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You are the one that i want

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Jaina Proudmoore opened her eyes slowly, then shut them again. Her head ached, her mouth felt like something had died in it and she was knackered. She couldn’t remember last night past that eighth or ninth tankard she had downed. Why the hell had she thought that challenging the Banshee Queen to a Drinking contest would somehow end the deadlock in the negotiations was beyond her? “The fucking woman’s undead, it’s not like Alcohol would actually affect her is it” she thought to herself. She tried to turn over but found that something was on top of her. She risked opening her eyes again and looked down to see white hair sprawled over her chest, with two long blue ears poking out of it. Two things immediately came to mind. One, Sylvanas was on top of her and two, they were both naked. “Fuck” she hissed, as memories of last night came flooding back. They had both gotten drunk, Sylvanas drinking that strong shit that the forsaken brewed. They had sung Karaoke with Anduin and Talanji. The boy king and Queen of Zandalar had left together , while she was arm wrestling Sylvanas and finally Sylvanas had carried her like a bride back to her room , both of them giggling like school girls .Then she remembered it all . THEY. HAD. FUCKED.

Sylvanas felt warm skin on her face and opened one eye, to see a hard nipple inches from her. She was laying on someone’s naked breasts. What the hell. Her head hurt and she slammed her eyes shut. What had happened? Then she remembered. She had accepted Proundmoore’s challenge and to make it fair, she had been drinking Skull hammer, that super strong cider from undercity. Anduin and Talanji had been with them at some point and she had sung Karaoke. Oh fuck how embarrassing. She had sung “you are the one that want”, in a duet with Proudmoore. Then they had arm wrestled and she had finally, somewhat unsteadily, taken the mage back to her room. Then she was hit with the realisation. THEY. HAD. FUCKED.

Sylvanas opened her eyes again. That nipple was still there, taunting her with its succulence, with its hardness, as if it wanted her to take it in her mouth. She felt the other one under her ear. She had her head resting on Jaina’s breasts, which despite how she was feeling, made her smile at the memory of seeing then naked for the first time. She felt Jaina shift under her and the sudden jolt as Jaina’s mind obviously remembered the previous night’s activities.

Jaina looked down as Sylvanas looked up, Bright blue eyes meeting bright red ones. “Good morning” Sylvanas said, smirking at the mage as her face went bright red.

“We got drunk war chief.”

“Yes we did.

“We sang together.”

“Yes we did.”

“We ended up in your bed.”

“Yes we did.”

“Did, did you like it?”

“Yes I did."

“I liked it too."

“Yes you did."

“Where does this leave us?”

“Still in my bed without our clothes on apparently."

Jaina looked at the war chief, who was still laying on her, her head still on Jaina’s chest. Sylvanas didn’t look like she was in any rush to move and Jaina surprised herself by realising, she didn’t want her too. “What do we do now?” Sylvanas finally moved, but not out of bed. Rather she crawled up, so she was next to Jaina, able to look each other in the face a bit more comfortably. Jaina rolled on her side so they were facing one another and felt Sylvanas’s leg move over her own. “We have to be back in the hall in about two hours, to resume the negotiations. I suggest we have a bath and do something about our headaches and breathe”. Jaina leaned closer to Sylvanas. “Yes we should, but you only have one bath tub and it would take too long to have separate baths” she said, a smile on her face. “Are you suggesting that we should continue what we started last night Proudmoore” Sylvanas asked, her lips turning up into a grin.

After taking a potion to rehydrate themselves and sort out their headaches , they got into a warm steaming bath and both felt their limbs relax .Jaina was in front of Sylvanas , leaning back on the elf , Sylvanas head on her shoulder . “We might actually have to attend the meeting at some point “she said, giggling at Sylvanas’s snort. She felt the banshee queens arms around her grow a bit tighter. “I don’t want to leave this bath tub just yet, I’m finding the company rather pleasant”. She started to nibble Jaina’s shoulder and neck. “You’re terrible” Jaina said, making no effort to stop her. “Do you remember the little lion and Talanji? They left together. I wonder what they ended up doing?” Sylvanas said and Jaina started laughing. “ I hope she didn’t do what we did, she’d end up killing the poor boy”. Both of them burst out laughing. once they had calmed down , they got out of the bath and began it dry one another. “Guess we will find out soon enough”.