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Grid Ghost

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He should've been dead.

Everything that had been happening around him should've resulted in his imminent death. Be it he would have been crushed by the structure that had been falling to pieces around him or he would have drowned in the bay below. He had welcomed death to come and take him away from this life.

Yet it hadn't.

While it was muffled, he could hear the distinct sound of the waves crashing against the rocks of the San Fransokyo Bay. His body was chilled to the bone and crying out in pain. He could taste a mixture of salt and copper in his mouth. He was on hard ground, water gently brushing against his body, soaking into his clothes.

Where was he?

It took a moment before he could force his eyes to open. His vision was blurry, everything blending together in a fuzzy mesh before it became clear. He was on a shore in one of the more secluded areas of the bay. Mainly in that not many ventured to the area in question with all the rocky terrain and fear of being caught up in the rip tide of the bay if one were to lose their balance.

Yet here he was in mostly one piece.

He didn't attempt to get up.

What point would there be in doing so?

I wanted to die… So, why change plans?

He closed his eyes again, waiting for nature to take its course.

Though… as he lied there… thoughts started to pour into his mind. Thoughts that… were actually questioning his choice. Something that didn't happen often for him.

I… I guess there's still work to be done but… what can I do? My hopes of being remembered as the man who perfected San Fransokyo are gone and there's no way I'll be able to attempt such a feat ever again. Not without Hiro getting in the way…

… He really was a bright child. He would've made the perfect apprentice.

Sharp… Good hearted… Resourceful… Just like…

… Like…

His eyes snapped open as the image of a young girl smiling at him flashed across his mind's eye.


"We're going to be great together one day, Little Star. This I promise."

"Yeah! We're gonna be the best father/daughter team anyone has ever known!"

Memories of a time long forgotten began to flood his mind. Memories of his time with his daughter. His REAL daughter. Not the robot he had built to fill the empty space in his heart. The one he had thought to be dead… but his memories said otherwise.

He could see her, showing him her latest ideas for an invention, spending time watching her favorite shows with her... her holding his hand as he endured another round of treatments with his tumor… his wife holding his other hand.

My wife… Kim… Oh goodness, Kim…

He began to get up slowly, his body trembling from weaknesses and from the cold.

I… I still have them to get back to… I… I need to…

They're still here… They're waiting for me.

"We'll see you when you get back."

"Don't worry Mrs. Aken, he's in good hands."

His hands clenched into fists as another woman came to his mind's eye. A woman with beautiful blond hair and hazel eyes. While she had a pretty face… something sinister lied behind that welcoming smile of hers.

He brought a hand to the left side of his face, a purple glow emanating from it, some sparks coming off it.

"The implant was installed successfully."

"So, I'm… I'm finally cured?"

"So to speak… However… One good deed, deserves another."

A growl built up in his throat as it all started to come back.

How this had all began. How it all seemed like he would soon be freed from what was holding him back. How he had been tricked into thinking that the very thing that had been killing him slowly was something to be cherished. How he had been manipulated into thinking that destroying the city would bring him to glory.

How he had become the monster SHE wanted him to be.

How Obake had come to be… and Bob Aken was forgotten.

He got to his feet.

While he was still trembling and about ready to fall over, it was motivation keeping him standing.

Motivation to push back.

Motivation to take back what was stolen from him.

Motivation… to do everything in his power to stop HER.

"I should be dead…" He whispered, moving forward. "Yet I'm not."

Which is unfortunate for you, Liv…

Because I remember EVERYTHING now.