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ACT 6 ACT 3: Canceling the Download

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A teen-ified Roxy Lalonde stares into her bedroom mirror and promptly FLIPS THE FUCK OUT, because she's been de-aged.

Teal'c and Jonas enter Major Carter's house and find her and O'neill- also turned into teenagers, in the bathroom. O'neill looks up and remarks, "Well it's about time you two showed up!"

"They're Shaper Clones," Joey Claire states for the record. "Like what I did for Thor back on Alternia, and for my other self when she needed a new body."

"How are you holding up?" Jacob Carter asks of a drunken Roxy Lalonde.

"Oh! Just peachyyyy keeeen," Roxy slumps onto a bed. "Just... lamentin' the fax that I ain't ever gonna be wit' Alec again 'cause there's some othah meee that's gonna wake up some day and not have to worry about bein jail bait by just wantin' t' sleep wit'er own 'usban..."

"Yes, the cloning blues," Jacob laments. "You'd probably want to talk with Joey about that."

"Wich on'?" Roxy asks, frowning. "'Ere's Two'f 'em."

"Harley, Egeria's host."

Queen Egeria of the Tok'ra sits down across from a human Joey Harley from a parallel world, one where...

"I AM VENJIX!" the mechanical A.I.'s Voice cries out as flashes of his weaponry assault the world. "AND YOUR WORLD IS NOW MY WORLD!"

Insert a burst of rift energy as the Kyoretsu Zords burst forth from another dimension and crash into the Shower-themed Attack Bot.

With a roar, Joey Harley and her team combine the zords and destroy the Attack Bot with a devastating cross chop attack.

"Well, we should have realized Rose didn't get all of her powers from her Dad's side of the family." Your name is Jade Jackson, and you're honestly befuddled. "But... where the hell did Roxy's side of the family get powers from??"

"Well," Jake muses, "if I recall correctly, when I was working with her parents, they adopted her, so there's really no clear way of knowing for sure where her powers may have come from..."

"Wait, did you just say Roxy was adopted?" You ask. "By who?"

"Oh, that would be Jacques Lalonde and Samantha Freeman-" Jake said. "-who was the daughter of a friend of mine that I met after the Stargate was shipped over seas to the USA from Europe during one of the world wars."

"Ugggh. Seriously? Earth??" Your name is Vala Mal Doran, and you lay a withering gaze on the Ancient Language Translator you hired for the job. "The Gate Coordinates are seriously for Earth??"

"It's also where this 'Avalon' in the text is located," your translator says, adjusting his glasses that you swear are just untreated glass lenses and not actually corrective. "And Earth is where quite a many of the Ancient's technologies were developed."

"CAM!" Cassandra tosses him the sword.

And with a duck and a roll to avoid a death blow- Mitchel grabs the sword handle first and brings it around in a devastating blow to the backside of the Knight Hologram's left leg- through the knee.

The Hologram kneels, forcibly, and then Mitchel follows it up with a swing to the back of its neck.

And so Mitchel gives a nod and takes the slow route back to the sword's altar.

It slides back in, and--


The whole room is suddenly filled with golden, gleaming treasure, and-

Vala shrieks in shock and surprise.

...There's a cryo pod with a bloodied, battered woman inside, clinging to a sword.

"She's remarkably well preserved, compared to the other example we have of long term stasis from Atlantis," Carolyn Lam observes.

"Her pod was stored in whatever matter buffer was holding the treasure," Jude Harley explains as he prepares to activate the defrosting process. "A double precaution of stasis. She likely never experienced any significant amount of the passing time within the cryopod unlike the other timeline Weir."

Your name is Mordred, and your eyes snap open.

"Hunt!" You call out, into the endless void of the Ascended Plane, and find yourself drawn immediately into a ruined negotiation chamber, where Hunt stands atop a pile of broken marble tables. "They're alive!" You tell him. "After all these years- I can finally tell! They survived my Clarent's--!"

You stop as Hunt's eyes turn towards you, a cold glint in them, and he says, "Irrelevant."

"Irrelevant!? IRRELEVANT!?" You stomp your foot, temper flaring. "How is this irrelevant!? My one goal in life was to best them and become King! You promised me when I Ascended. If they survived, You would-"

"Yes, yes, I would let you descend and confront them," Hunt's cold eyes narrowed, freezing the whole air around you. "However... plans have changed. We are in the middle of too critical of a step in our plans to lose your presence in this plane."

Mordred fights against Tegiri atop the Astro Megaship, only to be knocked off as it scrapes its own back wings off to fly through a narrow space.

Hunt appears within the Dakara conference room.

Five Mofang ships combine together into a terribly powerful Mecha.

The Prometheus crashes into its laser gun, and takes it with it into hyperspace, and then explodes in the distance.

Dakara gets destroyed anyways.

Karkat shields his eyes as an explosion happens on the Delta Mega's screen- washing out everything until it fades away, revealing a massive rift in space time before them.

Joey and Callie stand in a forest, peering upwards at the Mofang Cruiser stuck within its upper branches.

"So, what're you Alternian folk doin' out this far in the desert anyhow?" Flo asks. "On vacation or somethin'?"

"Sort of." Joey explains, "We're trying to find the ship that we think caused all the magic powers and body transformations."

The tow truck parks in town, with a large volcano framing the horizon in the distance.

And you think it's out here in the desert?" Flo asks.

"Well, something was," Callie adds.

"Look, all I'm saying is. I help them out. They get out of our hair. Simple as that."

Douglas Sharper had a good feeling about this.

The hologram of Yeesha steps forwards. "Once again, the stream in the Cleft has begun to flow. It was dry for So Long. The water is flowing in from the desert."

Joey, Dammek, Callie, and Sharper link into a frozen cave.

"The Storm is coming, but I've been preparing. D'ni awaits everyone who goes there... Some will seek more there, and find more..."

Joey flies through Laki's Sky, and later Noloben's, dodging attacking Bahro left and right.

"But the water will flow where it wills. It seeks its own path, uncontrolled; except that it flows downward. Always downward. That is beyond its control."

Joey dances across warping space, climbing higher and higher as she makes her round about way to get down into the blocked off Keep.

"You can't imagine what you'll find."

The team stand at the top floor of the Great Shaft, peering down into its depths.

"You won't understand, all that you will learn, only now for myself has it become who I am. Only now have I realized my own purpose within this plan."

Esher takes a shot- shattering his necklace of control crystals.

Joey later stands above him and double taps to ensure that the bastard remains dead.

"I've learned things they never thought possible. I've lived in lands beyond their boundaries, and shattered the rules behind their laws."

Joey Claire and Gordon Freeman confront the A.I. core of the Borealis.


"I've become more than even I thought possible. But none of this for my own gain, No. There are much greater things than me."

Joey hands the Tablet to a Bahro, and they shatter it against a rock.

"The water flows downward, and there it pools and collects, and finally once again- It reaches the roots... And the tree begins to grow again."

Elwurd stares at a Pegasus Stargate in Minkata's desert as it dails out.

"I'm Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard," you introduce yourself.

"Colonel?" the dude asks.

"It's my rank, Military designation?" You say, and there's a glimmer in his eyes.

"Specialist Ronon Dex," says the newly dubbed Ronon Dex.

"Name and Rank?" You ask. He grunts. "Military?"

"Used to be." Ronon stares off for a moment...

"Look," you try again, "We didnt come here looking for trouble with you and the killing thing is unnecesssary-"

"And just why-" Ronon points his knife at you as he grabs at the MRE pack again. "Should I trust you?" He takes another bite of the granola bar.

"Because like Teyla said before, we're just looking for our friend," you say.

"DEFENSE!" Aiden Ford's team is surrounded by Wraith.

The firefight that ensues is fast and furious.

Ford winds up disarmed and held to a railing by a Wraith, as he struggles, a marine lets loose a grenade, and BLAM!

Ford and the Wraith go tumbling over the railing into the Atlantis ocean below.

"Atlantis?" A panicked voice starts in response, "This is Doctor Novak. You're going to need some guards in the infirmary before we beam your man down."

"We already do," Beckett answers. "Beam away."

There's a pause, and then a new dot appears on the screen in the infirmary's location.

"Good Lord!" Beckett exclaims. "Let's get this thing off of him!"

Your name is Carson Beckett, and you and Doctor Fraiser share concerned looks before you turn to Major Sheppard.

"We gave him a mild sedative to help him rest, but..." You trail off.

"He should be dead," Fraiser says. "We still have no idea how it works, but during the Wraith feeding process, it seems like the victim is injected with a special enzyme. It seems to strengthen the human body in ways similar to a Goa'uld Symbiote, making sure the heart and other critical systems continue to function during the feeding process."

"Yeah, I think I saw him," Ronan says. "Sort of creepy fella. Black eye? Sort of stares into your soul?"

Your name is Mikari Aiikho, there’s another knock at your office door, and you turn and look and- Oh. God. It’s Ford. And his left eye is just... pitch black.

“Lieutenant,” you greet. “Doctor Beckett released you?”

“Why wouldn’t he?” Ford asks. “I’m fine.”

Something is wrong.

“Lieutenant,” you start. “I really think you’re not as well as you could be if you can’t remember someone you should know.”

“I’m telling you, I’m fine, Doctor Weir,” Ford insists. “Just clear me for duty again.”

Ford easily yanked his arm free of the handcuffs, and the chain snapped like it was tissue paper.

“Woah now!” A guard raised his hands as Ford got up from his bed and approached the door. “Easy, Ford!”

Ford stared at the man for a moment, and reached out for the cell door.

The force shield flared.

“Come on, man, just, go back to bed, would you?”

Ford stared forwards for a moment... and then he blinked his eyes and the man was gone and the cell door was open.

He stepped through the opening.

Another blink, and he was back in the same reality he always was.

“-CURITY BREACH! I REPE-AAAACHK!” The guard could only choke as Ford’s hands found their way around his neck.

"FORD!" Sheppard yells as the man approaches the teleporter. "STOP!"

Aiden Ford turns around, glaring at Sheppard.

"You can't stop me. Not here. Not anywhere." He smirks. "Every world, you shoot me with that stunner- no matter how big it is- and I tank it like a pro."

"So you've got some Mystic Eyes of Multi-world Perception, huh?" Sheppard frowns.

"You guys don't see the bigger picture," Ford says, tapping up at the left side of his skull. "I. Can. I can see it all. Right as it's unfolding right infront of us this very second. Thousands of worlds. Hundreds of years of drift between them all at once. So. Many. Worlds. Where no matter what happens, it's always you and me right here at this teleporter. It always happens and it won't stop from happening. Ever!"

A Nuclear bomb explodes over Atlantis, concealing their presence to the Wraith.

The troll possessed by the spirit of Damara Megido, the former Handmaid for Lord English, tosses Stelsa into a wall.

The Witch of Time, the former Handmaid to Lord English, Damara Megido, opened her eyes and found herself on a vastly different plane of existence, separated from the body she had been inhabiting mere moments before.

She frowned at the man standing across from her, and demanded to know how he had pulled her out of her body as she contemplated its state of rapid onset decay, and for what reason.

"You are in the Ascended Plane," Hunt put his hands out into the air to gesture around. "As for what I want? I have... Need. Of your unique talents."

Artoria and Mordred clash blades with the spirit of Damara Megido, who possesses Artoria, and takes Mordreds sword.

Later, Hunt is completely caught off guard as the possessed Artoria backstabs him and turns him back to being mortal.

Not too much later still- The Mofang Mecha and the Astro-Delta colide in a fierce battle in an unknown planet's frozen rings of dust and debris, resulting in the Astro-Delta destroying it with an Excaliber fueled sword strike.

"To the Tau'ri, and to the Jaffa hunting me," Ba'al says, "you have chosen not to heed my warnings to either of you, and so forced my hand."

"Sorry to disappoint," John says, "But I still don't have a name beyond the fact that you're not the snake that got loose when we captured Kinsey. So. I suppose I have to ask how many of you infiltrated the Daedalus crew?"

"Just the one," 'Caldwell' answers in what's probably a lie. "Me. Ba'al."


And then appearing with a burst of light across from them on the other side of the table is Lindsay Novak.

"Your Identification code was used to hack into this City's Operating System. Boldir confirms it. You brought the Trust- brought Ba'al the data and they rewrote the ZPM Failsafes to overload. You then reuploaded it into Atlantis' computers." Mikari reaffirms.

"This- This is ridiculous!" Novak hiccups. "You think I'm working for th-The Trust!?"

"We know you're working for the Trust," John draws his handgun and clicks off the safety, yet to raise it. "Now Give Us The Code."

Novak looks at them for a moment, and then her eyes flash.


A cabal of Ba'al clones work around eachother in an office environment.

Mckay raises a tablet computer. "I just got a data dump from the computer interface Doctor Kae put on the Dart."

"What did we get?" Mikari asks.

"If Ford documented his data properly like he seems to have?" Mckay smiles, "Well, I think we just got a solid listing of at least fifteen different Dimension's worth of Wraith Hiveship Fleet Movements."

Your name is Aiden Ford, and you stalk through the forests of some random ass planet, heading from the Gate to the nearby village.

There's nuance, and history, and backstory, to every single encounter and you're so fucking TIRED of people assuming that all of human history isn't just some story and that it'll never repeat itself.

You stumble in. You put on the mask, you say the lines.

During the chaos of the Wraith blasting everything, you duck behind a tree and flicker your form again. Thus disguised, then you sneak aboard the Wraith Cruiser through the Darts, and you fight your way to find a torture lab.

You return to your normal self, and burst in through the door. The Scientists inside never knew what hit them, and then, you find the targer you seek.

You peer into his soul to confirm it.

Yes. This is him.

You draw your weapon, and threaten the intruders, "Who are you, and what do you want?"

"Names Elwurd," the girl with blue dyed hair and a sand stained leather jacket stands up. "This is Marvus-" A tall, muscly fellow in stage show clothes that have definitely seen better days just waves from where he's lounging. "-And the rest of my crew. We heard through the grape vine that you were the guy to see about acquiring some Spaceships, Aiden Ford."

"So," your name is Mikari Aiikho, and you look over Doctor Beckett's report. "Do you think this plan of Becketts could work?"

"The Wraith are a strange hybridization of the Irratus Bug and Humans," Gina Kae says, "A Retro Virus could conceivably strip out the bug DNA and leave only Human DNA behind."

"Your Name is MICHAEL KENMORE, and you were kidnapped by the WRAITH and experimented upon," the strange alien woman says. "A man by the name of AIDEN FORD rescued you, and sent you to us on a Transport Vessel. Right now, you're in a private room off the Infirmary here in ATLANTIS."

"These Atlantians... to think I'd trust them with my life." the recorded man chuckles again. "If I am to live, to get my revenge on those who have wronged me... know this, I die today, but I will be reborn. And if I am watching this..."

His lone eye narrows.

"Know this, Michael Kenmore. There are worse enemies to be had." He coughs. "Watch what follows at your own peril."

Your eyes flutter open, and you realize once again...

You know who you are.



That is a truth etched firmly into your soul- your very essence of being- for a VAST number of selves.

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you grin as you plaster a star chart onto a screen in the briefing room with a click of a mouse button.

"Alright, is everyone here now?" You ask, even as Ronon and Mikari enter the room. "Okay! Cool! AR-1, AR-2! Our mission today is this!" You point at the starmap. "We're going to catch ourselves the Aurora."

"Don't you mean 'An Aurora'?" Teyla asks.

"Nope," Morgan Carter says, standing. "She means THE Aurora. It's an Ancient Battleship."

"Battleship?" John sits to attention. "Okay. You've got my interest."

"Zelenka reports the repairs to the Aurora are stalling without some proper reference material to functioning parts," your name is ARGO LALONDE, and you're doing your job as Secretary, briefing Mikari Aiikho on the day's business as you both head to your shared office space. "'Blueprints are only getting us so far when they only call for specific generators and parts without detailing those generators and parts', his words."

"We've found a sister ship to the Aurora," John informs Caldwell. "Called the-" Mckay and Jade both look at you expectantly. "-ARGO." Jade smiles brightly and Mckay groans. John smiles back at Jade.

The volcano erupts- and the ARGO sails itself across the exploding magma under the expert control of Jade Jackson.

"Zelenka, what's wrong?" Mikari signaled for him to enter the room, and he did.

"The long range sensors just picked up another Hiveship intercepting the first, and destroying it," he reported. "Now IT is heading towards Atlantis. At a much faster rate than the first." Mikari doesn't even need to ask, Zelenka confirms her fears: "It will be here in just shy of three weeks."