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For a brat, Sasori supposed Deidara was an alright partner. He kept relatively out of trouble, not as much trouble as Hidan seemed to get into and didn’t spend a fortune visiting teashops like Itachi did. While his view of art was atrocious and inaccurate, Deidara made good company.

“I feel like we’ve been walking forever, hm,” Deidara complained as he stretched his arms up, letting out a yawn. “Why can’t we just fly back to the base? It’s so much faster,”

“Quit your complaining,” Sasori, voice gruff from inside the shell of Hiruko, said. “We’re making a separate stop before we go back,”

Deidara whined a bit more, grumbling under his breath. Sasori could barely pick up the phrase, “need a shower, my hair’s knotted to hell,” and, “stupid Danna.”

“We need to stop at the Ceramic village,” Sasori said, noting the instant perk in his partner’s attitude. “You were running low on supplies, right?”

“I can make my own clay if I need to,” Deidara said, cocking his head to the side.

“I mean your personal supply,” Sasori reiterated.


Sasori noticed that when he wasn’t blowing up buildings or causing a ruckus, Deidara actually had a habit of sculpting. His room was littered with unfinished projects ranging from miniature sculptures of his bombs that were non-explosive and regular pottery. He had finished a whole set of tea cups for the Akatsuki, matching the cup to the nail polish shades the individual members wore.

Sasori hated sharing a room with him since there was always clay spattered somewhere and the room smelled of fumes from the glazes, but he was not much better with his puppets laying about in various stages of completion.

“I am running a bit low on glaze,” Deidara shook his head. “Won’t Kakuzu have a heart attack or something if we spend any more money? He gave us that whole lecture the other day at the base, hm,”

“Like I care what he has to say,”

“If you have a death wish, I suppose,” Deidara shrugged.

“Shut it, brat, and follow me,”


Deidara surprisingly behaved himself as he went from stall to store, Sasori opting to be out of Hiruko for the experience.

“This clay fires at a higher temperature than most of my clay, but it conducts chakra better,” Deidara mused aloud, rubbing a ball of clay beneath his fingers. The subtle smile on his face seemed to hint that it was good quality. “Doesn’t Konan use chakra to keep her coffee warm?”


“She might appreciate a new mug, since Hidan shattered the last one. Then again, all things are but a fleeting moment, so I suppose the mug had it coming,” Deidara smirked, weighing out around twenty pounds of the fine clay. “Do you want anything, my man?”

Sasori shook his head, watching Deidara take his clay from the clerk as they paid.

“Get whatever you want,”


“I had a fun day with you, Sasori no Danna,” Deidara said, swinging the bag that held his glazes as they headed away from the Ceramic village and back towards the Land of Rivers.

“You did a good job eliminating that merchant’s home,” Sasori replied. “Nothing more,”

“Just you wait,” Deidara teased. “You’ll appreciate my art soon enough once I dig my hands in this clay and make a beautiful explosion with it,”

While Sasori believed that true art needed to be eternally preserved, the way how Deidara looked at him with a suspicious glimmer in his eye told him otherwise, just this once.


The day ended with the artist duo settling in for the night at an inn. Deidara had enough glaze and clay to last him at least a few more months for his own personal endeavors, and the Akatsuki was now significantly poorer than they had been before.

“Kakuzu is going to have a heart attack once he sees how much we spent,” Deidara noted, letting out a yawn as he made his way towards the baths. “Thank you, Danna, for today,”

“Go bathe, kid. You smell atrocious,” Sasori waved off the compliment, parts of Hiruko spread out on the bed he would occupy. He twirled the screwdriver within his hand to adjust a gear in the puppet’s mouth, allowing for more poisonous mist to emit.

Hours later, after Deidara had relaxed and fallen asleep, did Sasori allow himself to smile, having given his partner a day he could enjoy.