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The Storm That Won't Pass

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Behind the locked wooden window, you could hear strong gusts of wind. It was blowing so hard as if it was trying to break the glass. All of houses seemed to sway in its rhythm. Furthermore, it was raining so the clouds covered up all the stars and the moon. In Albus's room, there wasn't a thing to lighten up the darkness that surrounded him. He himself was resting against the bed, listening to the noise of falling drops. He was looking at one point ahead of himself like he thought someone might appear.

Beyond the rain, the house was gravely silent. This home was dead to him as anything dear to him. The night was embrancing him like mother's arms. It gave him a moment of consolation and peace. Because when the morninig comes, he'll remember everything he had lost. He was sitting there for another couple of minutes, then he got up and went to the window. Through the darkness of the night he could only see the outlines of trees and nearby houses. Their shadows seemed to marge into one. He couldn't stay here, not after what happend. Not after he left and took her with him. Even Aberforth doesn't want to see him anymore. He's disgusted with him. He knows, that it's all his flaut that she's dead. He's the only one to blame. Now he can't even apologise to her. He'll never hear her voice and brush her hair again. 

Looking out of the window, Albus started to think how long has he been here. Since he's gone. He started to realise how blind he was. So naive. How could he still think about him and feel longing. That's why he started to hate himself. His brother was right to leave him. He would do the exact same thing. Oh, how much he'd like to forget but at the same time he wants to remember. Because no matter how tragic were the consequences of this relatiomship, it was the best time in his life. When he went with Gellert to the river to watch the stars. Albus couldn't imagine a more beautiful moment. Then he felt happy. Then he seemed the only right way. Then he looked as if he was truly smiling. And he didn't have to say a word. It was in his eyes. The way they looked, made him aware of his feelings. Albus couldn't see the world beside that man and in that moment his eyes were shining brighter than stars. And even though that moment was beautiful, it passed.

Now all he has to do is forget the past. But how could he left him. Probably if he weren't so afraid, he would look for him. But he knows. He knows who killed her. And Albus has only a half of heart left. Definitly not enough to know the truth. They'll meet again for sure. But not as friends anymore. 

He prayed for this meeting to take place as late as possible so he could come to terms with the loss of his family. To be ready to see his face again. Maybe by then, everything will work out.

But he didn't know that it'll be too late then.