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Kill Our Way to Heaven

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You wouldn't find it , if you weren't looking for it.

Nestled into the corner of that part of Seoul, that your mother always warned you against, it clashed almost comically with its surroundings.

Brown, brick walls , and flower boxes , under the window sill. The smell of fresh bread and cookies, mingling with the fragrance of roses and lavender.

It looked like a magical little tear in the grim, poverty stricken reality of Seoul's underbelly.


Jungkook dodged the scattered cigarette butts on the curb, pulling his jacket closer, bracing himself against the biting cold. The chill of what would be his first Seoul winter , seeped through his bones , leaving his teeth chattering.

He pulled out the crumpled piece of paper Jimin had given him, smoothening it out , to peer at the address.

Seemed like he was here.

The Magic Shop.

According to Jimin, the Magic Shop was owned by Kim Seokjin. An apothecary, legally, only a few knew of its really identity, and of the enigma behind its lavender scented counters - Kim Seokjin.


Jimin had whispered his name , almost reverently , as he shoved the scrap of paper into Jungkook's palm, when the boy had confided in his hyung about his problem. Jimin himself hadn't been to the Shop, but apparently his younger brother had , and had given him a glowing review. Besides , Jimin had seen it himself, how Jihyun bloomed, from a self conscious, painfully shy boy, to a bold , successful young man. He didn't know what it was that Kim Seokjin did , but sometimes , when he saw his brother's pale fingers fiddle with his engagement ring, instead of pick at the scabs that once criss crossed across his wrist, he felt as though he could kiss the man's feet.  


Long story short , once the midget had gotten over his laughing fit , he'd propelled Jungkook towards Kim Seokjin's establishment , assuring him, that no matter what it was , Jungkook would find it there.


He pushed the door of the shop open , and amidst the quiet jangling of the bell, he looked over this , Magic Shop.

It looked as though it'd been pulled straight out of one of the fairytales Jungkook's sister would read to him.

A pale pink interior, with a pink counter , pink cupboards, and a white floor. Bottles , and jars of all colours and descriptions littered every surface. Sprigs of flowers peeked out of every corner , flower pot , and planter , draped across every horizontal surface. The air smelled of fresh bread , rose and mint.

Jungkook wandered toward the window sill, where pots of glittering powders shimmered in the watery sunlight. He picked a pale pink jar , and inspected it's label, eyes squinting to decipher the tiny , elegant font.


" Moondust"


Jungkook almost leapt out of his skin, narrowly escaping knocking the entire display to the floor.

He swiveled around , in the direction of the voice, turning to face the most gorgeous man he'd ever seen.

His strawberry blonde hair was swept to a side , framing his face. Strong eyebrows , and an even stronger jawline. Pouty lips, stretched into a smirk. Wide, firm shoulders , a broad chest, and defined arms , wrapped in an elegant suit jacket.


" A-are you...I'm looking for Kim Seokjin?" He managed to choke out , stuttering as though the sheer beauty of the man before him had rendered all his systems offline.


" That would be me," the angel before him chirped, " tell me , sweetie , what can I do for you?".


" Um, I was sent by P-Park Jimin ? He said his little brother , Jihyun had come to you last spring , and t-that you helped him? I was wondering , if , if you'd -"


" If I'd do the same for you? Well. It'd be a shame to deny such a pretty little thing. Besides , it's one of the rules. I'll give you whatever you want , but for a price." Seokjin said , his steady, keen gaze making Jungkook feel as though he was on fire.


" Rules?"

" Oh yes , pretty. The Magic Shop has only three rules , but you and I we've got to stick to them, or terrible things happen. First , never ever ask, or try and find out how I do what I do. Curiosity killed the cat, but it'll take it's time torturing you.  Second , ask for whatever you want , and you'll get it. But you'll have to be willing to pay a price. Whatever I say, no questions. And third , never , ever try and leave the shop without paying your debts , or , well, I'll have to take your soul."


Jungkook let out a nervous giggle at that. Surely this pretty man was joking . Taking a soul? Seriously? But he sobered up as he met the other man's serious gaze.  Whatever. He was literally asking a fairy godmother for a favour. He could humour him.


" So, anyway, tell me , darling, what brings you to me?" Seokjin purred , stretching across the couch , ushering Jungkook into a chair.


" It's , it- it's a boy. I want you to make him notice me?"


" A boy? Ooooh a love story! I love those. Tell me , tell me about this boy. "


" He's in my audio engineering class. He's ...he's perfect...he looks like a fairy , small and delicate , but when he raps , when he speaks , when he's like...he's burning with passion. You can't help but catch on fire. But , I don't think he'll ever even look at me , I mean, I'm just a kid. I don't even think he knows my name!" Jungkook all but wailed.

" Ah young love. How easy to mold , to twist, to break. You think you're in control, you know what you're doing , but you're just riding the tides of time and fate , and hoping you don't get washed ashore too fast. Anyway, what did you say his name was?"


" Yoongi, Min Yoongi." Jungkook said , an embarrassed flush creeping up his neck. How pathetic.

Seokjin raised one perfect eyebrow, " Oh?"


Jungkook stilled , the hint of malice, and cruel laughter , in Seokjin's voice startling him.

" You know Yoongi hyung?"


Seokjin uncrossed his legs , standing up, and moving behind the counter.

" Oh once upon a time , you know how those acquaintances are. Either way, what can i do for you? You want me to give you a love potion to slip him, or to make him crazily attracted to you? Or dump his girlfriend or boyfriend? "


" A date." Jungkook whispered, so soft that he wasn't sure Seokjin would even pick it up.

 Of course he did. Of course he fucking did.

" Oh , a date, how precious!" Seokjin cooed , " you're a real baby aren't you, pretty? Of course I can get you a date. In fact , for being such a darling , I'll do this for free. No charges , don't worry . Go , be happy. Yoongi will ask you out within a week."


Jungkook sprang up from his chair , his eyes comically wide. He beamed, restraining himself from hugging the taller man, instead settling for gripping his hand a little extra tight , as he shook it.

" W-will you really? I mean, can you do it? You're not joking. You're serious. You'll ..he'll notice me?" Jungkook stuttered. 

" Yes , pretty. He'll notice you. He'll ask you on a date. Trust hyung. And don't worry about the payment. I usually ask for small favours - oh don't worry, nothing illegal, just small errands - but you're so precious, be happy. "

Jin chuckled , as he guided the boy to the door. Really, it was rare that he got such pure ,pretty things.

Jungkook was about to plunge into the cold winter breeze , when he ducked back into the shop .


" Oh , and Seokjin-ssi? Jiminie wanted to thank you , for Jihyun. He says he can never repay you."


" Oh don't be silly!" Jin smiled , " Jihyun paid me back just fine. He was such an easy thing. So easy to bend , so easy to play with. It was my pleasure , really."


Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows , at Seokjin's odd speech, feeling an inexplicable chill slither down his spine. But he shook his head , putting his unease down to the chilled air outside , and smiled again. If this man was kind enough to give Yoongi to him, for free , surely he was a good man.


He beamed once last , and headed into the afternoon, Seokjin's voice calling out behind him, to visit again.


Seokjin sighed, as he closed the door behind him. The kid was so sweet, so pretty , so trusting. Seokjin's fingers itched to take him apart , ruin him, make him cry.

He bustled around the shop, gathering things , for the charm.

Min Yoongi, he didn't know that the man had it in him to continue at the University, after everything.

Guess all broken monsters didn't hide under beds.


He shook his head. Jungkook had brought up Jihyun.  He'd almost forgotten the wilted little flower boy, with big dreams , big eyes , big scars , and even bigger demons. 

He'd begged Seokjin to make it stop. 

Seokjin always gave you what you wanted.

So Jihyunie was happy . Or atleast doing a fucking amazing job of faking it.

He'd been such a doll, to fuck with. So pliant.

And he screamed , and cried and begged , so prettily, as Seokjin whispered sweet things into his ears , encouraging him to pull the trigger.


He smiled.


He hadn't had a new plaything in so so long.