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Ring Of Fire

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Soft turquoise eyes gazed over the television in the small bar in the far corners of town... The UA Sports Tournement, 1A to be exact.

"Get me another" her feminine voice purred with a soft smile, and watched the second to final match she deemed interesting... Shoto Todoroki versus some kid - Midoriya Izuku. She could tell how this could play out. Blast them with a pool of ice, one and done. It was hard to tell if sadism ran deep enough in the family to hit that note in Shoto or not.

But then - the kid beat back the ice shards. Pretty damn good, he began running about - did he notice the kid's downside to refusing his fire?

And then... The kid began speaking - and it was marvellous.

Soft orange flames sparked alongside the young Todoroki's side. It was weak - far weaker than his fathers and lightyears below hers, but...

It was his flame.

The rest of the match was something you'd expect from Wyvern Cube X, honestly! The two launched at eachother, breaking three or five walls of pure concrete and the Midoriya kid... He was out for the count.

She had a strong sip from the shot-glass, and only then noticed her fire was flickering...


Who was that kid?





At the break of dawn, one morning - the pro-Stain community took a big hit.

Stain was arrested by Endeavor of all people... But, an interesting video did surface in response to such.

She gave a huff, and adjusted her leather jacket as she replayed the video for the third odd time.

There was that kid again. Bright as day - messy green hair, emerald eyes... And, Stain was preaching him.

She rubbed her hand through her charcoal-black hair, giving a confused groan as she tried to figure out who the hell this kid is... He wasn't from wealth, that much was obvious. He didn't have any fame to his name, his quirk seemed mediocre alongside some parkour.

Who was this kid - and how did he fix a mentally abused child with a few words, and gain approval from a man named 'Hero Killer Stain'?!

She gave a huff, and put her phone away in her back pocket...

The League of Villains were having something to do with Stain's followers, eh? ...Could be worth checking out. If it didn't seem good, burn and pillage their base and leave ID to the dental records.

Seems like a plan.




'Dabi' gave a tired sigh as she rested her hand against the tree.

If this were a normal case of 'burn it all!', she'd most likely have a smile on her face...

She stared at her left hand resting against the large oak and gave a groan.

What if that kid gets hurt in the fire? She had to ask him dozens of things - how the fuck do you get Shit-garaki to spare you?! This kid has some major luck - like he's in some trashy harem-quest game or an anime and he's the protaganist who had life at its worst, but ended up prevailing.

How the hell do you have that much luck for a fifteen-year old brat?

...She gave a sigh, and blue flames coated her arm.


Nothing like a good forest fire to help her forget her problems...

She moved her arm away from the tree, and softly rubbed her arm.

Was that kid really that prominent in her mind...?

Izuku... Slayer of fears and woes, praised as a god by god killers... A man so strong and charismatic, demons spare him knowing they just can't win.

The blue flames rapidly spreading across the woods almost hid her blush.


Shit, she best get goin'... She has some kids to roast and a teacher to fuck with.




All the request was, was to fetch the Bakugou kid.

Shigaraki wanted that much, but... What took Dabi by suprise was when that Midoriya kid - arms completely shattered, exhausted and worn, pulled the Bakugou fucker out, and ended up leaping in instead.

It's almost an honor, seeing the kid look around the bar as if carefully planning a strategy while using the anxious villains to try and figure out his nex-

Tomura attempted to leap at the kid, and 'Dabi' stood in the way with a scowl on her face.

Shock - yeah, that's why her heart was going a mile a minute and didn't seem interested to stop.

"Easy, Shig. You just gonna kill the brat?" She let loose... What was remaining of the Vangaurd Action Team knew this kid was responsible for Moonfish, Muscular and Mustard's arrests - she could just hope the rest of her squad were thinking of Stain's legacy than the League's goals.

"Out of the way - he got in the way of our mission!"

"So... He should face the consequences? ...How about I give him some slower consequences, and you think over how to salvage this kidnapping and three members of your squad being arrested!"

He was scratching his neck - thinking. Good, she preferred this crusty-lipped fucker when he was actually using what little brain cells he had.

"Make sure he's broken, not killed... He may be of some use to us." Tomura gave his disgusting toothy grin, and she forced Midoriya into a back room where nobody can hear them... Oh god, of course he was the type that cried.


But... He looked good on it. Good build that actually deceived his rather chubby freckled face. Large green eyes she felt wierdly tempted to stare into with a smile... And a choked mess of green hair.

"Please... Y-you don't have to... I have friends I need to return to... Mom's gonna be worried sick- I haven't even had my first kiss yet!" The kid pouted loudly, and she sighed.

"Kid, you're the one Stain was speaking high-and-mighty of, right?"

He sniffed a bit, and took the moment of silence to absorb her form.

"Y-yeah... Why?"

"Guess who the Vangaurd Action Team is heavily praised by?"

"Stai-... But, you're a part of the-"

"With that bitch running the place? I'm only here for the squad, not for hands-job!" She hadn't let a good chuckle loose in a while... And then looked around the room.

"But... I spared you for a big reason - and I want you to answer it clearly, or I'll become a woman of my word... Back at the Sports Tournement only a good... Three weeks ago? You faced a kid - Shoto. I know he despises using his fire, no thanks to Enji. So, what gives?"

"H-huh...? How did you?"

"Know that all it took was a woman on edge and a boiling kettle to make him hate anything to do with Endeavor? The whole "Quirk marriage" mess? Or maybe the years of just about physical abuse from training? It's a mess, right?"

Midoriya took a moment to figure it out... And, to her suprise, he was dead-on.

"Touya? I've heard Todoroki-kun mention you one or two times, but... What happened?"

"The old man ignored my pleas, knowing my skin couldn't handle the intensity of my flames. Burned myself nastily, had to take me to a nurse and explained it was me trying too hard to be like him by pushing my flames. Staples and stiches are what hold me together now. Hideous, right? I bet you wanna throw up just looking at m-"

"Not really. You look kinda cool, actually..."


Touya softly let her blue flames embrace her body - it hurt, yeah... But, it felt right to let him see her flames... And, Midoriya responded by softly taking her hand and encasing it inside his own...

"And... And cute..."

"Heh... Cute. For a kid, you know how to satisfy a ga-"

The echoes of "I AM HERE!" rang throughout the villain hide-out... Izuku took her other hand.

"Come with me. We can leave together - you can get help, go against Endeavor...! You don't have to stay with the villains - just leave with me, and you'll be safe."

Her turqoise eyes gleamed... Her gang, or Midoriya...?

No... She was done running from that bastard.

"You're taking responsibility, though!"

Izuku leaned into Dabi's face, and pressed his lips against hers with a smile.

"No problem. Let's ditch this joint before All Might gets worried!"

She didn't bother hiding her blush as she looked around the empty room, giggling softly.

Izuku lead her outside of the room, and gave a smile towards All Might himself as he introduced her.


Yeah, she was happy with her choice.