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To Bullshit Your Way Through Life

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This is the new and improved version of my old work, I'm keeping it in the series because why not.

I will update in a few months, and here's an example of how my writing will change.


Chapter 2 - scrapped scene  

He was at the school club for acting, and made a close friend, who seemed to genuinely believe that he could be a hero , which was nice . He’d need a lot of support gear and training, but he believed in him, and that was all that mattered to him.  

His name was  Tasukete  Kare and he was  pretty plain  looking just like him, with his black, straight hair, brown eyes, and average height, with only one distinguishing feature, which was that he had light up eyes, which would make him blind when he used it. All in all, not a quirk you would think was useful, but  I zuku  could think of a few uses, so not -completely- useless.  

He was also sort of an asshole sometimes.  

More accurately an asshole to  Kacc Bakugou Bakugou .  

Goddammit,  Tasukete  had been trying to train him out of this habit.  

He sighed and looked up at the ceiling before being nudged.  

“Mido, it’s almost your turn,” whispered  Tasukete .  

A smile made its way onto his face and he thanked him before taking a last-minute look at the script. It was his first time with a role on an actual production and he'd been learning his lines but wasn’t confident in his ability to memorize even though his mom and  Tasukete  had been continually telling him that his memory was impeccable, but he begged to differ. Like that one time-  

Fuck, it was his tur n.  

Almost i blind panic, he  briskly stormed  on stage holding an air of  anger , immediately switching into character.  

“How dare you. Take your hands off her ,  you  disgusting  piece of garbage.”  

His voice came out sharp and heated silencing the quiet chatter in the room.  

He kept his fuming expression even as everyone stiffened, their eyes glued to his figure.  

The  girl  seemed to have forgotten their lines,  too busy acting,  so he quickly whispered the beginning of the next line to the girl standing across from him.  

She regained her bearings and hurriedly whimpered out the next line.  

“But father! I care about him, and he only means well, please, let him stay!”  

Her arm was being held by another classmate of his and, they immediately shouted,  

“And aren’t you being a little too possessive of your daughter? She has the free will to do what pleases her!”  

“Yes, but I do not think you understand the gravity of the situation, child.”  

They continued going back and forth until eventually the last word was shoved out by the male student.   Levantio  growled and turned, walking off stage.  


He was met with his friend backstage, who simply gaped at him.  

Izuku  was about to ask if he was ok when  Tasukete  burst out saying “Holy shit, Mido, you are one of the best actors I've seen so far in this hellhole of a club.  

Midoriya   concerned expression melted into relief and amusement  at his friend’s statement.