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In Your Arms

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Note: This does not take place in the current arc.


They finally defeated the villains they had faced against, it had been a long, hard battle that even he doubted they could win... But it was finally over, an yet he knew something was still gonna happen; he felt something was wrong and yet he didn't know what it was, and yet it lingered in the back of his mind that he couldn't control what was going to happen. He was scared, maybe because he had almost lost all of his friends, or maybe because they would have all had died if it weren't for All Might, or maybe it was because he almost lost himself; maybe that's what had gotten him all shaken up.

He had just ended up standing there in the group his friends had gathered in, looking wide-eyed at the mess of the fight they had once fought, shaking not worrying about the condition of the others or himself; he just couldn't get rid of the panicky feeling he had. Everyone else had been asking each other on whether or not they were okay, some trying to ask if others were badly injured; some asking All Might on what to do.

Midoriya looked around to see if he could find any survivors that needed help until a shaking person caught his attention, it wasn't who he expected. 'Is Kaachan okay?... He's shaking.' He thought. He swiftly walked over to Bakugo, nimbly avoiding the others as he walked over to Bakugo. He stood behind the shaking boy, reaching his hand out to put it on his shoulder. he hesitated at first.

"Kaachan..." He put his hand on his shoulder,

"Are you okay?..."

He jerked away and stumbled a bit back, his breath start to quicken in pace. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" He barked, his voice consisted of stress and terror. His eyes darted around everything in front of him, panic soon starting to consume him; he was starting to feel detached from reality, this wasn't good at all, it never was good. "Just... Just... Just get away from me... Please..."

Everyone on the team had heard the loud outburst and faced their attention towards the scene in front of them, they were all about to inch closer to the scene until All Might took a step forward. He slowly approached the boy while saying, "Young Bakugo... It's okay, the fights over. There's nothing to worry abo-" He stopped once he was yelled at by the boy.

"Get away! Don't touch me! All of you just... Just get away from me! I can't... I can't... I can't breathe..." Bakugo's voice drifted off at the end of his sentence, tears dripped from his eyes, his breath didn't stop quickening. Midoriya slowly walked towards the boy, his eyes full of concern; he knew what was happening, it didn't happen much in their childhood but he still knew that these types of this would never go away. People whispered on what he was doing, not taking a step forward due to thinking he was going to have another outburst. They were concerned, due to the fact that he said he couldn't breathe.

Iida stepped forward. "Midoriya... We appreciate you trying to help, but... Do you even know what you're doing? The poor soul said he couldn't breathe, how can you make it any better?" Iida questioned. Midoriya turned around an looked at the others, a confident look on his face. "I've dealt with this before, I've had to deal with him for my entire childhood so I should know how to do it. Just... Please, trust me on this one. I know what he's going through.." Midoriya

He stopped in front of him and took a deep breath, Bakugo looked up at Midoriya. Bakugo knew it was him, yet he didn't say anything. Midoriya wrapped his arms around Bakugo and held him into an embrace, softly murmuring comforting things. Bakugo just stood there hands at his side until he wrapped his arms around him too his breath starting to relax into a normal pace.

Everything was fine... As long as he could relax in his arms...


Midoriya let go of Bakugo, Bakugo let go of him only to fall into his arms, he was weak from whatever had happened to him. Midoirya caught the boy and looked to the others for help carrying the boy, his weapon had made him harder to carry. Both Iida and Kaminari helped Deku and put the boy's arm on each of the shoulders, Iida took the left with the heavy weapon and held his arm in place, and Kiminari wrapped his right arm around his shoulder holding it there so he doesn't slip off.

Aizawa walked next to All Might, wait- when did he get here? "Mind explaining why one of my students is unconsciousness?" Aizawa asked. All Might got ready to answer until he was stopped by Midoriya answer. "Bakugo had... A Panic Attack... He's usually good at controlling them but sometimes he can't... But don't worry! He's fine! He used to have them a lot as a kid and..." Aizawa interrupted him. "He didn't tell us that, he'll tell the whole class tomorrow if this is true." He looked at Iida and Kaminari whose faces held shocked expressions. "Bring him to the Recovery Girl, she'll deal with him and his aftermath." He looks to Midoriya, "And Midoriya, go with him." Midoriya nodded and followed them as they left.


Yag sighed as he leaned into the couch of the Teacher Lounge, today was a day; his body ached all over, after all, he had almost gone over his time limit; he had papers to grade to add to that. The door creaked open, but he didn't bother at looking who it was; it was probably Nezu or the Recovery Girl coming to scold him on almost using up all of his time and straining his body too much. The couch dipped as the person sat down next to him, neither of them spoke. A cloth wrapped around his hand, he looked up to confirm that it was indeed Shota Aizawa; he closed his hand around the cloth, it was a comforting thing Aizawa would do to comfort his friend when he needed.



A long silence spread across them until Yagi scooted closer to him, he laid his head on Aizawa shoulder and sighed. "Why didn't he tell us sooner..." Yagi mumbled. Aizawa shook his head, "What do you expect from the boy, he's stubborn Yagi; and we're lucky that Midoriya knew what was going on or we would have been completely useless. We're lucky that kid is always around when we need him the most." Aizawa added. Yagi sighed, "I'm lucky to have you around to talk to about this." He mumbled.

"What did you just say?"

"Nothing, nothing... Nothing you should worry about Aizawa..."


The cloth left Yagi's hand and was replaced by Aizawa's hand, he gave him a reassuring squeeze. Yagi smiled, he seemed to have Aizawa support through this.


The class was about to start and the conversation of where Katsuki was followed. Aizawa walked into the room paper in his hand, he took place in front of his podium. He announced that class was starting as per usual. Kiminari raised his hand in an instant, the curious case of Bakugo's disappearance of the day wouldn't escape as quickly as they thought it would. "Yes, Kiminari?" Said Aizawa, Kiminari put his hand down. "Is Bakugo coming to class or today? Or is he gonna have to stay ho-" The door swung open at that moment to reveal a displeased Bakugo, hands shoved into his pockets, an annoyed expression displayed across his face, he wasn't in a good mood.

He stomped his way past Aizawa until a cloth rope wrapped its way around his arm and stopped him in his tracks, Bakugo turned on his heels and glared at Aizawa but he didn't say a word. Aizawa chuckled, it was funny to see one of his own students try and frighten him. "Now, you will be released when you confirm this question Bakugo. If you don't, we can stay like this for the rest of this class. Your choice." Bakugo sighed but nodded. "From what I was told by the Recovery Girl why you were unconsciousness was from an unexpected Panic Attack that not even you could come over, is this true Katsuki Bakugo?" Aizawa asked.

Bakugo looked down at the ground, it becoming his sudden interest, anger dancing out of his body and face. "I asked, is this true Katsuki Bakugo?" Aizawa pressured his voice stern and growing colder. "Yeah... I've always had em', I just... Never had one that bad that I couldn't control, and I never thought it was that important to mention... Yeah, I kinda... Yeah." Bakugo admitted, the cloth unwrapped from around Bakugo's arm. "You may now go to your seat Bakugo," And he did exactly what he said, he sat in his seat arms crossed, trying to forget that everyone was staring at him.