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Aru's Revenge

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Morning was always a typical one for the vice class president Aru Honshou . Today was no exception. She nearly slept too late, and once more, she was rushing to start her walk to the middle school. She got dressed quickly, whipped up some toast and scarfed it down with a few gulps, and dashed out the door. She nearly toppled down the street, but thankfully, she caught herself before she could plummet down on the hard, concrete pavement. Miraculously, no one was there to see it. She crossed the pavement after greeting the crossing guard, and she saw her Nako and Sotoka. Surprisingly, Bocchi wasn’t present. Curious, she ran up to the two girls.

“Aru took you a long time to get here” said Nako in a teasing manner.

Aru rolled her eyes. If there was anything that she did not like, it most definitely was Nako. It had been two semesters, and Nako had learned her dark secret: while she would like to present herself as always being on her game, she was, a forgetful, clumsy buffoon of a girl. While Nako had made the claim that she would never tell anyone about her faults, Aru always tried to be one step ahead of her just in the likelihood that Nako would spill the beans. Knowing her, how would she not suspect that given the circumstance, Nako would try to sully her good name? Aru decided to put her dislike for Nako aside, passing it off as a joke.

“Where’s Bocchi ?” she asked.

“Master had already left earlier,” Sotoka explained “said she did that to avoid getting into a large crowd.”

Aru sighs. It was just like her, she thought. For a girl who tries to make it her goal to befriend the entire class, it could be tiresome to see Bocchi hardly make any sort of improvement in all that time. But she did accept that was to be expected. While thinking on what they had to do today in class, Aru received that dreaded question that she tried so hard to believe wasn’t going to come up, but like a bad rash, it was always on time.

“Are you wearing a clothes hanger again, Aru?” Nako asked.

Aru immediately reached behind her back and felt the cold metal under her fingertips.
“You can’t help to be an unfortunate girl?” Nako asked.

Aru felt her blood boil at those words. Even though Nako had referred to her by that nickname for the zenith time, here, Aru felt that she should just drop her perfect girl persona and slug Nako until her face was an unrecognizable mess. Aru calmed down and tried to play the blunder off as a joke.

“Oh, I just got my school outfit pressed and I just forgot to take the hanger out.”

Nako shook her head. “It’s still a pretty unfortunate circumstance.”

That word again. That darn word again just rolled out of that girl’s mouth like cyanide. Aru’s cheeks turned a shade of red. She was becoming more and more pissed the further that Nako reiterated that nickname. Just one more time, she thought, and there would be a great reckoning the likes of that town never saw. Nerves pulsated underneath her forehead, her hands clenched up so much, her fingers turned pale. Just one more reiteration of that nickname, and she’d blow her stack.

Suddenly, a gust of wind gently blew, ruffling the girls’ skirts. Aru felt slightly uncomfortable and looks down. To her dismay, she saw that forgetting to remove her clothes hanger was the least of her problems. She returned her glare at her two friends, hoping that they hadn’t seen anything. She then saw Sotoka blushing before turning her attention to something else, and Nako herself was holding back a laugh. Her worst nightmares were coming true.

“Did…did you forget to put on some panties?” Sotoka asked gently.

Aru blushed embarrassingly and immediately shielded the front of her skirt with her hands. Sweat fell from her forehead. She couldn’t even hope to go to school now. What, and have her secret garden exposed in front of the entire student body? She thought not.

“Wow, first you wore your Mom’s panties and now you are going commando?” Nako laughed.

Aru growled. “Don’t say it…”
Nako smirked. “You really are….”

“I’m telling you not to!”


Aru exploded. The unthinkable had just transpired before her very eyes, and there was no going back. Aru growled and without warning, she grabbed Nako as they were a few yards away from the middle school.

“What the?!” shouted Nako.

The next thing Nako knew, she was dragged into a shed on the schoolground. She tossed her hardly on the floor of the shed and slammed the door, nearly knocking it off its rim. Nako was slightly intimidated, but she then tried to toughen up to intimidate the enraged girl.

“Aru, what the hell is this!?”

Aru growled in response. For some odd reason, she bent down in front of Nako’s face and before Nako could react, a putrid fart erupted out of her cheeks. The gas nearly blinded Nako, and it burnt her nostrils making her almost cry from the sensation.

“Stop that!” Nako screamed.

Aru smirked sinisterly. “Oh, I am just getting started.”

She bent backwards as though she were going to do one of her forward headbutts that she often did whenever she had a bone to pick with the tall girl, but this time, her ass directly lands on Nako’s head. Her cheeks wrapped around Nako’s head and another fart erupted from her rectum.

“MMMMF!!!” Nako tried to shout out for assistance over Aru’s flatulence. Her body squirmed underneath Aru.

Aru shook her hips and sashayed down Nako’s shoulders, engulfing them without much effort. Aru moaned slightly at the feeling of her hated foe being subjected to this kind of humiliation.

“Get in there” she grunted.

Nako slid further up the vice class president’s bowels, her head and shoulders arriving in Aru’s stomach. Air was even more restrained for poor Nako. Aru fell backward and rolled over on her belly. Watching her belly expand as more of the tall girl was drawn in, more farts escaped. Nako’s kicking became more frantic and her flight or fight reflexes kicked into overdrive.

FRAAAAPPP a large fart chirped out from between Aru’s cheeks. This squishy fart helped to slide Nako’s abdomen and midsection in, and they fell into the pits of her bowels. The last of Nako’s body was her writhing legs kicking in thin air as if to detect where she could lay a kick on the crazy vice class president. With one last “PFFFFFFFTTT,” Nako’s legs disappeared into the abyss. A second loud fart confirmed her entrance into Aru’s waiting gut.

Aru sighed pleasurably. “Who’s the unfortunate girl now?”

She pats her throbbing belly lovingly, still surprised that she managed to squeeze that pesky Nako up her ass. And now she was just a kicking, squirming mass of bulge in her belly. She would’ve enjoyed watching her belly pulsate more as the hope o its inhabitant washed away, but she was reminded that she needed to head to class. Picking herself up, Aru tried to cover her large tummy with her skirt and shirt, but it almost made it difficult. Eventually, she was able to slide her belly in, but she decided to slowly walk her way there so it wouldn’t come out of place. She heads to Miss Oshie’s room and she plopped down in her desk.

“Aru?” Bocchi said surprised “where were you?”

Sotoka raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, and where is Nako?”


Aru tried to restrain her giggle the best she could.

“She said that she had to head home.”

The two girls were shocked. Nako had nearly approached the school before disappearing suddenly. What changed that? She probably got sick along the way, so she must’ve headed home. If that was the case, they’d probably make a pitstop to her home and check on her. Class started as normal, but Aru’s belly groaned loudly a few times during the key points of the lesson. Some thought they even heard the faint sound of screaming coming from somewhere, but there was no knowing where it was originating from. Aru knew that Nako was in there being processed by her digestive juices, but it was happening at the most inopportune of times, and everyone was looking at her strangely.

Miss Oshie stood up from her desk and looked squarely at her.

“Are you okay, Honshou ?”

Aru shrugged her shoulders.

“Sorry, I guess I just can’t wait for lunch.”

Oshie shook her head completely buying the story and recommended that she try to suppress her hunger until that period reached its conclusion. Aru agreed to, and class resumed. As lunch arrived, Bocchi sat with Aru and Sotoka. Aru’s stomach had greatly cut Nako down to size. It was squishier, but she couldn’t help but sense that Nako was trying desperately to cling onto the few strings of her life. Annoyed, Aru bit down on her food, and swallowed. She poked her belly a few times, feeling the mass that was formerly Nako slowly break down.

“I hope you accept this food” she said devilishly “it’s the least I can do.”

The digestive juices mixed the bits of chewed up food with Nako’s melting body and churned it all until nothing left of Nako remained. For all intents and purposes, Nako’s final words were most likely nothing more but curses and death threats against Aru. Nako left the mortal plane and was becoming nothing more than nutrients to be absorbed into Aru’s bloodstream, and then she wouldn’t even get a proper funeral either.

Aru walked into a stall in the girls’ restroom, and she removed her skirt. Her belly had been reduced to the size of a basketball. She felt around it, but she couldn’t as much as feel any hard bones. A fart droned out of her rectum, and the first turd slithered out. It was smooth and slender. It gently rolled out of her rectum and curled towards the bottom of the toilet bowl like a resting serpent. With a small plop , that chain of feces was cut off and more of the former girl made the same trek from her large intestines and into the toilet. Smaller, more compacted pieces of crap popped out of her rectum, and soon…her work was finished. She looked down at what had become of her hated enemy and was pleased.

“I must admit, I like you better this way.”