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Daughter of a Hero

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Two Days Later, April Sixteenth; Seven Forty-Five in the Morning...
"You sure you're ready?" Shōta called out from the kitchen, watching the fourteen year-old getting her shoes on.

"Got all my homework assignments, brush my hair and teeth, fed Jade, ate breakfast and took some vitamins. I'm positive that I'm ready, Dad." Sierra answered, waiting for her father to finish and get ready to head out with her.

"That's not what I meant, Honey." He replied, finishing on making the vanilla vitamin shakes for Sierra and himself and pouring it into two canteens. Once that was accomplished, he made his way to his daughter and got his boots on, handing both of the two metal-bottled canteens to his child to hold.

Jade, finished with her meal a few minutes ago, can running for the two and meowed at them.

"Don't leave! Stay! If not, bring me more food!"

Aizawa glared down at his cat, having to go through the same procedure every morning whenever he has to go out and leave the house.

"You know the usual, Cat. Stay at home and be lazy, or go through the window and do whatever you want to do outside. Just be sure to be here, when we get back."

Sierra kneeled to the black-cat and stroked her head.

"We'll be back later, Jade." She told the cat, smiling when the cat leaned up and nuzzled her head. "If you go out, remember to stay near the routes to not wonder far from the house."

Seeing the two aren't going to listen to her, Jade gave them a final meow and went running to Shōta's bedroom, where the window is left open for her to come and go as she pleases.

Shōta glared at the feline, sighing heavily.

"Never bothers to listens," he groaned.

"She does listens. She just thinks she knows better, and wants us to pay attention to her." Sierra replied, handing one of the canteens back to her dad when he got his boots on and the two started heading out of the house.

Once outside, she sat her backdown down and turned into her Philippine Eagle form. Just as she made a grab for the top strap of her bag, her father's voice made her stop flapping her wings.

"What are you doing?" He asked, raising an eyebrow in question at what she's doing.

She cocked her head to the side.

"...I'm flying to school?" She answered, not sure what the problem was. "I always fly to school. Why?"

Her dad let out another sigh, then got down on one knee to be close to eye-level with her as possible.

"Honey, we talked about this." He said, laying a hand on her head. "You're going to be taking the train with me. Remember?"

Her slit eyes widened, recalling on the conversation the two had yesterday on what their schedule is going to be when heading for school. Immediately, she morphed back to her human-self and pulled her backpack on her back.

"Sorry, Dad." She said, slightly blushing that she forgotten what they'd discussed when she's been doing something since she was in third grade, which became second nature for her to do.

The thirty-one year-old just patted her on the head.

"It's fine," he said. "You've been doing this for so long, so I won't hold it against you. -He locked the door and, after putting the key back in it's hiding spot, the two started their destination for the train station.- It's going to take some time for you to start getting the hang of this new change, so don't get discourage if you forget the first few times. Consider this a different form of training session, to help you start socializing with other people and getting used to their presence; it can probably help you with enduring hostile environment much better, should you be unable to leave the area. Okay?"

She nodded her head, accepting the new change and reason on getting to school everyday.

'It won't be a long ride from getting to school and back, and there aren't much people riding the train this early. So, I guess it's okay to try something different. At least I'll be allowed to fly into town.'

"You're also going to be taking the train whenever you go into town, too. You'll only be allowed to use your Quirk, when you're in school or have to turn when you're in a dangerous situation."

She groaned at the added information her dad told her, taking away any hope on giving her the chance to morph into animals.

'Should've known it was too good to be true.'

"I know how antisocial you are. Believe me, I'm the same thing." He told her, wrapping an arm over her shoulder and pulling her against him, giving her a side-hug. "It's going to be very hard and uncomfortable for you, but you need to try and interact with other people; your siblings told me how little to none interaction you have with others, and only hang out with just Midoriya. They even told me the time you would go off and talk to the animals, becoming one and socializing with them than your own siblings and/or the few times seeing your ungrateful relatives."

"Like how you barely interact with your friends, outside of work and not as heroes?" She countered, giving him a smirk when he looked off to the side.

"I need to do the same, despite my distaste on wasting my time with immature adults who act like teenage drama queens." He admitted, glancing back at the fourteen year-old. "However, you can't allow yourself to cut yourself from everybody else. Remember what you tell me? It's important to form bonds with your fellow classmates."

"You, also, told us that we're not here to make friends, but to be serious on taking the Hero Course. Otherwise, to leave."

Aizawa glared down at his daughter.

'Little smart aleck, turning my own words against me... Should've expected this to happen.' "The point I'm making here, is you need to try and live a little... Be human, you know?"

Sierra let out a tiring sigh, looking off to the side.

"...It's kinda hard to be human... When I'm an animal, only surviving by pretending to be human."

Her voice was low, but Aizawa heard what she said. He didn't say anything to continue the conversation, but he did leaned in and laid a soft kiss on top of her head.

'...No matter how long it takes, we'll help you feel like a human being, again... Whatever it takes, you won't be surviving... You'll get the chance to finally live.'

Twenty Minutes Later, at U.A...
Seeing the building after five days being unconscious from the League of Villains attack and two days living a new life with her father... It felt like the first day when she first set foot on campus.

'Barely a week ago, I started attending U.A. And now, it felt like so much time had passed and I missed so much.'

"Come on, let's get going." Shōta told the girl, being the first to walk past the gate.

Taking in a few seconds to stare at the large H-shaped building, Sierra caught up to her father.

"It's nice to finally be able to go to school, without the media blocking our way and harassing us to talk about All Might." She replied, smiling and breathing in the cool wind that blew against her face.

"After giving many statements and complaints from many of the students of harassment, the school was given a restraining order to all media and reporters from being within five hundred feet of the school's campus and every students that comes to U.A."

Sierra wasn't sure how to feel about that.

"Some will ignore the restraining order, and still try to bother us about All Might." She replied, entering the building and two started walking up the first set of staircases.

"None would be stupid enough to risk getting fired and facing serious jail time, when the school is under the protection of Strictly Legal's restraining order."

Sierra lightly gasped at the mentioning of the Judge Hero.

"His seal of approval is supposed to be legendary. Once someone is marked by his seal, they activate like a security system if that person commits a crime they're bound to not break and inform law enforcements of their exact location. They can also Conjure up handcuffs, even temporary Anti-Quirk collars, until they're brought to the police station. Nobody has ever been marked by his seal and get away, without punishment."

Shōta looked very pleased at her knowledge on the Judge Hero.

"Even he was appalled on what they were doing, when he learned of the distress they caused to the students and Pro Heroes of U.A. He was more than happy to give immediate use of restraining order to all media and news reporters, along with ordering their jobs to pay off the fee to have us get the security system fixed."

She felt more relieved and confident, now that the media won't be bothering her or the rest of the students, anymore.

"That's good to hear," she sighed.

Two minutes later, Sierra found the both of them standing in front of the door to, not Class 1-A, but to Recovery Girl's office. She wasn't expecting this.

"Recovery Girl wants to do a quick check up, to see how you're doing, before class starts." He explained, raising a hand and knocking on the door.

"Come in." A voice replied to the knock and the two Aizawas entered the Nurse's office. Chiyo beamed a big smile when she saw the two people she was expecting to see this early. "Good morning, you two. You're just on time." She greeted, pulling out a clipboard. "Come sit on the bed here, Dearie."

Sierra did as she was told, putting down her backpack behind her, while Aizawa sat in one of the chairs against the wall, observing what was going to take place.

"How you've been doing, Sweetie? Nothing too stressful or straining?" Recovery Girl asked, pulling out her otoscope pen and started looking into her eyes.

"I've been doing well." Sierra answered, turned her head when Chiyo finished her eyes and went to look into her ears. "Present Mic-sensei and Midnight-sensei spent the day with us on Saturday... They dragged us all over the mall."

Chiyo chuckled at the news, pulling her otoscope pen away and pulled out a wooden stick to have the girl stick her tongue out and look at the inside of her mouth.

"Knowing those two, they must had driven you two crazy and all over the place." She replied, smirking at the annoyed look on Eraser Head's face before pulling the stick away and pulled out her blood pressure pump.

"Makes me not want to be in a mall the next following year." Sierra replied, holding her left-arm out for Recovery Girl to wrap the pump around to take her blood pressure.

The check up procedure went on for five minutes, with father and daughter answering to whatever Chiyo would ask or talk about to engage in some form of conversation. Going from knee reflex, to hearing test, vision chart and prodding against the skin to feel for any discomfort or pain.

It all ended with the healer listening to her breathing, checking at the condition of her burns and scars in the process, before she told her to put on the hospital gown and stand on the scale. Sierra always hated scales, always irritated that she would come underweight and hear the doctors either scold her or even blame her own siblings and/or godmother for not feeding her right.

However, Recovery Girl isn't like the rest of the doctors she would go to and, wanting to get this over with, she went behind the curtains to change clothes and quickly came out in the thin material Chiyo left out for her to wear. The moment she was on the scale, she closed her eyes, sending a prayer that the numbers hadn't dropped and had rised, even if it were a little.

A few seconds later, the screen popped up a number.

Neither Shōta or Sierra said a word, as they left Recovery Girl's office and head on to Class 1-A.

Sierra bowed her head, ashamed on what went on in the nurse's office.

'...82.4... I barely reached five ounces... I couldn't gain a single pound in two days...!'

She's very frustrated of the outcome on her able to keep small meals down, without getting overwhelmed and/or throwing up, showed very poor results on her trying to put on some weight. It made her feel discouraged on her effort to get at a healthy weight.

'Of course, I have a high metabolism; Izu and I both had high metabolism since we were five and six, thanks to all the healthy eating from Aunt Amai and exercises from Rai-sama's training we went through... Why do I always have to end up being punished, when somebody else is the true cause for my health to decline in the first place?'


She stopped in her tracks and looked up at her dad, finding themselves standing in front of her classroom... Where she hadn't been in for nearly an entire week. Voices can be heard from behind the door.

One of those voices belonged to her god-brother, Izuku Midoriya.

A hand laid on top of her head, bringing her to look up at her father.

"I need to head to the Teachers Lounge for a bit," he told her. "I'll be back when class is about to begin. Alright?"

She nodded her head, turning to stare at the door before her... Her heart hammered against her chest, as her legs felt nailed to the floor beneath her.

Shōta sighed... Then, pulled her against him, wrapping her in a hug.

Sierra gasped lightly, frozen within her father's hold for a moment, before she returned the embrace.

"I know it's frustrating, but it's not something to get discouraged over." He said, laying a light kiss on top of her head. "Give it some time. You'll more likely see a better result, when more time passes by. Remember, we heroes don't become Pros on the first day."

Strong arms tightened their holds on the girl for a few seconds, then the two pulled away from each other and Aizawa started making his way to the Teachers Lounge, leaving his daughter behind to stand before the front of her classroom.

'...He's right...' She thought, letting out a deep sigh to exhale the distress she feels in her stomach. 'Acting like I'm about to cry over spilled milk, won't do me any good or help me to keep working on getting myself to strengthen my body. All I can do right now, is do the best I can to gain some weight and catch up to the rest of my class on Hero Course.'

She extended a hand to the door and slid it open... She sees some of her classmates had already taken their seats, some talking amongst each other about their weekend or some sort of conversation to socialize with each other.

When they heard the door open, all eyes were directly on her. She immediately lowered her head, turning to the right for some of her hair to cover part of her face. She can hear some of them openly gasp at her presence. It made her feel uncomfortable.

'It's okay,' she told herself. 'They're just surprised to see you back. Nothing to worry about. Just head to your desk, and mind your own business.'


Sierra looked up and her eyes zeroed in on to the person who called out to her, barely having time to prepare herself when the person came to her and wrapped her in hug... With or without the slight sniffling against her ear, she knew it was her god-brother.

The fear went away and immediately, she returned the embrace, ignoring the slight weight pressing against her back.

"Hey, Izu." She greeted, patting him on the back to comfort the happy, worried fifteen year-old. "Still unable to control the waterworks, I see."

Izuku lightly chuckled, nuzzling his head against her's.

"Can't help it," he replied. "I finally get to see my sister, after being unconscious for five days. Of course, I'm not going to hold back to show how worried I was for you!"

She lightly kissed him on his right-cheek, letting out an imitation of a cat's purring.

"I'm all right, big brother. I promise."

He nodded his head, accepting what she's telling him is being the complete truth.

Then, without warning, another person came and joined in on the hug, too.

"You're finally back!" It was Mina who came and embraced the younger-girl, beaming up happily. "We thought you were never going to wake up!"

Sierra jumped by the mauve-colored girl embracing her, stunned by her words of concern for her.

"You were all worried?" She asked, awkwardly patting Mina on the back. "Didn't Recovery Girl informed you that I was okay?"

"She did, but she wouldn't give us the full details of the condition your injuries were." Asui answered, coming over with Hagakure, who joined Mina into the group hug by hugging in-between Izuku and the mauve-colored girl. "She only allowed Midoriya to see you, but wouldn't tell him anything about your condition. Kero."

Sierra lowered her head.

"Sorry, for making you all worry." She apologized.

From behind them, Bakugō let out a growl and kicked his chair off its legs, smoke coming off his hands.

"Quit with the apology." He growled, stocking over to the group and glaring down at the fourteen year-old girl. "Nobody wants to hear it; you're back, and now they can stop acting like sniveling wusses and move on with their pathetic lives. Shitty nerd Deku wouldn't stop with his fucking muttering, while worrying his ass on why you wouldn't wake up."

Sierra, Izuku and the other students stared up at the older-boy, most glaring angrily at his inability to be nice or to properly welcome her back after recovering from the attack on U.S.J. However, she and Izuku felt like he was trying to tell her how relieved he is to see her... While, also, being a jerk.

She smirked at him.

"Glad to know you care, Kacchan." She said, surprising the three girls and earning scowl by the older-boy.

He scoffed and turn his back to them, heading back to his desk, growling "Stupid Half-Blood" in the process. She rolled her eyes.

"Happy to see you, too, Short Fuse." She replied, earning a few sparks to jump off of Katsuki's hands.

Izuku laughed nervously at the conversation between the two, while the girls couldn't help but be amazed at her bravery to challenge the angry, exploding teen like that.

Wanting to change the subject and get the chance to talk to her before class started, Mina pulled Sierra over to sit in Kirishima's seat.

"So, now that you're here, spill." She said, sitting in her own chair, as the others sat in other seats next to them. "Tell us what it was like, being a dragon and all."

Sierra blushed at the topic the older-girl wanted to talk about... And, she smiled shyly at the teens sitting around her.

'I may not know them that well, along with the rest of the other classmates... But, them wanting to know how I was doing and worrying for me... I can see myself becoming friends with them.' "It's like... Meeting an old friend."

A Few Hours Later, Lunch Period...
Class 1-A resumed as it normally would as any other school day. Only this time, they were completely whole, now that the youngest student of the group is back and attending lessons with them.

Whether they learn that she's now their homeroom teacher's daughter or not, Sierra decided to refer to her father as 'Aizawa-sensei', while school is in session. She also decided, despite earning Nezu's approval and request to call her teachers as her aunts and uncles, to call them as their given them as her teachers.

She needs time to get to know them and better understand their Quirks, before she could even find herself worthy to even call them family. She also wish to avoid distracting them if she were to use a title they're not used to, along with not wanting to get odd glances if she were to use their new title during class time. Plus, she knew a few of the teachers would be very uncomfortable and don't want to cause any distress or gap between them.

Many of her teachers were taken back when she handed in all of the assignments she completed at home. They never were expecting her to finish them so quickly in just a few days, let alone make her feel like she has to do them immediately after she woken up from being unconscious. Even when telling her that all that she missed were excused, the fourteen year-old made it clear that she wanted to do this; in order to learn, she must complete all assignments that she needs to know, which will help her in the future.

Around the time the lunch bell rang for lunch, Izuku, Ochako, Iida and Sierra were heading for lunch, with Sierra carrying her lunchbox and canteen. While heading for the cafeteria, Iida decided to ask Ochako about her behavior after talking about the U.A. Sports Festival taking place two weeks from today.

None of the three could've guessed the answer she told them.

"The reason why you want to be a hero, is for the money?" Both Izuku and Iida asked at the same time, making Uraraka blush and rapidly rub the back of her head.

"Yeah. Surprised, huh?" She said, very nervous of the three taken back by what she just told them. "I know it sounds very greedy..."

Sierra, not sure how to respond to Ochako's reason on becoming a hero, immediately jumped into the conversation.

"No, it doesn't." She said. "I mean, many reasons to why heroes want to become pros, is mostly involved with money and get rich. However, you sound as if you have a larger reason to why you want to have money, and need it for something very important. Isn't that right?"

A little taken back by the younger-girl making the discovery that quickly, Ochako nodded her head.

"It is," she answered. "You see, both my parents own a construction business. But lately, business hasn't been going well."

"That's right. Construction businesses require a lot of expensive equipments." Izuku recited, seeing the problem their friend is having. "And because of property damages escalating twelve percent more than usual, it's making it harder for contractors to keep ordering more shipments for more inventory for repairs."

"Which means, when she becomes a hero, she could help her parents get connections with other construction company and help them bring in more profit when they find the perfect business partner to expand their company." Iida deducted, finding the idea to being very ingenious... Also, feeling it to being connected to his own family company.

"And if she gets licensed, she'll be able to use her Quirk to bring down cost a lot and sell their heavy lifting equipments." Sierra added in, finding the idea very well planned.

"I know! Right?!" Ochako cried, excited that her friends are seeing what she's trying to do. "That's what I've been trying to tell my dad that since I was a kid! -A gloomy, disappointed look appeared on her face.- But... When I told them that I wanted to work for them when I get older, they told me to focus on my own dreams and to not put them over my wants."

Sierra can relate the issue Ochako is having... She told her own mom the exact same thing on what she was going to do, when she was three years old.

'I told her, when Izuku and I become heroes like Dad and All Might, we'll be able to take care of her, my siblings and Aunt Amai, and give her the happy life she deserved to have... Too bad he had to enter our lives and took her away from me, before he was sent to Tartarus...'

"I am going to become a Pro Hero." Uraraka promised, giving her three friends a very determined look. "I'll sign with a great Agency and make plenty of money, so that I can give my parents an easy life."

The three students could only stare their friend... Then, Iida started clapping, applauding to her speech.

"So beautiful! So noble!" He cried, a single tear gliding down his cheek. "Bravo! BRAVO! BRRRAVOOOO!"

Ochako smiled at Iida's encouraging cheer to her dreams, even laughing when Sierra joined in the clapping.

"At the rate you're going, there's no doubt that you'll become a great Pro Hero." The fourteen year-old replied, beaming up at the older-girl. "You keep up the good work, Ochako-chan! And let nobody tell you, otherwise!"

Then, Izuku joined in with the others, smiling brightly at Ochako.

"Give it your all, Uraraka-chan. Plus Ultra!" He cried, raising a fist in the air.

Seeing the blush appear on Ochako's face, along with her repeating what her god-brother just did, Sierra smirked at the two.

'You definitely picked the right person to be your friend, Izu... And, in due time, a possible life-mate.'

A large, bellowing laugh echoed out within the hallway, stopping the three from cheering on Ochako and looking over to where the laughter was coming from.


Coming from the path that leads to the Teacher's Lounge, dressed in a black-suit... All Might appeared, pointing a finger at the stunned green-haired boy and his friends.

All were a bit taken back by his choice on making his appearance, with the youngest of the group being annoyed by his loud intro and irritating her ears.

"All Might? What are you doing here?" Izuku asked, not having the slightest idea on what his predecessor wanted.

"Lunch!" All Might answered, pulling out a wrapping, holding up a lunch box in his right-hand. "Wanna eat with me?"

To his question, Ochako couldn't hold back the feeling of pure joy bursting from her chest.

"That's SO adorable!" She cried, finding the moment to being a father wanting to spend time with his child.

Sierra glared at Toshinori.

'He wants to talk to him about something. This isn't a social call, if he just wanted to chat and have lunch with Izu.'

She, Iida and Izuku turned to one another.

"What do you say?" All Might asked, waiting patiently for an answer from his successor.

Sierra lightly sighed, then nodded her head to her god-brother.

'If it's something important that they need to talk about, it's best that he do so.'

Iida, also, nodded his head to the shorter-boy.

"S-Sure. Alright." He answered, then turned to his god-sister. "Sis, will you be okay with eating with just Uraraka-chan and Iida-kun?"

The fourteen year-old nodded her head.

"Of course," she answered.

Izuku then turned to their two friends.

"Will you two make sure she eats?"

"Of course, Midoriya-kun! Uraraka-chan and I will be certain she cleans her plate." Iida replied, moving his right-hand in a chopping motion.

"You can count on us, Deku!" Ochako replied, wrapping an arm around Sierra's right-arm and started pulling the younger-girl towards the cafeteria.

"See you back in class!" Sierra called out, before allowing herself to walk with Ochako and Iida.

As the three head for lunch, Ochako turned to her two friends.

"Thanks for encouraging me back there, you guys." She thanked, feeling very lucky to have such great supportive friends.

"Of course, Uraraka-chan. Your dream of becoming a hero is just as important and admirable, as the rest of our own dreams." Iida replied, as they entered the cafeteria.

Sierra nodded her head, agreeing with the older-boy.

Ochako smiled up at Iida.

"Thanks, you guys. And Iida-kun, you and Deku can call me Ochako if you want. Or, for a nickname, you guys can call me Ocha."

Given the permission to use her first name, Iida felt honored to be given the right to call his small-friend by her first name, just as much as Sierra allowing him to do the same on their first day at school together.

"Since you both and Midoriya-kun are allowing me to call you by your first name, I would be honored if you three would, also, call me by my given name, Tenya."

Both girls smiled up at the taller-boy, happy to be trusted enough to be privileged on calling him by his first name.

"You should also have a nickname." Sierra suggested. "Izu, Ocha and I have nicknames of our own, so you should also have one, too."

Normally, Iida would object; nicknames nowadays would be complicated, annoying, inappropriate or even cruel and insulting. However, since he come to bond with the three students with a week and finding no reason to turn down the suggestion, he complied.

"So long that it's appropriate," he requested.

Both Ochako and Sierra nodded their heads and, after a few moments of talking it over while Ochako and Iida are in line to grab their lunch, they came up with the nickname: 'Ten'.

It wasn't until they figure it out a nickname for Iida, that Sierra felt many eyes staring in their direction. Her cheek heated up from the stares, bowing her head and wrapping an arm over her stomach.

Tenya and Ochako saw the sudden change in their friend's behavior, seeing the unease in her posture.

"What's wrong, Sis?" Ochako asked, grabbing the slightly-smaller girl's shoulders and feeling her sightly trembling underneath her hold.

"...Eyes..." She whispered, glancing over her shoulders and staring at some students from Class 1-B and Support Class, who are indeed staring at the three and some of their other classmates from their own tables. "Windows to the Soul, that carries hatred and envy. Cannot remain, while judgement passes through the wind."

Both of the older-teens turned to each other, confused and concerned to what she said.

Sierra turned to them.

"I don't want to eat in here," she told them. "Sorry, guys, but I'm gonna go somewhere else to eat."

She turned and started heading for the exit, only for Ochako to grab for her right-wrist and stop her in her tracks.

"We don't have to eat here, if you don't want to." She told the fourteen year-old, also feeling uncomfortable when she saw some students glaring at them.

"Is there an area you want to go eat at, Sierra-chan?" Iida asked, glaring right back at the students who are making the younger-girl nervous and unease. "If so, tell us where and we'll catch up to you once Ochako-chan and I have obtained our meals. Will that be acceptable?"

She wanted to object, to tell them that they don't have to give up their usual and come with her to each someplace else because she doesn't want to be in a room where many students are just staring at them. But, seeing they weren't going to change their minds and not liking the ways they were being eyed upon as well, Sierra nodded her head.

"On the roof, outside." She whispered, and then gently pulled away from Ochako's hold and made her way out of the cafeteria, leaving the hostile environment but still feeling gazes following her every move until she started running for the staircase.

Five minutes later, she found herself outside. She let out a major sigh of relief, feeling the stress finally leaving and relishing the warmth of the sun and the breeze blowing against her.

...Her stomach calmed down, though a weight like stones sitting inside of her organ made her feel she won't be able to eat anything. She groaned.

'I just got back to school and everybody's staring at us, like we're criminals? How am I suppose to deal with that?!'

Not wanting to get too caught up and stress herself even more than she is, Sierra went to the side of the building and leaned against the wall, where the light of the sun can shine down on her and warm away the anxiety away. The wind makes it capable for her to breathe much better than she ever could indoors, feeling the weight literally lifting off her chest.

...Her heart raced... She knew why it suddenly began to beat rapidly.

She wants-... No... She needs to morph... To fly.

And there was one form she know that she must be, especially with this wonderful gust of fresh air constantly blowing through her hair, as if tempting her to come join it.

Sierra sat down her lunchbox and canteen against the wall of the building, walking up towards the wall-ledge and leaning against the cement, staring down at the gate and brown-brick path towards the school.

The wind pushed against her face, a bit harder than expected.

...And, looking up at the sky, she smiled.

"I hope Sis is feeling better." Ochako said to Iida, as the pair walked up the staircase towards the roof, both carrying their lunch trays. "I'm beginning to understand why being around so many people at once, especially when a lot of eyes are staring at you, can be so stressful to her. It's almost as bad as trying to keep floating items from using my Quirk, without throwing up."

"It is indeed troubling, if it sets back her chance to gain proper weight and remain healthy by making her ill." Iida replied, glancing over when seeing two students from Support Class glaring at him and Ochako. "We best inform her of the reason why there are many eyes upon us; it's very likely she doesn't know why everyone has the sudden interest to glare at us, considering she's been unconscious and in recovery."


The two reached the door and pushed it open, stepping into the light of the sun and being greeted by the wind.

"Hey, Sis!" Uraraka called out, only to find nobody on the rooftop.

When looking over to their right, they saw their friend's lunchbox and canteen, telling the two that she was here. And now, she's nowhere in sight and neither of the two have any idea where she is.

...Then, they heard it.


A flash of white shot straight up from the ledge, heading straight up to the sky. 

The two, startled by the figure coming up from nowhere, sat down their trays and ran to the ledge... They awed at what they see before them.

A white-dragon, flying in the air and letting out powerful roars... With or without the scarring on its back, Uraraka knew the dragon is Sierra.

"What on Earth?! Is that a dragon I see before us, Uraraka-chan?!" Iida cried, very stunned to be seeing the creature taking a dive-bomb towards the ground before opening her wings and flapping them to quickly get back in the air and circling around the school.

"It is, Ten... It's also Sis." Ochako answered, smiling and amazed at being able to witness the younger-girl in her newest form, clearly enjoying herself being in the air.

"What?! That's Arashi-chan?!" Tenya exclaimed, watching the magnificent beast coming back around and now performing Aileron rolls, curling her wings to better her spins and turn her body easier. "Even though Shōji-kun and the others did inform us about her turning into a dragon, it's still puzzling to why she never did so early on. I'm still trying to figure out how she can also breath fire, when she seems to only be able to turn into animals."

Uraraka didn't understand it, as well. But, she's just glad that the younger-girl was able to do so and save Aizawa-sensei and some of their classmates.

She still has nightmares about the villains attack on them, even when a week has passed and everybody survived the ordeal. She doesn't want to remember the Nomu that battered their teacher and friends, the Warp User turning Thirteen's attack on her... Or of Shigaraki, admitting to hurting the younger-girl and trying to take the girl with them, before All Might finally showed up.

Mezō Shōji listened in on the whole conversation that took place before them, while he, Hanta Sero and Rikidō Satō stood guard over Thirteen, Mina and Ochako. Once they were back at school, they informed the whole class what happened... Including to seeing the scars on Sierra's back, indicating the proof of her mistreatment from her past. It was so horrific, even Bakugō couldn't help but be appalled to learn what his childhood... Friend? Rival? Challenger? He doesn't really know how to view her, but even he was completely pissed off to learn a person he knew since his toddler years had a terrible encounter with villains and nearly paid the price with her life.

And for that, he's going to make sure they pay with their lives, the next time they crossed his path.

Realizing that they were wasting their lunch period by watching her performing, Ochako cupped both her hands over her mouth.

"Sis!" She cried. "You need to come back and eat lunch!"

The dragon, finishing her Aileron rolls and was twisting herself in midair to properly understand how to function with her new wings, hovered in midair and turned to see she had two people watching her flying as a dragon. Sierra simply stared at them, flapping her wings to stay afloat and to strengthen any muscles she's using to move them, before turning and staring out at the mountains, trees and city below the school.

...She longed to remain in the air, and go wherever the wind takes her... But she knew she cannot do so. After all, she's most needed here and must remain here.

Growling out a groan before snorting in disgust at the city, Sierra pushed herself a bit higher in the sky and moved her body to do a midair backflip. Before she reached the roof, she spun her body to position her claws to land before pulling her body back a bit with her wings and lightly touching down on the ground before her two friends.

The two teens watched, as the white-dragon morphed back to the human-girl they knew as their immediate little-sister. She pushed herself off the ground to stand up on her feet. She smiles shyly at the two, rubbing the back of her head.

"Sorry about that," she apologized. "I haven't flown in a while. I missed being in the air."

Ochako is the first to snap out of the trance, and make a response.

"Don't apologize," she said. "You didn't do anything wrong. You looked as though you were enjoying yourself, and don't look as stressed as you were when in the cafeteria."

"Ochako-chan is correct, Sierra-chan." Iida butted in, still in awe on what he just witnessed. "And I must say, what you did in the air, is beautiful and very elegant."

Sierra blushed at their comment; with the exception of her siblings, godmother and god-brother, she never display what she can do to others. She isn't one for showing off and always has the fear of being judged by others, not wanting to hear anything negative she may or may not had done.

"Thank you," she replied.


Her stomach let out a big growl, making her groan at its need to growl in unnecessary timing.

Ochako simply smiled at the girl, grabbing her by the arm.

"Come on. Let's eat!" She cried, pulling the girl with her and Iida to sit down and enjoy their meal.

Their meal together was quiet... And very peaceful. Without the roar of students talking amongst each other and the calming environment the outside of the building brought, Sierra found herself able to consume her meal with ease. Even though she wish Izuku is with them, at least two of their other friends are here to enjoy eating outside with her.

"This feel great!" Ochako exclaimed, breathing in the fresh air that blew against their faces, while eating the rest of her meal. "Why didn't we think about eating outside in the first place? This feels amazing!"

"Yes, it surely does." Iida agreed, enjoying the warmth the sun brought down to them, already finished eat his lunch. "I can already tell a significant different between eating indoors and outdoors. It feels much more relaxing and soothing, when there aren't many people around to disturb to the peaceful atmosphere."

The two looked over at Sierra, who appeared very calm and happy with being outside. The two can clearly see a side of the girl they never noticed... A side Izuku, himself, could see past the quiet, anemic girl the other students would see before their eyes.

"...Izu and I would do this." She finally spoke, surprising the two older-teens. "Since we were little, we would always eat outside, during lunch period at school. We never ate inside the cafeteria, until now."

The news was very surprising to Iida and Uraraka... And, from the tone of her voice being tired, a bit concerning.

"Really?" Ochako asked, earning a slow nod from the younger-teen, as she picked up the plastic cup and drank some of her protein milkshake. "You and Deku would only eat outside, everyday?"

Sierra nodded her head.

"Everyday, at school." She answered. "Even if it were raining, snowing or hailing, we always ate outside."

Her confession didn't settle well to either of the two teenagers.

"You would eat during serious weather conditions?" Iida replied, giving her a serious look as if he were a parent, scolding his child for doing something bad. "Sierra-chan, both you and Izuku should've known, even as young children, how illogical it was for you two to eat in the rain and snow. You both must've gotten yourselves ill, from being outside."

Sierra shook her head.

"Actually, we were able to stay dry and warm, even in the pouring rain." She replied, giving the two a reassuring smile. "And whenever we do get cold, I would turn into an animal with warm, thick fur and keep us warm for the rest of our lunch period."

The two didn't know what to think... Besides how off and a bit unsettling she would tell them how they seemed to avoid staying indoors with the rest of the students. And when they thought of how Izuku would be nervous and shy when they first met him, along with how Sierra mostly stays close with the green-haired teen and doesn't talk much to anybody but him, made the two come to a startling conclusion.

They were being bullied.

"...Was there a reason why you and Deku don't eat inside, with the other students?" Ochako asked, placing a hand on the girl's left-shoulder and giving her a clear look of concern and worry.

Immediately seeing the look on what the two were thinking, Sierra immediately thought up an answer.

"It's because of my empathic-like ability," she replied. "Even as children, I would be overwhelmed by the excited environment going on around me and because of their voices would keep echoing off from the walls, it became impossible for me to eat anything and would end up running to the bathroom. It got so bad, the teachers had to call my godmother to come pick us up; Izu would get food poisoning from eating the school's food, just as much I would get ill from the hostile environment."

Both bought her answer, having to know for a fact on how a lot of schools would serve food that actually cause children to get ill.

"Guess that would explain why you seem to decide to bring your own lunch to school." Tenya replied, watching the girl consume more of her shake. "But the question still remains: Why do you and Izuku decide to keep eating outside, no matter the condition of the weather?"

The fourteen year-old had a sad-smile on her face, letting out a deep sigh and staring up at the sky.

"Well, one day, the cafeteria got too full and we couldn't find anyplace to sit. So, we decided to go eat outside, underneath a tree. It was really warm and sunny that day, that we ended up enjoying our lunch for the first time in so long. We continued to keep eating outside, underneath the same tree, for many days, until it started to rain one day and we were forced to stay indoors... We found ourselves unable to stay inside and ate our lunches outside of the cafeteria entrance, to stay dry from the rain. Since then, we decided to go eat our lunches outside... Until now, at U.A."

As soon as she finished her tale, the lunch bell rang, alerting all students and staff members that lunch is over and that it's time to head back to their designated areas. Sierra turned the lid of her canteen closed, still having at least half of her shake left to drink, and immediately stood up, the strap of her lunchbox hanging over her right-shoulder.

"Better hurry inside," she said. "Aizawa-sensei will have our heads if we don't get to class, before he returns from his nap."

Both knew she's right; it's one thing when getting excited from hearing news and being told to keep quiet when giving them that look of his, but if they waste even a second of class time doing something that isn't productive, let alone learning anything to become heroes one day... Nobody wants to know what sort of consequences will await for them, if any of them try to tempt fate and push his buttons on wasting his time.

As they grabbed their trays and reentered the building, Iida caught on to what the fourteen year-old just said.

"He hasn't been sleeping in the classroom like he usually do, does he?" He asked, thinking back to the last time they saw their homeroom teacher, when realizing that they hadn't seen their homeroom teacher since handing over teachings to Cementoss and has yet to return from whence he came since taking roll call.

Ochako realized the same thing, too, startled that nobody in their class seem to brought up that he hadn't been sleeping in the classroom since recovering from the U.S.J. incident.

"Now that you mentioned it, Ten, I hadn't seen him sleeping in class as much as he would usually do. In fact, I haven't seen that sleeping bag of his that he would normally have at his desk to sleep." She brought up, neither she or Tenya noticing Sierra deciding to quietly go on ahead for their classroom, feeling the need to tease them by leaving them behind and have them realize she went on ahead of them.

"That's right, Ochako-chan!" The older-boy replied, both getting too caught in their conversation. "He's been more present in class, than he normally would. He, also, appears to be more awake and less drowsy, now that I think about it. -He and Ochako looked in front of them.- What do you think Si- Huh?"

Both saw the youngest of the group isn't in front of them. They soon realized she isn't anywhere in sight.

"Sis?!" Uraraka called out, growing worried when they found no sign of the girl.

Then, both of their phones vibrated and when they brought out their phones to see who was messaging them... They were taken back.

Since you both decided to use the time to talk and not hurry on to class, I've decided to go on ahead and already back in the classroom with Izu. Good luck dealing with Aizawa-sensei's Wrath! ;)- Unknown Number

...Both were at a loss for words, instantly figuring out that the person that sent them the message is their missing friend, most likely getting their numbers from Izuku.

"...How is she able to sneak away, without us noticing?" Ochako asked, amazed that neither of them saw the fourteen year-old take off, when she was in front of them.


Four Hours Later, Ending Period...
"Eh?! What the hell?!" Kaminari cried out, completely freaking out when he and his classmates found many students standing outside of their classroom door.

"Umm... Why the heck are you all here?!" Ochako asked, very stunned to be seeing so many students standing before them.

"Do you students have some sort of business with our class?" Iida asked, raising his left-hand in a mid-chop moment.

"Why the heck are you blocking our doorway?" Mineta demanded, raising a fist in the air. "You won't keep us as your hostages!"

Beside Tenya, Izuku and Sierra were completely frozen in their spots.

"There's probably as many students standing at the doorway, as there was when we were all heading for the exit, when the media trespassed onto the school." Izuku replied, gently pulling his god-sister to stand behind him when he can feel her slightly trembling and seeing some of the students glaring at them.

"Only a third, actually." Sierra whispered, taking shelter of her god-brother guarding her. "All appear to be first years, with a few second and third years."

"You idiots. They're scouting out the competitions." Bakugō replied, casually getting out of his seat and making his way towards the door, not caring that it's being blocked by other students. "We're the class that survived an actual villain attack. They want to see, before their eyes."

Mineta simply shook in fear, pointing a finger at the oldest student in the class, turning to Midoriya and Sierra, silently asking for an explanation on what he's doing.

Smiling shyly, Izuku gave him only one answer that popped in his head.

"Let's hope that he doesn't blow anybody up."

That made the shortest boy even more afraid on what the exploding boy is going to do.

Sierra glared at Katsuki, already knowing what he's going to do.

"He's going to act like a big shot and make us act like stuck up showoffs." She replied, slightly tightening her grip onto her god-brother's uniform. "He wants everybody to know he thinks highly of himself and believe to be better than everybody in the entire school."

Izuku sent her a worried glance, placing a hand on her left-hand.

"It's okay, Sis. Nobody will think we're like Kacchan."

"At least you all know what a future Pro looks like." Bakugō stated in front of the students. "Now, move it, Extras!"

Immediately, Iida, Ochako and Izuku were horrified and appalled at what he just told everybody in the hallway.

"You can't just go around, calling people extras, just because you don't know their names!" Iida yelled, waving his right-hand in swift chopping movements.

"Serious, Man, what's with you always wanting to make enemies with everybody?!" Kirishima replied, slapping himself in the face in disappointment.

"So, this is Class 1-A?" A voice from within the crowd said, coming closer as some of the students pulled away to let the person go through. "I heard you guys are pretty impressive... But you, you're a major asshole."

Once the person revealed themself from the crowd, the class saw another first year that spoke out. With messy indigo-hair and indigo-eyes, dark-bags underneath his eyes, standing in-between Hanta and Shōto's height range, Class 1-A are in the presence of Hitoshi Shinsō.

In the back of her mind, Sierra was stunned to be seeing the same boy she saw outside of the school's gate and using his Quirk to temporary get rid of the media on the second day of school. Instantly, she kept completely quiet... Even though, her instinct informed her that he isn't a threat of any kind towards her.

"Is every student in the Hero Course this delusional, or is it just you? It's sad, finding a bunch of egomaniacs here."

Immediately, Iida, Ochako, Izuku, Mineta and the rest of the girls (excluding Sierra) in the classroom rapidly shook their heads and their hands, warning the older-teen to not challenge Bakugō. Sierra, surprised by the teen's choice to insult her god-brother's bully, was immediately impressed and couldn't help but lightly giggle at the response Katsuki has on his face.

'First time ever, somebody isn't impressed with Kacchan and is actually going to challenge him... I like this guy.'

Hitoshi looked over at the girl that giggled at his response, eyeing her a bit oddly, before turning back to the whitish-blonde teen.

"I wanted to be in the Hero Course, but like many others, I had to choose a different path... Such as life."

Bakugō simply sneered at him, not giving a damn on what the taller-boy has to say, let alone care that this useless nobody didn't get into the Hero Course like he did.

"I didn't make the cut the first time around... But now, I have another chance."

Sierra and Izuku looked to one another, with the girl slowly pulling away from her god-brother and stepping out when the older-boy said something that caught their interest.

'A second chance?' They both thought, simultaneously.

"If we do well in the Sports Festivals, the teachers can decide to transfer us to the Hero Course."

That was very surprising news to Class 1-A... What they heard next, however, failed in comparison on how high the stakes are for them.

"Which means, in order to make room for us, they'll have to transfer students out of the Hero Course."

There was no lie in his voice, warning the girl that she and her friends are gonna have to start getting very serious and start training to improve their powers, before the Sports Festivals arrive within two weeks.

"I can't say the same for my fellow peers, who are most likely scouting out the competitions, but I only came to give you guys a fair warning: If you don't take this serious and bring in your 'A' Game, I'll steal your spots before you can even say 'Plus Ultra'. So, consider this a Declaration of War."

A tension between Alphas could be sensed between Bakugō and the taller-boy. Sierra can feel, from the depths of her soul, this person truly does want to become a great hero... And she knew he would make a great, respectful hero, if given the chance to take the Hero Course.

'He may look scary and his Quirk may label him to being a threat, but he isn't using it for evil and he truly sounds determine to take our spots to be in the Hero Course. -She smiled up at the purple-haired teen, who looked over to her and stared into her eyes.- We're not going to give up our spots that easily... But, still, I wish you luck and hope you get the chance to be in the Hero Course.'

"Hey, you!"

Another voice from within the crowd called out, revealing to being a teen with long, messy gray hair and his black-eyes lined with a very thick, jagged, tan-colored substance that most likely must be his eyelashes or some form of a scar.

"I'm from Class 1-B, next door to yours! I came to see, for myself, how tough you guys are, after hearing you actually fought villains! But all I see is a couple of rotten brats, who think so highly of themselves and believed to be better than everybody else!"

Most of the students inside Class 1-A gave Bakugō nervous glances, immediately summing up that he just made them targets to every student who will be participating in Sports Festival. And, as always, the sixteen year-old doesn't care or made any response to that students comment.

As if he didn't hear him to begin with, Bakugō calmly walked out of the classroom.

"Hey, Bakubro! Where do you think you're going, Man?!" Kirishima called out. "Aren't you going to say anything?! You started this!"

"I don't care what they think!" Katsuki replied, not turning to see the stunned look on the redhead teen. "None of them matter... They're only in the way, and I won't let them stand against me and my dream."

Shoving Shinso with his shoulder, forcing the purple-haired teen to move, Bakugō walked on, not looking back to even challenged the silver-haired teen that kept on yelling at him.

In response, Kirishima clenched his right-hand into a tight fist.

"I hate to admit it, but that was a manly way to walk away." He stated, clearly jealous of the older teen having the guts to walk away and leaving the rest of his classmates to suffer the wrath are the other students he caused.

"Huh?!" Kaminari replied, not believing what he just heard.

"It really was manly, what he did." Satō commented, seemingly no longer concerned about the crowd of students standing in the doorway.

"It's true, unfortunately." Tokoyami admitted, sounding very reluctant to admit agreeing with the others.

"You guys can't be serious!" Kaminari cried out. "What's so admirable on how manly he chose to leave us behind?!"

"Yeah! That's right! It's because of him, that we are now enemies with everybody else!" Mineta backed up the electric Quirk User, still scared but very angry at the situation they're all in.

Sierra and Izuku weren't that much surprised on Bakugō's decision to challenge all the other students like that; back in middle school, elementary school, even when barely gaining his Quirk, Bakugō always seems to have the need to pick fights with everybody. Even if it's for no apparent reason, all he ever seem to do is purposely start a war with whoever wronged him or just for the heck of it.

Both of them tend to be his favorite victims to pick a fight with, though he would always go after Izuku much more than Sierra. Partially, because she's a girl, and mostly because he was Quirkless and couldn't really do much except to avoid him as much as possible to stay out of Katsuki's way.

After seeing all that they wanted to see, many of the students in the hallways start to disperse and head for the exit, as well. Shinsō remained where he stood, eyeing at the remainder of the students, before looking back at Sierra.

"You." He said, surprising everyone when he walked to the fourteen year-old girl.

Immediately, Izuku stood before her, his overprotective big brother instincts kicking in on wanting to keep any threat from coming to his god-sister.

Sensing the older-student isn't going to harm her, Sierra gently laid a hand on Izuku's shoulder, smiling gently at him, telling him it's okay and to let the older-teen to come forward. He did hesitated a bit, before he did backed off a bit, but remained beside her.

Once Shinsō stood before the girl, everybody was immediately on their toes. Watching the two students before them, waiting to see what was going to happen and getting ready to protect one of their own if he makes a sudden move that signals as an attack.

Of course, he ignored them, staring at the quiet girl before him. He can tell that she's uncomfortable of him getting close to her personal space, but her eyes showed that she trusts him and isn't afraid of what he could do.

...He gave her a small-smile, which seemed creepy to some of the students.

"You put your own life on the line, just so you could get Eraser Head to Recovery Girl on time, when the villains attacked you and your class at the U.S.J. -To catch the other students off guard, he bowed to her.- You have my deepest gratitude... For saving my uncle*."

None of them were repaired on what he just said, especially to Sierra, herself.

"'UNCLE'?!" Many of the students repeated, not believing their ears.

"Our teacher, is your uncle?!" Mina exclaimed, earning a firm nod from the teenager.

Both Izuku and Sierra were taken back at the student who claimed their teacher is his uncle... In terms, making him Sierra's cousin.

On the very rare occasions, when she and her siblings would go see their mother's side of the family, only a few of their cousins would actually come and talk to her. Most of them were older than her and they would talk behind her back when they think she can't hear them, saying that she's different and doesn't belong to be in their house. the few cousins who are a little younger or in her age, would try to play with her, only to have their parents and/or other relatives to pull them away from the girl. Clearly, they didn't want them to bond with her.

And now, meeting a cousin from her father's side of the family, who may very well not know that she's his cousin... She didn't know how to react, except respond to his gratitude.

She bowed back to him.

"You don't have to thank me," she said. "He's our teacher and, by the ways of the animals, one of my alphas. Just as it's their duty to protect us, it's also our duty to be there for them when they need help, no matter how much they claim that they don't need our assistance. So long as there is breath in me, nothing will stop me from making sure our teachers live to see another day and continue to teach us on how to become great heroes one day."

Shinsō pulled himself up, staring down at the smaller-teen who also pulled herself up to stand up straight again, and shyly gave him a smile that, somehow, melted his heart.

"Even still, I thank you for saving him and getting him to Recovery Girl. -She nodded her head to him, accepting his gratitude. He then turned to the other students, his emotionless gaze returning.- But for the rest of you, remember the warning and hope that you'll get lucky enough to continue the Hero Course."

With nothing more to say, he turned and walked out of their classroom, leaving to go home and prepare himself for the U.A. Sports Festival. The dark aura he brought with him left their classroom, making the students of Class 1-A to finally let out deep sigh of relief.

Looking up at the clock, Sierra saw the time being 3:23. Her eyes widened a bit, then turned to her god-brother.

"Izu, we need to go." She said, grabbing him by the wrist and leading the both of them to the hallway and going the opposite direction to the exit.

Recognizing this, Ochako and Iida jogged out of the classroom.

"Where are you two going?!" Uraraka called out, she and the older-boy standing outside of their classroom. "The exit is this way!"

Both Izuku and Sierra turned to their friends, offering them shy smiles.

"Sorry, you guys, but Sis and I need to be somewhere." Izuku answered, looking over his left-shoulder and waving at them.

"We'll ride with you guys, tomorrow! We Special Promise!" Sierra called out, looking over her right-shoulder and waving them off with her left-hand, still pulling her god-brother to hurry on to where they needed to be.

At the Principal's Office...
"Ah! Midoriya-kun, Sierra-chan, thank you both for coming." The white-mammal greeted from his desk, motioning the two to take a seat on the couch, both of which went to the couch but neither took a seat.

To the principal's right, stood Hound Dog, U.A.'s Lifestyle Guidance Counselor. To his left, a woman in her mid-thirties greeted the two: Her skin is dark-tan, with long, wavy blackish-brown hair that curtains down to her hip. Her eyes are silver, with the mixture of white-ice in the mixture of the Iris. A dark-brown bandana wrapped over her forehead, circling underneath her hair. She wore a loose white long-sleeve shirt, long dark-red skirt that covers her ankles and high-heel boots. Over the shirt, a thin dark-green vest-like shirt, with a belt wrapped over her ribcage. A dark-purple hip scarf hanged over her right-hip, with two rows of bead-like diamonds hanging off the scarfs.

The two instantly recognized who this merchant/gypsy-like woman is. The Dream Hero: Dream Weaver.

Not needing to ask the sudden shock expression on their faces, Nezu continued to talk.

"As you both can see, I have invited Hound Dog and Dream Weaver into our Counseling Session. While neither may not had to deal with the serious trauma you both had to endure, they both received degrees on being professional counselors and are specialized with aiding the healing process."

The two teens turned to one another... They're both very uncomfortable with the two adults in the room with them, more so towards Dream Weaver than Hound Dog.

Sensing their distress and seeing the clear signs of unease, Hound Dog came forth to the teenagers. His large, muscular body tower over the two god-siblings. His growling, sounded more of a rumble that can belong to a lion, would make anybody feel intimidated... But not Izuku and Sierra.

The green-haired teen was in awe at the Hound Hero, like any other Pro Hero he and his god-sister would watch in battle and/or analyze. While Sierra, staring at the muzzle that clearly made her very uncomfortable, gave him a shy smile... Hiding behind her god-brother, when the thirty-two year-old kneeled before the two.

...His heart immediately went out to the girl and, seeing her eyes staring at his muzzle, he removed the black-muzzle from his snout and gave her a gentle smile, hoping it would reassure her that he isn't scary than he appears to be.

"I'm Ryō Inui. Or, call me Inu-san, if it's easier to pronounce." He told Izuku and Sierra, his voice low and soft to prevent his growling from being mixed up with his speech. "I may look intimidating, but I assure you both, I'm all bark with no bite... So long you don't get me wound up and break school rules."

Izuku nodded his head, already knowing the Hound Hero is prone to go off if somebody were to get on his bad side and will go all rabid dog on whoever wronged him. Sierra simply kept her gaze on the muzzle Hound Dog kept firmly in his left-hand, not making any response that she heard the U.A. Counselor.

Nezu, also, stared at Hound Dog's muzzle, seeming to figure out her sudden interest at staring at the piece of equipment the Hound Hero chooses to wear.

'We haven't even begun the treatment process, and it seems we found the first thing on our list to help Sierra-chan deal with in therapy... I shouldn't be surprise, but it seems I can't help but be very taken back, if her abusers were to involve her being muzzled like some wild animal. -His gaze softened a bit, his smile drooped a bit, when seeing two of his students finally feeling comfortable enough to sit down.- And though we don't know what Izuku Midoriya went through, before All Might entered his life and gave him One for All, I can tell he carries many burdens and secrets that any animal can tell he's in constant pain... It's truly devastating, for two bright students to endure so much that many heroes would experience within decades of their career.' "While your situation isn't as grievous as Aizawa-chan's, Midoriya-kun, I believe Dream Weaver will be able to assist the both of you with your... Predicaments and help improve the therapy process, in no t-"


Everyone turned to Sierra, who glanced up at the gypsy-like woman, while reaching for Izuku's right-hand to clench into her own hand. Dream Weaver was a bit surprised by the girl's words, as are Hound Dog and Nezu, but her god-brother knew why she doesn't want the Dream Hero to help them.

He tightened his grip onto his god-sister's hand, also against having the woman to help them with their... Issues.

"Forgive us, Yume Negai, but we don't think it would be wise for you to aid Principal-sensei on our counseling."

Dream Weaver, being called by her true name, was stunned to learn that these students knew her name. She turned to Nezu, who didn't seem that fazed about her identity being revealed.

"You weren't kidding, when you warned me about their intelligence." She replied, staring at the two in amazement, as Hound Dog leaned in to Sierra and went to sniffing her... Before leaning up and nuzzling his face against hers, having the girl to wrap her right-arm over his shoulder and nuzzling her head back against his, burying her face into parts of his scruffy mane-like hair and inhaling his forest/dog-mixed scent. "How is it that you know my true name?"

Seeing his god-sister too busy bonding with the school's Lifestyle Guidance Counselor, Izuku answered the woman.

"We talked with some people, while Sis talked to the animals, which lead us to finding some of your friends who gave us your name. It was during the time when you took temporary leave for two months, since your fight with Soul Caliber, seven years ago."

A flash of fear could be seen in her silver-eyes from the mentioning of the villain Izuku brought up. Just by hearing his name, still makes her think it was only yesterday since their encounter with each other.

"His attack on you, appear to still left you with those scars he inflicted to your mind." Sierra stated, pulling away from Hound Dog's head and giving her a serious look that proves to be just as serious as Izuku's. "We thought that was the case, considering you now take down C or B-Ranked villains since your return."

Yume turned to Mr. Principal, who simply watched the scene before him, her gaze turning hard.

"Are they really students?" She asked, reaching into the left-sleeve of her shirt and pulling out a small crystal ball, which held a Fox Leaf within the center. "They shouldn't have any interest on figuring out my whereabouts, let alone my name, if they were the ages seven and eight."

"That crystal ball... It belonged to Kitsune, doesn't it?" Izuku asked, instantly recognizing the leaf that the ball holds. "We weren't able to tell at first, whenever you would pull it out to battle and summon the nightmares of your enemies. But we always assumed that it was his, since he would use it exactly like how you would use it in combat when he was still alive."

Her gaze hardened a bit. Not in anger, but irritation that somebody figured out the truth of her weapon and what it does.

"If you have his weapon as yours... Does that make him your father, your mentor, or another form of relative or acquaintance of yours?" Sierra asked, glaring at the crystal ball in the woman's purple-colored nails.

"It seems we're getting off topic here." Nezu announced, though smiling at the two for clearly having knowledge on the Dream Hero and very curious to why they don't want Yume to assist them with their counseling. "While I'm glad to figure out that you both seem to know Dream Weaver's powers and what she can do, I would like an explanation as to why either of you don't want her to aid you both with her healing."

Both their hands that still held on to each other tightened, with Sierra's hand slightly trembling and Izuku's adding more strength to the grip but mindful to hold back to prevent himself from accidently damaging her hand. They both bowed their heads, somewhat ashamed but mostly nervous from the thought of being disrespectful to a mid-ranked hero... But most of all, the demons on the back of their minds popping out from the thought on what Dream Weaver can do once she activates her Quirk.

Hound Dog, sensing their distress, laid both of his large-hands on Izuku's left-shoulder and Sierra's right-shoulder.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," he growled them. "There's no shame to admitting what's bothering you two, if it's something that makes you both feel uncomfortable and insecure to not wanting Dream Weaver to help you both with your problems."

Both teens looked up at the Hound Hero, both of their expressions mirroring each other to a T... And seeing the clear look of fear and anger in their green-eyes, made Ryō's turn inside out.

Sierra glared at Yume.

"We know what her Quirk does to others, whenever she brings out their greatest fears." She said, leaning to her left to cuddle up next to her god-brother.

"But like many others that we analyze, we would come up with theories to figure out what her weaknesses could very well be." Izuku continued, releasing his grip on her hand to wrap his arm over her shoulder, laying his head on top of her's. "And we believe, that by entering a person's memory through their dreams, she ends up reliving what caused the fear to happen... While experiencing the events going on, as her victims, in the exact age and time it took place."

Nezu and Ryō turned to Yume, whose eyes flashed with the clear sign of shock... Looking rather terrified.

They both realized what they were saying.

"if we are understanding you both correctly, you're telling us that in order for her to bring out your nightmares..."

"Dream Weaver will have to be us, going through each and every moment of the memories of our greatest fears... And in the end, our fears becomes her fears."