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Ask Varric

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The Randy Dowager is proud to welcome a new column to our prestigious pages!  Ask Varric: The Angsty Aunt will post his first piece of advice to his readers in our very pages next issue!  Yes, the Varric, master wordsmith Varric Tethras author of the suspenseful High in Hardtown Series and the randy Swords and Shields Serial will be adding his wonderful words to our pages.

            Master Tethras is a friend to the Champion of Kirkwall and an advisor to the Inquisitor. For the first time ever, he will be sharing his wisdom with you: our beloved readers

            Varric looked down at the announcement and smiled.  This was going to be fun.

            There was a disgusted sound over his shoulder and he saw Cassandra striding towards him, her pace determined.  “Tell me you aren’t really doing this!”  She waved the latest issue of Randy Dowager at him.

            “OK, I’m not doing it,” he shrugged.

            “That’s a lie,” she threw the issue at him.

            “Of course it’s a lie,” he sniggered.  “You have the magazine in front of you.  I hope you like the next issue.”

            Now all he had to do is wait for Randy Dowager to start sending him letters.