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In days long past, and close present, we were called.


The world was not as you think it was, empty and easily tamed by human hands. It was a world of darkness, where the innocent and the insidious intermingled, where humans were just prey animals for the wind and the trees, and the beast that lurk in the night. The world was cruel and we were powerless. Chaos and ignorance reigned and life was never certain.

In the days long past, and close present, we slept.


In our dreams the Dragons called to us, from the caves and spires of their home, bidding us to join them, to become their heirs. They sang of power in the bones of earth and the winds above, sang of protection and growth for those who heeded them, and of riches beyond our imagining.

And so we came, one by one or by the hundreds we came, walking, riding and sailing until at last we came to the shores of the promised land, The dragons isle, Atlantis!


There we followed the dragons calls to the caves, where as a parting gift they gave us knowledge eternal. We could see the heft and weave of the world and bend it to our whims. We could bring other dreamers to ourselves, and share the knowledge, protect those unable to do so themselves and traverse the worlds unseen.

In the days long past and close present we Awoke to the world.


Then The dragons left, leaving us their kingdom.

In the days long past and close present we hoped.

We thought this would be the turning point, the place where the world righted itself. A place of harmony, learning, and protection for those lacking such things. We thought we could change the world with the dragons gift.

We were fools.


In the days long past and close present....