: DO NOT ENTER A CITY!

They didn't have a choice.

Breathing deeply, they looked down at their gloved hands, before their eyes harden. No, regardless of their fear; they will scour a city for supplies. And who knows, maybe they'll find a survivor - er - a companion? This was a rather lonely life, after all.

Time to go.


What do we have here, hm...?

A dark figure stood on the ruined roof of what was once a business; tapping a sharp nail against their chin, quite curious. Their eyes zeroed in on a small, white figure as they were surrounded with a soft energy; flying across the sandy dunes, slowly but surely, entering their territory. This was interesting, and an unusual sight to say the least.

It was common knowledge among the surviving race, that cities were forbidden. Besides the overwhelming amount of Black Arms swarming the cities and towns, there were mutated beasts crawling the remnants, as well as bandits of all sorts. It was fairly dangerous for someone to willingly come into a city and or town.

This will be fun.



Heart racing with fear, they were flying as fast as they could through the city; frantically dodging the purple energy shots from weapons that were being aimed at them. Not only were they being shot at by dozens of Oaks and Warriors, but a freaking Sandworm of all things, was swimming through the sand; moving after them with alarming speed.

Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Why oh why, did they have to pick the one city where a horde had taken root?! It'll be a damn miracle if they could get out of this intack, much less with their bloody life! Without warning, a sharp pain was suddenly searing across their back; earning a loud, pained cry in return.


Due to the angle of the shot, had sent them flying to the left; colliding with a building. Unfortunately, the collision was strong enough to cause the entire building to collapse on them; sending rubble and dust billowing everywhere. The pain only surged as the building collapsed, bits of stone and wood slicing into their tender flesh; bones beginning to move a bit too easily.

Their vision kept going in-and-out of focus, their head throbbing and it was getting harder to breathe. Struggling to keep conscious, they felt their heart momentarily stop as the raspy laughter of the Black Arms greeted their fading conscious. Oh hells bells, this really was the end, wasn't it?


Whimpering as their body ached in places that shouldn't, they struggled to sit up, to escape; but their leg gave out. Gritting their teeth, their golden eyes traveled downwards, only to see that their left ankle was twisted at an unnatural angle, and their right arm hung limply; not good. Their ears twitched, realizing that the raspy laughter was getting closer, when...


"Hey, you alright down there?"

Stunned by the girlish voice, they looked up with wide eyes. To their absolute disbelief, they were looking up at the concerned form of a young, humanoid cat; her golden eyes looking them over. They couldn't believe it, another survivor! Concerned by the lack of response, the cat jumped down the visible crater, landing before them with liquid grace.

"Hey," Her voice was soft as she knelt down, her gloved hand gently reaching out to his right arm. "Here, let me help you," She said gently, noting that, thankfully, the arm had been dislocated. They blinked owlishly, their semi-glassy eyes reflecting their curiosity. The curiosity faded when she abruptly slid the arm back into its socket; sending wave after wave of extreme pain through them, causing them to buckle.

"Sorry," She apologized, pulling a small kit from her jacket, unhooking it and revealing that the kit was a first-aid kit; perfect timing. She silently cursed herself for not having any water to clean their cuts, but she was able to clean them up a bit. "My name's Blaze," She began wrapping their arm up as she spoke. "What's yours?"


Blinking, their muzzle turned a light pink, and for the first time in their life; they felt rather shy. "Silver," They mumbled, revealing a soft and boyish voice. "My name is Silver." Blaze smiled slightly, her tail swishing as she looked him over.

"It's nice to meet you, Silver."