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Daughter of a Hero

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May Twentieth; Seven thirty AM, Near Shizuoka Prefecture
"Hey, Sis, you up?" Sixteen year-old Jeremy Mūa called out, lightly knocking on the door to his sister's bedroom, all dressed up and ready to head for work. He didn't see her this morning, not knowing if she eaten anything or hasn't gotten up yet, which is a rarity considering she always wakes up early and is already dressed for school before he and his older siblings are getting ready for work.

Normally, she would head out on her own to school, but today, one of her three older siblings wanted to take her to school today. She's entering Third Year in Aldera Junior High, and is determined to do her best to get into U.A. High. None of them has ever got into U.A., on account their Quirks aren't made for combat for hero jobs and more for career choices to teach and even saving lives with normal humans. Because she's determined to be the first and only child of their mother's children to become a hero at U.A. High, her siblings became her constant supporters and use every moment they have to spend time with her before that day came.

He knocked on her door again, feeling a bit concern that she isn't responding and wondering if she's fallen ill.

"Sis, are you okay?" He called out, reaching for the door handle.

"Who are you talking to?" A voice from behind startled him, making him jump and turn to see who was it that scared him... Only to see nobody behind him, until he looked down and saw a snow leopard sitting in front of him.

He gave the large cat an annoyed look.

"I got up early to take you to school, before going to work, only to have you waste time to have me think you went ill."

The feline only smiled at him, before its body slowly began to change, becoming a thirteen year-old teenager, wearing a black t-shirt with a red necktie-like scarf over her chest and a black long-skirt.

"And you were hoping to use your Quirk on me to use as an excuse to miss work," she playfully suggested. "Shame on you, Moo-Moo. You're supposed to be setting a better example for me, not how to avoid responsibilities."

He glared down at his sister for calling him by his childhood nickname, grayish-blue eyes staring into greenish-grey eyes for barely a minute, before he let out a deep sigh of breath and gently patted her head.

"You're lucky that you're my baby sister," he stated with a snickering smile. That earned him a pout from the teenager.

"I'm your only baby sister." She obviously hated it when her older-brother would call her 'baby sister', even though that it's a true statement... Well, half-true, considering that she's his and their older siblings' half-sister.

They have the same birth-mother; it's their fathers that difference them. While Jeremy and their older siblings' father lives at the north-east part of Japan, the youngest child never knew her father, only being told that he died a week after her birth when out stopping a villain from sinking the whole city to the ground. She may not know who her father is, but is proud of being a child of a hero who laid down his life for the sake of others.

It's because of him, that she wanted to become a hero in the first place, since she was three.

"Did you have anything to eat, yet?" Jeremy asked the thirteen year-old girl before him, gently grabbing for her wrist to check on her heart-rate.

"You know me: I tend to skip breakfast." As if to prove her point, her stomach growled, demanding for food it didn't have for twelve hours since dinner. The sixteen year-old glared down at his sister, concern flashing in his grayish-blue eyes.

"Are you trying to starve yourself, on purpose?"

He didn't mean to sound harsh with her; he and the others tend to worry for her health. With her low blood-sugar and low blood-pressure, she's prone to suffer from light-sensitivity and easily get heat exhausted, unless she eats a certain amount of food she looks desperate in need of.

"I keep telling you guys, that I don't feel hungry in mornings."


Jeremy glared down at his sister. A blush spread over her face before she let out a deep sigh of disappointment, knowing what her older-brother is going to make her do if she tries to weasel her way out from breakfast.

"Right, right. I'm going," she said. Jeremy had a smirk of approval on his face, keeping an eye on his sister to make sure she heads to the kitchen.

"And don't forget to take your vitamins!" He called out, purposely getting an annoyed groan from the girl.

"Yes, 'Mom'!"

Jeremy chuckled at the remark, though a bit sadden from the name. eight years ago, their mother, Cindy Arashi, fell ill from Leukemia and sadly, passed away. It was hard for them all, especially the youngest child who nearly became five years old. With no known family from her father-side to contact and with their mother's family living six hours away from their hometown, Child Services would've easily taken her away, if one of their neighbors hadn't stepped up and presented herself as the girl's Godmother.

Their mother first ended up pregnant at eleven, when her middle school boyfriend pressured her to lose her virginity with him when he turned thirteen and was going to high school. Josh was born at that time. A year later, Kyla was born after him. Jeremy came when she was fourteen, which was around the time she broke up with the jerk after finding out he was seeing another woman. Two years later, she met the girl's father and, after over a year together, had Sierra.

Like her mother before her, Cindy had a thing to name her children that held special meaning, in different language. Both Joshua and Jeremy were Hebrew names, with Joshua meaning "Jehovah is generous/Jehovah saves" and Jeremy's "May Jehovah exalt/Exalted of the Lord". Kyla was Gaelic for "Feminine of Kyle", Hebrew for "Victorious" and Ireland for "Lovely, Attractiva". As for Sierra, while her name means "Dark/Feminine of Ciaran" in Irish, it also means "Mountain" in Spain.

The eldest child, Joshua Mūa and the second child, Mikyla Mūa, who was sixteen and a half when he became eighteen, took their just turned fifteen year-old younger-brother and all moved out from their father, who they were stuck living with since their mother's death. Then, after six years being separated, went to the woman who took care of their soon-to-be eleven year-old half-sister and talked her into letting the girl move in with her siblings. The eldest siblings did the best they could to take care of their two youngest siblings and, with some help from some of their neighbors, were able to make it work. With Josh's job as a guitar teacher and music enhancer, along with Kyla's art styles to bring the colors to life, thanks to their Quirks, their jobs brought in more than enough money to provide for them all.

And now, with Jeremy working as a doctor and his Quirk allowing him to properly heal others' injuries, the three older-siblings believe they'll be able to find a more suitable housing near Karakura Town within a year or two.

Seven minutes later, and the youngest sibling has finished her breakfast and was just done with brushing her teeth.

"You ready, Sierra?"

Said thirteen year-old, Sierra Arashi, looked into her reflection of the bathroom mirror: Her long curly brown-hair neatly brushed, her light-tan skin glowing, her face clear from any acne with no make-up to assist her, and her greenish-grey eyes full of hope and determination for the future... She smiled.

"I'm ready."

Eight Fifty-Five AM, Aldera Junior High
"As Third Years, it's time you all get serious on what you wanna do with your lives. I'll pass out handouts for your future plans now, but... You're all..." The teacher snatched up the paper in the air and tossed them behind him, a huge smile on his face. "Pretty much planning to go into the hero course, right?"

To answer his questions, many of the students cheered and started showing off their Quirks. Well, most of them. At the far left in the back of the class, Sierra quietly drew in one of her notebooks of a wolf howling to the moon, with a head of another wolf inside of the moon howling back to the first wolf. When out in public, she's always been quiet and isn't much of a talker. She does have friends she interacts in school, but never really hangs out with most of them outside of school. Apparently, since she was little, she always had low self-esteem and because of some traumatic moments in her past, made her feel unsafe around humans and more comfortable around animals.

"Hey, Teach, you better not put me into some chump school with these wannabe rejects!" In the middle of the seatings, sitting against the chair with his legs resting on his desk, was Katsuki Bakugō.

He was a constant nuisance to the thirteen year-old: He's more of the troublemaking bad boy type of person who purposely gets into fights with the other students, most of them started by his taunting on how he's better than everyone else because of his Quirk: Explosion... And the worst part? She's known him since she was a toddler and he was three, basically her entire life.

As she expected, he gotten most of the students wild up, taunting them on taking them all on by himself.

"Oh, yes, Bakugō. You're planning on going into U.A., right?" The teacher asked, looking at the fourteen year-old's paper.

Many of the students were wide-eyed stunned. U.A. is a national school, and has a 0.2% acceptance rate's. Only the best of the best can get into that school, and those students end up becoming Pro Heroes.

Sierra knew that her chances at getting into that school is just the same as Katsuki's, no matter how much the older-teen brags of his chances being higher than the others.

Said teen jumped on top of his desk, acting all big and proud.

"I aced the Mock Test, which'll make me the only student of this school on getting into U.A. I'm going to end up becoming the greatest and richest hero who ever lived, and will even surpass All Might, himself!"

Sierra smirked at his words. Apparently, he doesn't even know that he wasn't the only student who passed the Mock Test, let alone the only student thinking about going to U.A.

"Oh yeah, Midoriya, didn't you wanted to go to U.A., as well?"

The teacher's question stole Katsuki's thunder on what he and the other students just heard. Even Sierra was just as stunned to hear that her best friend, Izuku Midoriya, was also planning on going to U.A.. While she knew of the older-teen's dream at becoming a hero, Quirkless or not, and wanted to attend U.A. as long as she has, she was more concerned on how other people are going to react to the news of a Quirkless student attempts to going to the national school.

Many of the students stared at poor Izuku, who tried to gain as little attention as he could by burying his face into the fold of his arms on his desk... Then, they all laughed at him.

"Midoriya? No way!"

"You can't use your book worm smarts to get into the hero course!"

"Yeah, they wouldn't accept a Quirkless loser like you to join!"

Nervously, Izuku got to his feet.

"Th-They got rid of that rule!" He reminded, as the other students continued laughing. "There's just no precedent..."

At that time, Katsuki finally snapped out of his shocked state and, with fury written on his face, charged at Izuku's desk and released a small explosion on the student's desk, the force of his Quirk pushing the younger-teen out from his seat and onto the ground.

"Listen here, Deku!" Izuku looked up, terror can be seen on his face. "You're even worse than these rejects, you Quirkless bastard! Why would they choose you, when they can have someone like me?!"

"Wait a moment, Kaachan! You don't understand! I'm not trying to compete with you, or anything! Honest!" Izuku backed as far away as he could from Katsuki, until his back hit the wall of the room. "You see, it's been my dream to become a hero since I was little. And, well... I won't know unless I try..."

Katsuki's hands sizzled with smoke coming from the palm, making himself look more intimidating.

"There's no way they'll let you take the test, Deku! Even if they do, you'll end up dead, with no Quirk to save your sorry ass!"

Then, without warning, a figure rammed itself against the white-hair teen, sending him flying to the side of the classroom. The entire students, including the teacher, were at a loss of word on what just happened, and when Katsuki got back on his feet from meeting the floor, he glared daggers at the one who dares to attack him.

It was a pure-white wolf, standing into a challenge position, snarling at him with white-fangs exposed at him... It was Sierra Arashi, herself, who dared to strike at the fourteen year-old student.

"You have no right to decide on what Izu can or can't do, Kaachan." The wolf said to him, her lips unmoving to keep snarling at him, as she walked over to Izuku. "Quirkless or not, he has just as much rights to be in there, as you yourself do... And myself, included."

The teacher looked at his tablet, scrolled down the list of his students, until he found her paper.

"Ah, yes, here it is. It seems we now have three students attempting to get into U.A."

Katsuki look as if he was going to blast the teacher under a pile of heat and smoke, as he turned from the adult to the thirteen year-old before him, who didn't look scared at all and is more concerned on helping her dear friend back to his desk.

He scoffed, willing himself to calm down, before heading for his desk.

"Whatever," he replied. "It doesn't matter how much false support you give him, Half-Blood. He's always going to be a Deku, a Quirkless loser."

The thirteen year-old growled lowly at him, before allowing herself to morph back to her human-self and went back to her seat.

"Save it for the test, Short Fuse." She purposely replied, ignoring the smoke coming from Katsuki's hands, waiting for what their teacher will be teaching them today.

Three PM, Outside of School Grounds...
School finally ended, which was a major relief for the girl. Having to deal with Katsuki was really taxing on the poor girl, but at least she gets to spend time with Izuku.

She and Izuku have been friends since she was just born, which Izuku was one and a half years old at that time. Their mothers were best friends since high school, long before Cindy and her older children moved away to pursue her dreams to becoming a NICU nurse. The two were inseparable, practically sisters throughout their childhood. Even when the three older siblings had taken up being her guardian and had them move to another part of the city that could house them, Sierra and Izuku kept in touch, along with Inko, who became the girl's Godmother long before her mother's passing and had helped care for the girl for six years as if she was her own.


Her ears caught the sound of something entering the Koi pond of the school, which she went to where she heard the noise and found the sound was caused by a burnt notebook hitting the water. Three Koi fishes gathered before it, their lips gnawing three of the four edges of the book.

"Sorry, you guys, but this isn't food." She said to them, pulling the book out from the waters. Upon closer exceptions, she noticed the writing on the front of the notebook: "Hero Analysis for the Future".

...She knew exactly who owns this notebook... Along with who burnt the person's beloved book. Slow footsteps could be heard from behind, reveals to being Izuku Midoriya... Quiet, uncertain and completely down. She knew that look anywhere and, judging by the burn mark on his right-shoulder, Katsuki was the cause of it.

"Izu..." Sierra whispered his name, going up to him and handing the notebook over to the fourteen year-old. Quietly, the older-teen accepted his notebook from his best friend, never once looking up at the girl in front of him.

"...Stupid." He whispered, his hands slowly clenching on to his damage notebook. His shoulders quivered a bit, a sign Sierra knew meant he's very upset and close to tears. "...Stupid...!"

Tears appeared before her own eyes and, just as upset with her dear friend and wanting to comfort her god-brother, pulled him into a hug, nuzzling her face into his chest.

"You can become a hero," she said to him. "It doesn't matter if you have a Quirk or not... You're already a hero in my eyes, much more than Kaachan will ever be."

In response, Izuku slowly brought his arms around her, laying his head on top of the smaller teen, accepting and appreciating his god-sister's offer to cheer him up and speak her mind.

Because of her Quirk, she's developed the same property of an Empath and as such, is affected by other people's mood and their own emotions. And the funny part, whenever somebody's upset and she's nearby, they always feel drawn to her and go to her, hugging her or even telling her about their problem.

While she lived in the Midoriya Household, she was with Izuku when the doctor informed him that he wouldn't end up having a Quirk. She was even there when his mother apologized to him, wishing the outcome would've been different for him to become a hero. The entire time, the girl was there for her god-brother, encouraging him that he will become a hero and, to this very day, had became his rock that anchors him from-... She doesn't want to think about it.

As they pulled away, Sierra's phone vibrated, alerting her that one of her siblings have arrived. She stared sadly at her friend, not wanting to leave him alone but has to, so to not keep her sibling waiting.

"I'll see you tomorrow, all right?" She promised him, giving him a final hug before she has to let him go and head for the parking lot to find one of the two cars her siblings own.

When she spotted a forest-green Jeep Cherokee, she knew it was her sister who came to pick her up. And whenever she picks her up, it means one thing: Girl time... Something the thirteen year-old dreads, for girl time means getting her make up done and going to the mall to shop... Still, she enjoys every minute she spends with her siblings, no matter how gruesome she has to endure certain activities her older siblings drag her through.

A few hours later, the two girls returned home, bringing home dinner for their brothers to avoid making dinner after an exhausting trip to the mall. The youngest, very much relieved to being home, immediately went to her bedroom to work on the few homework she brought from school.

She knew both of her brothers will be home in less in an hour and after dinner, they'll drag her to watch a movie or play some video games before going to bed. She isn't really into much video games, unless they're action/adventure games and upgrading characters' levels and skills, and has different taste in movies that they rarely find anything they all can agree on watching. However, because she wants to help them relax and enjoys being in their company, she was more than willing to endure their movie time and video games that makes no sense to the thirteen year-old.

'It may also be to help me calm down, since I'll be entering High School in ten months... I just hope I'll get into U.A.'

"Shikaka, Ra Ra, we're home!" The sound of her big brother's voice, calling her by one of her two nicknames, made her heart soar with joy and, allowing herself to become one, morphed into a white husky and made a mad-dash for her brothers, jumping to his waiting arms and nuzzling and whimpering with joy.

"Jeez, Babe, calm down!" Jeremy said, laughing and hugging his sister when she turned her attention to him after greeting their big brother home. "I take it your first day of school was good?"

Being asked about her day, it immediately made her happy mood swept away and replaced with awkward silences, lowering her head and going all quiet. They can tell something happened at school and, immediately, got down to her level.

"Did something happened at school?" Josh asked, getting the shift on her paws and unable to make eye-contact with the two.

"Bakugō..." She muttered.

Jeremy got angry when he heard her said that name.

"You have him in your class? Again?!" She nodded her head. "If he's in your class... Is Midoriya, also, in your class?"

Another nod from the thirteen year-old, and the two brothers instantly put together what just happened.

"He may say he's going to become a hero, but from the way he treats Izu, it shows him more being a bully and people's opinion of him becoming more like a villain." Josh said, stroking his sister's head before stopping when she allowed herself to morph back to her human-self, pulling her into a hug. "I can't believe our baby sister is going to U.A!"

Sierra rolled her eyes at her big brother's dramatic expression, as she returned the hug with ease.

"I need to pass the U.A.'s Entrance Exam, before I'm officially enrolled."

"Which you will, no sweat." Jeremy stated, patting her head. "You passed the Mock Test, so there's no reason why you won't ace the Entrance Exam."

"Not unless I choke, or stress makes me forget what I've learned in the written exam."

They can hear the nervousness in her tone. While she tries to study as hard as she could, there was times she gets nervous on what the test will be about and, no matter how well she does, her low self-esteem prevents her from being confident at all.

"Don't let the stress get to you, Sis." Jeremy advised, all heading to the living room to do movie night. "And hey, for whatever reason that you don't get in, they'll be a bunch of idiots for not letting you get into U.A. Because, no matter where you go, you'll make us very proud on becoming a hero."

She smiled at her brothers, happy to have such supportive siblings who'll always have her back. The three went to the living room, meeting up with Kyla to get ready to have movie night. As they got together and played the movie, Sierra sent a silent prayer.

'Please, Father in Heaven. I want to make my family proud, and do what I can to help those in need... Please, let my effort and hard work be enough to get me into U.A... I, also, pray for my god-brother, Izuku Midoriya, to reach his dreams and get into U.A., too.'

Ten Months Later; March Twenty-Fourth…
Time always had a funny way in life: It's slow, but at the same time, goes by fast before anybody notices it.

Within the ten months that passed, Sierra Arashi focused hard on her school work, all the while perfecting her Quirk on specific animals that are best in offense, agility and evasiveness.

Throughout the whole time, while they see each other at school, she came to realize that she and Izuku hardly seen each other during that time. In fact, they hadn't called each other in months and the few times they had, they were rushed and her god-brother made her believe he was too busy with something that he doesn't have the time to see his god-sister.

While she should feel hurt, something told her that whatever he was doing, is to be prepare for the U.A.'s Entrance Exam and thought it be wise to not interfere his own concentration. Besides, she and Inko would be given the chance to talk and even see each other during the ten months, along with checking in on the four siblings.

A little over two weeks ago, she celebrated her fourteenth birthday. Her siblings' own birthday passed by, all a year older and still continuing with their career, saving whatever amount of money they can to help reach their goal for a better home and supporting their half-sibling the best that they can.

Standing outside of the gate, the butterflies in her stomach made it almost impossible for her to hide the fear and nervousness running through her head.

'What if I fail? What if they don't like my Quirk? What if-'

"Ra Ra." Sierra turned to face her three siblings, all coming to see her off and wishing her the best. It was Kyla who called her by her nickname, stepping up and pulling her into a reassuring hug. "There's no need to be stressed out. You're going to pass."

It didn't help calm the butterflies in her stomach.

"But, what if-?"

"Babe." Josh cut her off, also pulling her into a big hug. "You got this."

She still didn't calm to her siblings' words of encouragement.

Jeremy came up beside her, and placed his hand on top of her head, smiling down at her.

"Don't focus on what may or may not happen," he told her. "When the test starts, focus on your objective and see it through the end. And remember: No matter how the results turn out, we'll be proud of you... Especially Mom."

Her heart hammered from the mentioning of their deceased mother, ridding away the butterflies from her stomach. Tears slowly formed in her eyes... Tears of joy, and hope.

Sierra wrapped her arms around her older-brother, who returned the embrace, followed by their eldest siblings to have a group hug before they pulled away from the girl. Now able to take her siblings' words to heart, with her head held high, she made her way through the gate and went inside the large building.

An Hour Later…
Exam Orientation with Present Mic was... Certainly something she didn't expect. Although, he sure know how to make an introduction less stressful and very cheerful than she thought they were going to experience from a very, important school. She was also angered that some random student wanted Izuku to leave for being 'disrupted', when he couldn't help himself but mutter about Present Mic.

During Present Mic's presentation on what they're going to be doing, Sierra sat beside Izuku, who was very happy to be seeing his god-sister at U.A. with him. To his right, as she, somehow, expected, sat Bakugō. Luckily and, surprisingly, he wasn't making any negative remarks to her god-brother. If it wasn't for the fact that he stated his disappointment that the three won't be participating in the same area of the obstacle course and wanted to take out Izuku, the fourteen year-old would've believe something was wrong with him.

Sadly, for the two younger-teens, they won't be in the same sections. Although, at the same time, both are relieved that they won't be competing with each other, especially since neither of them will be competing with Katsuki. Even still, she worries for her god-brother being on his own and can't be there to make sure he doesn't get himself killed.

After given a chance to change into a white t-shirt and yoga-like pants before leaving the building, as she and some of the participates got off the bus and found themselves in Battle Center C, waiting for the gates to open, Sierra decided to use the time to think about what she needs to do.

Since they'll be fighting robots, she has to morph into animals that have great strength or strong fangs and/or claws to damage in order to get the points. She also believe, because everyone will be in a hurry to take down as many of the robots as they could, on account they only have ten minutes to earn points, she'll also have to become an animal or two that possesses great speed.

'Obviously, a cheetah will help me at the speed advantage. Becoming a horse will also help with my speed and conserve a certain amount of stamina, along with administrating powerful kicks and stomps. Although, the wolf would also be fast and my fangs would cause a great deal of damage if they get in too close.'

All around her, other students weren't too worried or concern on what they're going to do in the exam. They're being too overconfident... While she could never bring herself to being as confident as the others. Because of her low self-esteem, shyness and dark incidents she endured before living at the Midoriya Household, Sierra always had trouble in believing in herself. Even with the encouragement of others, it never helped her push through her doubt and try to believe in herself as they do.

"What are you waiting for?!" A voice called out from above, attracting her attention to turn and look up, seeing Present Mic standing on top of some observation tower. "There's no waiting period to start! Now, go! Get out there! And earn points, before time runs out!"

Her eyes widened from his words, as were the other participates, when they turned and saw the doors had already opened, without any of them knowing. Seeing it wide open and getting the all clear to start, Sierra took off into a quick sprint before launching herself in the air and allowing her body to quickly morph into a two foot seven inch cheetah.

With great speed, she's the very first of the group to enter the area. She ran straight down the road, going through a normal rhythm to keep as much distance as she could from the others.

*Vrooom!* Screeeech!

A green robot appeared before her from cutting around the corner, having a single camera eye, two arms and a wheel for transportation. On both of its arms, a white number one can be seen.

'Attack it, now!' She told herself, forcing her body to sprang up and thrust her paws out to slam into the robot. Thanks to the force of speed adding to the impact she thrusted to the machine, the robot lost balance and fell backwards from the wheel, ending up being crushed underneath the cheetah-formed fourteen year-old.

The exhilaration, adrenaline rushing through her veins, left her gasping for air and limbs trembling with surging energy.

Her ears caught the sound of another wheel screeching and heading for her ahead of her, knowing it be another One Pointer. Knowing she won't be able to cause as much damage without the aid of speed in her cheetah form, she quickly morphed into a three foot pure white-wolf and ran at the charging robot, grabbing for one of its arm with her fang and, thrusting her hind-legs below the mid-section, forced the robot's wheel to thrust up in the air and, like her first victim, crushed down to the ground.

'Two points, and nine and a half minutes left.' She thought to herself, forcing herself to take off into a sprint and look for more Pointer Robots to destroy.

Six and a Half Minutes Later…
She jumped in the air, quickly turning into a six foot mustang horse with white and black-pattern markings, rammed her front hooves down into a Three Pointer before it could release a bullet or two from its tail. Behind her, a student with thorn-vines as her hair, thrusted the vines into the road and coiled them around a Two Pointer, pulling it down against the road.

Sierra morphed back into her human-form, kneeling to catch her breath, wiping the sweat off her brow.

'Only thirty-five points... I need to keep going.'

She struggled to her shaky legs, exhaustion threatening to bring her down when black spots started to dance before her eyes. She knew her low blood-sugar is starting to take over from the abnormal heat of Spring, and now has a short time before her body gives and is left vulnerable.


 The ground began to shook beneath her and some of the other participates, distracting them from finding more robots and seeing what it was that's making the ground tremble... A giant robot, as tall as the buildings, with eight dots of lights, having a combined body of a One Pointer and a Three Pointer robot... No doubt in her mind, it's the Zero Pointer robot.

The instant they locked eyes on it, many of the participates made an immediate run from the robot, half scared and the other half seeing no reason to take it on when it isn't worth any points at all. Knowing she'll end up passing out from her heat exhaustion and get herself killed if she stays, even though the teachers wouldn't allow them to be put in such a situation, she morphed into her mustang-horse form and started to take off with the others.

"Ahh!" A cry of pain to the other side of the area caught her hearing and stopped, looking over and seeing... Moving, floating clothes, without a person?

She instantly corrected herself and saw that it was an invisible person, trapped underneath some rubble. Beside the invisible person, a girl with long-black hair and tongue sticking out, was trying to help move damage pieces of the building aside to help the person out. Next to that girl, another female with light-mauve colored skin and hair was releasing grey-liquid from her hand on a lamppost, appearing to be some form of acid from parts of the lamppost being eaten away.

The robot, also taking notice of the one of the girls' scream and seeing the two helping a third participate, reached a hand out towards them. The two girls tried to get the invisible person out, but is still stuck underneath the rubble and none of their Quirks seem to be capable on taking the robot on.

Sierra felt like time was going slow before her, as her mind raced on what she should do: Her heat exhaustion is already draining her and only has enough energy to get to safety, before her body gives out... And yet, she knew in her mind that she can't just leave them behind and get hurt. Even if the Pros of U.A. wouldn't go that far as to allow participates to get seriously injured, there no doubt that they won't intervene until time is up and only then, will the robots stop attacking.

"Two minutes, until time is up!" Present Mic called out, not concern in the least about the Zero Pointer reaching for its victim.

Before the giant hand almost reached the ground and started to curl it's fingers to grasp onto the girl... A black and white blur came out and forced the hand to ram against a building. When the robot turned its head to see what was it that dare to intervene, saw it was a mustang that kicked its hand away, before the creature launched herself in the air and suddenly became a cheetah.

The feline ran up its arm, pushing her limbs in quick stride. The robot reached with its other-arm to grab the speedy animal, only for the cheetah to jump off that arm and ran up its other arm to reach its shoulder. The cheetah morphed back into a horse and, when reaching the Zero Pointer's neck, delivered powerful kicks to the metal.

Below them, the three girls stared in awe, temporarily frozen in place, as they watch a fellow participate morph into animals and attracting the robot's attention in their place.

"Hurry!" The horse called out to them, thrusting more strength into her kicks. "Get out of here, now!" The two girls resumed on helping their trapped friend, as Sierra continued her attacks.

The Zero Pointer tried reaching for the girl, only for her to morph into her white-wolf form and move to the other side to avoid the hand, now attacking the other neck by forcing back part of the metal with her fangs to expose its wiring.

"One minute left!" Present Mic informed, which she didn't let distract her when her adrenaline continued to course through her body to keep fighting.

'I need to hurry,' she thought. She clamped her fangs to the wiring and, with a couple of strong bites, chewed through the wires before pulling back when the sparks began to fly. The Zero Pointer robot made a bunch of beeping sounds, a few twitching movement with its head and its left-arm appeared glitch out of control.

She then went back to the right-shoulder of the robot, yanked the loose metal that got bent by her kicks earlier with her fangs and thrusted one of its corners into the wires. Sparks and electricity escaped the damaged wires, smoke followed suit, and then a burst of explosion came up.

Immediately, Sierra pushed herself off of the Zero Pointer and fell through the air, urging herself to morph into an eagle... Only, her body isn't responding to her command. In fact, on its own occurred, her body morphed back into a human. Her vision blurred, as exhaustion rapidly start to take effect.

'I over did it. My adrenaline is used up and now I can't morph, thanks to my heat exhaustion.'

As she neared the ground, she tried to re-use her Quirk to morph, but her body refuses to respond. She was so weakened, that she couldn't even muster a single word to scream.

Just as she neared the ground... Something wrapped itself around her stomach and waist, stopping her in midair. When she looked to see what was it that caught her, saw a long, extended tongue that coiled itself around her midsection. Seeing where it came from, saw it was from one of the three participates, the one with the long black-hair.

Slowly, the tongue gently sat Sierra to the ground, whose body had her laid out on the ground, no energy whatsoever to even move without feeling like a dying fish forcing her stomach to empty the sickness out of her stomach.

"AAAAAAND THAT'S TIME!" Present Mic blared out, announcing that the test was over.

The instant the pro hero made the call, the three participates made a mad dash for the fourteen year-old.

"Hey, are you okay?" The voice came from the invisible person, alongside the clothes revealing the person being a girl, who kneeled beside Sierra and gently rested her unseen hands to the girl's back.

"She doesn't look too good. Kero." The one who caught her with her tongue stated, placing a hand on Sierra's head to check for a fever when noticing how pale her skin is.

The third girl stayed back, eyeing at the down robot that nearly grabbed for them in case it tries to get up and attack them, even if Present Mic ended the test.

Other participates returned to the scene, wide-eyed stunned at the damage done to the robot.

"Hey! We need help over here!" The girl with light-mauve skin called out, hoping someone will find help for the fourteen year-old girl or at least have some experience on knowing what's wrong with the one who saved them.

While this was going on, Sierra struggled on keeping her breathing slow and calm. The heat of the sun making her senses grow weak. While her vision blurred, she turned to stare at the three girls standing above her, her only way to communicating.

"...Heat..." She gasped out, panting out small amount of air into her lungs. The girls gave her a confused look, figuring out what she's trying to say. "Low... Sugar... Heat... Exhaust...!"

They clearly didn't get what she was saying, but another participate caught on what she's telling them.

"She's heat exhausted," a muscular boy stated. "Her low-blood sugar caused her to collapse." He pulled out a chocolate candy-bar from his pocket, kneeling beside the fourteen year-old and held the treat to her. "Here, eat this."

She stared at the chocolate bar held before her, sniffing at the candy for any signs of peanuts or other flavors her picky habits won't allow her to eat, before slowly, with some help from the muscular boy, leaned up to take a small-bite. It may seem small, but the others didn't need to coax her to consume more when she slowly consumed the food given to her.

"She needs water, and someplace with shade." The fifteen year-old boy stated, looking around for anything suitable to get the poor girl to rest from the sun's heat.

"We can assist in offering shade for her." Another boy, having the head of a raven with a yellow-beak and black-feathers, spoke up and came over to the small-group. "Dark Shadow." Sprouting from his stomach, a shadowy-figure of a bird came forth with moon-yellow eyes. "Shield her from the sun."

"Right." The shadow replied, lowering itself beside Sierra and covering her face from the sun with its own being.

Fifteen minutes later and the Pro Hero, Recovery Girl, came to Sector C to heal those who are injured from the exam. When brought over to check up on the fourteen year-old girl, however, there wasn't much she can do for the girl. And worse? Because of her low-blood sugar taking effect, using her Quirk to have Sierra's own stamina to heal any physical injuries on her will prove to be ineffective.

All she did was have her be sent to their recovery area with the rest of the participates resting from their ordeals, and contacting her family to come pick her up. Before leaving the area to head for Sector D, Recovery Girl took a moment to stare at the second Zero Pointer she found destroyed by a youngster who put themselves in jeopardy, all for the sake of saving/protecting a fellow participate from danger.

'They may not had walked away, unscathed, in the exam, but they both proven to having the hearts as true heroes.'

A Week Later…
Sierra was in the living room, watching some commercial of people showing funny moments they recorded from home to earn cash prizes, as she did some warm up exercises to help her body stay active.

It's been a week since orientation and, quite frankly, she has a feeling that she didn't make the cut.

'I was only able to gain thirty-five points, before that Zero Pointer showed up.' She thought, doing some sit-ups with her feet digging underneath the couch to hold her legs. 'There's no doubt that the other participates were able to get in more points, around the time it came.' She let out a tiring sigh, pushing herself to do fifty sit-ups before getting on her hands and knees to, after morphing into a wolf, have her go into laying position and standing right back up.

"Ra Ra, are you doing your exercises?" Kyla called out from the kitchen, trying to prepare dinner that'll satisfy the four siblings and get their baby sister to pack on some weight.

"Yes, Sis." Sierra called out, continuing on doing her "doggy-push ups" while keeping her focus on the television.

"Remember to drink your energy shake that Moo made for you."

The fourteen year-old held back on making a groaning sound, ears flattening when she stared at the canteen full of white-liquid that her older-brother has been making her drink for the whole week.

Ever since they gotten the call from U.A. of her collapsing, the older siblings had been putting her on a strict weight gain diet to help her put on some much needed weight she clearly needs. If she didn't know any better, Sierra would've thought they're trying to stuff her for their next Thanksgiving dinner from how much food they've been forcing her to consume. Sadly, because of her picky habits on certain food she'll eat and sensitivity from negative emotions, she could never be able to finish more than half a plate of food and, when her stomach gets too upset to handle so much food, throws it all up in the bathroom.

And lately, because of how disappointed she was in herself and thinking how she didn't earn enough points to get into U.A., she hadn't been eaten as much as she was supposed to. Until they get a letter from the school to learn how she did at orientation, she was gonna have to push herself to get better, for the sake of her siblings' concern for her well-being.


The front door slammed wide open, as two pairs of feet came running into the house.

"Sis! It came!" Josh cried out, coming to his wolf-formed sister, with Jeremy following behind. Within the third sibling's hand, a white-mail... The stamp seal of U.A. on the back of the envelope.

"Your results, they finally came in." Jeremy stated, holding out the letter to his sister, who slowly morphed back to her human-form and gently took the mail from her brother. Kyla came out from the kitchen when she heard the commotion, staring eye-wide at the letter in her sister's hands.

"Do you want to view it in private?" She asked, she and her full-blooded brothers staring at their half-sibling, awaiting to see what she wants to do.

Sierra let out a calm sigh of relief, trying to control the paste it was going. She stared up at her older-siblings.

"For four years, you three supported me in the best of your abilities." She said, smiling up at them. "I know you all want to see how I did, just as much as I do... I know I didn't do too well, but I want us all to see the results."

Josh gently patted her back, slightly wincing from the feeling of her spine through her sweater.

"Whether you pass or fail, we love you and are very proud of you." He told her, giving her the okay to open the letter... Which, after tearing it open, saw what looks to be a mini holo-projector that came out.

It flashed up... Then, in the floating picture, is the Number One Pro Hero, the Symbol of Peace, himself: All Might.

All four siblings gaped, jaw-dropping from what they see before them.

"A... All Might?!" The three older-siblings said at the same time, while Sierra was at a loss for words at the Pro Hero.

"I am here, as a projection!" All Might bellowed out, laughing confidently and stand tall and proud. What surprised the girl, was his choice of wearing a yellow dress-suit with dark-yellow lines instead of his tradition blue and red suit. "Young Arashi, allow me to be the first to greet you, as the newest U.A. teacher."

That certainly caught them by surprise. The Number One Pro Hero, is going to be teaching at U.A., itself? Now, the three siblings are hoping to hear their baby sister got in to the school.

"Now, to cut to the chase, about your results."

'Here it comes...'

"You've passed the written test," he started. "...However, before I give you your final score on the practical exam, I have something you must see."

All Might turned to the TV monitor behind him, pressing a button on a remote controller in his hand. It clicked on, showing Present Mic and a girl with short brown-hair. Behind them, she saw the three girls she saved from the Zero Pointer.

"These three girls came to us, moments after the exam has ended." All Might explained, keeping his attention on the screen. Her older-siblings were confused, wondering what was it that these three girls had to do with their sister's score. "What is it they came for? Well, let's find out!"

"Excuse us, sir." The girl with the light-mauve skin said, politely interrupting the conversation going on between Present Mic and the other girl. "We need to talk, please? It's really important."

Present Mic smiled at them.

"Go right ahead and speak your minds, little listeners." He told them.

"You know of a girl with wavy, curly long-brown hair? She has light-tan skin and can morph into animals?" The invisible girl tried to explain.

"She was in the same Battle Sector that we were put in for the obstacle court. Kero." The frog-girl added in, giving Present Mic a blank look.

"We were wondering... Can you give her some of our points?" The invisible girl's request stunned the four siblings, especially Sierra.

'They want to give me some of their points?'

"We don't know if you know what happened, but I got trapped under some debris during the obstacle exam. Both Tsu and Mina were trying to get me out, when that giant robot came out and attacked." The invisible girl explained, sounding very scared on what occurred moments ago.

"While we were still helping Toru out, everyone else ran the moment that robot appeared, leaving us behind and not bothering to aid us to get away, or even help us free our friend." The pink-girl continued, looking very annoyed and anger about the other students who didn't bother to help them on freeing Toru.

"We probably would've been held captive from that Zero Pointer, if she hadn't stepped in and took on the robot on her own." The frog-girl stated, surprising the three older-siblings to hear that their sister actually saved other people's lives.

They stared at their sister, who was eyes-wide stunned of the three girls revealing her deed for them at the exam.

"We don't know if there's a rule against it, but, please, let us thank her by giving her some of our points!" Toru exclaimed.

"She practically saved our lives! Now, we want to make it up to her!" The pink-girl begged, bowing her head slightly to the Pro Hero before them.

"Please, sir, let her have some of our points and accept her into U.A." The third girl requested, giving him a calm, blank look, while also tilting her head forward to bow.

All Might paused the video.

"A hero, who selflessly sacrifices themselves for others, no matter the consequences they'll put themselves in, is a true hero in the eyes of others. That is what we teach at U.A: Training students to become heroes... Which is why, the obstacle exam isn't just based off of combat, alone! -Sierra jerked back a bit, surprised by this new revelation.- We also score participates, with Rescue Points!"

Immediately, the projector turned over to the side, showing a graph chart before them... Revealing the Top Ten Scores in the exam.

"We have a panel of judges watches and reward points for heroic acts, beyond just fighting villains."

...And there, at the top, in the First Place Column, underneath Bakugō Katsuki, was her own name: Sierra Arashi- Villain Points: Thirty-Five; Rescue Points: Forty-Two.

...Seventy-Seven... She scored Seventy-Seven Points, in the obstacle exam... The exact same amount of points that Katsuki Bakugō, himself, scored in Villain Points, alone.

"Sierra Arashi, for the first time ever in this school, we have our very first tie breaker for first place, in orientation... You have passed the exam."

He turned to the screen, extending a hand out, as if offering the hand for the girl to grab for. The moment he said "passed", the three siblings were smiling big and bright. Sierra could only stare at him, hoping she wasn't imagining what he's telling her.

"Welcome, Sierra Arashi... You are now part of the Hero Academia."

Tears finally came, streaming down her face. And, immediately, her older-siblings pulled her into a big, group-hug.

"You did it! You actually did it, Ra Ra!" Jeremy cheered, laughing joyously with Josh and Kyla, nuzzling his head against his baby-sister.

"You got in, Babe!" Josh stated, planting a big kiss on her cheek.

"We're so proud of you, Sis!" Kyla praised, tears of joy rolling down her face. As her siblings celebrated, Sierra bowed her head.

'...I did it,' she thought. 'Mom... Dad... I got in.' A smile spread on her face, the tears slowly down as she joined her sibling into cheering. 'I'm one step closer at becoming a hero... Just like you, Dad... No matter what, I won't let you down!'