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Sick and full of pride

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Late-June weather wasn’t exactly pleasant when the air conditioning was broken in Steve’s car, though it wasn’t insufferable at night. He had the windows down and the air wasn’t thick and humid like earlier that day. He sang along to his favorite playlist while he was on the way to pick up his friend, Bucky.

‘Friend’ wasn’t quite the right term. More like  ‘friend with benefits’ or ‘fuck buddy.’ More like ‘ex-boyfriend who he got to sleep with on occasion.’ All descriptions were accurate.

Whenever they hung out, they ended up fucking. Steve didn’t expect anything different to happen this time around. The issue at hand was that since it was late—not that late, only about 8:30 pm—Bucky’s mom and sister were home, so his place was out of the question. Steve’s parents were home as well, so that didn’t work. They didn’t have anywhere to go. At least not if they wanted to have sex. That never stopped them before, though.

He saw Bucky standing on the corner as he tried to figure out what their plans were for the evening. Steve picked him up on that corner as always (Bucky’s mom didn’t know they were still spending time together and he appeared to be perfectly fine with her being completely oblivious). They could act like normal friends for once and just get some food. That seemed highly unlikely. He smiled warmly when Bucky hopped in. “Hey, Buck.”

Bucky grinned at him. “Hey, pipsqueak.”

“Fuck off!” Steve scoffed. “Where do you want to go? We could grab a bite to eat in the Valley?” He took his foot off the brake and began aimlessly driving. “I’d say we can just go to Ford Park and talk, but it’s closed because of flooding.”

“Yeah,” Bucky hummed. He chewed on his bottom lip. “I don’t know. I was thinkin’ our high school parking lot would be a good alternative to Ford.”

Steve contemplated it. Technically they were allowed to be on the property, however, when he passed by on his way to get Bucky, the lot was filled with what looked to be at least a dozen semi-truck beds. He didn’t know why they were there, storage over the summer? He shrugged, “Sure, why not.”

Bucky nodded, a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Steve pulled a u-turn and added a second thought, “By the way, now that I don’t attend there anymore, it’s just your high school.”

“Bullshit! Just ‘cause you graduated, what, a month ago, doesn’t mean it’s not your school. Don’t try that shit, Rogers.”

Steve laughed and rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say, man.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes until the school came into their line of sight. Steve asked, partly out of curiosity and partly to annoy his companion, “Are you ready for your senior year?”

Bucky groaned in response. He shook his head and didn’t say anything more than that. Steve wasn’t sure if the head shake was a real answer or a mildly frustrated reaction to his question. He kept his mouth shut, rolling up the front windows most of the way and opening the back ones before turning off the car. He had parked as far away as he possibly could from the school, where he knew there would be cameras. One of the big storage box things blocked the vehicle from the school’s view. An added bonus , Steve thought.

It was oddly quiet without the music playing.

Bucky spoke first, “Wanna get in the back?” Steve nodded. The great thing about driving a minivan: the back seats are roomy. They settled next to each other, shoulders and knees brushing. Apparently, Bucky wasn’t a fan of that. He commanded, “C’mere….”

Steve let himself be dragged into his friend’s lap, draping his arms around Bucky’s neck as if they belonged there. A shiver ran down his spine when Bucky passed his fingers up and down his sides with one hand while the other pushed Steve’s hair back out of his face. He blushed at the lust-blown eyes Bucky gave him and he could feel his dick hardening against his ass. His bottom lip found its way in between his teeth and his friend lost all composure.

Bucky yanked at the blond hair, smashing their mouths together sloppily. He roamed south, grabbing two handfuls of ass and grunting when the friction increased. Steve whimpered, balling his fists on Bucky’s chest. He was on fire, burning with arousal. His member grew in his pants uncomfortably. He thrust his hips down, relishing in the sounds that fell from Bucky's lips.

He appreciated the way Bucky indulged him. He pleasured Steve like no one had ever before, knowing exactly what to do to get him writhing and screaming. When they fucked, he turned into a totally different person, all hard dominance and borderline animalistic. Steve was so glad they shared kinks; ever since his sexual awakening, he didn’t think he would ever be able to go back to the vanilla shit.

“You wanna suck my cock, kitten?” growled Bucky, gripping roughly at Steve’s jaw, who immediately nodded and choked out a ‘fuck... yes.’ He raised an eyebrow with a wicked smirk and taunted, “ Yes …?”

It seemed like Bucky planned on using every single one of their shared kinks.

“Daddy—yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy,” he extolled, watching Steve glow under the praise. He waited for Steve to climb out of his lap, but he continued grinding down. Losing patience, he lifted Steve off of him and onto the seat and shifted so his legs were spread wide. He popped the button on his jeans. An invitation. He loved the way Steve couldn’t take his eyes off of the straining length and licking his lip like he’s about to get the best treat, but he needed relief.  “Well get on with it. I’m not gonna do all the work.”

Steve did as he was told, pulling out the impressive cock that made his mouth water. He sat back, adjusting to sit on his knees. Leaning in, he flicked his tongue over the head as he held the base. He repeated this until Bucky smacked his ass as a warning. He took the tip in and suckled lightly, knowing damn well how much of a tease he was being. Before he could be spanked again, he inched his way down, down, down.

He felt Bucky tangle his fingers in his hair. “C’mon, baby, I know you can take more than that. You hungry for my cock?”

Steve looked up with his mouth full and nodded, sliding his hand up and down what he couldn’t reach. God, yes.

“That’s a good kitten,” Bucky hummed, pushing Steve’s head further. He took it like a champ, however, he still couldn’t fit all of it. He gagged a little and breathed through his nose heavily to regain some stability. His friend noticed and grinned. “You love choking on my dick, don’t you? Just love having your mouth full like the whore you are.”

Steve moaned, sending vibrations through Bucky’s entire body. His eyes rolled and he threw himself against the headrest, holding Steve’s hair tighter. He bobbed his head at a rapid pace, desperate to get his partner to make some beautiful noises. When he succeeded, it spurred him on.

Soon enough, Bucky hauled him off with a wet pop and earned a whine in response. He silenced it by giving Steve a searing kiss. He tasted himself and it turned him on like crazy.

“Please fuck me,” begged Steve when they broke apart. “Please, Daddy. I need your cock. I need you to fill me up. Fuck me, please.”

It was music to Bucky’s ears, didn’t even need to prompt Steve to beg. Steve fell into his submissive state in a heartbeat like he did every time. Bucky didn’t reply, simply removed his shirt and then followed up with discarding Steve’s. Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved the condom and lube packets, setting them on the seat next to him. He shucked off his jeans and underwear while Steve did the same, kicking off their socks and shoes when they got in the way. Christ, Steve was the prettiest damn thing Bucky’s ever seen . He straddled Bucky once again after he felt a tap on his thigh and blushed heavily, ducking his head.

“Hey now, what is it?” Bucky tutted.

He squirmed, then mumbled, “I might have prepped myself and put in a plug before coming to get you.”

Bringing his hand to Steve’s ass in disbelief, he felt the metal handle where Steve’s entrance should’ve been. He chuckled and glanced up with a devilish smile. “You come here lookin’ to be fucked? That desperate for my cock?” He received an almost frantic nod. “You’re a goddamn filthy cockslut, y’know that?”

“Yes, Daddy. Only for you.”

“That’s right, you’re mine .”

Yours .” Steve gasped when Bucky toyed with the plug, nails digging into muscular shoulders. Not in the mood to be teased, Steve ripped open the condom wrapper and slid it over Bucky’s member. He poured lube and spread it expertly. He transferred the excess onto his own dick. Eyes hooded, he gave Bucky a pleading stare. “Please.”

He was raised in the air; he felt the toy being removed and it was quickly replaced with Bucky lining up at his hole. When he sank down, the two groaned in unison.

“Oh, fuck,” sighed Bucky. He gripped Steve’s hips hard enough to bruise. “You feel so fucking good, baby.”

Steve whimpered, rocking back and forth as he got used to the stretch. He felt whole with Bucky inside him. They sat there for a while, enjoying the sensation, before Steve began bouncing, slow and shallow. It wasn’t long before he picked up the pace, moans coming out more often than not. Steve keened as Bucky attached his mouth to one nipple and used his fingers on him, switching after a little bit. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement. He froze and stopped Bucky. He watched as a car drove by and his heart thrummed in his chest. It lagged as it passed his van and he wondered what the hell someone was doing driving through a high school parking lot at 9 pm. When it was out of sight, Bucky thrust up into him and he cried out in aroused surprise.

He continued plunging into his lover as the same car drove by again and grinned when he saw Steve’s cock twitch in between their stomachs, spurting out a little pre-cum. He bit the shell of his friend’s ear and whispered, “Does it turn you on that they could’ve seen us? You like the idea of someone watching you get fucked?” Steve made a high pitched, affirmative noise. This was new information; he never mentioned anything about an exhibition kink. Bucky used that to his advantage, nonetheless. “It’s too bad the windows are tinted…. I bet they would have loved to see you sat all pretty on my cock.”

Steve rolled his hips down to meet Bucky’s, starting to incoherently beg. Bucky responded by wrapping his hand around his sub’s neck and earned a mewl. Fingers were in his dark hair, tugging gently. He didn’t put much pressure around Steve’s throat, only enough to remind him who was in control.

“Daddy, please,” Steve fussed. He started grinding down harder, trying to chase his release. Bucky growled, smacking the perky ass, a small threat. Steve whimpered, but he listened. “So good…. Please—”

“Please what, baby?”

Steve didn’t even know what he was begging for and Bucky knew that. There was a point where Steve wouldn’t be able to say anything other than ‘please,’ ‘Daddy,’ and ‘more.’ Bucky had gotten him there so many times that he could pinpoint almost exactly when it happened.

Steve gasped out, “I love it when you fill me up.”

He didn’t answer the question but neither of them cared much. Bucky went back to attacking Steve’s neck and tipped his head back forcefully to get a better angle at the pale skin. After a while, Bucky stopped his actions, just sitting inside Steve, who whined and pathetically tried to move.

“Y’know what I wanna do?” Bucky grinned up at Steve.

“What, Daddy?”

“I wanna bend you over the hood of your car and fuck you senseless,” rumbled Bucky from deep in his chest. Steve breathed out a ‘holy hell,’ eyes clouded. “You want that, kitten? Bend you over where anyone could see you take my cock so good? See you like the little slut you are?”

Steve wanted that more than anything.

The hood of the car was warm but not to the point where it would burn Steve’s chest and stomach. Bucky placed his hands down, spreading his sub’s cheeks so he could watch as he slid in. He grunted when he reached the hilt and ground into Steve’s ass. Dragging his hips back until his tip was the only thing left inside, he slammed forward.

“Daddy,” Steve choked out. He was trying to be quiet.

Bucky didn’t like that one bit. He removed one hand to tangle it in Steve’s hair and yanked it back so his back arched, barely on the side of uncomfortable. Bucky leaned forward, nipping at his earlobe and demanded, “I want you to be loud for me, baby. I want people to know how pretty you sound when I’ve got you like this.”

He accentuated his words with a rough thrust.

Steve voice cracked as he shouted, “Fuck!”

“There you go, kitten.” Bucky started pounding relentlessly and gripped harshly against Steve’s skin, which only turned him on more. He loved being used by Bucky, loved it when he got it raw and hard. He loved that Bucky took on the dominant role with ease. He loved Bucky.

“I’m close—”

“Me too,” Bucky panted. “You’re such a good little cockslut for me, gonna make me come. You gonna come from just my cock?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Steve said although it wasn’t entirely true. Sure, he was going to finish without the help of a hand on his dick, but the friction he got from his stomach and the car was definitely adding to the effect. “Can I? Please let me, Daddy. Can I come?”

As soon as Bucky gave him the okay, Steve was moaning at the top of his lungs with his orgasm. Bucky felt Steve clench around him and that tipped him over the edge. He stilled his hips as he released into the condom.

Steve propped his ass against the hood once Bucky pulled out, beckoning him in for a kiss. Bucky obliged. This was much more gentle, lazy and relaxed. Steve tucked his head under his friend’s chin and wrapped his arms around the lean torso in the process, sighing.

I still love you.

He almost said it. He would have if he didn’t bite his tongue in time. Thankfully, he stopped himself. He knew he was just someone to fuck for Bucky. There weren’t any feelings left for Steve.

It was confirmed when Bucky untangled himself from Steve and grinned, maneuvering toward the car. He said, “Next time I want you to bring your other toys with you.”

Steve blushed and laughed, shaking his head a tiny bit. Standing, he followed Bucky to get dressed with his chest feeling weighted and a lump lodged in his throat.

He’d rather have Bucky like this than not have him at all, even if it did hurt.