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Snarry prompts

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Severus and Harry have been dating for five years after getting over the grudges of the past. Severus owns his own apothecary while also being the headmaster of Hogwarts. Harry and Draco are joint owners of the Chudley Cannons. Harry hasn't touched Severus sexually for three months and has been spending all his time with Draco. Severus hoping that Harry would just tell him if he didn't want him anymore tries to ignore how that makes him feel. But he knows that something is going on because no one knows that he and Harry are together. It all becomes clear or that's what Severus thinks, when in an interview Draco calls himself and Harry Soulmates and Harry doesn't deny it. Later that day when Harry comes home it's to see most of Severus' things packed up while Severus is drunk and crying on the couch. After noticing all of this Harry asks, "Baby what's wrong ?"